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A Complete Online Teaching Business Setup!

teacher avatar Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (54m)
    • 1. Enroll in a complete online teaching business setup

    • 2. YouTube is the biggest asset for my teaching business online

    • 3. Use your website making sales

    • 4. How I offer services with Patreon

    • 5. The complete marketing system I use to get new students daily

    • 6. Answers to common questions applying this system

    • 7. Project for a complete online teaching business setup

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About This Class

Enroll in this class to see the complete online teaching business setup I use to teach here and on my website at https://jerrybanfield.com.  In the class I suggest that my YouTube channel is my greatest asset for teaching online because that is where I build my audience.  Once the audience relationship is established, I am able to suggest to my audience places to go like my website or another website to sell products or services.

Enjoy seeing in the class the best simple tips I have learned with teaching online for years and get inspired to see how you can apply them today to your teaching business online!

Meet Your Teacher

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Jerry Banfield

Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes


You can become a MASTER OF DIGITAL MARKETING by following me on Skillshare and watching my classes each day!

BIO: 6 years sober, 4 years plant based diet, 7 years married, 4 years parenting, and 9 years as an entrepreneur online with 103 video classes on Skillshare, 21 books, 1082+ blog posts, 2,500+ YouTube videos, 1,000+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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1. Enroll in a complete online teaching business setup: welcome to the complete online teaching business. Set up course. I hope this will give you very quickly. Ah, complete way to set up your online business. If you're hoping to teach and make money by teaching either on skill share or selling courses on another website, I will show you from my experience what I'm doing right now to have a teaching business online first to qualify me to teach this course you might ask. Well, what experience do you have? You can see I'm teaching on skill share today have 43 classes. I'm teaching. I've got all these course on my website. I'm teaching. And then this is the amount of income my business is made in 2000 and 16 so far has tracked in my QuickBooks self employed which records all my in and out So you can see the expenses 90,000 and advertising. 139,000 contract labor and then smaller expenses here and then 246,000 and expenses. Net income. $239,000. I'm very grateful for each person each student who is enrolled who has created this income I haven't created this. This is something I've done in collaboration with hundreds of thousands of people around the world. I teach and I asked for help. Getting my business supported through selling the course is just like a record artist might sell their album. This is what I'm currently doing. I just started selling my courses on my website instead of 1/3 party website in June this year and you can see 42,000 and sales on my website this year, with therefore the majority of the sales coming on 1/3 party website. So the first suggestion I have partner up with ah website that already has traffic skill share is my partner. I'm doing this dance with and I encourage you to choose a partner like skill share or whatever one you think is best to fit your needs in order to make a complete teaching business online and role in this course now, to see the rest of my system that I use to teach courses online and to make a full time income just by being a teacher on 2. YouTube is the biggest asset for my teaching business online: thank you very much for enrolling in the course. I'm honored you're here and will attempt to present the basic ideas of this business system as fast as possible. When you have questions, please ask, and I then will be motivated to answer your questions with deeper looks into individual parts of this business model. I start with you today on YouTube. YouTube is the foundation off my teaching business online. YouTube is my biggest asset in terms of being a teacher online. Here, I'll put up the YouTube banner up on top here. This is my YouTube channel, and this is the foundation. If you want to teach online, I would say a YouTube channel is essential. If you would ask Jerry while, should I start out on skill share or teach somewhere else first? Or should I make a YouTube channel? Assuming you haven't done either? If you haven't done either, start with YouTube. Now, if you've got time and you can record really fast, you can try putting videos up on skill share, for example, or another website of your own and making courses without YouTube. It's very difficult to sell any course you make, so start with the YouTube channel and build a YouTube channel like it's the biggest asset you have. This is what I've done on my YouTube channel that's allowed me to get the results I just showed you before. So having a lot of YouTube views in and of itself is not worth anything. You see this League of Legends coaching video as got 500,000 views, and that's worth about $1000 in ad revenue. Now, if you look at these, though, these are. These are my new tutorial videos here, and these are my popular tutorial videos. This hacking video I put up a year ago is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales, with two million views. The ad revenue is only worth a few 1000 on it. Videos on YouTube are very effective for selling courses, therefore, a good teaching business online. In my opinion, based on my experience not applicable for everyone, necessarily ah, good teaching business and my experience is founded upon a YouTube channel. Why? Because there's tons of traffic on YouTube, you can see the views for yourself here. You seem better if I zoom in these air. My most popular videos. Ah, hacking course this one. Random League of Legends video with a coach that went viral on its own. Ah, complete Google AdWords tutorial and then Lennix tutorials over here and then Facebook. Advertising and marketing tutorials here and then one of the dating videos I paid toe have made and another one here on Fiverr. So you'll notice the most of my tutorial videos of the ones that are really popular. And if