A magical watercolor landscape for beginners/semi advance learner | Nitin Singh | Skillshare

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A magical watercolor landscape for beginners/semi advance learner

teacher avatar Nitin Singh, Let's fall in love with watercolor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (55m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Let's make a tree

    • 3. Sketching

    • 4. First Layer

    • 5. Second Layer - Part 1

    • 6. Second Layer - Part 2

    • 7. Second Layer - Part 3

    • 8. Final Artwork

    • 9. Appreciate you effort

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About This Class


About this watercolor class

This magical watercolor landscape class brings immense opportunity to learn how to paint landscape in watercolor. An easy watercolor process categories in simple lesson to make your learning fun & outcome based activities. Highly recommendable for semi advance watercolor beginners who wish to paint watercolor landscape with artist grade maturity. One can learn some effective best watercolor techniques, tips to paint watercolor landscape in easy step by step learning wash process. This water color landscape class will certainly add lot of values to you watercolor dream, and enhance your ability to paint landscape in watercolor.

What you will learn:

At the end of this watercolor landscape class, you should be able to

  • Make quick watercolor landscape drawing (Sketch)
  • Drawing composition 
  • Watercolour landscape color mixing 
  • Working with watercolor layers
  • Understand light and shades
  • Random human figures
  • Depth & light

Prerequisite Knowledge:

You should have basic understanding of watercolor principle and color theory. Moderate drawing skill is helpful. Apart from that, what is more important is your high spirits and hunger of learning.

Required Art supplies:

  • Watercolor paper (quarter sheet)
  • Watercolor tubes
  • Watercolor brushes
  • Paper tape (to mount paper)
  • Hard board for painting surface
  • Pencil
  • Dry cloth
  • A bowl of water
  • Watercolor palette

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Cheers & happy watercoloring!

Nitin Singh

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nitin Singh

Let's fall in love with watercolor


Many of us has great potential to look at the world with our own perspective, wisdom and creativity. We all have great ability of mental visualization, and trying to construct those abstract mental pictures into reality. I think It’s a beautiful feeling being a creator and coloring our own world.

My name is Nitin Singh and I love enabling you to fall in love with watercolor art. A motivator and a teacher who believes that watercolor is not about learning it's process or technique alone, but it's a beautiful journey which brings infinite joy to our living. I warmly welcome you to be part of this journey with me, let’s learn to create your expression through watercolor art and expand your creative awareness. Welcome to my class!



