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A Straight Forward Plant-Based Vegan Crash Course

teacher avatar Brandi Soligny, vegan 4 lyfe

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Introduction ~ Welcome

    • 2. Epic Class Project

    • 3. What does vegan mean?

    • 4. Why Go Vegan?

    • 5. Goal Setting

    • 6. Pantry Intervention

    • 7. Emotional Pitfalls You May Face

    • 8. Physical Pitfalls You May Face

    • 9. Meal Planning and Prepping

    • 10. Your Questions...Answered

    • 11. Continue to Learn & Grow!

    • 12. Whats After This?

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About This Class

Are you sick and tired of constantly stressing out about veganism, debating if you should really go down that alley or not? or Just saying F it, and going cold turkey vegan, finding out that you could only last a week with this lifestyle?

Well... look no further ladies and gentleman, because I have finally (yes after several years of bee\ing too lazy to put something together) crafted the most straight forward "crash course" where you'll be learning all the Fundamental steps to get started on this amazing new journey! 

this includes:

-The meaning of veganism for our health, environment, and animals

-How NOT to give up on yourself when you start thinking about cheese pizza

-Goal Setting , short and long term

-Emotional & Physical pitfalls

- FREE Meal plan, With corresponding recipes & grocery list

-The best resources to leverage on plant based eating

- Answers to your most desired questions

- & much, much more!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Brandi Soligny

