8 Steps to your successful Public Relations strategy

Vladlena Taraskina, Straight to the point business education

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13 Videos (44m)
    • Introduction

    • Step 1 - Clarify your message

    • Step 2 - Prepare your press page

    • Step 3 - Make a list

    • Step 4 - Create an email campaign

    • Step 5 - Reach out

    • Step 6 - Follow up

    • Step 7 - Spread the word

    • Step 8 - Keep in touch

    • Use this database with journalist contacts

    • How to get contacted by the press

    • How to organize your PR

    • Wrap up


About This Class

Learn how to reach out to the press and get your story published. 

I have created this practical step by step guide so you can reach out to millions of people, tell your story and increase your brand value. 

By the end of the course you will have a strategy how to build your winning PR strategy. 


Why you should enroll

  • Course includes over 1 hour of high quality content, including links to key resources
  • You'll learn skills that will allow you to tell your story and get published
  • You'll have access to the instructor to ask questions. 


About the instructor:

+ Worked in Online Gaming Industry and Venture Capital 

+ Founded 5 companies in the last 8 years





Vladlena Taraskina

Straight to the point business education

My name is Vladlena and I am an entrepreneur. During the last 10 years I have spent an enormous amount of time looking for the best tools to run my business. In my courses I will give you overview of the best tools which I use. I will also teach you how you can apply them to instantly improve your business and achieve better results. 

My courses are for decision makers who value their time and want a concise straight to the point advise on how to run and grow their business. 

I am alway looking for ways to make my courses better for you, so feel free to reach out at [email protected]