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A Guide to Seascape Painting

teacher avatar Silvia Njoki, Self trained artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (1h 10m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Materials needed

    • 3. Color mixing for clouds

    • 4. Painting the clouds

    • 5. Cloud highlights

    • 6. Ocean outline

    • 7. Painting the ocean

    • 8. Painting the ocean

    • 9. Waves

    • 10. Coastal line'

    • 11. Class project & Outro

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About This Class


Learn how to paint landscapes while using acrylics. In the class, we'll explore how to paint a beach and sunset background as well as painting a forest. Taught by Silvia Njoki, an artist and exploratory existentialist.

Why acrylic paint? It is easy to use and gives you results within a short time. The medium is ideal for creating modern paintings due to its gradients, subtle undertones, and provides ease for first time use. 

We'll create one paintings in the class:

  • Beach Painting

The class is welcome for everyone who is interested in learning to paint landscapes. You will discover how to create personal art projects and have an opportunity to develop your skills in landscape art. 

You will be in a position to curate masterpieces. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Silvia Njoki

Self trained artist


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1. Intro: Hello, everyone. Welcome to the skills that last. My name is still Venjah K, and I'll be your trainer for this course in this coast. I'm going to teach you how to create landscape paintings. Also one devotion and how to create a laptop in to eat. So I've learned painting over the last 4 to 5 years and will appear. The main thing that have learned is that you can only improve yourself. They're putting yourself in situations where you can challenge yourself and produce more artistic work. But one key thing that of all the land, is if you ever feel you've made an error, trust you haven't it creates so much character into the beast. And even if you feel you have sometimes and you really certain that you have always free to start again. And that's when key things that I want you to take a loan through this class. I'm so excited to teach you. And I hope you learned so much and share all the things that you created meat at the end of the coast. Thank you so much and we list 2. Materials needed : in this part of the task, I'm going to take you through the materials we need for the past must have while you need a face to paint. You can either use a kind of a spoon, as I'm going to use here or use private paper. And if you use a car passport, which choose to use an easel, we could paint on a table. Secondly, you need a set off acrylic paint, but the main cause we need is white. What a little bit of black dress, some kind of Yeah. And so do so. Aside from that, you also need a couple of paint brushes. So I just advise you to use until you have that I don't really have to stick to a particular size. Anything I recommend is that true? A few, but brushed. And once you have that, everything else should be fired. We had a couple of brushes that you may have a reasonable 3. Color mixing for clouds: hello again. So for the second part of peace will be going through the under painting and what you need to do to ensure you have a beautiful output. The main thing that I will do for this part, it's create a metal plate for the peace not you could do. After that is put in masking tape of the points that mark or the middle point for your piece so fast for Most wanted me to use is and and the middle point for this will be this point. I don't despite so what I'm going to do exist measure up to the across to the end of the piece. But for more precise, it would be a need for you to measure H out and truly doesn't have to be perfect. It's just something to get you, but what you do for the baby. So you're continuing this line after us a piece. I think it has been some painting mix color change, which is there to take the next right out, and then you will be able to see too much straight out of the white Spain streets of blue. And the memories are land use this guy's because the painting itself will have blue tones checks is ideal for just for me to just continue using. How to make this is you make some new paintings white just leaving and mix it with more water. So the main ingredient for this part and a little paint. And once I do this, it would be much clear off the scream I already see small visible to the eye. Okay, so the underlying paint is really mixed out, and not going to do now is create the mixture of this batch of painters with them. See, here this is the color you into create. It should be a replica of what you can see in the main painting piece that I have shared, like the hill deployment as a different speech on what you want to do is for me. I just put this out some this spatula and not be able to make What do you want first, to ensure its it mixes really well to spring kind of sport, so that once you pointed out, it's easy to feel and what I'm waiting to use these, My big brash, which I'll show you in a minute So here is a brush it I'll be using to make the top part. This is what you're going to be using for the top spot, and what do you want to do? Because he's created