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A guide in Content Production and Remote Working in Asia

Greg Hung, Travel Videographer

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27 Lessons (2h 45m)
    • 1. Digital nomad in Asia Promo

    • 2. Complete Guide Cowork Spaces What to look For & how to Find them anywhere2

    • 3. Digital Nomad in Asia Slow Travel

    • 4. Digital Nomad in Asia Where to Work

    • 5. Digital Nomad in Asia Most Useful Apps

    • 6. Digital Nomad Tips for Malaysia Pt 1

    • 7. DnomadsAsia2 Most Important Advice

    • 8. Digital Nomad in Asia Most Useful Tools

    • 9. Lifestyle Design in Malaysia

    • 10. Digital Nomad in Asia Where to meet people in KL

    • 11. Dnomads why you need a customer list

    • 12. Working Holiday get first client

    • 13. Working Holiday - Having a Base and Top Locations To Visit.

    • 14. Do you Need to Travel to Start your Business

    • 15. Digital Nomad in Asia The Future

    • 16. Seoul Why Seoul

    • 17. Seoul Where to Meet People

    • 18. Seoul How to get connected

    • 19. Seoul HOW TO GET AROUND

    • 20. Seoul Getting In

    • 21. Digital Nomad in Taiwan

    • 22. Tips for Podcasting

    • 23. Content Creator Better Audio

    • 24. Time managemement

    • 25. Why teach online courses and tips

    • 26. Chiang Mai Thailand The Pros and Cons of Living Here

    • 27. Video tips for all cameras


About This Class

The number of Digital Nomads are growing each year and most of them choose Asia as a region to start their journey or continue their journey. Greg Hung is taught by 7 year Digital Nomad Videographer who started his journey on a working holiday to Taipei Taiwan in 2013. This class is designed to give you essential information for popular and overlooked destinations to help prepare you for your journey. Some of the destinations include Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand (Chiang Mai, Bangkok, and Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Penang). It's also designed to give you an introduction to content creation (video, audio) and marketing as foundational skills to freelance or build up content on different social media platforms.


