A Simple Instagram Marketing Growth Strategy (Tools, Hacks & What they Don't Tell You) | Michael Kawula | Skillshare

A Simple Instagram Marketing Growth Strategy (Tools, Hacks & What they Don't Tell You)

Michael Kawula, Family, Business & Marketing is my World

A Simple Instagram Marketing Growth Strategy (Tools, Hacks & What they Don't Tell You)

Michael Kawula, Family, Business & Marketing is my World

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11 Lessons (1h 6m)
    • 1. Introduction to Instagram Marketing (what to expect)

    • 2. How to Create a Great Instagram Bio

    • 3. How to Use Multiple Links in my Instagram Bio (Great Free Tool)

    • 4. How to get good Instagram Growth by Reposting Popular Content

    • 5. Instagram Hashtags How to Pick the top Instagram Hashtags

    • 6. Best Instagram Tool for Managing Instagram Hashtags

    • 7. Instagram Engagement Groups How to get more Instagram Likes with Instagram Pods

    • 8. How to Get More Authentic Instagram Followers and Engagement with the 180 Instagram Strategy

    • 9. How to Get New Instagram Followers to Engage More with Future Posts

    • 10. Instagram Stories and Fun Instagram Hacks

    • 11. How to Use the Instagram Swipe Up Feature Without 10,000 Followers

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About This Class

This class will share quickly how to grow an Instagram account with relevant Instagram followers who'll want to engage and do business with you.

This class is not a "how to use Instagram" but more how to Grow and Scale your Instagram Marketing efforts.

I'll share with you the shortcuts that many of the larger Instagram Influencer accounts use to grow rapidly. 

These tips and tools will save you tons of frustration and time from lessons I learned by: 

  • Hiring a $1500 Top Instagram Growth Hacker who destroyed one of my accounts. Yes the account grew rapidly, but the Instagram followers weren't authentic and they were using Instagram PODS that drove false Instagram growth.
  • I bought the 2 top Instagram Courses. One $997 and another one just under $2000. Neither covered what we'll teach in this class that I ended up learning at a growth marketing conference. 
  • Growing my new Instagram business account to 10,000 engaged followers in 3 months for one business using what I'll share in this class. 

Instagram is a great marketing platform when used correctly and it can be a ton of fun. 

The Instagram algorithm changes frequently as do the Features, so please, if you have questions jump in the community and I'll be happy to help.

Enjoy and I hope to see you on Instagram!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Michael Kawula

Family, Business & Marketing is my World


I'm is a Serial Entrepreneur, Husband, Father to 3 Amazing Kids & CO-Founder of Help A Teen.

My last 3 businesses each hit $7 Figures in under 3 years with the last being ranked the 144th fastest growing company by Inc. Magazine.

I’m an author, have been featured on CNN, interviewed by Anthony Robbins and the late Chet Holmes, and featured in over 100 publications and podcasts.

I’ve sold over $100 Million in Products & Services during my entrepreneurial journey online and offline.

My Journey as an Entrepreneur has been a Roller Coaster ride, with well over 100,000 Hours of in-the-Mud Experience.

I love to engage with my community and help however I can, so please ask questions or share your experiences so we can all grow together.

