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A Name for your Brand: The Process of Creating Great Names

teacher avatar Bruna Paz, I'm a hopeless creative and I love it!

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Lesson 1 How to get started

    • 3. Lesson 2 Project Vocabulary

    • 4. Lesson 3 Brainstorming Techniques

    • 5. Lesson 4 Idea Map

    • 6. Lesson 5 Organizing

    • 7. Lesson 6 Validating your Options

    • 8. Lesson 7 Class Project

    • 9. Conclusion

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About This Class

Choosing the name for your new brand or business can be a difficult and tiresome task if you don't know where to start. For more than six years, I've been working with several small new businesses and helping them develop their branding through naming, logo and graphic projects. Because of it, I decided to organize my work flow and develop a naming methodology that really works and brings good results. Names that stick and impact, tells a story and are perennial to time are some of the main characteristics I always value when working with name projects. I believe that a good name can facilitate your brand's memorability and, consequently, turn your business into a smart option with a strong speech for your public.

With this class on Skillshare, I will guide you through the process of coming up with meaningful options for the name of your brand. Also, I want to facilitate your work when thinking about a name that shares the values of your brand.

In this class, you'll learn:

  • How to prepare yourself to start the process of developing name options
  • How to brainstorm using some of my favorite techniques
  • How to organize, filter, analyze and validate your options

This class is perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs and creatives who wants to create names that tell a story and for those who are struggling with their naming process. This class intends to guide your through an easy method of this important branding step. No prior naming experience required! Thanks for joining the class!

Meet Your Teacher

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Bruna Paz

I'm a hopeless creative and I love it!


