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8 Ways To Complete Projects Faster & The 5 Things To Avoid Series

teacher avatar Ruth-Ellen Danquah, Growth Engineer | ruth-ellen.com

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Intro To Complete Projects Faster Series

    • 2. What is the First Strategy? #spolieralert

    • 3. Do You Have The Energy?

    • 4. The Class Project Instructions

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About This Class


It's hard being good at so many things, having so many ideas and not being able to finish them isn't it?

If your answer is yes, then this course is for you. I have been there too, I used to have so many ideas and didn't know what to do with them, so I would start them and then start something else...ordinary this wouldn't be a problem until I found others would be able to implement their ideas and be successful while I would be wondering what the flip happened.  

I learnt how to focus, got more accountable to myself and achieved more in less time. Now it's your time, you can do it!

 By the end of the course be more focused, overcome all your obstacles, get more productive and complete those projects faster! 


  • You will receive an infographic with the 8 ways to complete a project and then 5 things to avoid 
  • Each session will be broken down into easy to follow video's, which will also comprise of an actionable activity for you to follow.  This is a course you learn by doing all the way!


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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ruth-Ellen Danquah

Growth Engineer | ruth-ellen.com


While working with large brands (Egencia, Hutchinson 3G, Epson, Hewlett Packard etc) as well as 100s of SMB and 1000's of individuals, I generated them over £120m in new business. I learnt a lot about relationships in business and now I want to help YOU get results from YOUR efforts. My mission is to help 10,000 students get results from my sales, marketing and personal development courses. 

Join my group so you can be with like-minded people http://bit.ly/confidententrepreneurs

My name is Ruth-Ellen and I am the CEO & Founder of Celebrated Not Tolerated. I have been in the sales and marketing industry for 20+ years and started XavieTime in 2015. At XavieTime I have worked with several large brands and startups. I help our clients in creating an engaging brand and then generating leads.

