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8 Easy Ways To Protect Your Computer From Hackers

teacher avatar Manoj V , Coach | Online Entrepreneur

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The 2-Minute Method

    • 3. The Easiest Technique

    • 4. The Authentication Trick

    • 5. The Script Tip

    • 6. Disappear From The Web

    • 7. Someone's Tracking You

    • 8. Encryption Tip 1

    • 9. Encryption Tip 2

    • 10. Your Project

    • 11. Summary

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About This Class

In today's world computer security gets compromised very frequently because of the imminent threat from hackers who seem to be always on the prowl. In fact, you’ll never even know when your computer gets compromised.

Unfortunately, most people seem to be completely unaware of steps that they need to take to keep their computer safe. The data that is stored on their computer is always at risk, including important personal and financial information.


This class is about 8 ways to keep your computer totally safe so that you never have to worry about computer security again. You can follow the simple steps described in the lessons to secure your computer against hackers throughout the year.

There are enough reasons for you to want to take this class

  •  It can affect you financially if the hacker gains access to your online bank accounts.
  •  Hackers can represent you online after knowing your passwords of websites that you access.
  •  You will never feel at ease if you have a fear of your computer being hacked.

Once you learn and implement the information that you learn in this class you will be confident that you have the highest level of security for your computer. 

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Manoj V 

Coach | Online Entrepreneur


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1. Introduction: Hi. My name is my knowledge, and I wish you a warm welcome to my class. Eight ways to keep your computer safe from hackers In today's world, computer security gets compromised very frequently because of the imminent threat from hackers who seem to be always on the prowl. In fact, you'll never even know when a computer gets compromised. Most people are completely unaware off steps that they need to take to keep their computer safe in this class on teach you how to keep your computer totally safe so that you never have to worry about computer security again. You can follow the simple steps described in the lessons to secure your computer against hackers throughout the year. 2. The 2-Minute Method: one of the things that people are careless about. Is there online passwords? People think that if they have a password that has seven or eight characters and consists of letters numbers, that they're pretty safe. But boy, are they wrong? Because a password, which has only letters and numbers, can easily me decrypted and used by hackers. All the passwords are encrypted by websites when you create one, but they can also be decrypted, especially if they're short and consists of only numbers and letters. Moreover, people tend to use the same passwords across several websites, including their bank accounts online. This means that once a hacker knows your most common password, he can access any off important accounts on the Web. If you use the same password to gain access to a computer, you can also get right into your computer and know everything about you. Typically, a long password is the best, which has at least 10 characters from teen would be even better. 20 characters might be a bit difficult to create because some websites do not allow those many characters for a password. They should have a mix off letters in upper case and lower case numbers and special characters. A long password, which has different types of characters, helps the encryption process and makes it very difficult for anyone to decrypt. You could use online password generators to make up a very strong password. In a few seconds, let me show you how. Okay, so I'm doing a search in Google for an online password, then later, and let me click on passwords generated or net so months I'm on the side. I just choose the options for a 15 character password, which includes symbols, numbers, lower case number, these characters and click on generate, secure password. You can keep clicking on it for different passwords and choose one of them and then, uh, hoping it and paste it into a note pad. So what I do is that just to make it completely unique and secure, I change of a few characters in this password and then use it so that it's absolutely safe and secure. There are online password managers that will enable you to store your passwords without the need for remembering them. Last Pass is one of the most popular ones, which is also free to use the paid version has more features like you can access passwords on the goal and can also get alerts if any of her accounts has been affected by hacking. It also ordered to passwords and let you know about a week or duplicate passwords and even helped to create secure and strong passwords. Other online password managers are Key Pass, one password and fast word world manager. Many Internet browsers have built in password managers, but although they have a database that a safe and it also encrypted, they may not be absolutely safe. The reason being that if a hacker is successful in getting into your browser's password manager, he will know all of your passwords. Hence, a standalone password manager is highly recommended. Once you decide to use an online password manager like Last Pass, it is essential that you must enable two factor identification for to reduce the risk of hacking into your passwords and letting only passwords be known, whether they're strong passwords or not. 3. The Easiest Technique: the http protocol is considered to be less safe than https. Https works with an extra layer of security like SSL or TSL, for which a certificate needs to be installed on the Web server. If you've seen a site with https, even noticed a green padlock and an https sign on the address bar in Crips. Such behavior off website visitors right from the time that they land on a website until their exit https everywhere is a free Web browser extension for chrome, Mozilla and opera browsers that automatically makes websites use the most secure HTT PS connect. 