somewhat elements, You could also spray some water to ensure that it's easy to flow on. Then you can mix it all up, just as you see. So I makes me being on some some paper, please. And that baby kiss. You don't have a fish to me, Pete. So here is the kind of attire plentiful, and in case you want to be a little bit of a new breed of blue keep so that it's just easy for you to competing for that one and what you want to do for the pinch toe. It is just crabbing. Live it with you that sure, you get a few people, this guy, which is less for love painting my face. But more things out trusted, different. So as you can see when I was coming to become clear for you to clear some more mentioned in the piece, and it's able to feel across it, so I'm going to continue this until it's done just a actually show you the entire process. You can't. Your user is a freak. Like you could just hold it up Then when you feel that the president is actually sitting through immediately just sprinting some water. So this is just what happened into previously he has been so they didn't have time to use any. But with spring just sprint on, likely they mix it down, I'm going to go into a little bit. And you want to ensure you get all that bus. Also, make sure that you have around this points around the edges here into the site and actually all the other ones with what he's upto just going to be people something is going to do is finish points on the end side for used to have a few, then it should be done. Next top part of defeating will be done. I want to remember to just the usual to paint on this spot this portion which may at this point in time, we went about as you can see my piece and then you want to go out and painting this edges. And this edge has a mentioned before so that it has an entirely different parts of the painting. Yeah, so that you can just leave it because this is a really pretty to politic so long to dry, and it will actually have right for parts of the peace. While I am still doing so for some people, when painting the talk, you would not want for some interest sitting to the north. But for me, I don't really mind because the light on lying like it's two very visible, but that you could do tentatively is is used masking deep or painting tape and place it at this point to create a clear line. So now that that five done being what you re just any kind alternative, if you want to make sure the paint goes around all the edges of peace and then finally just and do not touch doesn't have to be one street hardline across the advice you to take strokes in this week. Why 18? So I don't go across or just do cigs. That solutions that spreads is here, and it doesn't like hard straight line. So now, in the next part of a peace, you're going to go through painting the clubs, and that's what I'm going to chill you in the next. But I hope to see that 4. Painting the clouds: for the next part of the class. We're going to go through painting the clouds. And what I'm going to do for this party is I'm going to do a little bit of an under painting before going to actually be in the clouds. The columns you need for this is, as you can see here. So statue of the former scholar, That's Cadman Yellow Maslakh, that cadmium red that the color mixed initially for the cloud Tele TV Just use out of the blue and white. So the first thing I want to do is create a mixture for their painting. And I'm going to take just a little bit of lab as you have seen a point, and I'm going to mix it around here with some of the watch at the time really painted. So what? You could do just a little bit more what else? I normally refined using the spray bottle instead of just leaving it a lot of water because I don't know what much of what I acquire. I thought you want to start leave is to create a little bit of dimension, and I'm going to start with Yeah, you can see then I'm going to just go and draw sort of a jacket line, but just get in your way. One that tells So I wanted cloud there. I wouldn't want starting out there just a little bit of it. They wouldn't also some strange clouds around this point and five. Mindy, I want to have a power around this point, so that would be like a total off three clubs and a little bit of cloudiness. Also cloudy. Eight years in the points they I believe you can see to the bathroom. It's supposed to be very light so that they're not sleeping to the that you're going to pay for. This is pretty viable to use instead of painting the pencil, because when you painted the pencil as you notice when you do, they're mean to lie. When you did that in two minutes, can still be a can still be seen, even paint a less top of Toronto. Five this and yeah, so that's I'm just going to go to the fight against I think I see it then I'm going to now go into missing the thing. So what? I want us to be friends. Is this piece as can see right here. But the challenge look a little bit different, but just went to form them in a similar way. What you want to do is create a paid for the undertone which is a little bit of great and paint for the top points. So what you are going to get is the undertone is often great, so you can use a little bit of great but not very big. Great, because they graze off the new Moscow more green. But what we're going for, it is a very light carb date. So we're going to create a very light three and then for the highlights yellow