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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

45 Lessons (2h 11m)
    • 1. 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. 2. About the Trainer - Rupak Shah

    • 3. 3. Asking the Right Question

    • 4. 4. Course Flow

    • 5. 5. New Identity

    • 6. 6. An Important Mindset Shift you need to have

    • 7. 7. Forgive Yourself

    • 8. 8. Top 10 books

    • 9. 9. Why is Reading Important?

    • 10. 10. Module 1 Introduction

    • 11. 11. You can't Build a Habit, you can Replace One

    • 12. 12. One Habit at a Time

    • 13. 13. Creating a Reading Goal

    • 14. 14. Ignore Naysayers

    • 15. 15. 3 Principles to build a Reading Habit

    • 16. 16. How to Select a Book

    • 17. 17. Hot Cold Empathy Gap

    • 18. 18. Avoid Cold Turkey

    • 19. 18 A. Bonus - Why reading Multiple Books at a time is Important

    • 20. 19. Module 1 - Summary

    • 21. 20. Module 2 - Introduction

    • 22. 21. Effect of Environment on Reading

    • 23. 22. How to not get disturbed by Distractions

    • 24. 23. Identifying and Ignoring Negative Triggers

    • 25. 24. Reading is a part of Life and not apart from Life

    • 26. 25. Online Environment

    • 27. 26. Bonus - One Tip to get more Reading done while Commuting

    • 28. 27. Module 2 - Summary

    • 29. 28. Effect of Music on Reading

    • 30. 29. Two FAQ's while Reading

    • 31. 30. Should I Read Everyday?

    • 32. 31. How to avoid Feeling Sleepy while Reading?

    • 33. 32. 4 Ways to Concentrate more while Reading

    • 34. 33. How to be more Focused while e-reading?

    • 35. 34. Bonus - 3 steps for Increasing your Child's Interest in Reading

    • 36. 35. Module 4 - Introduction

    • 37. 36. Personality Type

    • 38. 37. Each Personality Type is Different

    • 39. 38. Module 4 - Summary

    • 40. 39. With the Person who has Read 3000 Books

    • 41. 40. Thank you for Watching

    • 42. Bonus - 3 Ways to Read Faster on Phones

    • 43. Bonus - An Important Mindset Shift to become an Avid Reader

    • 44. Bonus - How to select a book so that you finish reading it

    • 45. Bonus - This is how you Create a Habit that Sticks

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About This Class

Advantages of this course:

➢  Gaining more knowledge

➢  Improving your personality

➢  Building a better command over language by regular reading

➢  Achieving more success

Are you guilty of buying books and not reading them? Or You always decide to create a reading habit from next week/month/year but never ever do that or after reading for a few days you never continue with the reading activity. Then, this course is for you.

A lot of people who have the skill of reading lack the will for reading regularly. That is why I have researched all about developing the will for reading and created this course.


 By the end of this course, you will learn:


    ●  Understanding the psychology of habit creation

    ●  How to select a book

    ●  How to avoid feeling sleepy and being focused while reading

    ●  Finding your personality type

    ●  An action plan as per your personality type (not one size fits for all type)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Rupak Shah

Vision to create a learning culture


Rupak Shah here, on vision to create a learning culture. The world is getting updated today at a very fast pace but many are not able to catch up as they get overwhelmed with information. As a trainer, it's my responsibility to give people the required skill for their growth and success in a short time.

