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8 Easy Tips For High Converting Landing Pages

teacher avatar Manoj V , Coach | Online Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Above The Fold

    • 3. Headlines

    • 4. Images

    • 5. Video

    • 6. Bullet Points

    • 7. CTA

    • 8. Links

    • 9. Social Proof

    • 10. Summary

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About This Class

Are you frustrated with fewer opt-ins and lower sales than you may have hoped for? Do you wonder why visitors to your website do not take action even though you may have a beautiful and attractive landing page?

Optimizing your landing pages for conversion is essential to make the best of traffic that arrives on your website. Once you have created your landing page you can use the easy tips provided in this class to prime your page for the highest conversions.

In this class I will show you 8 tips that can help you build high converting landing pages. After you have watched all the lessons you will be able to build a landing page that will bring you lots of leads or sales. You can also easily fix your current landing pages and see a jump in opt-ins and sales. 

So go ahead and enrol in the class now!

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Manoj V 

Coach | Online Entrepreneur


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1. Introduction: Hi, my name is manage, and I wish a warm welcome to my class. Tips for creating high converting landing pages. What is a landing page? Landing page is a page that the visitor arrives that after clicking on the link that redirects to the page, an idea landing page is one that has a goal off urinating leads or sales. There's usually in exchange where the visitor gives his email address or contact details in exchange for some pretty useful information by the owner off the landing page. The information could include a discount or useful information, something that is valuable to the visitor who arrives on the page in this class until you the best techniques for getting hi conversions with your landing page. 2. Above The Fold: The first important factor for high conversions is to have everything that is important to the visitor above the phone. This means that he should be able to see all the important details without scrolling down after landing on the page, you can have a large image or an auto play video about the fold, which will immediately connect with the visitor. As soon has he sees the image or video, he should feel that his query is going to be addressed on the page. There should be a big headline and a some headline that is above the fold. If you want to have the visitor give his email address, you should have the form header, the Upton Field and the call to Action Button, also in the area above the fold. At the same time, it should not feel cluttered to the visitor and should have a simply out. Ideally, you can have a few lines of text explaining the benefits to the visitor. Besides the headline, some headline logo and often feels and the CD. Okay, so let me show you some practical examples off. What I mean by Obama fold on the screen is the landing page off a tool called Market Some right and on top is a headline which says, Download your free copy off market Samarai. It has a video which shows how keyword s you can be made easy and an open form for the name and email address off the visitor. So this page has all the important elements above the fold, and the visitor then scrolls down the page. The second example is that of Blawg tyrant, where the book is right in front of you, which explains the five step strategy for successful blogging written by Block Tyrant. And it also says on top instant download getting free report now. So it has a headline and says Free report and also has an image so that the visitor then scrolls down the page and then fills in his our email address. Here's the third example Oh Skin care by Allen A, which has a video on the landing page and an open paid opt in field to sign up right below it 3. Headlines: not become too headlines and some headlines headline should be specific, not vague and filled with metaphors. It's the first thing that of his recedes, and he should connect with it. As soon as he lands on the page, make sure that the headline is empathetic. Put yourself in the prospect shoes and identify the biggest problem that he would be having . Headline should make the visitor feeling that this problem will be solved if he stays on the page and reads further. The message on the page must match the source from Rather visitor King from and shouldn't be relevant. For example, if he has clicked on an ad, the message should match the copy that is shown in the end. In this example. From increased, the headline catches the reader's attention while some heading 45 seconds to sign up and 25 billion pins to explore persuades the visitor to go ahead and sign up and rows of the pins as it is so easy to sign up. So here are some examples off good headlines. The first example that I'll take is off Group HQ, which says simple help. This software, which is just four words but it's a very powerful headline. It also has a some headline that says The light, your own nine customers with awesome personal support that's very relevant and very powerful. And the prospect of customer will be quite interested in watching the video, which is right below the heading and shows a demo off the software. There's also an opt in block box below that. In the second example, you will see what press not calm, where people come to create a website and, in most cases, a new website, the headline says. Create an unforgettable website. The third example is that of Long Tail Pro, which is a key but tool. And the headline is very relevant and concise, which says that since 2011 Long Tail Pro has been battle tested by 70,000 plus marketers and CEOs. 4. Images: images are a very powerful way off increasing conversions. But how do you find good images? You can get free images at sites like Picks, A B, free images and others by searching in Google. These are professionally taken stock images that you can use on landing pages. Next, you can edit it and make it look the way you want it to look. With the help of free online editors, these are some off the editors that are popular on the Internet. 5. Video: Welcome back. Now we talk about videos. Videos are a good way to increase the length of time that visitors will stay on the landing page. This will mean that they would go through all the content on the page, and conversions will be higher. In fact, a few yourself appear in the video. It will increase the probability the visitor taking action considerably. Also, it has been found that people preferred watch videos rather than read text with people some people might consider boring. It's better to follow a written script while creating your video instead of saying it X temporary, as it cannot be very smooth without a script. When you put video on your landing page, you have the option off putting it on auto play or putting it as a static video. Which people have the click plea Auto play videos have been known to have chi conversions, even though some people may not like it. The video should be placed about the fold and should be a single video on the page. Without any other videos above the fold. It should be prominently placed in the center of the page so that it's the first thing that people see when they land on the page and they go ahead and click on it. You can also have other videos, but they should be below the fold and taken. Maybe tell the prospect more about product and why the visitor should be interested in it. We can also test long videos and the short videos to see which one has a high conversion. Some audiences like short videos about five minutes, and some prefer longer videos. At the end of the video, there should be a clear call to action so that people can take action immediately. We can also put a call to action button below the four below the video that can appear after some time. Wild viewer is watching the video. 