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A taste of Aromatherapy, a beginners guide

teacher avatar Deborah Casey, Aromatherapist, Holistic practitioner

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

30 Lessons (2h 5m)
    • 1. 1 A taste of aromatherapy, a beginners guide

    • 2. 2 Disclaimer

    • 3. 4 A brief history of essential oils

    • 4. 3 What is aromatherapy

    • 5. 4 What are essential oils and patch test

    • 6. 5 Collecting essential oils

    • 7. 6 Safety and Identifying essential oils

    • 8. 7 Safe storage of essential oils

    • 9. 8 Safe use of essential oils

    • 10. 9 Dilutions of essential oils

    • 11. 10 essential oils to avoid

    • 12. Language of Aromatherapy

    • 13. 11 What Aromatherapists do with essential oils.

    • 14. 12 Benefits of essential oils

    • 15. 13 How essential oils enter the body

    • 16. 14a Lavender essential oil

    • 17. 14b tea tree essential oil

    • 18. 14c Ylang Ylang essential oil

    • 19. 14c Peppermint essential oil

    • 20. 14e Orange essential oil

    • 21. 14e geranium essential oil

    • 22. Sweet almond oil

    • 23. Aroma massage blend

    • 24. Foot massage pt0

    • 25. Foot massage demo pt1

    • 26. Foot massage demo pt2

    • 27. Foot massage pt3

    • 28. Quiz questions

    • 29. True or false

    • 30. Conclusion

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About This Class

A taste of Aromatherapy, a beginners guide

In this class Deborah Casey shares information about Aromatherapy and some of the most popular essential oils available.  Aromatherapy is a wonderful addition to managing stress and creating a more relaxed lifestyle; from a simple room fragrance to sharing massage, essential oils have many uses.

 In this course Deborah covers the following topics:



About essential oils

What are essential oils

Safe storage of essential oils

 Safe use of essential oils

 About essential oils

 Essential oils to avoid

Language of Aromatherapy

 What Aromatherapists do with essential oils.


 12a lavender essential oil

 12b tea tree

 12c Ylang Ylang

 12d Peppermint eo

 12e geranium essential oil

 12f Orange essential oil

 Aroma massage blend

 Aromatherapy hand massage.

 Aroma foot massage


 Course conclusion

I love aromatherapy, I love using essential oils in my well-being practices, and I am really excited to be able to share this information with you on this platform.  So come along I look forward to seeing you in the class.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Deborah Casey

Aromatherapist, Holistic practitioner


Hi and welcome.


I'm Deborah and I'm a holistic, complimentary and massage therapist here in Washington in the UK. I've created courses to help you to learn how to share holistic therapy with loved ones.  I've been working with clients since 2001 and have successfully helped clients to overcome various stresses in life and supported many students fulfil their goals of becoming professional therapists.


The projects shared here aims to help you share holistic therapy with friends, family and your loved ones.  You are encourage to share what you find enjoyable about holistic therapy in the group platform e.  I do hope you find these classes enjoyable and useful, if you have any questions please contact me in the platform.See full profile

