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A Short Course in Habits and Happiness

teacher avatar Braco Pobric, Founder of Life Success Academy

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. 7 Secrets Intro to Habits A Full Short Course

    • 2. Secret Number 1 Believe You can Change Your Habits

    • 3. 1 Practice Secret 1

    • 4. Secret Number 2 Smile

    • 5. 2 Practice Secret 2

    • 6. Secret Number 3 Small Wins

    • 7. 3 Practice Secret 3

    • 8. Secret Number 4 Will Power

    • 9. 4 Practice Secret 4

    • 10. Secret Number 5 Activation Energy and 20 Seconds Rule

    • 11. 5 Practice Secret 5

    • 12. Secret Number 6 Accountabiloity Partner and Support Group

    • 13. 6 Practice Secret 6 and 30 Day Challenge

    • 14. Secret Number 7 Make an Announcement

    • 15. 7 Practice Secret 7

    • 16. 30 Day Habit Challenge After the Secret 6

    • 17. Review of Seven Secrets A Short Program of Habits Last Lecture

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About This Class

Seven Secrets to Change Your Habits and Become Happier - Based on Science of Positive Psychology Science of Happiness


Course updated on June 9th h, 2018.

About this course: 

  • Includes FREE 30 minutes personal coaching - $175 value - upon 100% course completion 
  • Full, free lifetime access
  • All future extra lectures and upgrades are always included for free
  • Regular FREE surprise bonuses to help you change your habits even more!

At the end of this this course, you will:

  • Understand Seven Secrets of Habits and Happiness
  • Choose One or More Habits You Want To Change
  • Make Necessary Steps to Change Your Habits 
  • Increase Will Power and Self Confidence 
  • Release Your Own Happy Chemical 
  • Learn 7 Secrets to Habits and Happiness 
  • Become Happier
  • Succeed in Any Habit Formation 
  • Introduce New Routines 
  • And much more...

A Short Course in Habits and Happiness Program combines years of research by experts in the field of habits, neuroscience, traditional and positive psychology, and teaches you how to apply this new information in a very simple and practical way. This program will help you understand your habits and how they can work to help you live a great life. 

Implementing habitual behavior in accordance with this program will help you become happier and more successful, will improve your wellbeing, and will assist you in living the life you always wanted to live.

Everything you want to achieve in life--from a successful career, thriving relationships, improved health, or simply increase your happiness and wellbeing—everything starts with habits. Everything!

If your goal is to double your income, get a new job, do well on an interview, lose weight, gain weight, start exercising, start meditating, improve relationships, change your diet, become happier – or anything else in life – this course is for you. 

This program is based on my bestselling book – Habits and Happiness: How to Become Happier and Improve Your Wellbeing by Changing Your Habits, my Habits and Happiness workshops, individual coaching sessions, and many years of helping others change their life for the better in the areas they believe are most necessary. 

Regardless of what areas of your life need improvement – income, career, heath, relationships, spirituality or anything else - you can only make that happen by changing your habits. Click the "take this course" button, top right, now ... Enroll NOW to become happier and more successful.

Every minute you delay is actually COSTING you...Happiness, Health, Success...


Meet Your Teacher

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Braco Pobric

Founder of Life Success Academy


Learn from the experts!


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Braco Pobric is an Internationally Recognized Positive Psychology Expert and Corporate Trainer. He is the bestselling author of Habits and Happiness: How to Become Happier and Improve Your Well... See full profile

