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8 Ways To Set Your Work Space Up For Success

teacher avatar Amy Norton, Freelance Writer & Productivity Whiz

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Setting Yourself Up For Success

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About This Class

How frequently do you find yourself distracted at your work area? Or overwhelmed at all the clutter around you? Do you try to keep things clean but fall short every time?

This video is for you! All the tips and tricks that will allow you to take control of your workplace so that you can achieve more and hit your goals! 

Check out my other Skillshare classes! I highly recommend checking out my "Planner Basics" class to help you organize your work as well. Click here for that class. 


My Youtube Channel: MissAmyxo

My Instagram: MissAmyXoo

My Email: [email protected]

My Cute Boston Terrier's Instagram: Nickel.Pickle.The.Boston


Meet Your Teacher

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Amy Norton

Freelance Writer & Productivity Whiz


Hello there! I'm Amy and I'm so glad you've stumbled on this page. I am really excited to be sharing videos here on Skillshare and Youtube. I am very passionate about being as productive and creative as I can be. On Skillshare, I am sharing videos about different productivity techniques that I have studied and had success with as well as writing, freelance, and entrepreneurial tips that have helped me as I build my writing business. I love to use my time to the very best of my ability and I love trying new practices to stretch my time out. When I find things that work I am so excited to share them with you, so I hope you will check out my classes and let me know what you think!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and have a fantastic day! 

