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A complete guide to playing Pokemon and competitive gaming

Gautam Suresh

A complete guide to playing Pokemon and competitive gaming

Gautam Suresh

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16 Lessons (1h 22m)
    • 1. Introduction to the course

    • 2. Overview

    • 3. Types

    • 4. Stats

    • 5. HP

    • 6. Attack and Defense

    • 7. Speed

    • 8. Abilities and Items

    • 9. Natures

    • 10. Moves

    • 11. Status conditions

    • 12. EV's and IV's

    • 13. Field Effects

    • 14. Video Game Championships

    • 15. VGC Rules

    • 16. Tournament structure and Pokemon showdown

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About This Class

This class explains in detail about the fundamental concepts of Pokemon as to how to play the game strategically. This will help you to move into competitive gaming and a path to become a professional gamer in the field of Pokemon. 

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1. Introduction to the course: Hello guys, my name is Gautam. Welcome to this course on introduction to poke him on and a guide to competitive gaming. So the purpose of this class is to teach you about the fundamentals of Pokemon and a few advanced concepts as to how to play the game. Now there are so many things that you need to keep in mind in order to play better and understand the game. So if you're one of those who grew up watching Pokemon along with the animated series or used to play the games in Nintendo consoles. This lesson is for you. I'll also be talking about the VDC is, which is nothing but video game championships. That is the competitive field in the game of Pokemon. Worried. Now, there are many players out there that are actually professionals who actually make a living out of these. So these competitions are held yearly all across the world where players go participate and earn prizes. So I'll be talking about how you can also be one of those people participate in these tournaments. And I'll be laying down the formats of the two elements and how they are played. So after this lesson, you will be having a better grasp as to how to play the game, as this is a very complex game, just like chess or poker. So you need to really strategize well, and by the end of this course, you'll have a fair with fairly good idea as to how to form a competitive team. Now let's get started with our course. 2. Overview: Now, let us just briefly take a look about the overview of Pokemon and how these games are designed. So Pokemon is derived from the word pocket monsters. So these are creatures of different shapes and sizes who live alongside humans in the Pokemon void. There mostly accompanied by trainers or some are just simply present in divided pokey ones live inside a ball known as Apple keyboard. So as you can see over here, this is how a pokey bone looks like, and that's where the Pokemon decides when it is resting. Now. Pokemon is a very old franchisee. And the first Pokemon video game to be ever release was in 1998 for the Nintendo Gameboy console. And ever since then the franchisee has just blown in the gaming industry. So the very first game which came out was poking on fire red and Leaf Green. And since then, as technology evolved, and we've got new devices such as Nintendo DS, Gameboy Advance, Nintendo 3DS, and now finally we have Nintendo switch. There have been various games of Pokemon. It all started from the first generation of Pokemon. So first-generation is nothing but the first season of Pokemon. So these games running in analogy with the animated series. So ten now, there have been eight seasons, and hence we have eight generations of Pokemon. So the latest game is Pokemon sword and shield, which has been deletes one nintendo switch. Now how did these games work? So usually you take up the role of a young trainer who wanders about from place to place, travels around the bookie modern world. Battles against straight nose, captures Pokemon in the wild, in the quest to become a Pokemon Master. So now let's get started with the concepts of Pokemon. 3. Types: Now the very first thing which you need to know is about the Pokemon types. So these pokemon types are eight out of 18 different categories. So you can call them as 18 unique relations are types. Each particular pokey one can either be of one particular type or they can be a combination of any two types. No Pokemon can have three different types at one, at any given time. And also each move that a Pokemon has is associated with a type. So let just see this evolution chart. So this is Charles Mender, which is a startup Pokemon, char million, when it evolves, this is the second stage, and gyres art is the final stage. So Charles Mender and char million, our fire types. But when it evolves, it gets one more type, which is the flying type. So tied is added therefore of as two different types, that is fire and flying. So it can learn fire type moves as well and flying type moves. Now, let us take a look at the Pokemon type chart. So this Pokemon type chart is really the basis of playing the Pokemon games. You really need to, by heart, this chart. So it's like you have 18 rows and 18 columns. So it's somewhat like a game of rock-paper-scissors, except that here you have 18 different options. And each particular option can defeat another option, similar to how it is in the game of rock, paper and scissors. So as you can see, you have these four boxes. 0 effect, then not very effective, 50%, normal means neutral, and then super effective. So there are certain types which fare very well against certain types and there are certain types which don't perform so well against certain types. And then we have some type which are totally immune to that type. Now, these type weaknesses are pretty logical in some sense. So as you can see, that fire against grass. So fire against grass, you have a two over here. So to mean super-effective. So that means fire type moves are super effective against grass type moves. It makes sense, right? So like when you burn a piece of grass, it gets destroyed. Similarly, fire is good against ice. Because if you melt ice, it's no longer in that solid ice form, right? So that's why phi, it is super effective against ice as well. Similarly, fire is good against bug because you can kill bugs by by throwing. A flame R upon them. And similarly steel. So again, stable, can melt, right? So in that way, Fire is super effective against these types. And if you look at water type, so water is to perfective against fire. Now this is all pretty logical because if you, if there's a fire burning and you put water, the fire will eventually die out, right? So similarly, you can just find some kind of analogy between all these types. Now, I wouldn't really recommend that you really dive deep into the reason as to why certain types of EQ to certain types, because some of them might not make sense. So once you start playing the game and understand the Pokemons will eventually get into a habit of which type is V2? Which type? Now, there's one more thing, no near called as the stab bonus. So stab means same type attacking bonus. So let's say you have a fire type Pokemon. So if a fire type poking on, executes a fire type move, it will get a stab bonus. So that will increase the damage done to it by 1.5 times. And now there are a few more things to keep in mind over here. So let's say that you have a Pokemon which is of dual type. So let's say there's a Pokemon, Pterodactyloids. So we know that EDO dactyl is of the type flying and rock. Now, you might say, I want to use a grass type Pokemon, right? So grass is super effective against drug. So you might think that by using a grass type move, you can compete well against an arrow dactyl. But then again, a