8 Mistakes New YouTube Creators Make that Hurt Their Channels | Bryan Guerra | Skillshare

8 Mistakes New YouTube Creators Make that Hurt Their Channels

Bryan Guerra, Entrepreneur | Marketing | eCommerce

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10 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. 8 Mistakes Welcome

    • 2. New YouTube Creator Mistake #1

    • 3. New YouTube Creator Mistake #2

    • 4. New YouTube Creator Mistake #3

    • 5. New YouTube Creator Mistake #4

    • 6. New YouTube Creator Mistake #5

    • 7. New YouTube Creator Mistake #6

    • 8. New YouTube Creator Mistake #7

    • 9. New YouTube Creator Mistake #8

    • 10. 8 Mistakes Project

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About This Class

In this Course we're going to go over 8 mistakes new creators make that hurt their channel.

These mistakes can be detrimental to your success on YouTube & they're relevant for new Content Creators & creators that have successful channels too.

Doing one or two of these things won't cause you to lose subscribers, lose views, or lose watch time overnight...but if you continue to make these mistakes, it's only a matter of time before your channel is on life support.

There are many dos & don'ts new YouTubers don't fully grasp until they learn them by making videos & uploading them to see how their audience responds.

And quite often (it wasn't too long ago I was getting started on YouTube) we can get too wrapped up in the view count or the subscriber number or growing rapidly that we forget the main goal...grow your YouTube channel long term.

If you're looking for short term success on YouTube, chances are you won't find it. And, even if you do (let's say you create a YouTube video that happens to go viral...or maybe you clickbait your way to subs & viewers around hot topics), your channel's success will be very short lived.

It's all about playing the long game for those creators out there that really want to grow their channel & potentially turn this into a career or way to create content for a living.

So I hope this Course serves as a checklist to see 8 Mistakes you need to avoid making when you're just starting your channel (or even if you have a channel that's already growing). These are the tips I wish I received when I was first starting my YouTube journey.


