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A Cage Called Job-Use The Income From Your Job To Start Your Own Business

teacher avatar Sherique Dill, Personal Growth and Development Trainer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (2h)
    • 1. Introduction: A Caged Called Job

    • 2. The desire for change, Who are Job Slaves

    • 3. Rising above the job mentality

    • 4. Concept of True Work

    • 5. Job Security

    • 6. Job Security Cont'd

    • 7. Make Your Job Status Temporary

    • 8. True Success

    • 9. Subconscious mind

    • 10. Plan B

    • 11. Build a family empire

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About This Class


This class promotes entrepreneurship and ownership.  It discusses the limitations and boundaries of jobs.  Jobs are good starting off points, however, you shouldn't want to stay at a job for the rest of your working life.  at some point, you should want to be in control of your own destiny.  Jobs don't allow you to use your God-given abilities, gifts, and talents.  Instead, jobs hire you to perform tasks and duties based on your skills, not your passion.  You will never get wealthy on a job.  Jobs are designed for you to be 'Just Over Broke'.

In his class you will learn:

  • How to rise above the job mentality
  • True Success
  • Job Slaves
  • Why jobs are cages
  • How to build a family empire
  • The importance of having a Plan B
  • and more

After taking this course:

  • Your confidence will increase
  • You will be inspired to build your Family Empire
  • You won't see your job as financial saviors
  • You will have financial awareness
  • You will be able to start your own business