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1. Introduction: hi and welcome to ending for your Brent. The process of creating rate Ning's My name is Barona in I Am a graphic designer from the zoo. Choosing the name for a new Brender business can be a difficult and tiresome task if you don't know where to start. For more than six years, I've been working with the small business, helping them develop their branding through naming logo and graphic projects. Because of it, I decided toe organize my workflow and develop a name. A methodology that really works in brings good results. Names that stick and impact tells a story in our perennial to time are some of the main characteristics I always value when working with name projects. With this class on skew share, I will guide you through the process off coming up with meaningful options for the name of your brand. Also, I want to facilitate your work when thinking about a name that shares the values of your brand. In this class, you will learn how to prepare yourself to start the process of developing options, help to brainstorm, using some of my favorite techniques, how to create your own idea map and how to organize, filter analyzed, invalidate your options, this glass things to guide you through an easy method up this important raining step. No prior name experience required. Thanks for joining the class and let's get started. 2. Lesson 1 How to get started: to fully enjoy this glass, you can choose a real or fictional business idea toe work with. In order to complete the process and create some name options for your class project. I will also share some examples of my own work during the steps of this methodology. In order to make things easier for you to understand, you can even define a sort of business model or canvas for understanding. Batter. The purpose of your idea one makes you stand up from the competition. What are your audience and where do you stand in the world? If you like to dig deep in the subject, there are several skew share classes that can help you through this definitions. But don't worry if you're still in the beginning, try to answer the simple questions. What is the product or service of your business? Idea why it exists? What is the purpose of it? Where will your business be? It can be a city, state or country it can be online. Are applying. You can be on Internet and social media. It's up to you Who is your audience. You can define age, gender interests. You can even create a person apart 3. Lesson 2 Project Vocabulary: after understanding where your business idea stands, it is timeto organizer project vocabulary. This is a way to put out all of the obvious words that comes to mind when thinking about it . I like to call it a pre bring storming because in a certain weight, we are already defined possible creative buffs for the name. Even so, because it is the first exercise, the results usually are more common, are already exploited by the competition. Don't worry right now. The important thing is to fill up our vocabulary with the maximum information that's possible. Check this example. When talking to my client during the initial repeat, I tried to extract the most from the client's perspective. I also noticed the repetition off some wards in terms during her speech. At the same time, I wrote down keywords in terms from the business niche that even being common wards were extremely important for the process. Also, I like to check some websites or physical data in order to understand the clients universe . Another idea is to put in your list synonymous every word or quote related to the words you already have. Read it down and after Dad make a long list with all of these words that will help you through the next step off. Bring star me. 4. Lesson 3 Brainstorming Techniques: to start our raced arming, I will share some of the techniques I commonly use while making my idea met the idea met with sort of a bubble meant for our ridden race arm. I will quickly show you the techniques off roots sucks and prefix matter, force and franking site. Then way will apply them in our brainstorm roots. Suffolk's and prefix. This is one of the most used techniques for developing names. If well used, it can help you create a unique and interesting name. But you have to be careful, since there's a lot of business that uses that technique. Army is award Made up from the Greek ward are Moughniyah says the clinic works with facial harmonization procedures Way broke downward and made some changes to make it some different and unique metta forms. This is a technique that I really like to use because it is creative and can also offer you different packs for copyrighting or even reference. The use of metaphors in name, strengths, the concept and purpose of a business in a clever way, making it stand out for this technique, you will probably have to read more in order to make interesting connections from your project for Cavalleri, we can picked several words and try to fit them in different universes and realities. You can connect the words with geek or nerd reference history and antique terms. You can search for activities, dotes or words from technology, fantasy countries, cultures, sports, nature's. The list is infinite, and the mango here is to be creative. If your business allows you to go above and beyond, please do it for this technique. I will share this example here. Way had a client that offered fiber Internet service, so we tried to make connections with different universe. Not be importance means spaceship, and it is one of the fastest waste to travel right. That is why we present several metaphors for the concept velocity thinking about the under audience they wanted to explore. They love the metaphor, and the name gave us several ideas for the copay right franking sank. This technique consists in creating new words from different parts off other words like the roots, cervix and prefix. This is a technique that uses the idea of creating a name through all the existing word parts. The difference is in using more than one or two words to create something unique. It is more difficult in two other techniques, but very interesting. A piano is the name of an Italian restaurant you worked on. The name came from connecting parts of the Italian words Appetite and Piano Way used the words to represent this local concept that the restaurant uses. There are tons of other ways to come up with name ideas. So who reads, explore online or ask me for more and then adapt them to your own purposes after getting acquainted with his techniques. It is time to start our idea, man. 5. Lesson 4 Idea Map: the idea map is basically writing down words in make connections in order to exploit all the possibilities. You can make his Manu maps as you want, and you will use your project vocabulary to apply the techniques I showed you in less than four to do this to help you get started in your only DMX. I will show you how we came up with the concept off the day out of make. I started dividing the paper sheeting to and then right and down descriptive wards and conceptual warts related to the business. Then I started connecting all the wards that I took from the vocabulary and for my mind and stop on Lee when they ran out of ideas and words. It is a brainstorm, so don't judge yourself instantly. Please try to put it out. Every idea you have, even if it sounds weird or in common at first you can and will filter later. But right now the objective is to be creative, use the techniques, adept them and omit. Now we're all set for organizing in filtering 6. Lesson 5 Organizing: For this step, we will create a spreadsheet with the columns, words, variations, other languages, Bart's domains and compliment. I commonly used these counts, but you're free to insert alders if you feel it is necessary. I do it if I feel like you, too. After death, I start organizing the best ideas from R E. D mm in order to see her possibilities before eliminated in this a spreadsheet future. The ideas. You don't think it's a good bit and a duck any. If you feel it, shoot. Feeling this spreadsheet who help you see things clearly and can also help you come up with new options. This is bread. She is also in the download section of this class. If you want to download it, you can also give grades or collars to your options for the collars. I like to use green for great options. Yellow for maybe in red for not so good for the greats. I like to put five to great and want to not so good 7. Lesson 6 Validating your Options: knowledge of fuel this spreadsheet and already have some good possibilities. It is time to analyze their possible for use. I used to make a deep research in order to find companies with the same or with similar names that can compete with name I am developing. I do that before presenting it to the client so they won't fall in love foreign option that cannot be used depending on where you live. You can also check if the name isn't register or trademark already in your city or country . In Brazil, we have E NDP, the National Institute of Industrial Property, where we can check online. If the name or logo is already registered in United States, you can check in your city hall or use the basic work mark search on the ups Teoh dot gov website. Remember that, just like a local, another company with the same name that owns a valid registration can sue you for misuse. That is why you have to understand that dimension of your business. One field during your options. Don't copycat a name. If there's another company using it, it's not cool. Try to do something unique and interesting for your breath. Do that only if your country allows the registration off the same name in different classes . If you want to have an interesting domain or fill that you will need to register this name , do it. It's better to be protected than to deal with the consequences after. 8. Lesson 7 Class Project: we're almost in now that you've learned about the process I used when creating names, it is time to incubate everything into your class project. Follow the lessons and define 123 ballot options for your real or fictional business up. Hold your options in the project area and ask your classmates and the community for feedback. They can act as your focus group and help you improve your ideas. Remember that the exchange is always good and necessary. In order to enlighten our faults, I will also be available for giving you feedback and helping you along the weight. 9. Conclusion: So you've come this far, finished the class and learn more about the process of creating names. Now you can practice on your own and even come up with your own methodology. I am so glad and happy to share with you and can wait to see your class project a blow that remember that this is my process and there's several ways of doing the same thing. Common with your thoughts and help me improve this blast. As you perform the lessons of this process and modifying your own weight, you gain experience in the creative. Ideas will come easier. Thank you so much for joining this class and good luck with your future projects.