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1. Introduction to Instagram Marketing (what to expect): Hi there. Welcome into this instagram. A marketing skill share class. We're about to go through growth marking strategies. My favorite tools, some hacks. And what? The experts out there won't tell you that they're doing behind the scenes that drives so much engagement that drives so much traffic from Instagram. Hi there. My name is Mike Koala. I'm a serial entrepreneur. Over the last 20 years has started several different businesses, both online and offline, both local and international. So what I'm about to share with you our lessons that I've learned on my personal business account and lessons I have learned from hiring Instagram growth experts to manage my account. Recently, I hired an Instagram Growth. Mander, who has voted one of the best in in machine, paid him $1495 to manage my account. So what I'm about to share with you of the last synced I've learned about what work that they were doing and what didn't work. I've also recently purchased two separate Instagram courses, one that was $1995 another that was $997. And I'm going to share with you again. That's things that I thought were good because I've tested them on various different accounts. And then I also want to share with you what wasn't good. So we're about to go through first. Why you need to clean up your bio and a tool that I use their number two we're gonna go through. If you're unsure what to post and how to know what content you should be sharing, I'm going to share with you how to find great content and how to be post that content. Next, we're going. Go through what Hashtags used to be using in a tool that you can use to help manage your hashtags. This is really very good. Next, we're gonna go through how to actually get engagement on your post and what everybody is doing behind the scenes to drive engagement. Next, we'll go through a quick gross strategery toe, help you grow your INSTAGRAM account, and then we're gonna go through stories. Right now, stories are hot. There were over 1/2 a 1,000,000,000 people. That's 500 million people, plus using instagram stories on a daily basis. It's a great advertising way to get traffic to your business. But if you're not ready to spend ad dollars, I'm going to share with you what you could be doing to not use that dollars and still get traffic, even if you don't have 10,000 hours. So without further ado, let's jump on over. If you ever have any questions, please jump on over into the community and ask away. I'm there to help. I look forward to hearing your feedback. Take care. 2. How to Create a Great Instagram Bio: Now, before we go through any of the growth strategies, it's really important that you take some time first to go through and make sure that you have a slamming instagram profile. The reason for this is some of the strategies that were about to go through were encouraged individuals to come back and engage with your profile to engage with your INSTAGRAM account . And if you don't take the time to go through this now in the beginning, what will happen is, is when traffic comes back toe, look at your instagram profile, though. Bounce, so please do take some time to go through this. It's real easy, and Instagrams actually made this much easier than they did in the past. As you can see, I'm on a desk top computer right now. A lot of Instagram's features you can't do on a desktop, although they're starting to make it a lot easier in the past. If I was to show you this, I wouldn't be able to do this on a desktop. But now you can. So, in order if you'll notice here, I'm using emojis right here, and this looks really, really good on a mobile device So what you want to do is you can on a desktop on your mobile device. Just go here and say at a profile and you can see how I'm using line breaks here. Now, one thing that I don't like is on a mobile device where this says love bringing families closer together. One conversation at a time is that this wraps onto another line so it doesn't look as clean . And again most people are using instagram on a mobile device. So you always want to take a look on the mobile and see how this looks. So family is everything and something we use of one of our businesses a lot. Ah, bringing families closer together. So that's great. But what I want to do here is just simply Presley turn, use another emoji. So I'll go like this is it Can't one, which is this one? A smiley that we g o x out one conversation at a time and then grab three questions. You must ask your kid today. Okay. We'll check on the mobile device in a moment to see. I don't believe that wraps so or I'm going to do is scroll down quick cement and you can see profile Save now you're only allowed 150 characters here, So whether you're on a desktop or mobile device, if you go over, it's not going to let you save. So if you're wondering why it's not saving, it's because you are over 150 characters. So, you know, just make sure Teoh keep it down to 150 you'll be good to go. But you'll notice here again. A couple of line breaks looks really good on a mobile device. So what's go through next? How to use an attractive link? Because that's one of the problems with Instagram you'll notice is that you can only display one link and you can't do links in your stories. So I'm going to show you a great tool in the next video that you should sign up for and how to use it. We'll see in the next video 3. How to Use Multiple Links in my Instagram Bio (Great Free Tool): welcome back. And here's one of my favorite tools that can enhance your bio again. And your bio You're only allowed to put one link. So I recommend that you sign up for this free tool. It's really easy to use. I'll demonstrate in a moment, but you can see right here, link tree. Click on that. It opens up and you see now I can show multiple different calls to action so I can send people to an opt in form right here. Three powerful questions. One of our most popular block post five obstacles destroying your child self confidence parents only our Facebook group and then our blogging and our podcast. So let me show you how easy it is to add a new length. So all you need to do is either sign up for free and make sure that you logged in to your instagram account. But right now I'm just gonna log in. I've already got an account log in with Instagram just takes a moment. You can see my profiles open already, and there we go. So you can see everything right here. So watch this. I just want to show you how fast this is to you. So I'm going to say but see, non. I wanted to add This is since we're in summer when I'm recording this. This is one of our popular posts. Also, that drives us a lot of affiliate income. So watch this here. I'm going to add a new link. The title top 10 nonfiction books, Four teens. I'm gonna take this cliquey other link. Okay? And now I do is I go here and there we go. Now you'll noticed over here that you don't see this. And that's because this spot right here, what you want to do is click this and click it again And there it is. Now, I don't want that is the first cause I'd prefer people to drive for e mails. I'm gonna move that down and you see right there now, when I go back over and again, this is very easy to dio lifetime views to 37 and we just signed up for Link Tree. I love this toward absolutely love and watches. So it's the fresh, and we're going to click on this and there it is. Makes it much easier. So if you're posting and you always like. Whoa, You know how many going to drive? You know, somebody from a block post to something. So let's say if I had a Lincoln here, right? So teens are like a box of chocolates. You