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sherique Dill

Personal Growth and Development Trainer


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1. Introduction: A Caged Called Job: Hello. Thanks for checking out my own nine class A cage called Job. How to Use the Income From Ya Job to Build Your Empire. Welcome, Welcome. Welcome. Of course, this is a life changing class. It is a class that promotes ownership on entrepreneurship. As you know, jobs are good starting off points to learn skills and abilities. Jobs are also a good source of income. However, at some point you should want to take control of your own destiny. If you have the desire to be relative or rich a job not do this for you jobs and limit your lifestyle because you can only enjoy life based on what your employer decides to pay you many times. Jobs don't allow you to use your God given abilities. Gifts on comments. Have you ever walked into a business and meet a frustrated are irritated employees? I know I have, and I often wondered, Why are they so angry? Yeah, has what? I concluded. Many people break up in the morning on dread, having to go to work because their jobs don't fulfill them. Something is missing in their lives. They really want to do other things with their time, but they stay on the job because of the salary. And of course, many people choose jobs just because they need an income. Really. You will find people that chose jobs based on the gifts and their abilities and talents. And of course, if you do this, then you will find our meet the angry and frustrated employees because they're not doing what they love. So what you will learn in this class today how jobs are cages? I will discuss why I call a job a cage, how to rise above the job mentality. You will also learn how to make your job status temporary, of course. Okay, on you will see why I say that you need toe have your jobs. That is his temporary because too many people are making up their beds on their jobs and you should want more out of life. You will also learn how to build a family empire. How to have a Plan B. The difference between job on work. Many people don't know that going to your job is different than going to your work. And of course, we will discuss that here in this grass. You will also learn what is your true work on what is true success, because many people don't calculate the level of their success properly on. So we'll go into details in this class to show you how you can calculate true success. And it has nothing to do with materialism. Many corporate goals are like plantations. The only difference is that you're being paired toe work on the plantation. You're either or low paid or ah, high peed sleeves. I may look at it. How similar is Ah, is it the corporate world from the plantation, right? How similar is it's very similar. Okay? And of course, many people have so much depth. That's why they really attracted the jobs, because they have these big college steps and the parents but themselves and so much depths for the Children that they just can't get around it. And so many people do need their jobs in order to pay off their big loans on the depth you must also know on you will learn in this class that time is your greatest asset. If you don't have control of your time, you're not really free. If you have to go on someone's job, to survive. That's not freedom. After taking this course, you will no longer CEO employer as your financial savior. You will choose jobs that are in alignment vigil goals. You will have more confidence toe work on your own goals. You will know the difference between working on laboring. You can start working to build your own empire with your family After taking this course. That means you can start on opening up your own business, a part time business off. Something like that. You will be able to do it because you'll be inspired and motivated. After taking this class, you will have personal financial. Orban it's on. You will be able to plan your life bearer. And so we get to the part that is all about me. Of course I am yours truly. She read ill your instructor for this course. I hail from the beautiful country of the Bahamas. Yes, the sun sand dancing. I am a writer. I am a published author. I'm a coach on class instructor. I am a strategic leader on I teach from my experiences. Helping people to succeed grow on develop is my mission in life. I have a course called how to set goals and achieve them right here on this platform. So if you need some strategies on how to accomplish your goals in life, please go ahead on Chek Out this cause Okay, so I hope to see you on the inside of this class. Don't forget to have your note part. Your audio speakers are not building this to come out of the box on try new things because I know this title is is really alerting right by with I call a job a cage because I know many of you love your jobs and so you might be in opposition A so by a job is a cage. But I want you to comment of Billy Nous on an open mind so that you can really understand where I am coming from. I promise you that you will grow undeveloped after taking this course. You are no longer see a job as the same on Please share your review of this class on. I hope it's a five star on share your experiences here to let others know what you have learned. So once again, thank you for checking on this course. I hope you come in inside and after taking this class, I hope to see you at the top 2. The desire for change, Who are Job Slaves: Hello. Once again, welcome to my amazing cause. Ah, Cage called job how to use the income from your job to build your empire. So let's get into this amazing course you are in for a treat. So the first step that we want to discuss is the desire for change. Change is crucial on so the points we want to discuss with desire for change is awareness. Good angle, not satisfied or complacent on. So if you want or desire change, you must be aware of your situation or your problem. You cannot change something that you don't know exists. And then there's something called good angle because you have good anger on bad anger. Good angle is the emotion that you get to promote a good change in your life that's being upset with the way that your life is going. You know that you can do better. You know that there are things great on this planet for you to do, but you can't seem toe pull yourself total. Get through the's times. You feel as if something is missing in your life. You know that you can do some meaningful things, and so you're just for shaded or you You're just angry about the level of success that you are achieving in your life. That is called good angle because it is good You are angry But you are not angry to the fact that you want to hurt someone or you want to do something that is detrimental to you know you are angry and this good anger promotes change or promotes of sensation on a feeling the cost you toe want more on to do better. So it is your driving force. It is the passion that burns within you. Okay, on so not satisfied or complacent You need this in order to make a change in your life Because if you are satisfied, are you complacent with a level off success that you are getting in their life? You You will not move towards a place where you will get what you want or what you desire Because you are comfortable, uncomfortable ity is an enemy to success. You must not be comfortable. You must not be satisfied or complacent if you unlawful fills on. If you are not happy now keep in mind This does not mean that you are not grateful and thankful for the things that God has blessed you with or for life or grateful for your family and grateful for where you are and everything and not meaning that you should not be happy, because you should be happy regardless, because life is too short. But you must not get comfortable or satisfied or complacent, which are life. If you know that you can do better on, you know that there are greater things for you to do on this plan on. So we want to get into a job. Sleeps who are jobs leaves job sleeves, are complacent with the lifestyle, their jobs or for them they don't invest told, maximize their time, missed the bigger picture. Don't believe in unity, are ignorant of true purpose. And they create more jobs, sleeps their Children. Of course, these are the parents that say to their Children that is good to get a job or they never promote entrepreneurship in their Children's lives. They create the same exact mindsets that life is all about. Getting a good education and then finding a job and just paying bills. This is what George Sleeve does. They do not paint a bigger picture to their Children or allow them to see greater opportunities in life they just produced themselves on. Of course, you don't want to reproduce yourself. You want to reproduce something that is greater than yourself, because that is progression until keep reproducing. The same thing is going backwards or is not becoming better. So we want our Children to be greater than us. But jobs these, they teach their Children the same exact thing. If you know that your job is not working for you, or you know that the best thing is not really to get a job on, stay on a job for the rest of your working life. But to start there and then create something greater, which is your own empire. Why are you teaching your child or your Children to just settle for a job on? So this is what job slaves do. They are also against mentoring. This means that they've hard information. They would be great at something on instead of passing on their knowledge and experience to the younger generation, because they see the younger generation as they trekked. They are against mentoring. They don't want to teach anybody anything because They believe that that person is there to replace them. So they become selfish. It's all about them and not about the organization on, Not about how they can help. Remember, it is our duty to help. It is not our duty. Tow. Learn something and keep it. But in ourselves. No, it is our duty to learn something on. Then pass it on. Also job sleaze See their employers as their masters. This is what the term boss means on Of course. Inside of the book of Cage called Job that you can find on Amazon. You will see the explanation. I go into great detail about this because that that word the term boss, has some deep meanings. Okay, it means Master, when you say your boss when you call your employee your boss or your supervisor your boss, you are giving them authority over you. You are saying that they are young master. That's what the word means. Okay, You have the cedars in a spiritual light on, so they see them as their saviors. They see them as their superior on C themselves as their inferior to their boss. And so you have to be careful with this term. Okay? When you work in an organization, the person is your supervisor or your work leader. They are not your boss or your master. They do not have the authority or the power to direct your and I want to leave you with this beautiful quote. It says leader leads you to freedom. Bosses on masses take you back to slavery. 