A Blueprint To Designing A Fabric Collection (for Surface Pattern Design) | Deane Christiansen | Skillshare

A Blueprint To Designing A Fabric Collection (for Surface Pattern Design)

Deane Christiansen, Artist, Illustrator, Fabric Designer

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11 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Where to Start

    • 3. The Basics

    • 4. Artboards - Size Matters!

    • 5. The Hero

    • 6. The Secondary

    • 7. The Supporters

    • 8. The Others

    • 9. Colour

    • 10. Scale

    • 11. Thank You!

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About This Class

In this class I'll take you step by step through the basics (or Blueprint) of a fabric collection.  We'll talk about what each pattern is used for and how to create it.

 I'll explain the different artboard sizes and their correlation to scale and why this is important for fabric.  

And I'll also show you how I start a collection and my design tricks that I use when I'm creating!

This class is suitable for intermediate to advanced designers who know how to create repeating patterns and are wanting to design for the fabric industry!




Here are a few comments already from students...(a huge thank you!!)

This is a great class. The teacher gives a detailed, thorough class on how to design a fabric collection. You will definitely learn a lot.  Jade Michele G.

Thank you, Deane! You're explanation of how a quilter might use a pattern collection really tied the concept together for me and made it concrete. Great class. Clear and helpful!    Deb E.

Best class ever on pattern design   Erica Ilene






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Deane Christiansen

Artist, Illustrator, Fabric Designer

Hi I'm Deane Christiansen! Born and raised in Alberta, Canada I grew up surrounded by creative and inspiring people. For over 25 years I have made my career in the Quilting Industry as a maker, teacher, and business owner.

Now, I own and design fabric  for Sweet Bee Designs, a textile manufacturing company for the Quilting and Sewing Industry worldwide.   

I also license my work under Deane Beesley Designs. 

If I had to describe my s...

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