9 PREMIERE PRO HACKS With Adobe Premiere Pro 2019

Alli Saunders, Filmmaker. Youtuber. Business Owner

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9 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Intro to the Class on Optimizing Premiere Pro

    • 2. How to Freeze Frame Quickly

    • 3. When the Warp Stabilizer Banner Shows Up on Your Exported Video

    • 4. The Additional Layer that Reduces Lagging

    • 5. Turn Those Effects Off Quickly

    • 6. Loop Your Footage with This Tool

    • 7. How to Find Missing Audio

    • 8. Slow Down Your Audio and Video A LOT

    • 9. Stop Using Adjust Volume and Use This Instead

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About This Class

In this class Alli Saunders will teach you 9 Premiere Pro Hacks that will make editing way more efficient and fun. Alli Saunders has been a professional video editor for over 5 years and owns a video production company in Toronto, Canada that specializes in commercial and web videos. She edits most of her video projects in Premiere Pro and over the years has come up with several ways to make her editing workflow more efficient and much faster. In this quick course she will teach you her go to tips, tools and workflows that have saved her tons of time editing and will save you tons of time too!