3. Rising above the job mentality: welcome to rising above the job mentality on. Of course, this section or this lesson deals with things that you can do to improve your mentality when it comes to your job rising above just wanting a job on seeing a job as your financial savior on. So first on, my this is work harder on yourself than you do at your job. There are people that work overtime when it comes to their job. When it comes to their duties and their Simon's on their responsibilities in the workplace , they go all out 9 to 5 or 84. This is a long time to be on a job, and you give it your but what are you doing when it comes to your own visions on your own goals, on things that you want to do? What are you doing? How many time? How much time out of the day do you use for yourself? Can you say that you have one or two hours a day designated for your own dreams and your own goals? Or are you giving your time completely to your job? And so you see working? Um, from 9 to 5 or 84. And when you come home, you consider yourself off on. So at five pm, you're off and then you get home on what do you do? You watch the television. Are you going? Social media? Or maybe you go in the telephone and conversation with your friends and your family, and then you go to sleep at night. Probably take care of the kids. If you have any cook dinner, then you go to sleep at night and then you wake up the next morning and you repeat the same cycle every day. But what are you doing to show love to yourself? Don't you see yourself greater than that? I think with me. Walk with me now on this journey. If you can give your time so much to your job, you don't think your own vision, your own goals and the things that you want to do. Your mission in life is important. You don't think that you see you should designate some of your time towards your own desires. I think you should, and I think that you are worthy of it. Stop baby sitting. Other people's dreams on create your own because that's what most people are doing on a job , baby sitting, somebody else dream and goals but never becoming a parent off their own dreams and their own visions and desires and things that they see themselves doing or being. And so you must rise above this job mentality. You must rise above it. And so here we discuss why a job is a cage, and this is something that most people want to know because when they had a title of my book, Ah, Cage called Job. They want to know. Why is this lady classifying a job as a cage? Why is a job a cage? And so they want to know why I would classify a job or define a job or make it similar to a cage. And so this is what I see. Ah, job is a cage because it limits you from achieving your high level of potential. It was tricks. Your lifestyle controls your most valuable asset, which is time. See, when you have a job, you are trading your time for money, and I can tell you that it's a bite trade. It is a very Badr eight because money cannot buy time, and so If money cannot buy time, then you shouldn't trade time for money. And so another reason why a job is a cage is because it makes you lazy and reliable on other people. Instead of creating your own welts, you will never be rich. All belt e working on someone else's job. You can never pass it on to your Children doesn't create passive flow. Passive cash flow, that is, It puts you in a rock race because everybody's doing it. Everybody, you know, you see in the morning everybody's trying to get to work. It's a rat race, you know, with the traffic under rage and puts you in that rock race in the morning. Okay, it's not reliable. Other people have the ability to fire you. You can break up and go to your job, and someone can call you in and say, Here you're fired and just shut off your income just like that, you don't have a choice or what can you do? What can you say? You are at the mercy of other people. It doesn't allow you to use your God given gifts, skills on abilities, jobs paying to do a task not to do what you are good at, okay. And we know this because when me apply for a job, you know, we want to talk about our skills. We want to make sure that our skills much but the employees looking for so they don't care about your gifts in your talents and what you are good at. And what is your life purpose in your mission? No, they just want to fill a vacancy and their organization. And so it has nothing to do which it gets in your talents. Some jobs isn't conducive to growth and development because it's a routine. You do the same things every day. And so what does this mean? This means that how can you grow and develop if you are doing the same thing every day? In order to grow, you must expose yourself to new tanks, new abilities, new skills and on the only they did do that, is it do different things, but the job in on a job most of them now. There are some jobs that allow you to Brooke and different apartments, and so you can grow in your experience and your knowledge they allow you to do that some jobs are very flexible, but most of them they keep you in one position. If that's what you indeed it on, that's where you are. And you find yourself doing the same things every day. You know it's a routine. It's recurrent. So it's, it's It's not really a conducive environment for growth and development. Now I discuss in the book a case called Job. The difference between self employment worse is in drop in our ship. You see with self employment, you employ yourself. You are the business, but self employment. You still don't control your time. With self employment, you can become burned out on exhausted with self employment. If you don't work, you don't get paid, but self employment, you have no leverage. It is very risky because it provides little guarantee with self employment, your only relying on your skills on your abilities. We don't interpret nausea. You have a structural system. You are not the business on. If you're not there, the business can operate without you. With entrepreneurship, you can make much more money because you can serve much more people, which a stop. You have complete control of your time and can do what you love. Entrepreneurs don't work hard for money. Money work hard for them. Entrepreneurs contribute greatly to the community. They're philanthropists, intra prin. Our ships benefits from various gills on abilities because of diverse staff. And so I included this into the book because many persons that have a small business they would classify themselves as an entrepreneur. But really, if you are a small business that we're lie on you without a staff and without a structure or system, you're really not an entrepreneur. You're you're self employed person on. So I want people to understand that the place where we wanna go is intra preneurs ship. Maybe have a system, and that's where the belt is. And that's how you can build generation. Orwell's on. Be free to do the things that you love because your time is re and you don't have to be stucked in your business. You have a staff to run a so that is a difference between being self employed on being on intra opinion. It is very vital on keep s o. B born to get in the position. And keep in mind that it's a step, you know um you start off with your self employment because it is a good place to start to get your feet wet, but business and everything like that. But you don't want to stay there. You don't want to be burned out because really and truly, when you are self employed, you still have a job. The only difference is you are the CEO or you, Ah, the person in charge. But in actuality, you're still working or you're still at a job. But you are just working for yourself. That's the only difference on it comes with more responsibility on as a matter of fact, it eats up more of your time. Okay? And so we want to get to a point where we're free when it comes the time and we can still do. Things have been love, and we can still complete our purpose in life in our mission, because we have a system in place that books whether we are there are no and so here I want to talk about a job versus work. Oh, and I so love this topic because many people don't understand the difference between their job on their work. They see them a synonymous on. They are not. They are not the scene. Okay, when you think of a job connected to your skills on your label, when you think of work, connect. It's too. Using your gifts to complete your life's purpose. Your work is something you have deep passion and love for their as your job doesn't fulfill you and your only there for a paycheck. You're interested in your work because it connects you, which a spirit you're just killing time on your job. You don't love your tasks and duties because it's boring to you with work. The money doesn't matter which a job. You won't be there if there was in pain. And so that is the different difference between job on work. Okay, we must know, because your work has to do which our lives purpose on your mission. It has nothing to do with the trading of time for money. There are many people that hate their jobs. They hate their jobs. They don't want to goto job. They don't want to go to their job. The Count Grateful vacation. They can't wait to retire. They just a measurable on their jobs. But that is not what your workers your work has to do with your passion. Your work has to do but things that you love. And you can never, ever retire from your book because it is the essence of being and is the essence on beauty off life. It is the foundation off happiness foundation of living, a meaningful on a fulfilled life. That is the difference between just being on a job because you want a paycheck on having a work or living in your passion on something that you was created to do. And so here are some things I wanna say about Look, my work. Okay? I feel divinely high when I'm working in my gifted area. Like what I'm doing now here on this platform, teaching you on talking to you, educating people, coaching people, mentoring people, inspiring people to be better to grow into develop. This is my gifted area, definitely also in the area off finance. My work gives me a sense of peace. I value my work. I'm always interested in growth and development. When it comes to my work, My self esteem is highly boosted. I feel really good about myself when I see the things that I do. Effort, necessity. I'm like an addict. I'm addicted to my work. It brings me great joy on fulfillment when I can share my gifts with others. And so that is how working makes you feel not working in the corporate world but working in your gifted area. It is a difference how I feel about a job at a job. I feel like I'm working far below my potential. I feel ordinary when I'm there. I have to consistently motivate myself. I'm more in cloud one than on cloud nine. My job is a routine or recurrent experience, but when I'm working, I can expect the unexpected. I feel trapped in a cage on a job. It doesn't post my self confidence. A job can be very degrading because, really and truly, you get to say what you want to say, and how you feel is not about you. It is about your employer or your supervisor. You must stay in line. Actually, job They didn't hire you to tell them. Would you think? No, you must stay in lying and you must do what you are being paid to do. And so your contribution most of the time on how you feel if you feel untreated or you feel as if you're not being appreciated, you know all of these things. You're not able to discuss them because no one wants to hear what you have to say. And so it can be very degrading on then at a job. I'm not in control of my life financially or time wise. Okay, My lifestyle can only be LTD based on what my employer is paying me, and so there's a ceiling on my lifestyle. There's a ceiling on my quality and standard of life based on what somebody else thinks that I am work and then I am not in control of my time. They get to tell me what I should take my vacation. They get to tell me when I should spend time with my Children. And so I am not in control of my life. I am not in control of my destiny. This is the reality off some jobs Now. Some people would say, Hey, they love their jobs. They don't experience these things on a job. They are high, highly paid on their jobs, and so they don't know what I'm talking about. But of course, in the book I go into detail about that because, yes, you might love your job. But you know, in reality, you're just a high paid slave because you do not have control of your life. You still work for somebody else. If you were to die and drop down, are you able to pass that on to your Children? No. Okay, so you are not in control on. So it is not a boat money. It's about doing the things that you were put on this planet on earth to do. That's what it is about on. So, yes, you might be getting a nice paid salary, but we're talking about generation of welt. We're talking about freedom. And if you work for someone, you're definitely not free. And then, of course you know is void. And then you're not committed to it. You're not committed to it because you don't really want to do it. You know, you're just there because of the money because of the consistent salary. And so it becomes boring. There's nothing that ignites you on it on most of these jobs. I'm telling you, most of most people can say this about their jobs. We will pick this up in the next lesson. 