8 Ways to SKYROCKET Your Musicality | Alon Cooper | Skillshare

8 Ways to SKYROCKET Your Musicality

Alon Cooper, Founder - The GuitarHippies Blog

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2 Videos (11m)
    • 8 Ways to SKYROCKET Your Musicality

    • The Beginner's Guitar Super-Course Intro: Beautifully Play All of YOUR Favorites


About This Class

In this short class I'll share with you 8 different ways in which you can improve your musicality - which is what I see as your general musical skills that aren't necessarily limited just to the guitar.

As promised, the links for all the good stuff that I mentioned in the lesson are attached as a PDF file in the "Class Project" section of the class. 






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Alon Cooper

Founder - The GuitarHippies Blog

Alon Cooper (Born 1990)Alon is the founder of the blog GuitarHippies-com, one of the top five most-read guitar blogs worldwide, and of Harmonica Jamz - a unique harmonica learning system.

Alon is a professional multi-instrumentalist with a passion for creating musical shortcuts and helping musicians advance to the level they want to get to - in the fastest way around.

Over the last six years, Alon has spent many months backpacking through four diffe...

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