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1. 1 A taste of aromatherapy, a beginners guide: Tape stop aroma therapy, natural holistic therapy for beginners. Hi, my name's Deborah Casey and I'm a fully qualified professional ballistic therapist, fully qualified in around the therapy. And I'm also Iraqi master teacher in this course will be covering the basics of aroma therapy that is vital for the safe use of essential oils for personal use. I've some three decades now of working with essential oils, having enjoyed there many benefits for my own well-being and sharing based with my family, friends, and private clients in my private clinic. I'm the founder and owner of an holistic therapy training company, and I teach using various major at events and conferences around the UK, which has suspended at the present time due to pandemic issues. When I review my years of experience with essential oils, I noticed there are some essential oils I use most often and which are effective for various complex. In this course, I share some of these favorite and most useful essential oils with you. I also share some background information around aroma therapy to give you a sample flavour of our robotic essential oils. This information is valuable to enable you to use essential oils safely and effectively. If you have experience or essential oils, this course may seem basic, good focuses students. It is a great starting place with my online courses, including many recipes, bombs. But as an bled, this course shares as simple massage blends that suits columns and what is sleep and lift the mood Metroid without any side effects. This is my favorite go-to blend, especially where I had been really busy and stress as running a riot. This multimedia distance learning course is a great starting point for the potential and budding around therapist. However, it is also suitable for students with an interest in around the therapy or those who work in Beauty Therapy and wanted to learn and expand their knowledge of aroma therapy with a few to take in professional level study, provide pliant aroma therapy as part of that treatment menu. In this course, you will learn what aromatherapy is, what essential oils are. You will learn how the name aroma therapy came about. You will learn safety matters around essential oils. You will learn about one carrier oil and some essential oils. You will learn how to blend and mix to create a simple massage blend. You will also learn how to provide simple aromatic massage using your blend of essential oils. You can test your learning with some AC quizzes. Along the way. You will be ready to take your next steps in learning around with therapy. This is a great begin as cause and allows you to move up to the next level of training in aromatherapy as you move forward towards accessing professional qualified or rather therapist's training and education. And even if you don't want to go to that level of learning, this is a wonderful course turbo placed learned about aromatherapy. Learners do not require any prior qualifications to enroll onto this course. You do need a computer and essential English skills. Asked to motivation and interest to learn and complete the integrated activities. And of course, there's no prior experience necessary. This course does not mean you are able to practice aroma therapy. Has a qualified professional. Essential oils are highly concentrated, very powerful. Great care is needed to make sure that we use them responsibly. These are potent gifts from Mother Earth and learning how to use them safely, because a great step into responsible use, the course content does not qualify you certain aroma therapists. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. It is your responsibility to always seek the advice of your physician or cooker, qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding your medical competitions. Ok, with that out of the way, I've you're ready to dive in and learn today. I look forward to seeing you on the other side and sharing some precious time, sharing these precious oils to pick for now. 2. 2 Disclaimer: warranties on disclaimer the intention of providing the information in this part off. The document, which is recorded verbatim, is still unsure that you understand some very important issues around the subject off Iran . The therapy Aromatherapy is a great complementary therapy, which is extremely beneficial and has many useful applications. However, it is really important to note this does not replace medical treatment. Your health is your responsibility on. Should you experience any illness, disability or disorder, you must seek professional medical investigation, advice and treatment from a licensed and medically qualified person. Note that should you have any medical conditions you are recommended to speak with on gain the agreement off your medical physician to ensure that this is a safe method for you to incorporate, I don't apply into your daily well being ashamed. The information provided hair is for information on educational purposes only. It does not intend to trade, cure, prevent or diagnose disease, condition or illness. Nor is this information intended to prescribe in any way you must not cause you aromatic, essential oils as they can have a detrimental effect on possibly lead to death. And finally, this course does not qualify you as a professional aroma therapist to practice with anyone else 3. 4 A brief history of essential oils: a brief history of aromatherapy. It is believed that the roots of aromatherapy stems back some 4000 years, where aromatherapy it specifically originated from is unknown. The evidence suggests that around the same time, both the ancient Egyptians and Chinese when their king use off aromatherapy. However, it is the ancient Egyptians who are accredited with utilizing the powerful hearing potential of aromatics. In the first instance, during the Middle Ages and at the end of the Christian wars, the spread of aromatherapy occurred. It was as Christian knights returned from the Middle East. They brought with them knowledge of aromatics and also essential oils into the European areas. It was since 16 49 that the great plague spread across Europe and into Britain. The physicians, under provoke arrays of that time war masks filled with herbs and spices in orderto board off and protect themselves from the disease. It has been said that people would carry a Posey op Amanda off herbs in attempts to prevent contamination off the plague. It is also said that the lavender fields surrounding French Villagers were believed to have warded off the play. I'm so provided protection for the inhabitants off the village. In 1937 French chemist Rene Morris got Marseille, had slip it severe burns and is said to have plunged his arm into a containment of lavender essential oil on this led to his curiosity around the hailing power of aromatic essential oils. On it is from this experience. He created the term around the therapy there, then followed the use of essential oils by French surgeon Jon Bonet during the Second World War toe aid the hailing of soldiers wounds which supported the evidence of medical benefits of aromatherapy. Dr. Bell now retired from the army and continued his work in aromatherapy on provided a science foundation to essential oils in modern times. And currently that is an increasing usage off aromatic essential oils in both private clinics spars. And here in the UK, aromatherapy has become more prevalent in healthcare settings. So this comes to the end off this very brief overview off a history of aromatics. There is so much more to learn around this subject andan level to aromatherapy cause we pick up on this history again on we go into it in a little bit more detail. This now concludes this part off your learning 4. 3 What is aromatherapy: What is a run the therapy, aromatherapy as the application of essential oils to facilitate health and well-being. So let's have a look at the term rubber therapy and how this was first coined. And we're looking at Rene, more risk for say, the term aromatherapy as it is known today, was first coined in 1937 by the French chemist and perfume or run a moral Skype for say. It was in 1910 when gas bar say, burnt his hand very badly whilst working in his laboratory and accidentally immersed his hand. That was badly burned into pure and diluted lavender essential oil, which he was surprised to find not only individually East the pain of the burn, but to heal their hand without any sign of infection or scarring. He later went on to discover that minute amount of essential oils are absorbed by the body and interact with the body's chemistry. 5. 4 What are essential oils and patch test: What essential oils, essential oils are the volatile, fragrant liquid, extract it from a single botanical source. They are complex chemical mixtures that form the lifeblood of the plant. Their functions include helping to heal the plant, protecting it against disease, as well as attracting pollinators and repelling pests. Safety warning. Essential oils are extremely concentrated, so it is important to use them correctly. Here are some handy tips on how to use that safely and effectively. Patch test. Always conduct a patch test when looking to introduce a new oil. To perform a patch test, simply mix a teaspoon of carrier oil with four drops of essential oil. You're seeing the inside of the forearm, apply a couple of drops of the blend to the pad or a plaster and fix it to the inside of the forum. If you experience any irritation or discomfort, immediately remove the plaster, wash the area with cold water. Now we need to be mindful. It could be the plaster that you have an irritation to. So it might be wise to try out the plaster on the forearm first. And if there's no irritation, then put the oil onto that plaster, put it on the arm, and then compare the difference. If there's no irritation after 24 hours, then this oil is safe for you to use in its diluted form. Children. We must never use essential oils on children and a two-year-old unless advised by a professional, aroma therapist. Pregnancy and medications. If a person is pregnant or suffering from serious skin conditions, epilepsy are SMR, or taking medication, we must seek advice from a professional aroma therapists before using essential oils. And they will work with your GPA or specialists to ensure that the care and treatment you're receive is safe. During pregnancy, the use of cosmetics containing essential oils as fine as they are blended at saved levels for pregnancy, for therapeutic doses are Treatment please make sure you see a Professional around the therapist. 6. 