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8 Ways To Complete Projects Faster Series Part 2

teacher avatar Ruth-Ellen Danquah, Growth Engineer | ruth-ellen.com

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Why rewards help to complete projects faster

    • 2. How to create a reward timeline

    • 3. Why you need accountability

    • 4. How to start a mastermind group

    • 5. How to be intentional

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About This Class


The series continues with 3 more ways to complete projects faster 

Meet Your Teacher

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Ruth-Ellen Danquah

Growth Engineer | ruth-ellen.com


While working with large brands (Egencia, Hutchinson 3G, Epson, Hewlett Packard etc) as well as 100s of SMB and 1000's of individuals, I generated them over £120m in new business. I learnt a lot about relationships in business and now I want to help YOU get results from YOUR efforts. My mission is to help 10,000 students get results from my sales, marketing and personal development courses. 

Join my group so you can be with like-minded people http://bit.ly/confidententrepreneurs

My name is Ruth-Ellen and I am the CEO & Founder of Celebrated Not Tolerated. I have been in the sales and marketing industry for 20+ years and started XavieTime in 2015. At XavieTime I have worked with several large brands and startups. I help our clients in creating an engaging brand and then generating leads.

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1. Why rewards help to complete projects faster: welcome back to eight ways to complete. Put it far. Start on five things to avoid Siri's with meat roof. Ellen Henry over it. So today you're gonna learn about house. Reward yourself. Why you need to hold yourself on. The next thing you should be doing in orderto have left stress. When you're completing your projects, please download the infographic. If you haven't done so already, I'll make it much, much easier for you to follow along like your little road map. So the first thing we're gonna touch upon its order to help you reduce your stress is to do with the word called dopamine. Did you know that dopamine is the brains? One the drug that helps you get stuff done. So we naturally have it in our brains. But some have less than others. For example, people with diverse than it needs that have dyslexia, this spaccia or suffer. We've 80 HD even have lower levels off dopamine, which makes them less likely toe work on things. They can start the things they start it, but they weren't necessarily finish it. So completing projects has much more to do with motivation on cost benefit than the pleasure itself, and that sometimes applies to everyone. So the way to achieve consistent dopamine levels is by certain incremental goals. What you're trying to do is reward the brain to attach a dopamine response to the task you want as a reward. Whether that is listening to music, meditation or exercising. Wherever it is you enjoy, you need to find it. And so the next step is all about getting a process in place. So you have that urge to complete things faster, so click on the next video. 2. How to create a reward timeline: Now it's time to get some processes in place for you to award yourself. The first thing you're going to do is write down all the things you enjoy doing that could include anything from specific food that brings you pleasure movies. You like watching people you like seeing places you like visiting etcetera, until you can't think of anything else. The second thing you're going to do is take a look at the list and pick free that, bringing you an instant smile to your face. The first and final thing is to put those free things as rewards that which you will use to treat yourself two. Once you reach a specific milestone so you can create your own daily weekly mumphrey reward system. So this is an example of what you do. Maybe you're brainstorming on Monday, and then you rewarding yourself on Friday off someday, or maybe rules yourself daily. It's totally up to you. So that's how I believe you can award yourself in a very systematic way so you can get more things done by increasing your dopamine levels. In the next video, we'll be looking at how to set up a successful accountability partnership on why you need one in the first place. 3. Why you need accountability: complete foot, it's far. Start by sharing your projects. Sometimes we are not driven by a project that may take longer to see an outcome. And we already covered that. This might be because of the door for me so we can live in a world off instant gratification. So that's also a factor. We can google things and see things in an instant. We no longer have to wait for the news. We can go out and confine the news. So in order for after stay, focus and in order for after, make the process of completing put its faster, I need you to take a risk the calculated risk on yourself by implementing accountability into your journey to project completion. We need to build accountability into our projects. From the very beginning. We need to know only declare that we are are starting this project. But we also have to put it in a diary that we will be completing certain elements. Certain milestones by a certain amount of time, the road to starting and completing a project need not be lonely. There's actual statistic that back up what I'm saying. The American Society Off Training and Development shows us that our projects are more likely to be completed if we build accountability into the into it, so your 10% more likely to finish the project. If you hear the idea, you're 40% more likely to finish a project. If we decide you will do it. And if you plan it, your 50% chance off she completing it. If you told somebody else you're going to do it, there's a 65% chance of you doing it Now. If you actually have an appointment with your account, accountability partner or coach, whatever you wanna call it, there's a 95% chance off you doing it and completing it 95%. That's quite a lot compared to the planning, which is 50 and a committing to something else, which is 65 for the next video. We'll tell you how to structure and accountability session so that you have the 95% chance off completing this project. 