and some white for millions. And I also added red is because when you mixed red and ultra marine blue, you create a couple you, which can be ideal for some of the points within the clouds. As you can look at a cloud around someday they have a couple of shoes and some highlights, so we're going to add a little public. Okay, so what, you're going to do its scope a little bit of white, as you can see right here, and we're going to mix it around the point where we created the undercoat because we're still needs a little black. And then we're going to take some blue just a tiny bit of blue, as you can see right there because you don't really wanted to turn a lot. Kinda, because we're creating the great few at this point in time, when next you want to take in some ready? Just a little bit test. Well, I think you can see right, though it's you said that point that we're going to mix it up a Z conceit. It's creating living Poppleton. That is what we want. Um, then finally, we're going to take some black, just a dot and then we'll have some more blue. So that has a Britain but lived in mobile pledge to have that would and the main turned that one from this painting Off the south is our total. Some gray but blue accents and some couples choose which Italy has now. Okay, so no, for the second part, we need so color for the highlight packed. So what are going to do is make some cadmium yellow. It's someone I'm going to mix it around here, so What you want to do is take a lot, a lot of white and then a tiny bit of yellow because a tiny bit available along with and what you want to just for this district create. That's slightly like Hugh, but so that you can, later on a pure white at the top, and we're just going to mix it up. Andi, I think, know already to being old grounds, so the color should be, as you can see, just a little bit sort appeal early. I think it's very clear for you to see no. All right, now that you've created the mixture for the paint, I'm going to know into the actual painting off the clouds. What I want us to do is use feel that rush. So this is what I'm going to be using for this part of painting. The main reason I commend feel about brushes because it's able to go around this edges and create slum like a little bit over slope, and so it's better to use this table brush than another different rush. So festival just going to go in with the great cannon mixed and we're going to quit just another painting off it. As you can see, looks very may turn white and great. So that's just a key. Doesn't have to a particular kind of, because we're going to add a bit more dimension to eat later. What you're going to do is just at the painting, and we're going to go over all the points Steve using ascribing not for this part of the painting. This 17 nick is most essential because this up, out, so it would give it a new bit more dimension. When use us having technique. I don't need to worry about how to China initially, because most painting is normally look different from what you have mine. So still using this fabric willing to go to the cloud, which rejected more mindful, committed to leverage. If you're interested in doing that, believe it, as is to something that's going to please you guys way. Once you're inside Abrashi one to dry it out, using some paper towels on. Don't you drink. Forget, but if you do, just remember you can always use you spread to at what I do. So now we're going to go on to creating somewhat. They mentioned to the pieces and the fasting I'm going to use is then you that mixed with a little bit of you know, And that's what I'm logistically dimension. So what you want to start with for creating when I mentioned it to the pieces to remember where the light is coming from so far, this piece, like it's coming from the left side from this side where my friends are. So in case you create a painting and you have a light country this bother Stein going on this week you start. The clouds have highlights on on this site. My spots for a pity with with the light coming down from the left side. So since minus coming on from the left side, the highlights will be all this point. Yeah. Okay, So when I was that off, just take with you. Feel back brush Just scooping from the bottom of this week so you can see here more. Most of the pain is on the top side, but the bottom side have a little bit of paint on. What you want is from the side. The light is coming from start from the bottom and just have some shaky brushing off your hand to fit a sort of Vichy. But you she when they're on the higher side. So once you do that, you want to even out the bottle state a little bit more paint on. Then I'm just going to proceed in the same thing. Just pick up some paint. Yeah, they don't Me. Yeah, And then when they brush on this part of the cloud, remember where the light is. Chronic form. That's a point where you get a So this is hard to look at the end. I think so far it's fine. So we're going to do the same for their cloud, and then we'll come back and put the highlights on each part of the club Supik the same that you used does the patient to the piece. As you have seen, the process really should work. Once you put in just a bit more paint on different parts of the painting, regaled is remember whether I just coming from Yeah, so that's what we have. Then I'm just going to take my other brush and make some parts blended