5 Collecting essential oils: Collecting essential oils, introduction. Essential oils are connected in a variety of ways. In this recording, we look narrowly essential oil and how it is produced. We begin with a short essential oil profile. Although by the process of harvesting flowers from the bitter orange tree and following through to the distillation process. Essential oil profile, narrowly, essential oil is purchased in Mediterranean and African areas. It requires approximately a turn of Orange Blossom flowers to produce one liter of narrowly essential oil. The Latin name for narrowly essential oil is citrus or run to you. And it is a pale yellow Mobil Oil, which generally dark ends and becomes more viscous with age. It has a powerful, light and refreshing floral top note with very little persistence due to it being a top note. Now Rowley is one of the key essential oils in the classic odor Cologne, along with lavender, bergamot, lemon, and Rose Marie coils harvesting. The essential oil is collected by handpicking the flowers of the bitter orange tray. Firstly, large mats are placed on the ground and, and around the trays so that the pickers camp pick and drop the flowers onto the mats. They then shake and drop the orange blossom flowers into crates, which are then transferred into the distillation area, where the distillation process occurs. Once in this area, there is a process of saute. This selection of the blossom separates the flowers from the leaves and twigs and allows for only the finest blossoms to be used in distillation. Distillation. Once the flowers are all separated and the blossoms collected, they all moved into the distillation area. The distillation process of the blossom is a highly specialized process. This is due to the nature of the blossom being delicate. The flowers, the distilled and move. This allows to keep the temperature lower inside the distillation vessel, bought his hated and the flower blossoms out then added. The distillation process takes around for hours to complete. The process is deemed completed when no more drops of oil or fat on the surface of the water. And out of the content section, bursa. Storage. Buckling usually occurs quickly after distillation. The essential oil is collected and stored in sterile dark glass containers, which protect the oil from light and reduce oxidation. The bottles are labeled and stored in a dark and cold environment. 7. 6 Safety and Identifying essential oils: essential oils on their names. Every bottle of essential oil must be labeled on. The labeling should demonstrate both the English and Latin name off the essential oil. This informs us of which plant on family type it waas derived. The lemonade is extremely important as it identifies the exact type of essential oil contained within a bottle. The London name is the same as the botanical name Off the plant on it is the most exact method off identify a particular plant. This is because the Ludden is known as the universal language of plants. On example is the love into plant off, which there are many species on the different species off a different aroma on different therapeutic qualities. There is lot of Angela Gusta failure. I love Angela storages. Love on Gela Don't take Tae la avuncular, Lucky Folio Love Angela Multi City on the Latin name is all those italicized the learn name and shoes that the contents off the bottle off. What it say's on the label. This serves a few purpose. The primary purpose is that each love Indus chemical construction is different, and so office different therapeutic properties on issues around safety in the profile sheets that are shared below. You will see the English and Latin names for the essential oils. Then, after reading through the profiles, you will be able to create your own profile shapes for the essential names named in the demonstration videos. And just to help you out with that right at the end off the course, there is additional information to help you. Let's look are essential oils. Aren't that perfume essential oils on their perfumes, providers with a wonderful way of enjoying our sense of smell? There are three primary notes assigned to essential oils. These are top middle on base H note office, a distinct psychological and physiological experience. The top note is Theo Essential oil to be sensed in a blend firstly and is quick to evaporate. This note is most often fresh, bright, light, direct on a sense of wariness. This mode lifts the perfume off a blend. Essential oils in this group are orange and a lemon and other Citrus essential files into this category. Two. As you dio further reading and research, what other essential oils come into the category off top note, Then middle notes are soft, providing a soothing sense to blend. They are rounded and harmonizing on. They balance the PLO feud between the top on basement off the blend on, often referred to as hot scented oils. Essential lawyers in this probe are Roman, camomile and lavender. What other essential oils come into this group is something that you can ask yourself as you're reading and researching on. Make some nuts about that. The basement are warm grounding. They help us to be consented and rooted on deep andare known as a fix it on active ridges. The evaporation off the top Moz essential oils in the basement category are suitable long alive on murder. As you do your research, what other essential oils come into this crew? The small concludes this part off your learning. 8. 7 Safe storage of essential oils: health safety on storage of essential oils. Essential oils are highly volatile of flammable liquids. For this reason, it is important to ensure its safe storage as well as use storage and dark glass bottles with stop it tops is essential. And if you can obtain a bottle of essential oil with a child safety top on, even better keep your essential oils in cool, dark places in a upright position and make sure to keep them out of sight and reach off Children, preferably in a lot covered. Do not store essential oils in plastic containers, as this will need to perishing off the oil on the container. Stored correctly. A son stored correctly Essential oils were last about a year. Citrus oils won't last as long when you will. Mixing and blending essential oils do so in a glass or ceramic container. Take her not to splash essential oil into the eyes. And if you do rinse with water, however, I have bad that milk has been better at removing or using the issue on Always seek medical advice. If you have any spillages off essential oils, wiped them both straight away with a tissue or applaud. I'm dispose off the tissue and have been outside or your cloth into the laundry. When smell testing oils, do not sniff directly from the bottle, but from the lead or a drop on a test strip. Now with the bottle, you can hold it under your nose, but some distance from your nose, because the aromas will lived on your bearable to inhale them on. When mixed, say essential oils, make sure that you have plenty of fresh air on good lighting. Because essential oils are concentrated, it is important to blend or mixed essential oil with a career off base. Oil bass players are often a vegetable oil. Their style. It's the essential oils to make it safer to use the essential oils, please remember to check safety data the age essential oil as there are medical conditions that can't be affected by the essential oil on if indict, seek the advice from a qualified aroma. Therapist on Medical Practitioner There are many ways to use essential oils, but in massage they are blended into carrier oils, which are also based. Screams, butters, jazz and search armed thes are all botanical based products. All thes make really good based products of blending essential oils into which dilutes them to safe dosage levels. Essential oils are measured in drops so into want a spoon of carrier oil, which is equal to five mills. We can place 2 to 3 drops of essential oil. Dilution is crucial, turned Scheuer Saviours on application to the skin or if we're inhaling through diffusion. And I labor that pipe because safety is so important. But the safety aspect are the consultation process, which aroma therapist employ to obtain information from the recipient of aromatherapy to make sure that the essential oils chosen on the method of application will be safe for them . Reading individual safety oils Safety data seeking medical approval on the advice of a qualified aroma therapist are all suspects over being able to use aromatherapy safely. So let's move on to, say, abuse off essential oils for babies, infants and Children 9. 8 Safe use of essential oils: safe use of essential oils, babies, infants and Children using essential oils safely is not only important for adults, but especially so for babies, infants and Children. As I shared with you earlier, I have enjoyed using essential oils with my son for his Xmas when he was younger on both his brother. And I benefited, too. On the course, my niece settled soundly with a gentle with of frankincense on. My granddaughter has enjoyed an occasional whiff of rose or lavender sweet orange on DSO. Kids do benefit from these natural substances. Once we grasp the basics off aromatherapy, we build confidence in the oils on. We become more comfortable with their use while remaining might vote of taking her to ensure the oils are safely stored away. Where a reaction, irritation or sensitivity is noted, We simply do not use the essential oil again on apply some basic first aid. This is where the patch test is so important and helps to limit the potential for harm. The patch test is simply diluting a drop of essential oil into a career oil on double a little onto the skin boat with Children. We do not use topical application off essential oils but inhalation through diffusion, the essential oils are concentrated on. This means they require dilution on correct dilution and shoes. Safety for the recipient Off Aromatherapy The most notable resource book in the field off aromatherapy is essential. Oil Safety, which has been written by Robert Tis Around on Rodney Yo. There are thousands of citations in the boot on the construction of the book. Took over a decade off production on Just a Little Bit About Robert Tis around Hey is viewed as an authority in the world off aromatherapy. He has undertaken decades off training, education and research on so he has a a wealth of knowledge on so his book, Essential Oil Safety, has been toted. The most relevant resource spoke for around therapists. So what does Robert Tis Arone say about safety? Hey indicates the following guidelines. My Children are concerned in relation to safety on essential oils. Keep essential oils in a place by young Children, cannot reach them and never let them handle essential oils. Bottles even to euro kids have been known to unscrew oh caps on essential oil bottles on drink the contents. The fact that the bottle contains of orifice. Reducer helps a little, but your Children are used to sucking liquids. This usually results in a visit to the emergency room, while the end result is rally big toe every year, there are some very close calls to help prevent such accidents. All essential oils should be sold in bottles with child proof caps. Of course, this doesn't always wear, but it does make a difference. Okay, so Robert tis Ron points out there that there are a lot of incidences and some a near fatal , so we must be really, really careful whether kids aunt to keep those essential IRS locked in a dark cupboard out off the way. Never allow Children of any age to ingest essential oils. The safest method to use for kids is vaporization through the diffuser. On this come include a dilution of essential oils being placed onto a tissue and placed in the kids room for babies. It's possible to put one drop of essential oil diluted onto the parent shoulder on the baby can be held close to the area where the essential oil has been placed on. This will gently soothe the baby. It is advised not to use peppermint essential oil on or around Children under three on eucalyptus company used in diffusion of 1% where a child is under three. A little earlier, I mentioned about my nace under with a front consents. It was one day I had a visit from my sister in law. She brought my knee, says on the younger of the two, was very upset and hadn't settled for a few days. EMI is autistic, and this was part of her condition. On that day, I had been using frankincense essential oil without thinking, I said to my sister in law, I would hold her wife. She organized herself as I held Emmy. She begun to quite done and then soon fell asleep. She slept soundly. A. So there had never been anything bothering her. I love from consents for this serving sense, I believe, and I have no evidence to support this. That Frank had Sense has an ability with the person who experiences autism. Keeping things simple by using single essential oils on lowest dosage is the best approach on maintain safety. While the child gains the benefits of aromatics, the most appropriate dilution rates for babies, infants and Children are up to three months, not Pope. One to no 0.2% 3 to 24 months, not 240.252 point 5%. 