redactor has a flying type as well. So grass is not very effective to flying. So this not very effective. And 2pi effective will just cancel out each other and the move will just be a normal mode and we'll just do neutral damage. Similarly, I can give you one more example. So there's a Pokemon called chicle, which is of the type bug, andrew. Ok. Now again, you might want to use like a fire type moves because fire is super effective against bug. But also note that fire is VK to dock. So again, these two cancel out each other and again be a normal type move. So when it comes to dual tightness, discharged really helps you to see like which move will be effective on that working on. Because ultimately, each working on has some, some, some kind of weakness. And if you know how to execute that move, well and good for you. And the last thing which I would like to mention here is that which is again related to dwell tightness. So there's this working on called as Obama snow, which is of the grass and ice type. Now if you see over here, fire a super effective to grass and fired a super effective against ice as well. So if you use a fire type move against a Pokemon which has both these tightness, that move will do for X damage. So this will get doubled, the soup effectiveness will get doubled, and it will be an ultra effective moves. So I really recommend that you properly by heart, this Pokemon tight chart. 4. Stats: So now coming to the next topic, that is stats. So starts is nothing but statistics. So these stats are different individual aspects of a Pokemon. And each stats is given a numeric value. So we have six stats which define a Pokemon. That is, it's HP, which is called as hit points. Then second is attack, which will count for its physical moves, then special attack for its special moves. Defense to defense in a way, goes in hand with attack, and special attack goes in hand with special defense. So the damaged calculator, when a Pokemon attacks, the amount of damage it will do will depend upon how much is the defense of the target pokemon. And the same thing applies for special attack and special defense as well. And last but not the least, is the speed of a Pokemon. Now usually in games, this is how the start of a Pokemon will look like. So this is an evenly spread stat. And the value of these stats increases as the Pokemon levels up. And each Pokemon is usually known for one or more stats that acts as its main strand and you can use it to your advantage. For example, oil steel type Pokemons are known for especially high defense. So if you know that you can use start poking onto that advantage. Now these stats are of two types, based ads and actual stats. So what do I mean by this is that all Pokemon off a particular species will have the same set, set of base stats. I'll explain this with the help of an example when we go to Pokemon showdown. And actual stats are just act which, which we get after we modify the base tax. How do we modify these base stats depends on the nature of the Pokemon. Ivs and EVs. Ivs are individual values and EVs are effort values. We will discuss more on this topic in the subsequent slides. Now, let us just go to showdown. So let's just consider this guard chomp, which is at level a 100. So as you can see over here, these are the base stats. So it's HP is a 108, attack is 1 third 30 defenses, 95, special attack is 80, special defense 85 speed 100 or two. So all in all, it's total stats are 600. So if we just sum, sum this up, it comes up to 600. So if a Pokemon has, it's the sum of its stats more than 500, it's, it's generally a decent Pokemon. Now, even if I change the level, so let's just say change this to 50. So it remains the same. So that's what I meant. So all Pokemon of a particular species has the same test set of base stats. So a level 50 GARCH term will also have the same set of base, that's 1100 guardsmen will also have the same set of base stats. Now if you look at another Pokemon that is jolting on, since it is a different species. That's why it will have a different set of base stats. Now coming to the concept of what actual stats are. So here you can see something called as EVs, IVs, and nature of a Pokemon, right? So here Ivy's have been set to 31. So if I just make it as 0, you can see that it's HP decreased, came down to 168. Similarly, you can modify these EVs from 0 to 31. That's the range of IV's. That's the numerical rain that is assigned to them. And EVs have any numerical danger I assigned from 0 to 252. So you can increase the EV of the attacks that to 252. So now his attack has become 182. So if we max out its EV, so it attacks that goes from 150 to 182. Similarly, if I give it a boosting attack type nature, so let's say I give it an adamant nature. So now that increases, it's attached at even more. Let's say if I give it a brave at, I give it a nature which is reducing its attack. So this is reducing its attack rate come. So as you can see from 200, it went down to 163. Similarly, if you want, you can increase its speed stat. So at 0 is 0 EV, that speed is 120 to 252 to do EVs, its speed is 154. So these EVs IVs, and the nature of a Pokemon modify the base status of a Pokemon. And that's how you get your actual stats. 5. HP: Now that we know what stats are, let us take a look at each stat individually. So the first stat that we'll talk about is HP at C_p is sand. So hit points. This is a fairly simple term. So HP is the total life or the health of a Pokemon. So the Pokemon life is measured by the numerical value of its hit points, which is assigned to that particular poking on. So the Pokemon can survive. I'll keep battling until it's HP becomes 0. So that is when the Pokemon very faint. Actually, the Pokemon, there's no concepts just poking on dying. So when they feign, did we know they will no longer be able to battle and they're just become unconscious. So in that case, they will have to be taken to a Pokemon center. So Pokemon center is a place where you can just heat broke him on. Just like how we humans go to doctors. These Pokemons needed to, need to be taken to a Pokemon center where they can get their treatment. One more important thing to take into consideration is that the amount of damage that a Pokemons moves to stay the same regardless of whatever the HPF Pokemon is, that is, how much ever remaining amount of light that a Pokemon has left. So if a Pokemon is at a 100 HP, it certain move will do the same amount of damage, even when the pokey ones HP is reduced to, let's say five, or even if it's just badly surviving at level one HBO. Now, there are certain items which you can use in battles in order to increase the HPF pokey one, such as leftovers. So what this leftovers does is after each turn, it will add on 1 16th of the HP to its life. You can also use portions and Barry, Barry's in-between backwards in order to recover some HB and add to the life of the Pokemon. 