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1. 1. Course Introduction: Hello. My name is Rupert Shar on our help or 6000 people impose, um on how to build the reeling habit, how to don't look their interest in reading. And I myself have their over 300 books in a year. And this equals on going to help you to build the leading Hubbert so that you remove the killed off, not reading books. Bless. You'll get on the tools on techniques so back you're able to read a book a week accounts to 50 books. You isn't that exciting in this equals, we will give you all psychology about forming habit. Also, how to be focus on concentrated while reading and not feel sleepy when reading on. Also asked for your personality type. Yes, ask for your personality type so that it is development for you and not something that you cannot connect with our find uncomfortable to apply. This ghost is for people who want to grow in their life and not be stuck at a particular level. If you're one off that individual, I'm sure, really inhabit best habit that will make sure that your group is getting transformed on, not step by step. So if you're one off that police and doing the schools, and I'm sure it will benefit you a lot on you will build a reading habit off reading a book a week. 2. 2. About the Trainer - Rupak Shah: Hello. My name is Ruby Shot and I'm going to be your instructor. Two of the equals training you on how to build a leading habit? No, you might be wondering, Who is this? Who is the group picture on? Is it credible enough to claim us? So let me share my Children by qualification. I completed a graph. Maintenance engineering. Yes, I wasn't aviation field, but I always had that nikpour sick raining on coaching. So when I was doing my internship at Air India, I used to reflect on my life on used to keep on thinking Hey, this is not for me walking with planes. It's not for me. It's about being with people, training them, helping them to go to the next level. That's what I want to do in my life. So I started going out, started out in a lot of evens metal off Bueno's on. I realize I can be a co training on a coach and help people who go to the next level off their life. So if Assad kill ever stuck, I was confused and I was thinking, OK, let's do something. So I started networking with North rinos on those people who will be Blue book. You want to be a great trainer. Lead a lot of books and I was like Leading books is smart, disciplined. Come on. I'm an engineer by profession. We finished six months, elaborates in a day before the semester exams. So baiting books was not difficult. So I started reading three books for a week. It was going good. I came across something Moon as speed reading. I was so happy. Okay, there is something that will make sure that you need faster on. I learned that on initially I supreme people a lot of students or how do we get faster? So that was scope for people who are in tow academics or whose job profile includes reading . But then I started to come across people who belong neither or to know. So they have the economic reason to read or not Does their job requires to, but they want to lead because they want to go in the left. They want to go to the next level off their life on that is why they want to feed, but somewhere they're not able to read. And I was like what to do when I started researching more about on the stop IQ on the leading. I have focused two years off my life just to train people on how to beat faster. How to retain more. Bless how to build the reading habit on get that interest back in the leading. On all two years, I have trained more than 6000 people. I have lived in various cities. Release Corporates are also the in session and anti Leah, which is in question on Bonnie's house that it's the Bulls. Richards Residential, please. So I know what I'm doing. A train. I have more than 200 testimonials on my page saying that they have benefited to my calls. So trust me, I know what I'm doing on the steps. What I will tell you will make sure that you don't have the interest in reading. Just follow what I'm trying to tell you on, and you will definitely be a person who reads at least book a week on. In case you're wondering how would be faster or retain more. I have done in court on both coasts topic. I will make sure there is a link, so force this velocity reading which will help you increase your reading speed by 300% on a plus. Also with better understanding and the next instant recall that will help you to memorize whatever you're dealing. So make sure toe involved in both the course is also so that you're not only building the reading habit, bless your leaving faster on also, you're able do everything it So that's my short story. Just me. I know what I'm doing. I'm sure it will benefit you a lot. 3. 3. Asking the Right Question: Hello in this. Will you let me ask you a couple of questions? Do you want to build the interest in reading? I'm sure you might be nodding and saying yes. Okay. Let me ask you another question. Do you want toe get moody with who need more? Yes. Now you might be wondering. Hey, group, that is the reason we have enrolled in the course on why you are asking such a question. Yes. We definitely want to build the interest or the motivation. Do it. Now let me share something. If you're a person who is looking for the interest or motivation to read more, then trust me, you're not going to eat regularly. Yes, you're not going to be regularly. You will read only when someone pushes you. But you're not going to read because you have habituated to be to the question. What you always need to ask to yourself. It's not how to double of the interest or motivation. It's about how to build the leading habit. Yes, it's habit that will make sure that you do it on a regular basis. Respiratory off your motivation or your interest. So always ask yourself white question. if you want, right? Answer. Throughout your life, you have been asking yourself how to build interest or motivation, and you know that interest and motivation will not last for ever. The only thing that stays regular continues Lispector off your mood is your habit. So please ask yourself, Right. Question on throughout the court will be looking to answer this question itself. How to build the reading habit so that you start leading respect you off the content off the book. Interesting. Not interesting. Are your motivation to lead? So ask the right question on the question is how to build the leading happen. 4. 4. Course Flow: thank you for enrolling in the school. It's let me give you an outline how this cold is broken into parts. So in the first part, we're going to learn all about psychology off habit creation. Next, really focus on how to make sure that your environment ISS helping you to build reading habits next refocus on frequently asked questions about reading like, How should I be focused while reading How to avoid feeling being sleepy, Wild leading, surely multiple books? Or should I read one book at a time, tried like reading everything. What I'm going to read and should I read each word from the book? Are they against keep certain parts about? We will discuss in that model you and Final. It's about doing your personality test from a book known as the Four Tendencies. In that way, the moment we realize your personality time, you have an action plan prepared for you so that you start executing it. But please don't jump to out there. I know it's tempting. The fourth model boasted by step. I understand everything and lice it on. Then you will be able to apply the action plan with much more commitment because you know why the steps are there in the first place. 5. 5. New Identity: Hello in this, Will you Let me ask you a question? And I want you to answer without even thinking. Okay? Ready, Euro, Answer yes or no without even thinking. I knew a person who can read a book a week Now if your first instinct waas No, I need to think I can. I cannot be your not. Yes, you're not. If you're confident enough to say yes, I can. That is the identity. What I want If the identity is still trying to struggle If you cannot see yourself as a person who reads a book a week, if you cannot even see forgettable reading, I'm talking. If you cannot even internally seem to comprehend that I am opposed. Who reads a book a week? If you cannot get that feeling, trust me that all identity will always drag you back. So the whole agenda off creating any new habit This change your identity? Yes. You make your identity in a way that this in sync with the goal. What we want to reach And here if you want to build a reading, have a book a week. You want to see yourself at least supposed worried. Spoke a week. You cannot be. I can. I cannot be. Your help will be dispose of anguish internally. Now I know this is difficult. You cannot be in this manner just by thinking about it. It requires a lot of action steps. The fullest accent step is you have to decide for speaking decision that you will be a person who reads a book a week. Once you have decided, second issue need to prove yourself. Yeah, it's not a weapon. Others, Attila pulling your intern insist that you can be that person. You need to start with small steps. Okay, It can be book a month. It can be booked on a 15 days. What? I will you at least need to start something. Start small what we all talk about. You need to do that because if your new identity, it's not your believing in this would always keep your bragging back in respect to off homeward steps you take forward. So the first issue need to the sign. Second, you need to prove yourself that moment that brewing or said that believing that weaklings that monthly winds will make sure that this is not something that is fake. That's something. What? You start believing you will start seeing people. You'll start experiencing that people looking. Do you think this is a person who spoke on that will keep on pushing? You always remember that you have to build this identity, and I know it's not easy. And that is why we created the entire course so that it takes you from posts and who does not even believe that he can reach to a person who can read on a regular basis. So remember, is what we're trying to do. It's not just give the steps, but also that internal identity, very just right now. Okay, notated. Okay, I'll read. You believe in that. You can read a book a week or book of 15 minutes. We'll hear your goal is so It's all about building a new identity on two of the course will discussing the steps that will help you to do that 6. 6. An Important Mindset Shift you need to have: Hello. In this video, let me share a single thing. Okay, This mindset shift you need to have winning or watching the course is on the softer areas. How to build habit, communication skills, leadership influence. So one thing what do you need to keep in mind is you need to see what works for you. Yes. You need to see what works for you. You cannot apply each and everything that is being thought. This is not an academy is not a Max lecture. It's more off a skill which is civility only application for a few off you watching everything will be applicable for few. You might be doing half of the things you're just missing those half part. And for someone you're doing almost 90% often. You're just looking for that missing one thing You want to improve so that you are a leader on a regular basis. So whatever it is but I want you to do is see what works for you on how to do that. So in my case, when I was learning so much, I go more with my gut feeling okay? If I feel ok, this is for me. I go and start applying it. So what? I'm I'm sure you'll also tell him that gut feeling. But for now, what I want you to do is we need to reflect on the life and see what your pain born usually is on. Then we're watching the video in the back of the mind. You should be aware off you being point so that once he was seen on videos which, however, do panics. Bam! That video is for you. So that is how you need to see what works for you and focus more on building and up rather than trying to do each and every technique that is being thought. Remember, this is not an academic tang which end to end your follow. See what works for you on. Do not leave it on deal unless you become a master off it. So don't go in a Weinstein that I will apply 100 person off one being taught in the session or any of the e courses. See what works where you applied, become master and then go for next step 7. 7. Forgive Yourself: Now I have done many sessions on where I trained people on how to create habits, not just reeling any habit. When you want to create or break, we take trainings on that one thing. What I realized by doing lost savings on the straw pick that many people do not go easy on themselves. Well, let's as you you want to build a leading habit off needing book a week on your opposing who just means a book every three months. Then let's say you decide. You take that steps, you're able to do it once in 15 days. You are happy. Then you're able to do it. One in 10 days, you're more than happy. And finally one in eight days and I'm super happy and like next time, within seven days I will finish it. But you go some reason rather than reaching over to you, you go back. Do you know somebody under reasons it takes 15 days, 20 days to finish that book and then you get frustrated. Then you're ugly, like I'm not the Post soon, who can read a book a week? I'm not that kind of person just because you did a mistake off, not completing it. The goal was not mess, but trust me. One failure does not mean you are a failure. You need to forgive yourself any time you create a new Hamburg new routine. Whatever. You're trying to do something new. If it waas flawless you already doing it. But it's not all always being poor. Thank you and mess. Even the exports miss even I sometimes feel like reading for like seven days. That's completely fine. You need to form euros off. Usually we meet, sometimes you will not. And initially the later failure will be more than the rate off Saxes. But once you decide that you're not going to quit, even if you fail on, that is a mindset or a warning. I'm sure you're a good person. You show the kindness and love to others if they fail. But today is time. You need to show that kindness and love to yourself. Also, you will feel that's completely fine. Only fingers Will you get up. Forgive yourself rather than going on a girl. Forgive yourself. Go on. Sometimes the Children will be just will not be always a straight line something we will go for us so that he will drop down there. You go faster than you don't drop down. But if you're consistent, you will reach. Okay, So one failure does not mean you will not be able to do it on. Please. Getting a habit of forgive yourself If you feel once or otherwise, do not go on Guilt trip subtracts it from this video. 8. 