8 Steps to Wealth through Real Estate Microdegree | Scott Picken | Skillshare

8 Steps to Wealth through Real Estate Microdegree

Scott Picken, Founder & CEO of Wealth Migrate

8 Steps to Wealth through Real Estate Microdegree

Scott Picken, Founder & CEO of Wealth Migrate

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    • 11. STEP 5: GET STARTED





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About This Class

Welcome to 8 Steps to Wealth through Real Estate microdegree

Congrats on taking your first steps towards creating & protecting your wealth for you and your family. Learn how to change your mindset from a scarcity mindset to abundance mindset to a global mindset.  

This 8 steps to Wealth through Real Estate Microdegree will focus on teaching you how you can use the 5 pillars of Wealth to overcome barriers such as lack of knowledge, trust and access to the right expertise.

Create your own personalised path to wealth. 

Take charge and master the art of creating wealth on your terms.  

Join this course and get invaluable tips, content and strategies to not only create wealth but becoming a Global Citizen, through building multiple streams of income. This is no longer a luxury, it has become a necessity.   

Learn how you can create a passive income stream in dollars, pounds, euro's, etc with our proven strategies, systems and tips from Serial Entrepreneur and Global Investor - Scott Picken. 

Microdegree Outcomes

  •  Change your mindset from scarcity to abundance to achieve your goals
  •  Create additional / passive income stream in dollars, pounds, euro's, etc with proven strategies, systems and tips.
  •  Get started from as little as $100.
  •  Identify and overcome roadblocks on your wealth journey
  •  Create and implement a personal plan to achieve the freedom you want
  •  Get proven wealth strategies and systems from experts, to track & protect your wealth
  •  What it takes to get to the next level
  •  Implementing your personal plan to achieve financial freedom
  •  Creating your own personal global real estate portfolio
  •  A system to track your progress
  •  Using the Laws of Nature to your advantage
  •  Discover your purpose - your impact on the planet, giving back to others and having more FUN.
  •  Align your life with your purpose!

Your Microdegree MentorScott Picken


Scott Picken

Founder and CEO of Wealth Migrate, published author, Wealth Movement pioneer and serial Fintech entrepreneur.

Backed by more than 18 years’ global real estate investment, technology and business leadership experience, I am passionate about providing real estate investors access to global markets, the transformative power of financial technology, blockchain, re-inventing wealth, Collaborative SMART InvestingTM and creating global wealth for all.

Wealth Migrate 

In Wealth Migrate we have built the leading global real estate marketplace which is built on blockchain and digitally integrated into a listed and regulated exchange, which allows us to comply globally in each country and investors can invest safely from as little as $100 per investment. Everyone can now turn global monopoly into a reality as they own a global diversified portfolio of institutional quality real estate assets and manage it all on their smart device. Our vision is to make investing as simple as a swipe of the finger from as little as $1.

We have already raised $12m and this has allowed us to build the Trusted Global Real Estate Marketplace with members now in 117 countries (more than half the planet), investors in 47 countries, while growing between 0,5% to 1% a day. We have facilitated $75m+ USD through 1950+ transactions on the blockchain through the platform, which constitutes $485m in real estate deals.

With investors across the globe, including China and Wealth Migrate is now actively looking at India. Collectively, with my partners, what makes us unique is that we have over 227 years of combined Fintech & international real estate experience, have facilitated over 10800+ investments internationally on 5 continents and to the value of over $1,4+ billion. Our philosophy is safety, trust, transparency and only partnering where all parties’ interests are aligned.


WealthE CoinTM is going to be the catalyst to unlock the entire Global Wealth Group Ecosystem and turn the vision into a reality. Please watch this video - https://youtu.be/qUvkcYvDjK0 

For more info go to http://www.wealthe.io

I’m the author of Property Going Global, founder of Google-backed Lemonade Day Africa and a thought leader in the growing global ‘Wealth Movement’ aiming to close the wealth gap and empower one billion people. This is truly my purpose.


Step 1 Take Investor Test


Well done for making a decision that will impact your life for the better! 

Click here to take the test - http://investortest.geniusu.com/

As individuals, we want to have the freedom to live the life we want - freedom of choice, freedom of where our children go to school, where we work or live, the freedom to do what we want when we want, the freedom to donate or support who we want to, etc  but many of us don't know how to get there.  We created this Investor Test to help you understand where you are, and to guide you to where you want to be. This ultimately gives you the freedom to create the life you deserve.

It's much more than just a financial planning tool. This is the guide which will help you create your own personalised path to wealth, no matter where you are financially today.

Take the test and start your journey today! 

Click here to take the test - http://investortest.geniusu.com/

Step 2 Pillars of Wealth


Have you’ve ever felt a rush of excitement at buying something expensive, or felt bad about making a financial mistake?  Often, our relationships with money are emotionally charged and irrational which can affect the decisions we make.

To become wealthy, you need to develop the right mindset, be consistent in what you do and last but not least, disciplined and focused on your goals.   There are 5 core pillars that will lead you towards investment success - whether you’re a novice, intermediary or sophisticated investor including:

Your mindset and knowledge (IQ)

The use of personalised systems (SQ)

Collaborative partnerships (CQ)

The knowledge of investments, financials and real estate (FQ)

A clear purpose (PQ)

These 5 fundamental pillars are what you will build your wealth on.  Watch the next video to understand them and learn how to get from where you are, to where you want to be.  

2.1 Mindset & Knowledge


My father said, “You can have anything you want in life if you put your mind to it.”

Believing that you are in control of your own ability and your personal development is key to your success.  Hard work, effort, and persistence are all important, but not as important as having that underlying belief that you are in control of your own destiny.  The first pillar that we will discuss in this video is focussed on how to get the right mindset and knowledge to set you up for success.  

The first important lesson here will be "Why are we setup for failure and what can we do about it?" Scott shares his personal story and the reason's why he believes we are set up for failure.  

Scott shares the 12 lessons that wealthy people are taught that the 99% are not:

1. Focus on Income generating assets

2. “Don’t loose money,” Warren Buffett

3. Asymmetric risk/reward (Ray Dalio)

4. Tax Efficiency

5. Diversification, across & within assets, markets, currencies & time

6. The fundamentals of investment, real estate & business don't change

7. ‘You can have anything you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” Zig Ziglar

8. Appreciation is the key to happiness

9. Your mind creates your destiny & your life! Nurture it!

10. Chaos is your best friend, in chaos there is opportunity!

11. To risk nothing is to risk everything!

12. Be constantly learning!

Click here if you would like to download the WealthE Code

We often look at the wealthiest, and those who retire rich, and wonder how they do it.  The rich follow clear and simple rules when it comes to their wealth.


1. They focus on assets that generate income 

2. They believe that you can get anything in life if you help enough other people get what they want

3. They don’t wait for permission

4. They speak the language of money.  They’re better educated about personal finance to help them make better decisions

5. They make their own luck. Their positive habits lead to opportunities 

6. They have a bigger purpose and align their actions with their purpose

7. They set clear, distinctive and attainable goals

8. They are good communicators because they are good listeners. They understand that you can learn and educate yourself only by listening to what other people have to say

9. They don’t give up and believe that persistence pays off

10. They set aside limiting beliefs - studies show that almost four out of five wealthy people attribute their success in life to their beliefs

Other things which we will discuss and learn 

  1. The Barriers which stop people investing
  2. How to build Trust?
  3. How to find the Tools you need?
  4. How to get the Access you need?
  5. How to shift your thinking?
  6. And finally, the next steps to go to the next level.

"Whether you believe you can, or believe you can't. You are right either way." Henry Ford

"Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your destiny." 

Thus your mindset is literally the most important step to creating the wealth you want and ONLY once you have this (and you can have it in the click of a finger), ONLY THEN can you begin with the knowledge.

You owe it to yourself to believe in yourself, as greatness lives within you. Now let's get started on the journey you are destined to become WealthE.

Naill Ferguson talks about the 6 killer apps to wealth, click here to know more about them

"Imagine you are a drop of water afloat a loving sea; now ask yourself where are my boundaries?"

2.2 Personalised Systems


"My father taught me that you can have anything in life, if you put your mind to it" - Scott Picken

In this video, we follow on from why it's important to have the right mindset and knowledge and we start looking at why it's vitally important to have personalised financial systems in place as part of your planning, tracking and portfolio/wealth management.  This is one of the key things wealthy people do when they look at whether an investment makes sense or not.  Personalised systems is key to helping them make better decisions for themselves and their families.  

Systems help you:

- Understand the numbers and have transparency

- Get clear on your financial goals

- Help you create a roadmap on exactly how you will achieve your goals

- Make intelligent, informed & better decisions

- Learn from your mistakes

- Track your progress along the way

- Learn about GIDDS 1.0, GIDDS 2.0, Collaborative SMART Investing

- Keep your goals top of mind

- Achieve your goals and the financial freedom you want in your life

Watch the video to understand how personalised systems can help you in your journey to wealth.

2.3 Collaboration Partner


One of the most important decisions we make in life is who we choose to be around.  It's nearly impossible to rise to your own personal greatness if you aren't surrounding yourself with people who are doing the same.  

There is an old saying that reads "Show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are." 

Surround yourself with like-minded people that will empower,  motivate and encourage you to become the absolute best version of yourself, without changing who you are. You have the ability to create a powerful legacy.  Scott discusses why it's so important to choose the right partners that can help you on your journey to wealth. 

Learn from the Laws of Nature and combine this with one of the greatest lessons Scott learnt from a USD Billionaire on how to succeed in partnerships.

A final thought. "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

2.4 Investment Knowledge


In this Pillar you will learn about:

  1. - 4 Secrets to Wealth
  2. - How to Diversify
  3. - How to use Technology to achieve your financial goals
  4. - The different Investment Types
  5. - The Value chain of Real Estate - how the 1% invest and how to copy them
  6. - How to Track your Global Portfolio

Diversification is important to you because through diversifying your assets, you are able to learn which investment strategies you like the best, and which ones you least like. If one investment strategy does not work for you, you will have other investment strategies to fall back on.

Some of the main asset classes are equities or stocks, fixed income or bonds and cash equivalents or money market instruments.  Others include bank products, financial products, REITS or funds and residential and commercial real estate.   

49% of the world's wealth is held in real estate and so we are going to focus on what has both created and protected more wealth than any other asset classes over the centuries. There is a reason there are sayings, "He who owns the land is king."

One of the most important things to creating wealth is understanding the value chain and understanding which part of the value chain you are participating in. If you want to be wealthy you have to understand this and invest where wealthy people invest.


1.  The first step is land rezoning, and generally land developers aim to make 30%+ return (IRR - don't worry if you don't know what this is) on their money.

2.  The developer then buys the zoned land and creates something of value, aiming for 25% (IRR) return on their money.

3.  The investor (often the same person as the developer) then buys the asset and increases the value by tenanting the property - this is called ‘seasoning the rents.’ They aim for at least 20% (IRR) return on their money.

4. Once they have seasoned the rent, their payday comes by selling the asset to a fund or REIT that is incentivized by the amount of money they have under management.

5.  They are basically trying to spend their money and buy cashflow so that they can pay the monthly contributions. They aim to buy buildings with a cashflow of 4 - 8%.

6.  The last person in the value chain is you, the person who invests in the fund or REIT. You want to get wealthy, invest in a financial product through a financial planner (which you think is real estate) and most people are lucky to just beat inflation.

This is why more than 99% of people work hard, invest, save, pay their taxes and when they retire they ARE NOT wealthy. They fail. 

Only the Top 1% retire wealthy at 65 and so COPY what they do and you will get what they get.

Once you understand this, you need to focus on improving your financial intelligence.


1.  The macro and micro economic factors of a country

2.  Where the property is located and how this will affect your investment

3.  What due diligence has been done to ensure it’s a sound investment

4.  The risks – are there any risks and secondly, how do I manage risks?

5.  Whether you have the right partners

6.  How tax, compliance, bank accounts and structures work

7.   How to manage your asset (know as “Sweat the Asset”).

8.  The exit – how, what, when

OR..... you can follow the laws of nature and partner with people who already have the knowledge.

Using technology now there is no excuse not to get started and "Learn while doing." In the past you did a course, read a book, got a coach and then you got started. Now you just get started and you learn while doing. Again this is a fundamental law of nature!

2.5 Your Purpose


Knowing your life purpose will not only unlock your true potential, but it will also give you direction and help you focus on what matters most in your life.  With purpose come values and principles, which are an integral aspect of a person’s life. Values and principles are the rules that guide our decisions in life and help us define and achieve our goals.  

Starting a project without a purpose, clear objectives, specific directions and a plan of action is like starting out on a road trip with no idea where you're going or how to get there. Likewise, your business and investment purpose is just as important.  Find the bigger reason behind why you are doing what you are doing.  

Ask yourself – am I impacting my community for the better? If the answer is yes, then you’re on the right track.  If your answer is no, you need to regroup, find your purpose and start again. 

The next question is, "How much impact am I actually making? Is it my village? My city? My country? My continent or planet? Am I solving a grand challenge? How big do you want your impact to be? What is your destiny?"

It is all about your WHY. I highly recommend you watch this TED Talk - https://www.ted.com/talks/simon_sinek_how_great_leaders_inspire_action

  • Do you know who to create Generational Wealth?
  • In this video, Scott discusses why it's important to live a purpose-driven life and most importantly how to do it.  He will also discuss his purpose of empowering a Billion People and how he plans to Solve the Wealth Gap.

To learn more about the Wealthcoin and how it will become the catalyst to solve the wealth gap, click here

'Follow your instincts. Thats where true wisdom manifests itself."

Step 3 Your Journey Plan


My father said, “Dream big, people become what they dream.”

In this lesson you will learn about the journey of a investor. There is a path that every investor takes and so where are you on this path and what are the next steps.

You will learn about and get access to:

GPS - how to use a known system to figure out where you are, where you want to get to and most importantly how to get there.

Where are you – WealthE Assessment?

Goals - who to create your life, annual, quarterly and daily goals. Get access to some of the most advanced systems globally - WealthSMART Goals and built the future you want and have a system to make it happen. Use our templates.

How to determine what financial freedom means in your life?

Your Future Vision - create the life you want

The most important thing when wanting to climb a mountain is making sure that we know where the top of the mountain is. Most people don't get clear on this and so they wander around the base of the mountain, with all the other mediocre people who like to complain and blame. 

Take control of your life and get clear on what you want.

This step gives you the tools to take control and allow you to become WealthE - whatever that means to YOU!.

"Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men's blood and probably themselves will not be realized. 

Make big plans…deep into the future. Aim high in hope and work. Have faith, remembering a noble plan, once recorded will never die, but long after we are gone will still be a living thing.” Daniel Burnham

Here is an example of my future vision, this can be used as your starting point to create your own future vision

Here are some templates I have created over the years which I use to track my goals

Goal Tracking Template 1

Goal Tracking Template 2

Goal Tracking Template 3

SMART Goals Template

Step 4 Your Flight Path


Whenever a pilot gets on a plane they have a pre-flight checklist. Each and every time, before they take off, they check the list to ensure they can fly safely.