out a little bit more. - So now I'm just going one of the highlights in leading them to the points where I initially put a little bit put off white in extreme. I'm still using the same color for the spot of the painting is going to steal. It was emotional. - I believe we're done with that pot and then we're going to go to now the final part of painting, which is there so still using the same OSHA. We're going to create the same dimension of this part of it just creates adapting Moshe. And don't be afraid of what the mention it racist you could. I could advice for you to use exact former for each too hard, like bits which are on top of numbers which are more at the back and then if you lend it out a bit later. - So what I'm going to do with this brush the same brush and there's going to lend it out. But now, without any paint on the bottom part of fainting, where I created some time, so part of it is reasonable to say I want to be. But I hope you people to see all the time able to do that. What is this going to be? Street that a lot of visibility into the underlying Really, which would be able to just So now what have you done? I'm just going to know you's plain white. This was my plain white to create the great more highlight for that. 5. Cloud highlights: so now digits the high right on top. You still want to use the same format while you pick up the brush, started the branch on the bottom of the plate and just take up some paint with the top. Moshe. Then what you want to do is on the father's point. Let's just started the sandwiches in the middle on this high point. You just want to tap some white. Don't you planned it out because you already planned it out on the other parts. So then to do the same for all that loud and which is going to do the dubbing motion on the highlighted ages, and then we're going to leave it as a completed piece. Put this in some of the points not necessarily all the point, because you want to pit idea that this other points where the sun is heating most. So it's creating a huge which is more white and less of yellow to some of the cancer as yellow, but you want to create. So far this is done, then we're going to go to some of this J clouds the street and I don't see emotion for someone spent two student of a straight like that before. And don't you be afraid of feeling so you've made a mistake because it's just it is. You walk. So it's nothing state, and that is just beautiful when you can see all the points which looked like they might be able to create so much character for the peace. So what I'm doing now for this final part of the flight is I'm going. I'm just having a little bit of white again, and then it's getting just a little bit more dimension and more light of these areas. So now that I've done and what I'm going to do is a show back to you. As you can see, this is a fast car that we need the second fed and then straight clubs. Enough of this part of the painting by use we're going to add the but and one time brush I'm going to use is a zero white, single flat rough. You don't have to use a zero, but the good thing about zero is that it's very small. Still, each will be able to create the nights for me, so its able to find a flat brush to could alternative views. Just use that. Instead, I'm going to show you how to create the birds brewing through a demonstration in this part of them, off the painting so faster while you want to keep your pain, you'll you brush into some black paint and then you're going to just create whatever point you feel that this would be suitable. That's why I'm going to create the club. So what you going to do is your finger on the on the canvas just create a Are they cuffed? Heinemann said in the other side. So they do the same thing again. One. And you can do this over just different points you feel that you have mentioned is life. So now we're going toe to highlight for the But you could ever use chain white or use the mixture used to create some of the highlights of the cloud, which had a little bit of you. So for this bottom using, you know and what you want to do at the meeting point. But the two lines may just put some weight, - so that's that's a final. How the painting should be in the end, with from the birds flying. Really? Traditionally we took. But as I read that letter, because on this side living there and so that this side. So now we're going to go to the bottom part of the painting which is painting the ocean. 6. Ocean outline: so to paint the beach painting. The first thing we need is some ultramarine blue, some white, some red. And so the main reason we need So cadmium red is to create some upward tone where C is the darkest point, and then they mix with a blue greater green hue, which you use a different part of 25 to this piece of a painting on the lower part of passes, you can see we have more green tone, and in the middle part around here is where we have more Poppleton than the plane blew, which will be mixed with a little bit of weight. To create a lighter color, so possible learn to mix the white and blue. And then we're going to Pete on the peace. When you're putting on the paint, as you see right here to makes it somewhat water spray or one or two times and then that would should be enough for you to make the entire piece. What we're going for for this part of the painting is more off. Later, Blue tune. So for this, but