6. Bullet Points: welcome back, and now we come to bullets on landing pages. Bullet points are a great way to break up the content on your sales page into shorter pieces. It becomes less overwhelming for a person. Three bullet points and 20 paragraphs on a page becomes easier to highlight features and benefits off a product by using points. Bullets also looked better than just plain text in paragraphs. You can have features and benefits in bullet form and also results that customers may have achieved. You can also use bullet points to define what the product is made for. For example, you can say in one bullet point that you have less than 10 employees, have a business that has a turnover of less than $100,000 and that you have online customers. This can be in three different bullet points. If you're selling a product or service that may have some technology challenges, you can also put how it works in bullet form. Simply, it looks for the prospect of customer to use the product or service, the higher the conversion will be. At the same time, the points should be connected to each other and should be in a smooth flow. When you elicit on the page, let me show you some examples off good bullet points. The first on the screen is that of bees. Oh, Business online, which has all the features, listen down in bullet form so that it explains all the features and benefits off the product instead of having it written out in long paragraphs. It has six or seven points that are listed, and the customers sees them as only the lands on the page. Next to it is an opt in a field in which he can fill in his email address to get a demo. The other example is that off Mac meal to Outlook, and those who want to change from the Mac man to Outlook can use the software. They want to listen out the benefits of downloading it or purchasing it, and have also given a button below the bill apart bullet points so that the customer can take action immediately. 7. CTA: Now we come to city C T A. Or call to action should be clearly visible on the page so that visitors can click on it easily. It's many to have a call to action button, which is contrasting to the other colors on the page. The button should have a completely different color than any other field on your landing page around the call to action button. You can have white space so that it leads the viewer toe, look in the button and take action. A typical CD A should have strong words that should make person click on it. Good words to put on a CT, but are start your free trial or download now corn. Give me access now, etcetera. The call to action button should be big and should stand out on its own so that it gets noticed at the same time. It should not be too big, because that would be a distraction. For the visitor who learned the new page using arrows. Pointing towards the call to action is a good way of getting more clicks on your city. The arrows should also have different color and should be in contrast to the colors on the page, offering free content with help off. A call to action button is more effective than a call to action for a price product ends. You can use freebies to get the visitor toe, click on the call to action button and then promote your product to them. It's also good for offering trials and for subscribing to newsletters in which you'll be giving useful contact. Let me now show you some examples of good call to actions. And what better than Facebook, where almost everyone now has an account. So if you see on the screen, Facebook has a clear call to action, it says. Create an account, and then it's free and always will be. That's a very powerful contraction. The next is a site called Word Stream that Gone, which deals in online advertising, and they have a big orange call to action. But which says, Get your free report today. You may notice that color kontras with the rest of the colors on the page. The other colors are blue and right, and the orange call to action really stands out. Then you have made the mail chimp website, where it's white background and black text. On the top, right, you'll see a big orange button which says sign up free 8. Links: Welcome back in this video, we'll talk about links. Try and keep the number of links on the landing page down to the absolute minimum. The reason is that it will be a distraction for your subscribers, and it will die word them from the action that you want them to take. Similarly, don't use a navigation bar on the landing page as this can easily take visitors away from the landing page itself. However, if you'd like to put links to parts of a content that are below the fold, a navigation bar is fine. This will make it easier for the visitor to go directly to the content that he wants to read most without leaving the page. These things can also me analyze later to see which part of the landing page content visitors are most interested in. 9. Social Proof: Now we come to a very important part off landing pages. Social proof. The various ways that you can provide social proof on your landing page is the best way is to provide video testimonials of real customers who have appreciated your product or service. You could also give examples off case studies and how your current customers benefited from Using a product of a good way to display social proof is through the number of shares on Facebook and Retweets and Twitter paintings on Pinterest and Lincoln shares even more powerful our tweets and mentions about the product on Twitter and posts off appreciation on Facebook. The first example of social proof is that of coffee Meets Bagel. And, as you can see, the listed established, generous on there landing page on which coffee meets Biggles has been featured. They also have an app on Google play and an app on the Apple store. Next client boost, and they have a testimonial from Holy Gardner off one bounced. I don't like to show you Hub Sport, which has a language testimonial feature that allows that shows the number of subscribers Twitter, retweets, Facebook shares and Lincoln followers 10. Summary: And with that, we come to the end of this glass. I hope you like the class and you can use the tips to increase conversion rates on all your landing pages. You can also try out all the tips and continue using what works best for you. I wish you great success with your business. Please take action and completely a project. Thank you very much for watching my class.