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A beginners guide to healthy desserts: ingredients and baking recipes

teacher avatar Daniela Lambova, Food Blogger & Photographer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Project & Disclaimer

    • 3. What makes a dessert healthy

    • 4. The food qualities

    • 5. What makes the desserts unhealthy

    • 6. Basic healthy ingredients

    • 7. How to make Healthy Red velvet cake

    • 8. How to make Low Carb Cookies

    • 9. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Elevate your home baking by learning how to prepare Healthy Desserts!

Do you like eating sweets but you are worried that they are not the best food for you? The good news is that not all desserts are junk food. And it is not hard to make healthier desserts at home. Daniela Lambova, a food blogger and cookbook author, created this class in order to help you bring your home baking to the next level. In this class she will teach you the basis of healthy baking.

You will learn:

  • Why are most sweets considered unhealthy
  • Which ingredients to use in your home baking in order to prepare desserts that are good for you
  • Which ingredients to avoid
  • What sugar substitutes are available and their pros and cons
  • Two healthy dessert recipes: Red Velvet Cake and Low Carb Cookies

This class is for everyone who is concerned about healthier lifestyle, without going into extremes. The information is gathered from different sources and based on scientific researches. The class is not about dieting, weight loss or body cleansing. Its main goal is to help people make informed food related choices for a better lifestyle. 

This is a class for beginners, but home bakers of all levels might benefit from the presented advices, tips and recipes.

In the project & resources section you will find the complete recipes of the two presented desserts and the web addresses of the class information sources.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Daniela Lambova

Food Blogger & Photographer


I'm Daniela, a Food Blogger, Food Photographer and Cookbook Author based in Sofia, Bulgaria. I love everything about food, especially desserts. In my blog Dani's Cookings you will find all kinds of sweets, including sugar-free, low carb and vegan. 

I've been baking since I was a child and I enjoy helping other people become confident in the kitchen. My philosophy is that everyone should be able to eat good homemade desserts, made with love and without guilt.

In 2019 I published my first cookbook about healthy desserts (it is only in Bulgarian for now but I am planning to release it in English soon!)


My second big passion is the Food Photography. Since I started my first blog in 2012, I have gone... See full profile