2 to 6 year old want to 2% 6 years to 15 year old, 1.5 to 3% at the 15 year old upwards 2.5 to 5% delusions. My favorite essential oils for kids are frankincense, lavender, sweet orange, come a mile, lemon balm, mantra. Narrow Lee and Rose on. My little granddaughter Loves Rose because that's her middle name. 10. 9 Dilutions of essential oils: Blending oils safely. Essential oils contain active ingredients which come from the plant, and these are highly concentrated and diluted. And so it's vitally important that we dilute the essential oils before using them on this skin. It is vitally important to use the correct dilutions of essential oils to avoid irritation, possible burning of the skin, and potential toxicity. The table that I shared with you shows you the correct concentrations are the essential oils for application of the blended oil to different parts of the body. So in the first column, we say the base oil low shared bathroom shower gel that we can dilute the essential oils into. And we have different amount. So we've got ten males, 20 murders, 25 males, 13 males, and 50 mils. Now, a teaspoon is about five miles. So we can have the ten mill and we can increase the 20 males up to 25, to 30, up to 35, up to 40, and adapt the amount of essential oil accordingly. Now, in the next columns, what we have is the maximum number of drops of essential oils that we apply to the face or delicate skin. What we apply to normal skin and the body and to local application around the body. And so we have a dilution of 1% for the face and delicate skin. And that would be about two drops of essential oils into ten mils of carrier oil. Or if I use saying 20 mils of carrier oil, this would be about four drops of oil. And then if there's 25 miles of carrier, while this would be five drops of essential oil and 30 mils, we would apply six drops into the carrier oil. And for 50 miles, we would then add ten drops of the essential. Now for normal scan and the body, we would look to apply a 2.5% dilution. And again, in ten mils of carrier oil or lotion, whatever product we're adding it to, we would use five drops in went emails. We could add ten drops in 25 males, we'd add 12 drops, and in 30 miles would add 15 drops and in 50 mils 25 drops. And then if I creating a local application or for the body, we would have a 5% dilution. And so in ten mills we can add ten drops. And in 20 miles, 20 drops. And in 25 miles we've got 25 drops. And in 13 wells we have 30 drops and 50 mils. We have 50 drops. 11. 10 essential oils to avoid: essential oils to avoid my name's Deborah Casey. Fully qualified Aromatherapy first breaking master teacher on course instructor. We begin this segment with taking a look at the following statement. Safety involves a state of being free from risk or occurrence off injury, harm or danger. Individuals who practice aromatherapy need to be aware of the safety issues involved with using essential oils in order to avoid potential adverse effects. According to Burn Field. Although many essential oils are potentially hazardous materials if handled in the appropriate manner, the risks involved in their use can be very small. So therefore, most commercially offered essential oils are safe to use for the purpose intended in a domestic professional ah clinical environment. The informed use off essential oils may create occasional irritation or minor discomfort, but it is extremely unlikely to create serious injury or lusting physical problems, particularly where basic guidelines are followed. Here we stay on this slide various essential oils that need to be avoided and they need to be avoided because there are certain potent compounds that can be lethal at high doses. On this is information about on the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy. So if you're a clinical room, a therapist and you've undertaken advanced practical studies on Do you have a good knowledge base? Then you will know how to use these essential oils safely. I encourage students to take time to research these essential oils on. Write some notes in your journal to make sure that you cover the health and safety element off your learning feedback. To me, it's interesting to share what you find. Aunt. I look forward to reading and getting in bold in a dialogue with you off that subject. Moving on, we go to reiterate recap their health and safety aspect off essential oils essentially on the slide. There's various elements that you need to read. However, what I'd like to pick out is that we store essential oils in a cool dark cupboard upper height, preferably a locked cupboard so they are out of the reach of Children and pets. We are also very careful about the prolonged use off essential oils. We are very careful about using essential oils where there's pregnancy and epilepsy weathers cancer. We are also very careful about using essential oils, ensuring that they don't get into our eyes on very careful about keeping essential oils away from direct flames on candles. Much is bias, etcetera because they are highly flammable, hence why they need to be stored in a cool, dark place. Do not use essential oils internally unless you are trained to you. Do so and finally, some safety measures. What todo in an emergency? What to do? An emergency, especially where essential oil is another and plate accidentally dropped into the eye. If essential oil droplets accidentally inadvertently get into the eye, use a cotton and cloth or cotton wall with butty oils such as olive oil soaked into it and wipe it carefully over the closed eyelid. I got essentially into my I one time over many years ago on I used a little bass and a little I bath with milk. Aunt then flushed it with cold water. It's the only thing I had it hard, and it really did work, and it helped. If essential oil causes dermal irritation, apply some vegetable oil or cream to the area and discontinue the years of that essential oil with a child appears to have drunk any essential oil. Contact your nearest poisons unit. Personally, I would be contacting the emergency services. And if there's a problem to get a child to hospital, I'd be getting a taxi or a left, and I would be getting them straight to hospital now messing with GPS walking centers and so one straight to hospital. But also get the child to drink milk, whole milk, full fat milk and kick the bottle for identification purposes on. Do not try to induce vomiting, so I look forward to hearing from you as you feedback to may off your personal research Atlantic biphenyls. 12. Language of Aromatherapy: Aroma therapy, ours come in three main notes, and this is sometimes referred to as the language of aromas. And the notes are for essential oils, these are primarily top, middle and bass notes. The first smell to arise from a blend of essential oils is a top note, and this evaporates and fairly quickly taught notes in a fragrance, I usually light sharp, airy, penetrating fairy fresh fragrances. The oils add brightness and energy, aliveness to blend. The aroma of a top note, oil reminds us of wind chimes off-limits those high notes. So the top note stimulates, clears, uplifts the mind and the NIJ. And mostly the citrus oils are referred to as top notes. So we have Orange, Lemon, grapefruit, lime. And so those are the citrus oils that are connected to the top notes. Mega loads, also known as heart notes, they escaped our blend of aromatic oils, softness, foreigners, they give a roundness tail, anything of a sharp notes. Middle notes can have both a top and a bass note and Rama within them. Miguel notes harmonize the blend of oils. Middle notes provide balance to both physical and energy bodies they are so they harmonizing band, say for the mind and the body. Essential buyers that come in the classification of Middle nodes are Roman camomile, love and death, raven Sartre, peppermint, bass notes. These are the essential oils that provided deep warned a grounding quality to our blend of essential oils. They function as a fixative by reducing the evaporation of the top notes. Bass notes at intensity to a blend and often have a very earthy aroma. This aroma rises slowly tier knows, unlike the top notes which penetrate rapidly, bass notes I use to relieve stress, anxiety, insomnia. They are calming and grounding. They are just really sue the so many oils are derived from words and resonance routes that are base notes. We have little-endian as an exception as this as extracted from a flower. Essential oils, also referred to that come into the base note, group category, CDA word Vetter, VR. And of course you'll learn, you'll learn. That concludes this short segment about the different notes that language of aroma therapy. 13. 11 What Aromatherapists do with essential oils.: what a room their purse do with essential oils. Selecting, blending, mixing diluted. Hi! And welcome to this recording while we take a look at what Roman the ripostes do with essential oils. My name. Stepper Casey. I am your course creator and instructor here, and common voices Holistic therapy Aroma Therapists understand that essential oils are safe to use when they are correctly diluted. The aromatherapy Postwar years. Various natural organic oils, butters, waxes, gels, powders, etcetera, into which they will part a single essential oil or a blend of essential oils. Onda blend of essential oils is known as a signature. More reports that in another recording carrier oils are the same as based oils used in massage. First of all, the aroma therapist was select the essential oils for their therapeutic qualities and properties. In order to treat a given condition, for example, athletes foot can benefit with topical application off certain essential oils. Selection is made up to consultation with the client selection off essential oils that's made with the client, who will test the essential oils with the sniff test with of oils that have been dropped onto a paper test strip allows the client to a great. The blend, identified as most suitable for that this is the signature blood out resonates with the client's current emotions on mental states. The base oil is obtained from botanical material, most often nuts and states. For example, sweet almond oil is from the nuts off the tree and roasted boiled was from the seed off the plant, located inside the accessory fruit known as the rose hip. The baseball becomes the carrier or because the essential lawyers are blended and mixed with it. There is an affinity between essential oils and curry oils on, so when they are applied to the scare, the carrier oil allows the essential oil to permeate escape fatty tissues on entry to the blood straight on dso access to the entire body. This topical application also allows for greater uptake off the essential oils into the body. Behrooz also grow to a size of essential oils, passing the blood brain barrier on office Therapeutic benefit to the branch neurochemistry aunt. If the aroma therapist is providing massage treatment than the aroma, therapist will also absolutely essential oils to based lawyers offer the aroma therapist occurring in major acts as a diluting off essential oils before topical application, most often in the form of massage. This dilution off essential oils into a base major and shows the recipient off. The repair receives a second treatment. Risk of toxicity, Sensitization and irritation are reduced. The body, through topical application, will receive the therapeutic benefits off the essential oils on the light massage application. A 21 therapy diluting essential oils does not dilute with therapeutic benefits off the essential oil notice. That style owed the power off them, diluting one drop of essential oil into terminals. Career still means that all the chemical