A Beginners Guide to Mindful Learning | Trisha Dunbar | Skillshare

A Beginners Guide to Mindful Learning

Trisha Dunbar, Empower independent language learning

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13 Videos (49m)
    • Welcome to the Class

    • 5 Core Elements of Mindful Learning

    • Benefits of Mindfulness

    • How to be a more Mindful Learner

    • Connecting the Senses

    • Assignment 1

    • Managing Unhelpful Thinking Habits

    • Assignment 2

    • The Importance of Breath

    • The Benefits of Deep Breathing

    • 6 Simple Breathing Techniques

    • Gentle Guided Mindful Practice

    • Final Assignment


About This Class

Are you struggling with focus and motivation when learning something new which is leading to non-productivity and procrastination?  

Sound familiar? For many years I struggled with learning new skills at school, then one day I started to make real progress in languages and science. Initially, the teachers thought I was cheating so made me redo my work under close supervision, I got top marks. I went on to do research in psychology at postgraduate level!  

What was I doing differently? 

I went from being totally unfocused with a short attention span to being fully focused and attentive. I achieved this by using a more holistic approach to learning that incorporated simple Mindfulness techniques that anyone can apply and it had really worked for me!

Hello, I am Trisha the founder of Language Learners Journal. I want to help you become a more efficient learner...

Most Mindfulness courses teach you the techniques, but not how to actively apply them to your learning routines.

Mindful Learning teaches you how to be a more focused, self-aware and motivated student or independent learner. This leads to greater productivity within your study sessions. This approach requires practice and an open mind to see results. If you are serious about meeting your goals and increasing productivity via some simple mindfulness techniques then this short beginners course is just for you! 





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Trisha Dunbar

Empower independent language learning

Hello, I'm Trisha.

Professional Blogger, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Mindfulness Instructor, Life Coach, and Writer.

I have practiced mindfulness for the past 20 years and facilitated workshops, groups and one-to-one sessions for the past 5 years. I have a postgraduate background in scientific research, with the focus being on psychology. In my spare time, I love learning new languages, traveling and drinking coffee!

My mission is to empower independent language ...

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