4. Concept of True Work: concept off true work. And so in this lesson we want to speak about true work on true work on Like a Job means to trade your gifts in exchange for fulfillment. Happiness, joy, True belt on True Success This is the meaning of true work. See, success is complex. You can be successful and purchasing your new whom or you can be successful bit buying the car that you want it all accomplishing a goal that you set but true success. Life successor Overall success has to do with fulfilling your mission in life or being in alignment with your true mission. This is true success. Your work is your god given abilities that are predetermined for problems that exists on dessert. In other words, you were deliberately created for Pacific problem on. The result is predetermined If you follow your divine purpose. Most people don't comprehend what it means to work. We off to confuse our work with our job. Therefore, we see working as a curse. We see it as something that is wrong. We believe that we always have to spend it all work hard, extra hard just to eat bread. This is what we've been taught about work. Your work is more than surviving financially. Working is a blessing to those who have truly entered. Uh, who off Understood who off being ableto understand the true essence of what working is you actually work is a mission. Like I said, it fulfills you and for Phil's uses a point where you will work without receiving money. You just want to do it. You just you just it just so much so magnifying is something that keeps pulling you towards it. This is how you know that you, oh, someone else is operating and true on So retirement fund. Our retirement fund is money. Put aside or say, for when you retire from your job, it should sustain you for the rest of your remaining days. It is often referred to as a pension. Some people die from stress, frustration, disappointments without seeing or receiving the benefits of their job. Can you imagine working on a job for 30 years? Haven't a walk away with nothing because some jobs don't even awful a pension plan or anything. So the only thing that you are getting from this job is a salary every week or every month but no benefits. Could you imagine that these are the risk of a job? This is why when you have a job, you must have money management skills. You must not depend on the money from a job to Sistine your retirement. This is why I, like I said, you have to put in your own time into your own vision and skills. You cannot take your time and just place it into a job and place it into other people's vision and passion on you're not doing anything. Teoh. Make sure that when you become old door a Jew a secured you must have a plan you must have a plan on. If you do not know how to write up online, I have a cost right here in this platform is called 14 steps to writing a financial pattern . Also, I also have a cause called how to set goals. Unachieved them on so you can find out. Just search for my name should be dill. You confined. Those costs is there are no excuse for you not having a plan for where you want to go and what you want to do with your life. I am here on, I will show you how to do it. So don't rely on these retirement funds because they can collapse and leave you without a dollar. And so you cannot quit your to work. Are the reason why I say this is because often you hear people who are employed talking about quitting. They just want a quick pick would quit their jobs. You cannot quit your work. I can. You can create your job because your passion won't allow you to quit when you are truly working. Retirement doesn't even exist. Young mindset is that working has no end, so there's no such thing as retirement. When you are working, when you are truly working, there's no such thing as retirement. You know when you retire, you retire when you die. When you close your eyes and you say goodbye to this world, that is when you retire, then you are working. No one can fire you from your work. This is extremely important on this is the most beautiful thing about being in control of your own destiny because no one can fire you from your work. When the most high send you on this Earth yard work was already pretty stein for you on. There's no one that can stop you from doing it. The only person that exists on this planet that can stop you from Coleman after your work or complete in your worker to when your world is you. There is no other being on this planet that can stop you. But you know one can fire you from your work. The most dreadful thing when you're employed is the thought of being fired or let go when you control your own destiny, no one can cripple you by taking away your income when they choose to. Many employees live day after day in fear of losing their jobs. It is refreshing to wake up every day without a fe of your job because you are your own master. Now, this is important because especially at a time like this and right now I'm recording this class for you during this pandemic. The cove in 19 on. So my heart bled for so many people because they were crying about how they were fired from their jobs and they did not even see this pandemic coming. No one really saw that this pandemic would have bean what it is. It would of course, all this collapse in the financial industry in on the world systems were disc elapsed on. So many people are suffering because they really, you know, love their jobs and nice salary payments and, you know, big positions. I'm in a moment in a twinkling of an eye. They were fired. Some people didn't even plan for it. Some people don't even have enough salary or funds in the buying to support them for a big three months. This is another thing that I would have discussed in my costs. 14 steps to running a financial plan. You must have a new emergency fund, especially if you are working. Because if you are working, your destiny is not in your hands on when I say working. I'm referring now to your job. How should I say laboring? If you are laboring, you are not in control of your destiny. You can be fired in a twinkling of an eye. And so this is one of the beautiful things I love about true work. Then you expire. Your work can be passed on so that it can be kept alive. This is the reason for your existence to transfer what you have been exposed to while you are here on this hurt to the next generation. You cannot pass on your job to your family, to your Children and to your spouse. Jobs do not belong to you on the on non transferrable, but you can pass on your work. If you have a business that you were billed, you can leave that for your Children generation. Oh, belts. And so this is the mindset that you must work towards. And like I said, nothing works over Natal. Nothing happens overnight when you are from desire and change and you're going something greater. It takes time is not gonna happen overnight. Everything is seasonal. There's a season for everything. But you have to start somewhere. Some people have never started. Like I say, Could you imagine working for 40 years or 30 work? Yes, and you have nothing to come for after those hard years of labor is extremely, extremely unthinkable. Unimaginable, Bemis, Change that. I mean, must do things different and think family instead of personal. Too many people are thinking about their own personal goals and personal desires and they're not even thinking about their family and even family legacies. This is the mindset. Must think about your family. Okay, on. Definitely. When you have ah, business. When you were doing things, you operating a gifted area. These are things are evidences that you can leave on this planet for your loved ones to finish. If they have the desire, as you or they want to ambitiously carry on your legacy, they can. But they could never carry on your job because they can't work at your job because you worked there because the job did not belong to you. It does not belong to you. And you have no right to it. Okay, on. So in the next lesson, I want to speak about job security. So stay with me. It gets better on better next section. We speak about job security. 5. Job Security: Okay, so this lesson is about job security. This is a major factor for many people because people are afraid toe leave their jobs because they love what security means to them. They feel secured. They feel safe. They don't feel as if there is any risk on most of all, consistency. It offers consistence consistency when it comes to with income. Job security is an enemy to purpose on financial freedom. It will cost you to live. A mediocre life is a strong hole. Causes set box on unreleased potentials, Have to do it. Fail is connected toe irresponsibility, jobs a coup is be is what employees used to manage risk. Okay, because if you have a secure job, then you know you're Rhys isn't too high, You know you have a There's a level there as to how far your risk is. And so people use job security, toe monitored, amorous. And of course, everything in life is about managing risk job security that causes job sleeves to see their employers as their financial savers because they are our loved, the job security. They love that consistency on what it hunts, but it offers them what it means to them on. So definitely if you have a good, secure job, you see that job is your financial savior. And so I this is I just wanted to put this year the best bet is to bet on yourself because we bet on so many other things in life. But be don't bet on ourselves. We don't have any confidence in ourselves be, you know, so fearful. And I am speaking from experience. So I am. I know what I'm saying. This book is a personal experience. It is how I feel about a job on it captures how many people feel about their jobs because I listen on, I go into stores, I'm gonna go into these stores and I inte rac with employees. There's so mild and so frustrated and you know, the tone of voice and you could just see the agitation on their faces on. I said to myself, What is it? Why are people angry when they are at the jobs on All of this is would cost me to really put this into two manifestation, because I myself felt as if a job was a cage on. I see it, but so many other people is manifested all over the world. People are just going on these jobs because they want the the paycheck and the consistency . But it's really the root of it is really fair. It really is. So I want to pick up this job security in the next step and hair. Give me a second as I pulled up job security pat to, uh Okay, here we go. I don't think that's what I'm looking for. Job security, part two. Okay, Mescal. So this is very important. I hade toe included this because so many people, so many people are staying on their jobs because they they feel so secure and safe. But job, but having a job Is this more risky than you could ever even think I'm like? Because if someone could just turn off your income just by saying you're fired, how secures that, Okay, is your job security? Some people feel so secured and a shored off their job. They have so much trust and certainty in it that when reality happens, which is the loss of a job getting fired, they don't know how to manage these changes. And they become deeply depressed. No, matter how sick are things may seem to be nothing is certain. Life itself is not sure. It is not sure. Not even a job can guarantee that you would be secured and safe on here is a beautiful picture I have of me right here onto the side with my three books. Of course, you can see the book right there. Okay, It's called Job. On the other two books that I have written. Make sure go and check it out so that you can get the full detail off this courts that I'm bringing here today on. So employment is risking Having a job is risky because Unemploy Ercan, turn off all of your income by saying you're fired. Think about it. What do you do when you had those two words? You have Children whom you have a wife at home. How do you go home and tell your husband? Honey, I was fired. Oh, how do you survive? If your husband's salary is not enough and you have three Children at home that needs to be fed, What do you do? Another reason why employment is risky is because you cannot determine your income on it. gives you no leverage. You should be making daily bread on making money in your sleep. This is what daily bread means you need multiple streams of income. Never depend on one job to take care off you. So even if you have a job that you love, that shouldn't be the only thing that exists in your life that brings money to you. Certainly of your young. If you are young, you should be doing all kind of thing. You should have all kind of various ways of streams of income to take care of you. So in case your employer says to you one day Hey, you're fired. We don't need you anymore. You conveying cure and say thank you, boss, or thank you, Supervisor or leader. Because, hey, we don't want to call them boss because they are not our masters. So we'll say thank you, Supervisor or a leader. But I, um I'll be okay, because I have other money coming in, so But I appreciate your job, okay? You wouldn't go home crying and frustrating and press because they fired you. But you have a plant, right? This is what we need when your job is your only income. You become powerless. You have no power. No employer should have that type of control over you where they could cut your income off by saying you're fired. Of course I have this beautiful tippy at says employees are sophisticated or professional Gamble ISS. Yeah, basically, it's no difference between going to continue on gavel in, You know, the only difference is you're a professional or a sophisticated gambler just to win. And you just gambling In the corporate world, you're not truly educated just because you have a paper from an institution. True education is being in tune with yourself on being away of your skills, your abilities, gifts on talents. This is creative intelligence. Don't drill the word job into your Children. We will pick this up in the next section. 