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9 Free Tools That Will Make You An Amazing Headline Writer

teacher avatar Raj Kumar Reddy, Founder at ownstartup.com | Digital Marketer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Why Enroll Now?

    • 2. 7 Free Tools To Generate Hundreds Of Headlines.

    • 3. 2 Tools Analyze The Headlines You Have Generated

    • 4. What's Next?

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About This Class


Do You Find It Hard to Come up with Headline Ideas? Do you often have no idea whether your headlines will work or not?

What If This process became a whole lot easier?

Imagine If You Can Come up with Hundreds of Headlines with Little or No Effort and Be Able to Analyse Them in Minutes.

You Can Write Amazing Headlines That Will Convert and Also Save You Lots of Time.

It Is Frustrating to Be Stuck writing headlines. It’s even more frustrating to not know whether your headlines will work or not.

And Now Is the Time to Change It Here Is the way-Enroll Now Now This Course That's all you have to do.

In This Course You Will Learn: 

  • 7 Free Tools that will help you to come up with hundreds of headline ideas.
  • 2 free tools to Analyze the headlines you have generated.
  • You Will also learn what are the factors that will make your headlines great.

So put an end to wasting time trying to come up with headlines.

Discover These Nine Top Headline Tools to Make Your Headline Writing Process Easier and Better.

Are You Ready? Let’s Go There Is Amazing Information Ahead.

Take Action and Enroll Now

There’s Amazing Information Ahead Can’t Wait to See You in the Course

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Raj Kumar Reddy

Founder at ownstartup.com | Digital Marketer


I am Raj Kumar Reddy. I founded Ownstartup to teach budding entrepreneurs all the skills they need to own a startup. It reached more than 7000+ followers within one month of its launch.

I am enthusiastic about startups and entrepreneurship. I am constantly striving to learn everything there is know about building the successful business and create change.I love sharing my knowledge and help future entrepreneurs to reach their goals. I like talking to new people be sure to reach me if you want to connect.