1. 8 Mistakes Welcome: welcome to the short course on eight mistakes that new YouTube creators make that really, really hurt their channels. Now I broke each one individually down for you. I'm really excited to jump into this. Each lecture specifically will be one mistake that you want to avoid, obviously, and they're broken down pretty specifically and pretty concise. I thought that would be a great way to deliver the overall message, and with that being said, let's just jump in the mistakes so you can make sure to avoid them. 2. New YouTube Creator Mistake #1: So the 1st 1 that I see a lot of new creators making is they're dropping their links and just kind of it makes sense when you're first starting out to, you know, you want to drop links just wherever you can. You want to get traffic. You want to get views going to get potential subscribers and just more eyes on your content . You don't just want to rely on the organic reach of your YouTube videos and the YouTube search right. It makes sense logically. The problem with that is when you drop your links in random Facebook groups to show you an example of some of them right here. YouTube subscribers. YouTube Subscribers got 41,000 people. It's got 82,000 people. You two buddies Scott 2,549,000 roughly people. It sounds good, and it sounds logical that okay, why not just drop my link in one of these groups? So the more people see it, the more potential I have and the more potential viewers I can bring to my actual video. The issue with that is a lot of those people that frequent those groups are there for the same exact reason. And a lot of them are not going to be interested in your contact. You spent more time initially trying to attract, even if it were smaller amount of people, you'd rather have 20 loyal, dedicated subscribers and viewers that care about the content that you're putting out. Then you would rather than have 1000 that don't. And the reason being is because the more you wanted when he was just starting out, you want to try to build traction. You want to kind of grow go up on a compound curve. You're looking at it like that, actually. And the reason being is, if you can start building traction with 20 people, well, then that's gonna turn into 25 30 and 50 and 100 and then 1000 dedicated people, and you're going to start snowballing faster. That's why you start to see people that just start their channels. And in a year from now they're hitting 100,000 subscribers like that. It's because they built a legitimate channel in a legitimate viewer base off people that actually cared about the content that they were creating. They didn't try to go after any of those secret hacks were strategies like dropping their links and groups where people aren't going to actually care what that's actually going to dio. And it's counterintuitive I get it is YouTube's actually going to see that you're dropping these links in these videos and that they're not going to see that you're dropping the links? That's a bit, you know, even YouTube can't do that, but they are going to see the people that come through those links aren't watching. Your videos aren't staying, which is gonna hurt your watch time. They're not gonna care. And it's really gonna hurt all your metrics. So even if they subscribe and even if they watch for a portion of your video at all, it's actually gonna do more detriment than you think it will. And it's gonna do a lot more negative to your channel and to your videos. That actually is going to do positive. So that's a very, very big one. 3. New YouTube Creator Mistake #2: and that ties me in a point Number two here, which is why I kept this up, is, you know, dropping your links in these groups and doing sub for sub. So if you come here, it says YouTube subscribers, you'll notice that a lot of these you know, if you drop a Lincoln here, people just want sub for sub sub for sub sub for sub, suffer some. So if we actually check out my most popular video, which is how toe by YouTube subscribers the right way and basically that says, Don't buy YouTube subscribers. Obviously, it basically talks about you know, a lot of different ways and tactics that you can use as well. It's an older video, but you'll see that a lot of people in the comments suffers up one like U equals one sub. I'm fast sub me. That is the complete wrong approach. If you actually really want to grow your channel. The reason being is a lot of those people, same with the with the dropping links are not gonna care. So even if you build up a channel of 100,000 subscribers all doing sub for sub, it's a little bit unlikely, but let's just hypothetically say it was possible. The chances of you either buying subs were doing suppers up and building a channel is completely diminished the moment you start doing that, because you're not building up an audience that cares about your stuff. If you get some for sub and you even get 1000 people, not only will you probably not keep those because YouTube does like annual purges and monthly purchase of just dropping those types of accounts and deleting them, but also, even if you could keep them, it's gonna completely kill your engagement metrics. It's the same thing on INSTAGRAM. It's the same thing on Facebook, and it's the same thing on YouTube. If you post the video and let's say you have 1000 subscribers, Well, what YouTube is gonna do is it's not going to suggest your video out to all 1000 subscribers right off the bat. No, no, it's gonna take maybe 100 maybe 200. I don't know the exact algorithm, but it's going to suggest it to a small portion of your viewers first. And then if it starts to gain traction and it proves itself with that the the most dedicated viewers, then YouTube is going to suggest it to more of your foundling, more of your subscribers and mawr outside your subscriber network. That's how all the algorithms air currently working right now. So if you actually do some for sub or drop your links just like the first example, it's actually gonna completely kill your metrics overall. And it's gonna do a lot more detriment to your channel, then good. I'm not gonna elaborate on that too, too much, but it's very, very important. Don't drop your links and don't do sub for sub and please, for all out of 3rd 1 there, Please don't buy subscribers either. 