you go to parts of ultra marine blue and one pat white. Then once you make the top that you come on to something like this, which is more later as compared to ultra marine blue. So for this part of the pain to remain thing that I need is to know where the mix shelf, white and purple stack and where the painting will go in degree so fast that for most I want to create an in fact for the ocean batting from this end going on the root, mean and ending steel arch And this then second, you'd just quit unity. I this point, I just hate to through, uh, no state like little around the point which I want to start. Then I want to create a start. It should be more near the beach and then continue on to the other end of sex. So this is where my my blue to continue to around this point. But it's been getting to the end of cannabis. Generally, this is why I have to do I mean, who makes it white as he created. That's a popular that mainly. So now we're going to go ahead and create the public schools, this blue something to just and with us. She looks a little bit dark. You actually looks more. I think you can notice. It looks a bit up, but you can see around kids by the couple Tony's. 7. Painting the ocean: So for this part of the painting will be painting the for this part. Make sure you keep the first line to this point, which is the horizon night. And what we're going to use is the mixture which created using some bit off white paint and more off ultra marine paint this way. So now we're going to just apply, even if your entire face you feel going to be using us kind of three. And what are you going to start? Still using the pill but brush and trying to relate to this in case you instead, so must you. Did you would tell me Turn and cover up the top part of the painting way really painted it in themselves. I see her so want to paid? If you place this team or this top part B, you can easily paint from the photo pack about any child ever. Now I'm using a brochure at this point in time because already painted and what I'm going to continue to do is spirits which more what that point Because And then you know just the difference because it flies and the points where it seems like the campus is really picking through. That really shouldn't be a problem for you because I'm going to steal, creates, please Peace. Some of this to be treated in parts so you can sit six on the other. I don't really be worried about it. Just glad I did. Continuing this bushe. Never going to go ahead and use a mixture which I thought you were going to want to do, is stick a beach off this bubble color and live it off there, Luca and stuff from me. Well, just soon using this, having a motion, you can leave some beautiful light Really Coming in at that point. Don't be afraid of going to the best air which just completed reading. Because liming in here is to ensure that the two section front really look like the sea becomes. And I'm still going to continue the same motion chose for this part of the painting. I status that water pot and then because I have some new tunes from the other makes it using the exact time changes should you about. Remember to still continues in the ocean. What? Recognize this painting? You should be excited and I'm using because that's Steve continuing this OSHA and pulling it to the front. But the means trouble here. Minorities, when you want to add this last, is that when you meet strange, you know, money creates. So that's what you want for this part of the meeting and what advice would be for you to start in the booth. This time, it's different points only push in. Some appear today when Bush at the beach, when others appear lighter, so see the point towards the bucket meeting, and then it becomes a much later as sex situation. 8. Painting the ocean: So the next part of the painting want to enter Greece to create some dream tones and what they use is catnip and all J marine blue. So I just starting with some of the year that I have. But that's what we have so far. - So this is a come off what I have created between finally makes explained to ensure that your flu does not accept with purple and create a bridge so them to start off with blue. But I'm going to continue this motion to a point where I do not have any of the trouble sleeping any other portions. So once I have covered, I'm going to start off with missing. Just taking a little bit off blue and green, I know is that it doesn't seem to us. Just remember, for this part, use more from next blue with three The main reason we also use us coming. Take me for this most front. But painting is because you can only see this So as you can see so far we have the bitch at this point that motion which is splendid out from the green in transparent to a little bit darker blue then purple, then the father's blue, which is a really foxy The horizon is a straight line that we have life, the birth and the clouds. 