I show you back the results I've got tracked on QuickBooks from tracking my business bank accounts, income and expenses. The majority of this income all can be traced back to YouTube, because without YouTube, you don't make any of those initial course sales. So about these Facebook ads videos know best selling Facebook ads course without that best selling Facebook ads. Course. No collaboration on the hacking course without the hacking course. No money to fund the whole rest of the business system, expanding without this Google AdWords tutorial. No. 2030 40. I don't even remember 1000 sales. It was no A sales from the AdWords course with all kinds of follow up sales. You build your teaching business on YouTube and the number one thing. I have a lot of people who are already teaching online. Ah, lot of people. What do you mean? Like I out of my coaching clients, probably half of them are working on teaching online. And the main thing I tell almost every one of them take YouTube seriously. Many of them are already making thousands of dollars selling course, another websites, and they want to go the next level. And they have amazingly built their teaching business without even using YouTube or anything else to funnel people in. They just taught on the platform and got in a good spot. If you want to build, you really need YouTube. Here's why. Look at the traffic on my YouTube channel and traffic is a word for people coming to watch my videos. This in the last month 732,000 views on my YouTube channel. That is a lot of views on my YouTube channel. Replicating that kind of traffic anywhere outside of YouTube is very difficult. YouTube is the foundation of a great business system because you turn the 732,000 views into thousands of course sales by then, just mentioning the courses you have up recommending them. And then over time you continue to sell more and more courses and make more and more videos . I realize you don't start off getting 732,000 views. If you make tutorial videos on YouTube, you will get views right away, and every single view is valuable. If you get 100 or 1000 views on a video, there's no reason you can't make course sales out of those views and every single sale you have, it's really important. You don't need a bunch of people to make good income. You only need a few people that love your courses to make a great income teaching online, you just need ah, small group of people who love your courses, toe by course, after course, after course. And then that initial group, for example, on skill share. I've got plenty big enough following on skill share to make a full time income. Now I've made about $6000 so far on skill. Cheryl should hold my skill shared teacher stats here, and I have only essentially been putting courses from my website on skill share. Up until now, I've got plenty of students that I have enough students to essentially make a full time in . Come on, skill share indefinitely now. I hadn't been taking skill share that seriously over the last few months, so there's not much growth, and even so, skill share is sending good payments every month. This core group, then all these initial students attract Mawr and Mawr and Mawr students. So the more students I have, the more students come in. So those very first students are the most critical. If you don't get them, you aren't going likely go anywhere else. You need a core group of as low as 10 or 20 and maybe 50 or 100 or a few 1000 people who really love your teaching. And then those people will enroll in all the new courses you make. Collectively, they will take all your new courses, and that will give every new course you make a chance to rank high and get organic sales within wherever you're selling it, unless you're selling it just on your website, in which case it's harder to get the positive reinforcement. So what you get on YouTube is the chance to build that initial following of people who love your courses, you get a chance to start relationships with people and then to build deep relationships with people. Once you get toe work building relationships with people, then it's much easier to put the rest of a teaching business into practice. Once you have people that love what you do, it's much easier than to send them places to say, Look, if you love what I do, would you please like I'm doing? You see, right on the front of my website have all these course on my website that I've showed you the sales going up every month. And yet I've taken a leap of faith on skill share. I've went down here and I've asked people, Would you please go try skill share because I believe partnering with 1/3 party is very important. So I'm taking a leap of faith with skill. Share a leap of faith off of my website onto skill share. Although I'm still selling my course, I'm now actively asking people please go take my courses on skill share because then the more people go take my course on skill share. The more people are already on skill share will find my courses. Your YouTube channel gives you a place to build deep relationships. I want you build deep relationships. It's easy to ask people for the help you need if you need them to go buy a course on your website. If you need them to go by a skill share premium subscription, you're in the position to ask for it. And once you're in a position to ask for it, then it makes sense to get the thing set up that you want people to go ahead and go by. 3. Use your website making sales: Once you've got your YouTube channel set up, then you've got a place to send them. Once you have a website, I think a website is essential if you want to teach online, because when you've got your YouTube channel or you've got a website you teach online, you can send people both to your website from there. And once you get people on your website, it's much easier in terms of using tools like re marketing in terms of charging and offering services. It's easier once you've got your own website as a part of your business system toe, build a deeper relationship with each person who's learning with you. This is my website on jury banfield dot com, I assure you my link over here to jury banfield dot com slash resource is where you can see all of the things I'm using my teaching business, including video courses and hosting with skill share. And I also am still hosting my course on my website with teachable. They don't have a an affiliate program, so I'm also hoping to transition away from using teachable. But it is worth mentioning. I'm using teachable