never know which personality you're going to get. So if I want to actually drive them somewhere and I have a call to action right here, it would be great to say Go and click the link in my bio. And so when they click here, I can have something about whatever it may be them trying to drive traffic to. So again, this tool is really easy. I will include a link in the notes, but definitely tested out. And if you've got any questions, please jump on over into the community and ask away. I am there to support you in any way. I can take care and we'll see you in the next video 4. How to get good Instagram Growth by Reposting Popular Content: Okay, welcome back. And now we're into the really good stuff and it's how to actually post great content. Now when you're just starting out, I don't know about you, but for myself, when you have a brand new account, you don't really know yet what people are going to engage with. So sometimes the best way to grow on account really fast is by re posting other people's content. That's already getting a lot of engagement number one, because now you know people already like this and number two you actually going to give credit to that individual. And if they have a bigger account, they'll start engaging back with you. And when they engage with your post, that will also help you out even further. So again, these images that you see here is done by my partner, Sheena. She's great at making images. I personally am not eso on my personal account. A lot of times I will share other people's content or sometimes I just do videos because I enjoy doing videos. But either way you have to dio what works for you. But here's what I want you to do is go find very good content so you can go to the explore page. And then what you want to do is start searching popular hashtags for your in your niche. So for me, um, what's the parenting means for this account? Pairing help if I could spell it Parenting Mihm's There we go. So 159,000 post So that's obviously a good one to take a look at. If you see down here, will also show you related ones will do this in the next video and why this is important it to force the top, which is good. Or, if you want to look at recent, you could do that by recommend looking in the top. Now what I want to do is go down and find something that looks like people would engage with, So so don't get that. So I'm we've onto something different in own Wilson. All right, this is hysterical. So here's what you want. What you can see is 11,200 views, and it was posted just six hours ago. This is awesome. So people probably obviously you're going to engage with this and love it, so I'm going to click these three little dots. Copy the link. There we go. Now what I need to do is to go and find There we go. This tool is called repost. It's free on. They also have a paid version. So you want to open this and when you open it, If you've copied that, you are already which I did see what it does. It's going toe. Place it right there. Now watch what happens if I'm back out and I'm looking. And I'm like, Oh, I want this toe also show up there. Well, if I go back, you see, it's not coming in right now, right? But if I didn't want this one, what I would do is press copy Link, open this toe up and bam! You see, it's doing that now. I don't want that one, but what I dio is on Sunday evenings, somebody on my team on myself will go through and find a whole bunch of content and keep it here. And we are all logged into this. So this way, if we want to share a piece of content and we're not sure what to share, we can always come to repose and bam We've got a ton of content in here. So what I'm going to do now is show you how easy it is to actually repost from here. So I'm going to do is click on this. You can see you can change where you're actually showing so you can see why I dared to relax, Mommy. I could make it dark if I wanted to. So watch change the positioning. But if I don't want to this is a paid feature. I can keep that blank and watch. I can still give her credit, which you always should. I feel at least press repost. Now. What I want to do is copy the caption and open instagram. There we go. Now, this, uh, actual video is perfectly positioned. Sometimes it isn't. So instagram will give you the opportunity to actually change it on how it would look in your feet. Another good thing is, ah, for sharing for stories. This works very good for Mihm's and then again tagging and giving people attribution When you're doing that, people appreciate when you share their content. Even if you don't have his bigger than count. I actually hide the recommended. So let's say you have like no. 500 followers. If you share somebody's content, who's very good, who has $2500? Well, not only are they going to be appreciative, most likely they'll start to engage with your content, and when they do that because they have more flowers, that's actually going to give you more of a boost inside of the INSTAGRAM algorithm. In particular, if you can get people with power accounts like 100,000 1,000,000 flowers on, that can happen if you're sharing their content and engaging a lot. But here's what you want to dio. You want to say, Share to your feed. There we go and click next. You can change the filter if you want, as you can see right there. If I wanted to trim it, I could. But I'm not going to, and I can change their cover. So I liked the filter, and I highly recommend if you see it already had a lot of engagement, there's very no reason to change it. But if I did want to change the cover, I could go a dad, and so, But again, I I liked what they had so I'm gonna click next and then watch what happens if you double tap up here, you can paste. Here we go. And there's the content that they had on the original post. So there's power to that because first off, you do want toe tag, the person who's content you're sharing and then loved this great post here. And then she's putting those three dots. You don't need to do that anymore. As long as you're no space, I dont hit me. Turn then could say Great that count T foul G o. Now find that Do a little emoji. There we go. So you can also hit return if you wanted to and go appear and type something above. If you want to put a call to action of some sort, you can see she's got a lot of hash tags. I don't recommend copying somebody else's hashtags. It's relevant to their account. Hopefully, they've done the research. What you want to do is find hashtags always around your niche in, particularly if you're sharing somebody else's content, they might have more specific hashtags, so go through and make sure that the relevant to the type of individual that you want, but we're about to go through that in the very next video. But again, you can see the name of this tour again is lead post is very easy to use once you share it . What I recommend doing is the leading it out this way. Nobody else on your team actually re shares that content. But that's how simple it is to do so again. The toys repost and try it out. And let us know in the community what you think about this. If you have any questions, please jump on in there. In the very next video, we're gonna go through another exciting tool and that's the one that he used for Hashtags. And I'm going to share with you how to actually pick your hashtags So we'll see you in the next video. 