8 Easy Ways To Protect Your Computer From Hackers | Manoj V  | Skillshare

8 Easy Ways To Protect Your Computer From Hackers

Manoj V , Coach | Online Entrepreneur

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11 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The 2-Minute Method

    • 3. The Easiest Technique

    • 4. The Authentication Trick

    • 5. The Script Tip

    • 6. Disappear From The Web

    • 7. Someone's Tracking You

    • 8. Encryption Tip 1

    • 9. Encryption Tip 2

    • 10. Your Project

    • 11. Summary


About This Class

In today's world computer security gets compromised very frequently because of the imminent threat from hackers who seem to be always on the prowl. In fact, you’ll never even know when your computer gets compromised.

Unfortunately, most people seem to be completely unaware of steps that they need to take to keep their computer safe. The data that is stored on their computer is always at risk, including important personal and financial information.


This class is about 8 ways to keep your computer totally safe so that you never have to worry about computer security again. You can follow the simple steps described in the lessons to secure your computer against hackers throughout the year.

There are enough reasons for you to want to take this class

  •  It can affect you financially if the hacker gains access to your online bank accounts.
  •  Hackers can represent you online after knowing your passwords of websites that you access.
  •  You will never feel at ease if you have a fear of your computer being hacked.

Once you learn and implement the information that you learn in this class you will be confident that you have the highest level of security for your computer.