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3 Lessons (1h 52m)
    • 1. Welcome to this Quick Mailchimp tutorial

    • 2. The Quick Mailchimp tutorial

    • 3. FULL Mailchimp Campaigns and Automations Tutorial UPDATED


About This Class

Here is a quick Mailchimp Tutorial for a new user. Have you just created your account and would like to be able to send a campaign within the next 30 minutes?

If so, watch this and learn how to create your first template quickly and easily. And then learn how to send your campaign easily and quickly.

This is a quick Mailchimp Tutorial that will enable you to send your first campaign ASAP. The good thing is that this is a video Tutorial and therefore will enable you to follow along with me.

Within 30 minutes you will have learned all you need to learn in order to use Mailchimp. I created this tutorial for people who just want to learn how to do a few things as fast as possible. For those who are interested in a more in depth tutorial, you may want to watch my other full Mailchimp tutorial which is way over 2 hours. You will find it on Skillshare profile or on my website.


In this Tutorial we are going to go over the following:

 1. Lists

In this part you will learn how to create your first list. You will then learn how to import a list of subscribers into your new account.2.

2. Templates

In this part you will learn how to create a new Template. You will not need any coding skills to create a Mailchimp Template. You will create your template fast. Then learn how to edit it. This is the template we will later use for sending a campaign. At that later stage you will also get an opportunity to re-edit the Template. Once you have created a Template, sending a campaign becomes such an easy process. And the most amazing thing is that you will be able to reuse any template you create. You will be able to reuse them for any future campaigns or even automations.

 3. Campaigns

You will send your first campaign within 30 minutes of joining this class. You will learn the step by step process involved in creating campaigns. This is the valuable part of Mailchimp in terms of email Marketing.

4. Reports

 After sending your campaigns, you will need to know how your subscribers are interacting with those emails. That is what we’ll look at here.

You will also learn how to share Mailchimp form publicly so that anyone  can subscribe to your list.


Go ahead and join the class right now.