5. Instagram Hashtags How to Pick the top Instagram Hashtags: Welcome back. We're now going to go in and find 30 hashtags that you should be using. This is Lou important that you take the time to do this. This process what I'm about to share with you right now. When I had the Instagram growth manager, they charged a set up fee and charge $500 just to do this research. Now I'm going to show you how you can do this yourself. And it might take you an hour, but we'll important that you do this. Ultimately, what I recommend doing is I'm on and iPhone and I use notes so you would go over and two notes and you could see already have got theirs ready. So I'm looking for 30 popular Hashtags, and I want let me show you this. So for this account, since I'm trying to speak to parents and families, my goal is to get families back to the dinner table to have more meaningful conversations with their Children. So what I would do is say, for instance, parenting parent taking hit tags so you can see right here This has 159,000 post. That's a good one. right. But what a lot of folks will do is they just look at big ones like that 7.9 million. And so, if you knew that you are allowed to use 30. What a lot of folks will do is to go out and find all the big ones, you know, like the word motivation I believe has 189 million. You don't want all of the hashtags that you're using to be super super huge ones. And we'll get to why in a later video. But what you'd I should dio is to go and find ones that are 25,000 to 250,000. And I want you get 10 of those. I want you. Then go and get 250,000 to a 1,000,000. And then I'd like you to get 10. That are a 1,000,000 plus And what need to show you a few examples. So again, this is 7.9 million parenting. What I'm going to dio is to go over here. I just used the dots and so it would be and a tool we're using. You don't have to use the hash tag so all you need to do is just type in parenting or whatever that one is that you're going to use. Great. So on a mobile device. The good thing is, is that you can see down here related, so I'm going to go now to parent 983,000. Okay, great. Where does that fall? Right over in here. Right? And so I'm gonna go nine. That parent B a r T There we go. And let's go back. Okay? So I can see up. There was parenting an insta parents 63,000 in stub Parents watch. So 63 would go up here, right? Inst, uh, parents instead. Parenting 21,000. Right? So you can see I said 25,000. You have to make their stories. Obviously, there's not a ton of people using that hashtag. But here's the thing. You have an opportunity most likely than to rank for it. And you have to look at because it defaults to the most popular first, so you can see it says top and then recent. So when I go to the top ones and I take a look, looks like these are still very popular. So instead parenting. I'll keep that one and then I'll go here. And so let me just hey, one more example of something that's really important. Parent saying good. So again, my goal is to get families back to a dinner table. So I'm going to go up here, back out there, bam family and watch this so you can see again with related this family time. Da's uncle and family goals sometimes look for ones that have emojis because those conduce well to sew and cook on family time and see yes, so you see this family time that has 42 million, So I would go down and say, OK, here we go family time. But now click on this 35,000 with the emoji, I eat the heart. So what I can do is I go back up here right? And I would say family time with the heart. And so what I'd like you to do now is to go through in, find all of your 30 hashtags. You don't need to watch me do all of this. But now you've got the gist of it. You want to find 25,000 to 250,000 range. Find 10 of those find 10 that 400 to 52 million and then find 10 that are a 1,000,000 plus is it's called laddering. This is what you'll see if you google instagram hashtag clattering. A lot of folks will will call it. You'll see a lot of different posts on it, but this will save you a lot of time. And then what you want to do is watch the next video when I'll show you what to do with all this. And what I recommend doing is once you do this once. So this will probably take you around 30 minutes. Go on, do it again and then go and do it again because we want to see three of these and I'll share with you. Why in the very next video I'll see in the next video, take care. 6. Best Instagram Tool for Managing Instagram Hashtags: Okay, welcome back. And now hopefully you have your 30 hashtags and hopefully you did this three times. So for a total of 90 hashtags, some of them can have overlap. But I'll share with you. Why you want to do that in a moment? But here's what you want to do. So I have my 30. I went in and cleaned it up. I took out all those numbers I had before, which was 25,000 up to 250,000 250,000 up to a 1,000,000 then a 1,000,000 plus plus. Plus I raced those. Here's my 30 but I purposely made some mistakes and I want to show you why. So here's what you do. You go download my hashtag. This is a free app and I absolutely love it. There are so many things you can do with it. So once it's downloaded, what I want you to do is you open it up in here is where you're going to save or your hashtags, so you should have three. You can have 10. You could have one for every day of the week. So, for instance, on Mondays as Monday motivation Monday. Thor, it's Monday. Feelings, you know, Sunday fun days, you know, so you could have ones for every day of the week. You make the choice What's best for your business again? Just do the hashtag research and make sure that when you look at those hashtags, you see the type of person you'd like to do business with using news Hashtags. Or maybe it's influences who you'd like to collaborate with who are using those hash tags. But here's what you want todo. So we're gonna go back. We're going to copy this, so I'm gonna select all Oops. Here we go. A copy. Now go back to his told down in the bottom. Right. You see this little plot? I'm gonna click the plus, I'm gonna name my group. And I already had a family one they used generically. So this one's more weekend. So I'm gonna say family. And this is just a note for you Family weekend and there we go now, right where you see it says enter hash tag. The plus you want to go in there and now copy. You copy all of them in there once, and when you press the plus, you'll notice all of them have been added. Now here's what I want to point out. You see where it says Family weekend next door that says 34. Now remember, with Instagram, when you make a post, you can Onley have up to 30 hashtags if you want to use 20 years. 20 people have different thoughts on it. I would say Go for the 30 in the beginning. If you have a new account, look up in the top right hand corner. You see that yet only yellow with the hash tag in it. That means that I'm using two of the same hashtags. So now you've got to go find them. So what? I want to dio issei you click that yellow, it's going to show me. It's not just once it shows Father's love. See, I can double tap on one of them. I delete it. You see Now I'm down to 33 back up here again where it says family weekend, Right? 