to host my courses right now. then I've got everything else that I use for my website. It's really hard to find a good Web host us reliable for a good price and the exact kind of hosting when I used. I used managed WordPress with the go Daddy managed WordPress hosting and I've got my Unfold WordPress theme. So I've got the exact hosting exact theme. I used to try and feel like I needed to do things different. I needed to find a different Webos from what my friends used use a different WordPress theme. Not anymore. If I find something that works, I literally give credit here to my friend. I changed themes after feeling independent picking my own. I picked the one he used. And guess what? I've got a lot of compliments on it because, hey, I liked his website on it. Why wouldn't I like mine on it? You can see I've got a newsletter sign up in here. This is one of the mistakes I made teaching online. I didn't take time to build an email list. I thought just using 1/3 party platform is a good way to do email marketing. Skill share does a really good job off doing email marketing for you. Still, though, you don't have any of the email addresses. So I think the nice thing on your website, this is a good little for my use mail chimp to build the email list. And I use hello bar to create this. All of which are listed on this page. I'm making this video with wire cast. I made most of my videos with Camped Asia. I accept Bitcoin payments with coin base. I've got mail chimp listed here. I've got the email listed here. I've got a podcast here. You see, I've got the whole system set up, including my QuickBooks link here. I show our graphic design. I've got it all listed on my website and that's what's nice about having your own website you can build. Resource is like this. I've built this page to be useful for you and to test out and see if it makes decent affiliate commissions. So far, with thousands of people have been coming on a website, me having spent hundreds of dollars advertising this resource, it seems it has been really useful for people. A lot of people have thanked me and said I looked at your page and I realized you used this and I bought that, too. I think I've gotten around a couple of $100 an affiliate commission, so it's not like an overnight big money maker anything. My primary purpose is to have it set up a Z useful resource for you to use. And that's what's Kwan, your website on your own website. You can also do things like this. I've got a one on one call calendar here that then you can use. And of course, this is on jury banfield dot com slash call so you can click on the one on one up here. To get to this, you'll notice you in schedule one on one call with me. It's inked up with my Google calendar, and I've got exact links to worry where I get this using acuity scheduling. So it's nice on your website because of your teaching on another website and on YouTube, you often will need a way to monetize greater than just making a course sale or ad revenue . One on one calls are one of the best ways to monetize. I'm very grateful for and online teacher who scheduled an online call with me just this morning because that's a great way for me to provide a lot of focused value to one specific person who needs it. And then it's a good way for the person who buys the call, tell my business survive and continue to grow. I showed you my income before. It's also relevant I have about this much debt as well. So if you get a lot of education going the university and things like that, it costs a lot of money. And if you're learning with me on skill share here, you have the chance to learn valuable skills for a lot less than I paid to find out that I needed to go learn them on my own after going to graduate school. So I hope this is useful for you and seeing another part of your business that one more thing I'll show on my website here is books. It's nice, then, if you decide after making online courses, I like listening and learning through audio books, so I'm now making audiobooks, so I've gotta books Page and I have all these books out as well, So if you want to do things in different formats. A website is really nice for that Now. Finally, I'll show you my course sales set up on my website. I use Woo Commerce, W O and then Commerce, and that is listed, of course, on the jury. Banfield dot com slash resource is Paige Wu. Commerce is nice. All you have to do is add to cart and then check out and it builds these pages directly into my WordPress install. Now the problem with Wu commerce it creates a double layer of accounts, which is really annoying. So if you go so you go on the Facebook Marketing and Advertising course, which is one of best sellers on the website, and you click. Add to cart and check out. You have to put all your information on on my website and then you have to go over here. So I click on the link. So what you do when you buy it on my website, you get a free coupon that this course, which is hosted on courses dot jerry banfield dot com because usually hosting your own courses, you need to do it on a separate domain. So then people have to create a second account on this and that creates a bunch of customer service annoyances because I can't directly sell the course through commerce. Long story short, it's much nicer to focus your sales through 1/3 party partner who handles all of the payments and delivering your business system Up until June this year, I used my website exclusively as a pass through to sell my courses. So all I did was send people from YouTube to my website, is an intermediary and then out to 1/3 party to sell courses there. I tried after the third party website I was using made a horrible pricing policy change. I started selling courses on my website alongside of using the third party. Then I got banned. So then I've just been selling course on my website up and having but not promoting them on skill share. Now I'm actively working as you can see here to promote my skill share courses on my website alongside of the others and then over time, I'm hoping to be able to just have a full time income teaching just on skill share and then putting videos up on YouTube as I continue then to use my YouTube channel to send people directly to skill share. In addition to my website, I think a website is a really important and powerful part of your business, though, especially if, for example, you try and teach on. Let's say you try and teach on skill share and you never get any traction there. But you're