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A Way of Japanese Cuicine : Make your own Sushi Rolls

teacher avatar Sachiyo M.

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (25m)
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About This Class


Many people are wondering how to make delicious Sushi Rolls. I have made so many Sushi Rolls in my life. I also taught many people how to make them. I will teach you how to prepare and how to roll into the perfect shapes. I hope you can master the techniques and be creative after you watch this video.

Have you ever been to a Japanese restaurant and looked at the menu and wondered why those Sushi rolls are so expensive? Even a small plate of Dynamite roll cost more than $8, even though it doesn't fill you up. Making Sushi Rolls is not so hard. As a matter of fact, it's easy and fun!

I will show you how to prepare the rice, cut the ingredients, and roll the perfect Sushi Rolls. But it's up to you what kind of ingredients you want to use and how to present.

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Sachiyo M.


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1. Intro1: way I welcome to my kitchen. My name is City. I was born and raised in Japan. I grew up in the city, called now, like the very traditional city and famous pull Buddhist temples Insurance. My passion for cooking probably came from my father. My father was Sissy Cook on. My mother helped him at his restaurant for many years. They're raising. Why I wanted to teach on Scarce here is good. So many people I have met asked me how to make sissy rooms. So I realized that so many people are interested in knowing how to make Cicero's. This class is for people who love cooking and also interested in Japanese cuisine. It's very easy. I think anybody can make it. 2. SushiRoll1: here. Some ingredients to make basic sissy rose rice is a main ingredient for sissy rose. It can be white rice or brown rice, but it must be short grain, rice or medium grain. I prefer Japanese rice because it's soft and sticky. All the rights have to stick together in order to make sissy. Otherwise, it's going to break apart and hard to eat. You can find Japanese rice at the age of store or agent section in a grocery store, or you can also order online. This seaweed is called nori in Japan. Some people don't like it because of the color or taste, but I think it has a great flavor again. You can find these seaweeds at an agent store, grocery store or online. You need a white vinegar sugar sort got into white rice. As for optional ingredients, Sam cucumber, tuna fish or cantina shrimps. Avocado imitation from it, eggs. Also, you need a soy sauce when you sub sushi rose. Wasabi is a Japanese horseradish, which is, as you might already know, have tested before. Very spicy. But it hurts. You knows more than your tongue. If you eat too much, what pickled ginger called Gary is used as a garnish it at some sweet and soreness. When you eat with sushi rolls, some people put this curry on top of the sissy wars. Also, it's not necessary but human like marinades and sweet lot esos to make orange sauce. This source is not very common in Japan, but it's becoming very popular in other countries. Another option. Every ingredient is set a machine they are used for inside up sissy rose to add more flavor . You also need bamboo mat to roll the sushi in the perfect shape. The great thing about making your own system that you can choose whatever ingredient you want. If you are based Syrian, you can put some lettuce carols on other kind of best of bones. There are many ways to make six equals that today I was showing the traditional way that my father taught me. It takes time to make it perfect, but if you get hungry, but you can make it over and over, it will be a picture presentation for party or any other places, so just enjoy and have fun 3. SushiRoll2: The first thing you have to do in order to make sissy walls is off course to cook the rice major three cups of uncooked rice. I am using my scuba, but you can still use the regular part miserably. Next was the wise in the cold water until the water is less white and almost clear. You can also use London towards vice. Preparation is very important because it depends on the price whether you can make very good Soucy or not. If you put too much water in the rice cooker, then the rice will be two Thought to make sissy woes. If you don't put enough water, then the rice is going to be too hard to eat after you watch the rice at water into the pot . If you put your hand into the water and the water is about double off the back of your hand , that's about how much water you need. In order to cook the rice, put the pot into the rice cooker on turned the switch. If you are using the regular part, make sure put the lid on on Coakley's medium heat until it starts bubbling. If the lips stop moving or the bubbles stop spinning, then turn off the heat. But don't open the let yet Wait for 10 minutes to let the steam. It will take about 20 minutes to cook the rice with a rice cooker. But even if the rice cooker is done, make sure you wait for 10 minutes to let of steam. This is very important to cook the rice and completely. Next step is making vinegar mixture. You should do this right after the rice is done. Put one on half couple beating into a small part on turn on the heat. One cup of sugar into the vinegar at 1/2 teaspoon of salt makes it very well. Once it's that boiling, turn off the heat. Put the rice onto the pen. Be careful not to buy your hand because the rice is very hot. The professional Soucy cooks use big boudin tub instead of a pen because they need to call them so much rice at once. They also use a big wooden spatula to mix the