vegan 4 lyfe


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1. Introduction ~ Welcome: begin, and plant based eating has gained more and more attention for its positive effect on human health and positive effect on the environment. You probably come across a variety of social media influences and celebrities who rave about this diet and maybe most notably, people who are actually gaining attention from talking about how they have healed themselves from diseases and illnesses by simply switching toe a whole plant based food diet. Hi, my name is Brandy Lee, and I'm plant based vegan enthusiasts on a mission to travel the world and spread health well, love and happiness. Ever since I was a young teenager, I manifested a very unhealthy, toxic relationship with my food, leading to me feeling like a piece of poop. I was severely addicted to unhealthy food, which led to the point of me being diagnosed with binge eating disorder, bulimia and body dysmorphia. For a very long time, I had a vision of becoming that strong, sexy, independent woman that everyone wanted to be friends with, a woman that cultivated a healthy relationship with her food and her body, mind and soul. I was seriously sick and tired of pulling down the same repetitive cycle of failure after failure. I tried so many diets ranging from the key toe all the way to 100 calorie diets, and nothing really ever made me feel emotionally or physically the way I had initially envisioned. Sure, I had lost some weight, but I always pack those pounds back on, and I really just grew so much hatred towards not only myself but the people around me. In my life, I lived on a horse farm, so we have loss of animals just roaming around, living their lives. And not once did I ever think that I was participating in the killing or abuse of these beautiful creatures. What I was eating my typical dinner of brown rice, broccoli and chicken, and I was looking at the chicken on my plate and looking are free roaming chickens outside . And it really had the question of what's the difference between the two? And the only difference is one is lucky and one is not so lucky. And if this is the reason why I am feeling the way I do, then I should really make a change. Right now. It's scary. As it seemed. That was the day I decided that I would go plant based vegan. It's not been over three years since I initially made that decision and to be completely transparent with you guys. This is the best decision in my life that I've ever made. Life isn't all rainbows and cakes. We have our ups and we have our bounds. And, of course, along my journey, I've got through a lot. I've had times where I've fails. I had times where it stops going. Megan, I had times where I've really just given up on myself. But since initially making that decision, I have healed my body of leaky gut, incurable seasonal allergies that were just so bad. Guys, I had have special prescription prescribed medications to me from my doctor, but I was able to get off of those and no longer have allergies were just crazy. I also got rid of my hormonal cystic acne, which was unbelievable, which I would pop a picture. Right now, I've also gotten rid of PMS and the most painful over mall might bench eating disorders. If you're watching this video right now, it's likely that you're probably in a point in your life where you really itching towards trying a plant based diet and lifestyle. I'd like to tell you that I can completely emphasize with where you're at and I improve that you can really transition into this diet without failure after failure. The path, however, is not always a straight line. Watching this course right now is a step in the right direction, and I'm honored that we can take this journey together and preparing with the best straightforward knowledge to get you started on this exciting new life path. You will first begin this course with understanding the importance of having a positive mindset. Then it will dive into the basics of veganism. Then we'll go on to pantry needs and what you really need in your kitchen to get started, which will then beat into meal planning and meal. Prepping will then go into the most common physical and emotional pitfalls that people face and also answer your most desired concerning questions about veganism. And then you will finish. This course with extra informative resource is that you can leverage off of to really help you prepare and succeed throughout your journey. This is a point in the video where I talk about that. I am not a doctor. I am not a certified nutritionist or dietitian or anything on the lines of that nature. All of the information that you're gonna get from these videos is based off of my personal experience and opinions, the pitfalls that I have faced trials. There's things of that nature and resource is that I have personally used. So please take it at your own risk before we get started. On the next lesson goes, I just want to say that this is my first ever official video here on skill. Share about the vegan lifestyle and begin eating. So please make sure to click that follow but and below. So you can say up to date to when I do come out with more plant based courses, which you're coming and then your future, I'll be sharing additional resource is and be running contest for all my followers so we can really build an amazing community 2. Epic Class Project: to keep you motivated and actionable. The project for this class is verily easy, something that you can start tonight. I want you to take a photo of a vegan meal that you have recently made. And no, it can't be something that your friend who happens to be a chef made for something that you got take out. It has to be something that you have personally made, and I want you to list the ingredients as well. It could be something that you made a year ago. It could be something that you made a week ago or maybe something that you're making right now. The whole purpose of this project is really to get involved with everyone else in this class