able sell courses for $300 on your website. It's nice to just build your website up and test it out to see what works the best for you . Maybe you can sell a few $300 course on your website and then make a regular income off of skill sharing other websites. Also, I'm not sure what will work for you in particular. I'm showing you what does work for me. I'm grateful this works good enough for me today to have a self sustaining business. The profits this year have made up for the losses in previous years. Starting a teaching business is best done to overtime. You don't want to try and borrow a whole bunch of money of possible. I bought a bunch of money cause I had already ran my business into the ground when I started trying to teach. So I bought a bunch of money and now have paid a lot of it off that I bought from my business. The idea is, if you can start your teaching business today and you have low expenses, in other words, you can afford to not make a whole bunch of money overnight. You can afford to just focus on creating great classes. You're in a perfect position. Make you two videos. Get the traffic, build your YouTube channel, get your website and 1/3 party teaching website, preferably or courses hosted on your own website and then using all those together. You've got a complete business system. You send people from YouTube dear Website, and then you can send them off anywhere else and essentially make your income on your website. Then you can use positive feedback between all of them to build all up. So once you've got, let's say on skill share. If I start building A and a significant audience just internally within skill share from people have never seen my videos. The more people watch my classes, the more will come to my website. The more will go to my YouTube channel and then all of it feeds itself. The more people find my website and links to it, I'll get more search results to my website, which should bring more people to YouTube and skill share. It all works together, So an ideal business system is well rounded. You've got your traffic source YouTube. You've got your home, your website, and then you have essentially a job you go to in the form of a website. You teach on a regular basis on like, skill share or yourself host your own courses. Thank you very much for watching this. And I hope this is useful for you. Oh, didn't click the mouse. 4. How I offer services with Patreon: what huge impact can you have on your online teaching business by also offering services and where's the best place to do them? I think patron dot com is the best place to make a service offering related to the teaching you dio you see, when you teach all these course on all these various subject that is a perfect set up toe. Also, get clients this way you can afford, even if your courses don't make enough to do a full time income. Your work serving clients combined with that can pretty easily do the job. If your classes help find people who want to be your clients, you might even be able to just have free classes or afford to make no money from your classes. And I'm just. A small number of clients can easily give you the chance to have a full time business online. So what is patron dot com? Patron dot com is a place where artists people like me making videos, podcasters, painters, rock stars, put up their pages and then ask for money on a monthly basis or on a per project basis. Now what I'm doing is I'm using this to offer services, and I'm offering additional perks and benefits as well. So on my patron page, you can see I'm very grateful. I'm getting 2000 month from Patron. When you combine that with my core sales, that gives me an outstanding teaching business online. And then what I'm able to do is offer up cells on that basic teaching value as well. And this was what I'm going to set up for you then in being able to make that massive offer to drive as many students as possible. So Patron makes this especially likely that you can run this whole system. And this way you offer. I've got two different tiers of rewards here. I have these basically a three different up cells so you can get all my classes and all of my videos and music. Basically anything I create, you can give me 10 or more dollars a month. Then you never have to sign up to pay money, like to skill share any third party website. You can just get all of my classes immediately for free with this reward. So if you are making new classes instead of having to sell your students over and over again. You could just offer something like $10 a month and then give them all of your courses for free. Then I've got a mastermind group on here that is $25 or more per month, and then that allows me to then have a group on Facebook of the most interested and excited of my students and then to collaborate with them to get things done online. And then I used my mastermind group to say, Look, if you're not a member of my mastermind group, I don't want to work with you. I don't want to collaborate with you. I don't want to talk about your business deal. I don't want to make a partnership for you unless you're willing to give that 25 or more a month to me and be in my mastermind, And that's where I do all of the activities I just mentioned. Then I have a partner level where I offer private label rights, so I've got three rewards here where I basically offer additional perks for giving me money . Every month. This gets in people in larger numbers, and then I've got thes high tier rewards for the very best services I offer. So I've simply changed this to hourly pricing because that's fully transparent. When you give you want an hour of my time, you can see exactly how much of it costs. And you know exactly what you're going to get in return. So I've got then the second tier of rewards is service. So I think Patron provides a great opportunity. And then if you have your course on 1/3 party website, you can actually do something like I can actually pitch skill, share on patron as my lowest level essentially and then have these higher rewards here. So the beauty of this is, then you've got social proof. You've got a way to raise how much you make. See, I'm charging $299 an hour right now because people have already paid me 149 174 on our 199 an hour, 224 an hour to 49 an hour and 2 70 for an hour. So I'm I continue raising how much I charge for my time based on how many people have paid the rate that was just a little bit lower than whatever I met. No, this gives me a scalable system where I can