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1. Intro: hi and vanilla and I'm a food blogger, food photographer and recipe developer. In this class, I will teach you how to make healthy desserts, desserts that are as nutritious as possible and containers little s possible on helping ingredients. I would talk about ingredients, their qualities and how to use them. Your recipes in order to create deserts which lots of Motrin. I have been interested sweets since I was a child. Kicks are my big passion toe. Eat them and make them. I have a full block specializing desserts because I know how much sugar and unhealthy fats can damage your health. Several years ago, I started digging in tow. Healthy Baking recently published a book on same topic. This class was created to help you transform your home baking in healthier one. In this class, I'm going to talk to you about some of the ingredients that you've been using. Your big guilty, no healthier. I will talk also about ingredients which you better avoid in order to stay here here. And we're going to make two desserts, one cake and one recipe for cookies, and I will show you in detail what ingredients I have used in this recipes, what are their qualities and how to make these one important point about these classes that it is not that last, which promotes waiting. I'm not going to talk to you about how to lose weight and how to make dessert and food, which will help you lose weight. Generally eating desserts in big quantities, even the ones that are healthier can put it. Risk your help. So one more point is that we are not going toe. Learn how to prepare desserts that you can eat without any limit. 2. Project & Disclaimer: the protective. This class will be for you to make a healthy dessert to publish a photo in the resources section and to least what ingredients you have used for it. Optionally you can share also your thoughts about the taste, the texture you're feeling after you eat the dessert in any other observation that you might have had. Disclaimer. I'm not a deputation neither. I have a medical degree. The information in this class can mean gathered from different sources which have taken in consideration scientific researchers. The nutritional qualities of the recipes and ingredients mentioned in the class are with regards to healthy individuals. People with any kind of medical condition must refer to the doctor before following the class advices. The ingredients mentioned that's healthy are such if consumed in moderation, large quantities of any food might make you feel. If you have any kind of medical conditions or allergies, please consult your health provider pre or to changing your diet. The teacher does not take any responsibility for any damage which might have resulted after following the advices in this class 3. What makes a dessert healthy: what makes the desert healthy. Well, said this question. First, we need to define which ingredients are considered is healthy. There are different food philosophies and diets, and each of them considers different kinds of food that's healthy or unhealthy. However, on this class we're going to obey the definition of healthy or unhealthy only all scientific researchers and studies in order to prepare the class. I have considered the number of trusted texture no sources, a list of which you can find in the resources section to clarify in this class we're going to consider as a healthy foods that have been seen difficulty proven, Toby damaging the people's health We're going to discuss in details Why? What is the reason for being unhealthy and which ingredients can substitute this healthy ones? Our gold during the class will be to make our home mate big goods as healthy as possible by selecting careful ingredients which are not harmful for the body. One point I would like to highlight here is that when it comes to food, complete happiness doesn't exist. Every foot and every ingredient in the world, without exception if consumed in excess, can damage your health as mentioned in the introduction. In this class, we're going toe because the health benefits of the food, we're not going to discuss food that is going to help you to lose weight. We're not talking here about weight loss. Therefore, in this class we're not going to invent deserts, which are going to help you lose way. We're not going to talk about calories. We're going to talk about vitamins, minerals, another Kelty nutrients which our body needs in order to be the shelter as possible and to prevent potentially some very harmful diseases. 4. The food qualities: which foot has different qualities. In order to define which food is healthy, we need to dig into its composition. The food that brings us energy is divided into three macronutrients properties. Fats and carbohydrates. Proteins are made of units called amino acids. They're much more complex molecules than carbs. That's why they're much more difficult to digest and to be absorbed by the body. It takes much more time, but the body needs protein in order to build tissue and to grow. The protein is the main component of all ourselves. Facts are also essential for the bodies. Growth that also used to sensitize took the hormones to absorb vitamin E's and also for brain development. They're the most efficient source of energy, and, as we know, excessive energy start in our body as fat. Many of the officials recommend that not more than 30% of our daily calorie income should come from feds, but not all fats are equal. In the next videos, I will talk a little bit more in details which fats you should prefer in which fits. You should try to avoid or exclude completely from your diet. Carbohydrates are the main and the less complex source of energy. Our body needs carbohydrates, but we need to be very careful what kind of carbohydrates we consume in what quantities. The point is that there different kinds of carbohydrates, same way is there are different kinds of fats. While we need carbohydrates. Some of them need to be limited these out of the carps with highly semiconductor, and we should prefer the ones with lower glycemic index. Listen. Make index is the number which measures how fast the body converts the carps into glucose. High glycemic index usually means that also, the blood sugar levels are rising very quickly. Foods with low glycemic index help maintain lower cholesterol levels and that way there preventing potentially some diseases like diabetes, heart disease and others, which are the foods with lower glycemic index. Usually these are foods with a lot of fiber foods that contain carbohydrates, which are more difficult to digest and more slowly digestible carbohydrates. 