In this step, there are different checklists for 

  • First-time Investors
  • Advanced Investors
  • Sophisticated Investors

Depending on where you are at, will depend on your flight path and also helps you to take your own personal path to wealth for you.

In these separate focus these are some of the things which will be covered:

First Time Investors

  • Beginner - How to get started
  • Principles of Investing
  • GIDDS 1.0 – Residential
  • Differences between Income and Growth
  • Difference between the old way and the new way
  • How to manage Risk
  • Mistakes people make
  • IRR - what is this?
  • Impact of fees
  • How trust can be built online
  • Social proofing
  • Our track record

Advanced Investors

  • Intermediate – How to invest in Commercial
  • Principles of Commercial
  • GIDDS 2.0 – Commercial
  • Portfolio Strategy

Sophisticated Investors

  • Advanced – How to invest internationally and create a global portfolio
  • Difference between local and international investing
  • Global Citizen and Passports
  • How Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are changing real estate, investing and wealth forever.

Create the best flight path for yourself and your family, to set you up for success!

Step 5 Get Started


In this step you will learn how to use technology, sign up and get started. Bottom line is that when you learnt to walk you took many steps and fell over. You had to keep trying until you learnt how to do it. You didn't read a book, you just keep trying and "learning while doing" until you could walk.

Investing is no different and so now it is time for you to get started.

Click here to start the journey

"Your actions determine your destiny." Scott Picken and "The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do."

Step 6 Track Progress


In this step, Scott will explain how the wealthiest people in the world use family offices. Family offices help them create generational wealth through protecting their assets, tracking their progress and always working on the ROI of their investments.

As we have discussed so many times, the easiest way to get what you want in life is to copy people who already have this. In light of this Scott shares his SMART Goals and his systems you too can use to copy Family Offices and wealthy people.

One closing thought is:

"Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not: the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan “press on” has solved and will always solve the problems of the human race.” Calvin Coolidge

My aunt gave me this quote when I was a young boy and I have had this quote on my wall ever since. Bottom line is you will fail. You will have hardship and you need to ensure you have the persistence, grit and determination to keep going and do whatever you have to do to become WealthE.

Click here to access the SMART goals template that I use

Step 7 Laws of Nature


Since I started my own companies and investing we have lived by Zig Ziglar's principles, "You can have anything you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want."

I will share with you how you can use the Laws of Nature to truly accelerate your journey to wealth and how you can share and impact the world.

I will share with you the story of the 5 Monkeys


So review your friends and then let them know about this Micro Degree. The future is all about collaboration and co-creation and so share the wealth.

Also if we have added value to you then please share your testimonials so that you can soar with eagles and help others join you.


Finally remember that a bird flying in a flock can fly 70% further than a bird flying on its own!

Step 8 Celebrate & Enjoy


Congratulations you have reached the final step to creating the wealth you want in your life!

In this step, I share with you the WealthE Wheel and how you can not only work for the goal but actually enjoy the journey. This is about celebration, having fun and enjoying life. 

This is about how to find the true meaning of wealth.

This is how to live every day like it is your last, have fun and enjoy the wealth you are creating!

This is about your legacy, giving back and your purpose!

Most importantly this is about enjoying everything you are doing and why you are doing it!

"The highest reward for a persons work is not what they get from it, but what they become by it."

Bonus Material

Click here to enjoy these bonus resources.

Here's to you having a blessed and WealthE life!


Scott Picken

Founder and CEO



I really want to say how grateful I am that you have taken this course. I believe in life we need to find our purpose and then we need to do everything we can to live that life. It leads us to a life of flow. I am truly blessed to have found my purpose and I am so grateful for the journey I am blessed to be on. I want to solve the Wealth Gap and most people call me 'crazy,' however I believe that the way to solve this is one person at a time. It is the same as the starfish story.


I truly hope this Micro Degree 'made a difference to you.' If it did please, make a commitment to yourself to go out there and be a shining beacon of what is possible for others.

Thank you for coming on this journey with me and I look forward to meeting you in person in the future!

Good luck and enjoy your journey to becoming WealthE.

Before you go, please post a review to help others considering this Microdegree.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Scott Picken

Founder & CEO of Wealth Migrate



Scott Picken

Founder and CEO of Wealth Migrate, Published Author, Wealth Movement Pioneer

& Serial Fintech Entrepreneur.


Backed by more than 18 years’ global real estate investment, technology and business leadership experience, I am passionate about providing real estate investors access to global markets, the transformative power of financial technology, blockchain, re-inventing wealth, Collaborative SMART InvestingTM and creating global wealth for all.

Wealth Migrate 

In Wealth Migrate we have built the leading global real estate marketplace which is built on blockchain and digitally integrated into... See full profile