just charge a little bit more every time I get a client and then allow the clients to determine how much money I make per hour. And then I've got social proof. You see, when someone considers hiring me, they see there's already three other people who've hired me hourly, and that's reflected on my total balance then. So patrons really good for social proof. And I think you could set this at whatever you wanted. For example, if you just wanted a reward, say, $5 a month, you could adjust all these to match your exact situation so you could put it. If you wanted to start with some lower numbers, you could put $5 a month for all your courses or a dollar a month. Whatever you wanted, you could make a mastermind group for $10 a month if you wanted. You can have some other reward, a partner, reward or consultation reward, maybe for the next level, and then you could put your hourly service at whatever you wanted. $10 an hour or $50 an hour, 100 1000 and our whatever you want. So I think this basic system I'm using is customizable for a high impact combined with the teaching business. And that's why I'm using it. And then what I do. You see, I've got a link to my services. So then I have a services page on my website that gives a written idea of what I can do along with questions. And then I use Woo comma rece on my website to essentially offer the services on a one time basis. Now the beauty of Patriot is it is a monthly basis. So when people sign up on Patron, they've committed to giving me $2000 a month collectively, which is awesome. Now, sure, some people cancel some new people come in, but consistently, it's been going up a little bit every month. So I've got one time options on my website also because I realized some people I don't want to make a monthly commitment and that's fine. All I do is I raise the price 25% if you don't want to commit monthly. But if you want 25 hours of work, for example, and you don't want to commit to that every month. Then I've got those available on my website, along with discounts for signing up on patron. So I think when you combine offering services with proven experience that you've delivered through teaching, I think this is an incredibly effective way to build your teaching business online. And then the more clients you get, the bigger you are able to bring your patri on up, then that you can completely focus on teaching. And that's why I charge to 99 an hour right now because I don't need any more clients. If someone really wants to work with me and is willing to pay to 99 an hour, then I'm excited to work with them. But I don't need any more clients because I make a full time income just teaching online. So this gives me the best of both worlds. If anyone wants to hire me, I've got a system set up that I don't have to think about. You either work with my services system or I don't work with you. There's no middle ground, so I've got a system set up the people hire me and then if say, I do 25 hours of work for a client every month that makes an additional $6000 a month for me, then that is something I can pour back into my teaching business system I can use to pay down my debts. And I still have the majority of my time available every month to work on my teaching business. So I am very excited that even though I've been through losing my third party website account that devastated 95% of my income, I think for now that this business is to my have is even better than what I've had before because it's so flexible. It's so diverse. So I feel adding patron combined with teaching. Having everything on the website combined with using third party services is extremely powerful to thank you so much for experiencing this with me. This is a February 13th 2000 and 17 update to the original class that I hope is really helpful for you 5. The complete marketing system I use to get new students daily: what is the most essential part of this whole system? I think the most essential part to doing this whole system really well versus just being able to get a few students is making a ridiculously generous offer that the whole world can redeem. You can work hard to get this whole rest of the system set up, but you might find even with courses, even the selling them. Even with traffic, it may be hard to get anyone to buy your courses, especially initially. So my strategy has been and continues to be to make a really generous offer by simply giving away access to all my classes. Now I've experimented. I made more money at one point by turning off my free coupons, and yet there's no way you'd have gotten here with me if I hadn't first been really generous. And now I'm continuing to just give all my free classes, give all my paid classes away for free using free coupons. So what I'm showing you here is the current free coupon page I'm using, and I use something just like this when I was teaching on another website before, and the power of free is the power to get all the things that look good to the website. Your teaching on. Even if it's just a class yourself hosting with teachable or something like that, you can get engagement. You can get discussions. You can get reviews. If you said all those things up right, I think one of the best things to be able to do is use 1/3 party website to give out free coupons to your paid courses. And then all that traffic from the free students builds into being able to get more paying students. So what I'm doing, I'm on skill share now, and this is the main place I'm making my course available. So I've got a page jury banfield dot com slash free courses, which gives paid coupons toe all the courses I have available that you can enroll him. For some reason, there's two classes that skill shares not allowing additional enrollments in, and I emailed them to figure that out. So all the classes they're allowing a role mints in. I've got this free page up here, and then someone who say can't pay or won't pay because they're conditioned and it only costs 99 cents to get them all paid. So I've got the first. I have the offer up here to get 14,000 plus paid classes for 99 cents. Then I've got links to all of my classes. Now the beauty of this is that if someone clicks and takes my classes for free and then wants to take someone else's glasses and then they sign up, then I get a $10 referral bonus unless they go use someone else's link before that happens . So I've got a great chance here, and I'm getting referrals every day using this system. I think I've got two or three already just