4. The Authentication Trick: two factor identification is one of the best ways to secure your computer. It's a security process in which the computer user enables the means of identification from separate categories off credentials. Enabling a two factor identification can drastically reduce online identity theft and all kinds of fraud. Because fraudsters may have access to only one form off identification, most people have only a single form off identification ritually based on one category off identification. The most common form off identification is through a user name and password, which is no longer a foolproof way off ensuring security. Single factor identification may be easy to carry out, and familiarity with passwords makes it comfortable to use. It could be safe to a certain level, but then it requires a high amount of diligence to create and remember strong passwords. Passwords can easily be given out your careless mistakes, like losing the slip of paper on which you noted it down or through old hard drives that are disposed off in a hurry. Today, a determined attacker can easily breach security systems that have weak passwords. The use off two factor authentication makes takes computer security to a much higher level two factor identification needs more than just a passport. Besides a password, it will also require, for example, accord that is sent on your phone. How it works is that once you enter your password, you'll be sent a code on your phone. Once you receive the court and enter it, only then will you be able to access your account, although you cannot use two factor identification everywhere online. More and more sites implementing it now, which includes most of the big science. And you may be accessing on a daily basis like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter paper Alan Dropbox. Instructions for enabling two factor identification are usually given on the website on which it is possible. For example, in Yahoo, it is given in the account security section, which offers an option to enable two step verification with a slider. Want to slide it to the on position? It will ask you for your phone number. After you enter your phone number, you can click on send SMS or call me and you will get the court that you have to enter in order to access your account. So with that, you can set up to factor identification on Yahoo 5. The Script Tip: the new Browse the Internet. There are all kinds of scripts that run on pages. No script for Firefox and script safe for Chrome. Both disabled all kinds of scripts from running on pages without you specifically adding them to and allow list. This includes Java, JavaScript, Flash and others. 6. Disappear From The Web : Many computer users use virtual private networks or re peons, as they usually known as while browsing the Web for extra security as well as privacy. If you brought the Web from an Internet cafe or using hotel WiFi, the website city visit will be known to them. Even a VPN may not be secure, especially if it is free to use. There are several vulnerabilities in using re peons. Some weeping providers may be using outdated protocols, which leave their channels exposed to hackers. At best, you can use a paid VPN after checking reviews and feedback from users. Examples off baby peons are private Internet access or Nord Libyan. 7. Someone's Tracking You: anti tracking programs help you block tracking across the Web. Example. ISS disconnect private browsing that keeps you safe from malware and tracking programs. It also lets you control site scripts. It comes in both free and paid versions, but you can use the free word, which is quite effective. Okay, so disconnect, not me is used by over a 1,000,000 people, and it's quite popular. And here's what it does. Just show you a quick demo. It has a toolbar in the first place that shows you total number of cracking requests in every page. Green means that the requested, blocked and dreamy and set some are unlocked. They don't have a drop down. That, uh, shows the number of tracking requests by company again. Green means request blocked and re means that the unblocked Utkan blocker unblock requests by clicking on the icon When you have a nap bar. And as you see Facebook, Google and Twitter are the common tracking sites that a featured very prominently, and if you click on them, it'll turn green hungry. Blak on Blak, respectively, other tracking sites. I showed my category advertising analytics, social networking and content, and if you want Oh, Blak on Blak category, you just click on the icon and you can click on any check box to block on block. The little feature to white list or blacklist is site everyone on block or block the requests on the site, and then you have a dashboard that shows you some statistics. Other anti tracking programs are Do not Track Me privacy Badger and Ghost Tree. 8. Encryption Tip 1: hard drive encryption uses mathematical functions to access the data stored inside a hard drive. This means that it cannot be read by anyone who may not have access to the exact key password to the hard drive. It's a very effective form off security against hackers and online threats. Information is continuously encrypted by the software and the decrypted. When a person wants reedit, these processes are visible to common applications in the computer, like spreadsheets, databases and word processors. A computer that has hard drive encryption enabled seems the same as any other computer, and the effective hard drive encryption is concealed from view. The most popular hard drive encryption software is a program called Big Locker. Bit Locker is available on window systems and encrypts the entire hard drive, and it effectively blocks hackers from accessing your system files. Whenever you add new fires toe a drive, it is immediately encrypted by bit locker. They're decrypted only if you move them to another drive or computer bit locker. Also check the system for any threats when the operating system drive is encrypted, and if there's any threat, it will lock the operating system drive and only especially key will be able to make anyone access it. If you have a Windows based computer, you can look a bit local through a start and run function and enable it as soon as you enable it. The first thing that you should do is to create a recovery king immediately, because otherwise you can lose access to your files. You can turn off bit locker any time you want, whether temporarily or permanently. 9. Encryption Tip 2: Another way to secure your computer against hackers is through hardware based encryption. In this type of encryption, the hard drive has built in encryption and decryption capabilities. The computer chip has been designed specifically for processing encryption and decryption. The advantage off hardware encryption is high speed, as compared to software encryption, but it is more expensive. In most cases, software maze encryption is quite sufficient. Hardness drive manufacturers make hardware. Made encryption examples are Hitachi, Western Digital, Samsung, Seagate Technology and Toshiba. 10. Your Project: no class on scale. Share is complete without doing a project. After watching this class, please give an example off a long and strong password. You can create one on your own or use the online password generator to create one, as shown in one of the lessons. Also, state two methods dot in the class that you will adopt to strengthen your computer security immediately. Remember, your computer is at risk and can be accessed by hackers if you have weak security procedures. 11. Summary: And with that we come to the end of this class. I hope you learned many useful tips during this class. My advice is to start with one or two methods right away and strengthen your computer security immediately in order to reduce the risk from hackers. Then, over the next few days, implement the other methods as well so that you have complete security for your computer and can afford to be free off any worries related to privacy off your data that is stored on the computer. My humble request to you is that if you found the class useful to please click yes, when you asked whether you would recommend this class to other students and do share the link to the class with your friends who could also use this information. Lastly, please leave feedback and take action first by completing the project and then implementing the methods shown in the class. Thank you for watching the class