components off the essential oil are retained. But with the addition off the therapeutic properties off the base oil aroma therapist, here's a single essential oil and a percentage drop weight ratio to carry a oil. One drop in 10 mils of carrier oil is not 100.5%. Dilution. Three drops in 10 mils of career oil is 1%. Delusion on six drops in 10 mils carrier oil is 2% delusion. On a 3% dilution off essential oils, there's equal to nine drops in 10 bills of carrier oil. 12 drops of essential oil in 10 mils of career oil as a 4% delusion on a 5% solution requires 15 drops in 10 mills. But there is a paradox that arises. Not all single drops are the same. This is because of viscosity off the essential oil. For example, patchouli essential oils off family. Indeed, my own essential island is really, really on can take some time to get out off the bottle. Indeed, sometimes I think maybe I should open the bottle of to counter all of the contents on diluted with a carrier oil. Other essential oils, such as Jennifer Geranium, are much more fluid. This is why there are three different approaches to measuring essential oils available to aroma therapists and allows for flexibility in blending mixing by moving aroma. Therapists will also dilute essential oils in other majors, such as boaters and waxes, but just are usually very thick. And some, such as cocoa butter of learning solid shea butter is think, but much more softer, pliable waxes, ah, harder sonnets, but again depend upon the product itself. These other career products can be gently melted on, blended with carrier boils on essential oils added to make bombs and creams lotions and body butters. Indeed, we can make scrubs when we have promised stone and things like that. So aromatherapy is fast into the blends of butters and oils and waxes. The aroma of the riposte well are essential oils for their therapeutic properties qualities . So this is where knowledge and understand a off the essential oils off that chemical components and search is really important. That's really interesting toe where in aroma therapist makes a blend off oils produces a bomb for their clients. Self application at home with instructions, focus and safe storage is provided, and this could be applied twice daily for 10 days to two feet in the treatment of athletes Foot, for example, on then store the bomb in a cold, dark place locked out of the reach of Children on confused persons, for example. Essential orders are very effective, unsafe to use, but specialist training, education and instruction are bite off others. So I really hope that you've enjoyed your learning so far. You stick with because continue your learning on. Please read on research outside of this because as I've mentioned, it is passed on. It is interesting, so this brings us to the end off this record day of what aroma therapist do with essential oils, and I look for turn next chat in the next recording by 14. 12 Benefits of essential oils: benefits of aromatic, essential oils. There are many benefits to the incorporation on application of aromatic essential oils until every day. Personal care routines, even simple diffusion, will allow the benefits off these powerful drops to affect your mood. Emotions on bring relief from stress. Tension on pressure Specific benefits include relief under reduction of anxiety, depression and stress. Improved energy levels. Boosting the healing process on aiding wound healing. Recovering on hailing from infections So they are curing headaches inducing rest ful sleep . Improving and strengthening the immune system. Easing and reducing pain. Muscular spasms on improving appetite on digestion on the essential oils. Help to improve circulation when massaged onto the scare and so much more on the bit that I love about essential oil is that they help to deep toxic by the body on help to restore balance to emotional states. However, each essential oil holds its own therapeutic benefit. Toe health aren't well being on individual essential oils can be useful for a variety of different complaints. However, the benefits off essential oils when combined on, blended together through the careful selection off essential oils. It is said to offer a powerful synergistic effect with more healing potential to the habitual on a single essential oil. Let me share an experience. I hade. As a student nurse, I was presented one day with a care assistant whose arm had been scratched by patient on the wound had been shown tohave m r s a. She showed me her moved on. It was oozing thick, gooey substance. Shehade regular medical treatment with no effect on the treatment had been running for six weeks before she came to May. We spoke about lavender essential oil. On the following day. She explained that when she returned home she applied lavender essential oil. She showed me her arm again on her wound again on it begun to Scott over with in a few days , the hailing off the word was clearly ever don't And so an individual essential oil company useful on extremely powerful on M r say, as you may know, is a very difficult infection to treat. And yet lavender seemed to deal with it with great ease. This now completes this part off your lately 15. 13 How essential oils enter the body: In this next part, we're going to look at how do essential oils enter the body. There are two main ways in which essential oils and to their body. This is through the sense of smell, their nose, and this creates an emotional response. And then also through skin, topically, through absorption. And this creates a physical response. 16. 14a Lavender essential oil: Lavender, essential oil, Lavon, Jenna and Gosta phobia is the Latin name of love and death essential oil. And here we are going to take a look at the specific benefits of lavender, lavender, rheumatic shrub that is native to the Mediterranean areas. And it has a long history of use as a medicine. Although this oil is very safe, there are a wide variety of live and does which yield oil. So it's important to make sure that they are sourced correctly. Love into essential oil has a note of top to middle. It can vary depending on the variety of life and death, from very sweet to sharp. It also gives an aromatic, clean note. Safety data in relation to lavender essential oil. Lavender oil is set to a non-toxic, not irritant may be used undiluted, and is not sensitizing. However, you must be aware that should you inadvertently get lavender oil into your eyes that you rinse and majorly with a carrier oil or milk, simply flushing the eyes with water, well not remove the oil from the eyes. Let's take a look at some of the effect of this essential oil on the mind and body. This assumption is balanced site and regulating. It tones and revitalizes. It helps with relaxing and restoring mind and body. This is an essential coil that is safe for all pages and during pregnancy. However, remember, you must consult with a professional Around the therapist if you are pregnant. This oil helps to relieve pain, is relaxing on muscles and is set help repair the scheme. This essential oil has strong antimicrobial and calming effect. And lastly, let us take a look at therapeutic properties. Lavender essential oil has the following properties. Analgesic, digestive, anti spasmodic, cytosol, lactic, hypotensive, sedative, and of course, the anti microbial qualities to there are a variety of conditions that can benefit from lavender essential oil applications. These include headaches, toothache and sprains, digestion, flatulence, and nausea. Cramping associated to IBS and period pay. Inducing rapid hailing and reducing scarring reaches saying hypertensive states. And aiding the relief of anxiety, panic, insomnia, depression, and restlessness. So lavender essential oil as a wonderful all-around essential oil to have your aroma therapy, kate. Okay, let's move on to our next essential oil. 17. 14b tea tree essential oil: tae tree. Essential oil. The learning for tea tree Essential are there's melaleuca. Alternate Voglia on the plant family ISS, the Might Rossiya. The description off this plant is that it is a small tray or shrub, and it is the smallest off the melaleuca family. It has needle like leaves that a similar to those of the Cyprus on heads of stock, lis yellow or purplish chocolate flowers. The extraction off tea tree essential oil from its plant parts is by steam or water distillation off the leaves and twigs. The characteristics off this essential oil is that it's a pale yellow, green or clear liquid with a warm, fresh, spicy comforts. Odor can needs to be taken when you are dispensing with tea tree essential oil because it can run really quite quickly out off the drop it off. The therapeutic actions of tea tree essential oil include being antiviral bacteria cider. It's a fungus idle on its Paris set aside, it is also anti infectious, anti inflammatory and antiseptic. It is Day Ferretti IQ Expectorant Aunt has a wide range of therapeutic uses. This essential oil blends really well with lavender, Clary, sage, rosemary, pine lang, a Lang, Geranium Madre Um, and all the spice oils, especially clove and nutmeg. The perfume fragrant off teh tree, essential oil is it's very medicinal. It's fresh, powerful, pungent. It's slightly spicy, but really quite conference. The key qualities off this essential oil is that it's penetrating medicinal. It's stimulating on refreshing. The therapeutic are rheumatic. Use off tea tree essential oil is that it can help many different conditions. So where there's obsesses, acne athletes, foot blisters, burns, bruises, chickenpox, cold sores, dandruff, herpes, insect bites, oily skin rushes, spots, Veruca Swartz wounds, especially those that are impacted. There's respiratory conditions that can also benefit from tea tree essential oil. So we have a smaller bronchitis, Qatar, coughs, sinusitis, tuberculosis and whooping cough. And then, of course, the reproductive system where there's thrush off virgin itis, then this can help with treating that. But be really careful because of the area and the skin on, so the immune system can also be benefited by this essential oil. So where we get cold fever, flu infectious illnesses, then to tree essential oil will help with the immune system by stimulating it. And of course, it could help in conditions of cystitis Emperor itis safety data. It's non toxic, non intermittent, although there are some possibilities of sensitization in some people. 18. 14c Ylang Ylang essential oil: your long along essential oil. The London named for your long along essential oil is Can Gara heard Arata on the plant. Family is the panacea. The description off this plant is that it? A toll tropical tree, which grows up to about 70 foot tall. It has large, tender, fragrant flowers that can be pink more or yellow. The extraction off the essential oil is by water or steam. Distillation from the freshly picked flowers on the yellow flowers usually healed the best essential oil. The characteristics off lie along. Essential oil is that it is a clear, colorless, too pale yellow liquid with our light fresh, slightly spicy scent. It's an excellent, essential oil, too. Bland ways, sandal word, jasmine better their burger, more rows and other floral and oriental based oils. It's an excellent fix. It in the fragrant perfume of long Along essential oil, is that it is exotic. It is sensual, it is Oriental, its head. And of course, it's floral, slightly spice, say, and house wait overturns. This is a very powerfully sedative, essential oil, and so the key qualities include that powerful sedative action it iss soothing, calming, regulating its euphoria inducing Onda narcotic when used in large quantities. It's also known for its aphrodisiac effect. There are many therapeutic actions, too Long ally Essential oil. This includes being aphrodisiac, antidepressant, anti infectious, antiseptic, euphoric hypertensive. It's in Irvine, a regulator. A sedative to the nervous system, a stimulant to the circulatory system at a tonic aromatherapy uses of ylang ylang essential oil. This essential oil is really great for acne, encouraging hair growth, insect bites, irritated and oily skin. It's really useful where there's high blood pressure, hyper paneer, Tuckett, cardiac and palpitations, where there's depression for jittery impotence, insomnia, it nervous tension and stress related disorders. D data This essential oil is non toxic and non irritant, but care must be used if you have low blood pressure because it can actually lower the blood pressure further. There have been some cases of sensitization reported, so please take care. Use it in moderation as the essential oil has a heady scent which can later headaches and nausea. And of course, you want to avoid that euphoric and juicing and narcotic effect 19. 