6. Job Security Cont'd: So we're continuing job security. Don't drill the word job into your Children on. Of course, we always hear this famous quote, right. Harry goes, go to school, get a good education so that you can what? Find a good job on So But this this is not the best advice that you want to give to your Children. Of course, you want him to go to school and you want them to get a good education. But why can't they get a good education so that they they can start their own business, are being control of their own destiny? Until we are forcing our Children most times toe do things that they don't really want to do or do things just so they can find a job. And it has nothing to do with their true reason for existence and has nothing to do what, their gifts in their talents and their God billing it, God given abilities. But we're just forcing them to be things in the two gettinto jobs because, you know, they can get a good salary from that job. But really, are they passionate about what they're doing while be focusing on working for other people as opposed to building our own empire on becoming our own masters. It starts with our Children. We, as parents who know better, must Treen are Children. Banner. See if you were taught to go to school, get a good education so that you can find a good job if that's what Julia taught. But now you know that that is not the best advice. You have to turn that around now for your Children on. Teach them what is right. Teach them the truth. Give them a better sound advice on. Of course. That's why this this class exists so that you can retrain and re program your mind on your thinking. So not see a job. Like I said, as a financial savior on the end. All and be on. But we want to change things on. The only way to change thing financially in your life until get the belt that you really deserve is really to take control of your own destiny. So don't pass the slave mentality on to your Children. OK, we have to be better. Remember, if we want to progress, our Children must live a life that's better than us that's progression. Every generation should be one step of hat off the previous generation. And if they're not, then you're actually going backwards, which is regression. I'd be also I don't know what country we're in, but I know here in the Bahamas Ram from we hear the quote. God bless the child that has his harpoon. We need to start believing that. Okay, we we need to start having the mindset that we must help our Children. No way for them. Teoh get old enough to just do things for themselves because it's every mind for himself, for every woman, for herself. No, God bless the family that has their own. It's a family legacy. And so, Ben, you do well. You help your Children. When your Children do well, they help their Children on dso The Joe Generation as a whole is Welte Okay? Generational bet dust The mentality that we want to move to. What many people need a secure job because of things like college step. As soon as many students graduate from college, they are in no way about death. On an order to pay off these depths, students run to safety of a job instead of aiming for their true work degrees are becoming more expensive unless valuable because many people are getting them. The market is highly competitive on. So college depth is really one of the major reasons why a lot of our younger people are in depth so early, you know, because they want to get these degrees and stuff. And so they put themselves in these depths and the stones they finish college on. They were looking for a job. They can't even enjoy it because you're you know, you're ready. High end app. And so you have the work and you have the slave to pay off these college steps. And most times a lot of them are not even able to afford a home. Ah, house, because they have this big dept api on if the if the student doesn't pay the depth and their parents are burdened with the costs of the you know of the student loan on. So the poverty just continues and continues. And so we have to find a better way. We have to find a better way. So degrees, the only way to go. That's what we're being told. I did. You know when you come on a high school, you have to go to college and get a degree so you can find a good, high paying job. But is that the only way? It is not because you can take up a course of something in business and learn how to run your own business and getting to your one thing so that you can control your own destiny and your own finance, your own finances and your financial life so that you could be financially healthy. The problem is too many off people off financially sick. The requirements for finding a good job. Ah, high. But the benefits are so small. Ah, bachelors degree today may only qualify you to be a receptionist. I don't know how it works in your country, but I know from even research and all around the world, I mean, botching disagrees, are so popular now. I mean, everybody's getting them. Um, boy, I mean, in order to get a good, decent, high paying job, probably need a master's degree or doctor degree on. So is it even worth it? You know, you put yourself in all of these bills and stuff like that and then you know you're not. You still can't get what you really want, okay and ended. In addition, there are many people sitting whom but a Moscow's degree on can't even find a job. They are over qualified. It's amazing that when you apply for a job, they tell you that you are under qualified for the position, and so you go and try to upgrade yourself because you really want this job and you really want the salary because it's attractive on. Then when you go in, you upgrade your degree. Then they tell you, or they inform you that you are now over quite overqualified. Wow, it's amazing. It never ends. And so see, when you are trying to please other people, are you trying to get a job? You will often lose yourself because you'll find yourself doing things just for the money or the income that comes out of other people's hand. When you have the ability to create your own belt, how many degrees doesn't take or do you need to open up your own business? Think about it, how many you don't need any All you need to know as what you are doing? You can read any books, Many financial books like Rich Dad, poor Dad and all of those things. Richest man in Babylon. You can read these books and you can find out about belt and finances. You can read books about small business accounting and all of these things. You can read them. You don't have to go to school to open up your own business or run your own business. You just need to know about business on. You can teach yourself about it. You can be in the likes of people that have done it. Who can teach. You can get a first hand experience so you know you don't You don't have to put yourself in depth. They want Open up your own business today. Getting degrees doesn't even guarantee you a jaw. So all of this is risk. You know, the the world of jobs in the corporate world, everything about it. It's just risky. I mean, you can go and get a degree you can put yourself on all that is thes depths, and you still won't be guaranteed that you will even find a job. You could take on a lot of depth getting student loans and still address of finding off, not finding the jaw that you even desire. So you might find yourself have until, except what's available, not even what you actually desire or want. We don't want to do that. We don't want to just accept what is available. What is there. We want what we want. We want to be desire. We deserve what we desire. Well, I can tell you one thing about job security. This is probably the only thing I could even think off. That is probably OK on It is the fact that it puts you in a position to take on loans because you can do salary deductions. Now. This is probably the top benefit off having a job that is secured, such as a government job or something like that on. Even then, you have a government job or something like that. On your ableto get a salary deduction or something like that, it still puts you in a web of debt, and so you find yourself mocks ing out your salary because you are not able to control your spending on. So even though you have this secure job and you're getting the income from the secure job. You end up wasting at Felicity because you allow this benefit of having toe to salary deductions. Just wipe your money up. And so you find out that you're not even saving because you're going to the furniture stars all the time. Taking out a loan to pay for furnitures. You're you're you're going to buy cars, that you don't need all of these things that are attractive because the banks will lend you the money because of the benefit where they can just get the money directly from your employer without you having to do anything about it. And so I don't know if it's a good thing or bad thing. I do not know. Okay. And so I have here Salary deduction is perceivable e ah, good benefit for employees that have secure jobs, and I mentioned the government jobs. It allows employees to get loans quickly because the employer guarantee the bike that payments will be sent to them. This is like saying in your right to be to these companies because you have no control. The companies have access to young money before you. That's right. Is this a good benefit. Aw, isn't another method of oppression. Salary deduction does more harm to some people than good. It provokes those who are mentally weak to purchase things on of colleges. Nous on not necessity. Therefore, it drives employees further into death. And so these are the things you must consider about job security. Okay, You might be your number one. Need my beater feel secured, But really, um, there's nothing to secure about having a job, you know, having to be told you're fired. Then you There's nothing you can really do about it. It's not in your hands, okay? It's in the hands of your employ yards, so stay tuned for the next lesson. Thank you. 7. Make Your Job Status Temporary: Hello. And so we move on to our next section. Make your job status Temple. Very so when you enter the corporate world, you should do so with the mentality. That judge job is temporary. Don't go on a job to make up your bed. Of course, this is what many people do they really go on their jobs to make up their beds? They have no intention of doing anything else but working, working, working and after work, they plan to retire. OK, but this section is about telling you that you must use your job and violent to gather the corporate experience on knowledge that you need. I'm finances that will prepare you to build your own empire on. So that is what you should be doing when you are seeking for a job not for the money, for the experience on knowledge. The only thing that separates Tobe lt from the poor is mindset relative People search for something greater. They don't go on jobs with the intention of just labouring on collecting a check. They have a reason for being at fragile. So you must see yourself as an apprentice. Let your job be a training ground. See yourself as a student. Instead, Oven up employees. Don't let your money or don't at this income on a salary that they are troubling at you. Be your first priority because no one can ever pay you for what you're word. Believe me, I don't care what the money is. I don't get how high the salary is. No one can pay you what you are worked. You're work more on your value is prices. So if you want to have a computer business, here's what you do. You've got a job in a lucrative computer organization to improve your skills as an intra pen. Your opportunities will flow for you like a river. Doors will open for you because you're in the right environment and you are passionate about what you are to it. You will learn the skills that are required for success, and you will be paid to receive this knowledge. Isn't this wonderful? You are being paid to learn. This is what you must see a job as, ah place where you could be pay on, learn at the same time. And, of course, learn the skills that you need so that when you open up your own business. You will already be equipped with these skills and abilities. This is the greatest benefit of having a job. Job sleeves see this in reverse. Actually, they value money more a knowledge rich is by. They would pass of jobs because they are passionate about the salary. They were passive jobs and their passion about If the salary is small. ReNu of the entrepreneur mindset, your number one