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1. Introduction: So in this class, we're gonna be discussing why it's important to have a clean, organized space. Why it's important to your productivity, your mental help, just keeping everything clean and different habits and tips and tricks to accomplish that. So I hope you'll keep watching. 2. Setting Yourself Up For Success: all right. I'm so glad you clicked on to the next part. This video we're gonna go through, Ah, bunch of tips, tricks and habits for keeping your space clean. One of the best feelings is to walk away at the end of your workday with a clean desk. And the reason for this is it's going to give you peace of mind. You're gonna leave the office, your desk, your workspace, feeling good about how you've left your space. If you have, you know, a boss or someone who walks around and they see that you're constantly keeping your area clean, that's gonna be great. And then, more importantly, when you come in and the next day or the next week, whatever, your next day, the office is and you come in and everything is clear Put away. You can see everything and everything is organized. Is going to make you feel so much better. You're gonna start everything up on the right foot and by starting everything on the right foot, you're just setting yourself up for success. You know, they always say successful people prepare for the next day, you make their lunches, lay out their clothes you know all of these different habits, but keeping your workspace cleans them. When you walk in the next morning, that is just going to make you feel so much better. You're gonna get down to work. You're not gonna have to scramble in, search for this with that or have to put up with this or clean up this. You're already starting your day off, right? In addition to that, I would recommend the day before that you not only want your desk or workspace area to be organized, you want yourself to be mentally organized. So grab your to do list, your planner, whether it's digital or on paper, whatever system you have in place. And hopefully you do have one. If you don't check out my planner basics video, which I could leave link down below. But know what you're doing the next day. So if you're if you have a big project, if you have meetings, have everything laid out for the next day, it's that you walk into the office not just with a clean desk, physically, but you also mentally No. Okay, I have this appointment at two, but I have this time to work on this project, and this is what I'm gonna start with you. You already know we're gonna dio so you can just sit down and get right into it and you're gonna be so much more efficient. And you're gonna look at the clock and say you walked in eight and usually you spend the first half hour trying to find things or figure out what you're doing today and you're gonna look at the clock and it's going to be nine o'clock and you're going already finished some of this stuff on your to do list. That is an amazing feeling. It sounds like such a small thing, but don't underestimate it. I promise you, it will really help if you keep that habit up in the long run. One of the ways to develop that have it is to make this a daily habit. Now, at first, if you will have a very messy desk, you're gonna want to declutter some. So if you have a bunch of knickknacks, if you have tons of like family pictures, which is amazing, I'm not. Your family is amazing. I'm not putting that down by any means, but try to limit. Like I like to have a little personal flair, you know, homey touch on my desk. But you want to make sure that you have workspace and that most of your desk is clear and available to use for work. So, you know, choose a few photos, choose one or two of your favorite knickknacks, you know, and clear out the rest. Make a home for them somewhere else so that you can love on them there. But that way you're gonna have a clear workspace. Another thing you want to do is go through any paperwork. I feel like paper clutter is really notorious. Go through. If you have a file organizer if you have notebooks, if you have books, anything on your desk or in that general area, if you have some notebooks on their you're not using, put them somewhere else. If you have books that you were using for reference on a previous project, but you're not using them anymore, you don't put those away to the left you have on the desk. The more space you have for your current projects, and you won't also have all these things that you're no longer using on your desk that really serves no purpose. They're not even giving you joy. Look at, really. They're just sitting there being dust collectors. So clear out any of that stuff. Give yourself a fresh start, and then once you de cluttered your area, go ahead and start to on a daily basis. I recommend doing this at the end of the day aches. I feel that it makes the most sense. If you're going to clean up after work shift or working, you want to make sure that you do it towards the end of the day when you would have the most damage done. Basically so at the end of the same, take a moment. Return that book that you borrowed or that file that you don't need any more. Return those to your boss or co worker. Whoever you know, shred some paperwork. If you don't need any more interesting to get off your desk, clean up your mess from lunch if you have empty soda cans or candy bars. Speaking of, make sure do you have a small trash can? That is such a great thing toe have. I am a big fan of the idea that the easier we make it on ourselves, the more likely they are to do it. Because we're humans. You know, we get lazy sometimes where we don't want to do it or were busy with other things. But the easier you make it on yourself, the more like you likely do it. So if you have your own personal trash can that you could toss your lunch trash into or papers that don't need to be shredded tossed them into their get yourself a little trash can and save yourself the work that will take more time of the end of the day. It's gonna feel like a job versus if you just chucked your lunch in there while you were finishing it up, you know? So get that daily habit started. Put everything back in place, you know, collect. I always end up with, like, five pens all over my desk, even though I was only using one. So put them all back in your little cut for pens, you know, clean out any received to have on your desk that you don't need. They're just take a moment, and if you do it every night, which I personally do every night. I make sure, you know, I have actual water bottles. Usually they're empty. At the end of the day, I maybe have a TV like a mug for tea. Possibly like that. Like I said, I'll have pens all over my desk. Maybe some extra papers. I'll take two minutes. Put those away. Close my laptop and everything feels so much more complete as speaking of habits once a week making a point. Mark it on your calendar. You know, if you work a Monday through fire job every Friday, maybe do this. Take everything off your desk and wipe the counters down because I don't know about you, but thinking about all the things that I touched, my desk, I mean my hands, which have touched lots of different things around my house or work areas. So that's probably not great. Or, you know, I ate lunch and I washed my hands, but maybe it didn't all come off or something. So I'm just thinking about the gross hands that it touched your desk thinking about the bacteria. Your cell phone's probably touched your desk, and that's had lots of bacteria and cell phones carry more bacteria than a lot of like household appliances. Let's it's grossing me out. Actually, it's kind of groceries to think about, but just think about that. You know, if your coworker took your pen, returned it. If you have any crumbs on your desk or smudges from food or drinks or anything, just take the time. Take everything off your desk, wipe it down quick and easy. I would also recommend this makes me always feel so refreshed is to get electron ICS cleaner, and I personally bought my best buy, and it comes with a little sprayer. But then you can put the cloth in there with it, which is really nice. So I'll just spray that micro fiber cloth and wipe down my keyboard and my monitor so and my phone at the same time. And that is such a good feeling. Now you don't have any smudges or bacteria or germs or anything on your laptop. It's all clean. It's crisp. It's such a good feeling. So once a week, if you work Monday through Friday, however, market on your calendar and start cleaning your desk like that, it's going to give you a feeling of pride in a way, because you're gonna have this clean space, which is going to inspire you to take pride in your work space to keep it up. But you also take pride in your and your work because imagine if you want to work and your ideal office like you have your own space, you could decorate however you want. You have your whole like giant room for your office when you take pride in that area, I would. So even if you just have, like, a cubicle or like, I have a little desk in my bedroom, so it's nothing super fancy by any means at all. Just taking pride in keeping it clean is just so good for you mentally to take pride in the area. The job you have take pride in it, and it's gonna make you feel good. It's just such a feel good moment, and it's gonna keep you on tracks with your success and productivity such such a small thing. But it really, really helps of something that I help you with keeping things clean, as well as to assign a space for everything. So of your clothes slash if you decluttering and you need to rearrange things. Make sure you have a place for things Like I said, have a trash can for trash. Have like a cup, you know, organize your pens and have, like, a little drawer or something to put like a, well, rulers or calculators or whatever kind of things you have used. If you get a lot of incoming paperwork or male with your work, I would recommend having like a little letter tray, or maybe if you are allowed to, if it's your own space or if your if your office would allow you to. Maybe you can put one of those letter trace on the loss that you can file your letters and mail like incoming out coming. That's where thing in that way, if you have a place for if you know we're supposed to go, you're gonna be more inclined to put it back. And it's gonna keep everything cleaner for you in the long run. Okay? And the last tip this has helped me so many times. So if you've ever been in a creative rut, or you just cannot get those juices flowing like you're just stuck, you know whether you're crunching numbers and you just can't think straight. Or you can't come up with a good idea for your writing project, whatever it is, if you stop and stand up from your desk area and take a few moments to clean up some things like, you know, go ahead and put your lunch several way and put this away and empty the trash. Maybe just taking a few minutes to clean up is going to make you feel good because you just accomplished something, even if it's just a little task that you did. And in the back of your mind, your brain is always working and working, working, working. So it's still thinking and processing about that creative project or those numbers that you're trying to work on. So by the time you sit back down, you're probably gonna feel better because your space is a little bit cleaner. You just finished a task. You got something done, and so just staring at the screen blankly and then and your brain is working out the whole time and you know how they often tell you to sleep on it, right? Like to sleep on an idea or some sort of problem that you have to try to figure it out. It's the same kind of principle. Of course, it's not the same length of time you're not sleeping, but you're still taking a break and disconnecting from what you were doing. And it's gonna help your brain have a moment to just pause, relax and then you'll have that Ah ha moment. So I've been that so many times. If I'm stumped on something, I just take five and I get up. I put away my you know, my team. Oh, I put away the pens. I put away whatever I was working on before that project, and that has helped so much. So I feel horribly recommend. This I love this video was helpful is just something that kind of came to me spur of the moment. But I just was looking at my desk space, and I was thinking about it was like that. These tips helped me so much. Like, I feel better when I start in the morning because everything's clear and put away, and I know what I'm gonna be working on right away so I could get into it faster and like I said, the creative juices taking a break. It just kind of a, you know, easy task, but something that you finished and it's just going to give your brain a break. So I hope these were helpful. I would love it. If you would review this class. That would mean a lot to me and I'll see you guys in my next class by