today, and I've got over 100 in the last month and 1/2 using this system. Because then, if people have not visited skill share before they sign up first Gil share premium I've given away Thousands of students have taken my classes for free, so just on sheer luck and numbers, there's at least maybe 1% of the people that are going to then want to convert toe a paid membership so they can take everyone else's classes as well. So I've got all my classes right out here with free coupons and I keep this list updated so that 11 free coupon expires or I don't put expirations. But if 1000 people redeem one that I have to switch him, put another new coupon on there. So I keep all these coupons up to date now to even make this thing sweeter. Then I've got a sales page down here to sign up for 99 cents. And then I explain that these sign ups and minutes help me make some money. So someone reads all this and doesn't click anything. Then I've got a sales pitch down here for it. But not just that. Members of my master's, an online business administration Facebook group. I've allowed them to put their coupons on this page also, so they have a chance to earn money and get more students on my page. Now you might think, Well, what if someone clicks your course and then clicks Joe's courses and signs up on Joe gets the bonus. I've found that generously giving usually works out better for everyone. So how's Jo going to feel if he starts getting a referral bonus every day from being on my website. He's going to feel really good about it. And Joe is a partner who's paying me money every month to collaborate with me and be a member of my Facebook group. So if I can make him money back, that's good for both of us. So the generosity in this free courses page is great for getting me enrollments and getting other people's My friend Michelle. He has his courses on here as well. Then I've got a Google. I've got an ads on here because I'm working really hard to send traffic to this page with paid ads. I might as well include Google ads on here and then as a former unit me instructor, I know how to get free coupons to many of the newest una me courses. So then I have them up here as well and then from there, the ability to set up affiliate links and even earned commissions on you know, me. So the amazing thing about this is that you can literally copy this entire system yourself . Now you can't offer free links to my classes. However, you could literally copy my own free links and put them on your website. I would get the affiliate commission, or you also could copy these exact free coupons I've got, because the code itself is finding you could change these into your own affiliate marketing in the same way. So I've got a page up that gives my best offer plus offers from other people where I'm working, get other people students in their courses. And then I pitch my podcast and my mastermind group at the same time on this page. And then there's even a contact form. If one of the links is broken or stopped working, or if someone wants to come along and say, Look, can I put my coupons on your page? Then I have the chance to explain. Yes. If you join my mastermind group, you can put your coupons on my page. So this one page, then I'm Then this is my landing page. Essentially, I don't do the squeeze page and try and get emails. This is my landing page, and I. This now is the top viewed page on my website, and I'll show you one of the great ways I'm getting traffic to it. So I've got this as a Facebook ad up here and you'll see this is pinned on my Facebook page now and then I'm running an ad to this page along with the direct Skill Share referral link in a video that explains all this, which has almost 100,000 views on it. And it has over 500,000 paid reach, 396 shares, 3000 interactions on it. So this is a beautiful way, then, for me to make my very best offer. And then if anyone takes any of my courses, even just for free, then I've got them essentially on an email marketing list. So whenever I make a new skill share, class, skill share will send them a premium enrollment link, which is a good point to then convert free people to paying students. And not only that, but then, if they convert to Premium, they use this offer. I have a chance to make $10 on every sign up. And then if they do good things like sign up in Joe Paris is courses. Then he makes money that way. He gets more minutes watch. He's grateful for our working relationship, and then he continues to think of ways than that. He adds more courses. He thinks of more ways we can work together. And then if someone clicks on, say this, adhere that they could can I could make some money. I'm making some money on AdSense that way and then on these links. These have then you to me affiliate links so that if someone goes on, you know me and then even though it's free course, if they buy a course within seven days, then there's opportunity to our an affiliate commissions that way. And then all I have to do throughout my entire business system is send as much traffic to this page as possible because this page then does email leads. That said, it does an introduction. It provides a huge, valuable offer that's worth sharing, which I'm grateful So many people see this is we're sharing it then also as affiliate commissions that has referrals it as lifetime customers built in with continuing the watch classes. And it has the opportunity to collaborate with others to make others money, get other students. It's a great system, so you can literally copy my free courses page adapted to your own format and put certain links inner out you even could share if you adapted my classes. Skill share gives you lings. While it requires a premium membership, you could basically say Look, I'm taking this class is only 99 cents to get this and all these other classes free so you could literally take all of my classes, all the classes from Joe Paris and anyone else you see on this page. You could adapt and manually go through and do the skill share links yourself. For example, I will go through our click on one of Michael's Michelle's links here. I'll show you how this works, while skill share is not loading right now, so it works better when skill share loads. But the point is when skill share offers an option for me to share a premium link where I would then get $10. However, I don't do that because then the coupons would not be available free. Then you'd have to sign up for premium membership. So I want people to sign up and get