A Practical Guide to Creating a Podcast

Dan LeFebvre

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31 Lessons (5h 53m)
    • 1. Course introduction and overview

    • 2. Section overview: Podcasting strategies

    • 3. Let's get real about the time to create a podcast

    • 4. What's your podcast about? Coming up with your podcast topic

    • 5. Deciding on your podcast's format

    • 6. Planning out your episodes

    • 7. Organizing your podcast

    • 8. Keeping track of listener requests

    • 9. Batch processing episodes

    • 10. Section overview: Basics of recording and editing

    • 11. Overview of my podcasting workflow

    • 12. Understanding the hardware

    • 13. Understanding the software

    • 14. Section overview: Behind the scenes of a podcast pipeline

    • 15. Starting to record

    • 16. Continuing to record

    • 17. Part 3 of recording

    • 18. Finishing our recording

    • 19. Starting to edit our podcast

    • 20. Part 2 of our editing session

    • 21. Even more podcast editing

    • 22. Continuing to edit our podcast

    • 23. Another editing video

    • 24. More podcast editing

    • 25. Finishing our editing

    • 26. Creating our episode graphics

    • 27. Creating a blog post

    • 28. Scheduling our episode

    • 29. Understanding the QA process

    • 30. Finishing our blog post

    • 31. Course conclusion and where to go from here


About This Class

You like to learn by example. No vague advice needed. Keep it practical. You want someone to break down the entire process from start to finish so you can glean as much information as possible for your own podcast.

If that sounds familiar, this course is for you.

Here's what we'll cover:

  • Podcasting strategies to help you answer the right questions before you start
  • Hardware and software recommendations for your podcasting setup
  • Recording of a real-world podcast episode
  • Editing of a real-world podcast episode
  • Graphics, blog post, QA and scheduling an episode

Why this course?

Whether you're just starting out or you're an experienced podcaster, there's a lot of advice out there for podcasters. The challenge is a lot of the advice out there makes grand promises of creating chart-topping podcasts or implying you can quit your day job once you start your podcast.

This course is different.

We won't get in the weeds comparing podcast hosts. Everyone's budget is different. We won't add fluff to the course by talking about submitting your podcast to iTunes or Spotify. They've got official documentation to walk you through that process.

This course is fluff free.

Podcasting is a lot of hard work. For the past five years, I've put in thousands of hours into multiple podcasts.

As of recording this course, my current podcast ranks higher than 90% of shows (according to Libsyn's download stats). But I won't be covering any podcast marketing techniques in this course. Why? Because the best way to grow your podcast isn't through fancy tricks or a big marketing budget. The best way to grow your podcast is by creating great content.

In fact, I spend well over 90% of my time on the podcast focusing on the content using the techniques in this course. The only marketing I do for my podcast is the occasional post to social platforms...you don't need me to show you how to post on Facebook and Instagram. So, let's cut the fluff and focus on the good stuff in this course.

This course is practical.

Some courses cover recording and editing a podcast episode in less than five minutes. That's not realistic. We'll take the time to cover the whole process so you know what it's really like. It's just the right balance of being practical to give you realistic expectations about what it takes to create a podcast while saving you time in the process.

Ready to get started?

When you're ready for a practical, no-bull approach to creating a podcast...I'll see you in the course!