A Beginner's Guide to Easily and Quickly Reducing the File Size of Your Videos Using Handbrake | David ✏ Ault | Skillshare

A Beginner's Guide to Easily and Quickly Reducing the File Size of Your Videos Using Handbrake

David ✏ Ault, The Writer Teacher

A Beginner's Guide to Easily and Quickly Reducing the File Size of Your Videos Using Handbrake

David ✏ Ault, The Writer Teacher

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3 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. An Introduction to the Class

    • 2. How to Reduce the File Size of Your Videos Using Handbrake

    • 3. So What Next?

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About This Class


A Beginner's Guide to Easily and Quickly Reducing the File Size of Your Videos Using Handbrake is actually the ninth class in the Writer-Teacher series, which shows self-published authors how to repurpose content they have already written and turn it into courses to sell online.

This class is by no means a detailed look at Handbrake, which is an open-source, multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder, but rather, an over-the-shoulder look at how I specifically use Handbrake to reduce the file size of videos, whether they be video lessons, promo videos, vlogs or video sales letters.

So go ahead and enrol in my class and I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

Meet Your Teacher

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David ✏ Ault

The Writer Teacher


A Little Bit More About Me

My name is David James Ault and I am a British ex-pat living in Slovakia, in the heart of Europe, with my wonderful Slovak wife, our three children and our Ragdoll, Blue.

Having graduated with a BSc (Hons) Degree in European Business, the first part of my career was spent in marketing, especially in the tourism industry, and during that time, I completed my Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing, at the CIM.

In 2001, I moved from the UK to Slovakia, where I set up a tourism portal about Slovakia and wrote travel related articles and books. I also began writing my first novel.

During the last two decades, I have written non-fiction books in a variety of niches and set up a number of successful websites to promote my various inter... See full profile

