A Practical Guide to Music Expression: Exploring Your Creative Potential | Pedro Murino Almeida | Skillshare

A Practical Guide to Music Expression: Exploring Your Creative Potential

Pedro Murino Almeida, Composer for Media

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5 Videos (42m)
    • 1. Introduction: Giving Meaning to Your Music

    • 2. Getting to Know the Musical Elements

    • 3. Case Study

    • 4. Case Study 2

    • 5. Conclusion and Project Assignment


About This Class

This course was designed to help you find your own musical voice, how to plan your musical composition and how to use your current music theory knowledge without losing sight of your natural musical instincts in the process.

Whether you are starting out, a semi-pro musician or an enthusiast, this course was thought out to help you overcome the difficulties of implementing your musical ideas in a way that actually expresses your intents, without being dominated by the music and instead you dominate the flow of musical events you are creating, in whatever the genre you are composing.

The focus of this course is not in music theory, since this is not its purpose, and also because I assume that you already have a basic knowledge of things like scales or chords. Instead, we will be looking at how we can use contexts, images, ideas, emotions to give us hints on how we can use the various musical elements to express ourselves in our music compositions. And, of course, to have fun making music.

You will find videos explaining the basics so that what you can follow through the specially made music examples that illustrate the main ideas behind this course. In the last video, you will be prompted to engage in a project assignment, where you will have the opportunity to apply everything you know and learned.

I will be waiting for your submissions!






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Pedro Murino Almeida

Composer for Media

Originally from Portugal and with rock guitar roots, Pedro Murino Almeida has scored for many films, including Lost Haven, by award-winning director Patr?cio Fa?sca. That film won the audience award at the FARCUME Film Festival. He has served as resident composer for New Light Pictures, and at a production company called Hell Hot Hell.

Pedro has also scored for games, including a MOD of Elder Scrolls: Oblivion called Rathunas. He composed an original flamenco score to a theater piece e...

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