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A Realistic Guide On How To Eliminate Debt, Including Credit Card Debt for Good

Julio Lara, Simple Steps to a Solid Foundation

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17 Videos (1h 58m)
    • Debt Freedom Introduction

    • Debt Freedom

    • Who is Your Instructor?

    • Describing The Course

    • The First Step

    • Commitment

    • Step 2 The Plan

    • Income Statement

    • Step 3; Goals

    • S.M.A.R.T Goals

    • SMART Goals Examples

    • Simple Budget

    • Step 4; Debt Roll-Down

    • Emergency Fund

    • Step 5 Allocation

    • Full Circle

    • Conclusion Plus Bonus


About This Class

Debt Freedom;A Realistic Guide On How To Eliminate Debt, Including Credit Card Debt Forever

You're about to discover how to...

Eliminate debt and live debt free as long as you wish. This course will guide you on a very realistic path to debt freedom. If you have unsecured debt such as credit cards, or secured such as a car loan, you can use this blueprint to eliminate debt and live a fuller life. You will be empowered to control your money instead of your money controlling you.

This brief but effective method is not a new method but a very effective one. If you truly put these steps to work for you, the method has the potential to transform your finances, and even your perspective towards debt. You will gain more confidence as you will learn how to overcome debt and obtain freedom from it, if desired.

This is not an overnight process or a magic pill, it will take hard work and sacrifice but if you are committed to obtain your goals you will achieve them with this method.

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...

  • How To Take Your First Step
  • How To Plan
  • How To Incorporate An Income Statement In Your Plan
  • How To Set Goals
  • What Is The Simplest Budget Strategy
  • The Most Reliable System For Debt Elimination
  • How To Start Working On Your Emergency Fund
  • How to Reallocate Funds For Maximum Success
  • Much, much more!

This course is based on my Amazon Ebook titled Debt Freedom. Here are a couple of reviews from the Ebook that can help you understand the simplicity but efficacy of the Ebook and in turn of the course:

Remember any minute you lose could be the difference between being debt free or being in a better financial situation.

What are the requirements?

  • Course is for beginners, no prior requirements will be needed
  • Student needs to have a desire to learn
  • Student should want to change their current status
  • Student should come in with an open attitude

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Create a financial commitment
  • Understand their financial situation
  • Create financial goals - short term and long term
  • Create a plan to eliminate debt
  • Create a plan to create an emergency fund
  • Understand a simple budget
  • Understand a debt roll-down method
  • Learn the foundation to financial stability
  • The course should teach a student how to analyze their current situation, desire where they want to go and finally create a plan to get to their financial goals
  • Student will learn how to create a SMART goals and how to complete them

What is the target audience?

  • Anyone looking to get a basic - foundation on personal finance
  • Course is not for anyone looking for a quick fix
  • Course is not intended for someone looking for a magic pill
  • Course is not intended to teach complicated methods
  • The ideal candidate would have a desire to change their current financial situation, learn how to eliminate debt and create a plan to stay out of debt

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Yep, Planning is the key to get out of the debt. Thanks!
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Julio Lara

Simple Steps to a Solid Foundation

My main goal is to help others become better. Better in their personal lives, in their businesses and in their finances. I love to learn and I learn the most when I help others by teaching and learning from them as well. I am always looking for an opportunity to learn and to help others reach their goals. I hope that I am able to help you by motivating you, inspire you or that you help me in the same way.

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