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8 Secret Tricks To Double Your Email Marketing Revenue

teacher avatar Manoj V , Coach | Online Entrepreneur

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Inbox Trick

    • 3. GMail Trick

    • 4. The Right Day & Time

    • 5. Groups of Subscribers

    • 6. Avoiding Triggers

    • 7. Reusing The Good

    • 8. Batching Emails

    • 9. Changing Addresses

    • 10. Summary

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Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective forms of online marketing with the highest return on investment among all forms of marketing. eMail is almost 40% more effective than Facebook and Twitter for acquiring new customers. You can customize the content of your emails according to the likes and dislikes of your subscribers.

Unlike any other form of marketing you can also reach anyone in the world at any time if you schedule your emails. With everyone having a device connected to the Internet like a smart phone or a tablet you can reach all your subscribers easily. Last but not the least you can easily track sales and user engagement by using email marketing. These are only some of the benefits that you get from email marketing.

This class will show you 8 best secrets that are known only to a few top email marketers which you can also implement for the best return on investment.

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Manoj V 

Coach | Online Entrepreneur


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1. Introduction: Hi. My name is my knowledge, and I wish you a warm welcome to my Class eight secret email traits to double your email marketing revenue Email marketing is one of the most cost effective forms off online marketing. It is said that email marketing can give you the best return on investment among all forms off. Pocketing the return on investment by sending emails to subscribers. Informing them about new content on your blog's or promoting products is much more than any other form of marketing. Email is almost 40% more effective than Facebook and Twitter for acquiring new customers. Besides, you can customize the content of the emails according to the lights In dislikes off your subscribers. Unlike any other form off marketing, you can reach anyone in the world at any time. If you schedule your emails with everyone having a device connected to the Internet like a smartphone or a tablet, you can reach all your subscribers easily. Last but not least, you can easily track sales and user engagement with email marketing. These are only some of the benefits that you can get from email marketing for your business in this class, I'll be showing you ate of the best secrets that are known only to a few top email marketers with Now you can implement for the best return on your investment. Thanks for watching and see you in the next lesson. 2. The Inbox Trick: welcome to the first lesson in this lesson. I will be talking about the message pretender. All email marketers wouldn't be aware of the importance of the subject line of an email, but very few know about the line that follows the subject line called The Message Pre Header, which is also very important. A pre header is the short summary that follows the subject line when an email is viewed in the in box. It should be 100 characters or less, and it shows up in the email inbox off your subscriber. So what happens is that when you send an email and your subscriber opens its inbox, he will see the subject line often email along with the message pre header inside his inbox . So while the subject line will attract the attention of the subscriber, the message pre header will briefly describe content inside the email leading subscriber to click open the email. This line should ideally indicate that a solution that is a tribal is looking for can be found inside the email. For example, if your subject line is a question like, do you want to make videos faster? The pre header can say take a look at the new X Y Z software program. The content could be about a recently launched software program that helps in making videos in a short duration of time. If you have a bonus offer coupons, you can also mention them in the pre header. Or it could be a part of the first line in your email content, which makes the leader want to know more and goes on to click open the email. So let me show you what a pre header looks like in my Gmail account. So the first email by John Walker subject line is this was a paid product now free. The pre header says. You want to get your hands onto a cool in for product. You can get this one here. It used to be sold for $17. Now it's free for a few more copies. Hurry, get it now. So that's an example. Off a pre header 3. GMail Trick: most email users have a Gmail account, and any promotional emails in Gmail do not land in the primary tab or mean inbox of the user. Instead, the land in the promotion stab off a Gmail account. When your subscriber opens his Gmail inbox, he sees only the emails that appearing in the primary tab. So when you say your first email to your subscriber, make sure that you mentioned that the subscriber should add your email address to the contact list. They're usually more receptive when they get there first, email or when they get a free board escaped from you and will be obliged to add you to their contact list in case you're not on their contact list. Then your email relent in their email accounts promotion step, and they will not say it at all. On the other hand, if your email address is in their contact list, then all the emails will go into the primary tab off. The email involves giving them full visibility. They will notice your email immediately in the primary tab, and if it has a catchy subject line and irrelevant and interesting pre header, they've been surely click on it You can also show them how they can move messages from their promotion stamp to the primary tab. This can be done by simply dragging and dropping emails into the block primary tab. A message will appear, asking where the reaction should repeated for future messages from the center and they can click on Yes, you could also create a short video on how this is done, which will be very effective and will ensure that your emails land in the primary temp. Okay, so on. Show you how to move e mails from the promotions to the primary tab and the first email from Ryan dies, which is in the promotion stamp. Just click on it Holy Mouse and drag it to the primary and the message that says the conversation will move to primary. Do this future messages just click on Yes, and in the future it will ensure that let's just go into the plain tap 4. The Right Day & Time: welcome back in this lesson. We should look at what the best time to send emails and which of the best days in which healing it better open rates. Most email marketers send the emails when their content is ready. They may not take into account that their subscribers may not read the emails if center the time when they're away or busy. The best time to send emails is between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. When the open rates will be the highest. This is because most people will be at work and we'll be checking their emails. Anyone? 