8. Top 10 books: Hello. Hey, Luke, I want to build a reading habit who don't know which book to start with. So I knew you had that question. So in this video, I'm going to share Doctor 10 books that have changed my life. I'm sure if you start reading them even it will benefit you a lot. So let's stop the first book. Is the Fountainhead by on Rand? Just me? The way the broadcast written. It's not a nonfiction. It's a more off in between affection on nonfiction. The character, the way he behaves, the V things will make sure that you start trusting yourself more other than the society. And if you eat this book, I'm sure it will benefit your lawn so that you always thinking happiness more that it comes from inside rather than depending on those. So the founding head the next is the eighth habit. My Steven Covey. I'm sure you might have hold seven habits of finding of two people. Same auto. But this is the air Campbell on. Trust me, very. He goes people into core, offered its same time spiritually but at the same time self bless the action step boom, the best book that will transform you internally on you will be a person who is not just successful, but it's helping others to be successful. Also, the next is desirable one by mate Appeal on this book. Okay, People who are not aware Beatle people this one off the founder off paper along with alone must on. He was the first outside investor in Facebook. So trust me, these guys know what he is doing. Yes, he north about entrepreneurship. How list eloping How it will be. So this book is written in the city's off chapter. Those chapters are based on the lecture where it delivered at college on each. Learning from a chapter will make sure you start thinking like an entrepreneur who is thinking for next 50 years and not following what was going on in the past. The next is a simple book, and if you're never read books in your life, I would recommend you start this book on which is who were my jeez. Yes, it's a small book off 100 of Maxwell's from 50 pages and will train you more on how toe identify change and how to manage yourself so that your continuously adapting and not someone who is trying to be as the same post who he or she waas. The next book is, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill on its one off. Those classics, which can afford to miss the learnings, are still applicable today, even if it wasn't in 19 thirties or forties on each step leading, you'll not only get motivated but also inspired at the same time. The next is feeling good on this book. If you're reading only book to all your life, I would recommend you read this book because this book will make sure that your happiness was stepping on you, not on sex is not on what people see on each and every step toe US Israeli what and where you want to go. So it will question you lot off your internal things, which you have taken for granted assumptions. All those things. I read this book a blind learnings to each and every assessment which this book is trying to tell you on. Even if you follow perdido follicles in the book, you will be transformed the next five levels off leadership by John C. Maxwell. As you might be a very Maximus, one off. The legend, when it comes to training people on how to be great leaders on his book, is always worth reading. Even if you are new to the leadership experience or you're already an established leader, I'm sure you will learn something from it the next. This five languages by Gary Chapman. Yes, Low House language. It has five in front and the whole region off. This book is making aware off those five languages on which off them is dominating for you on Plus, if you know that you can also helps others. I didn't define their low language, and you can communicate in such a way because usually both off people are loving a chundo with the V off communicating that language is different, and that is why the major fight happens on D nine. Book is the Shoe Dog by Phil Knight, one of the best by officer ever read, because the beautiful line goes into detail really always insecurities, how he was struggling and still managed to build a company which is known as lanky Yes, he is the founder off making from the squatch amazing you will be transformed. You will be connected for life. So module feel like if he can, even I can, because I'm going to the same problem that she went toe in past on the 10 book This on the writing will as the entire world is to going digital. Even your writing skills sees a lot about you. So you, when you write a small articles or when you write entire block, this book is for you to transform your writing skills in a way that it is authentic with your persona and not copy pasting someone's else trying. So read this book. I'm sure it will benefit you a lot. So this on my 10 books, I'm sure you might have there either one off them above that. Then, even if not start reading, and I'm sure it will benefit, you do 9. 9. Why is Reading Important?: Hello, everyone in this avenue. We're going to discuss why reading is important now. I'm sure you might have been bombarded a lot. You should eat. There's usually this book is so that you can get a lot off knowledge. Yes, that's true. Leading will help you build knowledge. Okay, you will get a wear off many things in your life. So yes, I agree. That is the first point. Really gives you more knowledge. But the problem is we're focused so much on the reason off leading that we forget the process off reading. Yes. There are a lot of side advantageous off the process off leading on if you just focus on the prison. This visitors can also be achieved by watching reduce. Because at the end of the day, knowledge can be gained by seeing things, doing things. Okay. Also listening things but the mean and want a show off. Leading is the Haasis. That process plants home your brain on the second advantage. Okay? This it tells your imagination. People who read a lot how very good imagination. Now it has been worn by the soldier. Okay, this is not something what I feel or whatever expedience. Mistletoe backs it. So imagination is the point number two. Because today you want to be creative. So imagination is an important point. But you should have if you want to be successful in life now, one more thing is reading is a process. It teaches you a lot of things. It teaches. People reflect it teaches it themselves. So it actually makes you better human being. Yes, it makes you a better human being. That's the point. Number three tour honestly only had one date off, leaving only if you get from it for get off the content For a world of imagination on Lee, if you become a better person by and some activity on that is a simple s taking a book and sitting with daily brush me. It's worked forming that habit so it makes you a better human being. Now the four point is an important point. The results is that people who read a lot off fiction books okay Where there are characters , there's an imaginative story like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings. This redos find it easy. You can equip are those Yes, it's actually the bread up off imagination being better human being. It actually helps you to connect with other person nicely. And it builds the skill which, like 90% off people, might be lacking. And that is density, empathy, this feeling for the other person, exactly like the person is feeling. It's not like who they feel sorry for that person. It's not up, and food is actually being that person on facing the problems that the person is going through. So that's the food going. It helps you to build density on. The final point is which you should learn not only the leading habit, but also, I would say, speed reading habit. This your productivity because today meeting has got into your work. You don't believe me. Think on it. Broody means, um, lots at Do you need status on Facebook? By the way, Window is not leaving. So what happens is, while you're really means, what's the blog's? All those things you're actually leaving, so leaving has actually got into your work. So if you are a person who, like Story was positive, will not feel the size off pages, then you can be a person who is more productive, able to finish off us nicely, but better concentration and effectiveness. So this is the fifth on the only everyone. Dave, if you even do not like leaving, you want to build a reading activity Good for a clich productivity. Even if you don't believe in self, just do it for productivity. Because of eating, today has gone into your work life also in a social life for everyone. Whats app So the 35 major at one days off, leading Trust me, there are a lot lizards also proves that people who read lives longer so there are many advantages. But this are the only five. Even if you get one offer Roshni the leading activity afoot. What you're putting toe build a reading habit. I will vote it. So I'm so happy that you took the step because I'm sure the process off leading will help you get this four. And knowledge is. Anyways, you're getting by the reading activity. So thank you. 10. 10. Module 1 Introduction: welcome to the first model. In this, we're going to discuss the psychology about habit creation. What are the three important principles should you focus on building one happened order, time or multiple habits our time on. Then we'll also focus on how to select a book, and a bonus video is also waiting for you. Now I'm excited for you because the techniques what you're going to loan are applicable for building any habit, not a sleeping habit. So try to understand everything. Analyze everything so bad you're able to build a reading habit. 11. 11. You can't Build a Habit, you can Replace One: in spite new. Let me share an important thing about building habits. Now, one thing where you need to keep in mind issue not build new habits. Oh, you cannot build new habits. What you do is you can replace the habits. So yes, what we're here trying to do this will be placing some old Hamburg that is not benefiting. You can be watching TV. It can. The unnecessary browsing on Internet, whatever it is on being with someone who is toxic in your life and trying to replace it with did so one of the important principle about habitats. You cannot build habits. You usually replace them. What? I need you to reflect on that you're so sure about building a new habit off leaning, which is the habit that he will let go, or at least reduce the time spent. Okay, you need to let off some old habit. If you want to build a new habit so reflect on your life and see which habit will go so that reading habit can build up 12. 12. One Habit at a Time: now I'm sure that we were excited to build the reading habit, but at the same time, you also excited toe workout, Toby. Move Fred. At the same time, you want to learn some new skill on. There is a lot off coolest on your bucket list, and you're like How to do this everything. Trust me, it's not possible. Yes, our will Pablo. It's limited, so focused on building one new habit at a pine that said So. It's just one habit under time, so it for focusing on beginning. I don't want you to focus on building any other Harbert if it happens, actually, good, but it's not. You're not pushing yourself only push for You're going to do this on leading. Yes, it will take some time. You need to focus this one hammered at a time. In my experience. 15 20 days. Yes, just singular. Focus off doing it regularly for 15 20 days. Once you do that, then you can focus on doing other things, too. Now I'm sure you might be wondering, Hey, 15 days, I will not create a habit off walking over 15 days. Just me long term, 15 years. It's not a big thing. But if you try to do this within seven days, we like the movie on either work out because of global power is limited. Okay, they listen. Amount off how much we can push ourselves out off comfort on daily bases. So police focus on building one new habit at a time. Your 100 wasn't sure that you are going to lead on regular basis. Then it should be just feeding for next 15 days. But if you're busy with some other things for next a couple of months, finish your stars and then after a couple of months, start the leading habit. So I want you to focus on just one new habit at a time. 13. 13. Creating a Reading Goal: help in this video. What we're going to rescue us is how to create your reading goal. Now, if you're a person who has been reading a lot in the past, and now it's not able to read even a book, we'll start small, even though the schools is about reading a book a week. If you are not reading a book a month, also, trust me. Let's not focus on reading. Let's focus on at least leading a book in 15 days. In my experience, if Person is focused on, wants to build reading habit, he or she can finish a book in 15 days, respected off he or she has not really in past. So that's liminal Baseline. We're not going beyond that one book. 15 days. It has to be their interest. Me and the Blue pdf sure knew how it was easy to finish a book in 15 days. If you are already leading a book in 15 days, will focus on book a week, So this is how the gradual process will be. First, let's focus on leaving two books per month that is a book of 15 days. Once you are able to do it for at least a couple of months. Then we'll try to bring it down. Let's say 10 days on, once you're comfortable with that will go bank on a book off so that you're able to lead 50 do books in a your sums Exciting white so down lonely below. Pdf I've shown you how simple it is to Leeds that cool. What requires is the basic off the habit formation and the environment settings, which we're going to discuss in the courts. 14. 14. Ignore Naysayers: this'll do, let me share one thing. So when I started my leading activity, there were people around me. In fact, family members who are like what happens by reading while you're reading books. It's waste of time. Don't weed to stew now. I'm sure you'll make. A lot of people will laugh at you when you're really when you're commuting on when you should be doing some time pass but you're reading and that you're reading lunch. Break all your dinner break. There will be people will laugh at you be that's Sometimes it hurts all the time when they realize how you're talking, how you're able to communicate your ideas, the amount off knowledge you have, in fact than those people itself start pushing you to lead. And then after time it will be, Hey, you're not reading during, And the people who were initially trying to drag you back start pushing you. It's like the example of the windows, but the fire small. It distinguishes it. But when the fire is huge, it's spread said so on. The people around you like to paint. If you're inside, fire off, creating that meaning happiness huge. Those people will make sure that you read a lot. But if it's small, it will go all the and you'll keep on blaming others. But trust me, all that matters is how strong is your inner file? Yes. So ignore initially when people are trying to make fun off you. Okay? It really hurt. I'm not saying it's easy, but ignore them initially and after a time when they realized amount of knowledge amount off clarity you have, do you think batons? They will be just in all So that's it. Signal nieces who are trying to push you back give you focused right on will be leading happen. 15. 15. 