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1. INTRODUCTION TO THE 8 STEPS TO ACHIEVE THE WEALTH YOU WANT IN YOUR LIFE: Hi. My name is Scott picking, and I want to welcome you on a journey. I got a question for you. Are you happy with the financial well being in your life? Do you have concerns around your financial future? I'm sure that you are working really hard. But are you doing a day job that you love? Are you living in a country that you desire or your Children being educated at the level that you dream off for them? Are you having a purposeful impact on the planet? I ask you these questions to find out if you have the freedom in your life to make the decisions for you and your family in any off these areas. Unfortunately, 99% of people are gonna work hard. They're going to go to school. They're going to go to university. They're gonna get a degree. They're going to get a great job. They're going to invest, they're going to save, they're gonna pay their taxes. And yet at the age of 65 less than 1% of people are going to be able to retire wealthy. What if I was to say that there was a better way. What if I was to invite you on a journey where I share with you the eight simple steps as to how the top 1% invest? This is not a get rich quick scheme. This is not a book, It's not a course. It's a journey. It's a decision that you need to make for you and your family that you would implement these eight steps so that you can have the freedom that you want in your life for you and your family. My name is Scott picking, and I am the CEO and founder off the global wealth group. And wealth migrate. Money to me is very personal. At a very young age, my father lost his entire fortune. He did what we were all told to do. He went to school, He went to university. He became a chartered accountant. He became financial director off a listed company. He trusted the financial industry with his money. And yet, on the first of August 2005 my father passed away broke. No one should have to feel what it like to have money. Tear your family apart and I made a promise to myself at a very young age that I would never let that happen to myself or anyone close to me. I decided to do it differently. I decided to really study what wealthy people do, and you know what most of us understand. And most of us believe we've been indoctrinated that wealth is difficult. We've been indoctrinated that for to get wealthy, you've got to be extra clever or you've got to have lots of money where you're going to be in touch with the right people, where you got to go to the right universities. We think of wealth as something hard, and we think of it as something formal. What if I was to say to you, Let's relax, let's enjoy assaults. Let's go on a journey. Let's look at hard Technology can be used to help us and enable us to invest like the top 1%. We've created a company where we've helped thousands of people invest from five different continents like the top 1%. They are now experiencing that freedom for themselves, for their Children and for their families. And you know it's not complicated. Each and every one of you that are watching this has used a GPS before. You've got in a car, you switched on the GPS. What does the GPS do first it works on where you all you then punching where you want to get to on what the GPS hopes you do is get you from where you are to where you want to get to. I want to invite you on this journey. It's a simple is that there are eight simple steps to help you get you from where you are to where you want to be. With regards to your wealth and your family. What I invite you to is to all micro degree, the wealthy micro degree where you will implement the eight steps that the top 1% do when they invest. And if you copy what the top 1% do, you will get the same results as the top 1% get. I invite you on this journey so that you can have that freedom in your life. Now, this is not only for those that are starting out, and they're trying toe have wealth creation. This is also for those that are on a different stage of life. That may be one of my great their wealth overseas andare looking for wealth preservation or a Plan B. We have a specialized and personal journey, a personal plan for you so that you can determine the wealth that you want in your life. I beg you not to continue to do what you've always done. Otherwise you will get what you've always got and you'll end up like the 99%. Come on, this journey with us, join us on the wealthy micro degree. Take the wealthy test and find out where you are and let us help you build your personal plan on how you're going to create the wealth for you and your family to create the future that you want. I look forward to seeing your results and you creating the life that you want for you and your family. Join me. 2. STEP 1: TAKE THE INVESTOR TEST: his doctor. Doctorow says there are three types of people in the world. There are those that take action. There are those that watch, and there are those that wonder what happened. Which one are you gonna be? You know, whether you're deep in debt and have no idea how to make money, whether you're financially free and have complete financial abundance, this test is a test that will help you know where you are. It will help you create the plan on where you want to get to. And most importantly, it will help. You know how to have a purposeful impact on the planet, where you can have more joy, more freedom, more alignment, more purpose, and where you can live a life off destiny. Enjoy this test because it is your key to unlock the freedom that you want in your life. Well, you have to do is click on the link below. And once you've done the test, I look forward to going through the results with you so that you can create your own personalized path to wealth. Enjoy 3. STEP 2: THE 5 PILLARS OF WEALTH AND YOUR WEALTHE SPECTRUM: Hi. Welcome back. So how did you find that test? I'm sure lots of you have done. I Q tests CQ test P Q tests. You even maybe done Walt Dynamics. But the question I ask you, Have you ever done a wealthy test? Now most people, when they think of wealth again, I've mentioned in the introduction they think of stoic. They think of hard. They think of the financial industry. They think of pain and struggle. Now the wealthy test is different. You can have all the money in the world, and you can still find yourself with many areas that you need to grow, or you can have no money in the world, and you can figure out the journey that you want to go on. So what in Lightman, did you get out of the wealthy test? Now let's look at the five pillars upon which your wealth is built. The 1st 1 is your mind set and your knowledge. Now we call this you investment quotient or your I Q. The 2nd 1 is ultimately your personalized systems, and this week, all your sq, the 3rd 1 is what we call collaborative partnerships, and we call us your C Q. The 4th 1 is investment, financials and real estate. We call this your financial quotient or your F Q on your 5th 1 and probably the most important reason we're all on this planet is your purpose. And we call that your peak, you and those five fundamental pillars, or what your wealth is going to be built upon. Now I'm sure you want to know a little bit more. You want to know where you are. You want to know where you can get to on what we're going to share with you when you go to the next video is how you can get from where you are to where you want to get to so that you can raise the score off your wealthy test. Now, why is that the wealth e test and not the wealth test? Well, again, the world test would just be about your money. It would just be about your retirement, the wealth e test and e at the end. Well, that's about education. That's about Elektronik. That's about being empowered, engaged, enlightened, watching the resonates with you. That's what's important. This is a personalized journey to your wolf. I look forward to seeing you increase your w cute. Let's see you in the next video 4. PILLAR 1: MINDSET & KNOWLEDGE: So we're now in the hard to step two, which is the five pillars upon which wealth is built on the 1st 1 The one we're gonna focus on today is mindset and knowledge. Now, the scary thing is that you and I have been set up for failure and I want to share with you what you can do to win. I want to start with that personal story. This is a picture off. My dad and I. I was 13 years old, and this was the first real estate project that I did. Now I shared with you the story of my dad. He did what? What we were all taught to do. He went to school, He went to university. He got a degree. Not just any degree. A chartered accountant, he became financial director. He trusted the financial industry, and yet he retired broke and he died a broke man. And that is me, a young boy at 13 who decided they has to be a different way. The system is set up for failure. Ah, Now I know that I'm strong in this point and I'm sorry if I come across this aggressive, but it's deeply emotional to me that statistically, each and every one of us goes out and does what we are taught to do. And yet it is the wrong advice on For more than 100 years, 99% of people listening to this video are going to fail unless they do something different . I decided at a very young age that I needed to study what Welty people do. I need to to study how they think I needed to study what they invested. I needed to do what they do if I wanted to get their results at a very young age. I love the game of monopoly. We were all taught the game of monopoly. We were all taught that own greenhouses and red hotels and earn a passive income is what we call smart investing. And yet, for most of us, it remains a game. We also live in countries where the wealth gap continued to get worse and worse. Now I ask you a question. Do you know why? Do you know why not only you, me and the people that involved dramatically in this wealth gap or actually our wealth is declining in comparison with the top 1%. You're going to sit here and think it's complicated. You're gonna sit here and you're going to think that what you've been taught is that you don't understand money. You don't understand the stock market, you don't understand real estate, and therefore you best trust other people to look off to your money. Well, I can tell you categorically that it is rubbish because the number one reason that the wealth gap is getting wider is that you and me are working harder to try and increase our income. And we hoping that we're going to get capital growth and the top 1% or investing in quality assets. They're paying them a passive income, and those quality assets are appreciating Foster. Then our income that we are turning in our jobs is appreciating, and that is the difference that is creating the wealth gap. So when you look at the research, 49% of the world's wealth is held in real estate, and no, ladies and gentlemen, it's not in our houses. Why do you buy a house? Be honest with yourself. Not only your family home. Maybe you board an investment house or apartment. Do you bind for income? Would you buy it for capital growth? Middle class people buy houses and apartments for capital growth. Wealthy people invest in commercial assets for passive income. There's a fundamental difference. And that is why only 12.9% of the world's population has access to wealth. And yet only 1% of people retire wealthy because they invest in something different. Today I invite you into a different mindset into a different understanding so that you can make better decisions for yourself and for your family. That is why we decided to use technology to allow the 99% you and me to be able to invest like the top 1%. We decided to make investing as simple as a swipe off your finger, and our dream is to get it down to a dollar per person per investment. Now that might not necessarily change their lives, but that will change their financial habits. And I promise you, if you change your financial habits, you will change your financial destiny. And that is the fundamental understanding off what this entire eight steps is about. Because if you get the mindset if you get the understanding off what you need to do. If you get started and you start creating the habits in your life, then you will create the wealth that you want for you and your family. So let's look at the 12 reasons that wealthy people are taught that the rest of us are not taught. The 1st 1 is that they focus on income generating assets. Remember, I explained to you the story of houses. I had the privilege in 2009 of meeting to US dollar billionaires, and I'm going to share that story with you just now. Secondly, they don't lose their money. Warren Buffett goes on and on and on, and later in the Siri's, I'm going to share with you the four secrets to wealth. They use asymmetric risk reward. If you have no idea what I've just said, don't worry. I'm going to share it with you later in the Siri's, they look at texts not to avoid tax, but to be efficient with tax. They diversify, but they don't just diversify across assets. They diversify across countries and currencies. The fundamentals of investing. They understand them. They understand real estate they understand business, and most importantly, they understand that hypes come and go. But Quinn crazes come and go dot com crazies come and go, but the fundamentals of business investing and real estate stay the same. They also lived by the philosophy that I learned first from Zig Ziglar. But to be honest, it's a law of nature, and that is that you can have anything you want in life. If you help enough, other people get what they want. Now, ladies and general, this is such an important concept. It's something that I actually started our business within 2000. For that, I'm going to repeat it because you can have anything that you want in your life. If you're prepared to help enough, other people get what they want. Number eight appreciation is the key to happiness. The very last step we're going to share on this journey is hard to be happy and enjoy the journey. This is not a goal. This is not a destination. Life is for living every single day and having fun while you do it. Last week I was working. I was in the Seychelles. It was magnificent. My uncle told me when I was a teenager. If you can go on holiday every single day and get paid, that is true living. Let me share with you how you can have that your mind creates your destiny and therefore you need to nurture it. Number 10 Chaos is your best friend. You know most people when they see chaos and I see the markets crashing, they're running for their lives. But when you wealthy, you understand that chaos represents opportunity number 11. How many of you like risk? How many are scared of risk? Who would like me to share with you some of the deeper levels of how to protect yourself from risk? But you know, something I've lived by for 20 years is to risk Nothing is to risk everything and number 12 and I applaud you for coming this far on this journey so far is to be constantly learning if you are not learning, if you're not evolving, then you will never get to where you want to get to. Because the world is changing too fast. Technology and particularly exponential technology is going to disrupt your life like you've never seen before. Things like Blockchain are gonna have a bigger impact on your life than the Internet ID. And so if you're not constantly learning everything that you have learned before, if you can t continue doing it today, you will fail and you will continue to get what you've always got. And that is why, on this journey you need to do something different. So I ask you go down below, click on the link and you will get our wealth code. It's a little gift from me to you where you can put this in your pocket. You can read it every single day, and you could remind yourself off the 12 keys, the 12 mindset steps that you need to start on the journey to being wealthy because I don't care how much money you want in your life. I don't care why you want your wealth or what you want your wealth for. What I do care about what I'm deeply passionate about is you having the freedom to make those decisions for you and your family and without the right mindset, everything else is a waste of time, and when you download that, there's a bonus on the back that I hope you enjoy. I personally keep that card in my wallet every single day. Now let's look at some of the barriers because you're going to sit here and you're gonna think this whole sounds too good to be true. Let's look at what some of the reasons I that people don't get involved. How do I protect myself? It sounds too good to be true access to deals and the partners. How do I get access to them? They're too many scams out there. I don't know how it's too expensive. It's too complicated. I don't have the time. It takes too much effort. It's too much hassle. I'm a word Harm. I going to deal with the management and broken toilets. What about compliance? Tax structuring? How am I going to get finances? Dude, I'm working too hard in my job. I don't have the time to go out there and create wealth. Most importantly, I battle in local real estate and now you asking me to go and look at international real estate? Do any of these resonate with you? Do any of these, you know, sit with you quite simply, that come down to literally three million things. The 1st 1 is trust you're sitting in right now, going cannot trust This guy cannot trust the information that he's sharing because each and every one of us, the most important thing that we haven't on d and I is trust. Secondly, knowledge or financial literacy. Everything that we were taught at school and university when it comes to finances is wrong . And because of that, it holds us back. It doesn't we don't have the experience is to make the right decision. And the 3rd 1 and probably the most important one is access. We don't understand the legal structures we don't understand. You know how we can actually own land. And in many, many countries you can't even get access to land. I highly recommend you go and click on the link below from Nile Ferguson on the six killer app store wealth, where he's tracked wealth for hundreds of years across multiple different countries and continents. On the most important criteria is whether a person has the right to private land ownership . The next one is financial. Maybe you don't have enough money to put down a deposit. Maybe you can't get a mortgage. It's hard enough in your own country. What about in an international country? What about the networks? Attend to joke. You know, I know Donald Trump is now President America. But before he was president, did he get calls on deals that were different from the calls that you got? Do you get the calls on the really, really good deals? What do you just get the stuff that nobody else wants? How good your networks, not only in this country, wherever you live in, but what are on the what about all over the world? What about if you wanted to buy a great building in America? Australia, England? Do you have the networks there? Do you have the networks anywhere in the world to get access to the best opportunities? And on that note, I want to finish off with a mindset thing to really bring together a personal story. This here's a building off a medical building which was inborn our beach. Sydney. It was 2009. It was the heart of the global financial crisis. Real estate across the world had been decimated in America to drop 40 to 70% in value. Yes, then give your house dropping by 40 to 70%. And you know the challenge for me is that I built a business since 2000 and four called International Property Solutions. RPS and I'd help 2.5 1000 people invest in houses or apartments. I myself own properties on four different continents. And then I made to us dollar billionaires and they were buying medical buildings. And I said to them, Why medical? And they said, Scott, think about it. You know, no matter what happens in the economy, people need doctors. I was like, I make sense. Secondly, doctors never leave their premises on again. Think about. Think back to when you were a child. Think back to the doctors, premises you into which I did. And even though in my case, unfortunate the doctor passed away the premises was still it. And then thirdly, he said to me, no matter what happens, doctors are very good at being doctors, but they not accountants. And so they signed good long term favorable leases. I remember sitting there and literally going. I have an honors degree. I have a master's degree from London. I'm supposed to know this stuff. Why has no one ever taught me the most simple fundamentals to investigate? Why am I doing something completely different to what really wealthy people are doing? I ask you, how many of you own a medical building after what I've just shared with you? How many of you would like to own a medical building? Well, I said to them, I'm in. How do I get started? And they say, That's fine. It's for friends and family. It's $5 million each. And I was like Now I understand the problem. Unfortunately, I couldn't participate. That company today is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and is worth over $700 million. That is what financial you know, exclusion is. But where financial exclusion starts is not with knowledge, it started mindset. It starts in your head when you actually realize that you too, can participate. So with that platform and with technology and with those same two gentlemen, we've built the walls migrate platform. We started with the minimum investment at $100,000. We then got it to $10,000 with currently at $1000 the dream is to get it to $1. And the reason being is that now you I can invest in that exact same deal and get the exact same relative return with far smaller amounts of money to get started. And therefore, from a mindset perspective, none of us haven't excuse anymore. When we look at trust, the currency of the new economy is trust. How do we trust the platform? How do we trust the pardons? How do we even know if the acid exists? Well, what's exciting is that there's an old way of doing things and that there's a new way of doing things. The old way was all about control. It was all about top down. It was all about one company owning everything. It was a very low amount of trust, a low amount of transparency and very high fees. But there's a new way. There's a distributed way. There's a way where we can work with the best partners in local markets and you too can have access. There's a collaborative way whereby coming together the power off us as individuals can have the same power is in in the old days, as the institutions think uber think Airbnb. Think about how the world is changing. Think about how trust is changing where, you know nowadays, woman will driver uber at night That was never heard off in the old dose. People let strangers into their house in a B and B. Why do they do that? Well, technology allows us to trust in the social commerce environment. It allows us to work together and to build trust together, using technology. So when we look at the ubers of the world, which is the biggest transport company with no cars, Facebook the biggest media platform with no newspapers. Ali Barber, the biggest shop in the world with with no physical goods and air B and B the biggest accommodation