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1. 7 Secrets Intro to Habits A Full Short Course: you know today with all the research available with science opposed to psychology a k a science of happiness with hundreds of millions or billions dollars invested to help people become happier. Do you and or your clients still struggle to be happy or heavier? Most of us do now to bring you back to my sick. It's of habits of happiness. What I call let me take you back to my childhood. I grew up in Sarajevo. Some of you may remember from 1984 weekend link agains. And as you know, obviously since we have been telling the games, there was a lot of snow that we had back. Oh, back in my country during the wintertime. So most of us kids right back then would, uh, just love Ah, skiing, sledding. And there was a street in the city. Will Healy state, it would be closed for traffic. Do really like impossible driving condition during the week at that. So us kids would just get together once without homemade sled and go up to that street and just keeps lying down, Have some fun. So what? I realize now when I think back, we basically grew up to this hill and, like I said, keeps letting down. So the first time we went down, we would end up at one place. The second I we went down, we would end up here at a different place. The third time we went down, we would end up with 1/3 place, and as we kept sledding down at some point, we would end up at the same place with minimum or no effort at all. That's exactly how our brain works. We keep doing certain things. We create a new neural pathways in our brain, and when we do with minimal or no effort at all, we can perform certain action such as, you know, walking, talking, taking a shower. Really so many things that we perform almost with no effort for some of us who are lucky enough, of course, to be able to do this stinks. So before we move on, think about the habits you want to change or you have it you want to introduce. Just think for a second, because taking this course is really all about helping you. And then in turn, if you have a client, you helping your clients to cheese there. So think about habit. You can change and are introduced the second and now you could certainly don't want before that I have here, and what I do is I created what I call the 30 day have. It's challenged, and the 30 day challenge is basically to help you establish this new neural, partly to help you establish your new habit, your new your goal. New Habito replace the existing one, and the reason we do 30 days most a few noise because they said chose that takes 21 days 21 to 30 days to establish you have it. Most of the says says 21. I prefer to say 30 days since I did my own research tried so many of these things myself, and I would say Keep it to 30 days and 30 days in a row. So this way we can have this four new Pamuk check Mark. You know they want to date Terry, Did you do it? Yes or no? Right. And the reason we're doing this is because off course you want to see more yeses the nos, but you do see more nose or a lot or even a few. You want to go back and find out why you didn't do certain? I bet you you will be able to analyze it. And then I understand why you didn't do it. So what? I have it. Habits are Thanks. We do emotions we have believed to note and towards you owe could become habits. No. Before we move into habits, I won't explain something. What I call the habit loop. What's the typical everything we do? Everything. Every habit starts with the trigger, right? Every head start with the trigger. Then we have routine. So thinks we do or torture emotions. And then we have reward. So the brain will basically warned us For every habit. This gets tricky. And second, I will explain that. Why? So let's take something simple, right? Brushing out these. We'll do this. Um, you is something that triggers. I don't know what it is for you, but I bet you if you stop analyzing it, deal is something. So maybe you do as soon as you wake up. Maybe you do before having coffee after coffee. Immediately before you leave before take a shower after you take a shot. I don't know what it is, but there is a septic triggers it and your brain knows exactly what to do. Want to start that routine? Now? We have this routine so it's brushing out these. That's routine. And then we have a reward. In this case, it's simple to explain, Right? You smell good. We feel good. Be kind already. You know, when we do it in the morning for C morning, we ready to roll. Be ready for our day. Right? So that is our reward. Any kind of goes in a look trigger routine reward Trigger Tina War. That's how habits really really work. No, there is a little something I need to explain that that is the short term goal versus a long term goal where I mean by this. Let's say you're a long term goal is to lose weight, your brain and my brain in everybody's brain. So don't think it's just you, uh, focuses on short term goal. Basically, let's say you one of those await and yet you eat the cookie three times. They are every afternoon after lunch. Sure, you have a cake, you know after dinner. It's because your brain is not thinking off your long term goal. You just can't think again. I'm off course I am simplifying this, right? But But you really can't think that far. So his folks in a short term goals, folks, is okay. You want a cookie, and I feel make you feel good in me? Nothing. The second go for Have a cookie, right? And you establish that habit now it's hard to get rid of it. What we can do again, this gets tricky. We can think about if before we start thes routine. So you know they before you can think what will tomorrow before I take that cookie I gonna think about What was that short term reward or not? Reward. So maybe yes, I felt good in in, like, immediately, You know that second minute. But then later