33. Let's go. We still have impressed. We turn. There we go. Sometimes it's gonna be a little bit buggy. There we go back and say I'm gonna double quick up. Family time. Family time. Double click. Really Still 32. So here's the thing. I want to point this out. Notice how he used family picnic now family picnic might be a good one for me to use, but if I'm posting in the morning on the weekends, I don't know necessary If people would be searching family picnic. Ah, and now I still have 31. So I need to delete one now. Super Daddy, My kids or teenagers Now I'm down to 30. So there we go. I've got 30 hashtags Now watch what you want to Dio. There you go, Family. I've got family weekend. There's those I've got entrepreneur on my personal profile I post a lot about that stuff. So anyway, here this is You want to do this multiple times because what you ultimately want to do is see which ones tend to work the best so you can start looking at your posts. Um, you know, if you did one for seven days a week, watch this. Watch the times of day that you post you can look in your analytics of instagram and really take a look to see one or people engaging the most. But ultimately, here's what you want to do. Watch if I was to do family weekend down in the bottom, right? You see the share button with the arrow pointing up right. You click on that, do you copy? And there you go. Now, I just want to show you one quick thing while we're still on this about posting. When you go to Instagram in, make a post, let me just go to a test account so I can show you. So let's say if I was to make a post and I was going to use that like their cook next to my wife out by our boat and then I see so I could type something excited for the weekend. And then Ugo Aiken, tag wherever I am here with a beach, tagged the people if I want attack my wife like a tagger. Anyway, when I post, here's what you want Todo This is where you want to use the hashtags that I recommend. Hit the comments you want to click? Not not dot You want to this five times when you want a quick paste paste in your hashtags There were gonna watch how this looks. You see the doctor, I hear it keeps it neat. Nobody sees the Hashtags very. And then if I click on there, There we go. So what I recommend is again going back to this tool. It's called my hashtag. Once you have it downloaded, you want take hold 30 and you wanted to add 34567 times again, If you were toe have Mondays. There's Monday. Motivation does Thursday Thoughts does Wednesday Wisdom Go be creative and now wants to all saved it makes life much easier. And hashtags are so important again you don't I want to emphasize is do not just go and use ones that have mega mega popularity Because in the next video, I want to share with you something that helps get mawr engagement and get you to the top of the featured page. So we're going to go over that next. So I'll see you in the next video. Take care 7. Instagram Engagement Groups How to get more Instagram Likes with Instagram Pods: Okay, welcome back. I am super excited because now we're going to go through how to get engagement on that post that we just made so again. Hopefully by now you've done everything that we've spoken about. He's created a great instagram bio. You've gone and found a popular content using Lee Post to repost that content. You've also created great hashtags that you're going to use, so that's all done. See you like Mike. I've done all of this. Now I hit post Everybody is going to come and engage with it. Here's the thing. Remember, Instagram now has over a 1,000,000,000 users using a platform a month, so they used to show everything in chronological order. Meaning you'll see this was five hours ago. That's an ad. This was 52 minutes ago. This is seven minutes ago, 12 minutes ago. Reds nine hours ago. So you see six hours. It's not in chronological order. Instagram is determining what they'll show in everybody's feed when they're on instagram. And how are they determining that? Well, they're going to determine it by a number of different factors. It's what's called an algorithm and the algorithm is going to look at first off do you engage with this other individual, and do they engage with your posts a lot? If they dio, that's one part of it. Don't look at the time of day, meaning If you don't come on instagram a lot and maybe you come on every other day well, don't show you content that was 24 hours old because they'll say maybe that was popular, so you can see this was 10 hours ago. This one was six hours ago would see if we can find something that was popular. We've been on instagram a lot today, but three hours, 13 minutes plus, we have multiple accounts logging into this. Let's see two hours ago, and we'll get to this 10 hours ago. But you'll see sometimes if you don't go on instagram often, you'll see sometimes that they're showing you something that's a day old. Maybe it's even two days old, but it's a really popular piece of content, so they want to show it to you. So you see, this was 10 hours ago and Tony around 20 photos down, but there's been hundreds of other posts since then, but this one's had 730 likes, right? So why is Instagram doing this? Well, they want to make a better experience. So how? When you make a post, can you determine if your post is gonna get seen by more people? Well, it's going to go based on engagement and based on the number of people who are doing this double tapping and they're looking at how many people are leaving a comment, the more the better. So here's what a lot of the top influencers dio, whether they have 100,000 flowers, a 1,000,000 flowers, they're all doing this and they using what's called instagram pods or they're also called instagram engagement groups. Now this is against the terms and conditions of Instagram. I'm going to show you a way that you can do it. That's not against the terms and conditions, but again, a lot of these other folks that there won't talk about the fact that they do this. But if you go to Google and you Google instagram pods, you'll see a ton of them from animation on it. Here's how you know that they're doing it is that if somebody in the West Coast that's an influencer is making a post at 11 in the evening, you'll notice that's nine or no, that's I'm sorry. That's going to be 2 a.m. In the morning in New York. Well, they'll have 10 20 even if they have a 1,000,000 flowers. Don't have over 700 people from New York that are large accounts liking their content. They're doing this. What's called an instagram pod? Some of these are automated. I don't I recommend that you don't use any type of automated software like that. Your account could get suspended and it's not worth it. Some of them are also having V A's who are doing this. But again, what they're doing is they're commenting, liking. And so the MAWR comments and likes. When a post is made, the higher the probability. The Instagram will then show that to even more people and more people and has more liking it and seeing others. It becomes that viral effect, and eventually what is. This is where people want to show up. And when you get to this area on instagram right here, which is the featured area or well, this area particular, you can start skyrocketing with yeah, tons of likes from people that don't even follow your account, which is great. But ultimately, what you want to do is back to those hashtags that we shared. We work with a lot of cheerleaders, so let's see here, um, family again, this is a big one. This is where you want to show up, See? See where it says top in recent. If you hit the top, you'll stay there for a bit. And a lot of people are looking at photos by. So look at this 1 336 of somebody's going double tap. See, I don't follow this account, right, But she just got somebody. So, people, this is the way uses air doing it. And then a lot of times, what they'll do is say, Oh, let me go Look at this account. And now, if you're posting great information, right, they're going to now share this tomb or individuals. But I'm gonna take that away. Um, anyway, so they're called instagram pods and also engagement groups. Here's what you can do. And what I do recommend you doing is creating your own engagement group of similar accounts . And when you're out networking with folks. If you're at an event and let's say it's like a bunch of mommy bloggers, well, if you all interested in each other's content, there's no reason why you can't share that content with each other. And so here's what you do to create a group and you great multiple