8 Mistakes New YouTube Creators Make that Hurt Their Channels

Bryan Guerra, Entrepreneur | Marketing | eCommerce

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10 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. 8 Mistakes Welcome

    • 2. New YouTube Creator Mistake #1

    • 3. New YouTube Creator Mistake #2

    • 4. New YouTube Creator Mistake #3

    • 5. New YouTube Creator Mistake #4

    • 6. New YouTube Creator Mistake #5

    • 7. New YouTube Creator Mistake #6

    • 8. New YouTube Creator Mistake #7

    • 9. New YouTube Creator Mistake #8

    • 10. 8 Mistakes Project

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About This Class

In this Course we're going to go over 8 mistakes new creators make that hurt their channel.

These mistakes can be detrimental to your success on YouTube & they're relevant for new Content Creators & creators that have successful channels too.

Doing one or two of these things won't cause you to lose subscribers, lose views, or lose watch time overnight...but if you continue to make these mistakes, it's only a matter of time before your channel is on life support.

There are many dos & don'ts new YouTubers don't fully grasp until they learn them by making videos & uploading them to see how their audience responds.

And quite often (it wasn't too long ago I was getting started on YouTube) we can get too wrapped up in the view count or the subscriber number or growing rapidly that we forget the main goal...grow your YouTube channel long term.

If you're looking for short term success on YouTube, chances are you won't find it. And, even if you do (let's say you create a YouTube video that happens to go viral...or maybe you clickbait your way to subs & viewers around hot topics), your channel's success will be very short lived.

It's all about playing the long game for those creators out there that really want to grow their channel & potentially turn this into a career or way to create content for a living.

So I hope this Course serves as a checklist to see 8 Mistakes you need to avoid making when you're just starting your channel (or even if you have a channel that's already growing). These are the tips I wish I received when I was first starting my YouTube journey.