See full profile

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1. Why Enroll Now?: do you find it hard to come of it? Headline ideas. Do you often have no idea whether your headlines will vote or no word? If this process became a whole lot easier? Imagine if you can come up with hundreds of headlands with little or no effort and be able to analyze them in minutes. You can write Amazing Headlands that will convert on also will save you lords and Lords off time. It's frustrating. Toby stuck trading headlines. It's even more for asserting. Do not know whether your headlines will work on North. I know is the time to change it. Here is a way. Take this course on. In this ghost, you learn seven Fritos that will help you to come up with hundreds off Hedlund ideas to free does toe analysts. The headlines you have generated you low swollen water, the factors that will make your headline great. So put an interest in your bank trying to come up with headlines, the school, this name stop free head lentils to make your headline rating process easier and better. Are you ready? Let's go. This amazing information here. See you inside 2. 7 Free Tools To Generate Hundreds Of Headlines.: thank you so much for enrolling in this course case. I promise you, by end off this course, you will have nine. Amazing Free does argue ago to make your headline rating process much better and easier. Let's get started. The first time we're going to discuss is streak your biz dot com tidal generator. This is one of the best and easiest headland on the general great titles. All you need to do is to enter your subject and selling the the entered vote is in alone or with, and that's all I'm click Window. The advantage off the stool is that it Brewer to with various types of headlines from list Post headlines. No question. Heard lanes on many other types. It's a complete done. Let's see how it looks. I goto drink your best or calm. Let's say I need Hedlund ideas about productivity. I'm going toe end the productivity. I'm silly known. I know I hit, submit and see and see. There are hundreds off headline ideas off various tapes from list headlines, toe hopeful headlines. I can select the headlines I like from this huge list, and I can also print and don't let them If I want great door rate, let's move to the second headland. Generative. The second headline general is Organ idea Generator. This tool helps you do generate country ideas like what? To post along with the great headlines. This tool is also simple to use, same as the previous stool, just until the single hold on and hit Enter You're Good to Go. But the best part about this tool is that it adds, it goes off humor on personality to your headlines on research suggest that headlands with humor and personality embedded in them gun words. Great. But when you use this tool, you might end of it. Some silly suggestions. But keep looking. You'll find the best. Let's see how this school works. Let's say again, I won't go generate titles about productivity. I'm going to indo productivity and kick on this arrow. Okay, this first position sounds a bit silly, so I will keep looking. Okay, Some Morceli's traditions. A bird. I'm sure I will end up with something great, so I'll keep looking and let's move on to the 3rd June. The turtle is off. Sport Tidal generator up sport Tidal generator is one of the most commonly used cradle gendered Oh, on the Internet. You need to endure the boards and start generating killer headline ideas. The main advantage off the stool is that it helps you to get over writer's block by suggesting you content idea story. Able it going to it. Five. Headline ideas at once. You can gender it more if you want. Oh, by kicking trade again. Let's see how this works again. Let's stick toe productivity. I'm going toe. Enter productivity in the first books. As you see, you can handle any three votes, but I'm going to stick to one for No. See. Here are the five topics I can get more by clicking on the trade again. Burton. See, here are far more ideas. I can keep generating any number off headlands. I won't Not. All the headlines are great. Dominate some tweaks. So do them. I know. Let's warm to the 4th June. The photo is blogging about tidal generator Block a vote. As the title suggests, the stool will help you to find the topics. To blow able, enter the subject you want to write about and start getting ideas. You can also save tables. You like by Keating on the Heart Burton 100 them sent to you email address. But the main advantage about this stool is the participation alos the general citadels with fill in the blanks where you can enter the key votes off your choice. Let's see how the store works. I'm going toe enter productivity. See it generated their title with fill in the blank. If I like this headline, I can click on the heart burden to say this one Oh, more into the 2nd 1 If I don't like this, I can keep generating Azman headlands as they won't. So the head Langdon is linked. Bert Ideal Geritol Lindberg Title generator. Coal is ice and bless it gets in this stool. All you need to do is to in the a Q. And take on the getting big button to generate hundreds off Redlands as the name Ling baits . Such is the stool will help you do come off it. Catchy headlands with the IRA does off humor on entry. The best part, more distal, is that it generates irresistible Clicquot the headlines, which will grab your reader's attention effectively. Lexi, hold the stolen books. I'm going to enter divorce, productivity and click on the button. Get clean, baby. See, these are the hundreds off trade is. I can keep on getting more and more status by clicking on this button again. Easy and great. All right, let's more onto the six to. So the six headland rating Dole is blocked. A deal generator by a CEO. Bristle is one of the best war press plug ins, which helps you to rank high. Oh, on Google service reasons. They later introduced this title generator tool to create great block titles, too. The main advantage off the stool is that it provides you with the titles data mainly a seal optimist, which will help you during high oh, on Google search results. So let's see how this works in this. Stole the needle inserted, give or then describe whether it's a generic term or even for skilled sore. See here for a headline ideas I can generate move by kicking on the green button in the top . One more advantage about this tool is that as we describe the keyboard reentered earlier vim a good little silly suggestions when compared toa other tools. Let's move on to the last headline rating. Don't Hedlund, wizard. This is one of my favorite all, which is made especially for cooperators. This role is more complex. One when combat toe other tools introduced in here, but they had leads. You generate using this tube almost effect you and click voting. Let's see how this works. See, there are too many boxes with obstinately product description. Clean dessert to fill, but you can feel any off or all of the boxes to generate headlines. So let's stick toe or or productivity. I'm going to enter the bill. Your productivity in the claim books. See, these are the headlines that are agility. I can go through them and choose the ones which a late there are more options with fill in the blanks at the end. I consider it more headlands, but using the other boxes and the start the moon boxes I feel in, the more a great my headlands will get. So these are the seven tools that will help you to generate killer headlands. So no head Lendl is 100% accurate. But with little tricks and corrections, the headlands united by them will Okay, you're no done generating headlines. No, it's timeto analysts them. I have a deist, all the links. So the stools in the north section take on the view notes button to get them. See in the next video where I will introduce you to two Fritos which will help you to analyze the headlands you have generated. See you do. Thank you. 3. 2 Tools Analyze The Headlines You Have Generated: Welcome back, gays. I hope you're using the amazing tools introduced to you in the first video to General Killer headlines. No, let's start analyzing the headlines you generated the first headline Annalisa, I'm going to introduce is shared through an Eliza she Drew provides use go able ho n gazing . Your headlines are based on the engagement on impression schools. It also says Water the elements died on Leader Toby added to your headlines to make them better. Let's see this stole in action. No, I'm going to enter the title of this course to get analysis name Friedel's that will make you on Amazing headlined Greater Kick on. Analysts See my headline quality school. It says 70 even able average, and it also provides me district off my headline. You're proceeds on point limited. Use off passive language on it also suggests me the factors that will help me to improve this title further. If you scroll down, you can also take the engagement school on imprisons Go off my headland. So in this way you can get engagement on impression school off your table school. So that's all aboard this toll gates. Let's move on to the 2nd 1 The second headline Anil Ism is Course it'll analysts, um go shuttle. Anil ism is one of the best headline. Unless Ingles or the Internet my head Landed in Close is is never done before analysing my headlines in here. The best part about Kosher Dill and Eliza is that it's a complete tool. It proved to school. Based on the fact is, Lee would balance had lent. They link analysis keywords, Sentiment off your headline. Usually the score able 70 is considered a great headline. So let's analyst discourse title using the stool. See, this is a tool. I'm going to enter my title in here and click on analysts. No, see, the school is 87. 87 is actually pretty good school. See you. This is my world balance start. It shows that I have greater number of common emotional on boards in my title. See, it also ranks on the basis off headline tape If we scroll Don't There is your link analysis off your headline too. I hit the right character corn but my headline looks a bit body. I need awoke on that You can also see hope your headline will be displayed as a Google search results and also as the email subject line. And it also shows water the keyboards on How great is the sentiment off your headline? See analyst your headline based on too many factors, right? That's why I call this a complete load at the start. So all restraint, this tool before finalizing on your headlines it will definitely be a great help on It's completely free. A Dutch links toe this analysts in the north section. You can rule them by clicking on the view notes button. So these are the totals. Toe analysts. Your headlines Thank you so much. I hope you like all the tools. 4. What's Next?: most off them. Don't make it till here. You're definitely deserve apart on your back. No, you have the name angels at your go. Seven of them will help you to generate killer headlines and drove them to analysts. The headlines you have generated as a promise you can know, create hundreds off. It lands on Anil ism in minutes. So I want to wish you all the best for all your future endeavors and all the amazing headlands you're gonna rate to complete this headland rating walk so and master the headline reading skill you need toe enroll in the other two courses that follow this one. The first Coast is 11 proven formula store right. Irresistible Headlines. This is a complete game where you will learn formulas used by $1,000,000 cooperators on a formula which will make all your headlines great. And the second goes seven hacks toe take your headlines from good to great. In this course, you will own grammar rules for reading headlines and hope to use emotions in your headlines on I dealing your Helen should be and many other great axe which will take you headlands from good Oh, great enrolling this two courses right away to become a killer. Headland. Greater. I attached links. Towboat off. This course is in the north section. You can view them by clicking the view notes button. Thank you so much for coming on this journey with me. I'm really honored to be your instructor. If you could date 10 seconds to review this course positively, it will help me to create more amazing Go, Sis. Please do see you in the next course. Thank you.