3 Principles to build a Reading Habit: I thought this were new. I'm going to share three principles on that each and every habit. If you want to make or break our least. Okay, this tweet principles make sure listen to the nicely and clear your action plan by following this three principles. That's it. If you follow the street nicely, I'm sure you'll be able to make the reading habit look so force. Thing is, when you decide to do a new habit which are not doing the regularly, you tend to broke. Fascinated. You can forget about the first thing. The first principle is the cue. That is basically a reminder. Yes, if you decide, ask for your reading goal that you're going to wait 20 minutes in the night from 10 to 2020 . What will be the thing that will remind you a pen that you will start reading? Yes, So let me you an example. It can be a lot of block in your form. Okay, nothing. Probably act and saying read or it can be, let's say and then you are at your dining table. So there is a book which is always kept off there so that the more you Come on, the people and you see that look like Rudy are there can be your body partner who is leading with you who act then comes to in saying, Hey, we have to beat So initially you might feel this like basic thing. Why do Why do we need something to remind me? Trust me saying people who throw casting it like anything and then you're is it Oh, I forgot about it. So what will be your killed at the force principle? Something that reminds you. So let me you one more different way off looking towards like you, Q Is not something that let's remind us what the book are the phone reminder or text reminder. It can also be a place que so the moment you enter your house, the first thing you do is keep your bag away and struck reading. I get so that becomes a place que all it can be ankle. We opened this activity the wound you're done with your dinner, you start reading so those kind of kills are difficult to forget. Also doing you have about the first thing, definitely where it goes after that start winning. So you can cue with the place the wound enter this area. It's not willing, are also on particular activity. So this is the cube are different. The next is the routine. How usually what happens is we need Asper Our more 100 for 15 minutes tomorrow I will read for half an hour. After that, I might want to read. I think I will be here some other time. So there is not a fix looking in the police. So once you have decided that us for your gold hungry 20 minutes on a daily basis. What is that exact time? Where'd you read that? 20 minutes. Is it a trick 20 2020 are in the morning or the evening are in the afternoon. What is the time? It has to be fixed. Cannot change. As for your mood So you need to have a fix Routine in place now One of the things what are also with people? The scientifics rooting. But let's say you decide a tank hoping 20 You're going to lead on the bases. And then at night a friend calls you and say, Let's go for a week and then the plan goes for the DOS. Then you keep procrastinating it, saying, I did not read yesterday. I will start from a day of start from first off next one, and that you keep on casting. Eating it, too. Don't let that pass through. How a substitute grouping in police. If you can't read end, what is the back of plan eluded in the morning or the afternoon or next day will read from 10 10 for eight to make sure that you're not missing on it. So you need to have a substitute routine in place, also on the fly, noting it's the revolt. Okay, because US human, your other, the social animals and the animals really motivated by two things. I avoid Pete Orr to get pleasure. Yes, it over pain or get pleasure. Now, once you create a new activity off leaning richest Lee troubling for you mind it wants some reward. Some instant gratification that read today so that revolt can be as simple as eating a chocolate are watching a funny YouTube video are going for work or playing with your gets. Whatever it is, it has to be reward that Woody, it's been telling me to do that yes. So what is the revolt when it comes to report? It's a beautiful scenario that you need to keep in mind initially before can be It is oppose it off leading also because many people feel Hey, if I'm reading, I should not watch TV or I should not watch post episodes. That's completely fine. Initially, if that makes you happy, go for it. So the looting itself becomes the revolt. So initially, divorce can be anything. Okay, you need to experiment. But I've seen many people feeling at the revolt point off it. Revolt should be something that you might have to experiment. But keep in mind, that thing should motivate you to lead because you will wake up one day and realize today and no one. I'm not more this money. That's not interesting for him that died. It's the revolver that will motivate you, Eddie. So what I want you to do right now is signed. What will be your cue? Will it be the place all the time? Someone reminding you what will be your room being how many Mets your reading on daily basis? And finally, what will be your divorce? Keep on experimenting It's not the evil you create any good to execute 800 person. Also keep in mind what are the problems you might face, where you're going toe that ripping off the reform and do how a backup plan for it So blue SPD If make sure don't fill it on. Make sure that the industry all we are doing so that we apply it on you will be leading happy. 16. 16. How to Select a Book: So I'm sure you learned the technique. What I shared in the last video that helped me to leave 300 books. So it is a leading Ask for your need and ask for your interest. So in this video, I will share the exact metro that will help you to select the book to the first thing. What you need to consider before reading anything is what exactly your need is. Do you want to grow in your professionalized personal life? So forced is I didn't define your need. What is your need? Personal professional? On what exactly? In it saying I want to grow in professional life. It's a big cool. But what exactly do you want to be a better leader or better in finance? So then comes the part where you become specific on on that topic you research you Google Doc, three books on induced or three books. You try to read this summary online or even the description, and then you select one book with which you can connect with, and that will help you to satisfy your need. Once you put so much a foot in getting a book, then I'm sure you will read that book right now. How we start leading is if anyone recommends us a book we just directly start leading without any specific goal without not even being aware what you will get from this book. So remember these steps. First, you need to identify your need, then select the specific category in that need, find Dr Lee Books in that selected one and then start reading. I'll give you one example also. So one of the participants in my workshop came to me on said, Hey, group work. I want to grow in finance. I want to be better ongoing. More money, I asked. Hey, exactly one. Do you want to learn in finance? And he was like, Hey, I'm starting my new journey as an entrepreneur. I need those mindset to see towards money rather than a job mindset. So the specific need waas not finance. It was about the entrepreneur mindset when I asked him to Googled off P books in that category for a new entrepreneurs who we and he came out with three books. First Roasting and Road Ridge, Mr Borden and 01 I'm sure all this book are mostly book and you should be does book. But I asked him Hey, what is it exactly right now he is like, This is my started, Andi. I want to grow that start about so so rich that order, thing and role. It's our wonderful books, but 0 to 1 is much more relevant right now. So once he Googled, once he see this somebody about their description, he was like 0 to 1 will solve my present need. And then he selected that book and you will be sure that post never read a book in last six months. But he was able to lead 0 to 1 and just a week. So once you put so much afford in finding those books, I'm sure you will finish then Remember toe, specify your need and read exactly a sport that 17. 17. Hot Cold Empathy Gap: And so I knew I will share one important mindset shipped about habit on. I'm sure people are not doing this or I will say not planning for this. And that is the reason. 90% off people, no matter how good your plan s, no matter how good off course you have. No matter whatever if you know, do the thing. What I'm seeing in this video, you will to fight? Yes. On the things weren't sharing is something on us. Hot, cold, empathy, Gap. What happens is right now your neck 100 wasn't excited to build the leading habit. So you land on how do it? What are your goals? How you do it? A little body yourself forward with pine efforts. Your daily action plans your number off box your time. Exeter Exeter. Yes, Blanning escort. It has to be. But one of the things we feel to keep in mind is we are not thinking about the problems that will uncle on that dime. Yes, and then you a simple example. Okay, if I give you two options, really eat chocolate. But you like the most all you ate and food right now. If you are a good calm straight off your mind. You went easy, respected chocolate and you will eat a suit. But let's say let's give a different scenario. You're working hard to walk today. There are a lot of problems which are baby so doing it. And then at the end of the day, I ask you, will you the chocolate or reviewed and apple? I'm sure 90% off you will go for the chocolate. See, the plan was very clear that you knew healthy food should be eating on regular basis. But the scenario waas such that empathy was not there because at that time you're facing so much problem in your life on duty that you made that decision. So this is what happens when we are planning. We do not think about the mindset, what will be so if I say I will ability for 20 minutes, it would be possible. Let's of initial toasted and I have the maximum amount off work it will be. So what is back home trying to do on that day? Something different. So I'm taking a break on that day. You need to think through the problems that you will go through to discuss on how you should plan yourself to build a hammer. But I want you to do is you're planning regularly on N number off things. But when you're planning, wait a second. Reflect on the state off mine, what will be there exactly at that point, when you're doing it, not thinking about doing it, see the scenarios that can happen. Okay. Once you do that, then you can plan yourself, Beto, so that once you are ready with for facing all the problems, it becomes easy to plan a practical plan rather than something which is just looks good on people. So what are the problems that can come by leaning one? You, you might be tired. Second, someone might be shouting or trying to distract. You told there are so many things that are going on your head. Fourth, you might be feeling sleepy. So all those questions are answered in before the videos. Or do you need to think for yourself because those things work for me work from participants? It would mean on may not work for you, but what are your action steps or what are your nice it shivs and you read for 20 minutes, Steny, but Q something values. You're not able to do it. So what is the pack plan that will be there? Because plan may look good on people, but that is not very. It was certain toe it was system so that execute in your life. So think through the problems and then formulate your plan on this will make sure that you are executing this plan in such a way that you are able to build the leading happen. 18. 18. Avoid Cold Turkey: no. When you want to build the reading habit. As I mentioned earlier, you cannot build a habit. You actually replace it so there is some bad 100 which you want to be. Please. Now usually what happens is whenever I say Hey, you want to build a reading habit which habit he will stop From tomorrow onwards, I will stop on our off TV. That's like that's not going to happen. It's like extreme cold turkey matter. The cold turkey mature is huge for smoking. Okay, people beside from tomorrow onwards No smoking. This does no work. Your progress has to be step by step. So if you're going to replace some habit by leading even, it should not be like an extreme from tomorrow. Most motive. You're no going or not be meeting with that person. Try to reduce its the best it can be told him It's off TV tournaments off reading. Then ask your comfortable with that you increase that So please, no gold Turkey mattered No extreme, no waking on Born dancing. From today I will be for to us no go step by step. Mike Leo. That's it. From the smooth 19. 18 A. Bonus - Why reading Multiple Books at a time is Important: in this video, I'm going to discuss why reading multiple books is important. Now you might be wondering Hey, is that I couldn't wrong why reading multiple books should not be done. No, it should be. And in this video, we're going to discuss four reasons for doing that. So this is worth a beautiful court, which I came across. That is why a personal s Francis. What he has shared is some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed on, some few to be chewed on digested, that is some books are too. We read only in parts brother Toby Red, but not curiously on some few to be read Holy on with delusions on attention. So what is usually means is you need lead books asked for the reading style and basically that is what we do in all the velocity needing course between you on how to be faster, how to be slow and require, so that once you have different rules, you can decide when to go slow to go fast. Now, as for the scored, it also means that you can lead multiple books at a time. The reason being every time your concentration level will not be the same on that brings me to when the force reason why reading multiple books is important. So the reason is books don't have emotion. But you had You have emotions, too. Someday I'm excited. I want to read more about history and curious so I can read a history book some part off the day as just one calmness. That time I can read a spiritual book. But if it were decided to lead Affection book in a particular would that mood is not going to be seen. You remember the hot, cold empathy Gap went, creating habit. You need to keep in mind what the scenario will be when you're applying that step. So let's say you signed your reading daily couple off days after you might not be feeling excited to read that book. Sometimes a break will help. Now let's come to the second point. What happens is if you're reading a book, and if you don't find it interesting now, just because you have decided that you will leave this book, you push yourself to do it on. Even if you don't like it, there is a limit on how much you can push your power at a certain time. You wouldn't write down on you will not seen a stand book on you. Don't get your not even touch. A different book isn't that thing just because I have not read this book, I will not read any other books. And in that case, you don't read this book. Not any book. Please. Okay. It's okay to be multiple books at a time because it will help you to remove that guilt trip . So a couple of days, you might run believing this book, but you're reading this book so that reading activity is continued. So that's point number two. There is no pressure to finish. The book now on the same lines is feeling its apart off life, not apart off life. So just because you want to lead 15 minutes full day with concentration, and throughout your day you're not sleeping right? You're not eating very your too much stress. It's difficult to focus even for 15 minutes. So at that time, we can read something like something funny, something that requires less off your brain so that you continue with the reading process. Because what happens moment posts and faces some stress, and it's not able to focus. He quotes the book. Yes, that should not happen. So one book can be difficult where you want to finish it, but one can be read in part, something fun, something easy to go with. So for me, this is a spiritual book, because that 15 minutes when I'm not going to focus, I'm so much distracter couple of spiritual lines makes me in the present moment. It makes me come, makes me focus. So that's fine about three reeling this part off life not apart off life. So if you're reading multiple books based on Asper, your grouping your lifestyle, you can change book passport. Your move Now the food point is you can not only retain but also connect, So if you just have a knowledge off book, you will just try to retain it. But if you're reading multiple books, you'll be able to connect with it also, so the same content can be seen from a different viewpoints. So that is a beauty off it. You will not only able to reading but also coming. So that is why I promote reading multiple books at a time. Also because sometimes a book of the book a week might get too much first. So it's OK that you read multiple books at a time. Keep focus on one book. Okay, amount of concentration Toe finished that book, but sometimes when you're not feeling toe touch that book not go and what Stevie lead some different book. I likely with this, so it's OK. Read multiple books. 