platform with no actual real estate, I will ask you the question. Why could you not have something that will allow you to invest it, allow you to build your wealth? Why do you not look for a platform that allows you to get access to the best opportunities to create the wealth that you want for you and your family and, most importantly, something that is safe and simple? I encourage you to go on a journey I encourage you to shift your thinking, encourage you to realize that this is not only for them. This is not only for the 1%. This is not only for other people that have the money or winter. The right schools of the right universities were born in the right countries. Verse is available to you and all you have to do is believe all you have to do is join me on this journey. Change your mindset so that you can have not only the confidence, but then go on the journey to get the knowledge. Don't don't read a book. Don't go on a course. This is a journey and you can learn while doing on. I encourage you to go to the end and look at the section for the resources. It's a wonderful books out there. Many that have stood the test of time. Go and read them. Most importantly, take ownership of your mindset. It's the greatest asset you have. I look forward to seeing you on the next video, where we start to get into some of the details. Once you've got the minds, it's ordered. See you later. Chest 5. PILLAR 2: PERSONALISED SYSTEMS: welcome back. So we're still in step two, and, you know, for me, it's really exciting. You know, we've just discussed the mindset, and I truly believe that you can have My father told me this. By the way, you can have anything you want in life if you put your mind to it. So remember, Mindset is everything. But once you got the rod mindset, what do you do next? You know, it's all good world have the guard mindset, but I can promise you one thing. If you go and read one those books where you sit on your on your bump and you just go, I'm gonna have money. I'm gonna have money. I'm gonna have money. Like I can guarantee you're not gonna money. So don't me. Wrong. I'm all about the mindset, but you need to start taking some action next. And so the next pillar upon which wealth is built, it systems, but more importantly, personalized systems. So I want to share with you a story. You know, I told you already. I've spent a life off trying to learn from the best out there. Not just people in one country. I've traveled all over the world. I've had one of the greatest privileges off meeting some of the best people in the world in the space. And there was one thing that really came through clearly for me is that the first thing that's really important is transparency. So when you when you look at the financial industry at the moment, do you think there's transparency? Do you know who's earning money and what fees they're learning? I doubt it. So what I've learned from wealthy people is that they have systems personalized system. They built them for themselves so that they can have transparency in the numbers. They can understand what the investment is telling them, and they can make decisions whether they want to invest or whether they don't want to invest. You know, I met a gentleman called Hunter straight up back in 2000 to some of you might have made him from from South Africa, and what I loved about him was that he got through all the pompous and the hype, and he had a system that allowed him and his wife, Tanya, to make the right decisions on which investments to invest and which ones to not invest in because you'll learn from some of the world these people, that it's what you don't do that builds your wealth, not what you do do. But you need a system to be able to make those sort of decisions. My uncle, Bill Pickett, is a very wealthy man that's made money in the stock market, and he, too, has a system. And what's interesting with him is that he said to me, General Scott, I'm not being arrogant, but making money is easier than printing confetti. I sat back and I thought about that, and he really is not an arrogant man. And I said, Build, teach me. And so he showed me his systems And he said, Once you've got a personal system, once you know that it's working. Making money is actually really boring I said, Well, we'll explain that to me And he said, Well, once it's working, you just do it over and over and over again. Think of it like a computer. It's literally like cut copy paste can't copy, paste, can't copy paste. And what's really interesting in trading the wealth is that with their personalized system , they do one thing and they do it well. And as they learn on day, make mistakes. All of us make mistakes. But as they learn, they literally mold and adapt the system so that it just gets stronger and stronger and stronger and more robust. And so I want to share with you just some systems that I've seen in my life and some of the systems that I've created in my life to enable me to be able to make investments. Now the question is, do you have a system? If you don't have a system, your rescue really is a problem. Maybe you've got a spreadsheet. Now that's a good start. But is it a spreadsheet just to buy houses in the country you live in? Do you have a commercial system? What about an international system? Do you have a system to help you make the right decisions? Macro economic decisions, currency movement, decisions, fundamentals based on big data? Let me share with you some of the systems that we built to help us make decisions on what country to invest. I mean, honestly, do you wanna invest in America? Do you want invest in England, Australia, maybe South Africa? Well, the bottom line is you no longer have to choose. Do you wanna invest in Riddick Residential? And by the way, this is my first house that I bought in London at the age of 24. And all my friends at the time, we just had the the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and all my friends said, oil prices are going to go up and blah, blah, blah. And I'm going to share with you in one of the videos how you manage risk and what we did to turn that property into a cash flow. Positive property from day one. But maybe you don't like residential. Maybe you want commercial. Well, how would you get into commercial? The beauty is you no longer have to choose if you've got a system. So this is the system we built. It's called Gives the Global Investment due diligence system. I actually wrote a book on this, and it was I'm gonna show you a picture with it now with claims Santa. But what was interesting is that no one ever read the book. I always tend to Jack. My mother was the only person who read the book and in the same way as within uber. But no one cares how literally I pick up my cell phone, I switch it on, I connect with Cuba and the driver comes and picks me up. But no one cares how that happens. All the algorithms. So I really encourage you. You know, these are backend systems that I can share with you every interested. And what do you want to use our systems or create you And I don't really care to increase u S que. You need your own systems. So we look at international currency macro country, economics, micro country economics, the financial structures choosing the right partner during the due diligence on the actual real estate investment, looking at the whole process and stress testing the tenant mix as an example. And then the part that most people forget about is the buying real estate is only 20% managing real estate and sweating. The asset is actually 80% and you need the systems to enable you to get the best out of that asset in simple terms. Are good system helps you know where to invest, when to invest, what to invest in who to invest with and, most importantly, hard to invest. It allows you to make personalized decisions for yourself. Now, how does it do that? Well, this is The Book Claims Center is one of the top five strategists in the world. And he when he looked at the four dimensional model that I built, he said, I will endorse your book for you, which was a good enough reason to write the book, and it was published in 2014. It takes the global scenarios from all over the world. Now I highly recommend you go and look up Claims center if you want more details on this, and it helps you make intelligent decisions on where to invest based on Sonora's, it takes your global wealth index into account no matter where you live in the world. Are you a global citizen? Do you have enough money to make the decisions you want for you and your family? Can your Children go to any university Want? Can you go on holiday anywhere you want in the world? Can you live in any country you want? This is like a basket of goods. No, too similar to C B. I which is consumer price index in any country that tracks inflation. This is the G W I. Your global wealth index that allows you to determine your wealth and to be a global citizen. What about the facts? What about the fundamentals There aren't there? There's so much data, aren't there on the incident? But how do we know where to get it? What about bringing it all in and using it to make intelligent and informed decisions? So we built the global property system, which is what we call our GPS. Remember what I said in the introduction? This guides you. It's not based on emotion. I'm not a salesman. I don't tell you to invest in London because that's all I know. We look at the data and it helps us make intelligent decisions as to which countries to invest him. And please understand when it comes to investing, you need a system because there is the right time and there's the wrong time to invest in countries and specific markets. Then we get down to the 10 lead multilevel, more Martin modeling. We're gonna waste your time on this. But how close to the schools, whatever the facilities. Like when I lived in London, you had to be at least 10 minutes from a tube station versus a 10 layered multi system. It gives us 100 point index on a specific property based on critical fundamentals with regards to that property. Then this is reap. It's a system developed by Dr Dolph Doris, who rode real estate. Richards, which was part of the rich Dad. Poor dad. Serious. And this is his Elektronik system, which we used to calculate the internal rate of return. Have you done on what I'm talking about? No problem. I'm gonna share it with you light up. And then, lastly, what about the mosque? To due diligence? My business partner, Harry beside night, has been investing in commercial property for 30 years. Now this is literally a spreadsheet or certainly started out as a spreadsheet. But over the years, he's developed this into 144 point system, and it's a simple as Have you checked the building over the weekend? What did that happen? Well, to be honest, he bought a building. He didn't check it over the weekend. On the average, she happened to be a market that happened over the weekend that he didn't know about and ended up losing money. Don't ever underestimate experience when you're building your systems and so that for me is what we call gives 1.0, which is all about residential. What about kids 2.0, which is all about commercial now, I'm not going to bore you with the details on this video. And I really welcome you to go on a journey if you if you advanced or more sophisticated and we will go into the details of this. But we use some of the most sophisticated reports out there to get the right information on countries on cities, on sectors on it enables us to make the right decisions with regards to commercial property . We do all the research in terms of stress testing the leases, and then even when we only asset, it's all about sweating the asset and gives 2.0 is all system that we use to make the right commercial decisions around the world. And so my question for you is that if you don't have a system like that, that's not a problem, but you need a system to make the right decisions for you and your family. You've got two choices. You can go out and build your own system, or you can move into the 21st century, which is all about collaboration. It's all about client centred. Focus. It's all about personalization, and we've built all gives one point, Zahra and our goods 2.0. To allow you to be able to put smart investing in your pocket. It enables you to make the right decisions for you and your family. And when it comes to compliance, we use a system called collaborative Smart Investing. Now, if you want to know more about that, I really want to share with you because it takes the best off nature's laws in terms of collaboration and coming together and investing together. And it adds smart technology to it. And most importantly, it enables you to make the personal decisions which are right for you. That's how you build a system, Mark my words. It's one of the fundamental pillars, and you need a system to make the right decisions. Build your own or use ours. I don't mind, but please, I encourage you to use the system I look forward to the next video, to be honest, where now we start to get into the nitty gritty off. How do you actually do it? And most importantly, how you find the best partners. See you on the next video. 6. PILLAR 3: COLLABORATION & PARTNERS : welcome back. So I just had a common from one of my friends and he said, You know, Scott, you need to smile more, you know, finances serious. And you don't need to be so serious. So that's an interesting concept because, you know, we're talking about Step two. We're talking about the five pillars of wealth, and I ask you and I encourage you to bear with me because, yes, it is serious. But once you understand these fundamentals, you can lighten up and you will know that you have the power to create the freedom you want . So let's step into the third pillar, which is about collaboration and partnerships. Now one of the things that fascinates me is that we've all lived on this planet for thousands and thousands and thousands of years. We've learned the laws of nature. You know, when I when I pick up this phone and I drop it, that's cool. Gravity. No, no matter what we think or don't think the laws of nature will stand. And so when I look at collaboration and partnership, I look it at how we invest. Let's look at the 20th century. That was all about me winning and you're losing or you winning and me losing. It was about one individual going out there and building a company and everyone else losing . It was about a pension fund making money for the shareholders, but all the people that were actually trying to retire losing it was about an individual investing in a real estate investment and making all the money on their own. But everyone else not being able to participate. But what if there was a bit away? What if there was a way for us to learn from nature? Do you know that when a bird flies in the flock, it can fly 70% further than a bird flying on its own? And if you spend any time to look at the V formation off how birds fly, they always changing from the one in front because the one in France taking the most strain and they're always changing and switching around. But continuing to fly in that V formation and that very V formation allows the birds behind them. Teoh literally fly easier now as humans. We've learned that if you look at cyclists when they're doing the Tour de France it's the same thing. That's why they stay in Bunches. But why do we when we think of investing, why do we think that we have to do it on our own? Why do we have to think off win lose mentality? Donald Donald Trump? To be exact. Why do we think that only one person can make a profit and we can share it with anyone else ? Well, we believe it's different. We believe that you can learn from the laws of nature. We believe that you can enter into partnerships where you are aligned. And a great example is that I learned this from Henny, who's who's my my business partner and and mentor. And he said, Well, if you know the lines, you're going to fail Let's look at it in simple way. You know, if you get married and and you know you are marrying for love and your husband or your wife is marrying for for the money you've got, Do you think it's gonna work if you get into business and your business partner wants to build a magnificent global business and you want to retire as quickly as possible to the beach and just live off the proceeds. Do you think it's gonna work? Well, why do we think it's gonna work when we have a lack of alignment? When it comes to investing, we trust brokers and financial planners and estate agents who sell us products and earn a commission on the front end and in no way or tied to the results of what they sell us. We invest in funds or REITs or syndications, where they have a model of what they called two and 20. And what that means is that its assets under management, no matter how well the port failure does, they earn a fee on the assets under management. So they're not really interested in the returns that they're making you on the back end. They just interested on how many assets they can get under management. Are your interests lined? So why I ask you the question, Why do you think that 99% of people don't retire wealthy? Well, it's because they invest in things where they interests on, not aligned, and so through technology, we believe that you can now invest with the best partners on the ground with the localized knowledge so that you can get access to the best opportunities, the best financing terms and you can partner with them. But to ensure that alignment, the whole model has been set up that you only win they only when we only one on the back end. And that is what we call alignment. That is where people can come together just like in nature, and they can invest together and together. One plus one can equal 11. We can get access to far better deals which will allow you the investor to get far better returns. And that is why it's such a fundamental pillar to your wealth because you need to understand that's a new way of doing. There's a new way of investing and it's what we call collaborative smart investing. I look forward to seeing you on the next video, where we start to get into the detail off financial investing and real estate. But hopefully the 1st 3 pillars are starting to sit a very core foundation for you. Toe hope you make the right decisions for you and your family. See you on the next one, and I got to keep reminding myself that this stuff is not so serious. But to be honest, I feel a huge responsibility to try and share this knowledge with you so that you can create the wealth that you want in your life. Good luck. 7. PILLAR 4: INVESTMENT, FINANCIAL & REAL ESTATE KNOWLEDGE : welcome back. So we're still in step two, but we're now into the fourth pillar off wealth, and that is your financial investment and real estate. Now, let's be honest, This gets really serious and scary. So I tell you what. Bear with me. Play a game with me. Now I know you're sitting down and I know you might even be on the train or, you know, But I really encourage you do this. Follow this exercise. I want you to stand up and I want you to cross your arms on. I want you to really kind of tense them together. Uh, you told me. And then what I want you to do is on the kind of three. I'm gonna ask you to open up your arms, really Wind like this and Schardt out the word wealthy. Okay, so let's try it again. Put your arms, like, really times like this on on the count of 31 to three. Wealthy. How did that feel? You start to see how even when it comes to finances, we want to tense up. We want to feel like this, but we just open ourselves up. It just feels different. did not feel different in your body. What about if that was your experience with wealth on a guy? And I repeat, you might be someone that has $1 in the bank. You might be someone that has $100 million in the bank. Both of them have fears. This person has fears that they don't have enough and this person as fears that they're going to lose it. And I want to share with you plans for both of you to get what you want so that you can have that open feeling that I've just expressed. So let's look at it. Let's start with the Four Secrets Toe wealth. Who would like to know from 50 of the wealthiest people in the world for four simple secrets to wealth? Would you like to Let's get right into it? Well, the 1st 1 is, Don't lose money. You know, I don't know if you've heard this from Warren Buffett, but he says there's three things about making money. Don't lose money. Point to refer to 0.0.1 0.3 referred 2.1. I think about it. Most of us are out there trying to get started investing in real estate or CRYPTOCURRENCIES or the stock market. But all you're losing money. The 2nd 1 is asymmetric risk reward. No, honestly, what does that mean again? Or people trying to complicate on make you feel stupid in simple English? What that means is that you want to get things that get you a good return with low risk. So think about it. If you could have an investment no matter what that investment is, that's going to get you a really good return with low risk. Then you have asymmetric risk reward because the reward is high and the risk is low. What were you taught at school by? By any chance, was it? Was it something along the lines off? The more risk, the more wasn't return. Were you taught that the more risk, the more return? Does your financial planner drum that into your head? Interesting. When wealthy people go for asymmetric risk reward, the third thing is tax efficiency. No, it's really important to be tax efficient, not only in the country you're living in, but in the countries overseas where you might invest are spent 20 years. I spent money on four international structures. And I can tell you, I've made a lot of mistakes in trying to get this right. And only in the last two years by working with really truly wealthy people have are finally found the answers to do it safely simply and cost effectively so that I, too, could be tax efficient. In multiple countries, where are invest and the 4th 1 is diversification. Now some of you might think diversification Well, I've got money in the stock market and I've got money in a REIT. So it read stands for a real estate investment. Trust all you diversified. Yes, who thinks Yes, everything's no who has no idea. Well, the bottom line is you're not a REIT or property fund has a higher than 70% correlation with the stock market. So when the stock market goes up or down, so too does your property fund or you'll read. And so people think they're invested in real estate. But actually not, they're invested in a financial instrument. What about if you own a house in, You know you're in two properties in Australia, the ones in Perth and the ones in Sydney? Are you diversified? Not really. you're just in residential real estate in one country. What about if you own houses in residential in London, Sydney kept on and New York or your daughter? So far, maybe you're certainly diversified across countries and currencies, but all you diversifying across asset classes. Interesting. So the question is, how do you get diversified across countries, currencies and asset classes? Well, there's a guy that I would highly recommend. You go and look up. The 1st 1 is Tony Robbins. So he is one of the thought leaders for the last 30 years in high performance, whether that's in individuals, whether that's in business and more recently, in wealth. He was so disgusted by what happened in 8 4009 to particularly the middle class America that he went out, and for four years he studied from 50 off the wealthiest people in the world to understand what the tricks, the systems and the secrets that they used to invest. And that book unshakeable, can be summed up in those four points. But the part that I like most is where Ray Dalio, who again is one of the 50 wealthiest people in the world, said you need to make 15 UN correlated bits with an array off attractive assets that don't move in tandem. And if you can do that, it will reduce your risk by 80% and your risk return ratio will increase by a factor off. Five. How did that sound? A little bit like Mandarin, maybe Spanish or French? Well, what's interesting is that that simple sentence is the key. It's the secret to your wealth, So I suggest that you spend some time and really, truly try and understand that sentence because it's important for you. It's important for your family, and it's important for your future. So before I explained that sentence to you, probably one of the things that's going through your head is, Yeah, that's great. I get it on. In theory, I understand it, but honestly, to be able to invest in multiple countries and multiple asset classes across multiple currencies, you need a lot of money. That's the truth. If you live in the 20th century, you needed millions and millions of dollars to be able to do that, and that is why only the top 1% had access to it. But now, with technology. You. I have the ability to invest like that. So let's unpack that statement. 