6. Attack and Defense: Now the next set of stats is the attack and defense stat. Now this attack status of two types. One is the physical, physical attacks stat and the special attack stat. And similarly Defense start is again of two types. One is the normal defense stat and the special defense stack. Now, what interaction which you need to know here is that our users are tax, that is calculated against the targets defend stat and similarly uses special attacks. Stat is calculated against targets special defend stat. And these things play a huge role in damage calculation. And it's a very crucial concept which you need to keep in mind. So once you start training your Pokemon, and once you know what their attacks stats are and how these things play a role when it comes to battles. So the dynamics of these stats is quite important to know. And let's just look at this concept with the help of an example so that you get a more clear picture on it. So let's take the example of stealing versus incentives and steelworks was this tide is odd. So what I want to explain here is that a char is art will fare better against the links than incinerate or even the both are fire type and Felix is V2 fire. So Charlie's art will have an upper hand when it comes to this. Now, what do I mean by this? Let's just go to Pokemon showdown in I'll just explain it. So over here I have incinerated and child is odd. So internet or is known for its attack stat and tidies, R is known for its special attacks that so since insulin Road is a physical type attacker, I'm happy when it move quite as flare bits, which is a physical move. I'll be explaining what these physical moves are later in the lessons. So let's just consider that this flare bits is, it's actually a physical move. And Thai dessert has a move called fibroblasts, which is actually a special type move, as you can see over here. Now, let's see how these things play a role in damage calculation. So this, you can easily Google Pokemon damaged calculator. So what I've done here is that I've taken St. Felix. So stealing is a CLT Pokemon and is known for its defense stat. So it has a really high defense, right? So here I have given child is on the move qualifier blast. So five blast, as I've already mentioned, is a special type move, right? And stealing, stealing special, special defense, that is not so great. So as I mentioned before that you need to know the interaction. So since fiberglass is a special attack type move, in the damage calculation formula, it will see the opponent special defense that rather than seeing that defense data for booking on. So even though stealing defense that is pretty high, this fibroblasts still will do a damage of a 103.3 to 122%. So that means it can easily KO That Pokemon. Now let's take a look at how internet or welfare. So Internet or as I mentioned, has a physical move called as flare bits, which also has a similar powered. So fibroblasts had up out of a 1102 flag bits, has a base buffer of 1-20. Now the only thing here is that flare blitz is a physical move and still it's different statuses daily high. So that's how the interaction will happen over here. So even though flare but is a really strong, powerful, really strong fire type move, it still will only do 54.8 to 64.9% damage does T links. So it still won't be able to KO That's the links even though it's a fire type move. So I hope you understood how the dynamics work over here. And these are some things which you would any need to keep in mind. So that'll happen once you start playing the game and get to know how these stats work, what these moves are, and so on. 7. Speed: Now the last step which we are going to discuss here is the speed stat. So this is, you might, it's a pretty obvious concept. So keeping it simple, the Pokemon with the highest speed stat will obviously move first. So that's always an added advantage to have a Pokemon which is of a higher speed of ADA for 3D. High-speed value. And coming to the second, the difference in the value of speed between two Pokemons actually doesn't matter. So what do we mean by this? Is that now dark cold is supposed to be one of the Pokemon which has the lowest speed in the entire game. So it just has a 20 base speed. And deoxy is, on the other hand, is a Pokemon which is supposed to have the highest base speed stat in the entire game that is of 150. Now the difference in this value actually doesn't matter. So you can see that there's an actual difference of 130, right? So obviously, if these both are there in the battle, dideoxies will move first. But then having such a huge speed difference doesn't give it that right, that this talk will, will never get a chance to attack. So obviously, the first term deoxy is we'll attack. But the second term obviously has to go to this dark hole even though its speed is so less. So in that way, you don't, this difference doesn't really matter. But be, it can be a complicated stat. When you take into consideration different speed tiers, which I'll be talking in the next slide. And there are certain moves which you can apply in order to increase or decrease your speed, such as tailwind. So tailwind, what it does is that it will increase the speed of every Pokemon in your team by two stages. Similarly, desert, strict room, so tricky room quiz, just wish this twists the dimensions. So what will happen over here is that this lowest Pokemon will move first rather than the fastest working on. So just imagine if dark, cold and geographies were in a trick room. So here instead of deoxy is having the first turn, the star col will get a chance to move first. And there are items such as toys, cars, which will increase the speed of a Pokemon by 1.5 times. And Pokemons have different abilities such as Swift swim and Sandra. So Pokemon in with the ability Swift swim. So when it is raining, the Pokemon speeds tag will increase by two times. And similarly for Sandra's, if there's a Pokemon having this ability and there is a sandstorm in that area. So again, that Pokemon speed will get increased by two times. Now let us take a look at speed tiers. So there are certain moves which work within speed priority brackets. Now this priority bracket is a pretty important concept. So generally all moves have pledged DDO priority. So any take any physical move or a special modes. Mostly everyone, every move is assigned a Placido priority. So in that case, whichever Pokemon is faster will have its attack go first. But there are certain moves which have a higher or a lower priority and which fall under priority brackets. So quick attack has a priority of plus one. So if, let's say you have a Pokemon which is lower than your opponents poking on. But you have the move quotas, quick attack. So because it has a plus one priority, your Pokemon, we'll be able to move first if it is going with this MOOC. Similarly, extreme speed has a priority of plus two. Now let's say you and your opponent both have same poking on, but you are going with the move extreme speed, and they have opted for quick attack. So because it has a higher priority, extreme speed will go first and you'll be able to the first MOOC. Similarly, there is a move called us protect, which has a priority of plus four. Now let's say you use protect and the other person has gone with extreme speed. So obviously you will go first as it fall under the higher priority series. Similarly, take room has a negative polarity, that is minus seven. So this is such a move that will always happen at the end of a Waltons. And certain pokey ones also have an ability called as prankster. So what prankster does is it gives a plus one priority to all status moves. So let's say you're pokemon has WP prankster, and it has a move called as willow baseboard toxic, right? So these are all state status moves. So with this ability prankster, you'll be able to move first. Then one more thing to note here is that speed, like most numbers in Pokemon is rounded down. That is, it is truncated. So let's say, dammit, demand Eaton, who is holding a choice cough. So choice cough increases the speed of a Pokemon by 1.5 times as I've already mentioned. So it becomes 11 into 1.5, which is roughly around 241 something. It will always be rounded down to the lower level, so it won't be too 42, but it will be 241. And the last thing, which I would like to mention here is that if both you and your opponent have the exactly same pokemon and the same set of speeds stats, then the outcome of an event is based out of random events. So there's a 50-50 percent chance that either you can go first or your opponent can go first. 