A Practical Leadership Guide for Technical People

Jeffrey Yeomans, Published Author & Leadership Coach

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5 Lessons (31m)
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About This Class

This introductory leadership course explore ideas, strategies and skills for technical leaders. Learn how to apply your technical skills and practical experience in leadership situations. The most important WHY for any great leader is PASSION.

The Role of a great Leader include communication and engagement. Continuous learning is a great way to develop new skills in a technical environment and in leadership. Learn to be an effective leader and learn How to Build Your Technical Team!

You will get an introduction into our personal development training form and how you can use it to improve your skills. We will help you learn to Understanding the Personal Leadership Development Training Form to become a great leader. Great leadership includes involving and interacting with employees.

As a technical person you are often put into a leadership role as you move up in a company or business. You will learn how to develop new leadership skills so that you can be more effective as a leader of technical people.