on, I kind of felt to fool. I had too much food. I wasn't able to focus on my meeting. So maybe, And just maybe that is what you want to focus on. So you want to say about you know, every day I have that cookie, I kind of I feel just too full. I cannot focus on these meetings. I miss a lot because you know, I'm just thinking off my cookie before I have it, Whatever that is, right? So So Make it so that you will trick your brain and your brain will focus on a long terrible what you say. I don't want to lose weight. I want just to feel good today. I want to feel good. You hear from now two years. Frontiers? No. As long as you have to keep reminding yourself and keep tricking your brain, you will be able to do that. Let's talk about types of head. It's There are three types of head. It's basically I introduced the 4th 1 in a second. I will explain the first physical habits. Easy to explain. Thanks. We do walking, running of driving right, physical head. It's thinks we do. Then there are emotional heads. Often we don't think of them as habits, right, because often certain emotions, so you might feel, said mad, angry, upset, happy, joyful. Often this is something triggers in this becomes your head. It right you could be good habit, which is Hey, you have more happier moments than said. It could be not so great habits for you. If you have more, said a moments, then happy moments. And then there are thinking habits. Often we don't think of them as a habits, right. But sometimes I'll give an example. I live in New Jersey now, and as you So I grew up in a Sarajevo where we had lots of snow. So, uh, the first day, you know when winter time snow and I wake up in the morning and the first no, and look at the beautiful white covered, you know, state and the loan. And so it will immediately bring me back to sorry. Ever bring me back to this beautiful time Probably kept sledding. Now that street, that we all have fun with the kids when we didn't need research to teach us how to be happy . So doesn't thinking habits. And then number four really important what I call Circle Head? It's now what our circle habits have you ever. Maybe just me said to yourself tomorrow or next week I'm going to start excising, start meditating, doing yoga, e class, eat healthier, whatever it is, right then tomorrow or next week Coming, Go. I'll do tomorrow, then tour comes out under it next week. Next week comes, you go about your gonna go on vacation next week, so I can't really do it Next becomes, Well, I'm on vacation then mix because, Well, I just came back and soon, right. We find all these excuses now. Nothing wrong with not starting. And you have to go. Maybe there is something. But again, we don't want drive ourselves crazy. But there's two things that really bad with these circle habits. So what's the bet? Number one? You keep telling yourself you're going to do something and you don't do it. So, first of all, you didn't do it, right? Okay, fine. A second of all, What's really more important? You drive yourself crazy because you didn't do it to make yourself. You probably feel bad because you didn't do it. You really have a two choices with the circle habits and the truth. Number one is Nike, right? Just do it easily said than done. Choice number two is to put it off until you already Now what I mean by that. So let's say you keep telling yourself, and you realize this circle habits and then you go well Hoda. You know I work 18 hours a day. I get up already 4 30 in the morning. I come home so late, I really have no time to exercise. So let me put it off until I'm ready. So you might evaluating that same 30 days. But make sure you do. Three days Come. You look at your culinary woman. Let me re evaluate. Yeah, I still work in 15 hours. They can do it. Give it another 30 days to come to go. Do I'm awesome. And now I work eight hours. I can definitely start exercising more and then or exercising. And then you just started breaking that habit. So? So those are the circle habits are really important again. We talked about physical tablets, emotional habits, thinking, hear bits and circle have is that you will not really find in any literature. I coined the term, but I think it's fairly important. Many of my friends therapists I could help it. Psychologists, coaches use this with their clients, and, uh, it turned out to be something very, very important to many of us. 2. Secret Number 1 Believe You can Change Your Habits: And now let's move on to the seven sick. It's of habits and happiness. Again, there is so much more to cover. But I just try to summarize this in this short course on habits and happiness. Number one believe you can change your habits. You see, nothing happens unless you believe that you can make this work. If you're not really sure, just move onto the next habit. Why do I say this? There is so much research behind this, particularly research done by Dr Bruce Lipton, his research and believe that he showed that when you believe when you truly believe in something that your body old way down to the cell level changes. Now think about your body old way down. Cell level changes. So number one before you move on to executing to starting your new happy to replacing your existing one, you must must must believe that you can make this work 3. 