20. 19. Module 1 - Summary: I'm sure this morning you will give you a lot of information. Name, bottom, principal skill, routine reward. What are your important principles, then how? The select a book. I'm sure you went toe that graph. It's beautiful. Start with your need on why it is important to ignore the naysayers watering pull you down . And also why not to apply the cold turkey mature it never works or try to be away from it. And also the bonus video off. Why reading multiple books at a time is important. Also healthy a lot. 21. 20. Module 2 - Introduction: thin this morning. We're going to discuss the least concern factor when it comes to building any habit that is effect off environment on habit received here. Independent, off environment That's not toe in this model. You will see how the environment affects your habit on then how greek it not just your offline, but also your online environment, how to tweak it so that it always keeps you bending towards reading and not go see distracting activities. 22. 21. Effect of Environment on Reading: let me share an important principle which you always need to keep in mind that our will power is limited. Yes, a will Power is limited and it is influenced a lot. Yes, it is influence a lot with environment around us. Yes, environment around us. So the whole objective is to make sure anyone to build a habit off leading you need to make sure how you can use the environment in such a way that it supports the feeding. And it is not something which is trying to get you down. So, one example is if you decide that you want to read on a regular basis on there are enough books in your office on as far less Yoko. So that when you feel like meaning you have a book or are you carrying a candle or are there enough? Pdf any off food Very would like to be Yes. So the whole object was using the environment in such a way that it supports the activity and not against. So you went and endured and you will be like all this works. So there was a research well done. The person wanted to stop watching TV on. He was watching for a couple of hours. 40. So what? The activity? Waas. Very simple. Remove the cells from the TV remote on, Keep them in another room. That's it. A 12th activities. So whenever he wants to change the China, he gets up. He goes little. Hey puts the since mark in the remote changes. The China they don't get removes it and keep it on you. So it's hardly 12th activity. Trust me. Just the small shift in the environment made sure that he did not watch TV for an R and started reducing. This is how a small shift in the environment will affect you if you want. Oh, drink lots off water. But every time we get up and go to the water cooler to drink it, it's not happening. But if you always carry a small waterboarding with you and you keep on swimming and regular intervals, you will drink a lot off water. So the whole objective here, what we'll see is how do you so environment in such a way that it assess leading and not just the offline environment but also the all nine environment? I would recommend which acts to download on your phone so that every time you feel like going, I bust full. There's an app for it so that you can start reading something on you. Do you subscribe simply more Facebook, so that every time you're spending time on there, in fact, it also share for what's up. You can be my list under its less critical list so that it will make sure that your continuously leaning on YouTube, though standards, should pop up recommended videos off the book. There should be book somewhere is in your food will try to create an environment and such a day that it assist your reading and not something which black Sudar noticing your environment and see this is assisting you. You're really activity are trying to get around. So that's a fun this video. See your environment and see this things you can get rid off it and how you can create a reading environment 23. 22. How to not get disturbed by Distractions: Hello. In the certain you I will share the mindset ships that will make sure that you're not getting distracted by the outside distractions that are happening. One beautiful thing which I came across in one off a spiritually book. It's the only thing that we don't accept you can display. Act you is the only thing that you don't accept can distract you little Did you listen? Are you have seen people reeling and coffee shops? This might have bean housing People walking in coffee shops. Yes, we bought houses in Starbucks Cafe coffee Very what it is now, if you want a fair Okay, there are a lot of noises that are going, but still people are able to walk out there similarly readily. Your present is sitting right now just posed to produce on your recorder phone recorder on DSI. How many noises were able to record and trust me. One feel that most were is calm, but there are lots off background noise, but what we have inhabited risk to ignore those noises. That is the reason people are able to leave in coffee shows because they have accepted pulls. Distributes will be there on the only distractions which you do not accept. Why did the potion shouter while it Tripolis and enter, or why it happened at that time? If you do not access the things different, distracted and you will not be able to concentrate now, yes, don't take it to an extreme. If someone is being a speaker at very high wondering, it becomes very difficult to focus. But a small water is not distracting, only distracted because there's an angle which is building inside off you. How this person can do that when reports moves are leading. Except those distractions. If you audible feeling habit that will be time in environment will not be so conducive for it. But accept that this environment will be there in such a way, right? Do your best. Try to get away from their environment. But due to some reasons, if you cannot accept it and you'll see how much can you will become on, you'll be able to concentrate 24. 23. Identifying and Ignoring Negative Triggers: So if you observe your environment, there are certain locations which goes you to do something else and not reading. So it can be having a phone within WiFi connection so that once you start browsing, you do not stop. Or it can be spending dying with some bullets and who keeps on going on and on on you just waste your time. So you know, I didn't define which on the 80 years where you can actually read. But there are some Bricker's that are stopping you. So for me, it's like if I have a full and enduring connection is on every 10 minutes I keep on checking. Is there a new next on? This is a bad habit because if you want to have a focus leading time, this is not going to help the first thing water. Do us keep the formally yes, to widen the fact. What are the triggers that will reduce your reading time? You need widen defined those struggles. Can the object that food or can be a place. It's very difficult to come home and then quickly start leaning because your partner, my I want to have some time that you are your mom and dad. I want to talk to you for you to decide. What are the locations where you cannot lead? And if you try to do it, you feel so I didn't avoid it or wait for it to finish that location, to go over your finished a situation to go away and then lied. So for me, the first is the food. Second, it's ready. Difficult for me to get to under day? Yes. When I am walking for me, it's really difficult. So what I do is either read at night. It's a comic possible or only in the morning. So what are you triggered locations? Can you read an office? Completely Find great for it. But if you cannot, don't try Bussi Okay in office. I'm going to read for 10 minutes. That's not going to happen because that location is struggling So many parts in your mind that you cannot focus. So which is that place that goes calm, peaceful atmosphere for you So that you start leaving so be away from negative triggers and go towards me. Positive one 25. 24. Reading is a part of Life and not apart from Life: in this video. I'm going to share the sentence which you cannot afford to miss. Are you ready? So listen to this carefully. Good evening. It's a part off life and not a barred off place. Reading is a part off life and not apart from life sounds simple light meeting activity. It's part of your life and not something we just away from your life. Now let me put you in a scenario. Let's say you, designer, where you want to read 20 minutes daily on on the one you're able to do it, they do. You happy that you're able to do it again? Day three More than happy your cloud nine did it. But Day four wasa stressful e your tired on the When you take up a book, you start feeling sleepy. You're not able to focus. Concentrate at that time. You keep the book half of in your legs. Not able to do a reading on seeing stressful looting goes out for a couple of more days and still you're not able to leave. And you you start building up a mindset that you're not made for reading. Yes, I've seen many people. They have seven day stretch where they're not able bodied due to hectic rooting on on a day before it about like a reading. It's not something that will happen for me. I'm not me for building the leading happen. It's nothing to do with that. It's nothing to do with that. Reading this apart off your life. If your life is stressful, if you're not eating white, it really difficult for you to constant and you will feel sleepy. They only use that. Excuse me a moment. I start reading. I feel sleepy. That can happen. But usually if you observe your routine, it's not something that is helping you bullied. So if you cannot get you're looking right, stop blaming on others. Start blaming on beating. Stop blaming on your braid. It's more biological than psychological. You cannot be so hard on your brain because the fourth is off body. You need to relax. You need to take a quick. Even if it was seven weeks off, not cleaning. That's completely fine. As I told you, everyone will feel sometime, or the other question is will get a firm it or use it as a skills not meeting ever again. So, Mike that ship, when I want to cable, it's leaning Bach off life. So whatever the grouping you follow is a condition for the 20 minutes or 30 minutes or are reading really want double on daily bases, if not need to change your thanks? Yes, you need to change those things. If you're not, you'll never be able to do it. So keep that in mind if your boot dryer who exerted read some simple book, don't take a book which is difficult to comprehend. Take a simple school, remember leading us apart and apart from life. 26. 25. Online Environment : her in this review, we're going to discuss how to make sure that your phone environment gets your phone environment is such that it makes sure that you are tilted more towards reeling every time . You only So I'm sharing three application, which you should have in your four. The first is the booklet app. Okay, it has book. Somebody's in audio as well as text on it has more than 50 books summaries and available in Android as well as iPhone. So make sure to download God so that every time you're browsing on four trying to go sometime past, you can see that happened. Mental remind. Hey, I want to read on. Please make sure to use that It has a beautiful book, Somebody's and everything for free. Yes, everything for free. So right now, positivity, you go and download the booklet Bab good you have done Let's go to the second. The second app is medium now if you if you might already be a very few if you might not be there. So people who are not aware let me tell you in one simple sentence. What is medium? Are you a bit about you? Q. Yes, you are right. 1,000,000 will be such a high level right now where the UK is for the reduce. So medium has the best off best articles written from the best off Otto's bloggers. Lot of successful people are writing out there, and it is very user friendly. Yes, it has a freemium model. Few articles are free and fewer paid but rushing. It has a lot of free country, and you can follow the writer with you like you can read all their post on dress made. It is designed in such a way that it gives you engage in the leading activity, have sometimes spend like more than half an hour, and I have decided I will just go and medium and read one article. Dustin is ready, engaging, done so white. No pause. The video. Go on down through the medium. I hope you have download an app on Toad. It's a Kindle app, which I'm sure you're already over there. What? Kendall is your skin, the listen all just that. Have what you need to buy. You can get it in your phone in your laptops, and it's available for different devices also so downloaded kindle app. It also has a lot of free books you can download that start leading them on. Every book has a sample download. Also, you can read that to you need to remember the here. What we're trying to do is create an environment such that every time you on your phone rather than clicking on the Facebook you click on Booklet 1,000,000 Kendall. Anything that gets you put Worsley meeting process now what is the second part where people spend most of their time that it's on you? You wait now, even on YouTube, I recommend you go on, subscribe right now, toe the three chance those are doing phenomenal book off creating books. Somalis in such a way that they are also engaging and at the same time will give you the knowledge. The first is the fright mediocrity. Yes, it's a beautiful channel. Fight mediocrity. Go on YouTube and subscribe it white. Now the next is the Children E. Same former whiteboard videos, book summary and also any engaging. On the third is the Brain. Johnson's philosopher notes. Just time Braille. Johnson's book summaries on. He has a phenomenal content, the Condi off country either spraying Johnson might be the one off the top five people who have certain so much about books make sure to follow his YouTube channel. Also on a small disclaimer. I'm not getting any commission by promoting industry channels or the state ABS. It's my entire agenda is getting in the reading process if there is any more AB that gets you to the reading downloaded. If any YouTube channel motivates, you, read more, subscribe to it. So the whole I don't know what we are here trying to do is make sure that your phone environment is such that every time you click on full, you are consciously telling us it's really, really read because, as you know, environment can make or break a habit. So let's try to use environment for our gold. 27. 