6 a.m. 28 AM is also a good time sent emails because many people check their email account first thing in the morning, especially if they have the smartphone tap near them went subscribers opened the invokes later. They may be having several emails in the inbox, and your email will be lower down on the page, and they may not get there while scrolling down the page. As far as the days to send emails is concerned, it is best to send emails to subscribers on a week day because Saturday and Sunday are known to have less opens. Compared to the weekdays, most people are radio on the weekends and maybe shopping, are engaged in recreation activities and may not check their emails hence Monday to Friday of better days to send emails that during the weekend. 5. Groups of Subscribers: Let's segmentation or breaking up your list into smaller segments is a very effective email marketing technique. You can segment your list in various ways, especially large lis. The segmentation can, based on various factors. Most good email management programs will have a list segmentation feature. For this, you will have to go through their help section and find out how list segmentation is done within the program. The basis of segmenting a list could be according to location, which will propel p, promote local events and use the local language for your promotions. For example, if there's a sports event being held in a particular location, you can promote products that related to that particular sports event. Another basis for segmenting your list is by purchase history. Some subscribers may have bought products from you before Paris. Others may be yet to try your products. Those will buy from you again and again deserve better discounts and promotions by which their patronage will be appreciated. At the same time, those who have never bought or tried products from you before can be all for the trial period or bonus to persuade them to buy your products. Some subscribers may have decided by product, but may have withdrawn at the last moment with the result that they're shopping cards will have the item that they chose. You can offer a special incentive for them to check out from the shopping cart and make their payment. Once you start sending our specialized e mails to the very segments of the email list, you will start getting much better results from your email marketing. 6. Avoiding Triggers: the next step is about avoiding spam triggers. He have to be very careful about what you put inside. Content of the emails. Avoid words like free in bonus and delete words that are not preferred. Emails by email service providers and spam monitoring companies avoid using too many symbols and multiple exclamation points. Writing in all caps is a big no in email marketing, and it can easily trigger the spam filters. Even too many dollar signs in your emails can be counted as spam. Another factor that gets counted by filters is weird formatting. Try news the same phoned and phoned size throughout your email. Use images wisely and include one image to be on the safe side. Too many images inside an email could get filtered as spam. Your shortness do hide long, definite links, but can be caught by the spam filters. It is better to use in the main redirect, then you are short. Now, if you check your emails with spam triggers, especially the overuse off symbols, caps, dollar signs and use only a single image, your emails will have less chances for being filtered out by spam blocking programs. 7. Reusing The Good: this lesson is about reusing email content. Quite often, you'll have e mails with high open rates and good conversions. When you're promoting a product in the content of your email, you can reuse this high converting content when you're promoting similar products by changing the name of the product and altering. Saw the words and phrases inside the email. This is because it has been proven that the email had a good subject line. And free header has Bella's content that made the subscriber by the product that you're promoting. Hence, you could use the same subject line with pre header and slightly altered content again after a few months. But do not repeat the same email again after a few days, but give a gap off at least one or two months. You could also promote products that you promote in the past with great success. This is because you'll be having many music scribe er's since the time that you had last promoted the product and they'll be keen to buy the product that you recommend in your email. Hence, you can send the same email that you sent earlier this time to the new subscribers, knowing that the product will convert well and that you'll get many sales 8. Batching Emails: If we have a large list and you send emails to all subscribers in the same time, you have a very high bounce straight and several subscribers may not even receive your emails. This is because bulk email triggers spam filters, and email providers have procedures in place that prevent bulk emails from going through. So the trick is to send emails to a large list in several groups off batches. For example. If you have 2000 subscribers, you can divide the group of subscribers into four or five groups, according to segmentation or some other criteria. Next, you can schedule the batches of emails to go out with a gap of five or 10 minutes each, so that all the emails are not being sent together for the more. You could also have slightly different shaded subject lines so that they look like unique emails rather than the same email being sent to 2000 people. The advantage off having a different subject line is also that you contract with subject line has the best, hoping red 9. Changing Addresses: With that, we come to the last and final tip in this class. If you have low open rates, you can increase them by changing your sending email address. If you maintain several lists of subscribers, change all of them so that all of them show the same. Email Andrews. Next, change your physical address also, and if you have several less, go ahead and change it in all of them at the same time, make sure that the email, address and physical address our riel and do not seem as though they are fake home made up addresses. 10. Summary: With that, we come to the end of this class. Email marketing is going to be a very effective method of marketing for a long time to come . Being one of the most inexpensive forms of marketing, it's also very cost effective and can multiply. You are why, easily with little F Once you apply, techniques taught in this lesson will be able to watch your revenues grow with the help of email marketing. I hope you like this class. Please click on the thumbs up and leave feedback. Also, take action and complete the project for this class. Thank you for watching and wish you great success in your business.