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1. Introduction: Hello, everyone. My name is evidencing on. I'm a logical artist. I love teaching Workable arc. Andi, I mean teaching waterpolo from many years and I've seen the people are improving their skill, you know, after taking my class. So even in this class, I teach you this project. This is what a landscape which gives you more ability to paint watercolor landscape. You know the way you want. Not only this subject, but even after taking this class, you will be learning the obvious aspect off. You know, various fundamental, awful making landscaping water below. So you would have a fantastic time going through this particular class and I'm sure often is last. You have you cured with a lot of skill where you can make your own watercolor being toward the landscape await a boar or how you want the body part is to learning the fundamental and basic basic aspect off. So I hope you have a really great time going through this loss. I look forward to happen in my class, so I see. There 2. Let's make a tree: So the very first thing what you need to do here is you need to choose one off your brush, which, actually you hate it. Yeah, that's to some of the brush. So you really do You no longer want to use it because spoiled or if you're rich enough, toe, you know, spoil Your are really good vertical obra. So you can use that, right? So I have chosen one brust something like this on what you need to do with that process. I mean, it all depends on whether you want to have enough smaller size brush or a bigger burst. It all depends on what? Sort off. You know, victory. How big the tree you want to make. But for this exercise, I'm using this quarter seat paper. So I'm perfectly fine with this side of Brussels, which is on eat, you know, eight size or even a smaller one will work. Right? So you choose one okay. Consciously, again on. You need to bang it downtown. And here. Is this on? You need to bag like this dumb, dumb you and you just be very ruled it This breast, something like this. Okay, like this and you see that you are pretty much ok to a spoil this for us on. And in fact, you know this this possibility comes so when you don't have ah, that sort of brush, Because in the markets, such sort of Bruce is also available. So I'm sorry I didn't mind, did you that, but yes. I mean, you can You can find that exact Russ and all that. So what next you need to do here is now you need toe paint it. I will take color like this. Okay, Andi. And this makes a little off drama and sorry. Uh, this, uh, yet Walker on, uh, here we go. See my brussels Pretty late. Bad. See on just go like this, Okay? You'll see some texture. Like that's like this Onda when you're going back, I mean, going coming down from here, top to bottom, you just take a little darker. So I'm using this ultimate in blue mixing with green. So things like I wanted to make some richer, darker pigment. Okay. So again, I'm here. I'm district. Yeah, yeah. Okay. On, like this. Like this. Okay. Like this Onda. Even if we're going dawn, it has to be even more darker. So you understood why I'm using dark? Because they expose it off the light in the top of the you know, the tree is a more higher so this should be a little lighter. And the moment is going down. The light are actually very low. Visibility of light here. So cast a reasonable was making very dark. You yonder. What bit? Okay, yes. So this is the kind of for you? No way. We're getting asleep off it now. What you need to do next is I'm using this. Pretend I think so decides. Is that on, uh, Tzeitel Onda I'm taking So I'm making a dust even more. Darko, I'm no, I'm mixing once, you know. Also little making soldier dog on now You need to be Yeah, a week. I need all the practice your and now make hold some more branch. Very light color. I mean, no, but it soon line using that. Get in there, that's all. We don't need to do anything. Dr. Store Let middle's So you. Now let's make our little sees you on. This is going to be feeds off the street. But so you got this right? You got this concept. So this is how you can make it in the several of the, you know are the tree. 3. Sketching: to start with this landscape, we need toe make a sketch first on the very first thing What I'm goingto sketch as the mountain at these green mountains. So it is so absolutely far Onda a a lot of trees. So this tree will be a much oh, you know, nearer to your eyes on, uh, they'll be coming for, you know, the relays, the community, a small village community there. So we need to make them don't very office, but kind of for, you know, the reference that there there are There are some population, those are the farmer's house and these houses are actually very far. I'm just right behind that those mountains. So you need to do a lot of sketch. I don't know if you have done the practice because learning watercolor practice off sketching, it's so important. So I request you to do a lot of sketches. So these are our again some I know the house off those farmers on, uh, trees, which is quite far some. Some trees are quite new, like diesel skills. No, we need to make it, Larry. So those those really are very far. But even before that, there are a lot of trees on the food. That's if they open food. You can see it. So it's a bad food and we can make one river which is just passing through this river when the Self Village River are kind of stream. I was just passing through. So this one we have made already