premium membership. So I'm grateful I did a similar system when I was teaching on you to me, and it worked really well to get my courses in competitive categories ranked at the very top because that tens of thousands of free students left good reviews. They posted discussions in the classes. They asked questions that help me make the videos better. They left bad reviews that helped me figure out how to make the best course in that category. So I think the whole foundation, the key to making this system work really well, is getting those students in there for free because it's so much easier to get people in for free than it is to get people to pay. You can get 10 or 100 times as many people with the same effort for free as you would get paid students and then all those free students. Some of them will turn into paying students, and some of them will attract other paying students just by having courses ranked higher or just by sharing your free offer or whatever it is that they do. They love your classes and they give word of mouth marketing to it. So thank you so much for experiencing this here with me. I hope this has been really helpful for you to get an idea of the most effective strategy you might be able to use to promote your classes 6. Answers to common questions applying this system: thank you very much for continuing in this course. One more quick lecture here to finish this off and answer some questions. I frequently get asked about various parts of this business system. I've shown you the big picture for all. Zoom in on a couple of little details here. The 1st 1 is in terms of what gets the most views, Jerry. Okay, I'm gonna make a YouTube channel. I'm going to grow it. What gets the most views? Long tutorial videos get the most views. So if you see this legal Legends Video went viral random gaming video, I've made 500 plus all their gaming videos or something. Hardly any things happened so that you could call this a flute. So let's move on from that. This is a nine hour hacking tutorial video. This singlehandedly has made several thousands of dollars of sales on my website. It sells about 50 plus hours of HD video courses, all in a course bundle. This is one of the single most successful formats I've found to make a good amount of money . At least one time purchases the problem with this approach. You don't get a lot of repeat buying and for ah, business. You'd rather have repeat buying than one time purchases most of the time because it's easy to build depth and larger amounts of money with repeat buying. Still, this video is bringing in thousands and sales, and it I hardly advertised it all. I've got my channel big enough now that it's got 100,000 views all on its own within just a month or so after its release. So really long in depth tutorial videos where the idea is you take someone who's a complete beginner who's just thinking about learning something, walk them through all the getting started steps and right when they're in the mess in the middle of it, and they really need help. Then you offer to sell, of course to them and provide direct help. And that is the model its most effective, because if people don't genuinely want toe, learn the subject, which most of them don't, though, abandon the video earlier on, and then what you've got, you've got a video that essentially does the funnel for you. By the end of the hacking video, I have mostly people that then are willing to buy a course and who are serious. After watching a 10 hour video, they're ready to take their learning to a deeper level. And this the same thing here. Four hour, 51 minute video. Same results. And then we'll just skip this legal legend. Sing Facebook ads tutorial here. This was a live hour long tutorial. Here's a Lennox tutorial, seven hours long, a zombie video legal legends, video hacking video. So I've done some of these gaming one. So that's a whole nother animal. And this the tutorial video. I never would have got the gaming one Viral, though, if I hadn't done enough tutorial videos to at least get the initial few 100 people watched the video who were watching my tutorial videos this AdWords video so you'll see a consistent theme there. And even these legal legends. Most of the League of Legends videos air 40 plus minutes long, good long videos worked really well on YouTube because once the viewer gets their laziness dictates, they have to stay there or take action toe leave. You want laziness toe work in your favor, so make long YouTube tutorial videos that give a free preview. I'm thinking for skill share because I'm doing a lot of short courses. What I'll do is do a compilation of the first or beginning videos off many of my courses. So then it'll pitch like all that I teach. It'll show all my updates for recent courses, and then from there they'll be links to enroll on each individual course. So if you make lots of skill share courses, I'm thinking and good bet like See, this is 28 minutes. I might be able to put the 1st 5 or 10 minutes of this in a video plus five or 10 from this . This this maybe five from that. 10 more minutes from this. A couple minutes from that. And I could put all those together into an hour or so long October updates video or something like that on my YouTube channel, which then as skill share links to all of these courses here. Then I not only get a referral bonus if someone signs up that way, but then I get more students which will help me get more students which will help me get more. Website visitors will sure help my YouTube channel build, and it just builds itself So that's one point with YouTube. That's the exact recipe I've found that works for YouTube now. The second question people keep asking consistently is, What should I teach? What should I teach? It's hard. You're an artist. You're like a songwriter trying to go do creative work and put it out for people. I teach whatever I feel moved to teach that day. So today I felt moved to teach this class because I had a coaching call talking about many of these same things. And I thought with all the questions the coaching client asked in the call. Then it would make sense for me to put a video up, essentially explaining these in a new course. So yesterday felt like making a How are making new skill share class daily video. The day before that, I did Bitcoin trading because there was no other Polonia X tutorial on skill share. If there's no other place it. So if I search for Polonia Exxon here up to the top, you'll see I now have the Onley Polonia