different groups. But let me share with you. Oh, fast up here where you see the pencil in the note pad, you click as though you're sending somebody a direct message. I will go like this and say type of my wife as one I'm going to type in Sheen. Ah m white. There we go. And then what? See, Master, One other thing. Oh, you know what? Let me have myself. Here we go. Mike Caldwell. There we go. So there's the group. And again you can add upto 15 people currently in Air Group. But you could great multiple different groups. When you click next, it's not gonna say Do you want to name this group? Name it. So I would say I call it Mommy Bloggers. I can click Don. And now that saved, right? And so when I go back, you see Mommy bloggers is there. So now when I make my post and this is what the influences do, but they're using other platforms, what I would do is what say I did this. I go up to these three dots, I'm going to copy. I'm going to go back to my mommy bloggers and I'm going to say a Do you like this? We turn based and that's it. I send that off. And now, if you're all liking one another's comments and you have 45 or six or seven of these engagement groups, well, think about that. Let's say you had 10 and you're posting at different times a day. That's 150 potential people of half of them are liking it in commenting on the group. Well, each other's post. It's a lot of work, but this is how a lot of these bigger accounts are getting massive engagements and growing so fast, because again, ultimately what you want to do is you want to show up in this area right here, or you want to lay in on one of the top post under a certain hashtag, and that's why we recommended to some this so up in having Hashtags and the latter that are smaller. Because if you have ones that are 25,000, 250,000 like some of the ones that I showed you before, which was, I believe, family time 35,000. So when I go down this and I look at death, there's a ton of cute ones here. Obviously, this is a big one, but 103 lights. Well, if I had a post that now gets ah 100 plus likes, but it has what see him in comments that they have. You look at the comments right here. So you go to this so they don't They only have two comments, I But if you get a ton of comments and likes you're gonna show up as one of those you see up on the top here, it says top post. The more you do that, the faster your account grows to more engagement. Here's the dilemma. Again, if you're going to do this, do this was similar accounts and just only like and engage with the ones that each of you truly authentically like number one number two only have this with accounts that are authentic to your brand. I know. What about a lot of people who are doing this just with anybody? An instagram configure That out toe algorithm is much smarter than most folks realize. So if I'm doing my personal account where I post a lot of marking ideas and entrepreneurial ideas, and then I'm partnering with somebody else who's posting sports content all day long, somebody who's doing the Cato Dia all day long if we're all different accounts while Instagram will pick up with that and you're not going to get the benefit. But if you're so definitely have those similar interests, you'll benefit, and so will that other person. So again, this is called Instagram. Engagement groups do it appropriately, but what I'm about to share with you in the next video is a much greater orthe authentic way of doing it, and it works just as well. So if you do this with three or four engagement groups that are to tow one another, an interesting each other's comment, our content, that's great. And then follow this next thing I'm going to share with, you know, other video. If you follow everything we've gotten along is we're gonna wrap this up after next video, then we'll jump into stories will fast. This will get you a tremendous amount of engagement and grow. Your account will fast and you'll see the benefits that you had hoped for with Instagram marketing. Take care we'll see in the next city. 8. How to Get More Authentic Instagram Followers and Engagement with the 180 Instagram Strategy: Okay, Welcome back. I'm super excited to share with you. This strategy will not only get you massive engagement on all of your posts, but is going to grow your following row fast and will grow it with relevant hours if you do it the way that I'm about to share with you now, when we preface is when I started the intro to this instagram marketing class I shared with me that I purchased 1000 our course and one that was also just under $2000. That's a total of $3000. And both of these courses spent half of the time going over what's called the dollar 80 strategy. That's what I love about scale. Share is you're going to get all this great information. This dollar 80 strategy is actually from Gary Vaynerchuk, and he shares a lot of it on his instagram profile and also back on his company's website. What I want to share with you is how I actually have tested a dollar 80 strategy and actually poured a little bit of extra gasoline to get even better results from it. So we've used this for clients accounts and we used it on her own account at work. Sorry. Well, basically what the dollar 80 strategy is again. You want to go up and go and type in your hashtags, right? So family was one that we've shared with you before, and what you want to do is you want to go in the top nine posts so you can see it, says Top. And then those recent right, we want to stick in the top and here's the 1st 1 And if I go across there is the third and you go three down and there's the 9th 1 What works is going across all these nine liking them and then leaving a comment. If you do this on these nine and then go and do it on 10 other hashtags that equals 90 if you're leaving your tea scents there you have the dour 80 strategy. Here's where I would say to do this a little bit different. You can see 322 million. This is a door wall, right? It's got almost 6000 likes and 24 comments, so he possibly see the comment. But what I recommend doing that works even better is go back to that lower level of Hashtags, the ones where I showed you had 25,000 posts up to around 100 possibly 250,000. But what's go to the parenting? So there's parent means how many's that 18,000 might? So let's take a look at this one hole. Ready 2600 views, 22 comments. So what I could do is d D. So you can see I have a shortcut said, If you have an iPhone, I recommend setting shortcuts. Now you don't want to just post that and all, you know, say something original to that. So I started off that way, and then you go back to this and then say something like, Zero games right? And so zero games, indeed. And so you hit post back like that, and what you want to do is or course so one to this 3rd 1 all the way down. 123 There's the ninth, right? And so he's saying that this hysterical so again it could go in and just very quick, Bam post like. And so you do this on those nine leaving your tea scents, you're gonna go over here. I could do this on parent problems again. One all the way down to the ninth there, and you can divide this up throughout today. But if you continually do this and these are around the hashtags that you know your potential, faour would also engage with your content. Then, if you do this, your account will grow. Over time. You'll see massive engagement because they'll come back. They're going to take a look at your page like this, and then they're going to start to engage with your content. And so when you make a post, if they're engaging with your content, also remember back to what we shared in the last video. The news feed is fast, right? What Instagram does is they determine who they're