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7 Videos (24m)
    • Intro

    • Materials

    • Pencil

    • Pen

    • Brush

    • Creating a Custom Kit

    • Wrap Up


About This Class

   In this class I will present a complete and concise guide to sketching while traveling. I'll introduce my materials and the little watercolor kit I've crafted. I'll share my love sketching on location versus snapping photos. You don't have to be an accomplished artist, you don't have to know how to draw a straight line. You just need to have the enthusiasm to want to learn something new. I will show you exactly how to get started and embark on a creative adventure that you can take with you everywhere you go!


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Enjoyed the class but can't open the materials file. Could you provide a .pdf. or .txt or .docx version? I would especially like to know which colors you have in your paintbox.
Very simple but quite nice class.





Cheryl Hughes

Artist, illustrator, teacher, & candlestick maker

Hi guys!

   I'm a Massachusetts artist with a love of drawing, painting, and illustrating. I work in many mediums and have many favorites. My painting adventures began when I was about 8. It was at that point that my mother signed my brother and myself up for oil painting classes at the local paint store. Not an art shop mind you, but the local paint and wallpaper store!  So off we went magazine clippings in hand as reference photos. My love for oil painting continues and you can find me out in the field plein air painting any chance I get.

     When I can't haul all my gear on my travels I enjoy putting pen to paper and recording my adventures in my travel sketchbooks. These quick little sketches are a great way to record your holidays. The special memories that are evoked when looking back at your sketches are priceless.  We all keep 100's of travel photos on our smart phones. But if you're like me they never get printed or even looked at very often. These sketches are little treasures that you can share with family and friends. I also find that when I'm sitting and sketching a favorite place, time stops and you get completely absorbed in your surroundings.  When you study a building or vista in such detail you create vivid memories as well as art.

    I've studied commercial and fine art and continue to learn new things everyday. My love of learning brought me to Skillshare and it has opened my eyes to so many new learning experiences. I'm pretty excited to be teaching you to embrace your creative side and share my techniques to get you started.

so cool to see people who describe themselves as "not being able to draw a straight line" create beautiful paintings. I hope you'll agree that there are already enough straight lines in the world. What we really need is more color and happy artists!

See you soon!