14c Peppermint essential oil: Hello. Good afternoon and welcome. Thank you for joining me in this recording. Please forgive the doubling of the light and any disturbing background noise in this recording. Looking essential oil of peppermint on because in my little garden, the peppermint plant is really looking worse for wear. I decided to go and purchase a new plant. Now this is the little plant that purchased on Believe. May you pot it into a plot outside on it crows. It's like a weed, but it's a very delicious tasting. Very fragrant, wonderful We'd to grow in your garden. I have a specific plot put aside for peppermint on. It has ground rapidly, but because of the time of the year, it's really quite woody and dry. There's no leaves or anything like that. Now it does in the summer months get a wonderful little flower on. It's really a beautiful fragrance that again, when this sun hits, the plant just walked around on the breeze. I don't smoke, and I'm really very sensitive to aromas, and so I'm able to pick up those aromas. Now this is a lovely herb to to your Kirk A. So it's really beneficial in nourishment it really beneficial pass an essential oil. Now, this is essential oil that I have here is by aren't you? And again, I'm not affiliated. But with this essential oil, When you open the book up, it really, really a delightful aroma. I have opened this one. Just put the plant down there. I have opened this one, and I have used it when I've been making my own toothpaste mouthwash, and it's absolutely gorgeous. It has an almost hatred aroma to it. Aunt, of course, Peppermint and tea tree blend together really nicely in MK washes in toothpaste asses. A blend If, where experience say hi Babers. If we're having hot flushes, it's a really nice blend to apply to the bait to the pumps. The hand to the chest helps to clear the mind uplift on Cooper's would fall. So going into a PowerPoint presentation while we're looking at additional information will speak to you there. Peppermint essential oil, The Latin name for peppermint essential. I'll is Munther X peppery tha, and the plant family is the La Macia. The description off this plant is that it's a perennial herb, growing up to about three foot high white peppermint has green stamps with leaves and black peppermint has dark grain serrated leaves with purplish stamps and reddish violet flowers. The extraction off this essential oil is through steam distillation off the flowering herb on the characteristics off. The essential oil is that it's a pale yellow to a greenish liquid with highly penetrating grass. Minty comforts odors to it. It blends really well with the rosemary and lavender marjoram. Eucalyptus Bergamo. I enjoy adding peppermint and orange together. Blending it in cocoa butter makes a really flavor Cem aromatherapy blend to apply to this skin, the fragrant sent off. This essential oil is that it's fresh, minty. It's clean, it's penetrating, it's bright, and the cake qualities off this essential oil are restorative, refreshing, aphrodisiac stimulating. It's a nerve tonic aunt. It's really helpful for making us feel wakeful and alert. The therapeutic actions of peppermint essential oil include analgesia, sick, anti inflammatory, antiviral, anti spasmodic, diverted commune. It'd expectorant. It's and no fine. Verma fear just a marker. Get sued off for IQ aunt. There's also anti inflammatory therapeutic properties to this essential oil. Aromatherapy uses for peppermint essential oil are where there are conditions of acne Dima Taters. Ringworm, scabies, Toothache. We have neuralgia, muscular pains, palpitations, asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, spasmodic coughs, colleague Crump, dyspepsia, flatulence, norcia. We've got colds, flues and favors. There is for the never system where a person experiences fainting, headache, mental fatigue, migraine stress, vertical. It can be really useful for those conditions. Other uses. We can use it for holla, tose, ISS and as an insect repellent. This safety data for peppermint essential oil is there. It's non toxic non irritant, but possible sensitization due to the mental content may occur. Do not use this essential oil with home. You perfect remedies use it in low dilutions on the skin. It's suitable for Children, but with great care. Aunt again. You look at the dilutions and make sure that it's well diluted. 20. 14e Orange essential oil: Orange is essential oil. The Latin name for orange, essential oil is sutra silences. And the description of the plant producing this essential is that it's an evergreen tray, smaller than the bitter variety, less Hardy and with fewer or no Pines. But the fruit has a suede Pope and non better membranes. The extraction of orange essential oil is by either code expression or by steam distillation of the fresh, ripe or almost dry out a pair of the fruit. Characteristics of this essential oils that it's an orange, yellow are dark orange liquid with sweet fresh sent to it. This essential oil blends really well with love and death. Narrowly, Clery sage, spy soil such as nutmeg sentiment and cloves and the fragrant scent of this essential oils that its weight and warm. It's sensual, radiant. It is Citrus, say fresh, it's fruity and Tang a. And the key qualities of this essential oil is that it's a tonic to the nervous system. It's refreshing, uplifting. At the same time, surveying and comforting, sedated. So it's a really useful oil to help bring balance to the mind and the emotions. The therapeutic actions attributed to orange essential oil is antidepressants, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic. It's a bactericidal and cognitive. It's also a digestive. It's a bunk aside. It's a hypotensive and set it to the nervous system. The aromatic use of oranges central oil is the skimp care, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, and nervous system. So for the skin care, it will treat doll and already complex actions and it's a lovely essential oil to help with the basicity, palpitations, water retention, bronchitis, Charles codes and flows, constipation, dyspepsia and sparse em all benefit from this essential oil. And of course, the nervous system where we experience nervous tension, stress-related conditions such as anxiety, which can incorporate depression, will benefit with this essential oil. Safety data, distilled orange or should not be used on the scared before exposure to sunlight or the use of some. But as you can say, orange essential oil as a wonderful essential oil town called hide in your aroma therapy kit. Remember that safety data and not user on your skin before going out in the sunshine or under some bats. So let's move onto the next part of your learning. 21. 14e geranium essential oil: Hello. Good afternoon. Welcome to this recording. Thank you for joining. May place forgive any doubling off the light in this recording. But looking at the essential oil of geranium on I have here from my garden a little cutting that I was able to find. Now the stem is really quite woody on the leaves are present with the time of year, though there's no flowers and the flowers on this plant and normally really very delicate, small and very delicate pig Absolutely gorgeous on yes, that bees and the butterflies love this in the garden. So I don't encourage you to have flowering plants in your garden toe. Help with our pollinators are basin butterflies. So for this essential oil, I've got a bottle here and this is from, um for aromatics here in the UK and I believe they are world by aunt. They are really, really inexpensive on, yet they quality because we got by what we can smell as much as anything. Oh, wow, that is so nice. It's delicate yet powerful, and it's a really wonderful, essential oil that helps with balancing the hormones. It's a flower ful aroma as well. So it's a really lovely one fought to combine with love and death. And if you were the oils, however, we're going to look at that in more detail as we go into the PowerPoint presentation. But I feel now geranium Essential Oil Geranium originated in Africa and was brought into here up around 16 90. It was used in ancient times to remedy wounds, burns and tumors. This beautiful plant is widely grown throughout Europe, on it richest around two feet high. There are hundreds of varieties cultivated for their beautiful flowers, but only aromatic pal Ogoni ums are used for their essential I'll aunt. It is the leaves, stocks and flowers that I used in distillation to produced the oils so therapeutic effect. Usually it is both sedative on uplift Day on its invaluable for treating nervous tension on depression. It's so useful for circulate tree and skin problems, especially wounds. This is a popular ingredient in perfumes for its sweet fresh floral notes that uranium is also therapeutically massaged or inhaled fore. It's relaxing, so refreshing qualities 22. Sweet almond oil: Base oil is used in aroma therapy to dilute and blend essential oils so they'd become safe to apply to your skin. So let's take a look. Absolute Omid coil, and the Latin name is premise amygdalas doses. Some of the benefits of this as a carrier oil is that it contains vitamins a, B, and E. It's nourishing and soothing to dry skin. And this is the carrier oil that is most often used in robotic massage. But those who do not have any nut allergies. People who will benefit most from the use of this oil are those who have DRY, itchy skin. I burned through eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis. Also those with sensitive skin. Those who have some bent scan a chapter or whether it's skin inflammation. People who need a nourishing base for massage blend. Note this oil oxidizes easily. So we've had a brief overview of sweet almond oil. Let us now go a little deeper. There's oil is from the botanical family, Rosa CIA, and it has an aroma that is light, slightly swayed annuity. The texture of this oil is that is slightly oily, leaves, a slight oily feeling on the skin. It's fairly quick to absorb into the skin. It has a color that is almost clear with a slight hint of yellow. Some specific benefits of sweet almond oil. This oil is anti-inflammatory, used topically or adjusted antioxidant. This oil has mild antioxidant capacity. Immune burster. This oil, whether use topical and for internal use, is set to boost immunity, underpaid protection from various diseases. Amt, HEPA toxic. This oil is not a the liver in eliminating toxins emollient. This oil, excellent for moisturizing qualities of this game, which is wonderful for excessively drives skin sclerosis. And this oil is not to treat vascular issues like spider veins, hemorrhoids, and varicose veins. Laxative. This oil is known as a mild laxative to relieve constipation. Analgesic. Burst oil is set to provide mild pain relief. Muscle relaxation. This oil used in massage application is not to serve stressed and saw muscles. He has sent. This is not to aid pastor burnt hailing