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A Guide to Instagram Photography

Sarah Gutierrez, Illustration and Photography

A Guide to Instagram Photography

Sarah Gutierrez, Illustration and Photography

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4 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. 1 How to edit photos (Intro)

    • 2. 2 How to Take Pictures

    • 3. 3 How to Edit Pictures

    • 4. 4 How to Caption and Theme Photos

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About This Class

This class teaches new creators how to take good photos and edit them for Instagram or other social media platforms. If you're into food, fashion, pet photography or any other type of photography for Instagram, this is the class for you!

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Sarah Gutierrez

Illustration and Photography


Hello, I'm Sarah! I am a Skillshare Illustration and Photography teacher! If you'd like to learn about art, photography, and maintaining a social media presence, be sure to follow me and be on the lookout for classes! See full profile

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1. 1 How to edit photos (Intro): today, I will be teaching you how to make your photos look aesthetically pleasing for uploading them to Instagram or any other platform. I will be going over techniques that can be used in nearly all photo editing APS, including free photo editing features Instagram already offers. This course will be divided into three sections, which are taking photos, editing photos for posting and captioning. Those posts. Thank you. 2. 2 How to Take Pictures: how to take good photos. Any camera could be a good camera if you have the right angle and lighting. Natural lighting is often the best for artwork, fashion, pets or any other types of photos. I'll be showing you how to take photos with natural lighting and indoor lighting. Natural lighting. Take photos and positions where your shadow isn't in the way. One way to do this is not to take pictures of blocking the light or your subject blocking the light. The sun can add very cool lighting effects like warm rays of light or highlights. I'm outside right now in my family garden, and one of the things about the garden is that there's not really a lot of you know there's no trees or anything, so it's good for outside photography. So one of the things that you can photograph for flowers and what works really well is flowers sort of on the 3/4 part of your camera, taking a picture. I'll take a picture right now, and it looks really nice, cause, especially with this kind of flower, the sunlight makes the flower really highlighted and especially the pedals, since they're kind of some of them are translucent a little bit, so it makes the sunlight makes it look really, really cool. Hillary Puppy. I think the hardest thing to film or take pictures of is animals. But if you have treats around and you have taught them how to sit on command, it's a bit easier. Some other objects we have are these lanterns, which are super nice, and they're really good for the aesthetic part, and I can show you a video or a picture of it. Right now. More examples are my rocks, which very pretty anything these airports and they're super nice for outside Qatar. You can also take pictures of leaves and stuff. You can use this as backgrounds for things like your stories on instagram wallpaper or other things. I guess Here's some more. Yeah, if you have a camera, um, even just your phone I've used this is my phone. If you have a camera that can zoom in on plants, they can make really awesome pictures. Oh, and here's another one, and the background doesn't have to be anything fancy. You can just use, like offense right here, or you can go straight down, and these air unedited. This video doesn't have any filters or anything, and you can always add more color. You can always add brightness. The meant is one of my favorite things to photograph because let me just take a picture because our meant really big. And so one of the things you can use this for is sort of like backgrounds of stuff, like extra things that I like that a lot. Oh, over here. One of the examples I used is like for the intro video. Over here we extend this. I'm using a selfie grapes and in a couple hours, when the sun hits the lead just right, great. The leaves look really, really nice and I'll show that in a bit. Another method is holding it in your hand and I'm still outside, and I'm sort of on the side of the sun so we don't get any weird shadows, and it highlights this little sculpture pretty well. If you have any things that you want to hold in your hands like bullet journals, jewelry or anything like that, this is a good way to do it. Indoor lighting The same rule of avoiding shadows is applied an indoor lighting you want to avoid very green and yellow lights. Fluorescent lights and schools are other buildings have green lights. Some lamps have very yellow lights. Reason to avoid these lights is because it adds unnecessary color to your subject. It will be very difficult to add it the clashing color out later unless it works well with your subject. Otherwise, find a white light or the whitest light you can to make sure your subject isn't affected by the colors you didn't intend framing. There are a few ways to frame your subject, depending on what the subject is. You complacent on a flat surface, hold in your hand or leaning on a wall. It depends on the lighting and subject. Please in your subject on a flat surface like pets and artwork can help. The light reaches evenly, though you will have to be careful of shadows since you'll be taking the photo from above. Good places to stage on flat surfaces are wooden tables, fuzzy fabric, marble or any other aesthetically pleasing surface. Placing your subject in your hand like a bullet journal or jewelry can help you create a more controlled lighting environment for smaller and three dimensional items. You can use backgrounds like plans, wooden fences or anything aesthetically pleasing, placing your subject on a leading Balkan help for difficult lighting situation or for fashion and cosplay photos. If you have a limited source of lighting inside, and using a wall can help you make the most of that limited light for fashion photo shoots . Walls are so important for choosing the right setting to make an outfit look the best. Think about color When choosing for all three placements. Think about lighting, color and framing. 3. 3 How to Edit Pictures: how to edit your photos. Many APS come free with photo editing software, but some other free APS R, P S Express and Photoshopped fix social media APS that come with the software are instagram and Tumblr. Instagram is your best bet if you want the social media and photo editing all in one place . How to edit With instagram cropping, Instagram allows you to crop your photos, but also adjust the vertically horizontally or rotate. This comes in handy if you took a nice picture but needs to be adjusted a little used rule of thirds symmetry, rule of odds and other photography elements to make your photo as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Brightness and contrast. The next feature of instagram is the brightness and contrast features. Brightness adds more intense light to your scene and contrast more of a difference in color and light in your scene. Photos that are appropriately bright and light and colors or contrast id enough do well on instagram saturation and warmth. The last key feature of instagram is saturation and warmth. Sometimes your photo needs a bit more color and saturation can add some. Just be careful not to go overboard with too much saturation can make your photos look very unnaturally colorful and not aesthetically pleasing. Warmth can help with subtle changes. If you like your photo to be more on the warm side colors like red, orange and yellow being more saturated or more on the cool side colors like blue and purple . Being more saturated forms is good for adding a bit more vibrancy photos, especially taking a natural white. Remember not to over edit your photos. Thes features should be enough, and other options may make your photos look over edited, if not used correctly. 4. 4 How to Caption and Theme Photos: Prada Caption and senior posts. CAPTIONING If you're managing a business or any sort of professional page, the best caption posts are nice and breathe with mentions to your business and sometimes the occasional emoji some people may like longer and more personal captions, while others may like to keep it brief, either is fine as long as the caption matches the mood of the picture. Examples for Food Blogger, you may add just prepared a yummy and healthy snack for movie night tonight. You can never go wrong with carrots and homemade homis for a pet longer Morning walks with our favorite little girl. She loves playing in the grass for a fashion blogger Saturday, son. Since instagram is a white themed app in sight, the best posts are often very light and bright to match the surrounding app color. Choosing colors that work well together is also very important. Colors that tend to look nice on instagram or pastel colors. Rainbow colors, seasonal colors like spring, which are pastel pinks, greens and yellows, summer bright blues, yellows, reds, fall oranges, blacks, browns and yellows and winter passed out blues whites and cool grace. Final message. Thank you for watching. I encourage you to take all the information you learned and apply it to your future projects. If you would like to see more photography, business and art related videos, be sure to follow me. So you're notified when I post new class. Take care and good luck on your artistic journeys.