A Simplified Vegan Cheese Making Workshop: Smokey Gouda | Shea Cope | Skillshare

A Simplified Vegan Cheese Making Workshop: Smokey Gouda

Shea Cope, Vegan Cheese Maker

A Simplified Vegan Cheese Making Workshop: Smokey Gouda

Shea Cope, Vegan Cheese Maker

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8 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Class Preview

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. The Company

    • 4. Method

    • 5. Ingredients

    • 6. Making the Cheese

    • 7. Finished Product

    • 8. Bloopers!

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About This Class

A vegan cheese making workshop with a focus on simplicity.  So many vegan cheese recipes are intimidating, lengthy, and complicated.  I have simplified the process so you can easily make delicious vegan cheese at home!  All recipes are vegan, gluten free, and use all natural ingredients.

Agar Powder

Nutritional Yeast

Refined Coconut Oil

Silicone Cheese Molds

Liquid Smoke

Raw Cashews

Meet Your Teacher

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Shea Cope

Vegan Cheese Maker


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Culinary Lifestyle Cheese

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1. Class Preview: Hi, I'm Shea and welcome to my vegan Cheese workshop. I decided to try to make my own recipes and to really simplify the process. So that way I could teach others how to make it easy as well. Before we get started, I just like to talk about some of the properties of dairy cheese and how we replicate them and begin cheese on cheers. 2. Introduction: Hi, I'm Shea and welcome to my Vegan Cheese workshop. About seven years ago, I decided to go be in and like so many other people, the hardest thing for me to get up was cheese right cheese. We all love it. We all crave it. So I started scouring the Internet and I came up with a bunch of recipes. Some other SPD's that I tried were just not so good. And other recipes that I tried required culturing and fermenting, and the whole task just seemed really daunting and intimidating. So I decided to try to make my own recipes and to really simplify the process. So that way I could teach others how to make it easy as well. I've been teaching vegan. She's making workshops for about three years now, and I've really simplify the recipes to make it easy for you at home to make a swell. After mastering my recipes and teaching many workshops, I decided to start Compassionate Creamery 3. The Company: Compassionate Creamery. I was teaching Vegan Cheese Workshop similar to the one that you were going to see here and that I transitioned. And now my goal is to create large scale vegan cheese platters for weddings and other events in the Portland, Oregon area. And then I also sell a variety of vegan cheeses here on my website, that kinship to anywhere in the continental U. S. 4. Method: where we get started. I just like to talk about some of the properties of dairy cheese and how we replicate them in begin cheese. First thing that we like to try to replicate is the sharpness. If you have a goat cheese, it's pretty mild, even mozzarella super mild. But then you can have the other end of the spectrum. It's a really sharp cheddar, and so the way that we replicate that in begin cheese is by using some sort of acid in. The easiest way to do that is lemon juice or vinegar. It's that simple. The second characteristic that we like to replicate in vegan cheese that, similar to dairy cheese, is the firmness. So again, if you have a goat cheese at super soft and spread herbal Onda Parmesan cheese is gonna be really firm. And the best way to do that in a vegan cheese is to use coconut oil. The more you add, the former is going to be because when you chill coconut oil, it firms up on def. You add a little bit less than it's gonna be a softer, more spread allergies, just little pro tip. You want to buy your coconut oil in a glass container because the glass you can just stick right into the microwave and heated up person melts the coconut oil to using the recipes. And it's also important to know that you want to use work. Finds coconut oil because if he used regular cocaine, oil is unrefined. Your cheese is going to taste like coconuts, and the last characteristic that we like to replicate and begin cheese is the belt ability because we obviously want our cheese to melt. So the best way to do this is a combination of tapioca flour or tapioca. Starch is the same thing. They just have different names. Carrageenan four. A guard bigger egger powder is dr from a seaweed SOS carrageenan, Um, tapioca flour. This is used Teoh. Thicken the cheese mixture and then one of the used to you're not gonna use them both at the same time, but one of them you will use to help bind everything together. So that way, when the cheeses reheated, it melts all together as well 5. Ingredients: it melts all together as well. So we're going to make a smoky Gouda. This is one of my absolute favorites, and I'm excited to share with you. The first ingredient for this recipe is cash, So I personally by Castro's that have already been chopped up. But just because they're a little bit cheaper, but you're welcome just by full raw, unsalted, unroasted cashews. If you have a high sleep high speed blender, you don't need to soak them ahead of time. Just rinse them. If you don't have high speed blender, you're definitely gonna wanna at least soak them overnight or boil them for about 10 15 minutes beforehand. But those cashews in the blender, the next ingredient is some water cold water. Then we're gonna add a results our tapioca starch. And this is what's going to help from everything up as well as the refined coconut oil. The most important ingredient is the nutritional used. I never have too much of that, and lastly, the egger powder. This is what's gonna help keep everything, find it together if you choose to melt this cheese. All right, Everything 6. Making the Cheese: Okay, so now that everything is blended up, you can see here is a really smooth mixture. It's kind of, and you're gonna pour that on to your set your feet to medium, and you'll notice that we didn't add any any of our asset options to this rusty, because smoky Buddha's isn't really an acidic, sharp cheese that's pretty mild. So we left those off completely. Just keep it moving so doesn't stick to the bottom of the pan. After a few seconds, you're going to add your liquid smoke. I just don't really measure it. I just add a teaspoon or so and then mix it all in. You prefer smoke here. She's more for milder. She's just got a little bit. So while you're waiting for your cheese to firm up a little bit, you're going to want to prepare your mold. I prefer to use the silicon molds here. If you don't have anything like this, you just use a glass dish round square. Whatever you have, just line it with a little bit of plastic wrap. So that way you could easily left the cheese out. Once it's ready that it starts to kind of come together. Full process takes about 2 to 3 minutes and then go ahead on and into your moles. Honey, you're spotting a little bit. It doesn't have to be perfect. OK, it kind of sticks up over the top, and this is the part that's a little bit unique. So now what you're going to do is you're going Teoh, take your gold and your put it into your refrigerator. I would leave it in there for about 8 to 10 hours or overnight, and what's gonna happen is the top layer is going to form. It's all going to firm up, but it's going to get a nice Ryan, too, over the top. After that process has happened, you're going to remove it from your old and flip it over and let the rest of the other side the bottom sides, get that same mold for about another year or so hours. So the total times about 24 hours from once, you finish making the cheese mixture till 7. Finished Product: it's ready. So after that 24 hour period, um, you can see here that she's is pretty solid block here on solid ground, and it has a really nice firm texture on the outside. But when you cut into it, you can see it's it's pretty doing just like a normal good it would be. See her base. Thanks so much for watching. And as always, if you want any of the specific ingredients that I used in this recipe, just check out the links flip. 8. Bloopers!: earlier this year, I decided to brands like, No, I don't want to say Brand. I don't want to say that. Earlier this year I decided to start my own company. And so now I know. Earlier this year, I decided earlier this year I started my own company and I'm fucking that up. After mastering my recipes and teaching many workshops, I decided to start compassionate.