work on, uh, it doesn't need to make a call part to reach this village. No, there are several calls. We're just grating on the food. So that's a kind of it adds the A lot of for interest and you're painting. So these gods arts us came with there cowboys who's just near to him, which we we will draw very soon. And just other side of this in a stream or a river. There are few other calls just crazy all around this food and not hear this car boys. Couple of cowboys who's just having their own discussing on some big off kind of total. So we have done with our sketching on Duh we are. We are ready to head into the very first leading off this painting. So you know next lesson you will you will see how toe go ahead. Painting for Slayer 4. First Layer: So here we have to start with falsely and I'm using the so ultramarine blue on. Uh, just a mixing, but, uh bonne sienna toe make it little off. Uh, I just little big Yeah, on, uh, Marty Little more water on just a blind, um, on the people. So this is going to be our sky. I just took a lot of water and just bored Just don't under the color so it just blundered and you can see beautiful. You know, the the blending happens. So when you do that so again, um started adding the saccharin for the mountain a little more ultramarine blue so I can have the danger for the greenness. A little death on though Montaigne. So I wanted to achieve the misty, the mystic feel off this mountain and just slightly amusing ultramarine blue and adding other bit off sap green. Try to more toe extra cologne if you feel like there is a lot off water on the paper. No, again, I just wanted to make a a little deft under the mountain so we can have a feel off the tree there because eventually there are the huge number off trees behind those The roof off that house, the village on. I'm going to leave the white space for with the holes the kind of the roof It'll given impression off that. So most of the time I will be using the same breasts that you are absolutely free to choose your own breasts, Uh, which you are comfortable with. So, as you can see, you have just given a little deft under those mountain on for three. Be a little calm. Billitteri, relax when you're doing this. No hurry. So, no, I'm just adding a little bit off your logo along with your sap green on. Uh, you're getting a very beautiful pigment on uh, that is going to be our food, which is a slightly far. So I want to keep a more prominent on the kind of full, you know, the yellow the far lands. The yellow nous at that brings all a lot of their i t. I'm just breaking the total value using just add a little bit off ultramarine blew into it . So these a lot of grounds on duh these grounds are, as I said, it's a quite far from from your eyes, Onda uh, that is the reason I wanted to make it very lighter. But as we move forward, we can will be keep adding a little bit off deafness. So I'm just living this toe white space for the car. Who? Just anal grazing near to that. What you were those white space will be walking on later. We just need to be a little bit off deft there. So that gives you off. Feel off. Like, er bimbos sending in some call boys. And when called there. So I'm just leaving whitespace there. No, I just said I we want to make a darker as we move forward. The more nearer to your eyes, the land should be a little darker. Little ticker. I wanted to make it a little hard. Andi, Uh, there are some more because they're so we're living that space starting with a little bit off ultramarine blue with sap green. And as you can see, the white space I left it for The river will work later. But at this moment in the first, Waas will mostly walking on the lad. So here we go. That's a more docker. So I have used this buns here now, mixing that, uh, sap green A little bit of for all number in blue. No, those these These lands are pretty much near to our eyes and darkness. The reason I'm using the darker pigment they softly don't be so hard when you when you apply the color into the paper. Just pretty Chantilly on. Uh, I think this is pretty good. Uh, you know, the seat for our force layer? No, I just wanted to bring a little radius and little drama. So I just used this sprinkling bottle, and I just spray here and there. Make sure that when you're doing this, people should be more sure. So I just used this directly for my hand itself. So the pressure off, you know, the water even more larger on. And this is why you're getting this texture, which is beautiful. 5. Second Layer - Part 1: So we're doing this source second layer, which is very important on that. You can see this is completely dry. Don't start until your first layer. It's not completely dry. So I'm starting with you know, those that far behind those. So Oh, the ledge. So I'm just making girl a very random or batters all around leaving some space. Oh, you can see those are meant to be from trees on giving a very small small patches. So I'm using this Bonci and I and Ultramarine blue, mostly depicting the deafness off this the entire community. Get in there. We just hiding some death nous. And in this moment, I don't have a much water on my breasts. So it's a kind of for dry technique you can see, and those patches are very lighter, like it's not very thick because if you want to represent the the far of a objects, so you need to deal with her very light outlines like this. So I'm using the special breasts, which I have made by myself by squeezing it. This is a great way toe paint