A Block of the Month (BoM) Quilt-Along: Block One and Block Two | Zarina ZA | Skillshare

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A Block of the Month (BoM) Quilt-Along: Block One and Block Two

teacher avatar Zarina ZA, Fabric Enthusiast, Thread Dyer, Quilter

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. BoM 2016 introduction

    • 2. Making block one using squares - with nested seams

    • 3. Block two using half square triangles, HSTs with nested seams

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About This Class


I’m back with a series of short classes. 

Each class in the series I will introduce new quilting blocks starting from the simple squares to more advance techniques.

There will be a total of nine blocks measuring 16-inch square.

The techniques I will cover in the series include applique, curve piecing, foundation piecing, paper piecing, and two types of triangles. 

The final two classes will be on how to make a quilt top and complete the quilt.

You can follow me to make a large quilt or you can use the blocks to make a cushion cover. Instructions to make the cushion cover you can view in my first class: Introduction to Quilting: Make Your Own Patchwork.

The quilt top will have three blocks across and three blocks down. It will measure approximately 74-inch square. I plan to make it bigger so that it will cover my queen size bed.

The yardage for each fabric required to make the quilt is an estimation on the high side. Once I have completed the quilt, I will adjust the numbers. If you want to follow me now, it’s better to have a bit more than less fabric.

  • for the print you will need 2.5 meters plus 4 meters if you want to make it bigger
  • for the background (mine is white) you will need 3.5 meters
  • the plain which will be mainly be used for the sashing you will need 2 meters
  • you will need 0.5 meters for the binding or the framing of the quilt. Usually it will be one of the fabrics used at the top or the backing.
  • you will need 5 meters for the backing. It does not have to be the same as the print used for the quilt top
  • preferably cotton batting for the middle layer of the quilt

I hope you will follow through the whole series and make your own quilt.

It is recommended to follow the class, Introduction to Quilting: Make Your Own Patchwork. It covers the tools required and the basic techniques in cutting, pressing, and joining the pieces.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Zarina ZA

Fabric Enthusiast, Thread Dyer, Quilter


I am the owner of Zarina Craft, the place where I sell my handmade items. Currently, my craft is more fabric based. My first wholesale 'partner' is with The Batik Boutique which I make for them baby quilts, bookmarks, snack pack sets, and table runner sets.

In December 2015, my first book VARIASI SENI ASAS JAHITAN QUILT has been published by Karangkraf. At the moment, you can only get the book from Malaysia. I am looking for any resellers outside Malaysia.

My vision for my small craft business is to continue making quilts. How I fell in love with quilts began in my primary school years. My father did his doctorate and brought the whole family. I remembered my mum will go to some craft classes and she brought home a few hand-quilted items that enchanted me. She would also c... See full profile

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1. BoM 2016 introduction: Hi, My name is Serena. I'm from militia in the South, East Asia. We'll come back. This is the first installment from my block off the month or quilt, a long Siri's at the end off the Siri's, you should be able to have a 74 inch square quilt. They don't off nine different quilting blocks, each coating blocks that I will cover in the Siri's. You saw different techniques. The techniques include the basic squares, two types of triangles. Foundation, Piecing Cove, piecing English paper, piecing and replicate. For my quilt, I will be using this tree fabric. This will be my main fabric or the print, and this is my background fabric to have the negative background I'm using white. And this is the session, or the borders between the different blocks. At the end of the Siri's, I will have one class that will be putting all the blocks together into one quote. However, you have an option off picking up any off the block and making it into a cushion cover is very flexible in a sense that you can choose any off the blocks for ah cover or any particular small project or you can make a big quilt for me. I will be heading extra borders using this printed fabric to make my quilt a bet Size quote . This is the two blocks for the first installment. The first is the basic squares and the half square triangles. Both of this I have already touched in the 1st 2 pluses. However, you will have to refer back to the two classes because in this class of it only show you how to nest the scene. The difference between this class and previous two pluses is on how I deal with their seems . In this class, I will show you how to nest. The seems so that this seems so that the bulk of the Sims is distributed equally. So I would hope that you will follow me in the Siri's to get all the nine plugs and finish it a so quilt 2. Making block one using squares - with nested seams: I have already cut pieces. It's a 4.5 inch square. I cut eight pieces off my print and eight pieces off the negative background. You can use my first lesson, the basic pet truck plus on how to cut your pieces. The difference between the first class of the second plus is the pressing off the seams and , uh, piecing off the strips. I renounce. So this two pieces in pairs off the prince and the negative background the best method to sew the pieces is to put you a scrap of fabric is, too. This will ensure that when we start piecing the fabric won't snag at the bottom. So I've already said my sewing machine to 1/4 inch seam allowance. I line up the two squares and I piece my first pair, and I will continue with the second pair. We thought, cutting the thread for this block. The pair that I have sown, I pushed the seam. How was the print? Or to the doctor side? So all my seems for this Paris, our point are, are pushed to their print. So when relay out for the for this block, you can see that the same has been pushed to decide And this one to decide. If I put the to Paris together and I match seems you can see that this seems are facing opposite each other. So when you're so you joined the cornice make the condom, Mitch and the seems this too seems to but each other. So I'm going to So in quadrants this to Paris This two pairs to person make a four quadrants. I have already joined the blocks into quadrants and I've shown the back off the block to show this Seems you can see that each seems are off opposite each other for all the cauldrons. So show you how to nest This seems at the Jones taking out one off the quadrants. When I go to the iron, I will first press the seams together so that the threats are blended together. And before I saw I want to make sure that this seems go in circles so you can see that the bottom one is facing to my right and the top is facing to my left. So that means this one will go up and discern will go down So I will show you how to do it . The same is going up, and this seemed is going down. I noticed the bit. I give it a twist to give they cornice missed it. I will show you again with another quadrant. This same is going to their left. And this one is going to do right So destroyed will have to go to the top and this one will go to the bottom. I make my fingers nearer. Give it a small tourist and you have this seems nested at the Jones again. This is the block with the wrong site up showing all of this seems that has been pressed, showing the seams has been nested at the joints at the corners next of ah, connect this to quadrant together and you can see that this seems are opposite each other. So I will join the two quadrants together and the final scene 3. Block two using half square triangles, HSTs with nested seams: for the second block. We are going to use all the pieces, this half square triangles or hitch as t Please follow this steps on how to make this half square triangles In my second video, I've already cut my chest Eze 16 pieces altogether and arranged this the actual block I will sew them together is in pairs because I want to nest. My seems I have drawn here They lay out and the seams are facing upward. You can see at each Conus I've put in the arrows on how this seems will be pushed is either pushed on the left or to the right to the top to the left my for it is sown the pieces into quadrants and I followed the pressing diagram so that the corners all this seems has been nested as you can see here the same going to my right going down, going to the left and growing up. So when you're so the cauldrons together you have all this seems Missed it. I hope you will follow me for my next lesson, which is the third Brock. I would be introducing the second type of triangle. It is called quarter square triangles. I hope to see you then