1 Practice Secret 1: Okay. Now did you learn basics inhabits? Let's start doing some work. First, let's take this form and list all the habits that you want to change. So put the habit. You know, just name your habit, but the date and time. When do you do this habit and just describe it quickly for yourself. We can also use the same form to introduce your new habit. So just, you know again, Name your new habit. What is it that you want to do, what at the days Inn times that you want to do? You're just new habit and describe. Once you have this list, let's start implementing the secret number one. So take this form. The both of these forms are touch to this lecture and, uh, again. But this habit but the daytime. But the description so basically taking information from the list of all of your habits and you creating this list off the heaviest that you believe that you can change. So some help is that you truly believe you can change and or new habits that you truly believe you can introduce. You can twist as many habits as you wish in the beginning which is gonna focus on one that is the easiest one to implement in the beginning, So there will be the 1st 1 But again, we want you to have a list off all the habits that you know you believe truly believe that you can change and or new habits that you can introduce in your life. 4. Secret Number 2 Smile: number two. You know, if there was a one thing that came out of my research, that is, I believe, remarkable. It is research behind Smile And that shows that when we smart release our own happiness can our body releases dopamine and dopamine makes us fill good. Makes us feel better So that you, me or no one else really have to really kept a run to the drugstore to get some of the happiness Chemical. Just smile more And you, my friend, will also get some more documents. I do something that is truly interesting. Weird. When I was explained to some of my friends my wife would say, you know, many years ago don't even talk about it. Here's what I do Night before I go to sleep I schedule where I call wake up a cold with a smile And when I hear alarm when I hear firing him alarm I smoke And the reason I smile is not because I'm happy. You know how many of us are happy? Are you happy? Will you wake up? I don't even care what time it is. Most of the time, you know we know 5 a.m. especially right, especially if you didn't have enough sleep. But reason I do it is because I know when I smile that I will get some happiness. Chemical. I will get some dopamine in my body. Real literally summed up for me and I will feel better. It will make better my title. That is why I smile. And that is why I schedule my wake up. Call it a smile in Dennis my off and I will just look myself in middle. It's and I do this, of course, where no one's watching so you can do to smile, and that my friend, will help you get some more dopamine, your happiness. 5. 2 Practice Secret 2: now that you learn Secret Number two, if you believe if you can. If you truly believe that you can smile more and that this will give you more happiness chemical as the science proves, let's create a list off. When can you smile more? What can you do to have some more smiles and therefore get some more happiness? Chemical up? Like I said earlier, I basically scheduled this night before, so I smile every morning. Regardless, how I feel. The reason I do this is because again, I know that I will get some happiness chemical, so you can just name your habit. Maybe it's, you know, morning smile. But today in time for me was 5 a.m. If you have, you know, several description and maybe the define when else you can smile more. Maybe it's when you see your colleague. You know, John. Maybe it's when you see your kid playing. Maybe it's when you see your partner doing something. Maybe it is a every day, you know, before dinner, whatever that is. But give it the name. Put a day in time, and if it's, you know, five days a week, if it's seven days a week. What time? Little descriptions. You can remind yourself and again by smiling you will be able to get some of more dopamine and happiness chemical. That will certainly make you better. So again, if you do believe you can smile more, let's create a fill out this form and let's work on getting some more documents. Have fun. 6. Secret Number 3 Small Wins: number thing. This is what Dr Car Revco's Small Winds Now what are the small winds? Small winds are something that you use the tool that if you want to establish a big goal, right, you want to start with this small winds. So let's say you want to clean up your basement. It's a big job. It's huge. Nobody wants to do it is gonna take it days, right? And if you don't have the big basement, there's some other big job that that you may want to do. That will take a long time. And because of that, your brain simply cannot focus on because it's too hard to do so. Focus on the small bits. So say again, coming back to your basement, your office. If you want to clean next time, come spend 20 seconds. Because one thing if you need to clean it out right, because I think throwing garbage and you see him right. What happens is you only spend 2030 seconds, your brain will go. Yeah, you accomplished something right again. You also gonna get little dopamine, right? You'll know happiness, chemical. And this, combined with the small riends, will help you establish your vehicle again when you think off your big ole Break it down into this moments when I was publishing my book, it wasn't about let me publish my book. It was about small moments, right? Let me do 12 pages that meet friend for lunch. But we make this phone call all these small rents hundreds of thousands of small wins make that end result. Right competition. Your big Ole in my case was published that book. 7. 3 Practice Secret 3: Now that you have a list of the habits that you wanted to a change and or create, let's think about how you can apply small rings approach in order to create that habit, change existing one or create a new habit. You can also use this in setting up a big goal. So you you remember my example off writing a book and then creating these small winds along the process. Another important thing is that the end result is not really what will make us happy. But these small wins are what truly bring us happiness. So think about the habit that you want to implement and think about every little step, every little small win that you can implement in order to help you get this habit and or big goal completed. 