4. How to start a mastermind group: so step one on creating a mastermind group. First things first. Let's choose a platform. I suggest you choose. Facebook used her Facebook as a private group for you to converse. Eight on for you to share files for you, too. Generally have that space that's got no noise. It's just you and your group with your targets. And then you make sure your schedule in a call that you have a schedule specific time that you do not break. No matter what. You only need one of a person who is like minded so you can check him of each other, and then you have to make sure that you set the expectation. So you have to emphasize the urgency and importance off your project or goals. This is pivotal, so that's step number one. Create the group in Facebook scheduled to call in the diary in your calendar and then make sure that you've got a like minded person who knows how urgent your project look, unsure that you've got a like minded person who knows how urgent your project or gold is, and that person has the same. The key here is to have a partner who is very clear on your why the reason why we're doing this project so that you do not for short and give up, and you've got to be very clear and articulate that y to them, and I've got to do the same for you. Step two is all about being specific. Be specific regarding your end results, your timeframes and expected level off effort. The question should always be well. Action needs to be taken. Are the questions that you need to be our skin is why leak this action to the bigger picture to the person understands why they are are important. The Who. No. Two headed monsters here. Only one person could be accountable per action. The wind be specific about when you want results next month or by its second quarter is not specific enough. You want a specific date and even a specific time. To be specific, specific. Be very specific. The garden and results. That's step two. Step free. Implement the free eyes. The 1st 8 is agree. Agree on a plan for monitoring your efforts as well as your progress. The second a is always, always acknowledge your good performance and the third a authorized your accountability partner to have the authority to challenge you. So agree on a plan from one between. Always acknowledge your good performance and authorized accountability partner. To have the authority to challenge challenge means growth that's step free. So that's the free steps. Now you need to be ableto have questions Teoh clarify with your accountability partner or group before you actually start. So what the successful like to you is one of the questions you need to ask each other. How often do I check in for follow up? What are the specific deadlines for milestones? What tools? What? I used to monitor my progress. Now those questions you need to be art skin them on answering. Next, we'll be looking at how we can be more intentional to complete up, which it's faster. This is a bonus tip. The application be minder has this. Nifty is a nifty tool, which is help, which helps you to stay on target. So if you fall behind on one of the tasks you end up paying with your wallet, you can synch it with offer applications so you can receive automata reports sent to an email address This helps take care off along the admin stuff. So that's a bonus tip. Be minder is really also. And if you haven't downloaded rescue time, I think I'm gonna Moment went a little bit later, but that's enough a tool as well. 5. How to be intentional : this part, the classes. What about being intentional? Because when you are intentional with your time, you get things moving in the right direction. So your strategy is to find the best strategy for you that helps you manage your energy so you can complete projects. Foster. Then you consent tasks there are specific. Put them in the calendar with deadlines and already do toss that move the needle forward. Easier said than done. I he cried. Well, not think what happened is easy is what they say. So let's begin with an activity so that you can be more intentional with your time. The first thing you need to do it. Decide on a two part of the day when you will check your emails so that you don't end up answering emails all day. Then allocate specific minutes that you will dedicate. Answering those emails. Go on deciding what time you will be put in your calendar to be intentional with your emails. Chicken gone, pulls the video, put it in your cat and dog and then come back. Okay, I hope you done that. I have done a task off setting in times in your calendar for you to check email. Step number two. Create a one page productivity plan for the day. For activity is normal, normally associated with a sane to do with elephants. You know how the elephants one piece at a time. But I say you don't eat elephants. That is just nasty and cruel. So how do you eat this up? One spoonful at a time. I have seen some productivity plans involving 10 things, but for someone who is much more focused like you, you could really turn into 100 things. So choose to main important things that move the needle forward things that you really want to move your project forever along. I've got this court up. I use cause remain room minty. Whether that's how you pronounce it, I don't know, but it's r e m E N T. That helps you do break down the steps on set the goals. So another tool you could use another way to be intentional to step free is every 40 minutes. Take a break, and in that break, ask yourself the following question how my performance is the work I am doing, helping me complete this project. Do any for motor hydration is super important, by the way, and in ever questions that you want to ask off yourself that you would normally ask a friend you only want the best for. So that's how you could be more intentional for time. So that's it for this class in the series so far. Next, we will be looking at how you shouldn't right off the time a technique as has more power than you should or could think. So next time we'll be looking at tools like timers on other things to complete the project faster. And then we were looking at five things to avoid so that you do focus on the goal.