X tutorial. Pony X is one of the biggest exchanges for trading Bitcoin online. Bitcoin is a crypto currency kind of like Wikipedia for money in the very simplest terms. So you've got Polonia X courses here. I now have the only one. So yesterday I was just motivated to do that and teach that the day before I did a quick video based on answering questions with a friend about how to edit fast. The day before, I felt like doing you two bads the day before. I felt like doing fast thumbnail design. The point of this is I trust my creativity. That day I don't mentally blocked myself and it's a okay, you're going to slave away and make these Facebook as tutorials and how to teach on skill share class into you make it big and then we make it big. You can be really crazy and get banned again like you did from that last website. The point is, I try and just trust whatever I feel is right today. This is what I felt was the right thing to teach. And often I get interested in things that I then end up teaching Later. For example, I'm really excited putting pau tunes and can va together to make an awesome presentation. So I will probably be teaching that pretty soon. What I hope you get out of this is a complete business system plus emphasis on the creative parts of the system. You are the most valuable part of the system. You got to take good care of yourself and just let your creativity out. Would you picture a painter just slaving away, making painting after painting after painting? Would you hope they'd paint something that they thought was beautiful each day and then display that that's essential, that I try and dio I try and make a beautiful course each day. Some days it doesn't come out very good. Other days it comes out 100% so you can see lots of these newer courses don't have any reviews on them. And many of them back down don't have any reviews on him because they're too long for people of finished lots of them and then some of the courses. Well, I guess it's just not showing any reviews on them right this moment, because there were reviews on them before. I don't know anywhere. Sometimes people like stuff, sometimes they don't. Sometimes the things I make are beautiful. Sometimes you might think they're ugly. I just try and show up every day because odds are the more days I show up, the more beautiful, helpful things I'll make. And I like living in a world full of beautiful and helpful things. So I appreciate you watching this, and I hope this is ah, fun class for you. 7. Project for a complete online teaching business setup: for the class project for this course. Would you please show me where you are building your community for the online business? You're hoping or currently doing teaching. To me, the community is the most critical part off building your online business system. Ultimately, all these tools I show you, if you want to zoom into the funnel point, all the courses, everything I've shown you gets down into this this to me is the ideal place for your courses to go. This is a complete realization of your business system. He might say, Well, what is this? This is a question posted by a student, a premium member who was then enrolled in my advanced S C O course on skill share. He's enrolled in this course, and he just asked a few hours ago a specific question. So he's given me everything I want. He's enrolled in the course, which triggers payment from skill share. My whole business system on his end is complete. He's now taking a leap of faith, taking his time to ask me for help. And now what I've done I posted below here the best help. I could come up with an experience that I've shared, which is very much similar to what I've shared with you in this course. So what I'm currently doing is trying to interact and build my community relationships on skill share. For better or worse, I've built my YouTube channel up a little too big. So skill shares a great way to kind of focus my community down. You see, there's 24,000 comments on my YouTube channel. That's 800 comments a day just to read over those would take several hours. I try and skim and looked through some of the comments, but you get my point. You want somewhere, ultimately, where you're really building relationships. So this is where I'm currently building relationships. I I'm answering as many questions I can today on skill share right now. So I would like for your class project. Would you show me where you're building relationships with your followers, your fans, your potential customers Right now, if you're starting out, it might be something like if you go look at one of these tutorial videos, then it might be in the YouTube comments down here, so you'll see. Then there's all these interactions down here on the YouTube comments. So it might be you could do a screen share of your YouTube comments. It might be on your website in forums. I don't know. I will go ahead and post a screen shop of where I'm in the middle of a course here. So there's there's my comments in the middle of skill share, so I will show. That's where I'm building my community, my relationships, because this is where you build loyal customers. There's lots of people who may buy courses from you or may and pay to enroll in your courses. But you build strong followings, and if you want to teach online, you ultimately need a following. You build your following, especially by responding in two when someone else asked for help so you can see I put my response up here. The problem with this is of course, the more you do, the more people ask you to do, and at some point you may not be able to handle it. So if you're looking for interaction with me, I hope this shows you where I'm most available right now, and I hope this course gives you a business system that's well rounded and has depth in it , along with the joy of simply getting to create what you want to thank you very much for watching this course here with me. Would you please, If you've enjoyed it, give me some feedback. Or even if you haven't enjoyed it, please tell me what you think I could do to make this the best course. Our future courses. The best course our class for you. Possible if you've enjoyed it. You recommending and reviewing this course is the best thing you can do to help me? Because when you do that, it will make it easier for other people to find it. And if you've enjoyed it, I would think you'd want other people to get the same benefit out of it, too. I appreciate you being here, and I hope you have a great day today.