A UX Guide to Learning through Prototyping | Kendra Cooke | Skillshare

A UX Guide to Learning through Prototyping

Kendra Cooke, UX & Research Specialist

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9 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Prototyping early ideas

    • 3. When to start gathering feedback on your prototype

    • 4. Make fearlessly, learn fearlessly

    • 5. How to test concepts that are not yet complete

    • 6. Getting the most out of your research

    • 7. Techniques for conducting interviews

    • 8. Sharing the learnings to iterate again

    • 9. About the class project


About This Class

Prototyping is a useful strategy to design for impactful connection with your target audience, whether you’re designing products, services, or experiences. It’s a scrappy process that provides early and ongoing opportunities to test hypotheses, and solicit input from others.

This class will not get into the specific how-tos of user testing. Instead, students will learn:

1/ methods for rapid iteration

2/ how to get the most learnings from your prototyping

3/ effective mindsets for user interviews

4/ how to form meaningful goals for testing your prototype

This class is not just for UX designers, or “creatives”—it’s for anyone who wants to test their ideas and learn from them. Students will walk away with a greater understanding of how the principles of prototyping can be applied to any project to create a continuous cycle of learning and improvement.

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