A Beginners Intro to WeVideo Video Editing Software - Easy for non-Tech People, Great for Choirs

Jayne Carmichael Norrie, Professional Singing Teacher, Choir Master

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5 Videos (32m)
    • Intro to WeVideo

    • Syncing Your Vocal Tracks

    • Sync Two Tracks

    • Add Video

    • Sync WeVideo with other accounts


About This Class


A Beginners Intro to WeVideo Video Editing Sofware - Easy for non-Tech People, Great for Choirs

I'm a creative person, any my niche is in music.  But nowadays it's not enough to be good in one field.  In order to publicise yourself and to also deliver teaching resources you need to be able to learn marketing, design, creating content, all sorts of things!

WeVideo is brilliant, as it's designed for people like me.  I don't need all the bells and whistles that come with Adobe Premier Pro, and I don't have time to learn how to do it.

WeVideo is user-friendly video editing software that's designed for us non-techy people.  

In this series I will show you how to create a great resources and how easy it is to edit things, using my Choir resources as an example.  WeVideo has libraries of stock video and music that you can use for free, so you don't need to worry about licensing.





Jayne Carmichael Norrie

Professional Singing Teacher, Choir Master

I am a professional Singing Teacher in Aberdeen, UK.

I love helping people. Join my mail list for a free resource folder at https://musicisourforte.co.uk/signup

I am the Choir Master for the Shell Workplace Choir and Cover Musician for Big Noise (Sistema Scotland) in Torry, Aberdeen.

My experience as an opera singer has helped me with developing new ideas such as the Upload Opera group, and joining Professional opera groups such as Voicearc in Edinburgh

This is me...

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