A Guide To The Blockchain Ecosystem | PART 1 | Helping You To Understand The Blockchain

Ravinder Deol, Certified Bitcoin Professional

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4 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Your Guide To Understanding The Blockchain Ecosystem

    • 2. Why Should You Be Excited By The Blockchain?

    • 3. These Are The Industries The Blockchain Is Set To Disrupt

    • 4. At the Moment These Are The Blockchains That Exist


Project Description

Here’s a fun little assignment for you. I want to understand how much of what we went through you actually absorbed.

What I want you to do is describe the blockchain in a short paragraph. Imagine you’re going to be explaining what the blockchain is, and how it works to a friend who does not have a clue about what the Blockchain is. Imagine they’ve never ever head of the word before!

So that’s this assignment. Write a short paragraph, and please do share it, explaining what the blockchain is using your own terms. Feel free to use funny, and interesting terms to describe it. It does not have to be technical.

Remember, this is what you’d be saying to a friend to help them understand what the Blockchain actually is. Get creative as possible. I really look forward to seeing this!