and really help others as well, who are interested in ready to transition into beacon and plant based eating part from that guy's. I highly recommend for you to use the community section as well. You can share way more photos or videos or texts, or whatever you want Articles of you in relation to veganism. You can express your own plant based type of related issues and how you overcame those problems. You can talk about what is challenging for adopting a plant based I really anything that you want apart from me teaching you guys. I would love to hear from you personally and learn from you as well. So let's help each other out in adopting a new, healthy relationship with our food. 3. What does vegan mean?: So what does vegan actually mean? Vegan is derived from the word vegetarian, so practically means someone who does not consume any by products, often animal. So this includes meat and poultry is obviously like chicken, beef, lamb, anything like that fish. It also includes dairy, so milk, butter, ice cream way, even which you should pay really close attention to know if you're someone that has weight protein powders that is not begin. It also includes eggs, and it also includes honey. Honey is not begin because it does come from a B, and that is a living beings that's not part of a vegan diet. It's also really, really important to pay attention to your labels because a lot of things can actually contain one of the foods that I just talks about and also can contain shell IQ or gelatin or lax toast, which are not vegan. They do come from animals, so it's important to read your labels. You can simply look at the bottom of a label and it says contains, and if it says, contain steri or eggs or fish or shellfish and they'll say and you can simply you don't have to read through every ingredient, but just keep wary of those things. But now that you know about veganism in regards see eating, I want to talk a little bit about the three reasons why people go begin. The 1st 1 is for the environment. Now, this is something that I think not too many people or noticeable off if you didn't already , animal agriculture is responsible for more greenhouse gas than all forms of transportation combined which thieves to global warming and climate change. Also, 90% of oceans large fish have already been wiped out from the fishing techniques that we use on the daily. Which means by the year 2050 we could be seen Fischelis oceans. Now there are lots and lots statistics on how a vegan myself can actually slow down and potentially stop these processes from happening. So make sure to look at the description below, as I will link some resource is and statistics if you are interested in learning more. The second reason why people go vegan is fourth health. And if you guys don't know already, that is why I initially went begin. The reason being is because I watched some deaf you memories on Netflix, and I learned that the leading cause of death in America is heart disease, which is directly correlated and linked to meat and dairy consumption. When I learned about that, it was really, really scarce. So it's almost a no brainer why? I did decide to go vegan and why a lot of other people as well for their health and then the third and last reason why people go vegan is actually for the animals. This is actually the most known and common reason. Also, why a lot of people go vegan is because they don't want to participate in the killing and abuse off animals. And this is also something that I did too, because I grew up on a farm. We never tortured him anything like that. It just was really hard for me to kill something. But I just love so much I'm not gonna go to into death about it because the courses more on vegan eating rather than the other aspects of veganism. So if you guys want to learn more, you can again check the class description below 4. Why Go Vegan?: So let's talk about your why The first and most important step in figuring out how you will stay dedicated and driven to this course is mapping out. You're why? What do I mean by your? Why? Why you even investing your time into this course? Maybe it's because you wanted to say some animals. Or maybe it's because you wanted to make your whole entire family vegan. Or maybe it's because you wanted Teoh prove people wrong. Whatever your why maybe I want you right now the pauses video and take out a pen and a piece of paper and physically right out. Why you want to do this? I don't want you to take it out on your phone around computer because it actually takes a lot more energy to physically write it out, which therefore will help you remember it more vividly in the near future. If tied start to get hard throughout this course, you can always just look back on your wife and help that motivate you and get back on track . 5. Goal Setting: while you why will help motivate you through this journey? There is still one more thing that's very important, which is discipline and setting small goals. Yes, I know you're probably someone that wants to achieve it all at once. But as a teachable and coachable student, I advise you to make micro quotas for macro goals. Even though my course is focused on the majority of people's eating habits, you may be very, very different and unique. And that is okay. For example, let's say that you're someone that eats a lot of meat. You eat a lot of chicken or in a lot of hamburgers, but they, I think, obviously specifically for you. You should focus on cutting out less unless me every single week until you're fully vegetarian. Or let's say that you're someone that loves cheese, and all you can think about is cheese, cheese and cheese again. Cheese, doughnuts, cheese, pizza, cheese, cheese. I don't know. You get the idea, then your small goal would be to cut out less dairy and cheese every single week until you're fully begin. I want you to put all of your energy onto the specific goal that you have in mind. You can achieve it by a specific time frame. Then you can move on to another small bowl in another