priority is knowledge, not a salary adamancy. Barnes started on a job Oprah Winfrey started on a job. Sean Puffy Combs take a Puff Daddy on Hunt. Henry Ford started on jobs, but they didn't stay on those jobs. They left their jobs to build their own empires. It's better toe own the corporate ladder, which is to be the owner of a company done to climb the corporate Lana. And of course, when you climb the corporate ladder, that means you are an employee on your moving from one place to the next. You start in the entry position, then you move up to a senior and triple senior position or senior entry position, and you move up to being a supervisor or monitor, you know, moving up the rights. Moving up the llama. Why? I don't have to go through all of that when you could be the owner off the ladder on. So I just want to remind you that these are snippets of the book. Okay? It's called Job. You confined the Cylon Amazon. If you wish to order it on. If you get it on Amazon, please don't forget to leave Young five star review off the book. I promise you this book is a amazing thank you. So much of your move onto the next next. 8. True Success : true success. So welcome back to our next lecture on. I want to discuss what true success really is. On some you feel a great sense of pride because you, at the top of your career, I knew Hubbell could started such a job. You own a nice house on a nice car. You have a beautiful family. So what more can you ask for? All of the above are great achievements, but is a true success. Definitely something you should think about. What is success? Success is the accomplishment oven in medium or purpose. So, for example, if you want to buy a new car you would plan for it. You would save your money so that you are able to purchase this car that you want or if you want to purchase a new whom you will save up the down payment so that when you get the loan from the bank, when you go to the bank for the loan, you will be able to qualify for it on. So you accomplish alone because you would have done what you needed to do. And so then the house becomes yours. You can call that a success. However, true success is living in your purpose. This is what creates a high level of happiness on fulfillment on, so we must understand that success is very complex. You can be successful in various areas of your life, but when we talk about the success as a whole or your life's success, you must consider put in the factor off purpose and mission. You shouldn't interpret eight your success as true because you have a nice car, a nice job, a nice house or a big bank account. These are the vanities of life on. You cannot take them beyond the grave. The only thing that will stand after you expire is your works. Yeah. Would we like to call your deeds what you have done for people on the problems you saw while on Earth? FIS is true success. So the things that you have done for people on the things that people can praise you for and say that you would have done, you know, the recognitions under awards and appreciation because off your hard work and you wanted to serve others which gifts on your talents. This is true success because it lives beyond the grieve and even after you have expired or dying, people are still going to be calling your name on. Still, speaking of the good on the crate things that you have done while you were here on earth. In order to claim true success, you must be a problem solver. You must be able to solve the problems that affect humanity. Lies must be changed from your solutions. Plainly is your ability to influence are not just to influence but to influence positively . You are the only person that knows the truth of your success. You are also the only person that knows the truth of your worst. The people around you, my perceived to be triumph doing toe materialism. But they don't know the truth of your success. They might look at you and see all of the money on See all of the nice cars in the nice home on see the smiles. But they don't really know the truth of your success on Lee, You know the truth of your success because only you can determine if the nice cars you have on the nice home that you have on all of the money that you have saved in the bank on Lee. You know, if it fulfills you on if it makes your life work Meaning problems exist on Earth, that can only be solved by your creativity on your uniqueness. Success is already on the inside of you. Greatness is inside all of us. It is up to us to discover our success. Gene, The success Gene does not favor any particular person. Our family. Because sometimes you might think all you know I can do this. I can't be successful in this. So success is not for me. Why can't be belt E? I'll never be rich. You are responsible for your own success on You can't blame others if you aren't getting what you deserve in life on. So I like to say this. If you knock on a door, shouldn't it open? If you ask a question, Shouldn't the question be answered? If you seek for something Siddons, shouldn't you find it? And so if you plan for success and you do the work are put in the action steps, shouldn't you be successful? Yes, you should. For whatever See is you so you shall reap one of a person's greatest enemy is the lock off self confidence many times we don't believe in ourselves. We believe in everyone else except the things that we want to do. And so this is the greatest enemy. Many times we look at per people all around us as our enemies. But really and truly, the most crucial enemy is the enemy within. And so we must learn how to conquer that enemy within the self doubt under the low Self Confidence and the Fail, or are not believing that success can actually happen for you. These are enemies so and then also venue on a job. Most of times, most people they allow that job to determine their there would or their destiny. Don't allow your job starless to determine your destiny or facusse self esteem, because what you are doing is only a small portion off what you can do. It has nothing to do with your God given abilities and your gifts and your talents, so you cannot. You cannot determine your worth, so you should not determine your work based on your job position. Are based on what your employer think that you are. You must know within yourself you must know what in your heart who you are, you must know who you are. If you don't know who you are, you will become lost on a job. It's important that you know that you don't exist to make a living from a rounding from a random job on a retire, receive a pension on, then die. 9. Subconscious mind: you must know the power of your subconscious mind on use it toe accomplish success. If you feel that you are only worthy are good enough, toe Have a job then Your subconscious mind will remind you of this every day. It will keep those negative energies flowing through your mind. The subconscious mind stars recurrent orders made in feet. So what does this mean? This means that whatever you think say or do through belief is start. But in the sub conscious mind, if you believe that you are not good enough, then you won't be. If you believe that you are a failure, then you will always feel your subconscious mind will carry out this order. Your subconscious mind creates your reality or it attracts whatever it holds inside. You must recognize your weakness on focus more on your strengths. Stop focusing more on your faults and focus more on the good on great things about you. Focus more on what you want out of life. See, when you focus more on what you want out of life than these are the things that are going to be attracted to you because these are the thoughts that you hold within your subconscious mind whatever you focus on the most, you will a track to you. Declare yourself free from all cages today, not only the cage of a job, but there are so many limitations that we put upon ourselves so many boundaries boxes that we just stay within stable in those boundaries. All of the things that people tell us that we can't do those are also cages because we believe what other people say about us, what people tell us that we can't do. We believe that it is true. And so it is a cage on so along cages. I want you to free yourself from today, including the cage off a job or just limiting yourself for the rest of your life just on a job. And then after you are old enough, most likely people retired about 65 years old. Then you just go boom on. You know, you retire your gold room on you just wait to die. So declare yourself free from all of these cages. So I want you to make daily affirmations when you make them write them down to keep them inside of your mind. Oh, place them and in areas that you frequently visit, you know, you put it on your mirror or you stick a nice reminder on your fridge. Act like you already have the things that you desire, or whatever you want to be oc like you are already are. So you have the live in the future. It's called Vision, not just seeing things with him with your physical eyes, but you want to see things with your minds. Are you want? Envision it? You wanna see it real and feel it so you can be it. I didn't be passionate about it. Be determined because you will come against obstacles and circumstances and challenges and blocks roadblocks. But if you are determined, you will keep going. Nothing will stop you when you really want something. When you are passionate about something, when you feel as if you deserve something in life that is going to keep you going and pursuing it, the only way you can fail us if you quit. Because if you quit, then there's no wheat that you can finish. But if you keep going on and on and you you keep trying, keep doing things differently and approach and things. And there's a chance there is a chance on you, Bill accomplishing on so saturate your mind with positivity. That's all you need to do. Play your good music first thing in the morning. I like to listen toe motivational speeches from from great coaches that feeds my spirit so that I can fills my mind open positivity and there'll be no space for negative thoughts. So that's a fair and doubt. And so this is This is a great start. A great foundation off, freeing yourself on boosting your self confidence and, you know, boosting your faith and belief within yourself. Okay, so free yourself from all cages. Declare yourself free to me. See you in the next election. 10. Plan B: welcome to this lesson. What's your Plan? B? And so this election is about plants. Many people live their lives with all plants on because they live their lives. But our plants, they end up in any direction on. Of course, we don't want to end up in any direction. We want our lives to be planned out. We want to be in control of our allies. It is impossible to go through life. We don't feel it's failure is inevitable. If you are living, you will experience failure so it makes sense to re program your mentality to see failure as your friend. So many times we see failure as our enemy on. We feel defeated because we have failed. But failure is not our enemy. Since you know that failure is inevitable, meaning that it will happen, it is guaranteed to happen. You must also know that the only way to overcome it is to have a plan. Having a plan would also help you to be conscious of opportunities. Conscious of the decisions that you're making are the temporary defeats because sometimes you call it a failure. But it's really just a temporary defeat. If you would tweet the plan or do something different. It would only be a temple. Very defeat. But it can end up being successful. So sometimes you just need to tweak things and change things. Okay, I'm having a plan. Also also helped to be conscious off peen unsaid bucks. You know, on Pena said box when you experience them, most times you are on your way to success because you will not really get anything would living for meaningful. But I'll experience a level of peen on setback. Okay, That's just how it works with success. It's a sacrifice. Okay, But before you leave the cage of a job, you should have a plan. All you will find yourself back in the cage. Of course, this is the situation for many people. They find themselves right back on their jobs after they would have left because they didn't plan for it properly on. So you must plan before you leave. Some people just get fed up on they leave on. This is all fine and good if you already have your plan in place and you know exactly what you're going to do when you leave. But if you just get fed up or allow your angle to control you when you just leave your income, your source of income and then you don't have a plan on how you're going going toe, get income. It could be a big problem for you. And so you must have a plan before you leave the cage