A 100 Days Project for Artistic and Creative Growth

Cassie Brenn, Creative Nomad

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4 Videos (12m)
    • 100 days class introduction

    • How to Choose a Project

    • How to Avoid Problems

    • Bonus: How to Fold Your Pocket Journal


About This Class

In this class I will show you how to plan a 100 days project that will help you develop your Artistic and Creative skills.  You've probably heard of the idea before - Do something for 100 days. It can be anything but I will show you how to maximize this challenge to reach your potential for both artistic and creative growth.  I've included a free planning sheet and project journal to make it easy to complete your own challenge. 

This class is fast and fun and will help you get your own 100 Days Project started right. 

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There was more to think about than I first thought from the title. I'm inspired to start and improve my drawing!
Great class! I started my 100 day project 2 days ago.
Angie Knowles


Great class. Lots of positive energy flowing.
Franki B. Kidd






Cassie Brenn

Creative Nomad

Start a Creative Project Today!

My name is Cassie Brenn and I love exploring creativity. It's been an essential part of my professional life as a freelance writer. I've written how-to articles, puzzles, activities and comic book style stories that all required imaginative thinking. But creativity is like a butterfly - Beautiful, Elusive and Hard to pin down.

What is creativity? Where do new ideas come from? How does the creative process work?

These are the questions...

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