8. Secret Number 4 Will Power: number four willpower. Believe it or not, willpower is just like a muscle. And with exercise, it does get stronger. So to improve your self control, you need to exercise your your willpower. You need to work on it. You need to really make it work. So how do we increase our willpower? You know, there is a good news in there is bad news. You know, a willpower is a finite resource, and we pretty much all have kind maximum amount, right? But the good news is that yes, we can work on increasing. Let me give you one example. This particular example in this a search I've been sharing all over the world. And I have to tell you that often I will see therapists and coaches raising their hands that day, also using this with their clients, like really, all over the world. So and this particular research shows that if you brush your teeth with none dumb, unhand for 21 days and again I would say 30. You, my friend, will also increase your willpower. The question always get these. Why? We're not gonna get a lot of deep because we don't have a lot of time here, but simply it is because by doing something you have never done before in this case brushing your teeth with non dominant hand, you will create a new neural pathway in your brain. And by creating the new neural pathway, you will basically in case your robot, all the sudden you will see that you know, you my start exercising some meditating. That's why you see, when people start one thing, they start changing their life. Little bottle. One thing in the second thing is that eating better and improving their sleep and they better at work and they're focusing. All of this is really they built this willpower muscle. They are able to do much more with same amount of time as as all of us. So try this exercise that ah, brushing your teeth with non dominant hand. Or you can try something else as long as you do something I've never done before. Like you see here is you know you can beat with your non dominant. You can take stairs instead of the elevator escalate. You can eat the food you have never eaten before again, something I've never done before for 21 to tell you this will based on research, increase your willpower 9. 4 Practice Secret 4: you learn the basics about the willpower. Now you know that there are things you can do to increase your own willpower. Think about things that you want to do that will help you with your self esteem and willpower. So you can use an example. Do something that I mentioned earlier, or you can do something else you have never done before again. Just remember to do this for 30 days, so that by itself will help you with the world power. And as you introduce your new habits and or change the existing ones, that by itself will help you increase your willpower. And then one habit. Well, as you work hard, help you to get to another one that get to another one. You know, you start exercising, then you start meditating. Then you start eating better than you start walking outside. More so this the whole process will help you with your willpower. But again, let's list some of the habits in this form that will help you with this. Have fun 10. Secret Number 5 Activation Energy and 20 Seconds Rule: see his number five is what I call or I combined. Rather to research. One is by Dr Check me. Heil Activation energy. And 2nd 1 is by Sean occur from Harvard, the 22nd rule. So here's how this works. Before we get into that, I want to tell you something. I am also an engineer. So my background is engineering. So what I did is what I do. A lot is I do this reverse engineer. So I was thinking back then when I was killed, I was happy. And I was thinking, you know, I didn't need to research. What did I do when I look back? And I said, Well, guess what? I put that sled right by the door night before. So that morning I could just grab the sled and go up and have fun. Now that I think back right, I did a couple of things. Basic research right now that we know today I created that little spark, right? It activation energy that it was right there. I implement its moments, right. So just pick it up and go establish might be gold. And in this case, I blood this 22nd rule because it is something that's less 20 seconds away from me. So it was easy to implement. I lived in the building where I told building if the sled which usually they all they used to be all the way down in the basement It would take me a long time to go get the keys of the basement. Go down, open up the based one. Do a second go Get this like bring him up. Going up. You know, again, that might be just minute two or three or five, or or or even less. But the point is that if you cut the time, make it 22nd. Unless the 22nd away from you that will help you to give you another example. You want to eat a better, better food. You need some fruit. Don't keep it in the bottom shelf in the fridge. Right. Keep it. That's less 20 seconds away on a kitchen. Dale, you don't want to eat some fruit food rather and so personally by you know, chocolate more than we should. And put someone in the basement, you know, hide it. Eso that it will be more than 20 seconds away from you, I'll tell you that. I basically have a piece of doctor called every night after dinner and my chuckled. Well, do I keep it? It's in the cellar. It's in a wine cellar, so it's pretty cool, but it's It's in the cellar in the basement so that it is not on the kitchen table. Otherwise, I would probably have a lot more than just one piece. So keep that in mind. No, if you think of this activation energy and how can you apply with this is by the way, Dr Michael check me. I'll when I and Dr Me Heil and Dr Martin Seligman its own. We're presenting at the Fourth World Congress