5. What makes the desserts unhealthy: what makes the desert unhealthy. In this video, we're going to talk about the kind of ingredients that are really unhealthy and the ones that we should avoid at all costs, or at least try to limit as much as possible in our diet. Pure sugar is a pure carbohydrate with a very high glycemic index, and it is a very unhealthy ingredient when consumed in excess sugar is not harmful if consumed in moderation. The problem is that nowadays majority of the population of the earth consumed sugar in excess. What makes in excess? According Toa American Heart Association, the maximum amount of sugar that woman should consume daily is 25 grounds, or about five teaspoons, and for Mantis quantities 37 grams. That means that if you eat a small piece of cake made at home every other day and drink your coffee with one teaspoon of sugar, it's not going to be a big problem. The issue is that a lot of people are consuming in excess soft drinks which are loaded with sugar, and they're sweetened with high fructose corn syrup, which is especially carful. That's why we need to try to avoid commercially sold Candies and desserts and make as much as possible sweets at home if we like to eat sweets. There are many scientific researchers, which which have analyzed the harms off excessive consumption of sugar. Eating too much sugar is associate ID toe, diabetes toe decay, hard disease evil. Some forms off cancer. Sugar is composed by fructose. Angry calls from told is even more harmful, Dingle calls because it increases more the hunger and the desire for sugary foods. That's why the soft drinks are particularly bad for your health. Is there generally sweetened with high fructose syrup? They not only bring to empty calories, but also increase the desire for more food particularly sweet. The problem with the sugar is that it contains pure energy with almost no nutrients. Last but not least, sugar is highly addictive. According to some researchers, Sugar is more addictive than cocaine. Transfats artificial transfats are proven to be harmful for the body. They're believed to be damaging the blood vessels and are linked to different severe diseases. They're a product of the so called para show hydrogenation, which is a process of converting liquid ALS toe solid fats. But even the liquid ALS might not be very healthy. The problem with majority of the vegetable oils is that they contain too much omega six assets and not Omega three s. It's nowadays, people are consuming much more omega six, then omega three fatty acids, and researchers are showing that such this balance can cause chronic inflammation, heart disease, obesity and other health issues. That's why we need to look for sources of omega three fatty acids like olive oil, flax seeds, cheer seeds, avocado oil and some tea products, and officials like Salman sardines or oysters. In addition, the morals have a very low smoke point, and it means that cooking with them might result in free radicals Release. What is more, point. This is the temperature at which the URL starts releasing smoke free radicals are unstable atoms that can damage cells. The more refined an oil, the higher is its smoke point. That's why certain otherwise, goodwill refined oils should not be used for cooking. In any case of wedding, fried food is always a good idea. Other and healthy ingredients. These are chemical sweeteners like aspartame on. There are a lot of controversial researchers about them, and it's not really clear if they have carpal effects on the body and what exactly are this effect? So it's, I always say, for to avoid them. 6. Basic healthy ingredients: basic healthy ingredients. So we spoke about the healthy ingredients. Let's speak about the healthy ones now flower. Many people consider the regular or oh, purple sweet flower as unhealthy as the sugar. But this is not exactly the case. There are a lot of research is regarding flower, and there are no proofs that actually with flour, if consumed in moderation, is very unhealthy. White flour still contains vitamins and minerals, even though they're less than the ones in the whole grain flour. On the other hand, different flowers are treated differently. Some are bleached chemically, which might make them less healthy and decrease their nutrition values. There are types of flowers with proven health benefits such as ang cornflowers, spelt flour and many others. Generally hopeless grain flowers are better for the health due to their higher nutrition values, in the fact that they also contain fiber. At the same time, there are no scientific evidence is that white flour isn't healthy when consumed in moderation. But when you want to make your homemade baked goods, SQL Theus possible. The best option, of course, is toe include also whole grain flours, preferably from ancient wheat grains like spelt in corn and emer. Nothing T flowers. Also, you can use like coconut, monkey seed and flax seed flowers. Each of them have different qualities, and they're good for different baking purposes. Let's review some of the most common good 10 hours. First wheat flour. This is the most commonly used flower. There are different kinds, like take flower all purpose flour, whole grain, wheat flour, it center spelt. This is my all time favorite do toe. It's nice taste and texture. It is a flower from an ancient co grain wheat, which is a nice mild taste and makes the picture of the baby good. Soft spelled, contains 30% more protein than wheat. It contains gluten, but it is processed in a different way than normal weight. Very good for cakes, cookies, quick breads, but not suitable for anything that requires extensive needing. Because the Gutin is not going to develop the same way as in the wheat flour, I'm corn. It has similar qualities, as spelled, being both from the same ancient with grain family, I