County down Dre. This oil is not to relate dandruff from the skull. Notes. Sweet Home and oil is considered a good all-purpose carrier oil to have on hand. Prices do Barry and can't be costly, but well worth that. Sweet almond oil should not be confused with bitter almond oil, which contains a mic Dolan, and can't be broken down by the body into the poisonous substance hydro cynic assert, also known as cyanide, and can cause there. The moment is closely related to the page apricot and cherry, classified as droops. Drugs are a fleshy fruit with the thin skin at a central stone containing the seed, for example, a cherry plan forward Euler has a stone in the middle of the fruit. However, with the augment, the outer layer is not credible. The edible portion of the almond is the seed itself. Virgin, cold press weight, armored oil with no additives that is organically grown is the best choice for massage purposes. This is an excellent muster coil value for its discussing and durability. It's good for oily and easily irritated, sensitive skins. This oil contains a variety of vitamins and minerals. They all met tree is native to Barbary, but has been widely cultivated in Mediterranean areas such as Spain and also in USA, for example, California. It bears soft cream blossoms with yellow centers which appear before the leaves that blossom then develop the nets which are collected at harvest time. Obtained from the dried kernels of the almond tree. Sweet almond oil is known to be an excellent career oil painting, aroma therapy with a variety of the Mali and properties. Emollients are softening and soothing to the skin. They offer support to the skin. Balancing moisture loss with absorption. For aroma therapy massage, sweet almond oil is a good medium to use to help spread the oil over the skin was still allowing you to do a good massage before it's absorbed by the skin. This carrier oil can be blended with other carrier oils such as coconut or grape seed oils. And this creates a synergistic effect in which the nutrients gave a broader helpful effect. Activity. Onco go, make a search for Sweet Home and oil and identify the urban nourishing factors and make a list of these. This now concludes this lesson. 23. Aroma massage blend: Hello, Do, friend, Welcome to this part of your learning. But we're looking at mixing on planting. And for this interactive activity, we're going to be looking at orange essential oil on 11 essential oil. And we have a bottle of sweet almond oil. So I'm going to pan the camera around and down so that you can see what I've actually got here on my desk, and I actually explain it to you. Let's move on. Okay, so let's look at what we need. What? We need to gather up, collect up for this part of your learning. So we begin by having a career oil. We got sweet almond oil on its more preferable toe. Have the oil in a dark class. Porto, much like the essential oils onto this, helps to protect it from sunlight and so on. So what I'll be doing is storing this with my essential oils in a dark environment, which is cool. Okay, So as you can see, though, the carrier oil sweet almond oil is barely translucent with a hint of yellow to it. There's lots of data on their best before date. Much number. It's got barred codas. Well, we've got the producer on. We've got the product and the amount. 70 mills, then this additional information almond oil for culinary use so we could use this in our solids and we can consume it so it'll be fine to use on skin. So that's our carrier oil for this part of the learning. We then have sweet porridge oil, and I've used anti before and I'm using Anjo again. This is a five mil bottle, and so the labelling is there. It's got all of the details on that is required to make sure that it's the correct product , aunt. So this is 100% pure essential oils. And if you look on Anju website, you will say that it's certified organic and there's other certifications there, too. So we need our essential oil, and you can option any maker. Just check that it's organic. Look for the certifications, and I've got lavender essential oil a swell and again, it's 100% pure essential oils. So that's our three products, and we've got dark bottle and we're going to put the oil into the bottle, and then we put the top on. We give it a shake toe, mix it and blended together on. We must make sure that it's labeled on. I've got the first of July 2019. Sweet almond oil 10 mils Love under essential oil three drops sweet orange, Essential oil, two drops and my name. So if you're working in a clinic or aspire salon, having this information is really important. Because if somebody else was to pick this bottle up and it wasn't labeled, they would look to dispose of it because you don't know what Senate. Maybe you could take the lid off, have a smell, and you know that it's love under an orange, but still it's not enabled. So this is a safety precaution, and it also informs colleagues. So that's a steroidal bramble that we need with a label on Goran No part and we've got a pen pencil might doodle. So sometimes I write in pencil because I feel more comfortable. But I use pain when it comes to labelling. Now, yes, we can get pre printed labels and so on, and that makes it look so much more professional of it at this point in time for looking to keep costs down. This is the cheapest method. We need the Sollitto to uncle, the labeling on. If you get labels sticky labels you can put on the information and then stick that directly on. I would still look Teoh solitary because it helps to give a waterproof covering so that the ink doesn't smoke and so on. So that's those things. Pen, pencil, no part. We're going to write down what the dates, the what we're using and so on. And they're going to write down how we used it, Aunt. Then we're going to be looking at any additional things that come to mind. How our skin feels, how the oil feels, how the aroma sent is for us. Now. I'm you're saying a fairly low dilution. Five drops toe 10 mills. We can part more, but I want to have a nice safe does with a faint fragrance off essential oils. I don't want her to be overpowering. Let's move these things out the way and have a look. What's underneath now Through our learning over aromatherapy, you will be required. Teoh. Look at the chemistry off the aromatherapy and have created a document, fight, download and print off. So as you progress through your learning, you be able to make um, some research anto the chemical components off aromatherapy onto this, then allows you when you finalize with your fourth level off learning. This creates complete process. In the past, I have provided training in a totally different way, and it's just being too much information over for people. This is bite size on more progressive, but covers all bases so that you, when you receive your diploma, you know you were fully qualified and knowledgeable. So inside and I have recycle papers, so I've got notes on the back of shapes of paper. So inside we have love in tow oil and we just a sui research Look for the chemical components and we put for therapeutic uses what the chemical components company really use for full and any other notes, sort of hazards, irritations and things like that. This is for your information gathering and your knowledge and development of understanding around aromatherapy. But when it comes to looking toe obtained your diploma, you will need to submit this as evidence of your learning so you can print it all. Fill it in by hand, take some photographs on your mobile phone, upload them to the your computer, had them into a vote on touch them into an email and send them to May. Okay, so more about that later. So let's move on to planting the essential oils. So I'm good. Here's a pencil, and I'm just going to write down the date. So it's the first of July Dependents stay in America. I hope it's other private time, and then I'm going to write down my products. So I've got almond oil moment oil, and I'm going to make sure there are right Sweet because there's a difference between sweet and bitter almond oil. When you do your research, you will make a note of that, and I'm going to use 10 mills as indicated on the bottle. And then I've got my love under essential oil essential oil, and I'm going to goes three drops, as indicated on my bottle again, I have got sweet orange oil, essential oil to drops. Okay, so that's what we're going to be doing. Amusing. We can then make some notes about what we're going to do with the oil, too. Use in hunt massage for self aunt, a friend so As you work through this course, each module introduces massage. Aunt, we massage apart off the body on when you complete your diploma level training, the whole body massage process will come together and this will then act as the aromatherapy body massage element. Now, yes, there are other methods off using aromatic, essential oils. And we do look at that husband progress through. So it's bite size to help avoid over whelming you with knowledge, information and so on. So one we've completed creating the blend during the application. We can then go on to make further notes off how the oil felt as we massaged it in, Um, what was the aroma like? And how did a friend experience the massage? Now remember, there are some people who are contra indicated to essential oils, and that is something I really need to be mindful off on dso as you continue to explore fully lavender and sweet orange essential oils. Look at the safety data to that and remember what's in your recordings. So I provide you some brief information on you. Expand on that a little bit more. That's progress on to making the blend. So wait, pull the oil and arch. Then when we get to the neck, we stop. We're very careful about that. I'm to be Recap the bottle, move it up, off the way. And then we aren't they love and a essential oil drop by drop. We need to be really, really careful. You might not say the drops going in boat. We pay pay. Really good. Careful attention to that. Because sometimes the oils can come out really quite quickly. Um, so trying, listen. Shot. So that put the lid back on. Give it a shake. Just a gentle shake to disperse the oils and to the carrier oil. Okay, so moving on to hand massage for self on others Also in the next bit. Hello. So welcome to this next part where we're looking at massaging their hands. I have a clean tower. I have my massage blend the hands of being washed on. We're just going to apply a little bit off the oil A little bit. Goes a long way. So just a little bit. And to the palm, that might be a little bit too much. Sweet almond oil does spread ever so lately. So beginning with some warming motions. And please forgive the doubling off the light and any background noise that may be disturbing anyway. So rubbing and rubbing, warming, warming, then ringing ringing is going toe help to get the oil in between the fingers, and it's helping to release tension in those joints. It's helping to mobilize the wrists, crossing over, bringing the thinkers, and that's got the oil dispersed between the figures. So we then grasp one hand over the other, curling the fingertips together and just rolling. And this is like a duckling motion into the palms of the hands, and you will feel your nails being massaged. The cook two cars being massaged also just by the motion, and you feel the warmth building up on that just helps to warm up the tissues. It helps to get the blood flow away and so on. And so just so rolling around very much like washing hands, really aren't there just taking the entire hand over the back of the other hand. So the palm is being massaged as we go over this part on massaging this. So just rolling hard over aunt off, rolling hand off So the palms as well as the back of the hand is being searched. How do you buy the next part? ISS that way. Can't grow the thumb over the part of the hands at a long fingers, just stimulating for circulation, creating so very, very light tension. Traction on just stretching along the fingers. Um, heart potent pull. Ever so likely to release tension from the fingers instead with some post work and rest, because we're going to do the same to they hunt. Just no hard and fast rose Just rolling the therm across the area had. Remember, as we are rolling with over there, were rolling hard over the back. Just a long fingers, too stroking off. Aunt coming to pose that IHS Basic Hunt massage, self treatment, Internet show. We can incorporate circles along the digits. Um, this is ever select. Aunt helps to continue with the circulation into the tissues, and we can struck off after during those circles weaken circle alarm back off fingers over the knuckles lightly. I'm give us very slight, took just to help release tension. But we won't be cracking Niko's. I don't same, on the other hand, just circles. It smells absolutely divine. So when you have your love and on your sweet orange essential oil and your sweet almond oil and you make your blend, you will get to know what it smells like. And I do apologize for the lighting top plays so very difficult to get perfect lighting on the summit of studio setting. I don't have a studio, so the good hearts toe pause. I'm just complete with some right wiping off. Just why pay off and then come to a pause. Just hard, hard over the and that concludes self massage off the hands. Progress on to massage over, Hands off a friend, a family member. I'll see you in the next section. 