15 un correlated bits. Can we look at that as 15 investments? 15 different investments in an attractive array off assets? Well, what about if you own a medical building in America and a student accommodation in London and a industrial cold storage facility in Australia that looks after food that needs to be delivered to hospitals? What about if you had those three asset classes in three different countries in three different currencies? Would you consider yourself diversified? Maybe. Do you know that you can get started now from his little is $1000 you can create that in your life. Now those three asset classes do not move in tandem, and by doing that, you reduce your risk by 80% and you increase your risk return ratio by a factor of five. So that means 500% you're better off by just following that strategy and what's beautiful with technology. You only have to do that 15 times, and you're not doing what the wealthiest people in the world do. Let's move on. Let's look at the investment times You know a lot of people. There's hundreds of different investment types out there, but in simple terms, you've got bank products, you've got financial products, you've got bonds, you've got stocks you've got reads funds and syndication again REITs or real estate investment trusts. You've got real estate, and normally this is direct real estate, and it's in residential and you've got real estate in commercial. And more recently, as I'm sure you will agree with me, we probably need to add Cryptocurrency to that now. The purpose off this course and what I'm not going to do is cover the top four. So I am not going to cover bank products. I'm not going to cover financial products. I'm not going to cover bonds on. I'm not going to cover stocks. Why am I not going to do that? Because I know nothing about them. I honestly believe in life that if you want to be good at something, you need to monster it. If you've ever heard of the rule of 10,000 hours, it's going to take you more than 10 years to really understand and master something on I. I've dedicated my entire life to understanding real estate and how I could marry it together with technology. So I if you were interested in diversifying into different products, I would go and follow a lady called and Wilson, who runs a company called The World Chef And you can see, click on the link below, where she is a master at de mystifying, hard to invest in financial products and the stock market. And I would highly recommend her because again, you don't want all your money in business and or just real estate. So let's over the deeper let's look at the real estate value chain. No. Ladies and gentlemen, I promise you that what I'm about to share with you is going to sound so simple. And when something is simple, people immediately think it can't be that simple. It must sound too good to be true. But imagine if I told you that there was a different way. Imagine if I told you that we've been indoctrinated to be given complicated things with fancy acronyms so that we feel stupid and we need a middle man or salesmen to sell us a product where they own a lot of fees. What if I told you that getting wealthy was really common sense and that you literally just have Teoh follow patterns and trends. Let me share with you the simplicity off what I learned over 20 years off watching the wealthiest real estate investors invest. Let's look at this value chain. The current system is broken. You, the investor, are sitting on the far left, and the investment that you're trying to get into is on the far right on between you and your investment. This this screen is actually being very kind because there's actually 16 different middle men on average, and every single one of them is taking a feat. This system has low trust. It has very little transparency. You know, I have no idea who is earning money on what fees are being taken, and thirdly, there's no alignment and thus lower returns. Now again, if people argue with me, I have no problem with that. But what they can't argue with is the facts and the stats on the fact that 99% of people do not retire wealthy. We believe there needs to be a better way, a way that is not laden with fees We believe that when you look at the real estate value chain, the 1st 1 is land. So that's where someone goes and buys Roland. And generally it's Greenfield and they turn it into brownfield, which means they're allowed to develop upon it. The second stage is the developer, and they come along and they build a vertical structure like this building that I'm sitting in here. The third stage is the investor. So, like this building, well paying rent to be in this building today and an investor somewhere in the world owns this building and is earning a return from this building. And the number one way that people make money in real estate is that they sell the property to a fund or read and then who invests in a fund who read. Yes, Ladies gentleman is you and me. So let's look at this value chain. The land investor is looking for a return, and I'm talking internal right of return. If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's no problem. We're going to share that with you later. They're looking for return off 30% the developer worldwide across five different continents . These numbers stand is looking for return off 25%. The investor is looking for an internal rate of return off 20% and the fund or read is looking for a cash on cash return off 5 to 8%. Why are they looking for that return when you invest in a pension fund or a time and fund? Are you investing so that you can get an annual or monthly income every single month? Yes or no? So what is the intention off that reads that fund that pension fund? It's to pay you cash flow so they buy cash flow and they buy it off. Developers and investors that have already created products or value that have the income. And then you and me come lost and we invest in that financial instrument and we just try and beat inflation. And as I've pointed out, unfortunately, 99% of us fail. Now, if you go to my LinkedIn profile or click on the link below, I've done an entire article about this. This is not here site. There's an article off literally from the Business Day, which is one of the leading financial publications around a property developer that sold their buildings to a real estate fund. Well read. And then you and I investment and it talks about the returns on who is making the money, and it's really important that you get to the bottom and understand this. So in the same way as uber where literally before uber turned up, you know, I used to have to pick up my telephone. I would phone a taxi owners association. They would then phone the taxi and in many instances, that phone the driver. And then they were told the driver where to come and pick me up, and I had no way to talk to the driver. And then he would come and pick me up, and he could only take cash on particularly bars in the country where I didn't know where I was. He would take me some dodgy road and charged me a lot of money, and all the middle men in the process would make money. It was a very complicated and frustrating service and, quite frankly, very expensive and very inefficient. On all this time, I'm talking on my telephone because my taxi still hasn't turned up. It could take anything from half an hour to two hours and then claiming on uber where I literally sit on I click on I go into my uber and as you I'm sure experienced in a couple of minutes they arrive for trustworthy, transparent on the cost effective and they're work all over the world cutting out the middleman. So I question in real estate was Well, why have you not, you know, become a developer? Why have you not become an investor in big commercial assets like this building that I'm sitting in? We've been through the barriers to entry is a Tom. Is it money? Is it knowledge? Is it access? What's your reason? Why haven't you done it? Well, the bottom line for us is that if you can move up the value chain, then you can get better returns. You can decrease your risk and you can create the wealth that you want in your life. And so we looked at creating methods to get through these barriers. We've already explained all these different barriers that people face on our question. Waas, why could we not cut out the middleman? Why could we not take the principles of investing where you literally look at understanding the macro and the micro economic factors. Why could we not look at the location of the property and where it is situated? Why could we not, you know, fundamentally do the due diligence and give people the transparency that I really need to understand to make the right decisions for them in their family? Why could we not reduce the risks dramatically so that people could increase their returns and make decisions around the risks that they want to take? What about choosing the right partners? The tax, the compliance, the bank accounts, we've in the structures. What about if that was taken care of and then lost me managing that asset and sweating that asset? What about if you could go up the value chain off real estate and have all the principles of investing taken care off so that you could ultimately get a return and understand the exit off? How you make the money on the back end? You know, Nelson Mandela said, money won't create success. The freedom to make it will. And we want here to be a success in your life. And so we asked the question. If we could cut out the middle men, why could you not invest in an income producing asset like a medical building or, you know, using technology invest directly with developers in good quality developments. We call it our income plan and our growth plan to enable you to go up the value chain and to have ALS the fundamental principles off real estate investing at your fingertips. And so I shared with you the story off the medical building I shared with you the complications that I faced as an investor and how I must don't. But what I didn't share with you is that since October 2013 we've been buying medical buildings in America and this is just an example. This is a $16 million port failure. It was, you know, there were investors from five different continents. I personally invested in this building. It was medical commercial Real estate in Atlanta, which is one of the top commercial cities in America and one of the fastest growing cities in America, has the biggest airport in the world. Whether you know that or not, and 50 or 50% of the Fortune 500 companies have either a main office or head office in Atlanta. And what's interesting is that you can see the returns. There were around 8% cash on cash and about 15% internal rate of return. Another net returns to the investor, and in the last three years, we've delivered north of a 10% cash on cash in U. S. Dollars to investors. It's not the only one. What about this building? 11 point this portfolio of buildings, 11.22% cash on cash. This building 8.4% on this bowling, 8.29%. And what's interesting is that we've even allowed people to invest in these buildings using Bitcoin. But what's exciting is that later in the Siri's, I'm going to share with your portfolio strategy. We're currently exiting these buildings. We had a whole exit strategy, which I'll explain to you later how we packaged these buildings together. We bought them knowing our exit plan and based on what I've just shared with you with the value of real estate, who do you think we're selling to go on? Who is it? His legs and German? It's a big read or property fund. And the return that the investors are getting is tremendous on what's truly exciting for me and for my family is that I've invested in every single one of those deals and sometimes with his little as $1000. And yet now I'm getting the same relative return as billionaires that also invested in these deals on what I wanted to share with you. You to can do it. So let's look at it. You know it a really simple level when it comes to finances, investment and real estate. You are on the far right. You and me or the investors were just looking for the best opportunities in the world. And if you look at the far left, you've got the best property partners, the best real estate partners in every country in the world. In every city there is someone who has stood the test of time. There is someone that has a 10 year plus track record focused in one niche and someone who is prepared to put their own money in the deal alongside our money as the investor and we had walked, my great just marry the two together so that people. You, me have the ability to invest in the best assets with the best partners and ultimately focus on just getting the best return. You know, we answer the question. How do you make global real estate investing easy? We've taken something we literally through your mobile phone or through your laptop or your iPad. You can now invest in a couple of minutes. You can look at getting true global wealth. You can focus on the best partners and the best assets, and literally from $1000. You don't have to sit there anymore and think to yourself hassles, management, maintenance, broken toilets. And that's just of its local investing. What about if we start talking about international investing, tax structures and compliance? Imagine if you could just focus on getting the best returns for you and your family. Well, now you can. And that is why it's the fourth fundamental pillar to your wealth because you know, have access to create that wealth for you and your family. There's four simple steps you literally sign up in a compliant way. You get access to the best deals and you can go online and look at all the due diligence and really understand so that you can make the right decisions you transact online and the part I like most like. I'm really bad at detail on def. You understand? Roger Hamilton and and Walt Dynamics arm a creator like I'm really bad at systems. I hate hassle and complexity and email and management agents and reports. It was bad enough when I owned houses on buildings in one country. But what about when it was in four different countries? It was a nightmare. What I love most is through the platform. It's all managed in one place. I have all my different wallets, my different trading accounts of my different currencies. I have all my assets being managed in one place, and I can simply and safely not only invest but manage my global portfolio all in one place . And so I leave you with one thought. It's obvious that technology is going to change the world of investing. It's obvious because it's so archaic and so inefficient, and people are so frustrated. There are hundreds of platforms out there, and the problem is, is that each and every one of those platforms is in country their platforms built in America. Four Americans with American real estate or in England or in the Middle East or in Asia or in Australia, We even in Africa. But the question I ask you, you know, when I when I take my mobile phone, aren't in and I catch an uber. Why use Airbnb? I don't want to have a different app in every single different country. Think of the pain in the hassle off earning real estates on multiple continents and have time to manage it in the old world. Well, it doesn't really change hugely in the New World if you own assets on five different continents on five different platforms. And that's why we traded wealth created so that you can have, you know, you know, the ability to create wealth in your country. And then we created wealth migrate so that you could have a global port failure where you could really implement the four secrets to wealth that I just shared with you. And you can do it in a simple and safe Why getting rid of that hassle and complexity with everything taken care off. And so my request to you that explains the fourth pillar on what I've tried to share with you today. Use wolf Migrate. Don't use Walt Migrate, but please understand the fundamental pillar pillar four. Off finances, investing and real estate Understand the Value chain. Understand where you are getting in on the Value chain. Understand the fees and the impact that it's having on your investments. Do you know that literally 1% in fees equals 10 years off your time? A. Dinka. If you don't think fees are important, just equate that everyone percent equals 10 years off your time and income. And with that knowledge, I encourage you to make the right decisions for you and your family. And so I hope that's added some value to. I hope that you no longer have to look at finances, investing and real estate like this, and you can open up and you can experience freedom and realize that the world is your oyster and you can get access to the best opportunities the best partners and invest like the top 1%. Thank you. And I look forward to seeing you on the next video, which is our fifth and most important pillar to wealth. See you there 8. PILLAR 5: YOUR PURPOSE: welcome back. So I hope we haven't bored you to death. And I, most importantly, hope you haven't scared you to death because what I've being trying to share with you is the simplicity off how you can create wealth and want the top 1% do now. Whether you're sitting there in your thinking, I don't even have $1. And this guy's talking about us dollar billionaires all you're sitting there going, I've got hundreds of millions of dollars or I'm a billionaire. And quite frankly, I'm not interested in learning about the value of real estate on Bihar. The real estate chain works each and every one of you is driven by your purpose. Each and every one of you sits at some point in your life and goes, Why am I here? And Step two and the fifth pillar is purpose. You know, we were all going to be remembered. What is on Destiny? What is our legs? What are we going to leave to our Children and our Children's Children? Are we going to make a life for ourselves and do whatever you know? We take to be successful? Were we going to create a better and more sustainable planet for all. That's the question I ask you. You can have all the money in the world, and I don't believe that you are wealthy if you don't have purpose, if you are not making a purposeful impact on the planet. And so you know something that is really dear to my heart is that there's a great book that I would recommend called Exponential Organizations by Sally Mission. And he talks about exponential technologies and Peter Dear Montas. And there's another great book called Bold, where Peter Diamantes talks about how technology can solve the greatest challenges on this planet. So when we think and when I think of purpose, you know, I think of people like I was brought up learning about Mother Teresa. I think of her giving up her entire life and moving to India, the slums of India and giving up her life but changing other people's lives. She will be remembered. She has created a legacy. She has created her destiny. But what I don't like about that story is she had to give everything up to make it happen. What I love about where the world is going is that with technology, we can solve the greatest challenges on this planet. But at the same time, we can also create the wealth that we want for ourselves and for our families. And so, based on that book, from solemn, he spoke of a honeycomb, and it's amazing. It always comes back to nature. He spoke of the honeycomb being the most resilient structure in nature, and so we created the wealth collaborative economy. Honeycomb at the center of the honeycomb, which you can see on the screen now is empowered people, people that want to make a difference on the planet. And then we created a community and an ecosystem which was made up off six different areas they're in. On the far left in green is the fundamentals of business, and that never changes. In the top left corner is the fundamentals off real estate, and that never changes in the top right corner. It's exponential, it's technology, it's Blockchain. It's believe it or not Cryptocurrency and we created this honey car over three years ago. In the far right. It's the community. It's both online and offline community and how we can come together with like minded individuals, and I highly recommend that you watch our micro degree on how you can get the most value out of our community in the bottom, right? It's all about exponential technologies and how we can use technology to solve the greatest challenge on this planet. And in the bottom, left in light blue, it's our MTB or what we stand for our massive transformative purpose. I believe that my purpose the reason that I had to go through the pain that I did as a child off the impact that money had on me, my father, my family, was so that I could have that pain and used that pain to solve the greatest challenge on this planet. The wealth gap that is my purpose. And our MTP is to empower a 1,000,000,000 people to give them not only the knowledge, but also the access to be able to invest like the top 1%. And so I challenge you. What is your purpose? What are you doing? How can you make this planet a better and more sustainable planet for all? With Roger Hamilton in Bali, I actually created the wealth movement on our intention was to empower a 1,000,000,000 people. How are we going to do that? We're really going to help Children with entrepreneurship education, I fundamentally believe no matter what country you live in, if we do not empower the Children with a different way of thinking, we will not have a future. Secondly, we need to empower woman. More than 2/3 of a literate people in the world or women less than 1% of the world's wealth is held by woman, and yet 50% off the world's population is woman. And what's amazing is