26. Bonus - One Tip to get more Reading done while Commuting: I think this video I'm going to share one step that will help you go need more while commuting. I'm sure you might be commuting for a lot of time regularly for your work or for any other activity which you like to do on. So while commuting, if you won't believe more, you need toe anticipate on land for it. So, for example, if you're traveling by local train, which has more crowd at that time, it's been difficult to read. Ah, hard copy, but don't use it as a reason for not reading a book. What can we substitute for it? Feeling it on your phone? Yes, can be done in gives the phone size of book so it's comfortable for you to lead on. Give yourself permission off. Getting distracted a bit because you won't be able to need at such high speed as you need a hard copy are not the same concentration. Also so. But continue the reading process the moment you planet, you anticipate that a really distraction it becomes easier to read more on you will not use distractions as a reason for not reading. I'm sure that you few scenarios which you will not be able to anticipate, but that's okay. Sometimes while commuting, you won't feel like leaving. That's completely fine. But it should be. Sometimes some majority off banks and try to analyze why that sometimes you won't feel like reading, so that will help you to anticipate and plan better. So this is my tip. Make sure to plan your reading material better so that you can read a lot. Why commuting? 28. 27. Module 2 - Summary: I'm sure this morning you'd helped you a lot. You will. Power is limited. And what helps you 20 note for long appear is your environment on also the online environment, the abs, the motive channel What I shared, I'm sure if you change you and wind as what we discuss in this morning, you'll be able to build a reading habit quite easy. 29. 28. Effect of Music on Reading: in this video, we're going to discuss the effect off music on your concentration. Now many people have this confusion. Should they keep the background music on while they are reading, or should they keep it off? So there is a lot off the search for on and off. Both have their own valid points, but in my experience, I for force two years off my reading journey, I usedto keep the background music off. No music, entire focus on books. But lately, even by keeping the music own, I'm able to focus better on this, making me more comma. So I'm opposing who will say yes, Go for the background music. Definitely. It has few guidelines you cannot select music with. Relax, because if that's the case, you will start seeing the song and your journey will go somewhere else. So it has to be a simple music. It can be a kit on. It can be a flute, this type of new cube music for concentration music for focused music, for comments. They have lots of music or they're on wonderful music. It makes you come. So one more thing what you need to realize do not make it loud. They sell these in fiscal music in Bagram because it has to be back. Okay, so don't make it loud Now. This being said, I am for the music you can be a person does not like music, but it's not comfortable. It's 100% up to you. So how to select a music? I just shared something that makes you go. That's it. Any music If it makes you come focus, Go for it. Don't think too much about it. The only islands not allowed and songs from not how it looks. These are the only guidelines out here on one more thing that you a beautiful scenario. Why the music should be dead. And then you realize you will also start keeping a scar music in the background. Now what happens is let's see your leading in a coffee shop or your reading in your office . And there is a slight distraction Someone pens forward or someone open strict all and that noise is able to penetrate to your head. And you're like, OK, what happened? But if there is a music that is going in the background, okay, it has already increased the level of threshold for the other distracting noise to come and disturb you because there is already some noise which is going on in the background. So even if you don't believe the resource which says it makes me calm, focus, just do it for the sake because it is increasing the threshold off other noises. Other noises has to be more loud if they want to distract, because in background, you're really Howard notes. Isn't that cool on? One more thing is, I prefer more off nature's noises so it can be a C can be a friend. So there are various APS, as well as thousands off videos with beautiful music on you. Q. Go select whatever you like. On the end of the day. This is more off a personality selection rather than me saying okay, disheartening for music that you should listen. So try the music out if you're not done, and if you're already doing it awesome, continue 30. 29. Two FAQ's while Reading: in this video, let me answer questions which are most frequently asked First, do you retain everything? What you read? No, it should not be. You need to just retain things. What are useful for you are the things that you're going to apply. The rest should just be understood. So don't start reading any book with a cool that you're going to learn everything in that book. That is not going to happen. And even if it does, it will not be consistent. So make sure to retain only important things that you find. But yes, you need to understand everything. What you are reading The second question is, should I read the entire book? Yes. If you're reading fiction book, how can you lead to win? But we not necessary if you're really nonfiction book. So when it comes to nonfiction book, you need to be clear with your expectation. So when I say book a week, I am expecting that you read an entire book. But let's Azima scenario where, after nearly half a book, you get the feeling that this is not for you. This you cannot connect with the auto. This is like no you won't be able to do it. It's completely fine. Get rid off that book. Take up a new book, revised the whole on Continue or there will be some parts which interesting more. Some wound. So that's completely fine. Okay, indeed. Asked for your interest initially under an issue burrito that level at a respected off, your more the habit will kick in and you finish everything you need to remember that nonfiction books were Your Reading are for Your Growth. It's not to get that satisfaction that I completely the book. Sometimes it's okay to skip fue para girls, but he escaped the intention off taking maximum from the book. But if you cannot connect that certain part, that's completely fine. Leave it out. So vihd ask for your interest and ask for your idea off growth on. Don't get in the habit off really each and every board on retaining it. Test me this bad expectation off Really everything. Anything. Everything is the primary cause why many people are not able to build the reading habit 31. 30. Should I Read Everyday?: should I read every day? This is a question I always get. Now the answer to the question is asked for your personality. We'll be seeing your personality died in the next module. But here, what I want you to do is should I read daily? The answer can be yes and no asked for the personality. But yes, it has to have a weekly goal and step by step broken down. I personally do not read. Davey on Disposal is trying to teach me regularly. Listen to me. I meet my weekly dark. It's at least financed three books in a week. I did not read daily, but I lied once in two days. But the moment I said, I need at least to me, us on, trust me at my spiel. That's a good amount off Bind to finish a book off through 50 to 300 pages. Yes, I have a better leading spring than many in velocity leaving workshop. In fact, I think that are going crazy reading speed, so it's not important to lead daily. But yes, there has to be replete under on Sunday. You can take off chill on next day, make sure increase your routine time off leading so that you're able to balance to it. So if you skip some, they don't go on guilt trip. You have six days off the vehicle remaining. Try to balance it in that way. So that's it from this video. 32. 31. How to avoid Feeling Sleepy while Reading?: I feel sleepy while reading How do we read? Offered. So let me answer that question in this video. Now, few people seem sleeping any time. Those are special category off people whom I cannot help, but people who feel sleepy while reading this on a few things that helped me, and I'm sure it will help you. So the first thing see me to Rambo reading It's a part off life, not something just apart from your life. So if you're having a stressful day dying, they you will feel sleepy, respect you off leading any activity that streams your mind. Your brain will try to avoid it because it is already tired. Some first, be biologically already See are eating right as you're looking good. If everything is cool and then you're feeling sleepy, then let's come to the next point. Now the one thing What me tau understand this. The brain is getting exercised. Yes, the brain is getting exercised while it is reading, so it will feel die. It will feel sleepy, so once you accept that that it might be a possibility. Then you can walk out of that. So it is because the pain is getting exercise. Now let's talk about how to make sure that you're being is able to be on continuous basis. No, before state is if you're feeling died. If you're feeling sleepy, take a book, which is easy to understand because if you take a lighter material, it becomes comfortable for Bring Toby for more amount off time. The second is the environment that environment is making. You're feeling sleepy. Get a jeans deal, go to a different scenario. It was a new environment. It's not easy to feel sleepy. Bless if you're a person who likes to listen, toe certain music's that gives you activated on that music. Okay, make notes. This has helped me a lot. Meet mood. If you're feeling tired just trying to think. If I want to summarize it, how will I do it if I want to apply how we live, like what will remind notes so forced? Be biologically ready, Make sure you're looking as good. Second, understand that it's more like an exercise. Your brain will get tired so you can change the environment. You can do it with some activity on, in case you feel sleepy. After reading 5 10 pages. That's not a bad thing. You did something right is better than nothing. So we don't use the reason that I always feel sleeping while reading. So I will never read. Even in that process. What is a security option? You will go on cell phones. Is that good for your eyes or for your brain? No. Hell, no. So it's better even if you need five minutes before you sleep. I'm still called a successful day. So please, when it comes to sleep while revealing the sound of ways in which you can glide it on, there might be something which is already helping it. Let me know that, dude. So that's it from this video. 33. 32. 4 Ways to Concentrate more while Reading: how to concentrate more while Li Ling. This is the question that has, Bean asked, Let's say more than 1000 times to me on. I have explored a lot myself to find out the simple but effective techniques on end this video you're going to loan for off them the first fingers. Write down your thoughts. Yes, Many times you cannot focus on books because there are too many parts that are going in your mind. So take a piece of paper, write down everything that is going on your hair just like down 5 10 thoughts that are dominant. The when you do that, it feels like yes, you look right out past overdue, write down things going in your mind and then played and you will see a concentration shift here itself. So pause it. Pause it right now I'd only five of them things that are going your head except this really possible. I hope youll get it now. I'm sure you will be more focused while listening to the remaining part off this video. So when to put everything on paper, you're like, Hey, the thoughts are out here. Now your mind can focus on reading on while reading If there some thoughts that comes to mind. Hey, I made this wild with this bosom like and then and there, rather than keeping the thought behind and trying to say, I will remember when it has to be remembered. And in that case, your brain will bring back that part two or three more times and you'll get distracted. So keep a piece of paper with you. Write down the things that are going in your head. That's a full step. The second step is use your pen, pencil or finger as pointer on whatever you're reading. I know this sounds childish, leading each and every line in this format for people who know junking from speed reading. You know you go in this moment, but for others, let's go simple read in this format. So when you read with the help off pen pencil off single, it keeps you focused. In the present moment. Your brain and your eyes are following your fingers on it avoids your hand, going anywhere else and getting distracted. You know where you hand goes, right? It goes in your pocket on drinks out the cell phone. So if it is already engaged. That won't happen on next step is do brain gym exercises. Now I'm back Fun off retention exercises in my many e courses. You'll see brain gym exercises when dio those are simple exercises designed in such a way. That was totally seconds. Your focus will be back in the present moment. Let me show you a couple off them. So force for your come in terms of former and video indexing goes straight and then mentally, after every booze I can say switch, switch, switch, switch. Touch me. This is not easy to do. If you're full spangle the moment you start doing this activity, your focus is back in the present moment on. Once you're done, you can start reading. So this is one off the pain, Jim. Exercise. Pause the video breed for 30 seconds and then we'll see the next exercise. Now I'm sure you might have done this and you are already getting hang offered. Bless you are having fun. The next exercise is simple. It starts with this war. Might one to we full fyi for queen to what a simple Yes, it is simple, but not easy. Yes, definition of simple. It's not easy. So the wound you do this exercise off. Why do three full fly? This will bring you back in the present moment. Even if you make mistakes while doing this exercise, that's completely fine. But the process of doing it will make sure that you're in the present movement. On the Step four is having good body Poor show. Now, when I say good body polls show Yes, I pray for a bit a load, Portia, rather than this pose show. Okay, This poor should make sure that you're focused on you're able to read for longer period off time. Also with a comfortable level on. I don't want your book to be down here. It should not be even here. This is my preferred is an ideal post show. But yes, not everyone has. That s so you can keep it. Tokyo try to take your chair below so that it's more on the eye level. So the fourth point is how body language with supports your aiding activity rather than which supports your sleeping activity. So let me revise the four. Thanks to the first thing Waas I know all the parts that are going your mind and keep that people with you toe the reading process. So that moment you get any thought, You put it out there. Second, you spend pencil or fingers so that it keeps you out there. Tour do brain gym activity that will make sure your focus and fifth have a positive body language. Because you need to remember your mind for Lois your body. If you have a positive body language, you'll be more focused rather than this negative body language where you will see sleepy. So this on my four steps, and I'm sure this will help you. 34. 