or you will in the back in the cage, okay? And we don't want to end up back in the cage. Once we leave the cage of a job, people want that to be in the past, we wanna look towards the future, which is building a family empire, having your own business, becoming the owner of your destiny. And so, if you want change, you need a plan. If you don't have a plan, you will have no focus and clarity in your life. On you will end up in any direction. You need something to guide you. Okay on. Of course, that is your blueprint. That's what your plan is. It is a blueprint. It's like building a house. It is the foundation. Okay, When you're about to make decisions, always ask yourself one question. And the question is why the word by signifies the purpose of a thing. I will remind you of the reason behind your actions that is extremely important because it is the basis of your vision. You need to know why you're doing it, because it will give you the determination, and it will cost you to be persistent so that you can make it to your destination. And so we want to know what is a Plan B or you might want to know What is a Plan B. A. Plan B is having a secondary plan in case the first plan feels it is also known as a contingency plan or worst case scenario plan. Ah, back a plan or a disaster recovery case. That's what a Plan B is. It is not the initial plan, but it's a back up plan in case the first plan doesn't work. Okay, Having a Plan B doesn't mean that you don't planning. Has many people believe that all you know, I'm just gonna live by faith and I will goto. I'm gonna make it the first time. You know, I'm I'm not gonna have any doubts. You know, my my first plan is going toe work. You know, many people are the sea by this because they feel it. If their plan Isobel written, I don't care how well written and organize your plan is you still need a plan B because you don't get to control your process. Life controls your process. And I can guarantee you with that life will throw many hurdles and obstacles You obey. You have to be over ableto overcome them. And how do you overcome their bit strategies? Okay. And so yeah, Plan B is your strategy religion Today let's talk about religion for a minute Because religion has created a fantasy world for many people really believe that blessings will drop from the sky instead of them being strategic and working towards success. Okay. Religion today, huh? Has meant a lot of people believe that they can just, um, you know, press the magic button? No. Or they could just send a prey up, and everything will just book for them instead of them working towards something. You know, it comes through you. Yes. Success comes through you. No, just just hoping for things to work out or believe in some genie and apartments going to come and bring you the desires of your heart. No, you must put in the work. And so you know we don't want to be too religious about this and to spiritual about it. Okay? You have to put in the work and you must be strategic on hold said the job wrote is a good route. You will not know what your best route is until you try the room. Sometimes you could exhaust all that. That is an alphabet trying to find a pass route to your destination. This is why determination on persistency is crucial. And so you mightn't even stop a plan B. You might need a plan C plan d plenty of line if you could go straight down to the last letter. But hey, it's not the route you take. It's not the route. Okay? What is important is your goal. It's good to fail sometimes when pursuing something, because each time you fail, it gives you the opportunity to learn more knowledge. So don't become discourage. You know, sometimes you get discouraging, frustrated because things are not working on the baby wanted to work and you know we feel so defeated. But don't don't don't get discouraged or feel defeated because every time you fail, look at it as a learning experience. That's something that you would have gained some knowledge or, you know, some some opportunity that you would have. I had a chance to learn, and so that's how you want to look at feel. It's the important thing is that you accomplish the goal. Accomplishing the goal is important. So if you have to make changes to your plan toe, do not allow roots to this track. You don't be so loyal toe one plan that it jeopardizes the court. And so that's why writing is important. And I spoke about this in my cost that you can fire right here on this platform, how to set goals and achieve them. I spoke about the power of writing. You can only be able to see, um, your temporary defeats or see the weakness of your plan if you write it down because you will be able to track your progress, you know, track your failure or your temporary to feed and track your success. If you don't have anything and written that is written, how will you be able to see every single thing that you would have planned. Okay, so it is extremely important to write down your plan. I've written so that you can read it, and you could be able to tweak it on track. The progress. Okay, that's important. OK, but just know that very few things go the weary plan when you have challenges, which your goals success is testing how you manage failure before I can trust you. If you can monitor little things how the universe trust you with managing a lot. Okay. So you have to show, you know, the most high in the universe that you can manage small things before you can manage big things on. So sometimes you know it's the tests. You know, you have to pass that test before you can be given the desires of your heart. Just know that although some plans fail, you need plans. Are requirements for those who desire true success. And so we reach the end off plan B on stay tuned for the next election. 11. Build a family empire: I'm so we reached one of the most important reasons by this book existed. Why I would have written this book a cage called Job on exactly why I would have decided to put this into. Of course, on. Of course, it is building, ah, family empire. That is the essence of this course because we don't only want to leave the cage called Job . We want to build a family empire. And so the transfer off belt is very powerful. It ensures financial liberation and independence for future generations. Enquiring generation, no belt is a journey. There are certain privileges. Money on belt will afford you money, answers or things on. You should want to make sure that your family has enough money so that they won't become sleeps on. Who will they become? Stays to their employers? The best way to ensure that your Children don't become economic slaves is to train them about themselves. That's right, self love. You must teach them to love themselves and see theirselves. They're higher appreciate their higher self because so many times people live within their lower self. You know, they concentrate or focus so much on the things that they are not good at and they just live into well. And they're lower Place with me was teach them about self love and self pride so they can understand and see why their work more than just settling on someone's job. I'm just being controlled, okay? Schellman must be trained about financial belt from tender ages. There must comprehend what it means to be a consumer and what it means to be a producer. Too many Children learn pause spending habits from their parents. Research shows that most people who start off working and family businesses become inspired to start a business off their own. It's better to have a job because you want on, not because you have to, and so this means. Hey, if you wanna have a job to learn some new skills and experiences, then you should be able to do that. But out being a slave that I job. But I'll be in dependent upon the job. You know, you you have that job because you want to have that job. You don't have it because you need it and because you dependent on it foot holding on to it for their life. This is not what be supposed to be teaching our Children. Okay, I Children must be taught about the pride and dignity that comes along with ownerships. You know, I don't know if you're one of those persons who might be listening, but some people, all that some people would say, um well, you know, having a business is not for everyone, but, hey, having a business might not be for everyone, but you shouldn't be in that everyone category lead those who don't think it, it's for them, not be for them. But you'll be one of those people who believe and think that it is for you because once you put in the work, once you want to have the desire for it, it will happen. But if you have that mindset that I having a business is not for me. And you know I don't want to deal with that. If that's what you're thinking, then that's what you're always going to get. Because of the law off attraction, you will attract to you what you think and what you actually are OK on. So we must start training our Children. That college is the only road to success let me know that businesses we know that college is not the only route to success. Why are we putting our Children through this? Where they have toa go on, spend years and years and years and college of school to get these doctors degrees Not that didn't take takes away so much time from their lives Just just training them that that is the only way they can be successful And we know that it's not the truth, Okay? The truth is that they will never become rich on a job. Jobs are not designed to make you rich but keep you just over put. And so if your desire is not to be belting, you know, some people will say, I don't want to be which I don't want to be. Welty. I just want to be comfortable. Rather, that's your desire. Then you can go the traditional route, which is to get, you know, get a degree on, just get your salary and just have a good, comfortable life. If that's what you going to, that's your mentality. But I don't understand why Ah person would would put themselves in a box If the universe wants to give you $10 million would you? Because your limit its one million, you might say. Okay, I only want $1 million. Okay, that's that's what I need. I don't need anything more. I can live comfortable with one million, but the universe wants to give you 10 million. But you say you only need one million. So what are you going to do with the nine million? Are you gonna give it back? Are you going to turn it away? So that's what you were doing. When you say over and you accept the mentality that I don't want to be Belt E, I don't want to be rich. You actually denying the possibilities from the universe? The universe wants to give you more, you know. Remember, your cup runneth over. You understand? We're talking about abundance. You know, we don't wanna cop just to be fun. We wanna cut to run over with abundance so that we can have more than what we need. Because when you are more than what you need, you can help other people. Okay? And so if you were listening to this course today, I please. I don't want you to have that mindset. Do not tell the universe that you don't want to be belt E. Oh, you don't want this. And you don't want that. Not when it comes to finances. Okay, Because money answer it all things if you you know, and it's not about you, it's about your Children. It's about your family. We're talking about generational belts. So why deny your lineage? Why deny off bloodline, riches and belt? I I don't understand. Not okay. And so we don't want to think about that be Want to tell the universe that Hey, I deserve belt. I am worthy of belt. I am worthy of being ableto have what I desire on being being ableto live a good decent if I am worthy of that, okay? And so when you go to college on obtaining a degree, can you pass that degree on to your Children when you expire? John, you No, you cannot. The degree is no longer valuable when you die. It was your degree. It has no power for your generation. Now the only power in might have heart is you were able toe, you know, obtain a good job in it and being able to probably, um, purchase a nice whom for your family to live in and how, then to maintain a good standard of living while here while you here. But after you die, all of that starts because you cannot pass that on. It is a personal achievement, really, to get to a point where we reached toward family achievements and family legacies. And that's what businesses businesses are. Family achievements you can pass a business on to your Children. Financial liberation and independence is not as hard as people think. Okay, it's just not for lazy people. You know, if you're lazy and it's lawful and you want to sleep all day, you don't do anything. It's not for you. Okay, if you want to be financially free, anyone of the independent