9. Waves: So for the next part, we want to create families. And for this piece I'm going to focus on creating big waves, but also show you a little bit of a small wave which will create on some parts of the painting. But the main make eggs will be the frontal on into Saturday. Small waves. So what you want to do to clear this moderates, It's create mother greater, which will do by mixing some white and just do this rush some little bit of white and dipping it on some black in that creates more about Britain that you can see right here. Then we have some. Great. So it is use, uh, a revolution in this week apartment suite and this week, but fastest that's some our emotions and create a leave from the finest point. But just a few ways. So what? You start IHS during that motion and as you can see, we're ready, creating some waves in some dimension with Russia. So the motion creates an idea much the leaves are going when they upto to make sure that the wave has a point with millions, I don't motion, which is more. This is for? For Mitt. You're good at this. So what I'm going to do is just went to the upper portion for a big part of painting because no use in the box. I know she very visible and not really small. So you just want to use a very light toe with creating them back. You can see right here they're almost not to do musical with the I. And that's because they're very far back near rated very small, so you can't really see a lot of them. They could continue in your field that brash use a flat brush for this patch of painting. Continuing Mary's a little bit less visible is because you used a great under for that part of the painting I want you wanted to do. It's continually still step leaves just make them so from this point, we use the emotional lives, but with some funding. Always remember to Jane, you join them by creating night you that way. Drink this So two questions are trained now. So for this part of painting, you want that white page to be more physical, as you can see. And then for this part, we're going to create a Russian beating in doing dominance. This Jason here is what I is. The leader is really my coming high point that you could do more shows at this point. Just make sure you join together during this. The ladies are going to find is because I went wave to appear before this point. So in many cases you would be able to see the motion motion because you still have to eat. But once you do, the more what I call a truffle, I should I have. - So I want to also create I leave this place and used again through another truck. No, awful. The front part of the painting I want to treat. So what is free? Scoop up some painters. I should, you know, strip clubs take it from believe. That's all right that from this point I will started. The largest use are relying. We have a few I want to do continuing Julian, What you want to do for for this is just brush talked about that creates an illusion that this is a wave. The Russians it detonate at the mention. That idea about that the wave is coming. What's the beach. So I'm going to do is create using the same, but and finding humans are really done. As you can see, we have a way that really at the back some of the waves. It created some dimension using that you in the pattern. So I'm Sometimes they normally leave this flat out and just full of creating more dimensions different. You could choose to do that or not. Then we're going to go finally good to the plane where the beach is and what I'm going to do to play. Someone mentioned this point is going to make some white, and my friend is subjected to create a greater and still remember, we had a lance. Why would you use that line a little? Show you in just a few. 10. Coastal line': for this part of the painting with me going to eat. I have some line for this back to end the ocean. And for that I have already premixed some gray color, which is composed off ultra Marine, some black and white. So once you create the line, it should get more dimension for when where the ocean is ending black painting. I prefer having white background, so I'm just going to use my white paint when the sad. It's very defecting. Choose two instead of this. So what? I'm going to do it. Just continue with the weight to the point where we painted some great on top of it. And I'm just going to just actively out the pain. Well, this portion. So what I'm going to do you get since the pinkies wet, it's a great to speak to Dictate is definitely going to Strickland, since the Pakistan, as you can see, it, has a very light literally feel more like a pottery to I'm not going to add the what the blue line, which mentioned before on Patrick see in Syria back. That's as you can see in this office this night. I'm going to make a total of two kids more spirit appears to march in the ocean. I just think too. You just need to go over that Some white in some of the areas which I do know like it's going away somewhere, makes the night a little bit. We know which is more ideal for this part of the painting and shows that much is actually whether what I is ending please remember to south to rush, but with dating, because the white child really mixes in with you. - So very Mahaney is so you to put your signature on the peace. So for me normally back to use my name which is my mini shield which is just an s let s and a k something to do that on display and and thats I dont piece 11. Class project & Outro: So this is what fight off, Mr Look like You could see the top practice in this point and the ocean. And this part is more dimensions way In case you come into any challenge when doing the piece, just let me know In fighting between the time sides like that. You I took up this cast and I'm so excited for you to love me. I really love to see all your projects and share them with me. Thank you very much. And I hope to see you in class.