8. Abilities and Items: Now let us take a look at what abilities and items are. So each Pokemon will have a particular ability and also they can hold items at the same time. So what I mean by ability is that each working on this is a special feature that describes its unique quirk. These abilities are set up at birth and you can change its ability with the help of an ability caps you will as well. And each Pokemon usually has three abilities, but can have only one at a time. So as I mentioned that it described its unique work. So examples of abilities are in intimidate, Swift swim, San, stream desert. So what this intimidate does is as the name suggests, if a Pokemon had this ability, it will intimidate the target working on. And what that will cause is the target Pokemon attacks that will get reduced by one stage. And if you take a look at Swift swim, what happens here is that if the environment, it is raining and a Pokemon has this ability, so underserved under those rainy conditions, its speed will get increased by two stages. Similarly in sand stream, if there is a sandstorm in that particular area and a Pokemon, how this particular ability, its speed, again, will get increased by two stages. And if you take a look at what happens here is that certain Pokemons have an ability that when they come into the field, it will start training. So that's what this ability means. Now, coming to items, items are nothing but small things which are Pokemon can hold. So at any particular, at any given time, each Pokemon can hold only one item. So examples of items will be choice items, toys items I have choice band, choice scarf and choice specs. What Joyce bank does is it will increase the attack stat if a Pokemon by 1.5 times, but it can only use that same attack throughout its turning the field. Similarly, for choice, cough, it will boast the special attack type of a Pokemon, but again, it can only use that one attack throughout its time in the field. And what toys scarf does is that it will increase the speed of a Pokemon by 1.5 times. But again, it can't just use that one move throughout its time in the field. Then there are many other famous items like life, orbs, berries, leftovers. Actually, I think there are more than 500 items in the whole pokemon game. And you also need to ensure that you have an item that resonates to it, a Pokemons ability. Now why do, does this abilities, items and matters so much? Let me just explain with the help of an example. Actually, if you go to this MOOC on website, you can actually take a look at all these items. So alphabetically they have mentioned out all the different items and what its purpose is. So I suggest you to go to this website and take a look at all the items that are meant to be. Similarly, there's a list of all abilities that a Pokemon can have. So they have alphabetically mentioned out every ability and item. Now, abilities and items are very crucial via ISA is that. So this is actually Pokemon showdown. So let us consider the case of togas. So to GIC is, has an ability called as stupid luck. So what super loved does is that the Pokemons critical hit ratio is raised by one stage. So I have given certain moves such as add slash, dazzlingly, ADA sphere. So air slash is a kind of a move that usually cause political hits. And it has this ability called as super luck. Well increase the critical year ratio by one-stage. And now there exists a particular item called as reserved plot. What this razor Claude does that the holders critical literary show is raised by one stage. Now, I already had this ability called a super lab that was increasing the critical iteration by one-stage. So by adding on this item to the Pokemon, it increases the ratio by one more stage. So that's why you really need to know what items are, what kind of items exists so that you can use that bookie Monte your advantage. Not only items, you also need to know what kind of abilities will suit your Pokemon and which ability is the best. Now it also has this ability called as hustle, wherein the Pokemon attacks Dart is 1.5 times and the accuracy is 0.8 times. But if I have this ability given hustled to the stover case, this razor plot doesn't really matter because now it will just increase it critically rotational by one stage. So once you get knowledge about Pokemons, what their abilities are and what kind of items like this, you can really form a good pair of item and abilities so that you can use it to your advantage. 9. Natures: So now let us move on to the concept of Pokemon natures. So just like how we humans tend to possess a certain kind of nature, even these Pokemons have certain niches associated to them. So what it means in the Pokemon, where is that an eater of a Pokemon? Tell us about any two stacks of a Pokemon and that will be boosting and deducing. So one particular stack would be boosted, and that will be boosted 1.1. times. And the start that is decreased, is decreased by 0.9 times. I'll bring up a Pokemon nature table to get more clarity on this topic. So in this nature table, you can see that there are 24 natures. That is lonely, adamant, naughty, brave, bold, impish, lacks relaxed, modest, mild rash, quite calm, gentle, careful, sassy, so on. Now, via these nature, so important, why should we care? Now, as you can see in this row one, if a Pokemons nature is either lonely, adamant, naughty, or brave, its attack stack will be boosted, boosted by 1.1 times. Similarly, if you take a look at the second row, that is bold, impish, lax, taught, relax, it's different. Stat will go up. And if you take a look at the third row, it special attacks that will go up and so on. Similarly, if you take a look at the columns, if you see the first column. So under the first column, what nature's we have is bold, modest, calm, and timid. So if a particular Pokemon is of this nature, it's attached at will get reduced. And similarly, if you take a look at the second column, that is defense civil Pokemons nature is either lonely, my gentle, or hasty. Its defense that will get reduced. Now there are a few natures, such as bashful, does idle, Hardy, quirky and serious. If a Pokemon tends to possess these natures, there are no changes in its tax, so these are all normal natures. Now, let me explain this topic more with the help of an example. So now let us just go to the Pokemon site, working on database site. So let just search for a Pokemon called Tajik. So usually in these Pokemon games, you start off with a starter Pokemon and Tajik is one of the starter Pokemon. Now, before you decide to take on Tajik or you select are chick, you might want to consider what type of nature it has. Now if you take a look at it, stat, stats, its special attacks, dad is the one which is the highest, that is 70. So you might want to consider a torch chick whose nature is boosted by its special attack. But that might not be a good approach. Because finally, you are going to be evolving this logic into basic and that is its final form. And if you take a look at basic and stats, its attacks, dad is the highest, that is 120. And it special attacks stat is just a 110. So this wasn't the case when you sort arctic stats, right? So since you have final form lasik and has, it's attached at the highest. You might want to go for a Tajik whose nature is boosted by its attacks data. And even if you take a look at the moves that lasik and learns, most of the moves are physical moves. So obviously if it's a tax status more, these moves will be more effective. So let me just go back to this slide. So in the case of dark chick, you might want to choose any nature from this first row that is either lonely, adamant, naughty, or Dave. Because in the long run, that will be more beneficial. And in the case of basic, and I think if you go for a Tajik who has an adamant nature. So in the case of anatomy in nature, that AX dot is boosted and its special attacks dat is reduced. So since you won't be teaching basic and any special moves, it won't matter at oil. So having this stat for your torch, it will prove to be very useful in the long run. I hope you understood by working on nature's matter so much. Now, let us move on to the next topic. 