that where the world's going with technology and collaboration is a feminine energy. It's their time and again, I highly recommend that you go and look at our micro degree on empowering woman on how woman can create the wealth that they want in their lives. And then the lost part was using technology to empower everybody. And for me, it brings me to to what I'm showing you on the screen here, which is the wealthy coin. It's something that we started thinking about three years ago. We set the vision to empower people and to get investing down to $1 make it a simple as a swipe of a finger. Well, maybe if you know anything about where technology's going with virtual reality or augmented reality, maybe it'll just be a swap of a finger like that. But to do that, the current system has too many friction costs. The banks, the lawyers, the escrow accounts, the money movement is too many costs. We cannot make that a possibility. But with the advent of Blockchain, it's allowed us to do that. And we sat back and we said to ourselves, Well, you know, But Quinn makes sense. A lot of people is a lot of hype. In 2017 and early 2018 with the rise of Bitcoin in the fall of Bitcoin, have you invested any but corn? Well, what's interesting to me is that no one understands the value of Bitcoin. I have a master's degree calm Lauda in technology and I could not explain the value of Bitcoin if you put a gun to my head. And so how do we expect the doctors, the teachers, the nurses and the ambulance drivers from understanding it, let alone everybody else? What about if there was a Cryptocurrency that had all the value of Cryptocurrency that was backed by an asset Kloss that everyone understands. What about real estate? You know, whether you're a rice farmer in China, a rich or driver in India, a goat herder in Africa or an investment banker in New York. You understand the part of real estate, you understand whether you own it when you have access to it or not, you understand the value of it. You want it. There's a reason that they are sayings like he owns the land is king. It's being like that for centuries. So we're launching the wealthy coin, which is a Cryptocurrency based on real estate. Now, why is this important for purpose? Because I believe this is the catalyst that will truly unlock our ecosystem and enable us to get investing down to a dollar per person per investment from anywhere at any time into any quality investment and allow them to do it in a trusted, safe and simple way. And so if you've got all the wealth in the world, what's your purpose? I shared with you our purpose I shared with you. How are we doing it? I shared with you. Most importantly, why we doing a But then now we're starting to get into the detail. I want to finish with a personal story This year is my wife and my son. He is five years old. I spoke to you about Monopoly. He is learning at the age of five. He's playing global Monopoly, and he's learning that to own red houses and green hotels and earn a passive income is what we call smart investing. His father, with an incredible team, has turned their childhood dream of monopoly into a global reality. He's invested on five different sorry four different continents with a mixture off residential and commercial investments. He's invested alongside billionaires and sometimes with his little as $100 that has a material impact on my family. It's what we call smart investing the wealthiest people, the people in the top 1%. They use things like family officers that literally, you know, look at their bespoke needs. They go and look at all the best opportunities around the world, and they marry them together and in doing so that create generational wealth. It's what we call smart investing, and what we want you to do is not only put smart investing in your pocket so that you can change the wealth in your life, but using the wealthy coin, we can unlock the entire ecosystem. You I can do something that is going to have a purposeful impact on the planet and solve the greatest challenge on this planet. The wealth gap. I welcome you on that journey. I encourage you on that journey on. I I ask you, please, to help us solve the greatest challenge literally on this planet. What would that mean to you as an individual? How would that make you feel? What would that mean to your Children and your Children's Children? That is purpose. I encourage you to ensure that you have a strong purpose in your life. And so, ladies and gentlemen, that's the hard stuff. That's the foundations. That's the five pillars. No, she regarded the next step. Should we go to step three? Should we should, we should get going on this journey now that we've got the basics. Do you want to get going? Do you want to start on that journey to creating that wolf? Do you want to get in that car and switched on the GPS, but if you want to do that, come to the next video. I'll see you at Step three chairs. 9. STEP 3: YOUR WEALTHE JOURNEY: So while you've come this far, you know that most people, when they want something in life, whether it's wealth, whether it's health, whether it's to start their own business, they wanted, they dream about it. But they don't do what they need to do to make it a reality and most importantly, that don't ever persistence. So I acknowledge you and I really want you just to pat yourself on the back because I guarantee you you'll be surprised how many people have fallen off and haven't even got to this point. They talk about the wealth they want, but now they've got 50 excuses about why they're not going to get it. And even maybe, you know, they didn't trust me or the the length of the video was too long. But they're not prepared to do what it takes in their life to create the wealth that they want. And you have so well done. So we get to Step three, and this is where it gets exciting, lazy German. Now it's time for your wealthy journey. Let's get started. So I want to just give you a bit of a life cycle off a real estate investor, you know, let's just have that that understanding. So this year, what we're going to look at is it is a quick graph Now, every single one of you, you know, Have you Have you been born? You know where you are, toddler, and have you Have you been a teenager? Well, we've all experienced that, so it's something that we globally understand. So if we go through the life cycle to see on the on the left hand side, it's the learning curve. And on the bottom it's the financial independence or freedom or abundance and, you know, so as you grow in learning than you grow in freedom. So if we just take, you know, each individual man or woman, no matter what color they come from or what country with our born. And this is the journey they go on, they start out in birth, and then they go to infant, and then they go to toddler and then I go to teenager. Then they go to Tiu, young adult and to maturity. And then I go, And they most people have but like me at 40 I just turned 41. I have a midlife evaluation and you know that point. They really go out, and they they start doing what they what they really love doing. And it's what they referred to many times as the golden years. And then you get to really your your retirement. And sometimes you know, if you've really had a purposeful impact on this planet, that your legacy and then you go to to aging and unfortunately we finally die. And for anyone that's had a newborn child and or anyone that's said goodbye to your grandparent's by the time they're in their late nineties, they are period similar. Now let's look at that life cycle from a real estate perspective. Well, at birth, you're going to leave home, you're going to start renting, you're gonna start earning, and maybe you want to save a little, you're going to go on a course. You're gonna start walking the streets and maybe start trying to, like, find a property to buy. And, most importantly, you're going to do very little. You're gonna party with your friends and not have any money. And use that as an excuse as to why you don't get started. And maybe if you're a millennial. You're gonna think I don't want to be tied down on owner house, Havel that responsibility, I just want to travel, and then you go to infancy. And that's when you buy your first home and you have plenty of feel like you really, really scared. And you start your struggle with the purchase and you struggle with understanding all the process and your waste, Lots of money on lawyers and a council on DFI is that you didn't even know about. You often don't buy very well you do depends on the information and whether your parents can help you. And you'd be surprised how many people in the world, maybe you, you know, didn't have parents actually help you make these decisions. And, you know, from a cash flow perspective, it's very tired to death. Like every day. It feels like you could run out of money the next day and you're not sure why you gonna make your mortgage and it's very, very tough to survive. And you know, you often have to ask for support from your parents, anyone starting to resonate a little bit with this life cycle. Some people call it a great force savings a strategy because, you know, the mortgages and the banks don't ask questions at the end of the month. So maybe you can go to the public or the restaurants as much because now you have to pay your mortgage. At the end of the month. The next fight is toddler, you know. And now your first property starting to work and you're getting some more confidence and you want to buy another one. And but you have no systems. Remember what respect about the systems. You know, you've got cash flow issues. You've got generally less than five properties. You focus all on the capital growth you very much in that middle class mindset of focusing on capital growth. And you've got no structures in place, and then you move to to teenager and now you're problems of getting finance. You know, whether you live in England, Australia, America or somewhere in Africa, wager it's the same thing all over the world, the banks or what they called income producing lenders. Which means they lend against you income. They don't lend against the value of the asset. And so it's the more properties you got, the harder it is to get finance because you don't personally earn enough income. So now you start to focus on cash flow and your 10 courses, and you start to build business plans and you start to become moral. Think like an investor and a business person. You start to think laterally to succeed. You start to think about partnerships, and then you meet tax and structuring experts to start getting your life in in order to start building a team, and you also start exploring international property and maybe commercial commercial real estate, and then you move on to being a young adult. And now you start to use your capital growth you by your first international property, which is cash flow positive. You maybe by your first commercial property, which is cash flow positive. You have all the structures in place. You keep buying properties, but you only focus on properties that are cash flow. Positive. You have a working formula. Remember the systems I spoke off their working formula hand Australia, and you just do it over and over and over again. And most importantly, you have a team of people in place that are supporting you now have you reached this stage ? Was this a stage you would like to reach? What about the next Dutch? Now we get to maturity. What I called design banks view you is a sophisticated investor. You can leverage on get assets to access and ultimately, by more properties. You have a reliable team. What? You don't even have to go looking for deals. The good deals come to you. You have great cash flow. You literally spend your time, you know, consulting and working with with the individual investments and sweating the assets and getting better returns. And you look at doing deals in bigger Consortium's You look at it and getting access, debated deals with other sophisticated investors. And this is where I tend to refer. We get our midlife crisis because in most countries this is where people get to and now they start to decide. You know, they had this midlife valuation and they sit back. And I say this real estate portfolio is very time consuming, and I wonder if I should just sell it all and consolidate. Maybe I should move to barley and just going chill out on the beach. You know, I've got great cash flow. And, you know, if I maintained when I'm doing, I'm gonna start to move into the aging stage or I could do something differently and I could move into the golden years. So it's, it's this is This is a tipping point between the two. So let's look at the golden years. It's what I call the Zone of Knowledge and wealth creation. This is where you start investing globally. You get access to the best of breed partners to achieve the maximum returns you need to work with. Younger, energetic players tend to refer, you know, he never say no. It was in his late fifties when I met him and I was in my young thirties and I wanted to kick doors down and make things happen, and I was the one that unlocked America for him, and he was the one that brought his experiences, knowledge and his sophistication to the table. That's what I mean by working with younger players. And then you leverage your knowledge and your assets and your resources, and you take advantage of opportunities. And it reminds me off the 84 year old that I met that loved investing and every realist ideal. It was a game and he had the cash flow and he was looking for partners and he was looking for people to keep him young and energetic. And he was such an incredible inspiration to me. And he's someone that truly sums up these golden years and then finally comes down the legacy. And this is the zone of fulfillment and contribution, and this is where you truly just live in financial freedom. Remember, remember this feeling, you know you contribute to society. You pass on the inheritance to the people that are very close to you, a new mental, and share the knowledge that you've learned over the many decades that you've been doing it . Now that's the right path to go on. When you do that midlife evaluation. If you keep doing what you've always done, then you go into aging most of the mortgages or interest only, and you start to as you get all the battle to remortgage him. You start to live. You start to have to selling off those assets, and you started living off the cash flow, and as the cash flow dwindles, you have to sell off more assets and your net asset value starts to decline, and then you're going to death, which is where your property is passed on. But unfortunately, it's owned in your personal name, and it goes to the people in your will. But unfortunately, they have got a large death duties. And and to get the property, they've gotta pay those death duties on often with no financial planning, they don't have the money to be able to do it that can't afford it. And so they have to sell off the properties. Now, you know, in the late 18 eighties, early 19 hundreds, my great grandparent's owned some of the best property in South Africa, and unfortunately, it was all known earned in their personal name. And this is exactly what happened to them. I'm not. I'm talking from personal experience. We owned half of quasi Luna tell and and yet today we have none of it because they went on this route. And so you've got a choice when it comes to investing and and we're not talking about your wealthy journey, Which one are you going to go on? Where are you on that journey and how are you going to get to where you want to get to in terms of your wealthy joining? That's the question on. I'm gonna leave you 10 seconds just to think about the journey that I've given you and make a decision for you and your family. What is important, Which journey or you're gonna go on and then we can get into the details of how you're going to do it. Spend that 10 seconds I think about So were you honest with yourself? Did you decide about your wealthy journey? Now let's go back to that beautiful. Let's think of a GPS so literally, you get in your car and generally your GPS is sitting there. Well, maybe you're a little bit more for sophisticated and using ways, and it's on your phone. But what do you do? You literally click on ways and what is the first thing it does all the GPS. It literally works hard where you are, and then you put in you know where you want to get to and then works on how you're gonna get get there. So the first thing that I asked you to do is click below. We've got the wealthy assessment. Now you've done the wealthy test. I understand that that gives you your overall view. But we wanted you to do your wealthy assessment so you can determine exactly where you are . Financially. It's really, really important. Then there's the next step. Where we going to go into your goals? So I'm going to share with you. I've been on a journey since my early twenties. My father. I was very privileged. My father might not have known how to make money, but he knew about mindset. He knew about how to cheat. You teach me and my brother that we could have anything we want in the world if we put our mind to it. And so, from a young age, he introduced me to Tony Robbins. I would highly recommend a book called Awaken the Giant Within, which allows you to dare to dream. You know, my father taught me. He said to me, Son, you can have anything you want in life and he gave me a saying. He said, Dream big, my boy, because people become what they dream. And so I encourage you to go in and to do this exercise below. I've taken the systems from Tony Robbins and Hand Australia and Roger Hamilton and and Richard Neft and many of the other best people around the world that I could find and the systems that they used. And I turned them into what I call my smart goals. I've shared with you below the spreadsheets, so you don't have to start from scratch. This created me, you know, was created over literally 20 years. And what it's going to allow you to do is one I want you to do is start off with the way you want to be in your future. So I encourage you look below. You can see mine now. I did this that the first time when I was 27 years old. Where did I want to be when I was 30 Where did I want to be? When I was 40 50 60 Then I broke it down into seven different areas. I broke it down into financial. I broke it down into vocational, which is your business. I broke it down into your mindset. I broke it down into sport. I broke it down into friends and family. I broke it down into health and then finally down into spiritually. And I encourage you this this exercise can take you five minutes. It could take you five days, but start to figure out where you want to get to in your life. And it's really important if you do this because, you know, I'm a big believer in again using a metaphor. If you're climbing a mountain and you don't know where the top of that mountain hers, you will never, ever get that. You can be busy and you walk round and round and round the bottom off the mountain. Every time someone gives you a new book or a new course, you will literally go off on that book on that on that path and you will just literally waste your energy. But when you get clear on what that top of that mountain is all that hill, I guarantee you that you will get there. I've had the privilege of spending over two weeks with Richard Branson on Necker Island, and I can promise you that people like Richard Branson get very clear on what they want. And then they were backwards on how they're going to get it. So this exercise is critically important for you to understand where you want to get to. Then you've got your wealthy assessment off where you are now would you got to do is you got to break it down into what I then refer to is my smart goals. So I broke it down, and this was really Roger Hamilton helped me hugely was where I've got what I want to do on a daily basis. So what are my daily routines that I want to do that are gonna help me take a step closer to achieving those goals? I've got my weekly routines and again, roger teachers a lot around how you want to create a pattern in your life. So, like a good example for me has put the big rocks and make sure that you are spending family time. I've got a young boy was five and a wife, and I are work incredibly hard, but way literally block out time where we have our family time. We have date night with my wife, you know, once a week, which keeps us in our relationship. They the big rocks that I'm talking about and also in your business, put in time to be able to work on your business and on your investments every single week and then monthly. You know, what do you want achieve over the months and then under the smart goals? What I've done is I've broken the year. So let's take the earth 2018 and a broken into quarters. Siegel quarter. 