A Simple System For Managing Your Small Business Appointments & To-Do List

Rich Peterson, Online Teacher with 20,000+ happy students :)

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7 Videos (18m)
    • Introduction

    • Sign up to use Trello

    • Setting up a board and your lists

    • Trello Board Settings

    • Business To Do List

    • Adding & Managing Client Cards

    • Calendar View & Overview


About This Class

About Rich:


After a recent conversation with a friend, I decide to note down the steps to set up a simple system so she could:

  • track her appointments
  • keep simple client records
  • keep a to-do list
  • keep a checklist for what to do in appointments
  • keep track of follow-up clients

Some notes about the limitations of this system:

  • it's simple and for some cases, too simple
  • once you're at a stage of 50+ clients, it will get harder to manage and may need to be upgraded
  • in this case, to keep it simple, I've steered away from costly CRMs and pipeline tracking software programs. They're great and I'll cover these in another course.

I hope you enjoy the course and I look forward to seeing what you create and helping you along the way.

Note: During the course, we'll be signing up to use the free version of Trello. Feel free to sign up to Trello and get started before commencing the class.





Rich Peterson

Online Teacher with 20,000+ happy students :)

Rich Peterson is the founder of Great Freelancers & Online Survey Co.,where he helps people create meaningful, profitable and highly useful businesses through innovation & design.

He is passionate about entrepreneurship, innovation, marketplaces, collaborative consumption, design that works and, of course, his family. When he's not consulting, teaching, selling over $1.8 million dollars of books or lending money to people in third-world countries (through Kiva), you'll find him reading, playing beach volleyball or mastering the art of surfing backwards.


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