1. Digital nomad in Asia Promo: Hi, My name is Greg Hung, and welcome to the digital Nomad in Asia. Course, this is gonna be a great resource. A very practical guide for those of you who want living guides for multiple destinations in Asia, from Taiwan to Thailand, Malaysia, Bali, Singapore, and really from Vancouver, Canada. So we're also gonna cover that too. But in addition to the living, guides were also going to cover the video content creation side of things as well as some Internet marketing, because that's my core set of skills. My journey started in 2011 when I decided Teoh leave my job after finishing my master's. And in 2013 I started a one year working holiday in Taiwan. And I did that for 2.5 years before coming to Thailand for three years and then discovered more off Southeast ages. So we're going to cover a lot in the living guides things like cost of living where you stay where you can meet people where you work, where can you stay fit and healthy so all of those things. But on the content creation side, you're gonna learn a bit about creating video regardless of the camera, whether it's a drone smartphone, Marylise camera SLR so you can do things like actually do videos, Rick clients. You could do video editing. Or you can also learn about audio and do things like create caucus. On the Internet marketing side, you're gonna learn things like how Teoh created manage websites s CEO, email, marketing, how to build a customer lists as well as how toe monitor the stats and the analytics off your website. So a lot packed in there and I've been doing this for over six years, So I'm or on the mature side, I've got a lot of experience, so I still value a little cost of living. But I also value comfort. So for those of you who do look for more than just little cost of living, you'll get a lot out of this. And if you want to learn some core skills on content creation, you're also going to enjoy this. So this sounds interesting. Please click the preview and hope to see you in the course 2. Complete Guide Cowork Spaces What to look For & how to Find them anywhere2: Okay, great. So they have been working quite some time. Ankle working space. You seems like you always being able to find the right fit for herself. So what keeps forgetting a right coworking space? Some tips are finding the right court space. Are Google Maps search? Define where the court spaces are. Then you can do a deeper dive. You can also look at corker dot com. They've got a really good directory. Looking dot com coworker dot com cool record dot com. Yeah, and then, actually, other other members, they leave reviews. Actually, sometimes they don't. You can read the reviews and then a recommend. Okay, take a look at the photos, the location. And if you like a book, a tour, take a look at the space and, um, yeah, if you like it, then you can try. Try the membership. There's in Malaysia. They have the free corps work days on the first Thursday of the month. Yes, Andi, some cork spaces have free day passes on coworker dot com. And, uh, yeah, I mean, we're talking about, you know? I mean, there's a lot of things to look for. What do you like? What her what's important for you in a court space. It's important for me. It's very much on the comedy side, like whether for me, Coworking spaces very border on the committee building part. So it is a coworking space that gave me the feeling that there core progress are really connecting to each other. You know, people are really hanging out having some social time aside from where, and people can collaborate each other s. So if there are a curated space and fast ligations to allow that to happen, that's usually my first most important factor in deciding for good co working space. Okay, How are you? Yeah, that's important as well. But some spaces air just, you know, it's like a cork space. And, uh, I mean, there's one. I worked in a Kuala poor, and it's 24 7 Yeah, and, uh, yeah, I just didn't have a lot of that social aspect. They had the drinks, the beers in the fridge after Friday's. So I thought it's gonna be some of the North American culture. Have some drinks after work, meet people, but it just ended up people taking free beer from the fridge and going back to the desk. Like getting a beer and like rigging? Yeah, okay. Or just keeping to their teams because the space had a lot of local start up local startups . And I'm looking, uh, meet other people outside of my group. So that's something I didn't find. I'm finding finding it harder in fallen for a cat. I know they had some events, but that was also a little bit tough to meet the locals. I don't know what your opinion is on that as a local, it's Yeah. So, like the local are, like, really friendly, uh, is just that you may take some time to really gold proactively talk any shit conversation, and after a little while with a woman up, then you will be like, great and can hang out and all those things. But off course, it would be even better. If in the coworking space are comedy manager, they are proactively fascinating. The process. It would definitely make it easier for people to open up, share ideas, get connected and be really like friends for lifelong connections like us. Yeah. I mean, yeah, that's actually good points. Some community managers there, just like focus on running the space. So I'm glad you brought up that point about the community social. There's one space that I'll say is excellent at that. It's dodo in Bali. Yeah, it's run by an Australian and they have a lot of social events like drinks out the work of the beach and also workshops and, like speed dating not just for dating, but for networking. So, yeah, I mean, that was really nice to see that pun space in China. My They have a lot of different types of events, like beers after work. I remember they had one event by fiver. They basically just stuff beers and food in the fridge. Gave away free T shirts. No, no boring talk. Just that's it. And people are still talking about that even today, like some of these events, like you have Teoh, you know, listen to some dry talk by the sponsor, and, you know, then maybe you'll get some time to mingle. Yeah, uh, that's true. Says there's one important factor to take into account for Looks like it's for me and for you to like Community site. Yeah, Anything else that you look for in what makes a good co rigging space for you. Yeah. Good question. So, first of all, you need to productive space. So good desk at the right height. Or maybe it's a standing desk like Teoh. Stand good. Comfortable office chair with good back supports. Yep. Yeah, These meeting room shares a probably not the best for long term, but you're a shot meeting. It's great. Yeah, a short meeting. And I mean, the back back rest is not high enough. Not adjustable. Yeah. I mean, so being aware that fast Internet speed, right temperature, not too much noise, having extra things like three water, good toilets. Having a kitchen to put your food in the micro ways, right? Like all these things add up so you could just focus on your work, you know, wasting time hunting around for your essentials. That's that's one of the reasons why I think cafe. You know, some people for cafes Some people prefer working from home and cork space and good cork space should provide, like those essential things, I think, as a baseline as a starting point. And then, you know, there's extras like having a rooftop, which this place has. It has not room in the other location in a cafe in the actual space. So you got options for food? If it's raining heavily, your You know, I just want to say time to scrap something from there. Yeah. And, uh, yeah, I've got a long fishy like having lockers is nice. They have staff. Keep your stuff if you have lost stuff. Or maybe if you go trouble, we can keep your essential stuff here. Good co work spaces are secure. They have multiple layers of security. Maybe it's the, you know, we need security, even get on the elevator to get on the floor, having like, swipe passes to get into the space and then having a physical walk on the locker So you have multiple levels of security. So you're comfortable leaving your laptop or your your stuff in there And, uh, yeah, Skype rooms are important for phone calls. Skype rooms of a sea that air comfortable. You don't feel like you're in a box. Extras like having table tennis or foosball being nice. You don't You don't really need them. But I mean, everyone's good to have. Yeah, Good to have a meeting. Rooms are important. This is a long list and then were talking earlier about vibe and soul and culture energy like the X factor. The X factor, right? You don't know until you actually worked there for a while. I feel it. Yeah. So it's good you have mentioned you're such a experts in coworking and defining your trackless does have mentioned for, I guess, close to about 20. You know, I those that needs to be on your checklist and they got, like, a Google wicking space and so on. Yeah, thanks. Is anything that you think it's important all of this to anything like personally for grow cells? Yeah. Actually, two more. I have to have this list because yeah, this just is easy to forget. Some points, so natural daylight is important. Oh, that's true. Is like puts puts me in a good mood on the inspirational And, yes, some spaces air in a basement. It's quite dark. And as a digital nomad, flexible payment plans are important. Like, for example, this space has 100 our plan. Yeah, so you can just work when you want and is valid for six months for six months and you view so that plan is 340 year in. Yeah, yeah, yeah, But if you top up to 400 then you can work at any of the locations that happen. The cities Nice. That's a virus. Locations, right? Yeah. In the ICO City book have been tongue. I think they have some central kale central and kids room here. But you can do hot desks or fixed. Ask some cork spaces will just give you, like 24 7 Access for 400. Ring it. No deposit requires some of these cork spaces require one year commitment. So that's why I think the flexibility is important. It's true. Yeah, yeah, about used any of the other things you think are important or core exists. Yeah, I mentioned the first thing is the community and the second thing, as you see it, is really the comfort off the space. Yeah, like if it's a comfortable space, you were ableto really focus and be productive because that's the whole point off co work space because you need to be productive. That's why you're not working from home or like not breaking in the fix office. That cool experience are supposed to give you the calf comfort. Yeah. So comfort. It's very important for me to double see comedy and comfort. Okay, last point out. I just to finish us off his location. So having a cork space that's easy to get to. Usually those air that if there's trains in the city, the space is pretty close to the train. It's close to a shopping mall seeking. Do you grow through shopping after go eats? Yeah. So it's just just convenient to make your life easier. Yep. But accessibly be like how the location is accessible to all the other things around. Yeah. Great. Yeah. I think that's, like, covers a look. Yeah, that's carried a unit. Yeah, right. 3. Digital Nomad in Asia Slow Travel: talk about slow travel and Nomad is, um, basically the nomad in digital No man and no, whether it's positive or negative. Four. Digital Menzer entrepreneurs now the term digital nomad. I know a lot of people in the community who do not like that term. I don't like it, but it's catchy. And I recently saw an article explaining that the nomad side off the term digital nomad It's actually not a very good idea as someone who's starting out of business. And I like to call this slow travel. I like to promote slow travel to October's that air starting out and let's get into some of the reasons why excessive trouble. It is costly if you're taking taxis to the airports, finding new accommodation, spending time, figuring out where you do your routine things like where to eat. How do you do your laundry? Where to meet people. You're spending a lot of extra time and energy, and you're usually spending more money, you know, because you don't have all that local insider information, which is counterproductive. If you're trying Teoh, you know, get get your business off the ground on you so you can quickly see that you know, you have to cost in the travel. Maybe it's every week or every two weeks that, you know, costly packing, you know, packing your stuff and going to the airport and, you know, changing money. All these things are friction. I do believe that, You know, once in a while I would say, you know, every couple of months, every three months, maybe every six months. It's good to take a side trip. Maybe it's for a visa run. Maybe it's for business trip, maybe for some other reason. Now, if you're in Thailand, you're familiar with the cost of a visa. Run for your visa will expire or run out. And then you have to go to another country and come back. Malaysia, you get a longer period. Stay here. If you're just coming on a visit, most Western countries will get 90 days, which is, I believe, sufficient time to suddenly get set up. No final call workspace have meaningful relationships are more solid relationships than just people that you're just meeting and then they're leaving. And, uh, yeah, getting into routine work and exercise. You can no best places to shop for your groceries. to go, Where to eat. So you just end up spending less energy on making decisions so you can spend more time on your business. And that's where the whole idea of being in visual nomad, where there's an expectation that you have to costing the or frequently travel to live this lifestyle on. I'm here to say that I've been doing this lifestyle since 2013 where the first I would say first year, because it was on a working holiday where I didn't have to travel outside of Taiwan and it was great. But then when I came to Thailand, then at be more mobile, which in the first year was exciting, interesting to video different countries. But after the first year in Thailand and got a bit tiring, you know, especially if you're accumulating stuff like laptop big back. You got a camera tripod. You got a drone, maybe other stuff. It becomes toward too costly pack. Unpack and you'll find the place exchange money. So hopefully you get the idea why, Uh, costs and travel is not a good idea. If you're just trying to focus on your business, what is a good idea is getting things for productivity. Maybe it's a keyboard. Proper gear to foam. Great video. That's what you do. Maybe you need a monitor to make it easier to work. Maybe you need to get a core workspace membership where you can have a proper environment to get your work done to have the resources that you need. Internet. You know, good deaths. That's to work from. Maybe you need. You know you want to do sports like I do tennis. Maybe you want to buy a proper shoes. I know a lot of digital mats that have the bare minimum because they're trying to fit everything in their backpack and they can't. I need a normal life. They only have maybe one pair of shoes and sandals. So slow travel. Think about it. It does. You know it gives you more of an opportunity, not only focus on your business, but to get to know the culture better, have better relationships and get a routine 4. Digital Nomad in Asia Where to Work: I'm gonna talk about a popular topic today, and, you know, it's very popular amongst Asian moments. Where you gonna work today? It's a calling message. I'll get him a Facebook messenger from my friends. We're gonna work today, and, you know, it's just something that comes up a lot because, you know, Internet offers have the choice. You can work from everyone you can work from home from cafe, coffee shop, work from suing pool. But if you're focusing on productivity, I believe it's good to have a home office where you can just get some things done as a video. For sometimes they just want to have my camera set up. I want to have a controlled environment, and I don't wanna have to cost the move stuff around, got my monitor set up my hard drives on. You know, I've got all my wires plugged in and stuff, and I don't wanna take that out every single day just so I can go to a cafe. So either have, like base where you've got all your gear, your computer stuff set up, whether that's home, maybe but a fixed office or fixed desk on, then you can go to a cafe if you need a break or just want to have a coffee, just work outside and different environment. Kathy is good for short term, but not very good for productivity. Now tell you want having that loud music and you know noise from people. Talking is normal for cafe, and you're also going to need to go the toilet eventually. And you know, sometimes you don't just leave your stuff there at a co work space, you've got your toilet, their essentials. You're a C WiFi water taking care of so you can focus, You know, just doing your work on that's going to improve your overall productivity. And I know that sometimes in some cities that cork spaces are luxury on, I often find myself thinking, Am I gonna work from home or co work space? So there's a lot of benefits to working in a co work space other than the actual space. To improve your productivity, you can meet people rather than just working isolation a home. So it's a good chance for networking as well meet locals to meet other business owners, etcetera 5. Digital Nomad in Asia Most Useful Apps: talk about some of the most useful APS for digital minutes. And, uh, yeah, let's get started 1st 1 is speed test. This is good. If you want a toe, measure the WiFi download and upload speeds, and it keeps the score off the results if you want to share it with other people or you want to look back. These days in Malaysia and Thailand, speeds are consistently high. I'm talking about 20 megabits per second, upload and download speeds 20 