one and another one until you really achieved your big, long term goal that you have for yourself, which in this case is probably going vegan. And if you're someone that desires to go cold turkey vegan, just know that good things really, really do take time. Just realize that you do have to be patient and it's gonna be all good. I was that person that wanted to go cold turkey begin and who it did initially do that. And I faced so many roadblocks, so many failures and so many hiccups along the road. And so I just really want to prepare you guys the best I can, so you don't face the same thing that I did. 6. Pantry Intervention: next comes one of the hardest, but most important parts of transitioning Begin, which is going through your kitchen and your country and getting rid of all animal byproducts or animal based foods. Why, you may ask, because when these foods aren't in your pants here in your house, it won't be as tempting to slip up. But when they are in your house and they are easy to access, let's say in your fridge or in your Cabinet or in some candy George that you have that it's going to be really, really easy to kind of give up and given often tires. This is a spot where a lot of transitioning begins slip up. They will keep these type of items around their house. For whatever reason, a baby, maybe it's the excuse of. I'm trying to keep it around for my cans because maybe they want some. Or I'm trying keep up around for my non being friends it for my kids that are vegan. But the bottom line is that if you have easy access to these types of foods, there's gonna be a much, much higher chance that you aren't going to stick to this vegan life zone diet that you're currently adapting. So, to be honest, it's just best that you get out of your house. You don't necessarily have to throw away, maybe donate them to a local shelter if you can. And so just wasting a food. But it's best that you just get it out of your sight. Now you may be wondering, but Brady, if I get rid of all of these products, what am I gonna be left to eat? Having food? No, no, no. Here's where the fun comes in went taking out these animal based products. You can finally restock your kitchen with so many great whole plant based boots below this video. In the class description, I've actually personally made a list of items and agrees that you can get any local a store to replace your animal based battery. 7. Emotional Pitfalls You May Face: deciding to go plant based maybe one of the biggest and best decisions that you will make in your life. You may lose some way or gain some more energy. Or you may even feel like the need of kidding and raising some chickens, their endless amounts of benefits waiting to happen to you. But like any new diet, any new myself, there may be some setbacks along the way. So let's talk about the emotional pitfalls first. The first and most noticeable one you may come across is in town. Hence cravings. Yes, you heard that writes intense cravings when going being you're cutting out beloved animal based products that your body has come accustomed to eating. Take the perspective of putting all of the food that you have eaten in your entire life right in front of your face. You'll probably see a lot of theory and a lot of meat versus a lot of vegetables and fruits . So do please understand that when you're starting to replace me and dairy with fruits and vegetables, your body may see it as foreign, and it may reject that, and you may develop these type of cravings. Ladies, if you've ever had PMS or you ever been pregnant? You know what I'm talking about? The second emotional pitfall would be being sad or depressed. This can really, really happen in the sense of people not supporting you. Let's say that you are going beginning. Your family doesn't support your friends. Don't support you, but you really want to do it. It can get really, really sad and depressing sometimes. But just know that it's OK. Read your why out loud and proud. And if things still get worse, then take a couple step backs and try a gun. The 3rd 1 would be feeling more hungry. You may be eating reasonably less compared to what you usually eat. And if this is the case, then please just start to incorporate more smacks. Trail your day or more meals because I think the last thing I would want to hear is that you give up on the site because you're feeling hungry when you could simply start to just eat a little bit more than what you're used to eating. Just remember that dairy and meats are very, very heavy and acidic on your body, and so when you're replacing up with alkaline, lighter based foods. You just have to eat more of those than the fourth and last most common emotional pitiful would be bipolar emotions. Sometimes it could just be an emotional roller coaster for you, and that's okay. Let's say that you're a person that all you can think about is cheese. Like I said earlier, you just love cheese pizza so much and you just have a super strong bond in connection with your pizza. I understand I used to be like that, too, But when you decide that you want to go vegan and you cut that pizza out, guess what happens. You may have an emotional breakdown or two or three, but it's OK because we're all human beings and we all have emotions. I was honestly, that person that had a very toxic and obsessive nature towards doughnuts. So just take a breather and acknowledge that this is happening and accept your emotions and again reader wild, loud and proud, and just try to move on gracefully if you can 8. Physical Pitfalls You May Face: So now let's talk about physical pitfalls that you may run into the first and most common physical. Pitiful is gas. The more fiber that you're adding into your diet, the more likely you're gonna get more gas. I have to say, this is very, very true for myself when I first went begin because I was just eating so many fruits and vegetables that my body was they used to what the heck is going on? And it was kind of rather painful. That's why I really, really emphasize