10. Moves: Now let us take a look at the topic of Pokemon moves. So as each Pokemon is associated with a particular type, even each poking on move also has a type. And these book, bogeyman moves are divided into three kinds. That is physical moves, special moves and status moves. Now let us first look at what physical moves are. So a physical move as a kind of a move in which a Pokemon will actually directly come in touch or make contact with the target Pokemon. Violet is using that physical move or physical attack. So as you can see in this picture, this booking one will act is using its head and actually coming in contact with the other Pokemon in order to attack. So these physical moves will take into consideration the attacks tartufo poking on. So higher the attack starts working on more damage. These physical moves will inflict upon the target Pokemon. Now coming to the special moves. So these special moves are the kind of moves in which the Pokemon won't make any kind of direct contact with the target Pokemon. So as you can see in this picture, this Pokemon is attacking the target Pokemon by not making any contact. So it's actually towing a beam or some kind of wave upon the, upon the target working on to inflict damage. And what these moves take into account is the special attack stack. So higher the special attack stat, more damage, will these special moves due? And the third kind of moves that we'll talk about is the status moves. So these status moves out of three types. So the first kind of status moves is the one that will increase or decrease the stacks of a user. Pokemon are the target Pokemon. So these moves can be such as intimidate or Swartz dance. So this force down to the kind of status move that will increase the user Pokemons attack stage, attacks that by two stages. Similarly, there is a move called as Lear. So when a Pokemon uses the uglier, it will reduce the defense stat of a Pokemon. That is the target pokey one by one stage. And the second type of status moves are the ones that will actually cause some kind of a status or ailment upon the target Pokemon. So these kinds of status moves either tidal wave. So what kind of wave does is it causes paralysis that their target Pokemon or move such as toxic. So what Toxic will do is it will poison that target pokemon. And the third kind of status moves that we'll take into account. Either kind of moves that will actually change the weather. So a Pokemon me have a status MOOC. Oil does rain dance. So what this will do, it will actually cause rain in that field. Or the Pokemon may have a status move such as sandstorm. So what this will do, it will cause a stream of sand to move across that field. Now let me just show you with the help of an example. So I have this Pokemon called as Tallinn flame over here. So it has a move called as bulk up. So as you can see over here, this is how the symbol of this move looks like, looks like. So if any particular move has this particular symbol, you can infer that it's a status move. So what this bulk up does is it raises both the attack and the different stack of this particular Pokemon. Similarly, if you take a look at this second MOOC called as flame thrower. So how is it represented? Represented as, as you can see over here, this is the symbol. So once you come across this symbol, you can infer that it's a special move. So what flame thrower does is it throws out a blast of fire upon the second Pokemon. So it's not coming in direct contact and still inflicting damage. Now if you take a look at fly. So this is actually a physical move. Physical moves I represented by this symbol. That's how you can infer that a particular attack is a physical type or tamp. Now what happens here is that this Pokemon, It's actually making physical contact, are touched with the target Pokemon to inflict damage upon it. So that's why it's a physical move. So I hope you understood this concept of why these things matter so much and why you need to know the difference between physical moves, special moves, and status moves. 11. Status conditions: Now in the previous slide, we are taken a look at the status moves, right? And what I had explained is that the status moves can inflict some kind of status upon the target Pokemon, right? So these are the six kind of status conditions that a Pokemon can undergo that is built bone, freeze, sleep, paralysis, confusion, and poison. Now let us take a look at burn. So as you can see in this picture, this is completely burnt. Now how this happens is that a Pokemon can directly use a move that will cause the target Pokemon to get burned. So a very famous movie called as below Lisp that causes this effect. Or you can either use a nice physical attack or a special attack, such as fire Fang flame through a fibroblast who have their secondary effects to burn the target working on. Now when a Pokemon is burned, what happens is it loses 1 16th of its HP per turn. And one more thing to be noted is that its physical attack is reduced by half. So all its physical moves, we'll just do half the amount of damage compared to while it is not bound to. Now, moving on, the next treatise condition is freeze. So as you can see, this Pokemon is completely frozen. Now how this happens is that actually there is no status move that will actually cause a Pokemon to freeze. You will actually have to use a physical or a special, special attack in order to freeze the target working on such as ice Fang, ice, ice beam, or Blizzard. So these moves have their secondary effects to freeze the Pokemon. Now, the chances are pretty less that these moves might actually freeze the Pokemon. And just in case if the Pokemon gets frozen, you're also unlucky because the chances of thawing out is also pretty low. So I think it's actually the probability is just 20%. So the chances are pretty low that your Pokemon might get cured of this condition. So in a way, this freezes pretty broken in the Graeme game. Because firstly, it's pretty difficult to inflict this kind of status condition upon the target Pokemon. And just in case if you are lucky enough to do that, the other user on the other side is unlucky because his chances of coming out of this condition is pretty low. But one more thing to be noticed here is that if a Pokemon is frozen and if you use a fire type attack, then only then this data's condition will get cured. But obviously no one's gonna do that right? And now coming on to the third state is condition there to sleep. So as you can see in this picture, this magic op is an iced tea sleeping. So sleep can be caused by direct status move such as hypnosis or sleep powder. What happens here is that the Pokemon usually sleeps for 1-2-3 turns. So if you're lucky enough, you're poking on might get. Might wake up within the second turn, or you might have to wait until three times before you can actually use a physical attack or a special attack. Moving on. The fourth kind of status condition is paralysis. So you can see in this picture that went up, Pokemon is parallelize. This is how it looks like. Now again, paralysis can cause by direct status move such as Toronto wave. Not only this, you can also use attacks such as thunder or thunder bolt, which have their secondary effects to paralyze the other Pokemon. Now when a Pokemon is paralyzed, what happens is that its speed is reduced to 1.5. More thing to note is that the probability of your Pokemon to not attack is 1 fourth. So what happens here is that there are twenty-five, twenty five percent