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1. Intro To Complete Projects Faster Series: Hi, my name's we've and and Henry over it, and I created eight ways to complete put its faster and fry things to avoid. Really? Because when I was actually in work working for an organization, I have this thing called Structure on and believe Oh, no, I hate it. But it was useful because structure gives us a way to be competent and have clarity in our work that we do when we don't have structure. We have kind of a thing called Chaos on. I met so many people networking when I was going for your transition Off started to freelance and they had so many great ideas. And then a month later, when you'd speak to them, they had some money, more great ideas, and it was amazing how they would come up these creative five days. But it's the execution all more. Let's get bored, or perhaps their friends, and they're better to do in their own appear. Sometimes these people would just be deterred. Somebody would have given them to feedback that might have not being, as I guess, comparing to go on. Or perhaps they've taken it to heart when their relation of listened There's many reasons why we stop our projects and as many reasons why we should restart, Um, and as so many reasons why we should complete them. So this course is for you if you've ever started something and you've wanted to finish her just for your own sake, off your own piece of mind on this course is foot Those of you out there that have so many great ideas, but then see enough for one. I want to jump on that band. Malcolm. I wanted to complete your purchase faster. This course is for you. My and background comes from a cell's one Andi that would derive from a business to business type setting. Where had great structure? Andi. I wanted Teoh complete projects, and I did because I had that great support system. I then moved into market in, and then I went into a design on. Now I'm a Web defined apart, but I've taken all these extra schools I've gained. Andi put them into this project. No, in that I've done so many things on. I want to share hard on them and completed them with great success. From 100 of £15 million in the quarter working for businesses to create in new websites for organizations that were not for profit. I've done a lot of diverse things and I want to show of you how I complete the projects, Forrester. So come join me in role, using the bottom below and see what I've got to say. Each course is very practical. Is Siris, of course, is for the 1st 1 is very sure and very succinct. So I look forward to seeing your never side. 2. What is the First Strategy? #spolieralert: Hi, It's roof Ellen Henry over it here, and I want to thank you for joining me on eight ways to complete. Put it faster and five things to avoid now. First thing first. Have you got your infographic? If not, then please jump over to the link. If you click the link in the class description, you'll find the infographic, which you don't come right Click on download to save to your computer. The first thing is all about seen obstacles as part of our preparation to help complete, but it's faster. The reason behind during this strategy is really simple. Festival. There's been research to prove that people that question themselves self question groups are more effective, 50% more effective than a counterparts that use self affirming strategies. The difference between would I and I will it's phenomenal. You could tell yourself on the best. It's going to be a breathing when you get a short term emotional boost. But if you ask, can I be the best? Can I make a great pitch? Then this gives you in your mind for a chance to give you A with the reasons that you will and all the reasons why you want and then frank strategies so that you can overcome all the nose. Henry Wall in two D j comedian and actor once said, Creating problems is easy. We do it all the time. Find the solutions, ones that last that produce good results. Requires Got sink here. Let's build upon that. Think him. Yeah, Creating problems is easy, so why don't we just lower problems, tell us a story and find solutions if they same problems? Duh. Now the mind essentially does you a favor when it goes to the negative, because it's giving you clues as to what it holds new back. It's giving you clues that you can use for good. For example, if you ever heard in wine say there was no way this is gonna work, I'm able to complete push it because I haven't got the time. At this point, you don't need to get into a debate match with us mind. Instead, you can just you let it go. One question it Let's but it's got like a child was caught red handed, but its hands in the cookie job let your mind spittle, giving you the inside information you need that. In turn, you can actually use this intel from your mind to focus on the outcome, which is you already have the answer for your obstacles and how to overcome them. This is this helping you as a guide so you can get those answers much more quicker. Sometimes with the weight life goes, you don't give us up a chance, Teoh, relax and wait for the answer. So the solution map does give you that breathing space for you to do that complete in your project. And that's how. Usual. In the next video, I'm gonna show you exactly how to pull those obstacles in a framework that you can use for everyday solutions focused work. Click on the next video and find out how. 3. Do You Have The Energy?: What is your energy level right now on a scale of 1 to 5. Are you vibrant on? You're ready to get going. You're ready to even hit 30 minutes in the gym or you quite tired. Do you want some rest? You need a break from 1 to 55 being very time about being vibrant. Washing number. How are you using your energy daily? Is your energy scattered into different projects? Is your mind focused on many different things? So this is the energy Check him because it's easy to become people that change and job. When we don't keep an eye on things, we tend to progressing. Approach. It's very slowly. We don't go as far as we should with our partners. And sometimes we don't even complete our projects because of these challenges off having these goals to complete something. If you want to Easy way Teoh set and achieve goals. Check out my medicals. How to set and achieve goals will sell in school share in order to use our energy in a more productive way. We have to be very conscious of what's going on with us. How could get that desire back this first is I? You had when you first started the project, why we stopped things. Why we start things on why we will continue and complete things. Let's complete our projects. Roster. Have you ever been in the situation where you've made too many commitments? Said yes to too many things and essentially said no to yourself? Well, I have made too many commitments. I made too many promises and I stopped what I was doing to help people that didn't schedule their time properly. There are an agenda would be fulfilled while my ones would still be stuck in the same place . It wasn't fair. But who is it to blame, me or them? Was it my responsibility to tell them? Actually, no. I've scheduled something in my time to complete my projects, but I'm going to take time out to complete yours. People sometimes referred to as being selfish when you put yourself first. But is it really selfish to fulfill your own life's mission? Is it really selfish to get what you want out of life? So if you're in the middle for portrait right now, check your energy levels and check it feel given enough energy to your project. Well, if you're scattered 4. The Class Project Instructions: welcome to complete a way to complete projects faster and quite things to avoid. This is all about completing projects and seeing how obstacles could help you to overcome incomplete. Put it faster. How are you indicating weapon goals? And but is it more on the left? Will You got a little bit of energy and you're using it everywhere you get one of parts of energy go Well. What I want to do is chicken because basically, when it comes to problems that they have a project, it is easy for us to find problems with solutions Seem to take up the long guards acquire. So it's a solution. Quite a solution you can refer to when you get stopped. Give you an easy road back to divide solutions, obstacles and not problems. This is the solution. Get one say the obstacle The reasons why you won't be able to complete this project All the leaving only six. This is point putting down except to okay solutions back two state solution is the reason why you will complete this project are because I'm state why you will do it because of the time you give them a except free what you stroll you back that in putting, Thinking what? This is that like you. It reminds net every moment. And so just to be actually penalties a pen, a paper for this. But the I'm mine's not naked. You tools to create my look back, this one here or like my one here, which is a specific climate that I've used for a solution my so equipped you helped to create a visual trigger. If you could be on course to that specific map and then if you also at the solution to the station map, what you find is that whenever you get stuck, you could refer back Teoh. But an obstacle comes up at a team up and then subsequently me that the solution repeatedly will make you a solutions.