A Push Pin Portrait Layout WITHOUT the Paint-by-Number Look | Joseph Francis | Skillshare

A Push Pin Portrait Layout WITHOUT the Paint-by-Number Look

Joseph Francis, Check out my classes!

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5 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Sophisticated. NOT Paint by Number

    • 2. Here's What We're Doing

    • 3. How the Color Assignment Works

    • 4. Making the Circles

    • 5. How To Get It On Paper for $6


About This Class


In this class you will learn how to plan color layouts for images made of collections of many small things in a limited palette. Push pins would be a good example, since they come in only certain colors. Stickers might be another example, as might ink stamps.

The main thrust of this class is how to avoid the simplistic "posterized" look and achieve color distributions that look much more sophisticated. The end product of this class will be a 2' x 3' poster that I will show you how to get printed in color at a place near you for under $6.


We are making a digital poster. We will not be getting into the details of where to source the 50,000 pushpins you'd need in order to actually make this image out of real pins.

If you have items at your disposal that can be made into physical images and you wish to make such an art object then you may find this class usefull in giving your color layout a richer look, as pictured above.





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Joseph Francis

Check out my classes!

I started in New York at what is now called RGA Digital Studios, but was then called R/Greenberg Associates. I've worked at many of the top motion graphics and title design companies including yU+Co and Imaginary Forces, and with top creative directors including Kyle Cooper (Prologue).

Visit my LinkedIn profile here.

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