consider it states slightly stronger in the big goods are not a soft other than that. Both have similar qualities, both spell tonight in corn can substitute with flower in same proportion, right? This is again gluten flour. It absorbs twice the amount of water in comparison to eat bread. Recipes utilizing right flower yield a softer moisture texture in the final product. In a longer shelf life, right contains lots of vitamins and minerals similar to the whole grain wheat flour. I'm personally not a big fan of right due to its slightly sour taste, but many people performing then wheat. There are also several very healthy gluten free flours, which I want to talk about. Coconut flour. Very versatile and good substitute of the wheat flour. It is made of dried coconut meat, and it's very reaching protest. That's why it is suitable also for Kittel. Diet coconut flour is a very good substitute also of almond flour. If you want to use coconut flour instead of wheat flour in the recipe, use about 1/4 of the original quantity of the wheat flour Flax seed meal. Another flower I really love because it helps the gluten free bag goes not to the compose Flax seed meal is often used as a stabilizer or gluten substitute because it has the possibility to stick together the ingredients similarly to the protein gluten. That's also a reason why flax seed meal mixed with water is used also as the next substitute in vegan baking. Samos Chia seeds Flax seeds are very, very reaching nutrients like omega three fatty s. It's like calcium and many more, so using flax seed meal is really good for your health. Rice flour. It is high in fiber and low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium. It is commonly used as we substitute a good and free baking. However, the products made with rice flour tend to be harder and tend to break easily. For that reason, it is always good to combine it with other flowers, like flax seed meal or start almond flour. Together with coconut flour, it is one of the most used flowers in Quetta recipes. It makes nice and tender baked goods. You can use about the same quantity in a recipe that calls for wheat flour. Just consider that you might need to have additional moisture. One important point regarding good and free baking, which I was already mation England, speaking about the flax seed meal when using good and free flowers. You need to consider adding a good and substitute in order to keep the structure of your big boots. That could be estimation, flaccid milk, some tangle or even just start, as all of them have the capacity to grow the ingredients together without them. Your big goods, my turn now to crumbly and heart. Of course, you can also buy ready made flour mixtures with contain already a gluten substitute, usually exanta angle. But if you're using just the nature of gluten free flour is the ones nation. You might need to experiment with gluten substitutes in order to find the best texture for your product. Dairy products Dairy products such as milk, yogurt or cream are often considered isn't healthy. They're not good for people who have any form of dairy intolerance. However, for people who don't have it, there is a good source of calcium in protests. Fermented dairy products such as yogurt, buttermilk, sour cream, different kinds of cheeses are considered to be more beneficial for the body and easier to be absorbed as they provide some good bacteria's fence. Fats are very important for every diet. In the past, the additions were advising tow, avoid majority of facts as they are very rich in energy. Also, they were considering all kinds of saturated fat particularly unhealthy, according to the latest studies, saturated fats like butter and even large, actually healthy when consumed in moderation, which is the healthiest what in the world olive oil and avocado oil are competing for this price. Both are great for cooking and to be consumed raw. Both are good for cooking without becoming bad for you. Avocado oil has a slightly higher smoke point. My personal preference is olive oil. I use it even for desserts. The main reason is that all the world is cheaper and easier to find an avocado oil, at least in my part of the world. It might be different in your part of the world. If you use more olive oil in your diet, you'll never go wrong. It is an essential part of the Mediterranean diet, which is considered as one of the healthiest lifestyles in the world. There are many kinds of only walls. Some have stronger olive taste and flavor. But the most common Olivos sold in the stores are very suitable even for desserts and baking sugar. substitutes, we can divide them. Intrigue groups, nature onshore substitutes that they're reaching carbohydrates such as Haniya, garba syrup, maple syrup, coconut sugar or dates, nature of shores, aptitude that are not rich in carbohydrates and Arcata friendly and chemical sugar substitutes. The first group are not too different than the cane sugar. In terms of contents, they contain glucose fructose but also minerals. Some vitamins, in some cases also enzymes and antioxidants that makes them better than the table sugar is . In majority of cases, they have benefits which can kill some point compensate the negative effects of the high glucose and fructose content. Needless to say, this is only valid if we consume them in low quantities. That means that if we substitute the case, sugar with coconut sugar in the cake that won't allow us to eat have the cake in one go because it is healthy that needs to be clear from dimension. Sweeteners on Lidiya Garbis Europe is not recommended. The reason is that it contains too much fructose, which makes it with similar effects as the high fructose corn syrup. It has a very high the same ink index and increases too much. The hunger. There are a number of nature of sugar substitute, which are not rich in carbohydrates. For example, sugar alcohols such a CSI little and it Rettl Sabato also stadia or more fruit sweetener. The shore alcohols are kind of carbohydrates, but they don't react the same way is normal carps, and some of them don't rise at all the blood sugar levels after consumption. Most sugar alcohols are even suitable for diabetics. Of course, there are some exceptions, so if you have