megabits or higher. But I mean some places or some cafes is inconsistent, so speed tests is a great up. Transferwise is another useful meet by the owners of Skype. So this is really great for transferring money from the Internet or online to your local bank if you have one. I know a lot of people that have a bank in Thailand, and they transfer money from PayPal to tie bank with a minimal loss from, you know, from, uh, you know, changing money from one currency to another and is very fast, So transferwise the other one would be XY currency. So this is the app that I use If I want to check prices in my home currency. Or I think you can put up to 6 to 8 different currencies, including Bitcoin on. You can see it really time. If you just punching any figure, you can see what that value is in the other current currencies Instantly. It can also use the calculator so super useful out. Another one I recommend is grab and uses, too. Get around in Southeast Asia very quickly can order food, and you can even use it to pay other businesses. Or you can give value to other people. You can give them grant money, like meet up for many people. Airbnb. We're looking for accommodation. Google map is good for navigating, but also for looking for restaurants or businesses in a particular area that you put your location in. Google docks on legal sheets are very useful for working, you know, from multiple computers. Sometimes I work from computers at a cork space That's not mine, but I can pull up my documents even if I'm you know I'm not on my computer. I switched from a mat to follow a laptop, but that transition was seamless. Not seamless was made easier because I started using things like Google dogs will sheets These air cloud apps speaking off cloud APS, Google Drive Dropbox are very useful, especially for for me. And then you are for I store a lot of large files, and I also need to share them with other people. But I'm doing fine work when I'm sharing footage or backing up mine digital assets like online courses and with a lot of cloud APS. They have an app on your mobile so you can access them. Maybe you can pull up document if you just need to refer or share something with someone that's very powerful, allows you to be productive on more productive on the go. One less apple share with you is meet up or couch surfing or tender. I mean the their social ops. Good for being people in different cities. If you want, you know, connect with other people. You don't know anyone. These ups can make it easier to make some new friends in the foreign country 6. Digital Nomad Tips for Malaysia Pt 1: So what are some essential tips for Malaysia? My tips here are mostly gonna be for fall along for but these are also applicable to other locations in Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia would be second choice, I would say And quality poor is my main choice, mainly because it's a larger city is more things to do. There's more co work spaces on, uh, more opportunities. So getting into Kuala Lumpur is very easy through AirAsia, its headquarters off their ages. So it's a really good travel hub. And once you get to the airport, first thing you're gonna probably think about is your SIM card. So recommendation on some card is to get DJ that's got a yellow logo, and it's the same price if you get it from the airport versus getting it in the city. So just get it from the airport. You're gonna need it to get a grab. Toxie did you plan is about 60 to 70 ring and it varies all the time, but generally between 60 and 70. Bring it and you'll get about 15 gigabytes for that. And then you also get free data during 1 p.m. And 7 p.m. Something like that, and then you get free data after midnight as well. And if it really get called DJ that they can help you set up, use it to monitor my usage. I never go over the 15 gigabytes, and the coverage is pretty good, and speed is for G, so pretty happy with that. There's a lot of other providers, and you're free to choose which everyone you want. But whenever you decide to do, it's a very good idea to get some car because then you can take advantage off the car sharing APS like Grab You couldn't take advantage of ordering food and purchasing stuff through Got pain. Malaysia is a very friendly country, more so than others, so I would definitely recommend getting your SIM card. Next. You're gonna You're probably gonna want to use a taxi or gets a city. Somehow, I just usually use Grab taxi. But there's an option to take the train from the airport to central, but the train is usually just a little bit less. Maybe 10 to 15. Bring it less than taking. I grab taxi door to door, so I just choose to grab taxi because I have a lot of stuff is usually a long journey, and a rather just paid, you know, the extra 10 15. Ring it just to get straight to the door. And, yeah, that's it. Within the city, I use grab taxi to get around wherever I can. But as you'll see as I talked about lifestyle design, I think it's a good idea to kick yourself in the area where you have access to one of the train systems or you can walk to get around. And they've even started to introduce the new system with the scooters or razors. Whatever you want to call them, Teoh get around for short distances, and they haven't up for that as well. Full import is very walkable, especially if you're in downtown is well paved sidewalks that you can walk from your condo to the grocery store or the malls. And that's another reason why I like Kale. Ah, order some other essentials here. Where can you stay? Which areas you can stay in high confined accommodation? I recommend KLCC, which is downtown near the Petronas Towers. Lots of shopping malls here easy get around, Very walkable on. They have a lot of train lines tends to be a bit more expensive, but you do get a lot of convenience here. There's a lot of co work spaces as well located downtown. Another area that's popular with expats and visual no mats is called Bukit Bentong on the areas where the nightlife is located, where some entertainment is, and it's fairly central because it's not quite in KLCC, but it's just outside. But there other suburbs like Bangsar like dams era Now these. If you're locating, book it by tongue, you're sort of in the middle. You can get to pretty much wherever you want, pretty easily now. I've lived in book up and talk before a state of the building. Call CASS a residency. There's another building there called the Robertson. There's not a lot of options to eat there a lot of grocery stores, but it's not too far away from the entertainment. So not a bad choice. The Bukit Bintang, another area you can consider is Bangsar. That's another area that's about 15 and 20 minutes outside of KLCC. Quite convenient form or show lifestyle. If you have a family or you're a couple and you just I want to go out to eat. You don't want a lot of chaos. It's a little bit more settled and quiet in the residential area. Bangsar, there's a large yoga seen. They're very easy to find healthy things that eats lots of Indian food on its well connected by train. Other areas you might want to consider our marquee era or dams era. So for now, there baby seems to be the best and easiest place to find short term accommodation. It is a bit cheaper once you can get a contact of your Airbnb hosts, usually through what's up. It's very what's up friendly here, and you can negotiate something between you and your hosts. You can expect to pay about 2500 to 3000 ringing or something nice and comfortable on. Now, if you're being confused by all these foreign amounts and you want to convert to your home currency, I recommend getting the X e currency up. But yeah, getting back to theatre combination. There's other sites like I property, but then you have to go through a real estate agent. So for now, Airbnb to start off and then you can get a contact of someone who owns department and then negotiate something between yourself was talking about getting around with the trains. Here there are two main lines here, or three main lines, actually, for the for lines. The trains there could be confusing. But the Al RT is one of the main lines and they have stations at KLCC and through that train line you can get to central, which is one of the central areas of fallen poor, which connects to all pretty much all the other train lines. If you take the airport train, you will end up going to Central. So central is also actually very convenient area to stay. It's also close to Bangsar and, uh, the other train line that's popular if you're living in downtown, is called the Monorail. So from the monorail you can connect through downtown and get to Bukit Bintang. You can get to other areas like Titty Wong's up there. They're getting a little bit further out and it takes some time to get used to some of the other areas. But just know that there are two main lines here Monorail and the LRT. There is another train line, the MRT that is still developing. It's very new on they're still building more stations. Now you can connect to the MRT, Adds Boquete. Bento on that will take you to some of Mawr, the popular suburb areas like T d d I. There's gonna be a Eric All the pavilion damaged zero, I believe. And you can get to some really interesting areas by taking the MRT. I'm not super familiar with it, but it is developing train line and it is fairly new, more newer than the LRT on very spacious and comfortable, very new stations. So a lot of ways do you get around here Actually, most popular with him. Getting around for locals is driving cars. There are some areas where you just need Teoh have a car to get around things like, if you want to get to Genting Highline Zor EPO. Yeah, you won't need a car. I haven't driven here yet, but there are services are apse where you can actually hire car APs like to ups are go car or so car. Actually, the building I stay. They have go cars that you can just take out. They have designated spots for these cars and you can actually hire them and take them around. I don't know too much information on it, but they do promote that. You can drive these cars to the airport and for about 35 bring it, which is the price of taking grab taxi so that that's, uh, those on the mean public transport options in the city. There is a local bus. I'm not two from Larry with it, but I do recommend getting a card they have A. Every city seems to have a transport card that you can load up with value, and you could just tap to get on and get off. It works at a lot of the train stations, the monorail LRT, I think MRT and can even use this card to pay for things that some restaurants and convenience stores. 7. DnomadsAsia2 Most Important Advice: this video, I'm going to share one of the most important pieces off advice I can share for any type of business owner or entrepreneur on NASA Crate website Ah website has allow me as a videographer to get New Clynes from around the world. It's also allowed me to share my content things like video tips or actually promoting some of my products as well as my videos. So it's all my products. Are the video editor sharpening plugging? So this is an add on to the popular video editing program Final Cut Pro X. So I saw that product through my website. Customers confined me on Google because the website is Google friendly and people can search for things like videographer in Taiwan and also find me so you can apply not to other types of businesses. If you don't have a website, then people can't find you. And most people are looking for things on Google these days. So, uh, I made an investment to build my website back in 2011 on WordPress, and at the time I wasn't exactly sure why War press is Skip for 2019 on. I could say it was a great choice because we're presses easy to use and manage. I hired a team to build up for me. Spend quite a bit of money to get it created and Brandon on, design it the way I like. But after that, being able to update my own content, my own posts and, uh, design it the way I want to and add upgrades along the way, I've been able to do that, almost all of it on my own. Some other tips for creating a website are look at a very good hosts I originally use Go Daddy, and then I switched to psych ground because off, mainly because of the speed that it took to to load my side, it was a lot faster on site ground. Then go, Daddy. You can also add plugging so plug ins, our upgrades to your site that give it extra functionality. Some things that I've done to my website is at a theme, so a theme gives it a completely different look and enhance feel on top of the base WordPress platform. So the theme I use is called Cardinal. I'll put a link to it in the lesson or the video and you can head over to she playoff productions, all calm. You can take a look at it and see what I've done on some of my pages. I've created what we call a lining page, so this is a very pretty page with an objective in mind. And that's to get someone to leave their contact information, and in exchange, the person leaves. Their contact info will get something that might be my video gear kit for 2019 or might be some free footage. So by doing this, it allows me to build a customer lis. Some of the main pages I recommend are about, so this explains about a bit about your company. Your story. You can also have what we call resource page on the resource page. You can recommend things that you use so as a video for I put some my top video gurus that I learned from, I put where electrifying music also put other video resources as well as links to my own like horses that teach video so you can have a resource page. I also have a portfolio page, so if you're any type of artists, you can show samples of your work. Also, if you've done work for companies, you can put that there, too. But the most important page on my website is the contact. So this is a form where people can leave their email phone number as well as, ah, description of what they're looking for. And people can contact me for a quote. So yes, so having a website has been one of the best decisions for my business, for getting your clients and for people to find me. It's always gonna be your hub that you own on Internet course. There's other social media platforms like YouTube or Instagram. But those are platforms that are owned by other companies that can change, uh, any at any time, actually. So, um, the other thing I would recommend that I won't dive into right now is to build an email lous, so that's get collect email dresses, and you can do that through your website and they go hand in hand. So in the next video, we will talk about email marketing and why should do it and a whole lot more 8. Digital Nomad in Asia Most Useful Tools: this video, I'm gonna share useful tools for digital men's. I am a videographer, so it's gonna be more focused on the creator side of things. But I think these are applicable to most these moments. First thing I would say is to get a powerful smartphone with at least to some parts, lots unlocked, some card slots and things. Because today these tools are so essential for navigation for doing somewhere. Checking your email on using the Apse Cloud Drive, Google Doc Strong box. I watch a lot of YouTube on here, and the phones are getting more powerful. You can check your banking. You can transfer money and take a lot of photos with these things. So I'm using a shell. Me read me five. But there's a lot of current generation phones that are very good. So Bergen Investments essential for a vision. No men. I recommend getting a decent camera. So, like SLR or wireless camera or Lisa Gimbel for your phone. You don't need something like this. But if you have a decent camera, what you can do is YouTube. You can flog. You can create courses where you can take amazing photos if you haven't SLR or mere lists. You can take photos and video, and they're only getting more powerful. S Lars and SLR Zamir List cameras have interchangeable lenses so you can expand and upgrade as your budget increases. Now, if you have a camera, good compliments to that is to get a good microphone so you can get a shotgun microphone for this, or you can get an external recorder. This allows you to improve the audio quality off your videos. Also good to get is, you know, great laptop Laptop is essential tool of additional nomad. And as a videographer, I've got one with 16 gigabytes of RAM. Dedicated graphics card. Powerful processor. Core I seven. It's Jen. Well, I think it's deal quad core powerful enough to do video editing but very light and four K resolution on the screen on Yeah, it's very light, lightened powerful. But you know, I know some desert nomads have mackerel care, and that's enough because they knew mostly affiliate marketing or CEO. But whenever you get get, get a computer that's powerful enough for you, I would definitely not get a desktop. Also useful have, you know, accessories like external hard drives Teoh store your videos. Video content have the issue my cable to connect to a larger screen. Have a good pair of headphones to listen, your music or video editing. And if you have a good external mike or USB microphone like a blue Yeni or snowball, I have a H five Zuma quarter. You can do things like podcasts or voice overs on your computer on a more rounded off with having a good backpack. So what's a good backpack for additional men? Something that has enough space to store all your stuff? Laptop camera wires. But it also protects your laptop. It's got enough questioning that patting that protects your law. Waterproofing is very good, especially in some countries where it rains lot. It should have enough protection. That's impact proof on If you have camera stuff, it should have stuff area to store your lenses or Velcro attachments, where you can adjust it according to the equipment that you have. It's also good to have ah, bag that has compartment. You can put a water bottle or tripod. Nice to have compartments where you can easily access your