taking it slow when you transition, because you really don't want to be having this physical pain. That may happen. The second physical pitiful is acne. And now I think this is a really big misconception that when you go vegan or plant face that you're gonna have super clear skin or right away. And yes, you can. And yes, I eventually did myself. But all good things always take time, and you actually might get more wacky kind of skin. If you're a teenager or younger, dull and you already have crazy hormones and then you start to go vegan. Your body is just not used to this and it starts to detoxify and you might get more acting . So please just be cautious of this. And remember toe also stay hydrated as well and drink a lot of water and take your time as your transition. And I just want to say that for me, Apart from going vegan, I found that really cutting out refined processed sugars and cutting out gluten really, really, really cleared my skin. The third physical pitbull is headaches and fatigue. Make sure that you're really filling up on your calories and nutrients and water every single day. Usually headaches and fatigue as a common symptoms that you are not drinking enough water. You're just not simply eating enough that your body needs the fourth common physical pitfall that a lot of individuals face is trouble sleeping with any new diet change in new calorie intake and new foods into your body. You can actually struggle with sleep, but don't worry. It most likely will not be permanent. And as longest you are staying hydrated again. You should be OK 9. Meal Planning and Prepping: So let's talk about meal prepping. This one is huge, and it goes hand in hand with pantry intervention. When you meal prep a new meal plan, you're making it much, much easier for yourself, too. Make healthier options in your future. Let's say you're someone that those things last minute and you don't meal plan or meal prepping, just wing it. Well, you're probably gonna be a lot more tempted to just call up your favorite pizza delivery and be like some pizza pronto. And most likely that pizza isn't gonna be vegan and you're gonna slip up. Or you might be tempted to just go out to eat and find that not all American based restaurants do have vegan options. So it's super super important to meal prep and new plans. You don't run into these little issues, to be honest. When I first went vegan, I was over complicating meal planning and meal prepping. I felt that I had to have all of these special ingredients and I was following the super complicated recipe books and YouTube tutorials, and I just found that it was super frustrating and I almost wanted to give up. But then I realized that making super simple baseball meals was the easiest route to go to . So let me give you some examples. For instance, for breakfast. What I would usually have is coconut yogurt full, so I would just have coconut you over. Top it with granola and fruits and a little bit of chia seeds. Or I would make a base movie bull, which consisted off frozen bananas and mixed Berries. And then I would talk that with granola and fruit and cheese sees for lunch and dinner. I would have a base Buddha Bowl, it is called, and so that would consist off. I'm steamed vegetables and then a little bit of grains. And then I would have a portion of protein. So that was tofu or temp A or sometimes like booms, depending on what I felt like. And then I would also top that with a central patty asset like tahini sauce or avocados, and then for dessert. When I was feeling I like, I had a sweet tooth and I didn't want to go eat some not digging foods number concerts, whatever it may be that I wouldn't make the super simple protein Powerball's, so they would have peanut butter and they would have oats, and then they would also be with a little bit of coconut nectar to form and bind them together. And then I would also put a little bit of dark chocolate chips if I was really feeling like had a sweet to below this video guys in the class description, I'll put the exact recipes as well and exact ingredients that you need so you can simply start to make thes two and really see how tasty, delicious and easy it is to start to go vegan. 10. Your Questions...Answered: So now that you know the emotional and physical pitfalls of going begin less talk about frequently asked questions. As an individual who has helped a lot of people transition onto the vegan diet, I decided to answer five of the most common questions that individuals come to me with. The 1st 1 is due. Higgins, Get enough complete protein. This is probably the most controversial question off them all. Most vegans do get enough complete protein on a daily basis. But note that I didn't say all do ever heard of the junk food vegan that begins? He eats a lot of Oreos and processed big meats. And so I milk and things of that nature. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about? I used to be one of those people. And to be honest, those individuals most likely are not getting and not complete protein on the daily basis. Therefore, they do not consume the nine essential amino acids, so as long as you have a balanced weight, you should be all good. The second most frequently asked question that I get a lot is will I lose a lot of weights . This again really depends on several factors. Obviously, when you do decide to go plant based or vegan, you can lose a lot of weight in the beginning. The reason being is because you're starting to consume lower calorie and fibre rich foods, which leads to a calorie deficiency, therefore weight loss. Another reason my being is also because you're cutting out processed food from your diet. So therefore, acidity and your body starts to detoxify the cells as well. The third most question that I get asked is, Well, I lose my muscle gains and this is more for men, but also for women as well. And the short answer is no, you will not lose your muscle gains. And I am a great testimonial for this. Most of my life I honestly did a lot of