33. How to be more Focused while e-reading?: in this video, we're going to discos. One of the questions that I get asked a lot how to focus or concentrate better when comes to Pdf or any online leading. Now there are a few things that will help you. So the first thing is you need to increase the phone size in such a way that it is comfortable for your eyes. The hard copy does not have this option, but the soft copy has so please use it and zoom into an extent your comfortable. And if you're enrolled for our velocity, you know, concept like junking. So what you need to do is Suman do in such an extent where you can finish line in two totally chunks such writers women To that extent, the second step is keep the reading material in the centre off the screen now, full or laptops. Okay, there is a certain amount off section that will come in the center. So what happens is in within 10 to 15 seconds, you're under getting that, and so that your continuously schooling so that means you engage with the material. What happens is, if you are not doing that you're reading from the bottom of the screen, and it takes a lot of time, and there is a chance that you will get distracted or lost in some other thoughts. So keep the reading material in Santo that will make you engage. And it's also better for your eyes. Good. You can use some APS like at blocos. I personally use instant people. It's a beautiful. What do you need to do is you need to copy your block, you are ill and based it out there. It removes all the ads on just shows you were text. A beautiful are on if you're not there. IPhone users. There's an option known a salido at the top off the Sephardi the when you open any block. If it has need of functionality on the left side off the you are there, you will see lines, the one to click on it. The block will get transformed just toe text, and it will remove all the ads. So this and my three tips first make sure Exume into an extent that is comfortable at just the brightness. Also in that way, the second step escaped the reading material. Incentives toward type get rid off that arts coming in blocks by using some up moon. It's instant people, all the leader option, which is already there in safari. So thank you so much. Make sure apply the street steps. I'm sure it will help you to read comfortably on all the electronic devices. 35. 34. Bonus - 3 steps for Increasing your Child's Interest in Reading: in this bonus video I'm going to give you create its that will make sure that even your trial is getting interested. Indeed, Now many burdens have asked me. He my kid, is not reading. They have tried all the tradition metals, that giving rewards, giving threats. And it works sometimes, but not usually. So I'll give you three steps. Okay, if you follow this, trust me, they will walk to the first step. You need to stop motivating and start inspiring so many of whom is there's no role model for your care to follow in reading. Then it's very difficult to push your child. So what you need to do is you have enrolled for this course, so make sure you tell your care he can be a follow person for you that you're dealing a book a week. So in that case, even your child gets interested to really, because he's seeing her father model is reeling regularly, so that is the force you need to inspire. Everything starts from the thing rather than Brian Beauty and outside America. Leo's who start inspiring. So this banks meter point number two No. One do start inspiring. You also keep on engaging, so read with your child. Even that is just five pages. The process of doing it together will not only help your child to get interested in leading , but also it will improve your born and trust me, it will take you born that level. That's an awesome read with your child, even if it, like 10 minutes board a awesome and the final thing is how patients come on. You might have feel a lot when creating reading habit. Right now, many off you might still be struggling, so you need to be patient. Sometimes your child will read a lot, something not at that time. You cannot be like Hey, long from that child is reading so much and you are useless. Don't get in the arid do. It will take time for your child to deliver leading process. So have patients on. Also, let your child Reed has his or her liking. Let's see your child likes football. Give him the biography off message to all the Ronaldo or some article ability with that so that your child get interested to read, asked for his liking and other than you forcing few fiction nonfiction book recommended by others. So this other three steps first started Mining Second Real with your child and told how patients on Please give him on ho books, passport, their liking and not what you like. I'm sure if you are patient enough, even your child will get of the leading happened. 36. 35. Module 4 - Introduction: So let's come to the final part where you do a personality test by following the Four Tendencies Book by Gretchen Ruben. It's one of the best book. If you want to analyze, how happens are formed. So I'm excited to find your personality. I argue question you. Are you able? Are you a polar or are you on obliged? So quite excited. Let's see in the next radio on trying to find out more about what this assessment is all about. 37. 36. Personality Type: in this video, we're going to discuss one of the important thing that will make sure that you are able to build the reading habit. Now, has this happened with you? You went to a person who reads a lot. You are some steps. Okay? How? I should build a leading habit on he give you a tip, Andi, You try to apply it. But it did not work. Yes, this has happened with the Yes. The reason is the person who might have given that will have a different personality type. And you have a different personality type. Our habits are also influence by our personality type. So here, what we're going to do is I'm sure a pdf 50 below. You have to make sure to do a personality assessment test. The name is the Four Tendencies should take you Max two max. 10 minutes. It will give you one off the personality type. It can be applied show, upholder, rebel or question. Now you basic about it. And then we'll discuss each tendency in detail. In fact, impious. There is a link where the auto Gretchen Rubin, who is the creator off this assessment shares what is each personality type means Here, let me tell you how this test came into the picture. Whatever you do in life, any habit you want to form is based on two things. It's the outer expectations on the inner expectations. So based on it, you will have a four different variations on outpost are you'll have one personality type, so make sure you don't know that Pdf links are mentioned. Do test and also see the relevant video or spore your personality type on. I'm sure I'm sure you will learn a lot about your personality from that test. 38. 37. Each Personality Type is Different: I hope you have done your personality test on. I'm sure Once you watched the video back Gretchen Rubin, you caught a lot off insights about your personality. Now let's discuss a couple of things, and you will realize how different you are. So let's say someone is an oblige. Oblige. A is a person who responds toe outer situations very nicely. So, for example, the depth, like announced on Facebook. But you're going to read 50 books. The seal will make sure that posted Nissa dealing, because then people will be asking toe that person. But if the same thing is stride by a rebel personality type who is not meeting outer expectations as well as in our expectation, he'll get frustrated by people constantly asking about the same time you see how different this same technique share it with all how much you're going poorly it so that it will make sure that you read works well. This will not work for this. Let us take a difference in on you. Environment should be cool, calm. It's important for let's say, everyone out here rebel. It can also be applies your or questionable. But for an upholder, they have a lot off internal discipline. I am an upholder, so this kind of people, if they decide they want to read it, began, need it. So the technique off creating a good environment for me, I will see that this is not that you So why should I do that? And it will not work for me. Also, let's come to one more question for questioning. They have toe know the exact reason why they are leaving a book. Anybody work there leading, they have 100% clear. That is the core personality type. I'm sort of rebel. You cannot have a fix set off books that they're going to need. They will get frustrated. If you decide to get this on the three books that you're doing it in this month, they will get frustrating. For them, freedom is important for questioning and knowing the court reason it's important for obliged you there to create an environment, the society, because they respond my state off the situation on for upholders like us. Sometimes we need to go easy on ourselves because we might face the scenario off born out. So the bill OPD of ask for each personality type. I have created an action plan for you. Okay, make sure Downloaded Asperger Post sandy type friend. The things which are required on make sure to stick to it. You need to remember we have gone through a lot about habit formation. No about habits right now. In normal, leading now you also know about your personality. The thing now remaining is how to combine it into one and put into action, combining it into one eye on that for you also stick with it for next three days and you will see wonderful results. Download that hideous. Take a friend Filic and put it somewhere very well. Really. See it so that it keeps on the mining. You about what? Action plan you should follow. So I'm sure you will do that on you. Build the habit off leading Booker. We 39. 38. Module 4 - Summary: So we come to end off this model. So you know your personality type right now. One thing. What you need to remember Those four circles are not away from each other. Those are or lapping, so you can be deposed in other soakers. Sometimes off your life like an upholder can be applied a sometimes questioning sometimes, So Louisville followed creates off each other a bit in between. Also in some part off your life, you might falling one some. You might follow different, but your core won't change and hear what we're trying to do is create habit. Ask for your court tendency. I'm sure you love this assessment on organic with Andi, you have downloaded that pdf off reading, reading habit. Ask for your tendency niks Europe A filler. Put it out where you can see it on daily. I'm sure it will help you to build the leading habit 40. 39. With the Person who has Read 3000 Books: Hello today in the schools I decided to get seen Iwas on camera so they can share How? Yes there 3000 books Still now? Yes, 3000 on As you can see him is not some old board posts in these quite young In last 49 years he has 3000 books. So let us die deep into this journey and try to get some secrets so that it helps you to build leading habit So that at least women it's a book a week. So you see anyone on board? Thank you for having me. Yeah. So she was just a little bit about yourself. What your Bagram has bean. I am seeing you. Us for the love expert witness account of it I am seeing by profession on a help professionals and stood it read faster on land faster! How did you get into this? You are seeing by profession So how did you get into the city? Evening, June So when I was starting, I changed my school. So at the end, after team, I basically had to travel. Like what? Number one photo to my school and my home. So I didn't know what to do in that one never while commuting from schooling, toe house and everything. So I decided to read newspapers on Within few days I realized reading newspapers is pretty much a waste of time. So on one day I was just going through the road and I saw a book call You can Buy Should Carry Highboard That book on realized that I love reading self development books, and it was the first day I was introduced to the world, which I didn't know existed, which was never taught in schools. And I decided to read books on reading books, became my passion. So from that day onwards, I read, I think I have read almost everyday Oh wow lately not for genius, for Dennis. Okay, so one of the things you can see our Kiersten Iwas Waas not someone who was born with no for real. Now many off you will be like him who might have never touched the book, not he Dutch book for spending 67 10 Lynch travel it. So he four starts the book at nine when he was in mind standard. So even if you can start, that's good as gold goes the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. Second best friend is right now, so as he started, then you can start right now. So you have a rare, like all most really from last 14 14 years. So what's your routine reading? Routine looks so almost every day, they said. Which book to it? So So almost every day. I know it's a book. I'm ready. I tend to start with one book, finish that book and then went to the second book. I don't like reading multiple books at one time. Uh, I most of the times I did while commuting so almost like you'll see me way number I'm committing, however, kindle out a book on also, I preferred toe read before sleeping like I tend mostly very late in the night. So in the night, I generally read for at least one now two hours on, so I have a different perspective on this idea. In my right eye question on here is what happens when you're being goes for adults. Let's say there's some important meeting that while commuting, you might have to work something else on my let's say you are not able to be. So how do you manage that? Because we have a my real plan. But sometimes we're not able to speak with how do you manage when they are different situations in So I don't pick a book randomly. So whenever I'm picking a book, I know why I'm reading this book on why that is important. So the purpose is very strong enough. No matter what book I'm ready. I don't read a book without a purpose. So that purpose drives me to read that book. So finding that why crime ended wife, that book should be it is very important. Oh, so even though sometimes, yes, this goes for a toss even the night I tend to find at least 15 minutes to half another day . Because we are speed readers. We tend to read much quicker and then to