4. New YouTube Creator Mistake #3: moving on to number three now, and that is really something that I've just kind of figured out in the past, maybe six months. And it could not be more important now when I do consulting with certain people that are just starting their YouTube channel, or I talked to friends or network with other people that air don't going YouTube. The importance of niche ing down and really identifying what it is that you want your channel to be about is super important, especially when you're first starting out as a new content creator. The reason being is if you go too broad and I made this mistake. That's how I know it. If you go too broad and you're creating videos on INSTAGRAM videos on email, marketing videos on HT, melon, email, marketing videos on drop shipping videos on how toe you know by YouTube subscribers, these air all my most popular videos on my channel. And yes, they all are individual okay videos. But I've done so many different things and I didn't need down in general, all right. I kept it, General, I didn't need down enough when I first started out, and that basically made It's such an uphill climb rather than just kind of gaining traction on one niche, starting very, very niche down and building an audience around that niche or specific topic and then using that platform and audience to, you know, maybe branch out a little bit and then building there and then branching out a little bit and building there. That's how the majority of people grow. They start really, really neat down. They pick something like maybe drop shipping and they build up a 50,000 subscribers, drop shipping and then channel. And then they basically branch out to drop shipping and then creating content or drop shipping and then private labelling and something else. But they don't. They definitely don't do what I did, so don't do that as well. You don't want to start out to too broad. You really want a niche down? Pick a topic. Maybe that's personal finance. Maybe that's, you know, email marketing. Maybe that's instagram marketing. Maybe that's Amazon private label. Whatever it is, it doesn't matter. You'll start to notice that I realize this, and it's actually helped a lot of my metrics recently. So if we go to my more you recent videos I have been creating recently videos on, like making money on how to make money online. And, you know, I still create videos on what I care about. But I've started to notice that I pick up traction a lot more when I do consistent videos, online arm trash. That's what a lot of my viewers like. That's what a lot of my viewers care about now. It's not just online arbitrage. It's also things about like making money online and how to actually make money from your computer. What I make videos like this and I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it right now. It's probably not gonna perform that well, The reason being here is a perfect example of the video that I spent a lot of time to create a lot of great info just like this video and put it out there, and nobody received it that well because just like the suffers up in the dropping links, my audience isn't built around how to grow on YouTube. So videos like this right here 10 ways to get your YouTube videos to perform better are gonna perform that well on my channel because the audience doesn't necessarily want to see that what they do. Want to see all nine arbitrage. How to make money online. All nine armed charge make money online. Let's see other ones that are performed well recently. All nine are trash affiliate marketing online businesses. You could start online basically, with zero money. You get the picture if I need it down, and I continue to start building up traction, creating the same type of content. It's a lot easier to grow. And everybody, if you talk to any top youtuber anybody that's growing really in general in any of the online marketing platforms, what they will tell you. It's the same thing for Instagram. Same thing that for YouTube, literally same thing across the board. Pick a very specific niche and then build an audience around that niche. And once you do build an audience than obviously, you can start to branch out. Once your audience is built and you gain some traction Now, you might be sitting there saying, Well, I see all these big you know, YouTubers, all these big instagram accounts and they post you know, video on how to make money online one day, and then they're logging the next day, and then the next day it's It's like a travel or like a try on video of, you know, uh, I don't know, like a bikini hall or something, literally anything across the board. And you're like, What? They can do it? Why can't I? It's because they if you went back to their channel, you started, you know, and looked at their original content. They built it around something very, very niche, most likely first, or they've been doing it for a long time. So it doesn't work anymore. You can't just start creating general content. You have to niche down. 5. New YouTube Creator Mistake #4: the next one is very, very important to, and this is something that I really actually just started realizing in the past six months . And, you know, I still like toe wing videos like this. I get off on tangents. I like to talk and relate my ideas to the camera so you can better understand who I am as a person on where I'm coming from with the actual idea. I don't want to be too, too scripted. That said, you know, you need that. You can't win your videos. You need to have a plan in mind. You need to have some kind of script that will allow you to do so many things. You will have plans in place. You will have things that you want to talk about. You will have points that you know you need to make. You can't see it right now, but literally right behind the computer, right above the This is the camera. Here, right above is the script that I'm reading off my computer. That's behind this, and I do that for a reason. It's not that I'm literally trying to read off the script behind me. It's that I want to make sure that I hit on the points that I've outlined that are important to hit on. And I've done this across the board it gives structured of your videos. It basically here's the example of this outline right here. That's it's the not the full complete one. But it's the outline of what all the things I want to talk about. Here's another one of one I'm gonna do in future video. I'm an outline how Alex Becker Builders Channel. And it's basically things that I'm, you know, trying Teoh outline and make sure I touch on Instagram followers how to grow its $2800 a day. And I outlined that. So you wanna have a plan? You don't have a plan in place. You wanna have a script, you don't have to read from that script. You don't have to be a robot, but you want to