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1. An Introduction to the Class: Hello there. My name is David James a lot, and I would like to welcome you to this skill share class, which provides you with a beginner's guide to easily and quickly reducing the file size of your videos using hand brake. This class is by no means a detailed look. A hand brake, which is an open source, multi platform, multi threaded video Transcoder, but instead is an over the shoulder look and how I specifically use hand brake to reduce the file size of videos, whether they be video lessons, promo videos, blocks for video sales letters. So go ahead and enroll in my class, and I look forward to seeing you mommy in sight. 2. How to Reduce the File Size of Your Videos Using Handbrake: Hello. So here we are in hand brake, which is an application that I use practically every day. It is a free tool, but it is still a very effective one. And I use hand brake to reduce the file size off the video lessons that I use within my skill share classes and my you Timmy courses. And I've recently recorded one such video that has actually got a file size of 375 and 1/2 Mega Bynes. So quite a large file and I'm going to use hand brake to considerably reduce the file size of the video, but without any visible loss in quality. So we begin the process by clicking on source and locating the source file, which is this one here. Profile overview dot mp four. And, like I said before, it is 375 and 1/2 megabytes in size. Then we just need to click on open. One of the reasons that I love handbrake so much is because it is so simple to use. I basically keep the default settings for everything, certainly in terms of the output settings, as you'll see shortly, and this is because handbrake seems to work perfectly out of the box, so to speak, certainly for what I use it for the first settings that I do take a look at other picture settings. As you can see, the dimensions of my video are 1280 pixels by 720 pixels, which are actually the dimensions I want to keep, because I've already reduced the original settings of the screen cast down toe 1 to 80 by 7 20 pixels from within Kim Tae Zia. However, sometimes I keep the original video dimensions as they are, and then export to an MP four filing camped easier. Then I saved this original high quality file on an external hard drive for possible use in the future before then opening the MP four file in hand brake and then reducing the dimensions here along with reducing the file size. Of course, on my reasoning behind this is that at the present time, I believe it is good practice to keep the file sizes of our videos as low as we can without reducing the visible quality. Of course, because we are teaching students from all around the world on broadband Internet speeds very considerably. I'm actually based in Slovakia, where we have reasonably fast Internet speeds. But on average, they're not as fast as the Internet speeds in the UK or in the States, for example, and there will be other countries around the world, which have far slower Internet speeds than Slovakia. So to avoid unnecessary buffering for my students, not to mention slower up loading times for myself. When I upload my lessons to skill share or you to me, I try to keep the file sizes down. Of course, in the future, you dummy skill share and other education platforms may well demand videos that are larger than the current 1 to 80 by 7 20 pixels. And so that is why I believe it is perhaps good practice toe have the original video dimensions of, say, 1920 by 10 80 pixels safely on an external hard drive. If we want to keep these original video lessons evergreen and to not have to reshoot them at a later date. But in the meantime, to use hand brake to reduce the video dimensions in this case 1 to 80 by 7 20 pixels and, of course, reduced the file size of the video at the same time. If, for example, I wanted to reduce the video dimensions further because the video dimensions have a big bearing on the final file size. Say, I wanted to put my video on YouTube. I could, for example, reduced the width toe 800 pixels on the height would then automatically reduced to 450 pixels as we have the keep aspect ratio tick tear. But this particular video is for skill share on for you to me. So I'm going to keep the HD dimensions off 1 to 80 by 7 20 pixels. Okay, so we can click off picture settings, and the next step in the process is the destination folder. And it is very important that the Destination folder is a different folder from the Source folder. If you want the file name to remain the same, which I do now, I have actually made this mistake in the past. Where I clicked on Browse on made the Destination folder the same as the Source folder, and it basically overrode the original file. But he didn't overwrite the far with the new reduced file size. Instead, it resulted in a file with zero kilobytes. In other words, it meant that everything was lost, and I had to then go back to Kim Tae Zia and re export the video as an MP four file. So try not to make the same mistake I made. If you are going to keep the same file name than always, choose a different folder as your destination folder. And I should just click on browse to make sure that I have in fact done that. Yes, that's fine. And then we come to the next step in the process, the output settings. And as I said before, I literally do not change anything here. I keep everything at the default settings. The only thing I do is to take the Web optimized box and the iPod five G support. Now you might want to check that it is in fact, set to an MP four file and that the video Kodak is set toe h 0.264 just to be on the safe side. But these are the default settings, and as for the rest of the output settings, I literally do not touch any of thes. I do not look at the audio subtitles or the chapters because I do not need to one of the reasons that I use hand brake. It's not only because it's free, but rather because it is so simple to use and so quick to use, which is obviously very important as well. So the final step of the process is basically just a click on the big green start button and handbrake, Will them beginning coding the new file? It is reasonably quick, but I shall stop the video here anyway and restart it again once handbrake has encoded the new file. Okay, so ham breakers finished encoding the file so we can put down in a cocktails, click on OK and locate our new MP four video in the destination folder. So here is the file, which was 375 and 1/2 megabytes. And as you can see, ham break has managed to reduce the file size down to an incredible 45.7 megabytes. That really is a considerable reduction. So I'm pleased with that. But we now need to check that there is no visible loss in quality I'll start the video. Okay? I thought I would begin the class by showing an overview of my profile. And your skill share profile is very important. It actually appears into Run it on a bit. It's profile. There is actually quite a lot going on in his animated and a bit more so my students are able to link through without having to click on Read more. One last look, a couple of calls to action if the student is interested in okay, I'm happy with that, so there's no visible loss in quality, but as you can see, it has reduced the file size from 375 and 1/2 megabytes to an incredible 45.7 megabytes. So there you go. That was a quick look at how I use hand brake to reduce the file size of my videos. It is a free tool. It is a very effective tool, and it is very easy and quick to use, and that is why I highly recommend it 3. So What Next?: Hello there. This'd is just a quick video toe. Thank you for taking this class. I hope you enjoyed it. And if so, please consider leaving a thumbs up. A zit really means a lot to me. It would be great if you would complete the class project, which is, quite simply, Teoh. Use hand brake to reduce the foul size of one of your videos and then state in the project gallery file, site of your video in megabytes before and after using handbrake. Thanks again for completing the class. I hope to see you in one of my other classes very soon. And if you haven't taken the earlier classes in the right to teach a Siri's, make sure you check them out today. You can actually find a direct link to each class in the Siri's. Within this class is about section