A Freelancer's Time Budget: Use Visual Mapping to Manage Your Most Precious Asset

Charity Yoro, Writer & Marketing Consultant

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8 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. About Me

    • 2. About This Class

    • 3. Description & Materials

    • 4. Adding Value to Your Time

    • 5. Identifying Activities

    • 6. Mapping Your Capacity

    • 7. Advice

    • 8. Final Thoughts


About This Class


There are two significant things I’ve learned while freelancing as a writer and digital marketing consultant. The first is how to prioritize my projects, and the second is how to manage my time. This also means managing my perception of time.

What most freelancers, especially creatives, don't realize is that time is just as much an asset as a physical paycheck. In my experience, I’ve learned that I need to budget time just as (if not more) carefully as I do my finances.

This class will utilize visual mapping to create a colorful, comprehensive weekly work plan.

This isn’t a conventional daily schedule or even a to-do list. It’s a chart that starts with your bandwidth (in hours) per week and allocates that resource (time) across the various projects you're working on - essentially “budgeting” your time (not unlike a financial budget) and creating a visual map of what you can/cannot commit to this week.

In this class, you'll create your own work plan based on these techniques, in order to visually map your capacities allowing you true freedom in your freelancing endeavors!