make sure that you hit on important points so you don't miss points, and you want to make sure that you're going after targeted keyword phrases. So you want to write them down to make sure that you say them because one of the ways to get your videos to perform better is to actually say the targeted keyword phrases in the video, so that when YouTube indexes your video and they do the closed captions that they dio, it's gonna index your video for all those keyword phrases, and you will appear in search a lot better. And you will also be suggested for those other types of similar videos like that. So it's very, very important to have a planet doing outline. You don't have to read from it word for word. But I would say and it doesn't matter if you go across the board, I would venture to assume a lot of top YouTubers and a lot of top content creators do something very, very similar. It's gonna allow you to hit those points home, and more importantly, it's gonna give you some structure. Like I said, I don't have to read from it, but it will be important, and it will make a difference in your end product. 6. New YouTube Creator Mistake #5: moving on to number five. Now, Now, this is important, and this one's trying to be original. So, you know, as creators were all naturally creative. You know, we enjoyed creating videos and making stuff that we enjoy making. And if you're your entire goal is to start creating content that you love and you enjoy them, more power to you completely disregard this one. But if you want to grow the fastest and you want to stop approaching it as like you know, you're gonna throw shit at a wall and seeing if it sticks type of thing. What you want to do is you want to go after proven content. So what I will dio and I've talked about this before is I will go to other YouTube channels that are very similar to mine. If I want to make a video on, for example, can I flip books $100 a day flipping books? I got this this video idea from two different people. I got that. I'm not nail idea from Graeme Stephens. He literally created the exact same time. They'll all pop it up on the screen right now because I need help with thumbnails, and I want to see what works and what's converted clicks. So I basically stole that from him. Full disclosure has got a great channel. Go check it out. But that said, I also steal video ideas from other content creators that have similar content and similar channels as well. It's not that I'm stealing their video. I'm not going out and literally copying their video word for word. But if I go after and I see like raise, raise the entrepreneur, whatever his name is has also a great channel. He created a video that was like, Can you make $100 a day? Or how I make $100 a day in my vending machine business or something like that? Well, that got, like, a 1,000,000 views. And yes, he is a bigger channel to me. But I want basically took the same exact idea and did it with Amazon Books and, you know, online arbitrage, which is something I'm very familiar with and that decently performed on my channel. It's gotten a little bit over 400 of use in a week, which is actually pretty solid metrics for my channel, and that could indicate that can go over 1000 in the future. Now those are just ideas. You want to basically go after proven content. Another example of that is 33 Quick ways to make money on 9000 in 19. Created this about a week ago. A little bit over, and it's gotten on with 600 views already, which is great metrics for my channel. I saw the video I forget who actually did it, But one of the ways that I actually came up with that video idea was I saw, like, 20 ways to make money online in 2000 and 18 from some other creator. So go after proving content, have given accounts examples of how to do this. But if you want another example, let's say hypothetically builds a good buddy of mine. He's got a great channel on on my marketing, right? So if I wanted to make a video, I was looking for video ideas. I would go to his channel, but what I would do is I would soar, buys most popular, and you could do this across the board with any other creator that is in the same niche as the video that you're trying to create and obviously hypothetically the same needs just in general. And more importantly, you also want to go after somebody. That's the similar sub numbers and similar view numbers ish to you. Now he's done this for me. So I created now Inspector Video that went really viral on my page. If we sort my channel one more time, most popular he sold it, went and went viral my page right here, and it got 41,000 views. So he what he do, he went, made the same type of video, and it blew up on his channel so I could do the same thing. If I wanted to create free paper money, which seemed to blow upon his channel, I could literally go create a free paid how money video make a very, very similar video with my own spin on it. It's basically YouTube screaming at you, saying, Hey, there's an audience out there in your niche for this top 7. New YouTube Creator Mistake #6: now number six and moving on now is worrying about what other people think too much. Now we're all victims of this. I do it myself from time to time, and I still catch myself doing it from time to time. And this might seem completely contradictory to you know what I just said, because in number five, I literally just told you to make sure that you have a proven plan before you ever post the piece of content that said, You know, if you're letting the fear of what other people might think about, you know your content or what you post basically, you know, how would your video is going to stack up any of those things? It's gonna prevent you from ever actually posting enough content and getting a roll on and getting your gaining traction and momentum. Everyone starts at the beginning, and my content can still be improved a lot. Chances are YouTubers and content creators out there that you look up to the most in whatever niche that is. Guess what? Their content probably sucked in the beginning to now I can look back at my old uni videos and my old YouTube videos, and it literally makes me cringe. Watching what I actually used to put out there, I can't think to myself, you know, it's literally horrible. I can't I can't even think myself And imagine how I thought that that was a good piece of content. That said, if I never actually went through that, an ever kind of went through the fear of actually posting that stuff and posted bad content , I would have never improved. I would have never looked