chance that you're poking on won't attack because it'll be unable to move. And moving on. The next one is confusion. So as you can see, this three over here is confused. It doesn't know what to do. So what happens here is that in confusion, does 1 fourth stance that the Pokemon might hit itself. Instead of hitting the target. Working on sow confusion can be caused by move such as confused ray, which is a direct status move, or using moves such as confusion, which will inflict damage upon the Pokemon, and they have a secondary effect to confuse the Pokemon. Now, the chances are that if you're Pokemon is friendly towards you, it might snap out of confusion pretty quickly. Now, what do I mean by this? That you need to maintain a very good friendship with you're poking on. That is, once your battle, in, battling with their poking on. If you always win with the Pokemon and it hardly faints, that means it has a high friendship with you. And in that case, it would be very rare that it gets confused. Even if it gets confused, it will quickly snap out of it. Coming to the final status condition that is poison. So here you can see in the picture that this pick u2 is poisoned. So poison can be caused by direct status moves such as toxic or move such as Ueno shock, which will inflict damage upon the Pokemon, and we'll have a secondary effect to poison the target Pokemon. Now poisoning is of two types. Either the pokey burden can be normally poisoned or badly poisoned. So in the case when the Pokemon is normally poison, it will lose 1 eighth of its HP each term. And in the case when it is badly poisoned, what happens here is that it will lose in the first turn, 1 16th of its HP. In the second turn, it will lose 2 16th of its HP. The third tone, it will lose 316 fifths HP, and so on. And in-between all this, if you switch, you're poking on and bring it back again, and this counter will start again from the beginning. Now one more thing to note is that a Pokemon can only have at a time one status condition. It can't have to status condition at the same time. Like a Pokemon can't be bond and be sleeping at the same time. One exception to this is that a Pokemon can be confused. So when it is confused, it can have either one of these status conditions to it as well. And there are many other ways in which you can cure the status conditions as well. So certain Pokemons will have certain abilities which will prevent them from having the status conditions. So there's this ability called as limber. So what limber does is that it will prevent the Pokemon from getting parallelized at anytime, at any cost. And there are certain items which you can give. So there are many bodies such as the Agua bury the IPA, bury the chest TO bury. So if you give certain babies to these Pokemons, they can quickly snap out of these datas conditions. So this was pretty much a lot to take in. Like there was a lot of math involved as well. So it might seem inter-domain, intimidating. But once you play the games and understand how these datas conditions are caused and how it is affecting your poking on. You'll slowly get a grasp of it and you'll get better at it. 12. EV's and IV's: Now let's look at what EVs and IVs are. So as I already mentioned before, EVs are called US effort values and IV's or gold as individual values. And these EVs in IVs play a very crucial role in defining the actual stats of a Pokemon. So these can actually play a huge role because the way the pokemon has been EV trend and IV trend can make a huge difference between a vine hit K0 and the Pokemon at the other side just remaining, are hanging on with one H B. So these IVs can take the numerical value from 0 to 31. And these are setup at birth. Basically they are just extra stat points and can be announced artificially by hyper training and breeding. So what I mean by modifying IVs is that at level a 100 every one IV is one extra standpoint. And at level 50, every two increase in IVs means an extra standpoint. And now coming on to EVs, they take the numbers from 0 to 252. And they can be enhanced with the help of proper training in the wild and fighting of opponents. And how the EVs affect the stacks is that with every for increase in EVs, that increases one stat point of that particular Pokemon. Now, let's just go to Pokemon showdown and you'll get a bit more clarity on this concept. So let's just take this GARCH jump over here. So this is just a simulator, but an actual games. You might not get this benefit of easily enhancing the pokey ones EV than IVs. So as I said, that in games, it's actually pretty difficult to properly EV train and IV train them only AS trainers who really want to have a really good competitive team, take these factors into consideration. But if you're just a beginner, I wouldn't, I really recommend that you really break your head onto understanding these things. So actually EVs that is assigned to a bogeyman has a limit. So you can only assign 508 EVs to a Pokemon. And the maximum amount of EVs that you can apply to a particular stat is 252. So as you can see over here, you can, on D-Day, is it up to 252? When you do 250 to 252, that means you are maxing out that particular stat. So as you can see over here, that we only have the option to. Use 5-0 ATVs, right? So you have to be really careful and be clever about it as to which stats you will max out. So this guard charm has its attacks data the highest. So you might want to max out its attack EVs. So let's say you just make this as 252. And actually I'll give this a different nature of adamant, which will increase its attack even more, right? And also as you can see over here, first, let me just make this level of a 100. So earlier its attack was 325. So now it becomes three 94. So as I said, every one increase in EV, Saudi, every four increase in EVs will increase the attack stat by one. So as you can see over here, plus four made it from 25 to 326. So similarly, if you keep doing on like that, it will increase its attacks stat by 63 points. So first it was D1005, and now if you max out at dvz by adding 252, it becomes 394. And now we have already consumed too few to EVs. You only have remaining 256 EVs. So that really depends on how, what kind of guard jump you want them. So if you're not going to be teaching it any special type moves, there's no point in increasing our maxing out at special attacks that EVs has that won't make any difference at all. So here, since it's speed is also considerably good, you might want to max out at speed IVs. So in that way, you can just take a look at which two stats really worked out well for the Pokemon. So since they were already so good, you can better those tax by maxing the EVs of that stack. So now we are just left with four remaining EVs. So actually at level a 100, it really doesn't matter. You can just maybe boast it's HP or either defense or special defense. So yeah. And again, as I mentioned, IVs also play a huge role. So everyone increase in IV will increase its stat by one. So they take a value from 0 to 31. So in the case of guard chomp, when I make it's IVs as, let's say for us it was 0. So it's 326. Now I made it one, so it became 327. So similarly, it can take values from 0 up to 31. So since this is just a simulator, I'll just max out the Ivies as well. But when it comes to competitive gaming, you might not want to max out every particular EVs and IV's because over there a lot of things come into picture because you never know how your opponents Pokemon is trained. So I would just suggest you to play around with this simulator for awhile. And later. Once you grasp the concept or you might start understanding it better, then you might find it more easier to how to EV train an IV, train your POC. 13. Field Effects: The next topic that we'll discuss is field