finish much faster. So come through this like you're leaving so much on. So you say about Kendall also? Yes. So what usually prefer hard copy our initial 10 years. I did mostly hard topics on I dental white soft core base because it's lost my reading speed. The book is very good and the diffuser. Very good. I take a printout off it. And late in the hardcore P A. On in the last 40 years, most operating has happened in Kingdom on. Kindle is not as good as reading in hard copy, but it comes very close now. This is a lot of heat back because a lot of people were for people, us on the saying, Hey, before hard copy can be Yes, we agree can be done something to me to go with what is practical, and it's all the period of time. You also get that comfort level with Kendall also. So yes, that son important learning for all of us. It's OK. You need to get export and import cargo p as well. So based on all looks, where there, what happens when you feel sleepy, how you avoid them? Because it happens with all of us. So I'm really feeling sleepy that I closed the book and go to sleep, said Generally, I don't feel sleepy while reading books on I. Also, I have all sort of a lot of research, like towards the biggest challenge people face. Why the don't read books on one of the challenges most people faces. They tend to feel sleepy. Why reading books or they don't They can't concentrate while reading a number. One reason why I think it happens is most people don't have a clear purpose why they are reading this book. If you have a strong purpose, like why you want to do this work, then you generally don't feel sleepy because you are completely engrossed in the book and you want to get out off. Get on maximum from the book. So one thing that I always do my students have a strong purpose before you open the book. If you don't have a purpose, then I recommend that you don't open the book because there's a high probability that they will not finish the book. Feeling sleepy, strong What was Have a strong with us, Not sure, like finding why it's important. But sometimes what happens? It has happened with me. Also, you are very clear that this book will help you find your wife or once you are done with 50 100 videos, you realize this is not meeting my near cart. So at that time, I usually say, like ascendance. Loyalty is with people not with books agree with also how my point here is. People are always facing that guilt feeling on the landless. I do not finish this book. I will not start reading the next book. So any on experience have you left few books which are under after 1st 1500 meters? Most of many books, many books. So one thing I would recommend everyone is do a review of the book before you actually do that. Really, if you do a pretty for, let's say 10 to 15 minutes, who, generally getting worry or for this in the book I knew generally will understand, worked out what daughters writing stateless. And if we meet your purpose. So if you feel that your purpose will not get be achieved from this, then it I'd recommend that you stop the book or to close the book and moved to the second book. Don't go on if less no guilt. No, your time is precious. Exactly. OK, so based on 3000 it was only three books which even should be only three. I know it's difficult, Difficult. Okay, so the first work I review the three books, which has, like, changed my perspective off life, so the 1st 1 is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is one of the best books to develop a success mindset. On off course, the book titles suggest about getting rich, but it goes beyond that. You can. Using those principles, you can have a great health. Be a better relationship. No, they're the first book on the second book. I think without it, even more than what I have read, think and grow rich. It's breakthrough experience by Dr John DeMartini. I have read the book anything by No, I think covered almost 40 times in last for 40 times in the last two years. The concept that he teaches. I think he repeats that concept multiple times in their book. But the concept is so practical that changes the way you look at things like many off the self development books that I have read says you should have this positive attitude should look at everything in opposed to it. So this book takes a completely different standpoint. They says Don't be positive, don't be negative, go in the middle. But I mean so if you read the book, I think we'll understand it better on the third book, which I have recently, it's cooled off, extraordinary my by vision like Yanni Mine Mile Valley, for it's like in a very good book, he has given a different way of looking at things. I mean, if you read the book, you really love it. So how can people get in touch with you if they want to contact you, asking more questions so they can contact me my email? So my humility is really waas at seven of us work i d dot com Awesome. So get in touch with him. 3000 books. It's not a small figure. If you have any more questions, you can always get in touch. Asked him how he s created this journey on the so much for watching on. I'm sure you will develop The leading happened off reading a book O v. Can you speak to us for coming? Ok, thank you very much So before we close. That one that I want to give you is the date for just 15 minutes in it, and I did some mathematics based on the mathematics. I can confidently say that just by reading for 15 minutes You can actually read 25 books in a year. I'm if you really 100 books on a new topic, you can make a world class expert on any topic off your choice. Awesome. So just 15 minutes off induction for next four years on being topic export on. Even if you beat 15 minutes, that basically means a book of 15 days. Yeah. I mean, imagine if you will be you be master for a couple of years. So kindly for watching. Thank you. Want to die in your work? 41. 40. Thank you for Watching: so thank you for watching the entire course. I'm given all the soldiers techniques that will help you build a reading habit off reading one book ball peak on. Trust me, you will not find this content. So structure, so scheme like anywhere else. Now, once you got the knowledge, you got the action plan. Go out and execute. And even if you feel sometimes, that's completely fine. Get up and go ahead. Be consistent. Followed this on. I'm sure you will read a book a week on. I'm quite excited to see how your results go, so make sure to be in touch with me in the below period. I will share my contact details on also the initiative or heaven on what's app so that we both are in touch with each other. 42. Bonus - 3 Ways to Read Faster on Phones: you should not read on Ford's. You should always read books for all the people who have mindset like this. Wake up. This is 21st century. Today we spend at least two ours on our Ford's. Yeah, well, no, not you. I'm probably more if you're trying your luck on dinner. If you're spending so much time on our phones, so it's better to learn how to read faster on them, so he'll step number one appropriate screen brightness. So if you see, is this easily readable? No. Is this easily readable off host? Yes, but if you increase screen brightness to march, probably you'll have to lead with the help off sunglasses. Now this sounds like an obvious step. But check the phones off people around you. Either the bike. This would be too low or too high. So this is step number two. Always keep really material in the centre off the screen. Can you see how difficult it is to watch in one end off the screen? Forget about reading it, but we always do the same thing when it comes to reeling. We always Lee from start till end, but our eyes can focus better in the center. So I want you to do is to always keep the lines for your reading in the centre off the screen. Yes, God means you have to school more number off times as compared to normal screwing because now you're reading only waters in the centre off the squeeze. In a way, the scanty new schooling will actually keep you engage with the reading material. So the point number three iss UES feed either option in your browsers. For people who use safari, which is basically a default browser for iPhone users, there is an option it is close to you are in and that's quite easy to do it. But when it comes to grown is not cool, it is possible, OK, you just need to on it in the developers section. I will share that in the video description. Okay, I know living on phones will not become stable as compared to leading box, but still, I'm sure this three tips will help you do the faster the first appropriate screen brightness. Second, keep the material in the center. On the final is to use the leader option in your So that's it from two days. Finally I got a match. Come on, She's not done by 43. Bonus - An Important Mindset Shift to become an Avid Reader: I Hey, I'm look. What's a body? Yeah, I still the same book. I haven't seen you with this book for I guess. No. Weak. We have been reading this book for a month now on. I'm just being number 50. Okay? Still school? Many just I know you're not avid reader for sure, but you're not such a poor leader. Also, why is this book takings understand? These days I just come constantly. I mean in the book is so boring. I just can't carry your daughter no more. Go for next book. Sure. I go to the next book only when I'm done with this one. Okay. Okay. Okay. It's in. Do you remember last week when you're learning or not sickly together? This offer in this software? I don't remove the bag, but they still that nice out here this late. Do you know how looking for that? No idea. Let's talk about your book. It's OK. Okay. Hi, friends. Todavia going to learn how to remove background nights like home from audio you. But let's go to the next video is so boring. Good. Hello, everyone. In this video, we're going to talk about how to reduce the humming noise. This looks interesting. Let's watch it done. No having boys, Officer? Yes, I remember we had to move that back lines from the audio. Exactly. But you also initially we started with one your and then you ask me, Skipper. Yes? Why did you do that? Because the speaker was so boring. Undercovers on playing Exactly. Isn't that the same thing with this that you did not get before skipping? That we're doing? Yes. I'm not saying that everything You're escaped the book. But sometimes if you will not finding investing it's OK. The next one You mean to say I should just lost track of you If you bigots and that decide with books for me You're not exactly Or this business You can also watch video Some bits. Yeah, only grows another dog. This was the first time you sex? Yes. You cannot know People play. You get audio aspect. Somebody's Inpex. Listen toe the next sentence very carefully. The soil, It's with people. Not with books. Yes, loyalty is with people, not with books. So it's completely fine to leave a book half red Because if you can't connect with it, don't try to force yourself too much. There are many books on the same topic. Lead a book, which you can connect with. Remember, reading is inhabit. It should come naturally, should come easily. And if sometimes it's not happening, don't always blame yourself. Sometimes it can be just a book. So try switching on. Read a book that you can. You guys thank you for watching this video. Make sure, like I make sure that you don't know the booklet out, bro. It's come on good up like it's a social up and it's free. Yes, it's free. It's beautiful. Lab on. Make sure to check out the cool ecause is on. Learn our dot com. 44. Bonus - How to select a book so that you finish reading it: how to select a book. This is a question. I really what it was in the syllabus that's obvious for students. They haven't read what's there in the syllabus. This video is for people who need for their growth or from the hobby to find a way off how to select a book so that you finished leading it. I decided to take a small So be I send that Sylvie to two types of people, one who reads a lot on second got Ticketea who let's see who do not need a lot disarmed the answers I got from people who do not read regularly that my friends recommend what my boss recommends that I saw on Instagram like some big orders were coming on off course. What I got for free on what my girlfriend recommend that was not in the script. Hey, when did you get a girlfriend? So the side, the answers I got from people who read a lot that I can connect with that I find interesting that keeps me engaged. Ask for money that I like free the last point. Waas only for poor leaders like critic. It's not that people who read regularly do not listen to others. They listen to others. But they read, Ask, but they need on. Ask what they want to. They don't. Yes, they're self center. They do not follow blindly what others are recommending. But that's a good thing. Yes, the reason being you're going to spend so much time with the book. It has to be something that you can connect with something that resonates with you on something that you find interesting on. If a book does not interest you or motivates you, are you finding boring? Feel free to go off because there are multiple books written on the same subject. You might find one boarding but second. Interesting. So that's it, guys. On November at Loughner Education and Entertainment comes together. Time eyes for watching this video, make sure to like and share it on. Remember, keep reading. Keep growing. Cut the book over 45. Bonus - This is how you Create a Habit that Sticks : Okay. What is this money with you? Warm this. Tell me. I'm learning new words. If what next? Our evidence. That wonderful. Because you Okay, okay. You see, when we've been minutes, minutes, just seven ammunition for defense seconds. What's wrong to do? For the last six months long? It's awarding job. Do you have any? I didn't meet this boarding after it. Interesting off learning the woods. Hold it. No, please. Why did you open the feasible ago? You mean the name? Yes, on its supposed todo hopes. The bonuses stuff. Yeah. Finally the phone is off. No, there is no Did you know, for the internet is walking invented Facebook? What? You post? I have one mission and it's I am divorced. When you were everybody on WhatsApp, Are you crazy? I thought you and flirty. And now our food. Why did you do that? Wait just one minute. I know you since a giant days now. But other people even if that And it's time that you what you Because I know that I was expecting you Say you are sorry. One Human beings are social animals. So others expectations. Other point off you are going to matter to us. So why not use it in such a way that it will help us in our goals on our humint? So today, go and post on Facebook post on your what's up? Status? What goal you want to achieve on? Keep on abating How much progress you're doing? If you do that, people around you will automatically start following up with you on those out of expectations will keep you on track. Thank you, guys. Thank you for watching this video by If you want to join in her book A PD A list so back you can learn one new ward every day. That will help. You don't know your language. I would share her number below. Make sure Texter on. Get in a list over 30 people. Excuse me. 30. So what 13,000 people are in her. What? Simplest everyday learning. One new word on delivering the vocabulary. So that's it. Daycare