camera backpack. That's comfortable. This'd Chinese one Surroi I also have another. This backpack here is used for international travel. I also have a deep packets. Ah, man, Photo streetwalker. Very good for just going out to a cafe. You know, going out for the day. It's very light and waterproof. So those are my tips for the digital man off today. If you're Craner, you may have mawr additional equipments like a gimbal second film. Super smooth video or drones looking at aerial footage. Especially if you're into YouTube or Instagram. I'm wearing a laugh, Mike. Right now, this laws me to talk wirelessly, you know, just gives him more freedom. And, uh, I have other things. Like Andy filters to allow me toe film cinematic footage in the daytime when it's super brights. I've got, uh, shocking microphones. Right. Camera, etcetera, tripods, lighting on. Uh, yeah, I could go on and on. We found the useful tools I've shared with you. Helpful for use digital 9. Lifestyle Design in Malaysia: I want to introduce you to the concept off lifestyle design Life sound Zain is basically planning and designing your life so you're optimizing for work productivity. So this is aimed at entrepreneurs or digital nomads. You know, whoever wants to focus her time on building wealth on their business and reducing any friction that may be in the way, I feel some basic ideas or concepts behind this is you wanna have your business life, your office space, your area where you work out or do your fitness and where you live as close as possible. So I like to try to have it all under one roof. So work, play live, eat and exercise under one roof on call on pours at one of those cities where it's actually possible. We choose the right building. You can get the building with on apartment. A lot of them do have spaces that you could actually work at casually. Do you have really nice swimming pools and gyms? Then you can use as your main place for fitness, and some of them have laundry. Hopefully, you've got apartment with where you can do your laundry for and ah, convenience store where you can buy essentials like your water and maybe some fruits, snacks, things like that. But by having everything under one roof, you can basically spend the whole day in one building, which can be positive or negative or not. But I believe that if you're trying to focus on your business, you want to reduce your time to get between places. Things like you know, going out grocery shopping or going out to eat or doing the washing can really eat up your time. Take away time from focusing on your business. So, uh, to get more specific, you confined buildings like summer sweeps where I'm staying and has a court space in this building on the second floor, and it's 24 7 So I'm actually filming this from the court space now, but I also stay in this building, so it makes for me transporting my equipment very quick on is located very close to the public trains, the LRT and monorail. It's got a convenience store. No, actually, in a grocery store as well, where he could buy things essentials. The rooms come with washing machines. They've got a nice gym and pool here on Um, yeah, it's really saving me a lot of time because Fallout four is one of those cities with a lot of car traffic. And during the rush hours, you can really waste a lot of time in your car, and you can apply the same concept off. Lifestyle, lifestyle, design, two other locations that you live in but some cities. It's a lot easier to do it than others, so fallen four is one of those areas, So look for an Airbnb that has a lot of what you would need and look for under one roof. 10. Digital Nomad in Asia Where to meet people in KL: Okay, we're gonna talk about working. You meet some people in fall on four. Maybe it's partner. Maybe it's just friends. Sadly, I have to see Thailand check my back. Hawk are better places to meet people. Unfortunately, it's just what I've experienced living here for six months. But let me give you some options. I would recommend joining a co work space. Some good options are common ground. They have a chain of co work spaces in the city. They have a lot of events. That's one way you could mean some locals or foreigners. One advantage with Malaysia's that locals. You speak English. So there's opportunity to connect with local people, not just with foreigners like in Chiang Mai, Bangkok. You can also meet people through meetups. One of my favorite meetups in Kuala for is called the Beer Club Meat on Fridays and book about tongue for years. Very social, casual and welcoming. There's also the expect group Inter nations. Sometimes you have to pay sometimes that free events. The events could be a mixed bag, depending on top of eventual events and location. But it's there. They do have a lot of events, so you can check out inter nations is also CouchSurfing. But I've had a bad experience there, but you know it is an option. There's also Provo, which is a app to meet. People play sports with, and I used to be people that a play tennis with and it actually works. So robo r o v o you can use to meet tennis partners. And I think other different types of sports now. One more option I wanted to share is called drink Entrepreneur. So this is a monthly event where you can go to venue. You can buy a ticket. It's not too expensive and just drinking mingle. Meet people from different industries, different backgrounds, foreigners. Locals also find some of the court spaces, like common ground and work. W o r cute. They have events in the they have start up events where you can learn the topic and then, after there's a chance to network and mingle. W O. R. Q is the work, and they have multiple locations. So I find that something that's positive away to meet local and foreigner entrepreneurs on as more and more courts bases open up, hopefully they'll beam or network events around the city Some options for you. Dio, meet some friends of people I will share. You know, for people looking for partners, you can look on tinder. I did find someone that I met there that I'm currently with. Had some luck with it. So tender is an option. You can also just Yeah. Yeah, I think this it's in here. 11. Dnomads why you need a customer list: Okay, this video, we're going to talk about email marketing. Why should do it? How you could do it as well as some of the tools that I use. So email marketing is basically collecting contact information off potential customers. Why you would want to do it is because when you're selling a product, sometimes people aren't ready to buy right away. For example, if you're in a shopping store and someone offers you those free candy free biscuits, free samples and they're free, you might want to try them. And then once you try it, then we actually may think, Hey, these dried mangoes are pretty delicious. Maybe I'll just get a pocket and in a way that serve the idea off building the customer lists because in the future, people may be interested in once you have to sell or some of the services that you have. But, um, yeah, so if you think of it as what I learned in Chiang Mai is that the idea of a sales funnel were at the top, people don't know you there on the Internet, and it takes time for people to get to trust you to learn about what you do, and then as they get to know you better than to get further down this funnel or some people may not be interested, and they may just decide to unsubscribe. And, um, you may not hear from them again, But for some people that are interested in you what you do, the more emails they read, the more videos air content that they see to go further down the funnel and eventually they may become customers. So what do we do with those emails while you can collect them on, um, a platform or service that allows you to do things like have, ah, subscriber lists? And with this subscriber list, you can send a series of emails at that are those people are interested in. For example, I collect a subscriber list on people that want free stock footage, so I give them some free stock footage clips in exchange for their contact information. But some people are interested in learning about video. They're not interested in stop British clips, so I have another list for that. So I have different lists of people based on services and products. That offer and I sent out a series of automated e mails And, uh so these emails, but be Hey, thanks for downloading my free crow clips on Malaysia. Hope you enjoyed them. If you're interested in mawr of these clips and would you want a discount, you can click over here If you're interested in our clips on Bali, stay tuned. We're gonna send it out through email next week, something like that. So these emails are all automated, and I use the platform called Convert Kit. I'll put a link to it below, So I pay for this service because I have over 1000 subscribers. But if you have under, you can pay less. But if you're just starting out, you can use a platform called Neil Chimp. It's free and ah yeah, it allows you to start the process of collecting emails. You can design forms, so forms have different feels like your name phone number email address that you can embed on your WordPress website or whatever you use for your website to start collecting those email addresses. So I recommend getting started as soon as you can, but you will need a website to do this and slow. I would say the first priority when you're starting out, your business is to get a website, definitely one website and whatever skill skill set you have, you know, focus on content on that website, but you wanna have forms on your post on your website to start collecting customer contact information. 12. Working Holiday get first client: Okay, Uh, during the presentation, someone asked me How would you get your first client? So I wanted to answer that directly. Of course, there's more than one way s. So let's get started. So the first suggestion I would have is you definitely need to know your stuff in terms off how to shoot great video, great audio and start to build up your portfolio because that portfolio is gonna be important to show people that they can trust you, that you can do the job and you can talk all you want. But nothing speaks more than actually seeing your video work. So to do a portfolio, it helps to have a website. But if you don't, you can use something or platform, like Vigna or YouTube. And once you have your portfolio built up, you may want to approach businesses. For example, I enjoy going for drinks and bars and craft beer and upscale lounges, so my very first client was in Taiwan. After I built up my portfolio, I would actually message them from their website and call them and just ask to speak to their marketing manager or manager if they don't have marketing manager and see if they're interested in the video and just introduce yourself and send them a link. Asked if there's a way you can send your video portfolio to them and start from there. It's also important to build up your social media network on Facebook and Lincoln and brand yourself as the videographer when people think all of you, they should think off. Video video Guy, drone videographer, video editor. So even though video is a broad category, I mean there's different niches. You could become the 3 60 video person, the drone videography person, which I branded myself as, or I know some people that specialize in video editing. If you're looking to build your portfolio, you can start off by working for free or, you know, charging very low rates So some low rates could be, you know, 20 bucks an hour for video editing. Ah, job YouTube video and you can get referrals. Asked for a testimonial from the customer if they're happy, put that on your websites and put their name and and um, link to their website s O that people know that you've had previous clients and as you build up your customer base over time, and you get larger names like I've worked for Roche Pharmaceuticals Pain Year Intel, HP related events. Put those locals on your website so that people know that you're you've done larger scale video projects for corporate clients. And, yes, start from there, Build momentum. Uh, continue to build your portfolio. Published it on YouTube, and other opportunities will come up when you put your stuff out there. It could be freelance videos. It could be commissioned footage where you're flying to a location or wherever you are, and getting certain types off video footage that a company doesn't want to travel there with their own team to provide. It would be cheaper for them for you to film it and then send it through the Internet. So I hope that helps you in terms off building up your first clients. I know the beginning. You may not have a lot of funds to invest in gear, and, um, you know, you can do things like rents, or you can get lower costs cameras that are still pretty good but have less features. Some examples of that are the Canon five D mark three, which is a good camera that can film HD, but it lacks some of the features that are available today, like a built in camera body stabilization. You don't need that stuff to build a portfolio. In the beginning, you can also get AH, cameras like the Sony 6500 a Marylise camera. It can film four K as well does over sheet filming four K for a long time. But that doesn't matter when you're trying to build up your portfolio. Okay, so I hope those suggestions help outs when you're trying to land your first clients. 13. Working Holiday - Having a Base and Top Locations To Visit.: we're going to talk about some of the top locations I believe are ideal as a content creator as a trouble videographer. And I'm gonna talk of difference. I'm gonna talk about the difference between having a base versus visiting or going on a visa run or going on a work trip or photography trip so basis somewhere that you're going to stay for one month to a year somewhere. You can get comfortable, get settled in and take care of your basic and essential needs, like some card building support network of friends. Maybe if you're single, maybe you could meet a partner. You know, get to know some of the local people get to know the culture, not just looking for places to take footage of landmarks. Stay for a few days in the It's gonna be better for your productivity if you have a base and some countries, it's a lot easier to do that than others. So with that in mind, let's get into some top places to stop your base versus visit. Uh, so obviously I'll start with Chiang Mai, Thailand. Um, I'm here right now. Low cost of living grade weather. Most of the air except for the burning season from February to May. Best times are November to January. The support network of entrepreneurs here. Um, yeah, the resources are great Internet speeds and coric spaces, So Chiang Mai times a good spot. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, or panang Malaysia are also very good bases. The locals speak English, their diversity in terms of culture and food. And there's also good resources there. It's also low cost of living a bit more expensive than Thailand. But you get what you pay for is the golden rule in Asia? I think so. I just flew into my nose there. Malaysia will be a bit more comfortable if you're further along on your entrepreneurial journey place. Like Chimei, Thailand is ideal. If you're first starting out, you need some support network. You need the lower costs, the ease of finding accommodation. Another good spot is Bangkok, Thailand. The big city has a lot of the similarities off Chiang Mai. In terms of culture, things like lower costs, but it is gonna be a lot faster pace larger of a city a little bit harder to stay. Get yourself established, so I recommend trying line before Bangkok Danang, Vietnam is another recommendation that I have. You've got a beach. You've got low costs, good Internet infrastructure and co work spaces and delicious Vietnamese food, and is very cheap to travel from With in Vietnam wants your they're using their local airline via chat area. You can go to places like Hanoi or Saigon, which I've created videos and blocks for. But denying really surprised me because it's such a beautiful and safe beach and Internet speeds were incredible, so denying is definitely on my list. Some good places. The visits include Taiwan. Go to Taipei, Taiwan or Bali. Bali is a very beautiful destination, very exotic. Um, not my first choice for setting up a base, but it has a lot of beautiful scenery and low cost as well. So Bali, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan. They're all very pretty, low cost once here in Asia, but nice for visiting, not for setting up a long term base if you're starting out. So I hope this helps you decide on where you can set up your base and knowing the difference between and location that's ideal for staying long term versus visiting 14. Do you Need to Travel to Start your Business: Hi. In this lesson, we're gonna talk about Why did I travel to begin my entrepreneurial journey, and why would you need to do that as well? The first thing I would say is, I think you need the right environment, the right infrastructure. And as someone who's boost dropping, who's funding your first business? You need lower costs and countries like Canada or the United States or Australia. Developed countries often have very expensive start up costs. I mean, first you've got things like your accommodation. You're gonna need to build video content, build a website, and those things will take some time. So things like your rent, costs of food, just general living costs are going to be more expensive in the belt country. So it's a good idea to do it from countries like Thailand or Malaysia. I'll get into some of my favorite destinations later, but that's kind of the first point. Second point is that if you're gonna be doing travel videography, it's great to get diverse contents so you can get that from different destinations. Every country is gonna