effects. Now, usually Pokemon battered usually happen in a normal setting. So there will be no weather affects, no different terrains. But these things can come into picture as well. Now, there are four different types of terrains. So the first one is a grassy Darien. So what will happen over here is that certain Pokemons have this ability that whenever they are someone into the battle and the entire feed will turn into a grassy terrain. So what happened in this grassy terrain is that it will boost the power of all grass type moves. So if your grass type moves, we're doing a particular amount of damage that will increase to 1.3 times. And one more advantage of this terrain is that it will weaken all down types moves as well. So this is our grassy Darien looks like. The second type of terrain is misty terrain. So what happened in misty terrain is that it will prevent any Pokemon and which is on the ground from having any kind of status condition. So again, how this mystery terrain happened is that there are certain Pokemon which had some unto battle. So as soon as they entered the field, the entire ADI will turn into a misty terrain. Similarly, we have one more Darien called as psychic terrain. So as you can see, this is our psi k Teddy and looks like. So what happens in a psychic terrain is that obviously the power of psychic type attacks are boosted. So again, it becomes 1.3 times. And one more added advantage over here is that it prevents any Pokemon from having debility prankster. So basically all priority moves are cancelled over here. So again, Ada, a Pokemon, can either learn the move called a psychic terrain or when they are summon, the field just turned into a psychic battle, psychic battlefield. Last is dielectric terrain. So this is how an electric terrain looks like. So again, over here, the power of our electric types is boosted and any Pokemon which is on the ground will be prevented from having the status condition of sleep. So obviously, these field effects fall into four different categories of grassy, mystic, psychic, and electric terrain. So whatever affects these directions, give out will only benefit the Pokemon, which is on the ground. So let's just say that in electric terrain, what I mentioned is that any pokey one which is on histidine won't get the status condition of sleep. But however, if there is a flying type Pokemon and you use such a move such as hypnosis or sleep powder, it won't the the ability won't be valid for that flying type poking on that flank type book you can still get affected. Similar rule applies to psychic terrain, Misty terrain and grassy terrain as well. Now apart from this, there are some other field effects as well. So there's a particular type of move called a strict room. So what Chrome does is it will twist the dimensions of the battlefield. So this is our trick room looks like. So what will happen over here is that instead of the fastest Pokemon moving first, this lowest Pokemon will move first. Now. Now, in double battles, there is a very famous pair called as desktops and repeat your sweeper. So what happens here is that does clause will use the move, take Rome. And on the other hand, dry period is a really strong Pokemon, but its speed is really low. So in a normal battle, it won't get the chance to attack, right? Like it won't get the chance to move first. So there's a high chance that before it can make a move, it might faint. But in case of trick room, sintered IPTO at speed is so low, it will get the chance to move first. So in that way, this bed is a really strong pair. Now tailwind is another kind of move which will affect the field. So when a particular Pokemon uses tailwind, so whichever Pokemon you have in your party will have its speed stat doubled. So if a Pokemon uses the move tailwind and it dies, and you bring on the next volume on onto the field. The next book in one speed will be doubled. And then we have moved such as reflect and lights, lights clean. So reflecting light screen looks something like this. So a Pokemon will have a certain kind of a screen in front of it. So what Reflect does is it will reduce the damage taken from physical type moves. And similarly, light screen will reduce the damage and from special type moves. So in a way, the damage, what they get is reduced to half. But you might want to consider this that you can't have both reflect enlight screen on at the same time. Only. One move will work at a time. And then you have one move called as gravity. So what gravity does is it will bring all documents to the ground. So even if line type pokey man will lose its flying ability. So in that way, those line type Pokemons will also be prone to down-type attacks. And one more thing that gravity does is it increases the accuracy of all moves. Now coming to the last two, most, which is magic room and wonder room. So what magic room does is it will prevent you from using any items that the pokemon has held to itself. And what wonder room does is it switches the defense and attack stat of a Pokemon. So let's just say that the tax status of a Pokemon, the numeric value that is assigned to it as 150. And the different status just eight p. So in wonder room AT will become the attack stat and 150 will become the different stats. So these will get reversed. 14. Video Game Championships: Okay, so now that we've learned about the concepts of working on and the different things which you need to have knowledge about and the things that you need to keep in mind. We are now ready to dive into the competitive space. So the official competitive Pokemon games are called as v GCs, which stands for video game championships. So these video game championships are conducted by the International Pokemon company, which is the official company for Pokemon every year. So in these competitions, people and Pokemon enthusiasts from all over the world come and participate. So they not only get to on goodies, prizes and earn money, but the ultimate to travel the world as these championships I held all across the world. Now let me tell you. It may not seem as easy as the game that you play. This is a complex turn-based game, just like how you play your poker and chess. So usually in chess, what you need to know is the 66 move pieces, right? But here, what you need to know is hundreds of conditions because it is filled with uncertainty and probabilities and there's no a 100% wind condition. So whatever I've so far taught you in this class, you need to go out there, play the game, understand how everything works. Because only once you know about that, that you will be in a position to even predict what your opponent might do or what his next move might be. So like that you really need to read the other person's mind. So in that way, it is very similar to the game of chess. Now, let us take a look at the rules of these official VGC is. 15. VGC Rules: Now, there are a few set of basic rules when it comes to these official, competitively GCSE. Actually, the rules keep changing every year according to the generation of working on and which season is going on. But there are some general basic rules which applied to every season. So usually what you'll notice is that in the games that you play, the RPG games on video game consoles or poking on stadium, you'll usually battle with six pokey months. But in these competitive VGC is you can only choose four Pokemons out of six. And battles are primary doubles instead of singles. So in singles, it used to be, it used to take a lot of time. And therefore, the Pokemon company came out with this rule of primary double battles because it's more fun and more strategic as well, and takes less time to get done with. So at any point in time, you can send out to Pokemon from your party into the field. And the same goes for the opponent as well. So