8 Ways to Keep Blogging Week After Week After Week | Sharon Ernst | Skillshare

8 Ways to Keep Blogging Week After Week After Week

Sharon Ernst, Copywriter, Consultant and Coach

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5 Videos (25m)
    • Introduction to 8 Ways to Keep Blogging Week After Week

    • Steps 1, 2 and 3: Know Your Goal, Audience and Voice

    • Steps 4 and 5: Always Have a Topic and How to Use Shortcuts

    • Steps 6, 7 and 8: Know How You Like to Write, Let Go Expectations, Schedule It

    • Class Project and Wrap Up


About This Class

Just about every small business owner, freelancer and marketer knows blogging is a critical content marketing tool. But boy, it’s hard to stick with it, right?! Blogging seems to end up at the bottom of the task list every day (and week), because so many other tasks are higher in priority.

Is your blog neglected and out-of-date? Is it last on your to-do list so never gets the attention it deserves? That makes you normal! Consistently blogging challenges most of us because we’re busy with so many other things. Let’s fix that. During this Skillshare class, we'll talk about the challenges we’re facing that keep us from blogging, and how to overcome them. We’ll also work on a plan you can stick with to make sure your blog does get the attention it deserves. You’ll end up with a clear vision, a list of topics, a writing schedule, and a renewed commitment to your blog.

Note that this class takes a slightly different approach with more talking than text. In the past when I’ve worked with people struggling to blog, it seemed they needed extra reassurance and encouragement. That’s what I’ve tried to provide here, with what I hope is more like a one-on-one coaching session than a presentation or lecture. If I hit or missed the mark, let me know!   

For your class project, you’ll work through all eight steps (and then some) to lay the groundwork, start a list of topic ideas, and then make a commitment to blogging week after week after week. Ready? Go!






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Sharon Ernst

Copywriter, Consultant and Coach

Do your sales messages fall flat? Are your marketing messages only mediocre?

Do you want to be a better, faster writer at work, quickly dashing off emails that engage or writing proposals that win praise?

Whether you're writing for sales or writing for work, I want to help you tackle writing challenges head on, slowly but surely developing your skills to be a better, faster writer.

I'm Sharon. I've worked as a freelance copywriter for almost 20 years, writing my first web...

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