A Flying Dragon Whiteboard Animation In Videoscribe | Abdelwahab Achoub | Skillshare

A Flying Dragon Whiteboard Animation In Videoscribe

Abdelwahab Achoub, Designer / Web Developer / Video Editor

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4 Videos (11m)
    • Overview

    • Morph Flaying Dragon Part 1

    • Morph Flaying Dragon Part 2

    • Morph Flaying Dragon Part 3


About This Class


In This Course I'm trying to explain how you can start using videoscribe directly doing a small project.

I will be doing a Project Called "Flying Dragon", we will create three copies of our dragon character, then position the copies in three different places. One will be in the left corner mountain, the second will be in the middle of our scree, and the last one will be placed behind the right corner mountain.

Then i will make the dragon do two morph moves from the left to the corner, then from the corner to the right. It will have a smooth morph so it will like as it is flying.

I will be explaining all the steps while i'm doing the project, and i will provide the source files so you can follow a long with me. 

Hope that you find the helpful so you can understand what is Whiteboard is about, and how to use Videoscribe.

If you want to take an in-depth course you can check my course "VideoScribe V3 2018: Whiteboard Animation Zero to Mastery" .






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Abdelwahab Achoub

Designer / Web Developer / Video Editor

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