tree, so I'm using the so a number and blue and the green on just a little bit of batter's head in there like this. Just rub it. You know, in a book, commander that gives you the complete feel off the tree. So this particular tree is, uh absolutely, you know, much, much front off our eyes. So prospect do Oh, you know should be a little Dr. The tree should be a little darker than the rest off the other tree, which is behind far away. And now we have to make the other tree. There are a lot of tree here on this food on. What I'm doing is unjust, you know, digging a just a little bit off. You know better Roundem smudging the Bruce like this. So wherever we have drawn a tree, we can think that so again I would make a little more death. It's a lot of trees that armed. I hope you're getting this hard to make this because it's really important for you to observe this so deft has to be there on the tree, especially in the bottom part of the tree. So if you don't have a such kind of person, you can definitely, you know, you can make one by yourself. All you have to do is just a spoil your breath. Uh, and that is the way. I mean, if you don't use any particular brought us with its actually spoiled, you can just use that. No, I'm just using light wasin off the tree, which is pretty much far of a near to that village. And I'm using this so ultramarine blue. So whenever you are making the object, which is a very far you some goon color, like ultimate and blue so that gives you a feed. But that's what it is. Far so mostly here. I'm I'm playing with the deft on the light. And, of course, wherever you feel so these states off the tree, it's highly critical. Just give you a dense and here. So I'm just using this so that he liked Geo Point Bruce for the branches off this tree. Better random branch. I'm sorry if you're not able to see properly, but you just you got it. What? What? I mean to be 6. Second Layer - Part 2: So we're continuing over the second layer. Eso secondly, or something? Off where you're painting wound, Uh, you know, 90% off the, you know, the final outcome. Welcome. After completing the second layer. And thirdly, it is a part of for the second layer itself, you know? So we talked more aboard act, but let's first focus on the dis a dings off these tree on, uh, some little detailing on Betty. No. You know, the kind of for the light and deflection, we have the source off the light from the left side. So most of the time, these the seeds, the three states, that has to fall in the right side. So he's also small small. Remember, we were talking about the the part so you can make that thought with these tiny breasts wanting what you really need to understand this when you are making us saving off the tree , which is a very far the seeds and the the entire the outland off the seeds has to be a little, you know, not much ticker. It should be precisely 10 on the moment you're coming like this because this tree is slightly, you know, not really far off they from your eyes. So this sadiq soft this tree has to be a little wider. Well, I'm just mopping the extra verse and this is hard. Actually, you know you want toe bring some kind of texture because you really don't want tohave too much off water in your breasts because we just wanted to given us some sort off texture. Little death on this river. This little texture Not much work at this moment to try to not to keep a lot of water in your breasts if it Todd just, uh, more bit in your dry cloth. So will be walking on this. The reflection off these clean. But generally you can use that color exactly. No aligning with deals. Those tree above that. Still, I don't have much water and my breath so you can just more extra color on, uh, more. What you can do is you just mop it dry cloth so it gives in a route ingredient off the reflection of the tree. The river on Give a little death there on Let the color blend with talk. Don't slightly more deft Onda again. Two small pit the city edge off. So reflection 7. Second Layer - Part 3: we're doing the bar three off the second layer. So I've actually, you know, categorize in three different, you know, part off the second year. Because I can. There is something You are the most of the things you are, you know, defining in the second layer itself. So that is the reason you are saying the multiple, the Larry it has totaled three part. It's a lot of small details are most of the time, you know the driver. And right now I'm working on these cowboy, a couple of cowboy who's just, you know, standing. I'm just having their discussion with their mate. So to make those you know, the human figure just, you know, the using the bun c enough for the don't body part on DA the slightly darker color for their bottom. So this is the best way to make they the human future, which is more, Actually, it's a kind of inspiration. We're not detailing out. We're not detailing out anything here. We are just giving. I embrace in Not that feeder or ob set. So this way we are making a more more like oh, the human figures. Andi, if you want to help. You're absolutely free to make you know any color. Like if you're Miko their shorts apparent, you know differently. You can do that at this moment. I'm using right color on a little darker color on the bottom, their parents and all that. So don't be rush. Just spend oh, a little more time toe figure out how to make such human future. This is super easy. If you want, you can do, you know, quite a time you can do a practice, you