24. Foot massage pt0: Foot massage, your demonstration video. Hello, welcome to this video where I'm going to introduce you to the next four videos that share with you foot massage. I begin with Cleansing case speed using a hadrosaur that has Tate tray and meant in it. Once her feet are cleansed and dried, I then apply tag comparator. K doesn't like the token partners, so I move on to you say the carrier oil with the lavender and orange essential oils in it. The Video Share full demonstration of foot massage here saying that blended oils. And this is so that you are able to watch along, get a good idea of the routine and share foot massage with your loved ones, your family members, your friends. Now there are some contra-indications. If there's brokers, airfares, athletes, but if there's any breaks to the bones and he breaks to the scan, it has diabetes or the person is on any medications or any medical treatment from the doctor or the hospital must consult with them and make sure that foot massage is going to be safe for the loved one tourist. Say, otherwise, you should be well enough to go ahead. Definitely a wonderful treatment to share with somebody who's generally healthy but has a lot of stress. So I look forward to sharing foot massage with you. Let me know what you think and how you find this in the project part. Took it for now. 25. Foot massage demo pt1: Foot massage, your demonstration fit here. As you can see, my friend Kay is lying on the couch with her feet elevated. I here's a spray and spray her feet with meant hand T3 in hadrosaur eyes then why perfect. Drive with cotton disks. As I'm doing this, I'm making note of temperature of her skin and color of her skin, and also looking for any hard areas and any cracks or anything would prevent me from giving her massage. Now I move on to application of product. And I'm using a Purdue product because I find foot massage much more easy to come to using powder. I really believed in using what you feel most comfortable with when providing massage. So go with what is comfortable for you and for your friend. The next part is to connect with your friend or your loved one and simply replace a hat on top of the feet. And then after a little while and moved to the base of defeat and focus upon our breathing, inhaling and exhaling. And this helps us to become really centered and present and also connects us energetically to our partner, friend or loved one. And we ask our loved one to take three nice deep breaths. Also. This helps to deepen their relaxation for their treatment. This is all preparation. And once we have completed with our connecting and relaxing contact touch, we move on to some passive stretching and we simply roller hands around BR cause and gently pull the cause so that we're lifting the coat up and stretching all the way along the back of the leg. And we do this three times. And at the same time, Fred will be taking three more deep breaths. 26. Foot massage demo pt2: Foot massage, your demonstration video. As you may have noticed, I've changed from part of product to base oil. This was our case requests as she felt uncomfortable with Part a product. After Eddie Cantor the oil into my head, I rub them together and then apply this to case fate, sweeping my hands up and down PageSpeed, timid cop, I then focus my attention upon individual phot. And then of a foot wants the oil is applied. I've broken this massage upon into pitch will fade, beginning with her right foot verse. The reason for doing this is to support the flow of blood to the heart. It takes 1 second for one drop of blood to flow around the body. I then apply double airflow rush stroking motions to the top of case boat. And I do this several times. Following on from this, I apply a sweeping motion over the tops of her feet. I again do this several times. I then draw my fingers from the base of the toes very close to the top of the ankle towards the tip of her toes, sweeping my fingers likely backwards towards the PTO, towards myself several times. I then return back to the double f flue rush on the top of her FRD, sweeping backwards and forwards again several times. With my left hand, high and cookies thought, with my fingers hooked over her hopes. By then here is my right hand to blue-eyed my fingers across the top of the food. And this is at the base of the toes, gliding across from the base of the big toe, all the way through to the base of the small tau. I then swap hands and with my right hand glide my hand over the top case forward, backwards and forwards. And this is just helping to warm the tissues and get the blood flowing. And then applying single hand blowing air fluoride movements. Just take him a hand one at a time from the toes up to mid cough and back again. I then hold case, boat uncut again. And with my right hand, I roll my fingers around the very fabric TOB and Apollo, but they vote Gandy such as Laplace, small needing motions, helping to move fluid and tissue, warming, and just really helping to release all of that stress and tension from her for moving over to the outer aspect of the food. And then some more single hand airflow Raj motions. And moving on to some more thumb rolling up just to help to stretch the tissues out. And to bring a conclusion, I bring my hands to the base of k's and curl and draw my hands up the top of her foot. And at the same time at the back of her foot, I have my thorns drawing up the sole of her foot. And then I just finish with some stroking on her toes and some rubbing backwards and forwards. Just helping to release and stretch and release and bring deeper relaxation into the tissues. And the third case, actually fallen asleep. 27. Foot massage pt3: Foot massage, your demonstration video, making progress. I draw my hands around case, I'm cold. Thus this is now slightly elevated. I draw warm hand to the mid cough and back towards myself. And at the same time bring my other hand book to MIT cough and glide my hard work towards myself that four times. Then I moved on to pressing my palms on either side of k's and CO and apply circular motions using the palm of my hand to the outer aspect of k's and CO. And then I use my fingertips and a focused circular motion or coal. And I do this several times. And then I move my hand under Ks Ku coping and co well, moving my hand to wrap around the top part of a bird and to continue to provide circling motions with my fingertips to the outer aspect of her uncle. And then I drew my hands up to Ks toes, holding them, pausing a moment to completion or miss part of HIV treatment. Okay, so here we have a different camera angle. And as you can say, I've got my thumbs on the sole upcase vote. Drawing my thumbs, hooked the soul and the cooked around her foot. So the hands my thinkers are actually drawing up the top of a foot as well. And this is just stretching the tendons, ligaments and also working they buy share. So I move on to working across the base author photo with my thumb. And in reflex psychology, this is along the kidney ureter, bladder reflex. So we can incorporate some reflex, work with Hunt then just rolling up and over the big toe reflex to and then I move around to the side of her vote with my hand going across the mid foot, working from the heel all the way up to the ball of the foot, man just working my thumb hole over the ball of the foot, applying some luck playing to the well, just a gentle pressure. And it may be that you check-in with your partner to make sure this is comfortable. I'm not comfortable for code because she's asleep. And so as I press minor calls into Ks hair, I've been wrong my best, my knuckles, hope Herbert, along with my hand coming up the foot two. And with this next mode pump, just literally apply a ringing type motion. Luther, my hands back and forth as I've cooked over the side of a foot. And now I move on to roll in my phone around the heel of her uncle. I do this several times in this really lovely relaxing motion on that. Cause, especially if we've had a long day running about standing or just walking our dogs, I'm helping other people just as we've been busy. And so really working along and then over this side of the foot again, which is known as the spinal reflex. Just massaging my hand over that area per game really had lovely relaxing motion. And then I work that hoped this side of the toes and bringing more relaxation interface. To complete. I bring my hands up the side a few more times and then bring my hands to rest on K's boat and complete. 28. Quiz questions: Let's check what you've learned. Grab a cook, their note pad and pen. Listen to the questions, write down your answers. Let's begin to look at the carrier oils. Which of the following carrier oils are suitable to be used as carrier oils? Sweet alignment, petroleum jelly, apricot comma name. Let's take a look at what you've learned about macerated Euler's, what? Macerated oils. I asked that as synthetically produced with added essential ions. Organic mineral oils that are used to enrich carrier oils IS that are infused with dried hubs, all flowers over a period of time. Okay. How did you do with your answers? Please note that if this went a little bit too fast to return and pause as you work through it. 29. True or false: Okay, let's have a little test of what you've learned, okay, true or false. The term aroma therapy was coined by French chemist Renee Morris, got both say. And the next question, you can use essential oils and children of any age. Essential oils are very concentrated oils taken from a single botanical sauce. Patch test, and new oil. If you have sensitive skin. 30. Conclusion: Conclusion, high Bair, thank you for enrolling onto this, cause. I really appreciate that you've shared your time with me. In this course. You have learned the basics of aroma therapy. We've looked at some essential oils and a courier oil. We've looked at creating a blend and hand massage. We've looked at some safety issues and we've also looked at the landing essential oils safely. We've had a dip into the history and background of the essential oils. So if you would like to live very view or if you have any questions or even any thoughts, please share them. I look forward to answering questions and reading your experience. Many best wishes. Nama, stay.