once you knock out all four Pokemons off your opponent, you when. And what happens here is best of three rounds. So you need to win at least two towns in order to win the series. There are no duplicate Pokemons and items allowed. Because what usually happens is there are some really famous items such as leftovers. So what leftovers does is I already explained it keeps increasing your health. So just to be a bit more fair, you can use only one item for a particular Pokemon. That means you can't give the same item to one another Pokemon as well. And same goes for this that you can't use duplicate pokey months. Again, due to the fact that if you have one really good Pokemon, which is really overpowered, you can't use that same Pokemon, not have the same species of that Pokemon in your team. And there are some Pokemon which are banned, like basic and some mythical and legendary Pokemons, again, due to the fact that they are really overpowered. And the main rule is that all Pokemon testlet two level 50. Now this plays a really important role. Let me just go to shut down and explain to you why this matters so much. So consider two Pokemons as l n Obama snow. So these two are at level 100. And then I have two more of these which I debt level 15. Now this as if at level a 100 has its speed maxed out, which is 361. So I have given it a nature that boasted speed, EVs and IVs direct max. So it's period is 361 at level a 100. Now if you look at Obama's node, which is at level a 100, again, I'm maxed out the IVs and EVs and given it a nature that we boosted speed. And on top of that, I have given it a choice, cough as well. So what toys cover will do is increase the speed by 1.5 times. Now here speed is 240. So to 40 into 1.5 will give us 360. So in, in a battle against yourself, so as speed was three 61 and A-bomb OS knows speed is 360 over here, right? Now. These were at level a 100. Now let's consider both of them at level 50, as it would be in the case of VGC is right. So I've said this as alpha level 50. And again match doubt it. It's EVs and IV's or speed. And given it a nature that's boosted speed. So here it's speed is 183. Now at the same goes for Obama snow as well. It's at 1150 max out EVs and IVs. And given it a nature that increases its speed. And here again, I've given it a choice cough, that will increase its speed by 1.5 times. So here, if we see 123 into 1.5, it will give us 184.5. So it speed would be 184, whereas here that they'll speed is 103, so it differs by 1, right? So at level 50, Obama snow will move faster than as f, But whereas at level a 100 as ill speed is 361 and as we saw, almost no speed is 316. So as you can see at level 50, Obama's noise faster and it level under as alphas faster when we apply certain conditions. So that's why there are many situations and scenarios which can happen at level 50 and we make the game more interesting. So that's studies and they came up with such rules. 16. Tournament structure and Pokemon showdown: Now with this, we come to the final lecture of our class. So here let's just take a look at how the VDC to an immense are structured. So obviously you will have to start small. It's not like you can directly enter into these big tournament which happen at a worldwide level. So the very first stage, which you can challenge yourself at the premium challenges. So if you win these pre-made challenge, just you get 30 championship points. So basically, these mid-season shutdowns and premade challenges, both are your local events. So this might happen in your neighborhood or any event space which is affiliated to the international Pokemon company. Now, before I move on, let me just tell you that the Pokemon international company has its official presence in North America, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Europe, Japan, and Korea. So only these places will have local events which are organized officially. So once you start winning premier challenges, there's a next level which is called as mid-season showdown, which again happens at a local level, that is etre nearby region. So if you go to the Pokemon website and type out Event Locator. So you can just audits, you can just google Event Locator. That will give you the list of all nearby events happening at your place. You just need to have your own gaming console and need to form a competitive team in order to participate in these battles. And one more thing is that in order to go participate in these local events, you need to sign up with a small fee. And that's it, you're set. And after that it all depends on how you fair. Now, once you become master at these two levels, that's when you can go to the regionals and international space. As these will earn you more Championship points. So these regional and international levels obviously happen at a much larger skin. So reasoners will be at city level and international will be at country level, right? And once you get 500 championship points, that's when you'll be invited to the World Championship, which usually happens in London every year. So yeah, that's your journey. Or you can call this as your ladder. To get into the World Championships where you can meet all AS trainers, different people from the field. And really get to interact with them and gain knowledge. So I hope that this lecture was useful and you gain a lot of knowledge, information from this. So it might seem intimidating to you. But yeah, you can just start off. So you can just start off by playing the RPG games. So you don't even need a car to buy a separate console for that. And nowadays you have various simulators online, which lets you play these games in your PC itself, PC or your laptop anywhere. So right from the first pokemon game, which is poking on leave between and fire it. Then poking on emitter, Pokemon black and white, Pokemon XY, Pokemon Sun and Moon. And now the latest game which is Pokemon, a sword and shield. I think only four that you need to purchase a console that is nintendo switch if you want to play that game. And once you feel that you're better at the game and can participate in these events. You can buy the Nintendo Switch or whichever latest device is there in the trend that day and in which the competitions will take place. That's when you can decide to buy it off from a competitive team and go out there and participate. And one more thing is that if you don't have access to any of that, you can always go to Pokemon showdown. So Pokemon showdown is an online site, competitive side where you can sign up and just play the game. So it's a simulator. You have different chatrooms over here. So various players all over the world have created different chat rooms. And you can just go into this lobby and jack with people and battle. And apart from that, there are different formats over here. Like there are random battle. There's mono type battles in which you just have a single particular type of Pokemon battling. You have double battles, and then you have your VGC is now these VDC is the main thing which you will have to focus on. So if you just practice these VCs and you have all Generation one Till generation seven over here. So you can form teams of generation one, generation two, and so on. And you can just randomly battled with anyone. And there's this thing called team builder as well. So these are just my teams over here, which I've formed four different formats. So yeah. So here you can just give them any moves, knew them any items give them ability is just play around. You can just increase, decrease their stats, IVs, EVs, et cetera. So by forming these such teams were different formats. You'd get to know how these formats work and then you'll be ready to go into the competitive space. So I hope that you enjoyed this lecture and I thank you for taking this course.