rice. Now, part of building a mixture onto the rice evenly makes it very well split out on the captain and let it cool it can take about one hour to two hours to cool down completely depends on the room temperature makes every 20 minutes to make sure the building a mixture is evenly talked into the rice. 4. SushiRoll3: While the device is cooling down, you can prepare all the ingredients causing to the sissy. Rose dreams should be bored and cooked completely. Greens or the shrimps, rightly a water into a large part at some salt on boredom with high heat for about 8 to 10 minutes. If you see a lot of white bubbles going up in the pot, then you can turn off the heat. You can also get cooked, compared shrimps from stores. But I prepare on cooked shrimps because I think that it is better when I cook and paid by myself. Shrimps cool down for Wife Once they are cool enough to touch, then you can start painting the shows. Take off all the legs and start painting from front to back. Make sure your tear apart, too. This process shares to take a very long time. But be patient and make sure to get rid of all the shows. Next club to eggs into a small bowl on. Put some sort of a mixed burger. If you choose not to use any eggs on use only or fish and vegetables, you can skip this process. But I like to show you as much as I can about helping my chosen Cicero's. Put some oil into a small, heated frying pan for some of the eggs and spread out on the time just like making omelet. Wait until one side is cooked carefully over with, but don't worry if the eggs tongue you will cut it anyway, and you can still cook it through. Master Ek was complete and cooked. Put it on the plate and let it cool. Repeat this process until all the eggs are cooked. 5. SushiRoll4: now start cutting all the ingredients. I will begin with a cucumber, tried to cut it as thing, and as long as you can, I will use only ah ha hope the cucumber. Today, some sushi rolls have only cucumber as a single ingredient. Cicero on it is very good with socials. If you like to use only one ingredient to put into social, then you can cut it a little bigger. Avocados are used commonly in the United States, since it's soft and round shape, and it also has a sheet. It's kind off, hard to cut into a long, skinny shape but tried to cut it a sing as you can. - Imitation crab is easy to cut because of its long shape. Just able cut cooked shrimps into small pieces. Since you can't cut the shrimps into long pieces, you can just cut them small pieces. You slice the lay of the eggs into thin slices and put them aside right. If you are using someone, make sure you cut off the asking by putting the skin side down and slicing off on the skin part. If you start from the corner of the fish, pushed the knife along, asking, cutting away from your body. Then you can slice it easily. Some fish bones able when you buy from store, so make sure to get real of the bones by pushing the fish gentry. I'm feeling to see if they're anyone's. If you hear the bones in the fish, pull out the bones using tweezers or your fingers. If you want to know whether the fish is good to eat, raw or not, you can just smell the fish. If you don't smoke, it's fishy. Then the fish must be fresh. But if you simmer the fish like fish market, then you probably don't want to eat crow. 6. SushiRoll5: get the seaweed on the book on the top of the mud, someone's side down. Get ton full advice and put on the seaweed. Spit it out and leave one. The seaweed. At this point, you can put some moments or by the rice if you like. Put some egg evenly on the voice cucumber, avocado and then some on top. You can put whatever you like now roll it once quickly and pushed down gentry. I finished rolling at once. Push it down again to make almost like a square. Shape the inside out, so Seaworld's is a little tricky. First, put the plastic wrap on the bamboo mat. Sprinkle some sesame seeds. If you look, spread some rice on the put the half off the seaweed on top of the rice. You can cut a seaweed with a kitchen. Seasons. Put some of the ingredients as you like, roll it all at once with their what push it down the way a rap is not going to get stuck in between the rice. Finish up rolling. Push a little bit like sure post entry To make a square shape with the bamboo mat, leave the plastic home 7. SushiRoll6: people putting all together. I will show you how to make the orange source using real data source and my knees put some minus into a small bowl on at a little bit off. Salata. Source. This data source is spicy and used for all different kinds of agent food, like new. Those, for example, makes it very well. You have a line squeeze a little bit into the ball. This is an optional. It makes taste a little bit sour. Now just makes it very well. If you have a squeeze bottle with a small kip, it's easy to squeeze the source out over the city roads. But you can also use a small sandwich bag and cut the tip and squeeze out over the city rose to make it pretty. Finally, it's time to put them on the plate. Cut the superheroes into small pieces. Using a wet night under power. Put them onto a big plate gently. You can just to keep the pieces together and split a little more. You can lay each piece on the plate the way you can see what's inside. I'm wrapped the inside out sushi roll. Little cut it with their up on it. Once you finish cutting, unwrapped the whole thing and put them on the great meeting. So put the orange sauce over the city walls with a back and forth movement. Put some wasabi pickled gingers as garnish. Thesis A final video off making sushi roads. I hope you learned and enjoy watching about making sushi roads. Make sure post your projects on leave. Some comments. My name is 30. Thank you for what?