diabetes before using any sugar alcohol, you must consult your medical provider even though they don't have the same effect On the body is sugar and don't represent the same health hazard. The sugar alcohols should be consumed with some precautions. Too much of them can lead to diarrhea and interesting issues. Stadia. It is a very controversial sweetener because some people love it. Another skate. Its peculiar taste. It is considered to have positive effects on the health. But there are not enough researchers. It has almost no calories. It is suitable for diabetics. Some studies suggest it might be even beneficial for them. Other researchers suggest that it might not be completely safe product 7. How to make Healthy Red velvet cake: the first recipe that we're going to prepare the cake. Nothing. A random cake but the red velvet cake in the healthy version. This cake is the fantastic taste and texture of the classic red velvet cake, but much more nutrients due to its good ingredients. What do we need for this cake? Thanks. They're very nutritious in return. Protests chocolate. Sure, it is still a sweetener rich in carbohydrates, however, it contains some nutrients like iron, think culture and potassium. Also fiber to to which it has a lower glycemic index than the regular table sugar. Whole grain spelt flour and cake flour. You can use only spell flower in this cake, but I added some cake flour as well to improve the texture. Beetroot Father. It contains lots of vitamins and minerals and has a number of positive effects on the body . It is basically concentrated beetroot. One of its great qualities is that it is a natural red colorant, so in many cases you can use it instead of artificial red full day. Both are milk and vinegar. This combination contributes for the nice soft texture of the cake. Buttermilk is well known. Healthy ingredient contains a lot of cultural B vitamins proteins and is much easier to digest, then olive oil. It's already discussed in the previous videos. It is one of the healthiest halls in the world. For this cake, we need a liquid oil as it is helping for a better texture. That's why olive oil was my first choice. Cocoa powder known for its antioxidant qualities von yulin baking sold. You can find the full recipe of the cake and the required ingredient quantities in the resources section to make the cake. First, we need to make the dry ingredients in a bowl and then, little by little, toward the wet ingredients without over mixing. It's important tohave the butter smooth and with the required consistency. You can see the consistency a little bit later in the video. This cake doesn't require excessive mixing or beating. With the mixer, you can use a mixer as well, but hand whisk. It's just for the frosting. We need maple syrup similar to coconut sugar. It contains nutrients, but we still need to be careful not to consume it in access. The quantity used in the frosting is quite small, considering the whole cakes, cream cheese It is made of cream and typically contains more fat than properties and car. It is a safe problems if consumed in moderation. However, when buying cream cheese, it is recommended to read ingredients listed in the package in tow. Avoid products that contain hydrogenated fats, which are especially harmful but as we discussed in previous videos, but there is a good when consumed in moderation. This time you will need a mixer. You know the to make the crossing as prince possible. It's important to have the butter patrol temperature. Otherwise you might have difficulties. Toe. Mix it well. You need to be the ingredients until the frosting becomes smooth. After preparing the frosting optionally, you can color 1/3 part of it with some bitch father, but this is no require in order to have a healthy and tasty cake. It's just for the creation. The easiest way to degrade this cake is by using the dreams pieces of the layers and making them in crumbs and then combining them with fuel table force of the frosting. That way we can make truffles and thes truffles are perfect decoration. If they're arranged on top of the cake of course, you can decorate the cake in many different ways, he says. Here to be a little bit more creative than toe make truffles. 8. How to make Low Carb Cookies: The second recipe we will prepare is for low carb chocolate cookies, suitable for people with diabetes and also for kids diet. The reason they contain little carbohydrates is because they're made with See the night flowers with high protein content. And they're also sweetened with xylitol, a type of sugar alcohol, which is in fact the carbohydrate. But it's not processed in the body the same way as sugar or start. Saito has another great defect. It promotes. Teeth is held by reducing the levels of bacteria's in the saliva that my cows decay. In addition, Sillitoe reduces also the bacteria that cause you're infections. So for this recipe, we need the following ingredients. Melted butter, cream cheese, little egg, coconut flour Flax seed New, which is original, made the trio's fiber and high quality proteins. Pumpkinseed flower. It is also gluten free. Rich in magnesium, iron fiber, antioxidants, proteins and B vitamins. It's a really good flower, cocoa powder and baking powder. To prepare the cookies, you need to start mixing the butter and the grinches. Bring me a little and vanilla rum extract in case you want. When the mixture is combined little by little of the dry ingredients in the making. Soldier make us off, though, and they dressed in the fridge for about half an hour. Typical kids by making small balls and then press them gently to become throughout. But not tools. Make the cookies for about 12 minutes at 360 degrees are height or 100 and 80 degrees tells you. 9. Final Thoughts: Thank you for watching these classes. I hope you enjoyed it. And I hope you learn new things. I will be glad if you share your thoughts about it. I would be also glad if you rate it. If you liked it, please follow me. Or you can also take some of my other classes published previously. Anything that you would like to share with me about this class or about the other classes. Please feel free. I will be always happy to receive feedback. Thank you so much once again and the head baking.