supported psychology. But if you look at his activation and you, let's say you want to start exercising. And again, back then I was thinking when I was kid, I was just happy. Now how can I turn so that I do something and I will become happy so basically diverse engineering right back then, when I was kid, I was just happy and I did certain things. Now how do I make so that I do certain things and I will be happy. Let me give an example. In this case, let's say you want to start exercising. Well, you need that was sparked. A little activation energy. So here's what I did. I put the sneakers night before by my bed. So the first day, when I said ground to exercise next morning I woke up with my sneakers on. I did this and I said, Sister, I'm done for today. Now what happens right again? Combination of a lot of tools that we talked about. Small bits, inconceivable power activation energy. 22nd rule, All the sudden right? I got a little bit up on me and my brain said Good job. Next day I had a sneaker song again. I'm sorry. Sneakers by the bed. Walk up sneakers. Don't go to the basement. 50 Children. I go, I don for today. Right? So again, get some opened up for me next day, night before with sneakers by the bed. Wake up, seeker. So go to the basement, get on treadmill for two minutes and go up. I'm done for today. You see how this is how you build your new itty Little by little, some of us can just go cold turkey and safer going exercise 45 minutes a day every day. You know, five days a week for the rest of my life. Very few people can do it. But if you can, Good for you cannot follow these rules. 11. 5 Practice Secret 5: now. Did you learned the secret Number five. And how to apply the activation energy. 22nd role. Think about the habit from your list habit that you truly believe you can change. Put it here in this form. Right. And this is the habit or habits that you are going to apply the activation energy and 22nd roll. Just remember how they work. What do you need to do? You know, do you want to start exercising or start meditating? Any new happy that you want to create? Really? The 22nd rule is an activation energy at the great, great tools to apply. So have fun. Any questions? Please let me know. 12. Secret Number 6 Accountabiloity Partner and Support Group: secret number six, accountability partner and support. You know, we know, based on the ton of research, that having an accountability partner, somebody who will help you achieve your goals, somebody who will help you created, hit somebody who's done it before. Somebody who's motivated, not someone who will drag you down. You don't want that person to be accountability, partner, right? But somebody who will motivate you and help you to do that And for a lot of people support group, right? If you look at some few May know that even Dr Martin Seligman, who we call the father posted psychology, has his own support group. And they would call each other every day at the end of the day to make sure that they reach that 10,000 steps, which is the recommended number of steps are in a day. Right. So they would they did. This was their support group. Um, And now again, reverse engineer, alien thinking back off the Sarajevo, Uh, my friend Nina and I would actually call each other every night night before we go, uh, to that Haley street and say, Hey, you know, we're going to martyr, right? Yet you let's do it and quantify wouldn't show up. You know, I would go to his house, find out what's going on where he would come to my so again, Looking back, we knew about accountability, partner. We knew about support group. Our terrify us would go and said, But we didn't know we didn't leave the research today, unfortunately, but all of this stuff going on, we do. Good thing is again that now we know the secret number sixties accountability, partner and support you use. 13. 6 Practice Secret 6 and 30 Day Challenge: you learn Secret number six and how important it is to have your accountability partner. So now please take this form. But your habit. When are you going to do this and write down the name off your accountability partner? This is really important again. Just follow what we learn in the babies lecture and make sure that you have accountability , Partner. For every habit that you're going to implement also for you can do, please take this form. And it's this is our 30 day heavy challenge and you're gonna have your name, the start date. You know, what is the heavy that you implementing? And right here you're going to have accountability partner as well. It is very important that you do the check Mark. You know, for every day that you either implemented did this habit rather or you did not. So just do yes or no again. We explain that in previous lecture it is our Your goal is to do this study. They have a challenge to do it every day. I'm sure there are day that you will miss for one reason or another. And don't worry about it. Don't just stop. Just keep going again. Ideally, you really want to do this 30 day in a row. But don't worry about it. We would like you to have this four for every habit. So once you start your 30 day challenge, this will be really the great tool that you can implement and use for every happy that you haven't, Phil, free to share this form and everything else. Really? Which your friends and family. Because the whole idea is really that we are here to help other people change their habits and become happier. 