it's hard work are not hard work. As in, you have to be liver and sweating, but strategies. Okay, you have to be strategic, and you have to be a good planner. OK, people run away from it because they don't want to put in the required effort. They don't want to put in the effort, but they want to be relative. How can you expect to be Welty. If you don't want, you don't wanna do what is required tohave the well. Okay. You know, some people were rather the consistency of a check. Instead of being financially responsible, they prefer to leave the responsibility up to other people. And so what this means is people don't want to be responsible or accountable for their lives. They want continually blame other people for for their lives. You know, they're not happy with the state of the lies is the state of being on, you know, a snowman's. They can blame other people and don't take accountability for their own situation. They cannot bring themselves, you know, they were never being themselves for where they are, you know, date, because they don't want to be responsible. They prefer to always have the ability Teoh blame other people, you know. And that's why some people want to stay on a jaws because of the okay, if I'm not reality or whatever, it's because of this job I have is because I know I kind of forgot anything because the salary is so small, you know, they just one or prefer Tilly the responsibility up to other people brainwashing oppressors , make you believe that to go into business is to lose on toe, have a job you are winning. This is why you always hear the bad news about how most business failed. It's a scare tactic. And I know you know what I'm talking about. You all basic statistics, you know, um, most small businesses, about 95% of them fail in the first beginning. Oh, you know, something like that. You always hear some bad news about going into business because they just want to believe that, you know, you will lose. You know, you will lose your not winning when you open up. Your own business is hard is rough. It's tough. This is what you always here. Okay, is a scare tactic. Don't believe the scare tactic. Okay, some farming empires, we shite shows that family businesses are all this business organizations, but of a cell sort of proven success. And so be a balm. Are you have Nike Wells wagon, Sanson Coochie? These are family businesses, okay. And they are proven to be successful on intimate family. Business is worth more than currency. It is because the benefits of it, you know, it's this foul words. Currency. Okay, because it's a lifetime. It's last for a lifetime and passes through generations. Parents and have a family business are in the position to hire their own Children. Nurture them on training them to be self reliant. Why should our Children have to plead to be employed by others when we have the ability to provide jobs for them? Okay, if you have your own business, you can hire your own Children. They don't need to deal with the stress off, having to find a job or having to do these. Resume these perfect resumes and the stress of doing battle on an interview just to be hired by somebody else. When if they have parents that are business oriented, you can hire your own Children and they don't need to put up with that stress. And I think that's great. It's a beautiful benefit. Okay, implementing ah fuck analogy because your Children to love and respect you more because they saw how you have debt dedicated your life to their prosperity on success. Okay, when you ask a child who they're Isla hero is, it is often a person with theme on the television or in the community. Why can't parents always be listen other as their Children's number one hero? That's a good question. If you want your Children to be proud that they carry your d n a. Do the things that truly benefit them. OK, so they can talk about you on. Be proud that Hey, this was my parent. This is my mom. This is my dad. You know, when they speak about you, they speak with such pride because of what you have done to them and what you mean to them . Okay. An extraordinary parent. Some family businesses are not successful because they don't have enough well to transfer to the next generation. They don't have strong financial skills and abilities. They don't adopt the out of the box mentality which are no limitations and no boundaries on the lack creativity. These are some of the reasons that some businesses are not successful, okay? And so this takes planning. You must make sure definitely, that you have these things okay And that you understand how toe overcome these challenges. Definitely financial skills. You must train your Children about about finances. If you launch your family business to be successful, okay. Energy is absorbed. The mind absorbed energy from other minds. Everything that exists is the source of energy. Whoever your Children spend, more time it they will absorb energy from. So if they go into the corporate plantation the moment they come out of high school, they will absorb the job mentality. And this is what we're doing wrong. The alarm on our Children dough from from school. Go straight into a job on They just suck in that mentality off the people around them, you know, are, you know, the Children around them or the people around them. You know, Did they talking about jobs and they all I want is the money until they adopt this mentality and they never get that business mindset. OK, But as a parent, you have a belt of knowledge and wisdom. You must share this energy with your Children. Okay, Some other reasons why it's good to have a family business. Young Children have creative abilities. This increases your leverage. So why allow them to make other people rich on it Creates a closer family born. You know, when you have that family business, you're spending what time, Richard, with your mother and your father or your sisters and your brothers. When you have a job, most of your time is spent on your job. And so you are away from your family. And so you lose that bond with each other when you break up yourself on, go on these jobs. But when you work for your own mother and your father and you work which assisting your brother, this creates a beautiful bond. Ah, bond that it's missing. And families. Your family members are stockholders in the business, so they will give their best effort. And we see this today. Let me go until these businesses that ah, one by family, you can tell because they greet you different. They talk different. The customer service is different because they understand what's happening. They understand that, Hey, this custom is important on of we don't treat this customer good, we are going to lose. You know we are going to new lose financially. That's going to affect our business. And there, depending on this family business, to survive. And so the business is important to them. They have benefits. They they are benefits tied. Their benefits are tied into the company. And so it's important to them. The success of it is important to them and you will see that and you will experience it the moment you walk into their stores. But when you walk goingto business where, um, you know you you just see them. It employees they don't want any than any stock in the business and care or they wanted their salary. And so you will. You will experience that. You can tell when you're in a business where people are are not. You know that the interest is just not there. And so that's the down. For there is nothing raedle than doing something you love accomplishing well from it and being able to spend time with the family you love the most. So these are some good reasons. Okay? There are some good reasons why you should have a family business on. Then we get the money. Monets mint splurging on spending unnecessary money must be avoided. Many people are poor because they lack money. They are poor because they are poor money managers. You must train your kids about managing money from an early each. They must spend their money on things that are real or true value, like assets and not liabilities. When you have financial knowledge, please understand that you are dangerous to those who desire to oppress you. Because you have the ability to reach their level off influence that this is something that they don't want. They told one too many people having the power that they have. And this is why they will try to keep the wealth for themselves. Okay, so you are dangerous to those from one toe press. Okay. And now I have here a little bit about life insurance. Okay, let me see if I can go to the chapter in my book and see what I'm saying here about life insurance. Okay, um, you must train your Children to manage risk, okay? And please understand that life insurance policies are managing risk on many people. That ability the day job, lt. Because they were able to get a good insurance policy. Been there, you know, shock and check in be catchall cash in a big check when their parents died on. This is extremely important. This is generational wells. We wanna pass on benefits to our Children instead of bills. This is a good way to do it because it gives your Children a good head start. Okay, on. So there was a time when I didn't see it. As important. I didn't see well does important. I perceived insurance policies as a rip off. I still believe that it is shares in the evil of the financial system. Many people feel the same. Of course I'm reading from my book. Many people feel the same way. They don't see the benefit of having it because it benefits others. You know, Um, really a people say, Oh, I don't know my bottom in your life insurance. Because when I die, I'm not going to get the money. It's gonna be left here for my Children or somebody else. I'm not going to get it. So why should I, you know, spend my money on something that I'm not gonna benefit from, and so they don't get it. Okay. A lot of people tasted their first taste of belt through insurance policies. I said this earlier, even though it doesn't benefit you parents and speaking to have a better fit your child or your Children greatly. And this is the goal. Too many parents leave depths for their Children instead of leaving them in better financial positions. The goal is defined a good reliable insurance policy that it's proven to be trust birdie so that you can be assured that your loved ones are justly paid when you have expired. Okay on. So I just wantedto include that here about having life insurance policies. Please. If you do not have life insurance, make sure I'll go and get one that would be ableto maintain a good standard of life. If you have to leave this earth, you wanna make sure that your Children on your family can maintain a good standard of living and carry on your belts. Also bills. If you don't have a bill, make sure have one Preys. Having a bill does not mean that you're going to die. Some people are so afraid to get bills because they believe that they're planning for debt . No, you're not planning for debt. You want to make sure that after you put in all of this hard work that your belts is left in the hands of the right person, and also some people have Children that are not good with finances and they have good financial skills. Some people have Children that are not responsible on. So you want to make sure that you leave your yeah, assets, You know, your inheritance, that those that are going to make the pass of it and that are going to carry on your legacy and a good and proper bait. And so he was Rachel will, so that you can leave your things, your estate, the people who are going to be responsible people who are going to manage it properly. And so make sure you have your will and place okapi responsible, but your belt You, you you You know, this takes a lot of time and work and effort. You don't want to put enough time on effort and do all of these things. And then when you die, you leave it to someone who's gonna squander your belt to be. And that happened to so many people. Parents, they die in the, you know, the leader. Rehl, some Children and some family members that squanders there. Well, Toby, we don't want that here. We want to make sure that our belt is preserved because the basis of this is generational. Okay, and so thank you so much. I hope that you were You were inspired by this course I am. Your instructor should be still on. Please make sure. Check Aled the rest of my courses that I help here on its platform how to achieve or how to set goals and achieve them. And also 14 steps to writing a financial plan. You can also check me out on Facebook off the dell on Facebook. I'm also on Instagram. She read ill so you can look me up there. What? So she read ill? Thank you so much. Have a blessed on a wonderful day.