1/4 to quarter, 3/4 for, and you then go into those seven areas. You focus on what the most important areas are on, believe it or not, have created a wheel of life, and you can literally put them all down. And three months later you can come back and you can track your progress against your goals . You can see your wheel of where you were and where you want to be every quarter, and then what I do. The final step is I take those goals and I and I literally try and get them to 10 or 15. That all the top ones for that quarter and I have them for the quarter and I have them for the year and you could see below. I'm going to share with you My, my desktop. I put them on my desktop, and every single day I do my prime with Tony Robbins, where on again, and I'll share the link below that you can do where I visualize on I go into my top three goals and you know, this is is so important, these tools and techniques to allow you to really dream about where your future is. And again, this is not only about money, this is about your wealth. This is about the holistic nature of your life. And so in conclusion, the last little trick that I learned from from Roger Hamilton, which I absolutely love is is your future vision. And, you know, Roger allows you to go a year into your future. Let's just call it the 31st off off December, whatever. Whatever you're you're watching this and you look back to the first of January and you write art your your your and what you're grateful for and what you accomplished and how you did it. You'll be amazed when your mind gets clear on your goals, how often you achieve them. So the lost exercise I want you to do is to do that future vision. And while you're doing your planning not only for this year but for your future, work out what is the passive income that you would want? So passive income means the amount of money that you want in U. S. Dollars that you could live quite comfortably for the rest of your life and never have to work another day in your life. Now that is true financial freedom. And imagine if you had a number of businesses or financial products or real estate investments. They were paying you passive income and that if you reach that threshold, you truly or financially free. Now most people don't even know what that number is, so it's critically important that you determine what is your number. And I tend to say to people, You've got two numbers, so my bottom in number is 15,000 U. S. Dollars per month. When I achieve a passive income across diversified assets off $15,000 per month, I am truly financially free on a global citizen and can live anywhere I want in the world. The number that I'm really striving for is 100,000 pounds passive income per month, which is what I said as a goal at the age of 27. Because then I truly believe that I could do anything I want in my life. I can have the freedom to make whatever decisions I want. And I can have a purposeful impact on the planet. That's me. What's yours? This is our personal plan. This is your personal plan, and I encourage you to do the work because just watching the videos is not going to get you on your path to success. I look forward to seeing you on the next video, which is step for just 10. STEP 4: YOUR FLIGHT PATH: so it gets exciting now, you know, now we move to step for and your flight path, You know you've done. You've worked out where you are. You worked out where you want to get to you. You've started to, like, get get clear on those two points. But not now. It's time to work out your flight path like you're over here and you want to get to here Like, how are you going to do that? And so the metaphor that I like to think off is when you're flying an airplane and you know you're a pilot now, most of us are not applied. I'm not apart. But I've flown enough airplanes to see the pilot sitting up front. And, you know, none of us want to die in an airplane. So it gives us quite a lot of confidence to know that every time a pilot flies a plane, they go through a preflight checklist. So what I do is that whether they're flying the plane once or 100,000 times, it doesn't make any difference. They literally take out a workbook on They have to go. Yes. We've got enough fuel. Yes. The engines are working on the right. Yes, the engines are working on the left. I think you get my point. Well, you're about to embark upon your investment journey and whatever stage urine in that investment cycles of relevant. You're about to embark on a new investment journey where you invest like the top 1% and you create the wolf that you want for you and your family in your life. And so I would click below. Please get out your your preflight checklist peas. You know, make sure that you come prepared with united Example a copy of your passport and on and proof of address. It's fecal, a German. We all hate feca. It's KFC. Know your client. It's the it's the laws of the world. And you know what's interesting is that it's Ah, it's a horrible necessity because it also protects you, the investor. So to make your life easy, just come prepared with those documents When you sign up now, I want to just do something very quickly because there's different pause that you can go on and there's different stages. So for me, we're not getting started. And if you're a first time investor you know you're a beginner that's literally wanting to focus on how to get started. Then I really encourage you to go to our micro degree for first time investors. And in that micro degree, I'm going to share with you the principles of investing. I'm going to go much deeper into gives 1.0 and how we do the due diligence on residential. I'm going to focus on the difference between an income producing product and a growth investment. I'm going to look at the differences between the old way of investing and the new way of investing. I'm gonna teach you how you can manage risk. I don't look at the mistakes that I've made. And again, if you want to look at my book Chapter 1300 an entire chapter on the mistakes I've made, trust me. There's been enough. But I'm also going to look at the mistakes that I've witnessed other investors make so that you can avoid those mistakes. I'm going to explain to you what is the internal rate of return now this plane to your ways of working on financial products. There's cash on cash. There's yield this cap rates and there's that I r R And if you don't understand this linger . I've got two choices. I can dumb this down for you and make it really easy. Or I can empower you with knowledge and give you the financial literacy so that you can invest like the top 1%. Because if I dumb it down, I am disempowering you from creating the wealth that you want in your life. And then lastly, I'm going to show you how we can use technology and heart in a compliant way. You can use both social proofing and collective smart investing to really help you get started on your investment journey. And then I'm also going to share with you a bit of our track record and how you can learn while doing and some of the fun, funky things we have, like r in a circle Andi stuff that really way. You could just learn along the time while doing, But maybe you're not at that stage, you know, maybe Europe, the advanced investor stage. Maybe you've you know, you're in the intermediate where you're now looking to invest internationally or maybe in commercial, you really want understand the principles of commercial and gives 2.0, which is the focus on commercial. And, you know, if your instant this stage, I would really go to the mockery degree for advanced investors. And in that stage, I'm going to focus a lot on portfolio strategy. You know? How do you differentiate between a read of fund syndication direct investment? Fintech Crowdfunding collaborative. Smart investing. These old fancy terms. One of the differences. What are the pros? One of the cons. How doe eyes an individual differentiate and decide what is best for me. Well, maybe you're at the first sophisticated investor stage. Maybe you really want to start getting advanced. You want to focus on international property, And how are you create global portfolios in a diversified fasten. Maybe you want to really start to understand the difference between local and international investing. Maybe you're interested in things like, you know, how do I become a global citizen? How do I use my wealth to buy passports and going live in countries around the world so that I've got the freedom for myself, for my Children to live in any country I want on the planet. Maybe you want to understand how Blockchain works and where cryptocurrencies are going and how it's literally going to change real estate and business and investing as we know it and what we're doing within the wealthy space to have a purposeful impact on the planet and of Europe, that sophisticated level. Then please go to our micro degree on so four sophisticated investors. And if you want to go to all three of them, be my guest. But that's where the detail will be so that you can create a personalized plan for yourself as to where you are and where you want to get to. And most importantly, in this stage, it's your wealthy flight plan to determine what you're going to do on a daily basis or weekly basis, a monthly basis, an annual basis to ensure you get there. And so that's all for me. You know, it's really exciting. You've now got your flight plan, but at some point you're going to get started. And so I welcome you to step five, where we're going to get our hands dirty. We're going to get started. See you there 11. STEP 5: GET STARTED: right, So we're back. It's step five, and now it's time to get started. And I apologize if I get excited and start talking fast. But this is where it gets, you know, this is where you start to make the difference and the changes in your life. You know, one of the greatest lessons I learned in my life was the difference between people is a successful and people that are unsuccessful is those The take action and a great metaphor that I learned at a very young age is, is about learning to swim. Now most people can swim, but you know you can probably swim and maybe a current. And either way, it's a relevant. But what's important is that, you know, off the fear of learning to swim. Now you can go and read a book. Well, you could go on a course what? You could even sign up for a micro degree. But unless you take action unless you actually jump in the pool and get wit, you're never gonna learn to swim. And it reminds me of my son when he was learning to swim in. As a parent. It's It's quite a difficult feeling to deal with because your son, like, jumps in and he's sort of trying to swimming is sort of probably doing more drowning in swimming. But what's quite interesting is quite quickly he learns to swim in, and now it's probably the thing enjoys most in the world, is swimming with his dad in the pool. And so, you know, think of investing no different to swimming or learning to walk. You're going to make mistakes. So stop worrying about the mistakes you gonna make because you're gonna make them anyway, and and hyphen e through through the world migrate platform. We can help you limit the mistakes. But whether through walls, migrate or through other instruments or vehicles, you're gonna make mistakes, stop worrying about like it's gonna happen. So with the knowledge you're gonna make mistakes, Would you got to do is you've got to jump in that pool and just like my son, you know, he started out like pretty much drowning. But we were there to support and got him and a nice, very comfortable with swimming. And that's what I encourage you to get started. And so we're not going to sign up on the platform. There's a video below here where literally, you can you can literally see how you go through the steps to sign up the in terms of the user design and the use interface. We're working on it in the technology to make it as yours a friendly as possible. And remember, we die. We dealing in a regulator compliant industry. So there's also steps that have to happen from a regulator environment. But we are constantly working to make it easier. But watch the video just so that could be a step by step process to take you through. Or, if you want to speak to a human being, get on the telephone, there's a there's a number below. They can literally walk you through the process in terms of while you're doing it. And, you know, when you get started, you're going to be able to start learning while doing you know it's a guy, and I've spoken about this but everyone else in the world. It was coming, my course run to the back of the room, and I'm going to sell you a book or a DVD. I'm not doing that. This course was free was not. And why are we doing it? Well, our interest is not to sell courses. Our interest is to empower you to get started and create the wealth that you want in your life. I want to see on the next video, which is ultimately step six. But before we get there, get started on I'll see you on the next video just and, most importantly, enjoy the feeling off becoming and investing like the top 1%. See you on the next one. 12. STEP 6: TRACK YOUR PROGRESS: welcome back. So did you get started? How does it feel to to invest $100 in probably an asset that you've never had access to before being a commercial building in England, Australia, America, maybe a residential building? Maybe it's you just getting started for the first time. Well, maybe is you're starting to, you know, walk their journey to a global portfolio. I hope you enjoy the feeling and trust me, it only gets better from here on in art. But now we're at Step six, and that's about tracking your progress because, you know, to use that metaphor of an airplane is that when I take off in one country, let's just say Sydney on. I'm flying to London. What most people don't know is that they leave in Sydney and they arrive in London. I think it was all pretty seamless, but what they don't realize is whether it's the pilots or actually the automatic systems on the plane. It's constantly checking that the plane is on direction, and it's consistently making these little small changes by half a degree or one degree, because if you are half a degree or one degree off on where you want to get to you will literally end up in the Philippines. Remember, you were trying to get to London, so you need to track your progress and make sure consistently that you are on the track to getting to where you want to get. So remember, in step four we determined where we were and where we wanted to get to, and then we started to track our off flight plan and how we were going to get there. Well, in this step, Step six, it is critically important that while you're flying, you make sure that you stay on that flight plan. And so you start to determine Are you on progress off progress? And so there's a link below two to the system I use. And again, my systems are not perfect. They just my systems and with time, I would love your input as to how we could improve them. And we want to build them into our platform so that you literally can do all of this on your dashboard to literally map and progress your journey. But for now, click on the link below. It's what I call my smart goals. It's my smart financial goals. So every year I set up in the beginning what I want to achieve. And then every month I track my progress along. You know how I'm doing that. And a smart goal is a specific, measurable, attainable results driven and with timeframe. So again, you know, if you say this off, one more money well, you know, I could reach in my pocket and give you $1 on you will have more money. It's ridiculous. You've got to be very specific. It's got to be measurable, attainable, you know, results driven and have a time frame. And then you can check if you on track off track. Now, how I do that is that if you really busy, I've actually got a financial controller. And again, if you want to invest like the top 1% then copy what they're doing. So my financial controller is effectively my family office. So at the beginning you have a meeting with with her and my wife, and we map out all your and then once a month, we have a finance meeting where she takes all our financials and she puts them into accounting software. So we run our life just like we run our business, and we compartmentalize it into multiple different accounts between giving on holiday and pocket money for my wife and I were going to spend on operational expenses are fixed expenses. Now you can do that all yourself, or you can, you know, get someone else to do it again. And I really encourage you to read the four hour workweek because you'll be surprised, particularly don't like it for my mama creator like I like big picture stuff like a hate detail like You're not gonna do stuff you hate. But these people that wake up in the morning and love to do detail plays my mind, but they exist, and so you can get people to do that for you. So whether you do it yourself will get someone else to. The most important thing is to have the discipline to do it, to make sure you're on track. And if I if I've learned one thing from wealthy people and and successful people, is that they're not lucky, there's no such thing as an overnight success. The only thing that will get you to where you want to get his persistence. And so I encourage you to have that persistence and ensure that no matter what happens in love, no matter what excuses you have and life happens, things go wrong. People die. Relationships break up. It can cause a blimp in the road. It's like climbing a mountain when a storm comes in. Sometimes you've got it going. Find shelter. I've climbed Kilimanjaro. You'll be amazed you actually have to go up and then you have to go down to acclimatize before you go back up. It's all part of a plan, but you track whether you on track off track and sometimes you have to make small changes. But if you clear on the top of that mountain, I also hope that you enjoy this picture off me. Standing on the top of Kilimanjaro with my friends. It was an extremely, extremely difficult trip where many, many things went wrong. But we stayed the focus. We persisted, and through great challengers, we got to the top of the mountain, and I encourage you to take the step so that you get to the top of your mountain on your personal wealth journey. Thank you very much. and I look forward to seeing you on the next video, which is Step seven. We're nearly at the end of the eight. But stay with me. Persist through it. It's eight steps and each and every one of them is critical to create the wealth that you want for you and your family. See you on the next one. 13. STEP 7: FOLLOW THE LAWS OF NATURE: welcome back. So Step seven. And this one's all about following the laws of nature. Now, you know I want I want to share with you. You heard me talk earlier. Bronze ig Ziggler on that whole thing that you can have anything you want in life if you hope enough other people get what they want. So the question you need to be asking yourself on, Gwen, you think about the businesses we've created, whether it's international property solutions, wealth migrate, the global wealth group and the whole ecosystem that I'm about to share with you. The reason we did that was the more we can help other people, the more we can have what we want in our lives. And it's a very win win symbiotic process. And, you know, you think about the laws of nature. So I get told us all the time. You know, I like to break rules and it draws my wife crazy. But you know, when we say Well, who says the rules of rot? You know, one of the sayings that I that I came up with myself is that the very people that said the rules or what they are are the same people that said the world was flat. It said we couldn't fly or go to the moon. Said the woman couldn't vote or that Africans couldn't vote. Who says the rules are right? I believe that if you follow the laws of nature, then you will truly find your destiny. And so when you look at that, you know you've come on this journey, you've gone through six different steps on we now on step seven. But you need to start thinking to yourself, How can I add more value? You know, I've taught my son. He was five years old and I say to How do you make money? And he says to me, You add value and it's such a simple concept because again you can have anything you want in life. If you help enough, other people get what they want. So I want you to start thinking. Which friends do you think that this would make a difference in their lives? Which friends do you think that you could empower by giving them access to this knowledge? Why don't you just go out there and share it with five of your closest friends? do it? No. Take the time out and literally and value in their lives. What about the partners? You know, you when you look at your CQ And remember we spoke about, you know, that's collaborative partnerships. You might be a very wealthy person living in one country. But do you have really strong relationships with the right people around the world? Are you having a purposeful impact on this planet and rubbing shoulders with some of the most important people on the planet? I truly have had the privilege or spending time with incredible people like Tony Robbins in Fiji or Roger Hamilton and Barley or Richard Branson on Necker Island or Peter Diamantes in in Silicon Valley. And that's just to name a few. And I'm not being arrogant because it brings me on to the principle of the five monkeys. Now go in Google of Five Monkeys. You'll see the link below here, but you're actually only as good as the five people that you spend the most time with. And in the little book that referred to the Five Monkeys and you're gonna ask yourself all the five people that you're spending the most time with or they uplifting you or they, you know, taking you to another level, Or they are they causing you to want to be better or they pulling you back Or they are. They're holding on your leg because they don't want you to succeed or they're telling you that you can't succeed or they're telling you that you you're on some crazy course with some you know, some cult like guy that's putting rubbish in your head and you can never be wealthy and you came from the wrong country or the wrong school didn't go to the ride. University. Ask yourself seriously, Who are the five people who are having the biggest influence on your life? It was one of things that I found from a community and collaborative partnerships. Perspective is that I focus on putting myself in situations where I'm the dumbest, poorest person in the room. Now, do I enjoy it? No, it feels uncomfortable, but it inspires me. It drives me. It takes me to the next level, and so I challenge you to join and be part of this community. You're dealing with like minded people, everyone from people that want to start investing to literally millionaires and billionaires in US dollar terms that all part of the community, they're all adding value in their own different ways. I really encourage you to go and take on micro degree on how you can get the most out off this community. But actually, if you really listen to what I've just said, it shouldn't be what you're trying to get from the community. It should be what you're trying to give to the community. How can you add as much value as possible? Because if you do that, then you too, can have whatever you want in your life. And so whether you want to just join and and be part of this like minded community that has a purposeful impact on the planet to empower a 1,000,000,000 people and solve the wealth gap. Whether you want to be part of the education process, you know both both learning and or helping on the education side, whether you want to be mentoring or helping on the due diligence side when it comes to the real estate, whether you want to be more engaging and how can we create more engaging within the community? Well, maybe you want to have a purposeful impact. I encourage you to really get involved in this community. And that's where the wealthy Quins are going to empower you. And most importantly, you're gonna earn wealthy coins which are going to further help you on your journey to wealth and hopefully helping all of us have a purposeful impact on this planet. And then, if you really want to go to the highest level, that's what we call our wealth partners who really are the shareholders in this group. They own all the assets, all the platform, all the I P and even the real estate holdings that we have. And they get to benefit not only from the value creation within the company but also from the like minded individuals and the purposeful impact that we having on the planet. So don't look at the micro degree, but I encourage you. Step seven, what can you do to really live up to the laws of nature? If nothing else that you take away from this session, who can you share what you've just being through yourself with and add value to their life because of you? Add value to one person's life you will have an impact on. I want to finish with a story. It's the story off the starfish and it's a It's a little parable that I've heard many times . There's an old man and a young boy and they're walking along a beach and the old man Every now and again there's thousands and thousands of starfish that have been washed up on the beach, and every now and again the old man leans down and he picks up a starfish and he throws it in the sea. And after a while, the young boy says to the old man, He says, Why do you keep throwing the starfish and sea? There are thousands and thousands and thousands of starfish arctic. What are you gonna do? It's no matter how many pick up. You cannot save them all on, the old man said. And he lend on and he picked up a starfish. He showed the little boy the starfish have any threat in the sea, and he said it made a difference in that Starfish is life. Whose life can you change? I leave you with that thought and I look forward to bringing you to step eight, the final one on the one which is all about fun. So make sure you don't miss that one, because that's what I like. Having in this life and wealth is about having the fun. So I look forward to seeing you there on the next video. 