have different sites like Vietnam. You're going to see a lot of hustle and bustle different types of foods in Thailand, you're gonna see a lot of temples. You're going to see a lot of greenery. Um, a lot of Buddhist statues and Malaysia. You're going to see a lot of different foods, different cultures, Indian, Malay, Chinese and different landmarks. So, um, on the travel side, it's it's going to be cheaper to travel to different countries while you're in somewhere like Asia. You can get cheap flights for about 50 bucks from Thailand to Malaysia one way, and you can get even cheaper than that. So it allows you to build up your contact library at lower costs and scale of very quickly . The next point, I would say, is that it gives you whatever you, whatever it takes to get inspired and create contents, whether it's to create a video library or to do courses. Having some exotic scenery sometimes can motivate you to create content. And sometimes as an artist as a creator, that's what it takes to get that motivation. In 2019 countries like Malaysia, Vietnam and Malaysia have the infrastructure. They have things like court spaces there, fairly developed, it's safe. It's easy to get around through ridesharing ups like grab Taxi. You can use Airbnb for accommodation and the Internet speeds. Um, if you do Internet speed tests, they're actually, in some cases faster than Canada or Australia, believe it or not. So as a video creator, you're gonna need to upload a large video file. So that also works out to your advantage. Um, another point is, when you're starting out, it's good to have a support network. And I'm in China my tie line right now. And this is known as a hotbed for other digital nomads that are starting out coming from different countries and disciplines so you can get exposed to things like sales and marketing skills that you normally wouldn't be able to learn as easily from your home country. Um, yeah. It's also nice to just have support to meet others that are starting up their journey, or that our boots dropping or digital nomads as well that understand and relate to some of the struggles that you may have starting out. You know, your funding, everything. So you need to watch your costs and you need that hard work mentality, the grind, the hustle. So it really helps that you can feed off the energy off friends that you can meet easily in Chiang Mai. I've also found that there's more opportunities when I'm away from Canada. There's international companies that are looking to do things in Asia like videos or maybe raw footage that normally wouldn't be there. And as a 2019 the drone regulations in Canada or a lot more strict than they are in Asia. So being able to fly the drone has been a pivotal part of my business because it was unique , It stands out, and people love it for B roll on, Um, I think it's good to get away from destruction. Sometimes when you're home, you know you've got obligations. So sometimes, um, you know when your broad you're kind of forced to sink or swim type of mentality. So those are some of the points that I think it's a good idea to start out from abroad. Of course, if you do decide to come out, it's good to have some savings. It's good to have some traction in the form of a website that's possible to get your gear from home before you come out to a foreign country 15. Digital Nomad in Asia The Future: must be the last video for this chapter off the, uh, digital matte in Asia. I'm gonna cover some general strategies. And what I think is gonna be the maybe the future for digital nomads five or 10 years down the road. Some general strategies that a lot of digital Mintz can use to start off off off, which is used platforms. And that's what law digital mints aren't doing. Platforms like Amazon Kindle or Amazon api A, You know, to sell books or sell products, I use platforms like Demi and skill shirt to sell online courses on spa. Use the proper forms to start building some income on Hopefully that pop warm has a non exclusive model where you own the rights to a product that you created, of course, courses that I create. I've been selling the platforms, but I can also sell them on my own platform, my own school, my own website. And that's where I see many off the entrepreneurs maybe five years down the road, progressing to I see its strategy of building up your customer lists. Your email addresses are people that are interested in your business or your content that you can then maybe do things like salt products to them based on their inputs. Or you can eventually do workshops. Or you could do a webinar where they pay you for extra access to you, or maybe even do something like a talk to do a video summit or an S U summit. Something like that. So the way to do that is to start building up your email lists, and people typically do that by exchanging something for free in exchange for their contact information. So I give access to free courses. I give people free footage that are interested in my stock footage in exchange for the email address. And then once you're on my email list, I send them emails that will be interested in try to offer value like additional free footage and then eventually I try to sell them a subscription, and you can also try to sell them cheaper products. And, for example, I might have basic horse on stock footage, But then I may come up with the master class that has more work flows from, or agencies that I can sell them leader on. That's more more this master class would be more expensive or as a bull, a larger library of courses. I can sell the entire bundle to someone who just bought one course. So that's good stage. I'm I'm in trying to build up my list, trying to build up my YouTube following because my problem is video on. Maybe you have another type of platform, but I do believe it's good to build your falling and get the contact information off people that are interested in your line of business so that you're not depending on a platform. Because problems can change their terms of use, they can change their algorithms, and that's something that you don't have control. I see more locations opening up for digital moments. Chiang Mai's been one of the most popular locations, and I've lived in experience it and I do like it. But there are other locations opening up. I see a lot of growth happening in Malaysia, hanging Qala poor in Vietnam. So I see maybe more, Uh, you know, for sure growth, more platforms, more knowledge being shared and, uh, maybe the idea of co living where people are living in the same building, sharing, exchanging ideas I already see some of that where people are staying at hotels or hostels where they pretty much sleep there. They work there. And, uh, yeah, I mean, that's good for knowledge sharing, but maybe you want a bit more space so you can do the idea that I mentioned lifestyle design where you have most of what you need under one roof. Um, So you found this chapter helpful, and I may create another chopped in the future, but for now, that's it. And, uh, yeah, subscribe to my YouTube channel Digital, Mandan, Asia, for more contents or chic er for the travel video myself Stuff. See you later. 16. Seoul Why Seoul: So some of you may be wondering, why come to Seoul, Korea? It's a little bit more expensive than some of the destinations in Southeast Asia, like Chiang Mai on Bali. But from my perspective, I wanted to try soul because it's a super modern city. It's got the fastest Internet as a population, and it's also close Teoh, Japan and Taiwan. And I'm just curious. As a traveler, I want to experience new things, and I've already traveled to all destinations that are close to places like Chiang Mai, Malaysia. So I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could do it. Plus, there's really good flights to Vancouver from Seoul or California if you're interested in making that flight across specific. So check out some flights from Seoul, and I think it's a great place to try some really good food and experience the really fast Internet. Uh, why soul? Why not, uh, a script? Mention have justice, Internet and, uh, the like pounds of stuff. It's on every corner of the street. And, uh, yeah, all the companies have free WiFi, of course, and those kind of free WiFi Sorry. Also stable and very fast and uh, also whose are incredible. Uh, it is not that expensive. As you might imagine, It's about, like, $6 per meal, and it's a huge portion. So for guys, I think it's ah, definitely. You have to try and you can ask for, like, refills for many kinds. And, uh um, also, if you are interested in technology, think so. It is quite, um, innovative spot city where you can experience something that, uh, in cutting edge technology. And, uh, the startup scene is very vibrant. So you are also in in the start up, uh, industry. And then you can also explore some local start up scene and hang out with the gut like like minded people. And also, uh, if you are not I mean, it's very interesting today mix of, um, like history and also like motoring, uh, more than this. And then, if you are, if you get bored at this huge city, and you can also choose to trouble more for their born in Korea to like second biggest city uh, Luzon, Uh, and also the Cheju Island, which is like Bali to us. Uh uh. The both cities are trying really hard to attract more stimulus. So you can I think I get very good opportunities 17. Seoul Where to Meet People: and this video, we're gonna talk about how to meet people and soul and sense of a visitor saying the I mean , I needed Teoh share. How me people Energy of your foreigner. Andi Locals, Those big English so often, um, wall for something like Coworking Spaces and so good place to network. Always, but not all the parking spaces. And not a lot of people at parking space will be social social. Yeah, I mean, that would be interesting, but they will be tried to try their English. Most of us are not really confident in speaking English, but they they will try their best. And, uh, yeah, if you go to a coworking space that's more international, you will make more friends like rework. And however Cody has more. Which warrant and guest speakers. They are also formally, amid this, uh, international culture. It's well, but yeah, many Korean, especially young people, want to improve their English soul. There are many clubs, like not like dancing close, but like this, uh, language extreme. Yeah. Like in this change, Klaus happening, And at many places, especially around university and Rias today are popular spots and you can find them on meetups on bond. Also, if you or have been a member of toastmaster that have toastmaster branches and soul as well , which you will find more, uh, how can I say I'll pray? Tim Idiot level more events more. Yes. Yes. And, um uh, where to me in. And, uh, I think more people are using finger like in the Thailand. There's actually like a local virgin. It Oh, yeah, really Task Korean Virgin. You know, it's not, uh, but, uh, Korean Burden has It's more exclusive. Not that casual. It has casual virgins, I think. But I don't really know much, but I think on tinder you will admit more friends who are people who can speak English. They expect when they're, I think, joining the tender, they expect to they they are hoping to meet more international friends. So I think it's a good weight and work as well. In the Koch starting, I'm also active member called surfing. Yeah. So I joined the Koch something maybe join a middle of Koch something something that's also a good place to make. Yeah, I took a look at the meet ups quickly yesterday. There was some language exchange meet ups and just meet up afterward just for socializing. Yeah, So it looks busy in Seoul just good, because playing didn't really have much going on. What about the additional Norma groups and trying why they had event? Is there anything like that in a regular? I meant first of this morning, a regular minute of fish lemons, todo Yeah, but it doesn't really have, like, strong kind of additional my community going on because it's not really place for, like, little turn, um, staying dish cinema on. It's quite, like spread out and check that it's so easy to meet, right? Yeah. It's called back City. Yeah. People in the same area. Yeah, that's always not like that. Saw something. It's trump if you got What are you guys come to? So get Christoph saying war. Yeah, Sugar s Oh, yeah. Well, maybe we'll create a Facebook group. Yeah, connect through there 18. Seoul How to get connected: in this lesson. We're gonna talk about how you can get connected in Seoul. How you can get your mobile data, how you could get connected cafes, etcetera. So you're just gonna share her expertise with us? Uh uh. It depends on how long you're actually gonna stay here before I like full term, like traveler and slow trouble. Er, we're gonna be here for about here. Then it's better. Teoh contract. Seem cart or Renta, This monthly the ADA White by AEG pushing, which I'm using us. Well, uh, it's costing me 16 516,500 for a month for month, including the text which enables me to use paying. You got, well, data. So there's a date account? Yeah, but yeah, Spot Unlimited. But like you got it for tonight. Superfast internet. And then after that, that's a slow. But you can still and yeah or sink work. Um, I saw the well mine. My one asses amusing this in court called hello by Storm. She sees a company that's costing me about $10. Like so, 10,000 won for a month, giving me 60 minutes of coal and won't gigabytes of data something. Um, that's how I'm using. And I don't I didn't really find any problem because star always wife fights here everywhere in Korea. So, you know, uh, you don't have to struggle a lot with the WiFi connection. I think getting ah, mobile router is something that is nice to have in Seoul. Actually tried it out on as a tourist is good, because unlimited data. I paid 8001 approximately per day and I could connect up the three devices for G on limited data, baby. So it's nice. The only thing you need to do just make sure that the the router is charged. So with a full charge, it last up to six hours. I tested the connection at Starbucks, and it was amazingly fast. I think it was something like 60 down, 70 up, some really crazy speeds for a Starbucks. And I've tried other places like India, which is another coffee chain. 20 down, 20 up. So I think just on average, the copies here are a lot faster than you're gonna find in other places. And like you said, there's WiFi everywhere, so you're not gonna struggle. But if you want to get the router. It's a luxury that you're always connected. You don't need to hunt around for WiFi password, so that's that's really nice. 19. Seoul HOW TO GET AROUND: Hi. This lesson we're gonna talk about how to get around in Seoul, so I will leave it to the local expert. Teoh share. How? Okay to get around. All right. Uh, really easy to get around in Seoul. Uh, first you get a T money court you can buy from any comedian source or at any subway station coast about 5001 in the beginning. And then you can also put you can put a small chest you want in the card, and you can use it in both subway and the bus is. And I think for beginners, using some ways is always simpler. But if you get Teoh, get familiar with the locations and two more comfortable than buses, Bus connections is also very amazing. So if you are using the morning court, uh, when you transfer, you only pay like a 101 more, which is like nothing. And yeah, so, uh, use that. And also Texas not also that expensive. Uh, that's a basic basic starting price. Closest Sabah 3001. So it's cheaper than uber. Yeah, yeah, Okay. Use uber is cheaper than taxis in some countries. Yeah, Yeah, but we don't now like words trying Teoh invade the creative market. I mean, like, trying Teoh get the Korean War, Get a game. But it's not really popular. Uh, here, Kako Dixie iss the the implication that use. But I doubt whether they got English working virtually eso. But there are so many checks is going around and unsold. Um and, uh, that's better because not many drivers can speak English, So I better write down your destination. Korean. They copy it as you drove off and show it to the driver if you get to use the the XY. So I also tried to use the grab application today, and there's no taxis in the area. What it suggests once you get into the city, soul is quite easy to walk. They have really well paved sidewalks, and they have pedestrian cross lights so you can cross the streets very easily and safely. I've seen some public bikes than you can rent. Have you tried? You tried to know? Yeah. Uh huh. User, I, um uh, I'm in the monthly membership and okay, which costs about 5000 won per month, and you can use it just a limited, uh without what a limited times? Aziz, you return it every everyone up one hour. Then, like after one hour, you return it and that you rented a game. Then as long as you do that you're safe. Can is a small time. Says what? Um, if you're Yeah, but you this a scoring yet. So you will see that's this public by spice boats in common area. But if you're in the northwest or Northeast Side Theis City whole change on Monday, Think area. There were many, many stops, so you can rent from any source and you can return at any other. Any sense. You have to worry about to get pick it and return it at the original. I've myself been using the buses. The buses I found actually are sometimes faster than taking the subway. But you do have to know where you're going, and you have to make sure that you take the bus on the right side of the road. Otherwise, they're going to go in the wrong direction, and the bus is usually run every 10 minutes and it's about 1301 and they give you change, and you could just walk out, do you? Get off your station? It's actually been the main way I've been getting around. I've also tried the subway, which I find sometimes a little bit more confusing if you have Teoh transfer. But if you're just going in a straight line or, you know just one or two connections that yeah, it's great On the subway, I found usually pay 1851 and they give you a card and I made a video. I'm gonna show you how you actually do it all for just one ways. Yeah, but if you going to stay a long time, I recommend getting that corn did yet we spoke about. So it's just it's just a lot easier. You don't have to worry about funneling money and getting changing all that 20. Seoul Getting In: Yeah. So, uh, last time when I was coming back from gym I do. So I used Hke Express. It's also low fairy airplane airplane. And so the plane takes you to Hong Kong first and then transferring from there to insult. So it's takes less time to think, Although it's not a direct flight. And it was horrible chick and I set my time because I didn't have to go to Bangkok, but also, But you can I think you can possibly find mawr trip flights from the cult. Usually, uh and then, uh, yeah, like a lot. A lot of, uh, companies, but yeah. And I want you arrive ins to the intern International. Albert, I always use airport train. There are other ways, but I prefer train because it's cheaper. I always struggle on a budget, and, uh, I live nearby. Whom day? Which is one of the most popular spot soul and two from Incheon Airport to it takes about an hour by train and the coast about like, 3000 or 4001. Yeah, so they If you are staying in the guest house, maybe you think the area will be your option a swell. Assault training is a good option. So I got into soul from Kuala Lumpur on. There's also she flies from there and the flights are not too long. I think about six hours. I was also looking at the route through Bangkok, and Jenn Air is one of those airlines that does fly to Seoul. And when I got to Seoul, I actually tried to take an uber, and I saw that it waas something like 100,001. I think something really expensive. And so I ended up asking the information. What was the fastest way to get to my hotel, which is in Dongdaemun, is that I pronounce it. And so I took the air more airport limo, which is basically a airport bus, and you can put your luggage inside. It's pretty comfortable. Onda paid 10,001 to get to the bus stop, which was actually right in front of the hotel. So I'm gonna share the hotel that I stayed at. I think it's a really central area for your first visit to Seoul. If you want something that's a little bit comfortable and that's got a good location right near the subway and the price is pretty fair. As far as, uh, getting around. We'll talk about that in the next lesson. 