A Beginners Guide to Domains & Website Hosting for Business

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15 Videos (1h 4m)
    • Welcome to this Course

    • Here's what you can expect from this course

    • What exactly are Domain Names and how do they work

    • You can also register these hole new range of domain names

    • Here are the general meanings of domain name extensions

    • Keep your Domain Names short and sweet

    • Placing keywords withing your domain name

    • SEO Factor: Register your Domain Name for as long as you possibly can

    • Registering a Domain Name

    • Changing the Name Servers of your Domain to point to Web Hosts

    • What exactly is website hosting?

    • What to look for in a Web Host

    • How to choose a web host according to your needs

    • You can easily change web hosts once you OWN and control your Domain Name

    • How it all works, Domains and Website Hosting


About This Class

Welcome to this Beginners course which is a reveal all guide to Domain Names and Website Hosting for business.

Although this course is mainly aimed at beginners, the more experienced could also learn a thing or two from it.

We will cover all you could possibly need to know about Domain Names and website hosting - even delving deeper into the important things that you need to think about when coming up with a domain name to register for your website or online business.

If you have any intention of getting in to online business then this course really is for you.

Here is a bit about what you will learn on this course

You will be shown...

  • What exactly is a Domain Name
  • What is website hosting
  • How domain names and web hosting work in relation to each other.
  • How to change the name servers of a domain to point to a particular web host
  • The important elements to look out for when registering a domain name

We are going to have a lot of fun on this course and you are going to learn a really important modern skill. 

We really can't wait to see you on the inside of the course, and welcome you to the Web U Teach 'Family'. I Also look forward to sending you your personal welcome message once you have joined.

Jump in NOW and I will See you on the inside!





Web U Teach - International

Web U Teach - Learn with us, Grow with us.

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