14. STEP 8: CELEBRATE, HAVE FUN AND ENJOY LIFE: congratulations. You made it to step, fight and the final step. Now this is about celebration and and enjoying life. And if I've learned one thing in my life, it's that, you know, there's literally books that I read to my son called Scrooge. And most of us admit those people with a scarcity mentality where they've got a hold, everything. And if I give you one Randall $1 or one yen or, you know, one Aussie dollar a pound of euro, you know I'm losing something. And yet what was amazing for me was again learning from my mentor, Henny beside night about abundance. And he explained to me Explain to me wealth and as a business person, you know, I always thought off business and wealth and and shares in the business. As you know, if I if I have 100% of the business and I sell you 40% I've lost 40%. And it's interesting because when you think about it, it's really a scarcity mentality. And what I learned from here leave aside Night is that wolf is not like that. What wealth is about abundance. Think of wealth if you're If you're scarcity, then then wolf is like a pond. And you have this pond here. And you know, you could use this glass of water even. And if I if I've got a spoon and you've got a spoon, Whoever takes the most water art is going to get the most wealth. But there's only a finite amount of water in this in this class. Are you with me? Do you understand? Scarcity? What about if if wealth was a river, what about the wealth was like the Amazon River and we've both got that spoon and weaken dipped on into the Amazon River and we can take out as much wealth as we want. What about if the more people that we brought to the river and the more value that we added , what about the size of the river would just increase from a little stream to the Amazon? What about if hundreds, thousands, millions or billions of people could dip there spooning and create the wealth that they want for them and their families? I truly believe in an abundant future where that is going to be the case. And so with that in mind, we still need to enjoy the journey. We still need to ensure that the books like Scrooge or not written about us, because we so focused on the end goal that we don't enjoy every day. We don't enjoy every every every week or month or year on the journey to creating wealth. Wealth is not a destination. There's no end point I said to you, right up front. This is not a get rich quick scheme. It's not a book, it's not even a course. It's a journey. It's a commitment. It's a lifetime commitment. And so for me, when I think of step fight, you know, I've got all these very high, aspirational goals off the wolf I want to create in the world and the impact I wanna have the purpose that I want to be remembered for. But I also want to enjoy every day and so something I learned from a gentleman called Han Australia is. How do you do that? Because most of us are living in a in a scarcity environment, not only in mindset but also in the amount of money we've got today. So you told me something, he said, and you could see this diagram right now you've got a line and above the line you've got your day to day income And on the left hand side you've got surplus on on the right hand side you've got your expenses on below the line, You've got your assets and you can see on the right inside you got your assets and on the left inside, you got your passive income now, Rich Dad. Poor dad. Um, Robert Kiyosaki explains this very well. So the first thing that you need to do is whatever your surpluses, you know, how much could you save? So let's just for argument's sake, say that you could save $400 a month. What do you need to do? Is you then need to break that 1/3 a 3rd 1/3 of what's we call It's what we call the wealthy wheel of investment. So you would spend 1/3 on interest, and that's paying off your expenses. So if you've got credit cards or or car finance or what we call bad debt, then you need to pay on that interest and get rid of it. So the 2nd 1 is capital. You would invest in capital. So pay off the bad debt first and then invest in capital. And then thirdly, you've got 1/3 for fun. And that's not 1/3 for fun five years from now, that's 1/3 for fun right now. So you know, when I talked, even some of my team members or family members they get. But I've got no money at the end of month because I bought some brand new shoes and I've got fancy clothes and I spent lots of money in the in the nightclubs on bars with my with my friends. That's wonderful. Not saying, Don't have fun, but have it in a balanced approach. To take 1/3 of your money and invested in capital, take 1/3 of your money invested in fun. Take 1/3 of your money invested in interest, and as you do that, you will build up your capital assets. And what's interesting is that the more you do that you'll learn how to minimize your risk , because if the world changes of interest rates go up or or things change or you lose your job or you lose a tenant. If you've got your your assets, then your assets can pay you to have lifestyle. But the ideal thing you want to get to is where you've actually paid off the interest on your bad debt and then 2/3 2 3rd off your money is going into your capital into your good quality assets like good quality real estate and or, you know, other other ones. Like I mentioned on the stock market or others. I know real estate and that real estate is then paying you a passive income and that passive income allows you to be financially free. But please understand that 2/3 of your income is going to building your capital base effectively your balance sheet and 1/3 is going to you having fun. And that's why my wife and I have a holiday account. We put money aside every year so we can go on wonderful holidays and and really enjoy life . And I mean, this year we're only in the middle of February. We've already being and spend a week together in Vegas having a huge amount of fun. We've also spent a week together with my son in the Seychelles, and we are any six weeks into this year, and I truly believe that if I was to die today, I can look back on Dykan smile. For all the wonderful experiences that I've had, I've run with the bulls have bean to the Beerfest. I've traveled around Europe in a camper van of being all over North America of traveled all over Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and China. You know, those are just a few of them off climb Kilimanjaro and and meaning many, many exciting experiences that that I have allowed myself to experience, whether it's jumping out of airplanes or bungee jumping. And all of my life while I was doing those things, I didn't have the money at the time. It didn't necessarily make financial sense. But using that 1/3 mentality, I don't believe life will be remembered for for how much money you've got. I believe life will be remembered for the experiences that you've had and the people that you've touched, the impact that you've had, the purpose that you've had. So maybe, maybe once you've paid off your your interest, maybe you maybe you take some of that money. Maybe not 1/3 maybe 10 or 20% and you start putting that towards purpose and the purposeful impact you can have on your planet. And so, ladies, gentlemen, we come to the end of that journey. I told you it was eight simple steps. I told you that most people in life think that wealth is super complicated and it's difficult. And it's not for you. It's not. You have the ability now, as long as you make the commitment to follow those eight steps, you can create the wealth that you want for you and your family in your life. You can create the personal journey because it's different for everybody. Your journey is your journey, but have fun while you're doing it and, most importantly, make the commitment you'll see down below. Here there's there's a resource section, so there's a bonus section with recommended books. You know, there's there's some wonderful books out there, you know, many of them that have stood the test of time, and I highly highly recommend that you go and read them and get further further. Learnings are spies. There's different resources, you know. I work and have worked with Roger Hamilton for for nearly seven years, Now, if you want to be an entrepreneur or start a business, they have the number one network in the world for entrepreneurship, training, mentoring and coaching. Go and check it out. Click on the link and learn. If you want to learn about health, go and look up Joe Formosa and what she's doing in terms of health dynamics, because wealth is or not only about money. Well, there's about doing what you love on Garage ER teaches you about your flow. Water is about having the health. You know, the vitality. I look at Richard Branson and you know, when I was first day was 65 when I was there the second time in 66. He's got a wall, the energy in the world. He can't serves every single day. He plays tennis every single day. We ran around his island on this great race that was, like, really hectic. And, you know, he literally had more energy than most 45 year olds. And so it is possible you truly can have everything you want in life. But look at Joe. Find out what your body type is and make sure that you're eating healthy so that you can have and enjoy your life. And then hopefully follow these eight steps on wealth. Look at the resources below so that you can really go deeper in this. But most importantly, come on our journey, you know, Please review this micro degree, you know, let me know. It was a good was a bad hawker. We improved. I'm finding really believe in life you can always get better and sometimes if you enjoyed it, we all enjoy a pat on the back. But most importantly, I hope that this has had an impactful, you know, difference in your life. I hope that this at least opens the door to you believing that you can create the wealth that you want. And I hope that this has given you the ability to know how to create that plan. I want to leave you with one final story. You know, for me I come from a from a city and in South Africa called Durban, there's a great race there. It's It's 90 kilometers, which is about 60 miles, and it's a one day race. And as growing up as a young boy, everyone in wanted to do this race, and it went very close past my house. And at the age of five or six, I made a commitment that I one day would do that. Rice And as I tend to joke with people I grew up and, you know, I didn't really realize that in those days I wouldn't be a great long distance runner will certainly be built like one. I would be more like a hooker that plays in rugby in the front row, and I didn't necessarily have the body type for long distance. And so in in in my early twenties, my brother went to see one of the top sports doctors in the world, and I asked him, I said, going on asking when I should do the comrades And he said, Don't worry, Wait until you're 30 on a fortune. You know, when you're in your twenties, 30 feels like a lifetime away. It's never going to come in, and you don't have to worry about it cause you practically did. When you turn 30. What was interesting is that 30 turned up and it was 2000 and eight and and I and I bought on running this race. And, you know, I didn't really follow all the guidelines. I didn't do all the training I was supposed to do. I mean, how hard can it be? I've always had one of the strongest minds in the world. I just kind of put my mind to something going. Do it. And so I turned up on race day and and I got started. And for the 1st 20 kilometers, which is about 13 miles, 30 40 miles, it was going great guns like I was like, I'm going to crush the records off this race. And at about 30 kilometers, about 20 miles, I started cramping and I managed to go another 30 kilometers, which another 20 miles. So I'm about 60 kilometers now 40 old miles, and the cramping got so bad that I cramped in my car's McCord's, my hands and my stomach on both legs, all at the same time. On I literally fell over and I couldn't get from here to that, you know, to that war, like literally two meters and I had a choice, you know, um, was I going to give up not ever giving up on anything in my life. Particularly not, said My Monta. This was like a really big defining moment for me and I had one of the most embarrassing thing that I've ever done in my life because I did give up and I went and stood on the side of the road and I literally had to wait for my wife to come and pick me up on a national freeway when I'm in. My running gear was pretty pretty clear that I was running that race and that I hadn't made it and it was very embarrassing for me. But while I was standing on side that right, I made a commitment to myself. I said It's fine you filed but it's only short term. You've only lost the battle, You haven't lost the war and I made a commitment myself that I'll do that race. I will not only do the up, but I'll do the done because if you from my town, you'll know that you can only do the up run or the Don run, you got to do both to truly accomplish this Rice and what I want to share with you is that in 2000 and nine I redid the race, but I did it differently. I went and got myself a coach. I went and learned about the formulas and the systems. On hardest succeed, I found a very simple little pool, which was like a little trick that I put under my tongue. But that gave me the energy. Andi stopped the cramps, and while I was doing that race, I it took me 11 hours and 36 minutes to finish. And it was a pretty emotional time, because when you set yourself a challenge like that on you succeed, it really was quite empowering. But I wasn't finished yet because I still had to do that up. Run. There's a conquered me, and the next year I got married. And so I I long distance running Marriage don't really go very well together. So the year after that was the up run on. It was 2020 11 and same thing. I had a system I had the pill, did the right eating. I did the right training. I had a ride, a plan on how I was going to do it, like you run for six minutes and you walk for one minute rather than just tearing out of here. This part is you can go and later gentlemen are finished with 11 hours and 56 minutes. Now, that's pretty good time planning for erase that cut office. 12 hours. So four minutes over over nearly 90 kilometers is a pretty good time planning. Why did I tell you that story? Because that took tremendous adversity on courage to achieve that goal on. You can see below there, the picture. Or maybe it's on the screen. Now the picture of me achieving that goal, you can also see me standing with my code and I spoke to you about the wealthy code and the gladiator poem, and I really encourage is going downloaded. But most importantly, lies gentlemen, that rice started with a single step. And I hope that this wealthy micro degree has not only given you some of the fundamental knowledge, mindset and pillars, you know, the five pillars toe wealth that you need, but also given you that steps, the plan and the outcome that you want to achieve. And if you have the clarity and you think of the metaphor like that race, there's one defining difference between me and thousands, if not millions of other people that would like to do an ultramarathon like that. And that's what I took the first step forward. It's a well done on getting this fall on the journey. I really look forward to seeing the results in your life. I look forward to that. You sharing them with me and with our team. But please, I beg you, take that first step, create the future that you want and I look forward to seeing you have a purposeful impact on this planet and most importantly, enjoy the ride. I'm deeply grateful for, you know, sharing this time and allowing me to share this knowledge off what I'm so passionate about . And I encourage you to share it with others. Most importantly, believe in yourself and enjoy the journey. Take that first step and I look forward to seeing you when you finish the rice. Just so let me know what you think of this micro degree and, you know, post your comments below. We can always we love our feedback and we can always improve upon it and also give us ah rating give it a star rating because If you think this is our value for others, if you rates it highly, then it's going to be shared with more people and remember our purpose. Let's look to empower a 1,000,000,000 people and you, by taking action, can have an impact on achieving that. So please takes you 10 seconds going on and review this micro degree. That's my request from me to you. 15. FINAL COMMENTS FOR MICRO DEGREE JUST BELIEVE & GET STARTED!: Well, hello to you. It's the final video and congratulations and well done. On going through this entire micro degree, I thought I would do a much more relaxed video for the final video. This is me here in NY, Zina. It's one of the top for well, basically the number one holiday destination here in South Africa. You can see I'm on the beautiful estate where I live here. And it's a moment most magnificent Morning as the sun is rising behind me. And I really just wanted to share this with you because this is coming from a from a man that is 41 years old. You know, I started out in in real estate in my teenagers. I had no money. My folks didn't give me a silver spoon. I actually put myself through university, both my undergrad and my masters in London. But my folks gave me something that gave me believe. And that is all that they need t give me. They gave me the belief that anything in life was possible. And so for me, you know, that is what I want to give you. You know, I'm sitting here. I'm actually wearing my shirt that says Necker Island. I've had the privilege of spending two weeks with Richard Branson on Necker Island on That was because of my purpose. It was because I want to try and solve the wealth gap. I wonder in power, 1,000,000,000 people and I need your help to be able to do that. But because of that purpose, because of that, that energy and that inspiration to find and solve grand challenges it's why I got invited to amazing places like this. I get to live in this incredible environment. You know? I moved here when I was 30 35 36 years old. The average person that lives on this estate is well over 50. I've climbed that you know, the highest mountain in Africa have run the longest road race, daily road race in the world on numerous times. I've built businesses, I'm a husband, I'm a father. But the thing that I'm most grateful for is that we we all get to choose to live the life that we truly want to be able to live. And so those are just those are just things. But it's the relationships that one builds in life that are the most important. And I'm deeply, deeply grateful for the amazing relationships that are built in my life. So what did I tell you? That's why don't I make it about myself? Well, it's not about me. It's about you. I want to give you the belief that it is possible. I want to give you the belief that the eight steps that I've shown you, I will not only just words, they're not only just a course, but I've lived them. I've lived them for over 20 or 30 years, and I have the accolades. I have the attributes to be able to show that they do succeed. I had the privilege of learning from some of the wealthiest people around the world. And what I've tried to do is to make it simple for you to put it into a pattern, to show you the simple steps that you need to take to create the world that you know the world and the wealth that you want in your life. And so I encourage you to go out there. I encourage you to two. If you haven't started, go back to Step five. You know, please take the initiative to get started. It is 96% of people that statistically do. Of course, we'll do nothing. Are you going to be part of the 4% that is going to take control of your life, going to take control of your destiny? Please be one of those people you know. I've shared with you the story of the starfish. And you know, I want to empower many, many people. But it's not about them. It's about you. And I hope that I've made a difference in your life. And if I have then then shared with others, please, we want to empower a 1,000,000,000 people in. The only way that we can do it is that if we add value to more people, if we share the rial lessons that the laws of nature with others, so that they, too, can get the belief they too can copy the patterns of success and they too, can create the wolf that they want in their life. So that's me, Scott. Pick and signing art from Nice. And I hear my beautiful home in a relaxed environment. I'm super pumped. I'm super juiced. I'm so excited to finish this marker degrees so that I can share with others. And I'm deeply, deeply grateful that you've taken the time to listen to me. You've taken the time to let me share my insights and my knowledge and most importantly, by sharing with you I to learn. So thank you for allowing me to go on this journey. I hope that one day we'll meet in person, maybe even here in my magical home. You know, here in nice And, you know, it leaves me with one thought. Everyone always tells me that to be wealthy, you know, you've got to go and live in London or Sydney or New York or even Johannesburg. I don't believe that In 2011 I read the book Before Our Work Week by Tim Ferriss. I've never quite figured out before our pot, but what it said there's that everyone works their whole life to finally be able to make enough money to go and retire to, you know, live at the beach. And he said, some month, why not just go live at the beach? And we live in a world of abundance Now we live in a world of technology. We live in a world where it's no longer about competition. It's about collaboration. We live in a world where, where it's about co creation and ultimately it's no longer about scarcity. It's about abundance. And I moved, you know, to the beach, and I live in a tiny little holiday village here and and run a global company on five different continents. What is possible for you in your life? What beliefs have have held you back? What stories have you told yourself? What stories of others told you? What can you do to change them? Start with changing your beliefs and you, too, can truly become a global citizen. You true can truly play out your purpose on this planet and live a life of legacy not only having a purposeful impact on the planet but leaving generational wealth, a destiny and something to be remembered by for your family. And so that's my plea to you. That's my wish to be a beacon of light of success, show the world what is possible. Not only the belief in yourself would give belief to to others, and with that, my closing thought er's I look forward to meeting you in person. I look forward to to hearing the stories of how you became wealthy. And I look forward to How are we together will create a world where everyone in it is wealthy. Thank you and enjoy the journey just