21. Digital Nomad in Taiwan: in this video, I'm gonna give you some of my top tips for being a digital nomad in Taiwan. Taiwan is one of the most overlooked destinations in the world on in Asia. Ah, consider Taiwan and Malaysia overlooked but gems in Asia. So who is Taiwan for Mr People that are looking for a middle ground between a developed country and developing so it sits in the middle. It's not as expensive as Japan or South Korea, but it's a bit more expensive than Thailand. But you're going to get a lot mawr in terms of your public transports, your Internet speeds, food having better infrastructure. Taiwan fits that bill. It's good for short term or long term stays. Western country passports could get up to 90 days. If you're 35 or under, you may even look into working holiday programs. I stayed in Taiwan for the whole year while it was learning Chinese and also taught English there where I had one year work visa. You can get connected easily. Using some of local companies. I chose my phone, also known as Taiwan Diagana, so that gave me some card with unlimited data. If you're visiting for something like 5 to 10 days, and it's not too expensive. If you're going to stay in longer term, you can pay a monthly fee. You get something like 46 gigabytes. It's not too expensive, and then you just pay. Every month you go back to the the retail store on It's not too difficult. Faras Ah Where to stay Some of the better areas to stay in that are very convenient are dot on its close to the Big Park, the largest park in Taipei, and it's a favorite of expats because it's close to a lot of food. Central to the city is also booting, or shada, which is more of the student area. But it's been cheaper, also convenient area and then you can go into across the river so Taipei City is more of the central area. But if you across the river, you've got new Taipei City, it's a bit more crowded but cheaper. I spent my first couple of months in Taipei living in new Taipei City I Stagen area called Jing, on which you'll see in the MRT train that but there's also also other locations like things . She, which is also in New Taipei City a bit closer to Taipei City. And then I moved to another area called Songjiang Nanjing. There's others like Strong Shon or Songshan. So it just depends on, you know, maybe you want to be close to the park and the river, or you want to be closer to some of the action, that entertainment in my vision Nomad guide I go into detail on some of these areas as well is where you can find a place to stay, uh, to start off. You can use Airbnb for short stays, but for longer term you could go onto Craigslist's. There's some English speaking landlords that can help give you a long term stay, but the best cheapest stays are going to be on the Chinese websites. I also list them in the vision on that guide. I can't recall them off the top my head, but you're gonna need ah, the Chinese speaking local to help you communicate with the landlord faras. Where to work? There's a lot of options here. They have really good local libraries that have quiet spaces. You can work with free water, they've got Internet. It's not gonna be the sexiest space. If you want to co work space Size suggests looking a coworker dot com. I started off working at the Maker bar, which was my first coric space, actually, but it was a bit loud because they were making things with their three D printers. But there's a lot of options for cafes you've got. Starbucks is always an option. It's a bit more comfortable. Some of the local cafes can be a bit, ah, small submit crapped. But one of my favorites was FICA, FICA, um, and Starbucks Faras. What to do? There's a lot of great food in Taiwan. It's the home of bubble tea, home of night markets. So definitely try some of the food there. There's the shielding life market you can try and timely sausage. You can try some stick food, contrived dumplings and a lot of strange things that you may have not seen before. Taipei's also a great place to get out of the city. You can go to dumb ish way, which is close to the ocean side. You can visit the bay to hot springs and, uh, actually go in the hospital water, and you can do day trips like go to Joe Finn, which is sort of a touristy mining town where you can go hiking at Elephant Mountain and get a really good view of the whole Taipei Taipei one. No one is their tallest building. You can also go up there. There's a secret Starbucks in there. You can actually go up, get a view and you can actually work there. But you need to make reservations in events. And, you know, once you're ready to get out of Taipei, there's a lot to see around Taiwan. There's Gal Song, which the third largest city I've also spent some time there. It's also as while connected and convenient as Taipei, but it's cheaper on the accommodation tiene un is the fourth largest city non is convenient but also a great place to visit and heard a lot of great things about Ty Jong as the second largest city. But I actually haven't been there yet. Quality in is on east side of Taiwan very good for visiting lots of mountains, lots of nature and its ocean side, and then you can actually go to the center to the largest lake. Sun Moon Lake is a very romantic spot to go to. You can go to Ali Shan Mountains, which is famous for their tea, So there's a lot of places to see around Taiwan that's easy to get to with their high speed riel train station. Tenting is on the very south, and that's a very good beach. Not very well known but very beautiful, um, beach that not many people know about. So those are some tips for being in digital. Oh man, in Taiwan. It's a great place if you want to, especially if you want to learn Chinese. You can get away with English in Taipei, in some of the main areas, like shiny that are closer to the city center. But if you're speaking with younger people, but I do expect that this is a Chinese speaking country, they speak Mandarin Chinese. So when I was trying to learn Chinese, it was a great place to start. They have very generous visas, and it's also a good travel hub. If you want to travel to Japan or South Korea, they have low cost flights through peach air and vanilla air. I hope you enjoyed some of those tips for Taiwan. Check up my pdf If you want to find out more detail about being in digital nomad in Taiwan , 22. Tips for Podcasting: a great. Have you been creating a few pot costs before? So you have hurry? Yeah, that. Ah, podcasts Or three or four years? Oh, trail for years. So you must be really good at it. Like you have any tips to share how to be a podcaster. I don't know if I'm good at it, but I've been new year for a long time. And, uh, yeah, and share some tips. And master of the craft, four years? Yeah. So I think it's important. You know, a lot of business people or social media. Influencers is good to be on many platforms is YouTube. There's broadcasting and spoke. Casting is this model spot forms where people might be listening to audio. You might be working out some yoga, or maybe in the airplane. That's my favorite. Yeah. Broadcasts on airplanes. Yeah. Listen to Yeah. So you're right in someone's ear. Says b intimate and yeah, I mean, some people just more in the audio, the audio files, Some people are more visual, so I think the idea is to triple dip your content. So what it means is that you can create a video like we're doing now and You can also take the audio from the video, and maybe you can cut that up into podcasts, and then you can take the scripts. You can take the audio and turned out in the text to put that into something like a block post. That's what I mean by triple dip. So urine cordage. You take the time to record content once, but then you can put it on block posts. Was your texts that people could find on Google Search and put it on YouTube for people that may be spending a lot of time in you to buy special all time on YouTube, and I think a lot of people do watch. And then there's if you do podcasts. You can listen to people on iTunes, Spotify, Google Music. Yeah, and there's other ones like Stitcher, so there's many platforms where people can find you, so it's good for exposure. It's good or getting into no people. There's some people that I wouldn't be able. Teoh meets, you know, just by sending email. But by inviting them to do a podcast interview. Sometimes you get access T two new people in your industry or just meeting interesting people. And then the idea is that once you get enough followers, you can get sponsorships on your podcast, That's where trying Teoh trying to, chief. Yeah, but I was telling that Joe Rogan he's the most popular podcast. Eso is getting guest like Elon Musk. No, my Taison, like very interesting people because podcasting is is one of his main pot forms. Yeah, so also, share some technical tips. Podcasts. I mean, what we're doing now, we got to love Mike's hooked up to a field recorder. But I want you. Yeah, Or maybe you just have ah, laptop. And you can dio Skype video call and, uh, you take the audio from that someone's along the same city. I see. Yeah, but I don't recommend using the mic on your laptop or computer. That's not gonna be good. Just like the mic on your camera. They're not the best quality. All you. So you're suggesting used like this sort of might. You can use a lot of Mike if you have, like, a USB connection or it is a popular my called the Blue Yeti. It's so USB microphone Looks like a big aluminum mike. So that's that's a good starter on? Uh, yes, a few. My option that you would suggest. Yeah, get a conservative Blue Yeti. But there's other, more specialized ones. You know that you can spend more money for higher quality audio, but you know you know Tim Ferriss? Yeah. Very under track. Like those guys, like sometimes I'll just record with whatever they have, you know? Ah, yeah, but, uh, yeah. Have a good, uh, environment to records. Not too much music. Too much? No airplane noise. Motorbikes have some good soundproofing care a year off your followers for actually setting it up. You need, ah host to host the files and syndicate them too. Different platforms like iTunes and Spotify. And I used Lipson. Lipson? Yeah. So there are so there. Ah, popular hosts. I pay, I think, 10 bucks a month for 100 megabytes of storage. So that allows me to do maybe one or two episodes, depending on how long they are. I recorded an MP three to save the Paul space. You can use way fouls, but then they take up more space on DE. So just depends on your budgets budget and call the and how long the interview is on. Duh. Yeah, You also need ah website. I use WordPress and use the power press buggin. So, uh, family with were press. So for most for people that are familiar, like we're press, you know, comes as, ah, based platform for websites. And then you can add plug ins so pressed buggin you install it, and then the guides you for everything that you need to set up your podcasts for. I tunes to get it. ITunes ready? So getting your artwork doing your write up about your podcast categorizing it and, um, yeah, then that's going to talk to Lipson or your host and then from there to create a new episode. So say, after we're done, No. One train episode, my workflow bto, take the audio. I just added it. Maybe clean up some background noise and then create a nice audiophile that's, you know, maybe under 100 megabytes and then not uploaded to my host. And then I get a link. I'll put that link in my wordpress post. I create a new post creatively right up about the podcasts and publish it. And then the pollock rats would automatically, uh, talk to Lipson And then they would syndicate episode the next day. So yeah, that's that's it In a nut show? Yeah. This a floor? Yeah. Yeah. So yeah. Anything else? Yeah, there's ah, is someone that's not postulating. You think I covered all basis? Ah, most basis. Yeah. Yes. Yeah. And who are your audience? Usually that listen to your podcasts and how do you identify them and create good content? So it's what they want to hear. And that's what they are looking for. That's a good crush. Yeah. Digital. Yeah, Mike, my podcast is a little travel business and lifestyle. So travelers digital nomads on, uh, videographer. So it's pretty broad based. Some people just focus on very specific topics like marketing, entrepreneurship or maybe sports like I like to listen. Love mixed martial arts. Oh, on But Joe Rogan. He's like he's a MME commentator. But he's covering every everyone from astronauts to Nobel Prize winners entrepreneurs. So that's kind of what I'm trying to dio. Yeah, I don't get detailed stats from Lipson like, don't give me the amount of downloads I'm getting per month, but if you get the other packages, you get more stents. But generally like my audiences travel guys states, you know, 35 under five, maybe 35. 45. So I guess it's great that you on this dude who are usually watching all videos, what cars? Your courses. So you are creating a lot off like content that was relevant to the group. That's a Google. That's a Kiwi. Researchers find that's That's something I gotta work on. Good points. But yeah, I think we've covered Ah, a lot of ground for all cast. Will you need to do it? And some tips for started get starting. 23. Content Creator Better Audio: I'm gonna share some general tips that most of you can use. Teoh improve the audio production off your videos or maybe one of you podcasting when improve the audio quality. No better, then the number one tip would be to get a better microphone than the bolting mike on your camera, which is horrible sound. It's just yeah, not designed for that. So the one thing you can do is get a shock on Mike. That's probably the cheapest way to improve the audio quality, and it means less editing because the audio is gonna be baked into the video file. That means there's not gonna be a separate follow just for audio. But if you're using one of these things, this is a field reporter. This is gonna be an extra memory card with separate audio falls that you're going off the sink later when your video editing or post production. So it's extra work, but it's good if you want to record multiple audio sources and you want more control over the type of audio four matter quality, the Knicks step. If you want higher quality sound, then shock on mike would be to get a live microphone. So one of these guys, they're not too expensive wired ones. And if you have the mike, close your mouth audio will be a lot better than using the built in mic on your camera. The next step up from that will be a wireless live microphone, which is what I'm talking into now. This gives you the flexibility Teoh talk far away from the camera and with a wireless live . You can also plug it in on some of the newer models so that you don't have to sink the audio separately. And so you got a good combination off freedom of your movements as well as high quality audio. And, uh, yeah, so those are some tips for improving yourself with microphones. So some other general tips to reduce things like echo and improve the audio quality is to be aware of the background noise that's around you. So things like music or car traffic or motorbikes. Airplanes can disrupt your audio recording, and those things are out of your control, so you can either just choose a location, doesn't have that or turn on the music, turn down the air conditioner or the fan, and you can also put the microphone close to your mouth, close to the better without distorting the sound. And you can also have materials that absorb the sound. You can get things like foam that absorbed the sound, or even like carpet that we have in this room here that has natural absorbing properties. Um, reflective surfaces like windows or large, empty rooms can create a lot echo. So be aware of that. If you really want the highest quality audio and you're a podcaster, they have recording rooms, sound recording rooms that are optimized for getting the best audio quality. But it really depends on the type off content that you're trying to create. Are you creating a casual video or just audio? Or maybe it's a course tutorial, so every situation is gonna be different. But hope some of those general tips can help improve your audio quality. 