going to show that content to based on who's engaging. And that's why in the next video, before we go under stories, I want to show what you should do with each of your new flowers. If you have any questions, please jump on into the community. But this strategy works. I've tested it, and if you go after those smaller ah posts hashtags, you'll see this work even better and faster. So good knock, jump on into community with any questions 9. How to Get New Instagram Followers to Engage More with Future Posts: welcome back and let's go through how to actually get more engagement on your post with Neuf hours. So remember how I said part of this feed in determining where you're going to show up is based on people actually engaging with your posts. So the more that they're liking your post, the more that they're commenting on your post, the more likely you'll show up in their feed, which means that they can like and engage with your posts and the more than they do this, meaning 345 times. Think of your friends whose comments you're always leaving here. You notice that there in your feet all the time. Well, the reason for that is Instagram wants that make you have agree experience so they Sprinkle in obviously other people's content. They'll spring going ads, but they're going to show you what you're engaging with the most. That's why you want to get your new flowers to engage with you as fast as possible so you can see here. Ah, here's the happy hunt. So if I click on her, she followed and liked one of my posts. Okay, so she's a mom of two co owner of AH agency since in a based. Okay, so she followed us. She could potentially be playing a foul on foul game, I don't know, but she did lie corpo. She didn't comment on it. But what I can do is follow her back and then I can look through this and then just let's see. So I look at this and what did you use to film this? So see, that's an authentic question, right? And so when she sees that and that's four weeks ago again, when I look at this account, most likely from what I can tell, she's doing what's called a foul on Follow eso. She followed us, and most likely she'll come back and then unfollowed one. She sees that we followed her. Don't agree with that strategy personally, but I've been doing this long enough. I can tell when folks are she's not posting a lot could be wrong, but I am curious to see what she used to make that. And so here's what happens when she comes back and engages with my account. She most likely will answer the question. Come back, look at the count, who's this person again? And I remember them. And then she comments and on another one of our post in the mawr that she does that the higher probability we have of showing we've tested this and several clients accounts, our own accounts. This works eso I highly recommend doing it again. Parenting, parenting underscore solutions. I just liked her post. She didn't have many likes way. It's 23 minutes ago, but I cook on it. 111 Flowers et following eso What? See, now they've just done that. Most likely, she's going to come over and look at that. And if I even leave a comment love that can say something that gets find a happy fry. Yea, there we go. So again she'll come back and engage. So this the more that you do this and actually engage with your flowers, even if they're not leaving comments, you're going engaging with them back, they're going to come back. They're gonna look at your profile. Instagram's watching that also. So even if somebody doesn't comment and maybe you have a friend of me, so what's the front of me? You know, those people that you look up all the time that drive you crazy? Maybe their friend, but they're also an enemy and you're looking at the account. You don't comment on it, the more you actually look at somebody's account. Instagram's also going to show your account, or they're going to show you that friends account. Right? So what you want to do is get people looking at your account as much as possible. So go ahead, try this out. Any questions? Please jump on over in the community, ask away, and now we're going to jump into two quick story hacks and then you're on your way to get going and we'll do another cross in the future on Go Will in detail on stories and how you can munch. Story adds, I love those, but I do want to show you two quick things in case you have under 10,000 flowers, how you can actually get people to engage. And also, if you don't have the swipe up feature, something that you can do to actually 10. Instagram Stories and Fun Instagram Hacks : Okay, Welcome back. Let's go through two quick hacks that you can use for Instagram stories again, there's over, Ah, half a 1,000,000,000 people that 500 million people using instagram stories now, two things one what I'm about to share with you works and it works really good. So if you're looking to also grow your fouling followed this first strategy and then secondly, if you don't have 10,000 flowers, you need 10,000 flowers toe Have that swipe up feature. If you're trying to send people to your blogger to your online store, whatever you're trying to send them to, we send a lot of people to our Facebook group. Whatever you would like, you need 10,000 follows. If you don't have $10,000 watch the next video. Also, because I'll show you something that you can do there that works really, really well, Okay, so here's what you need to do to get more people to see your story. So you click here, we're gonna go post the story, right? So now let's go find a really cool image. I love this one. Now see, I took this on a pronounced So what's put that in garbage. Okay, that's a cool one. Now, watch this. If you hold down on it, it goes into boomerang. Did you know that? How cool is that, Right. And so here's the next thing that you want to do go up to the top. And then what you want to do is quick on that little pencil. So I cook on a pencil, and then what I want to do is pick a cower down here. So I'm gonna pick white. I'm gonna expand this this a little bit. And now what you do is you hold down. You see how everything turned white, You go away. Why do you want to do that? Because watch you click this little race over here. And now what you can dio. Here we go. So now I wanna get around and around. I'm not the designer, but I do want to show you this because this works really well. So you see, that's right. And actually, let me undo that part and undo their undo. Yeah, I like it better like that. And then there we go like that. So it's Friday. So now I could done now I want to put in some text. So someone's excited for Friday. So let's change the coward. Finally, this stand here, shrink this there. And now I want to ask a question. Here's what you want to do this excited, are you? And to see I actually don't like the way that looks. So I'm going to put this. You can change to cower. So what you can do is go like this. You had to pick a cower. I'm gonna pick there, and I actually need a marker. And so there we go. Like that, right? So now they can read it. So are you excited? He's like that. Somebody's excited. So someone's excited. So asking a question when people engage with your post now, nothing you do. If I didn't want to do this is I think, like this. He's a so called isn't So what? I'm gonna undo this. Undo. Done. Click this down here, Put this now up here like that. And then I'm gonna go back down here and I'm going to say question. And so here we go. We're going to say, poll done. And you see now it doesn't say anything so great. This and then I could go above it and say, or you excited for the weekend. So again, the reason why you want to this is when people engage with your content. So if they could get so no, that