know, simple paper or you can do a sketch. Also on, uh, you'll see a lot of for improvement on these all the savings of those people, he said it was something is so important defines it defines the character that defines the Oh, you know, the kind of for the attitude you wanted to bring in the in the picture so you can do a lot of practice like that? No, we make a little dart start off. You know that represented there are a few people who would just an all walking are doing their job on the field. Maybe they are. They're coming from the village to see their cattle's what? Whatever you know, you might be thinking crazy about you know, who held talking about. But things like you need to start with some story on these stories are actually helping you to make some art which have some meaning. Um, because because eventually your painting will look flax on the story it had something to say about right Still tingle that suspect. No, let's work on this. No call. He's because, like this house, these girls has some You know the texture so you can study that you can do a lot of study about the cause before we were doing this. So there's a few pretty quiz ITER things you can do or you can Lord right from here. What you can do a lot of research, you know, making no such objects. Oh, are such a animals or whatever. So I'm just giving those impression. I'm not going to detail out anything. So there are a few other gold was grazing in the same food nearby. So you can do that. So next time we will be walking as a final artwork 8. Final Artwork: So in this, Uh oh. There we will be completing the entire painting on. Uh, it's a kind of for, you know, you are finalizing your artwork. So observes off the things of which feature I'm doing right now. So I'm just giving a little detail on each object. Like, in this example. I'm just working on this Any move, Um, which has a kind of immigration, Which are we we saw in our or your session. So I'm just giving another, you know, some better for, you know, the color patch to represent it to Seoul. Oh, this figure is a call. Oh, whatever you want. So I'm just using again this sap green and ultramarine blue mixing little bit off buns here now to make it a little darker pigment, because we are going to walk on a very, absolutely front off this food on this has to be precisely very, Dr, because this is going to be closer to yours. So that's the reason I'm just making this so far, Doctor, that invest up the painting. So we're going to make this eso No. The grasses they lost green grasses toe back is the complete pending. So I just used sap Green Onda mixed of it once, you know, And I'm just sporting a little bit of water, double the color, so it gives it a some nice texture. I wanted me called more darker, so I'm just so sprinkling the color so you can just do similar like this. If you don't want to, you can leave it. So before doing this, you can do a little practice on the empty people. So when you're doing that, make sure that you should not take too much of water or you should not do Oh, you know, no false. Otherwise your color, the pigment will drop into some places where we really do one to let it happen a little darker. The more dark, the more better space cleared this moment. Onda, Uh, you're absolutely fine to use. He'll hand on the finger fingerprint and it gives, you know, kind of for a little texture. If you don't want to do that, you can leave it. But the recommendation ISS you can do that and you got just, you know, this crash the people at this moment. So like if you want to make a flower or some, you know, some grasses, which has a some better for light door. So you can do that. So I just, you know, scrapping. I just, you know, scratching the people and all this moving to giving a little more detail on these figures, making a little more obvious off there. Shorts, their hands and the girl, which is behind. And, of course, a lot of other details, like days, some Dr Creeds. So these are just actually, no, you know, brings a lot of life into your painting. It gives a life. So make sure that when you're doing this, use this the geo number of breasts do it precisely. You know, one goal don't do like are, you know, sizzling. Get in there. No, we want to make this. So the branches off that floor where you have done the scratching, the white scratch. So that gives a field that so you know that is the plant on. There are several branches emerging here in there. So next we will be doing the final review of our artwork 9. Appreciate you effort: it is the final artwork on. Uh, this should give you a lot of confidence. A lot off laser to your eyes. Uh, you should feel happy about it when you do this, no matter what is the outcome you guarded after the doing the entire exercise. What is really borden? This how you are seeing yourself enjoying this process. So if it doesn't happen, you know one you know, one of them just do not get de motivated to stri number people time. Just keep walking on this on. You will see the the improvement because the water bill, it is something that requires a good, dedicated, dedicated time on on. You should just enjoy the water would see or getting. And I'm sure that things will, you know, will come in the way. Hall. Exactly. You is ended. So my best mrs with this on, uh, check out my other watercolor classes on skills there That will give you a lot more ability . Toe. Look it this amazing medium in a different perspective. So thank you so much. Enjoying this class