24. Time managemement: Hey, it's Greg Care. And in this video, I thought it would share some of my experience for time management and productivity as I t manager in corporate for 13 years and as a digital nomad freelancer entrepreneur. Eso Let's get started. The first lesson I can teach you is special of your freelancer. Entre is the idea of batch recording. So this is planning a day where you're focusing on one type of task like I'm doing right now recording a video, but it could be something like recording your podcast. So if I'm gonna record podcast interviews on my schedule one or three interviews so that it's just more efficient, I've already set of my audio equipment. I have set up my programming and the ideal settings, and then I could just do more than one very efficiently. Same goes for something like video editing. If I'm editing a lot of videos, I might just making a video editing day and just focus on getting as many videos as I can. So by doing it that way, you're just more efficient with a specific task that you have on that day. Now there's also the idea of lifestyle design where you're trying to make the most off your time and be productive. So some choices that you can make in your life are choosing that space where you live and the office space where you work if you're on speaker or freelance or you have the luxury off making those decisions. So, for example, I'm working from a co workspace called Calling Me, which is about an eight minute walk downtown for my condo on Dumb. So that's a very quick commute for me. I can take a grab taxi where I can walk, and by reducing the friction, I just spend more time working on my business on my work rather than spending time on a commute. I've also lived in a condo where they have a co work space. So with that set up, there's a two minute commute. So the idea of reducing you're friction through your commute, also reducing your friction to get things done. So having a fast Internet connection, having a proper desk space can help you be more productive because you don't have these barriers to help you, um, getting your work done. Also, the idea of slow travel so not traveling as much. Traveling has a lot of friction. You've got to figure out how to get your SIM cards, how to get connected, how to get around, where work and just a lot of things that you have to figure out before you even can get to a point where you're productive. So I have a specific video on that, um called slow travel. So just the idea off traveling less to increase your productivity. You can also increase your productivity by working in a coal workspace like this because it's going tohave ideal conditions for you to be more productive, have a proper desk proper chair, fast Internet and have access to water and toilets. So you're just spending more time working, then, you know, taking care of your basic needs. There's also the idea of buying time so you can save time by getting a taxi or getting people to help you. You can outsource so I could walk home and might take me 10 minutes. But if I take a taxi might take me two minutes and yes oh, just the idea that spending a little bit to save some time. Sometimes you might want toe take a train because it's less less expensive. But then, if there's gonna be a longer commute, you have to transit to multiple trains, go up and down stairs. Then maybe it's just the better idea to take a taxi. If I have a lot of video editing tasks, I might look to hire someone to help me with the editing Teoh Batch that working, Get it done that task or project on a lot faster. So the idea of buying time to save sometimes spends money save some time. It could also be more efficient with your time. You need that time that you have. For example, if you're on the airplane, maybe you wanna listen to some podcasts or focus on tasks like strategizing. Or I like to do mind mapping, using an app called Simple Mind You just creates and Bubbles to strategize, applying for the year I find when I'm in the airplane of a lot of time to think about things and instead of just watching movies on the plane when I was working in ah I t manager position, I had a lot of time demands on my job. Also, my personal life and when a I had to do my masters during the evenings, I had a lot of demands placed on my time at to be very efficient. And it's amazing when you conduce when you plan your blocks of time. So you know, I would have a set schedule for my classes. I mean, that was time I could not be late for and for work. It's easy to, especially when you're in a manager job and you have some flexibility that sometimes that you start working during irregular hours. So I was very diligent and conscious to plan my time. I would leave the office to give myself enough time to get to class, and then it would set aside blocks of time to do things like Get my Simon's done. Do my homework. I would set aside blocks of time to go out, set aside blocks time to visit my family workout. So being a bit more conscious, blocking portions of time in your calendar, on your smartphone or wherever you like to book time, making that little bit of effort to plan your time ahead will go a long way, and you could do that in your personal or work life. I like to for my business. I like to do things by year, month, week and day. So for the long term stuff for the year, I like to settle division and plan for the year, and I'll just list out some bullet points or a mind map. And then by month, I like to do the same ideas well. And then when it comes to weeks and days, I like to use an app called Evernote and just bullet point want I need to accomplish for the week and then I'll take those bullet times per week. For example, I need to edit video course and then daily. I like to just create a to do list on every note on, then just create one or three things that absolutely need to get done that day. And if I don't get them done, I'll just bring it forward to the next day. I hope some of these tips help you to improve your time and productivity as a freelancer, digital maj. Or business owner. Or maybe you're just someone who's working at the office so time management planning can go a long way towards improving your productivity 25. Why teach online courses and tips: I'm gonna talk about teaching online, teaching online courses and some tips on I want to do it, How to Do It and how to get started. So teaching online courses has now become popular form of teaching, being able to reach a large amount of people on platforms like you, Demi, you've got platforms like skill share, and you've also got the ability to host your own courses on platforms like Teachable, so the platforms air there. The video quality is within reach of people a swell Aziz Internet speeds. So this soul means that it's a great time 2019 and beyond. For people that have specific skills to teach online, some examples of courses that can be taught online are anything from programming, Web design, graphic design, even sports, like yoga or teaching tennis. It's just unlimited. I've taught some courses, such as Ariel videography with different models off drones, from the maverick to the Phantom of Also Talk Forces with this guy, the de Girona s, and have also talked horses on how I monetize my video footage using the stock footage business model. So there's some ideas for you about, uh, platforms that you can use and one you can teach. Now, teaching online is is not for everyone. It does take some comfort talking from the camera. It does take you neat, some gear and a bit of skill to be able to record in front of the camera. So let's talk about getting comfortable from the camera. Um, the most simple vice I could say is, just practice and get your own feedback by watching your own videos. Get your smartphone sited on a tripod. We now have phones that can take pretty good video. Just hit record on your smartphone and take a look at how you look on camera. You don't know until you actually watch yourself talking, and maybe you have some nervous habits. I used to have this habit where my eyes would dart around and I would watch myself on video , and I would just cringe. And over time I think of self corrected that it takes some practice. Teoh iron out some of those nervous habits, and maybe you might not be comfortable just talking from a camera talking to camera lens. It helps to imagine you're talking to a crowd. You're talking to your audience, your tribe. So for me, maybe I'm talking to videographers talking in an audience. I used to be a very shy person, and I always had the yearning, the motivation to talk, but at same time may be nervous. So how I got over that is actually took some Toastmasters classes. These are courses that are available all around the world, and it's not that expensive. And basically, it's a support group and a system that meets regularly. And you get a chance to practice talking in front of people, talking about different topics, being able to improvise. And that really helped. I also did things like I went to comedy classes where comedians actually have to. I had to learn how to not only, you know, talking from different people, but being able to improvise, you know, just throwing yourself different topics and being able to go with the flow. Also, acting classes very fun. Very different from you know what I've been used to, which is being an I t very technical. And, uh, yeah, I also did a job managerial. I t work where I started to grow team so at to lead a lot of meetings, so if you get a chance to organize any groups or facilitate any meetings that really helps get some practice talking front of a group of people and any opportunities that you get to do a presentation to talk in front of a small group or some friends. Take that opportunity and you'll get more comfortable with it. I've also talked in front off visual nomads in Chiang Mai, where I taught a particular topic to a group of people, and that's a really supportive group, and I got to share some my knowledge with that. So those are some tips for talking in front of a camera. Talk in front of an audience now as far as the gear. Watch the video lesson on improving your video. But here's some tips for recording video for online teachers. So it really helps if you have SLR or a mere list camera, a camera that has a flip out screen, especially if you only you don't have help. You don't have a person that can can help you with the camera operating. So right now I've got one of my cameras. The screens flipped out and I just took this bottle over here. And while I was in front of the camera, I just set up the focus so that the distance sitting right now was similar to the distance off this bottle. Maybe a little bit far off further off so that, you know, I was able to have a focus point. And then I did a test recording just to test the sound, test the video and actually watch the playback to make sure it was good. It's also nice to have improved audio very highly recommended. So I'm using a wireless live mike, but and upgrade to existing camera. Mike would be a shock on Mike. Or you could have one of these, which is a field recorder over here. This is aged five. Zoom. Now this is gonna create separate audio files, so it's a bit more complicated. Teoh Edit in post production Where is this lot? Mike is transmitting to a receiver that's plugged in directly into my camera, so that's an ideal situation. If you have the budget for that or Shaka my like I said, or it can use a wireless lab. Mike, I got one here, and this simply just clips to your shirt plugs into your camera and not too expensive. As far as the video, you can record a 10 80 p 30 frames per second or 24 frames per second. You can set up your camera on a tripod, and it helps to have good natural lighting. So use the light that you have available, and you can also bring if you do have access one an artificial led lights and, um, use the natural lighting around you. Right now, I've got, um this is a meeting room right by the window and of the fuse it with some white curtains. So it's bringing in a nice white reflection right onto my face. Um, yeah, and as far is actually designing the course. What I like to do just create a simple were documents a Google doc and, you know, have a particular topic in mind, right? A quick summary of what the goal of the course is for. Who is it for? And what's the learning goal? What are they gonna learn after the course? For example, this course for digital mats in Asia is goingto provide living guides for remote workers. I want to travel and work in Asia but also proved their productivity. So you can start off with that started with the objective and then just break it into different sections on, then put some bullet points underneath each section. What I'll do is I'll even just share the template that I'm I'm using for digital nomads in Asia, so you can use that as a guideline. Now, as far is actually delivering the material. Some teachers I know prefer to read off scripts, so actually they have a TelePrompTer, and that way they can just focus on the actual delivery. They don't need to think about what they have to say. I myself, I prefer to improvise, so I'll actually write out the topic and the bullet points that I want to hit. And then I feel comfortable enough that I can talk about when I'm teaching. I just need a reminder, so sometimes I'll have my laptop on my phone just with the bullet points on Google docks to make sure that I'm hitting all the points. And right now, I'm gonna do that just to make sure I've covered everything. So actually, one thing that I have not spoken about a screen recording which is another style off course where you're actually showing people how to do things in a program. An example is Final Cut Pro X, which is a video editor program. I actually recorded most of the course through screen captures where I had a microphone. I use the screen recorder and people were able to follow along. So if you're not comfortable talking in front of a camera, maybe you could just record the intro and a summary. And then most of the courses screen recorded. Now let's talk about using a platform Reverses South hosted. So South close. It means that you host the course on your own school on a platform like teachable. Or think if it and you need to bring in the marketing. The advantage of this is that you get the majority of the revenues, and it does take some time to learn some of the marketing. You will have to bring in traffic, using things like block posts, maybe YouTube and building up in email. Lis, the vantage off a platform like you Demi is that they already have existing students, so you can just focus on creating a course and getting some income because they already have the tropic and yeah, later on, you can graduate or transition to self hosted. So self hosted, I would say, is more advance. It's if you're ready to focus on your marketing. Maybe you've got more courses, and then you can offer things like access to bundled courses, where you've got maybe four, maybe 10 courses that you can give access to people rather than sell them horses. Allah carts. The benefit of creating these courses is that it does take time. To be honest, does take time to planet, actually film it, and two actually edit it, and then you gotta you gotta market it. You gotta launch the course. You got to get good reviews, and then it sort of takes a life of its own that can pretty much run on itself. And that's one of the benefits you can get a regular passive income stream, and you don't need Teoh Monitor. That much may have to answer some questions on a regular basis from students, but for the most part it's on autopilot once it's in a after the launch face, so that's one of the benefits for it, and I've also got opportunities from other companies that want to have the course on their platform. And they've also done things like asked me to give them access to the course and they will sell it to their audience. And then we sort of split the revenues. So there's a lot of opportunities that can come out of online teaching in your particular topic, not your thinking, you know, How can I teach? What do I know? Everyone has something unique that they know for me, I mean was videography. And now I'm focusing on the lifestyle remote working side of things because I've done it remotely from different destinations in Asia. Which is one way I can separate myself from, you know, videographers in U. S. Or Canada, because that's just different. So I hope this lesson gives you a head start on online teaching why you would want to do it , how you can get started and the platforms and the gear you can you can use. Now you Demi has a lot of helpful resources and even have a course if you want to start online teaching. So that's a good starting point on, because you Demi is the platform that most people use to start. They do have awesome resources for teachers starting out 26. Chiang Mai Thailand The Pros and Cons of Living Here: everyone. Hi YouTube. Welcome to Chiang Mai, Thailand, right behind me. Here it is June, which is a good time to be in Chiang Mai. It's the start of the rainy