at that. And the fact that I'm looking at that kind of cringing now is a good sign that I've made progress. So don't be afraid to post. You might not be the best at it right now. I don't care if you're on YouTube. We're specifically talking about YouTube or wherever you're creating content. The key is to post yes, you wanna have a proven planned first. That's a mistake, but it's also a mistake of you over analyze and think too much. And even though those old videos sucked off mine, guess what they paid me ad revenue. They helped grow my channel. They brought in views and subscribers, and a lot of the content actually helped other aspiring entrepreneurs, even though the video quality and production wasn't that great. So if I didn't post those, I definitely wouldn't be where I am today. You know, chances are six months from now I look back and this video will make me cringe as well. But that said, that's a good thing because it means I'm growing and I'm improving, and the same goes for any video that you post right now. 8. New YouTube Creator Mistake #7: moving on to number seven, and number seven is copying what bigger creators dio. So it doesn't matter if you're copying a bigger youtuber in your niche or you're copying your content creator. That's outside your niche that you look up to. You don't want to click bait with your titles, and I learned this the hard way. I got really heavily into, like, you know, basically reading headlines and kind of doing copyrighting, and I still have a copy writing passion. For those of you that don't know, copyrighting is just like the ability of to sell in written form for lack of a better way to put it. I got really into into copyrighting, and every single title of mine would read like a headline. You don't want to do what other big youtubers do. You can't click bait with your titles when you're a new creative. For example, you can't put out a video about how you made 1000 you know, today online. Entitle it, you'll never guess how much I made today. Why is that right? I think the reason being is because nobody knows who you are, yet you haven't built up the audience to click bait yet. So instead of using Clickbait titles, what you want to do is you want to use your titles to a have a targeted keyword phrase so that people understand what the videos about. But you also more importantly, want to use that targeted keyword phrase to rank in the YouTube search results. That would basically create an evergreen video that is always bringing traffic to your video, your channel and any future pieces of content that you go out there and create that consistent, targeted search. Traffic is crucial when you're just starting out and just building a channel. Now, if you want a free tool that I actually use, I used to buddy right here, and basically what I do is I go through keyword Explorer to kind of find good keywords to actually do that so well. Do you like YouTube creator? And it's gonna tell me that that's a bad keyword. Now, if you do want a Clickbait, there's a place for that. You can use Clickbait, but use click bait in your thumbnails. Just make sure word of caution. If you do click baiting your thumbnails, make sure that it's not a lie, and it's still relevant to the video. Use your creativeness and click baiting in your thumbnail, but instead I caution you to use your title not to click bait, but to rank for search for targeted keyword phrases in search. 9. New YouTube Creator Mistake #8: now, Number eight is also a big one, and this is arguably the biggest one. They're all very, very important. But number is one that I'm still kind of Ah, you know, Ah. Victim of essentially. You'll start to notice one thing about my channel. If we scroll down, What do you notice that's different. Well, I used to basically create thumbnails like this, right? They were branded. So the people that subscribe to my channel could basically on the side bar or, you know, below. If they're on mobile, kind of see Oh, that's another one of Brian's videos. I might want to watch that. And those those thumbnails didn't pop. They didn't compete well against other videos that were very similar, and there wasn't anything good about that. So the number one problem that I see across the board and I'm a victim of this to you know , I'm guilty of this as well, so I'm not above anyone is not focusing on thumbnails now. I still spend time when I can, learning a little bit more, just a little bit every single day about photo shop and different skills that I can use in photo shop to improve my thumbnails because click through rate is a massive, massive, massive metric on YouTube that YouTube uses analytic wise to measure your video success rate against another video. For example, Affiliate Mission Commission results. How much affiliate commission can you make with Amazon associates? If YouTube puts my video a video A up against another similar video that talks about Amazon associates and guess what? They're both very, very similar in a lot of things. But this one of the other video has a much higher click through rate. Who do you think it's gonna get suggested and shown to a lot more people? Who do you think soon get suggested and, you know, rank higher in the search results. It's gonna be the other video with a higher click through rate, because that indicates the YouTube that people searching for that topic or people interested in that topic. If they're suggesting it are more likely to click on this video and watch that one, that suggests that my video is not that great. You know, basically for that topic and the way that you can prove that is super super sample, and it's just focusing on improving your thumbnails 10. 8 Mistakes Project: So there you have it, guys. I hope you really, really enjoyed every mistake. Now that you know them all, you can do better to avoid them. I still use this as a checklist for myself, sometimes to come back and watch each individual mistake to make sure that I'm not making these again and again. Because, like I said, I like to kind of use it as a checklist. So that's your course project. In a nutshell. I want you to use each individual mistake, write them down and have a list next to wherever you're uploading your content or YouTube videos and literally go through when you're about to check to literally hit that upload button, right? I want you to check off each one individually and make sure that you hit them home, and that will basically ensure that you don't make those mistakes. So I really hope you enjoyed the course, and I'll see in the next one