increases the probability that Instagram will now show your account again to that person. The next time again. Does 500 million people doing this? So you want to get engagement with your posts. And so it's no, you're looking at it, which they're looking at that right. But it's people that are cooking yes or no. Now, how do we get in front of more people while a couple of things? One, you should always use location. This is a place that my family volunteers that. So we're gonna say that here we go. And then the next thing that you want to do is a lot of people don't know this one. So watch this strategy will fast. I'm going to do hashtag Friday I could put it like that. There we go. But now he has the next thing that you want to dio. I'm going to go to typewriter and I'm going to type in a few hashtags again. You're likable, Mike. You can only use one, but watch what you can do. Parents parenting means I know is a popular one. And then I want to use maybe one other. Don't say hash tag family. Okay, so when I click done, I want to do is shrink it like this. So you see, it's getting really small. And now what I want to dio is go back, double tap on it. Take this pen and I want to drop it right there. What I want is cause watch you see it moving now, right? Because you can see in the attacks when I put it right here, nobody sees it. So you That's how you can use more hashtags. So again, just to rehash no gory deaths and you start typing, that's when you want to do it. A lot of folks going here and use this is the hashtag. But that controls the Friday Friday If you use this and use the hash tag you now or getting mawr, which is great. So watch this. Now This looks like a good post, right? And now I do actually want to make this one little bit smaller. make this a little bit smaller. Best One thing I do recommend where doesn't work is so you see this Friday, If I go down, you see that line that just came across. That's kind of like a border. Never put your hashtags below that. And there's one on the upper side too. Most they actually won't show that hashtag But I already know that parenting means will get this in front of potentially 809 100 people. And since this is so funny, I bet you will even doom or we'll have to see but would see I could also do an arrow help if I spell it right. Here we go Scroll down And here we go. And so we can do this. They see this hour is not going to work. So when it toss up because I'm using white, right? So I'm gonna go back and say this because I want to draw attention to the question. That's why you want to do things like this. So there's this and would see what other ones again don't want to use white. Oh, I could use the pink, right? Are you excited for the weekend and there we go. Something to Desprez s. You can send it to people, but you want to send it to your story. And there we go. That strategy number one again. If you're under 10,000 this will get you in front of a whole bunch of people so you can see it's uploading right there. Am I? Come back later on and see. And what's interesting is down here. You'll have your analytics at the very bottom that will actually show. But that's just agree. Image. Try to be creative, have a lot of fun with it. I Deco definitely recommend playing around with this a lot, but the more times that you see people engaging with it, the more activity you're going to see. So in the very next video and will be the last before the we say goodbye, I am going to go and show you one strategy on how to actually get people to come from instagram to your website or two year store. If you don't have the swipe up feature yet, we'll see in the next video 11. How to Use the Instagram Swipe Up Feature Without 10,000 Followers: okay in welcome back to the final class. I hope truly that you've enjoyed everything. And please, if you have any questions, jump on over into the community and ask away. Instagram is always changing that algorithm. They're always changing where buttons show up. So if you're looking at your instagram and watching this even a week later, it might have changed already. So please jump into the community and ask away. I try to keep up with everything regarding Instagram because we work on a lot of accounts for our businesses and this is a great opportunity. But what do you do when you don't have this feature right here where I can quick that Little Paper Corp looking thing and I can send website traffic somewhere, right, because of you looking at yours, you might back Well, Mike, I don't have that. And that's most likely because you don't have 10,000 flowers yet. But here's something that you can do. And I learned this through a course that I took with shelling Johnson on. This works very well. What you can do is shrink it like this and then right here you can type and tell people to send your message. So what we used to do before we had 10,000 flowers and we wanted to get people to come on over into our Facebook group for parents on Lee, what we would do is say you want to join three of the 3000 or 2000 or 1000 when it was really small. Are there parents Onley or other moms? We have a lot of moms at flowers on Instagram, so we used to use the word mom. So no, your avatar, the better you speak to your avatar, the better that they'll take in action. So you really want to do that? So what we would do is say, Hey, moms want to join 1000 other moms to talk about everyday problems or everyday challenges we face with Children. Leave us a comment or send us a comment and we'll send your private invite link and what do we mean by that? Or send us a message, we'd point down. And so why would we point down? Well, let me share with you right here. So when I go and look at any one of these accounts would say this one There we go. There we go. So, you see, we look down all these things, they send a message. Everybody has that feature. So if you tell somebody to send your message, you have a great opportunity then to go engage with them. So what we used to do is we'd go into our comment and we would send people there invites this. Who just fell up. Why? Because back to the previous store where we're showing you some tricks that you could do a stories. If you're using a lot of hashtags parenting means, for instance, for us did very well. Now you're gonna have to test a whole bunch out. But we would get sometimes, you know, 67 800. I would do morning humor. Morning humor used to do really well for May. And then again, that was for a different business, a different client. And what would happen with that one is we would get the white type of traffic because it was ah, comedy type site. And so you have to know your hashtags when you do that, and then you get the right offer in front of them. You're saying if you don't have 10,000 flowers. Send me a message down below. This is where it's going to show up. And then all you need to do is to click on it in them, to go here and bam, You can send them the link and then they've already engaged with you. They're going to see it. They're going to come back and engage. So you wait five that out. It works well. Well, if you have any questions, please jump on over into the community. We have a fun fund project for everybody to try out. So go check out the project on. Make sure to engage there. But please again, My name is Mike Koala. Instagram is a phenomenal, phenomenal opportunity. You could get a lot of traffic, but you have to foul some of the strategies that we went over today. Again, check out some of other classes. I constantly am testing different marketing strategies and I will weekly be updating you with a new class and new stranger. You can try in your business. Good luck. And I wish you great entrepreneurial