season, which means it does rain. Occasionally, the air is a bit fresher, and in this episode, off pros and cons, we're gonna be talking about the pros and cons of Chiang Mai course. I've got my let's here because there's a lot of things to go through. So let's start off with the pros. On the positive side, what are some of the pros of Chiang Mai, Thailand? Well, I think it's a good first time introduction to visitors or digital nomads that are coming to Chiang Mai or expats. Most off the people, the local people do have a level basic level of English. Costs are low. Weather is great most of the year, except from February. Every 2 may varies every year now, but for the most parts, it's a very easy introduction on. It's easy to find a place to stay and massages or cheap, so a good introduction good for retirees. It's good for people that want to start an online business because of the community here, the events, the low costs, the good coffee shops. There's lots of fast WiFi. So it is a good place to start up for those types of people and also tourists. Um, what are some other pros? The people here, the locals and foreigners tend to be down the earth. They come from all over the world. You meet people that you normally wouldn't meet just living in Canada. People from Holland, from Germany met people from states. No means many Canadians. But there is a very international flavor here. The slow pace of chime eyes very relaxing. I just came from Kuala Lumpur, which is the bigger city, and China has a feel of small town, but it is quite large when you get out of the the city areas. I'm staying in Neiman, which is popular expat suburb, but chime eyes a lot larger than that. But it does have a compact small town feel which can have its pros and cons. Pros, meaning that it's easy to meet up with people you condone, bump into them by accident by going to that salad show off or that coffee shop. But the cons is you don't have a lot of sometimes you don't want that. Sometimes you want some privacy. You don't always be seen singing, bumping the people. Yes, let's move on. There's a good selection of condoms and housing, which I touched on. You can pretty much walk up to most condos here, and you can look for daily, weekly or monthly accommodation, and you can get set up and move in to a fully furnished apartment on that same day or within within an hour to basically, you can't do that anywhere or most cities in the world. So that's something that's unique to Chiang Mai. I also mentioned that it's pretty compact, but, um, if you're staying in the right areas like Neiman, you can walk to the main road, Neiman Road, where it's just the main strip with a lot of restaurants. But there are a lot of Ah, smaller streets, which you call soy Zadar, also lined with cafes and restaurants. There's to shopping malls that are within under a 10 minute walk, depending on where you stay in this area. Ah, decent food. Northern Thai food has some signature Justin dishes that I like, like how soy, which is a curry noodle soup. There's the Northern sausage pronounced Sai Wah site. What I think, uh, papaya salad is popular here, and then is a lot of E san dishes with which are Northeastern dishes. Of course, you'll find some of the classics like Pat Tie your Minced Pork and Rice with Holy Basil. Um, yeah, you'll find it here. Thai people in general are very polite and friendly compared to the bigger cities like in Bangkok. Thai woman are very gentle conservative on. They can make good partners. Shanghai's airport is very close to the city. As you can see there, it's, you know, can be, you know, 5 to 50 minutes to get from the airport to your destination. That means that you can get set up in your apartment very quickly. Taxi prices. They're not too expensive, so that that's the part that often doesn't get spoken about. For digital nomads, people that work on their laptop. There's just a ton of options to work from, whether it's cafes where you can buy coffee and stay there pretty much as long as you like , or, you know when you need to go to the bathroom. There are co work spaces, pretty much most businesses at WiFi, so there's plenty of options to work, and it's a culture that supports that. There's a large student population here of students, so they also share the same resources as digital nomads, and it is foreign friendly. So, um, you're often greeted with a smile and locals are polite, and I do not take that for granted anymore. Grab taxis. Here s so let's talk about getting around. It's most. For the most part, it's a motorbike city. You can walk around, but when it's really hot and you need to get further out, you need to take what we call a grab taxi, which is like the uber of Southeast Asia. So with that, you can get a pretty cheap ride through a taxi car or even a motorbike taxi for about, you know, 50 to 90. But depending on where you want to get, so it's fairly cheap, very reliable. In Chiang Mai, some parts of Thailand, it's not reliable like Badcock, because it's just too much traffic massagers are very cheap, and, um, you know you can actually get a proper massage if you go to other parts of Thailand. You often get, um, pressured into doing, like, a happy massage or something. Mawr. But here in conservative north, your you know, you can be assured most of the time you're getting a legit massage. Okay, Is a digital no matter entrepreneur, you can get a chance to me love interesting people because there's a lot of events here for digital Mads that air focusing on different business topics like drop chirping. I was on kindle on like horses, etcetera. So, yeah, I think that for now that covers a lot of the pros. Let's go on to the cons. Well, uh, English level. Well, it is at a basic level, which is good for some basic conversation. So small talk, if you're are going to be dating a Thai girl or maybe meeting a local, you know, there is a certain level of communication that you can get to because the English levels limited. And that's not just in Chiang Mai. I mean, it does go for other areas of Thailand, but I mean that can you con for the long term? Um, yeah. Okay. I mentioned bumping into people because it's compact. I mean, that can get a bit annoying if you stay here for a while. Six months or so. And you just sometimes you just want your privacy. Uh, you saw the airplane flying overhead before? Well, I mean, if you're doing recording like I am or YouTube videos were known like horse, and you want kind of that quiet studio quality time, eyes. Not the best place to do it because of its proximity to the airport, because of other external noises that you can't control, like motorbikes and birds and sounds of nature. So just be aware of that air quality. It's not very good. Some parts of the year I mentioned of late February 2, maybe even June, which happened this year. 2019. Chimei got ranked among the worst cities for worst air in the world on the A Q I, the air quality index. So, um, I mean, that's we won't get into that too much, but that's something that hopefully improves in the future. There's causes of it that are outside of Thailand's control, but it's also the farmers in northern Thailand that that burned the crops, too. Make way for the new crops for the season anyways, as someone who's living here, the air quality is just terrible. So, um, you have to be aware of that because it basically makes Chiang Mai unlivable place for part of the year. Midnight curfews. They have midnight curfews for bars. After midnight, everything shuts down. There are certain curfews for when you can buy alcohols. Well, you could see that as a pro. You can see that as a con for nightlife. It is. It does tend to and early because of that. So, um yeah, things tend to be an end early on, and there are options for late 10 hours, but you end up, you know, hunting around. It's a bit more work to find. You know, if you want to stay out, you know, the one or 2 a.m. type of thing, uh, scarcity mindsets. People that tend to stay here long term can fall into the trap of focusing on, you know, finding things that are cheaper because it is a very low cost city, because the locals don't earn assed Muchas larger cities that those vibes contend to influence and rub off you after a while. And if you stay here for periods of long time. It can get you into some. What of a defensive mindset? That's just my opinion, anyway. So, um, I try to maintain an abundance mindset. You know, there's plenty of resources, plenty of, uh, money and, um, you know, infrastructure, apartments, foods in the worlds. And I think that's important to maintain that mindset. If you want to be offensive, you want toe go big or go home mentality s. That's why I you know, I can spend about a month in China my these days, but I try not to stay too long. Otherwise, I become adopt some of that scarcity mindset to I'm influenced by my environment and the people around me. China could be transients. It is transient because partly because of the visa situation, you can stay here for 30 days unless you come with, um, a visa in advance that lets you stay longer. And even then you can only stay a certain amount of time before you have to go out of the country. Come back what we call Visa run or you have to find other visas to stay longer. And some people just come here because they're where they want to test the waters, they wanna test, drive the digital nomad lifestyle, check it out, and then go on, go back home or keep on traveling around Asia. And that tends to lead Teoh, you meet people that you know for a couple of days, maybe a week, and then they're gone off. So you have to pick and choose. Ah, you know how you invest your time and your emotional energy. Um, but that's just Shanghai's a very transient city, not just trying my but cities like Bangkok where people are coming in and out. So, uh, yeah, for me, that could be a con crossing the street. This goes from most of Asia where you don't have traffic lights on in most parts of the city. So crossing the street can be a bit of a chore. Cars don't give you right away cars. The bigger cars have the right away, so that can be a bit annoying. And, uh, things like the apartments are tend to be a bit smaller. Studios are very cheap, but if you want Teoh get something like a two bedroom, that's when the pay the premium for larger space in China My. And in Bangkok, Malaysia, it's easy to find a two bedroom or larger space. The I think you get better value for that in the apartments of that size. But yeah, okay, and then there's something that I call, You know, there's there's always, like a compromise or, um, you know, something that bugs you in Chiang Mai. So I'll give an example staying in my apartment. The curtains aren't thick enough, so I know waking early because the light sunlight is so strong and I'm not waking early or he could be working at that desk. And one of the legs is shorter than the other. So the table begins to rock. Or maybe it's that mosquito biting on your leg or ordering foods in a restaurant, and they, you know, they get the orders wrong. Um, it's something that you experience. If you stay here long term, it'll, you know, call it cultural difference or, um, the charm off, trying my butt for me. It can get on my nerves after staying here for six months and, you know, gets me but frustrated. But in the end, I have to say that China why does have more pros and cons and thats is a very subjective personal subject. Let me know what you think. What are your pros and cons about Chiang Mai? Have you lived here for a while and let me know your thoughts in the comments below, please? Like this video, please subscribe if you like it. If you want to see more pros and cons videos I'm great kung and we'll see you later. 27. Video tips for all cameras: So, what are some of your teeth in using different types of Cambers? Because there are different, like smartphones at Romulus Action camera. How do you decide which to use and what are your teats? Okay, Yes, a lot of different cameras these days. Most. Almost everyone these days has one of the smart phone. Yeah, on. Um, yeah, I definitely recommend people use the video function, but there's a few things you can do to improve the production value versus stabilization. So by that I mean reduce the handshake. You can get a tripod or a smartphone. And if you put any tripod, yeah, mini tripods and have good lighting. Like we have good natural light because we're recording by the window in the direction off the sunlight. Yes, that applies all cameras. Good. Natural light makes a huge difference. And you can also use artificial light to create different looks to make it warmer, where it can just just light up our faces. But yeah, good. Natural delights important for all cameras, stablization and lights, stabilisation and lights. And there's different settings. Like, if you're doing a video for social media, you can slow it down. You slow motion. Still more. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. So, like one off there. Have you slow more carpets? Social media? Yeah. You can use different resolutions. Four k HD. Yeah. What else You mentioned stabilization. Get a good lights, social media video. You slow motion? Yeah, there's there's different types of video like we're doing now. We're doing an interview. Yeah, but you can also do a video for social media like a log and love logs. You see people walking around. So for that, you need gimble really helps a gimbal. Yeah. It's like a cradle that you put your phone in, that it's like a stick, and then it just adjust the movement toward you know, So it's basically let's still look stable even though you're walking. So that's that's sort of the trend now, past couple years to use stabilization And, uh, yeah, especially for cameras like go pros. These action cameras. You can take them underwater. They're good for that, but that if you're has see people just holding over their hands and walking around its give me knocking Mia's good as if you have a gimbal or so gimble is better than it's good to fear moving around OK? Or you're doing video of events or wedding having that stabilization is going free. You from using a tripod. But the tripod, like we're using now is good if you just stay in one place and you don't move Fixed location? Yeah. Yeah. So the tripods, they're still great on Some of these smaller pocket cameras are good for blogging. Like you could hold them and they have a flip out screen so you can see what you're recording. Like this camera here, the past, All change five has a flip out screen so this we can see that we're in the picture. You can literally see that. Yeah, it's a little tiny bit least, you know, we can see that. Were there some cameras, like s Lars? They don't have that ability. It's just the screen. So you need someone on the other side, or you can use an app to remotely record and, um yeah, so I mean, those are some general tips. If you're gonna shoot outside right now on a bright, sunny day in Asia, recommend having what we call filter and the filters like sunglasses for your lens so you can get a more cinematic look. So if you want, everyone wants a cinematic look. You know, that nice, blurry, creamy background looks like it's a Hollywood movie s o they get that, you need to have what we call little aperture. Little appetite. Yeah, Okay, low F stop. And, um, you know a lot of these ESL or cameras and the fearless cameras they allow you to touch different lenses. She was a smartphone. You have a fixed lens, so it's Yeah, it's a fixed focal length. It is usually, like, very wide, so it's very versatile. But you know, the larger lenses that you see on cameras like these you can zoom ins amount, and it's got a larger sensor. So more light gets into the camera, which equals more cinematic look, yeah, yeah. So I mean, you can start over your smartphone and put it on the tripod. The easiest one to start. Yeah, And then you can do things like change in the manual. If you have that feature or you can download third party apps party at third party, party out, get a party up, and, uh, are automatically improve your video. Filmic pro is up. You can I used to get better control. OK, it's a lot of app. Toe Asia stew for 81 go more in that. That's so many things to play around with to get good quality video. Yeah, but sometimes you just you don't have time to fiddle around. Just press record is easier for most people. Usually like the larger cameras, you have more control, so you can you know the main things I would recommend to learn take time to learn because they can apply. A lot of cameras are your aperture. That's the the F stop. So having the lowest possible aperture like F 2.8 or F 1.42 point and 1.4 or lower is here we go that it's tips. You have more cinematic look. Reason why I want a film. Four K. If you're camera could do it is you can future proof it. So maybe in 56 years, four K is gonna become the standard. And if you filmed in four K, you don't need to re film things. But for now, we're only starting to see TV's that can support Ultra four K. So three day 40 times 2160 So you can use the four k is a four K video or can use four K video in HD video realizes Zoom in so you can create some cool effects like digital zoom. And you just got more real stating your video toe work with. So those are some tips for filming video with all cameras stabilization, good lining, understanding of the settings. Use a gimbal if you're moving around. And, uh, yeah, slo mo everything looks good in slow mo. Yeah, a lot of note to take because, like there's a huge list of things to take, Noto make up a good photo and videos that you have like Sharon. Yeah, and the different cameras have different tips, like drones. You know, I've got a whole course in that GoPro's, of course, in that gimble filmmaking, so if you want a deep dive into it ago courses, so you have separate courses for or distinct that you mentioned to deep dive exactly amazing