14. Secret Number 7 Make an Announcement: No. What is the secret? Number seven. The secret number seven when I call it, is to make an announcement. Now, even the William James. He basically said that in the acquisition off a new habit or the living often old one. We must We must take a public pledge. Because of that, I ask you to please. Now apply the secret number seven and let everyone know that you are working on your new habit. Put is in discussion for tell everyone all the students and and myself What happened? You working on? Tell us what happened to work. So we as a group can help each other. Published on a Facebook Twitter email to people BlackBerry. I don't care how you do it. Tell everyone, right? And if nothing else, just write it down on a piece of paper even if it's just for your own, right. Because we know that writing things down triggers a special special neural pathways There will help us help us truly established unhappy. So think about again. Sick of number seven is making announcements. So now that you know what your new habitants Please, Please, Please, Please, Please Important. Go out and make an announcement. Okay, so let's just do a quick review off. What I call this seventh sick. It's of habits and happiness. Number one is believe you can change your heads. That's the number one. You must believe you can change them and or introduce your body. Number two is smile. Remember, you'll be getting some document. If you do that number these small moments, remember to establish a big goal, we need to start with the small winds. Baby steps. Number four is a willpower. Remember, there is a way to increase your were power by doing things you have never done before, such as Russian take with non dominant hand. A number five is the activation energy and 22nd row. Remember, If you want to do something, leave it 22nd rest in 20 seconds away from you. If you don't want to do it, put it more than 20 seconds away from you. Uh, number six is accountability partner and support group. Make sure you have someone you trust to be or accountability, Parton. And for some of us that work create a support, will become a part of a group. In this case, you have it right here. This is your support. All of us are working on changing our habits. So please put in discussion for Phyllis. Hope that's the fuss can help. And we certainly are here to support each other and then on the seventies making announcement. Tell the whole world know that you, my friend, are working on changing your habits and or introducing you have. It's so happy, new habits and hope to see you in discussion for 15. 7 Practice Secret 7: you are ready to rock and roll, my friend. You learn all the secrets. You know all the basics. You know, everything you need to know to start implementing your new habits and or changing the existing ones. So the last step is let's make an announcement. You learned everything about announcement. You need to know in the previous session and now just write down the heavy name and put the announcement. Where do you want to announcement to make? Who do you want to tell? Where do you want to publish it again? Use as many media's as you can, from social media to your friends to family writing letters, email telling everybody on the street Grab a story jail. Let them know you're changing your habits. It truly is a great great tool to assure that we succeed in our have information. So let's make an announcement. Use this form and I would love to hear more about who you announced it to. How did it go and what was the reaction from your friends and family? Have fun and the see you soon 16. 30 Day Habit Challenge After the Secret 6: now come back to the car. 30. They have a challenge. And have your name and your habit and please put the study. Ideally, I really would like you to start today. Just start today with that head, right again. Don't Don't write this down if you're, you know, driving or operating heavy machinery or we don't want you to do that by fewer officers sitting down. Just, you know, if you're driving, think about what what your start date is. And I really would like you to please pick accountability, partner. If you don't have one, guess what? Now you do. Please reach out. Absolutely. With the question. Go to discussion form, message me. And make sure that I am your accountability part of trust. You trust me, you will start your new habit so again very important that we and then you have the study. They have a challenge and just check. You know, they want they to dating yes or no. That's all we need you to do. Yes or no for 30 day and hopefully your your grid will look with many more yeses than knows so that we will start establishing this new little pathway in our brain. 17. Review of Seven Secrets A Short Program of Habits Last Lecture: Okay, so let's just do a quick review off. What I call this seven Secrets of habits and happiness. Number one is believe you can change your heads. That's the number one. You must believe you can change them and or introduce you. Number two is smile. Remember, you'll be getting some dopamine if you do that number these small moments, remember to establish a big goal, we need to start with the small vents. Baby steps. Number four is a willpower. Remember, there is a way to increase your were power by doing things you have never done before, such as Russian take with non dominant hand. And number five is the activation energy and 22nd row. Remember, if you want to do something, leave it 22nd less than 20 seconds away from you. If you don't want to do it, put it more than 20 seconds away from you. Uh, number six is accountability partner and support group. Make sure you have someone you trust to be or accountability, Parton. And for some of us, that work create a support, will become a part of a group. In this case, you have it right here. This is your support. All of us are working on changing our habits. So please put in discussion for Phyllis. Hope that's the fuss can help. And we certainly are here to support each other. And the number seven is making announcement. Tell the whole world know that you, my friend, are working on changing your habits and or introducing your head. It's so happy, new habits and hope to see you in discussion for.