strength training because my parents were bodybuilders. They always forced me to go to the gym with them, so I always was trying to get stronger. But honestly, I never really made many gains until I went on a plant baseball vegan diet, which was just really, really crazy to me because I always thought that vegans would always be weak and they were just like sticks. But It's so false and so far from the truth. Now, obviously, if you don't have a proper nutrition, you don't eat enough protein on the daily. You don't eat enough good carbs or central facts. You can lose muscle weight. You can lose fat. You can those water. You can lose weight just in general. So, like again, it's just important to have a bounce plate and you'll be all good. And you should be making muscle gains of the future. The next question is, is it more expensive to go vegan? Yes and no. This really largely depends on your typical daily shopping habits. If you're someone that likes to buy a lot of meat replacements or a lot of organic produce than you probably will typically spend more than usual. But for me, I've realized I've spent about the same, which is roughly about 300 to $400 a month. Obviously, you can spend a lot lot less, but for me, I think that's okay. If you are looking to spend less than that than what I really really suggest is to simply start to buy in bulk so you can simply go to Costco or Sam's Club or all these sorts of by produce in bulk. You can start to stock up on coupons if you can. You can pay attention toe weekly sales at your local grocery store. You could start to buy less bacon me altars and start to buy more beans and legumes for protein instead. And the last but I don't really recommend is you can start toe by less organic produce so you could start to save some money. The last most frequently asked question that I get is Do I need to take any special kind of supplements? And I really only recommend one supplement Vitamin B 12. The reason being is because of vitamin B 12. Onley comes from animal sources, so that means that you can't get vitamin B told from really any plans. Maybe some forfeited nutritional use. But for the most part, it's just important toe. Have I would really suggest toe have just a daily supplement to take, or there's in sprees that you can get. And if you do dismiss that idea of having a supplement, I don't recommend it because you can actually start to have memory loss and you can start to have some physical side effects as well. So please just make sure you have vitamin B 12 in your daily regimen. 11. Continue to Learn & Grow!: What about continuing education? Well, large part of transitioning into a vegan lifestyle is continuing to educate yourself every single day. This will make your why so much stronger guys? Would it really, really recommend in what has helped me is watching documentaries specifically on Netflix. There's a Hampel that I will I suggest to you in the course description below. Also, reading books Listen, Toe podcast and Molasses Family is watching more of my vegan plant based courses, which are soon to come in the near future. The more you learn about vegan eating in the plant based lifestyle, the more likely you're going to stick with it and not really give up on yourself and also help others as well around you. So please make sure to check out below in the course description to see my recommend. Documentaries, books, podcasts, all that good stuff. So it can really, really help you along this journey 12. Whats After This?: so if you made it to this end of this course, I just want to congratulate you and really say thank you so much. I really generally hope this course has opened up your eyes and hopes you start to begin to transition on this vegan journey and means a lot for me to make this, to be honest. And I'm really, really happy I'm putting this out there cause I hope it can help you guys the most. It helps. Has helped me and helps other people in the past. I want to do a quick overview to to just remind you of what we've been over because we went over a lot of different topics and you might have forgotten some. So let me just do a really quick overview for you and lesson one. You learned all about what veganism means. Remember, vegan is derived from the word vegetarian, so it means someone that doesn't consume any animal by product at all. You also learn about the benefits of going begin for the environment, the animals and your health as well. And lesson to you learned the importance of having a why and how your why should really drive you in continuing and starting down this journey. You also learned about writing down your wife and the power in that and Lesson three, you learned all about setting small goals versus large goals and being patient with the process of transition into a vegan lesson for you learned all about your pantry needs and how to replace your pantry with plant based products and getting rid of animal based Frank . So you're off to a good start. The next lesson. You learned all about meal prepping and meal planning and the importance of having food prepared so you don't have too many setbacks and then the next lessons. After that, you learned about emotional pitfalls and physical pitfalls. If you do face any of those, make sure that you go back in these videos and re watch him so you can refresh your brain and just know that these things do happen. And then, lastly, I just talked about frequently asked questions that a lot of people of approaching you with , but you can always go back to a swell. If you do have these questions, I do have the answers to them. But apart from that guys. That pretty much sums up this crash course off Bigon ism. I really hope you liked it and make sure that you follow me below. Because, like I said, I am coming out with plenty more plant face and vegan courses soon to be in the near future . Here, I hope and wish you the best on your vegan journey. And please take it one step at a time. It will all be OK. Thank you for watching again until next time I